Orlando, FL– Late this afternoon, has learned that detectives within the Orlando Police Department and the Kesse family, upon receipt of myspace photos and subsequent comparative photos developed by blinkoncrime, believe that James V. Hataway, the number one suspect in the disappearance of Ocoee woman Tracy Ocasio, may be the suspect caught on surveillance in the Jennifer Kesse case, parking her car in the lot where it was later discovered on January 26, 2006.  



For over three years, the only link to a suspect in Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance is a grainy, time delayed closed circuit surveillance footage showing a suspect backing Jenn’s black Chevy cavalier into a space at the Huntington on the Green Apartments. 

Has the disappearance of another young woman, Tracy Ocasio, led to developments in finding Jennifer and answers for the Kesse family?

As previously reported by, there are several links to not only Hataway, but other asociates he was known to spend time with.

A source inside the investigation that is coordinating the discussions between the Ocoee Police and Orlando PD speaking on condition of anonymity, has confirmed to blinkoncrime this is the most encouraging lead investigators have seen in years. Although, the source went on to say that all parties are appraoching further investigation with cautious optimisim, “It may not be him.” 

Check back to blinkoncrime for updates.

Images developed by Klaasend

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  1. Susan 2 says:

    Blink, Desi and the other monkeys can’t remember where they saw Lauren Gibbs. Would you please remind them that she was the “family Spokesperson” in the beginning on Nancy Grace. Thanks. Sorry to be off topic but I didn’t know how to answer their question.
    Holly Garnier (spelling might be off, but her.)

  2. Susan 2 says:

    Well, Son of a gun, you’re right. Sorry. Ok, so who is Lauren Gibbs?

  3. Susan 2 says:

    Was just reading backwards. There is a very large garbage dump on Keene Rd. (W. Keene Rd.) Sheeler Rd turns into Keene Rd, cross over Clarcona, continue on W. Keene Rd. It’s down on the right. It’s huge. I lived in Apopka before I moved to Mt. Dora.

  4. Susan 2 says:

    Apopka is known as the “Foliage Capital”. Those are plant nurseries all along E. Keene Rd.

  5. fedupmom says:

    susan2~~Lauren Gibbs was a friend of Casey Anthony from middle/high school. She was the one who watched Caylee when she was an infant & Casey was still with Jesse Grund. She talks about how Casey lied to her about working at Sports Authority & instead hanging out w/ friends while Lauren would be watching Caylee for free.

  6. taffy says:

    Carry a gun. Hollow points. Be aware of everyone. Have a friend go to the car with you. Don’t be stupid, stay alive. I am so sad, for these girls, I could cry. You know, damn it, they had the right to go out and have fun without being harmed. Piss me off. I feel so bad for their family’s. I have no clue why a young woman can’t go out and enjoy herself with out something happening to her??????????
    Blink, as always an ex job.
    Read you everyday.
    9MM sf comp = ladies nice pretty go to meeting gun. Don’t forget the laser and flashlite att., and the bullets. I have hallow points, 14 per clip. ;.)

  7. Hope says:

    Hey Blink,

    Have been following your page for couple of weeks now because of a general interest in crime and the reasons people commit them.., unfortunately I cant be of great assistance since I am in South Africa, but found this latest news link:

    Who is Justin Sharpe?
    I think you do amazing work, and hope that you will find these girls soon!
    His name is spelled wrong in the article. It is SHARP

  8. LC says:

    latest news link:

    “Sharpe dropped Hataway off at the Florida Tap Room two weeks ago, the same night surveillance video captured Tracy Ocasio leaving with Hataway following an Orlando Magic watch party.”

    If Justin dropped her off, how did her car get there?

    she drove, he dropped Hataway off.

  9. Lilly says:

    My heart is breaking for Tracy’s parents.

  10. Angela says:

    Blink, how does one listen to the SM radio? Is there a link?

    Yes, there is a livelink about an hour before show at, which I will also have on here

  11. Blink says:

    Introducing Colt, Jimmy Hataway’s non-relative Brother. This pic is from Hataways myspace.

  12. Blessed says:

    Thanks for this site, I hope I posted the link properly, it is a lighthearted look at the perils of posting online…,0,5160229.story

    Praying for all innocents….

  13. Blessed says:

    …for all who complained that their pics are being used here….

  14. ScareyCarrie says:

    Soo blink who is the skinny kid on the ground? or what is the story behing this pic????

    Skinny kid tried to dine and dash, or whatever it’s called when you sneak out the back without paying your bar tab.

  15. vidda says:

    Checked Wesh today…big searches off of 2 roads today, suppose illigal dumping areas..B, did you hear anything ?

    Yep. In a bit

  16. Lilly says:

    There will be no more cadaver dog searches for Tracy. O. PD is even saying they don’t want to call Tim Miller, when Tracy’s parents do. OPD says they don’t know where for him to look.(iDiOtS) This is Florida LE at it’s BEST. Here we go again. Just a note, I retired from LE so I know idiots when I see them.

  17. Lilly says:

    Blink, can you confirm today that Hataway worked as a persoanl trainer at the gym next to the Tap Room and if it is possible Hataway and Jennifer’s path’s crossed? Seems his friends are claiming he was no where near this area at the time. Thanks. Just really curious what is true and what isn’t.

  18. Lilly says:

    A post from Topix….


    Joined: Jan 28, 2008

    Comments: 296

    Longwood, FL
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    I don’t know where they are searching but i noticed two cars one Ocoee and one county around 50 and Blueford. But i also noticed quite a few more buzzards around there in the last few days

  19. So Sad says:

    I was reading that James Hataway was a plumber, or plumbers helper before his last job. I wonder if he had ever done any work at Jennifer Kesse’s Condo/Apartments.

    I had a strange feeling when new broke about Tracy….How she just seemed to vanish with no trace, so to speak. I wondered if there was a connection between the two. I am no Judge, and I am no Jury… but the MySpace photo of James from a few years back looks eerily similar to the surveillance photo. In one photo you can see his hair is clearly the same. I mean who gets their hair cut like that anyway?

  20. Lilly says:

    I kinda doubt the story about the bar tab, you can’t run one without a credit card run through first. The skinny guy is just another victim of the Skin Heads.

    Lilly, I DO NOT Report Gossip. I was able to verify that or it would not have appeared here. I realize your upset, we all are, and we want these women found. That said, you cant use this site to blast general, disparaging comments about your opinion of people your judging from a photo. That is not what we are here for. In several comments I see you blasting LE and calling them idiots. I can promise you that will not help matters, or progress an investigation. Being the bull in the china shop just gets stuff broken. Not how I roll, and I want people that can help contribute to our discussion to feel they can post here without being slammed.

  21. Lilly says:

    Did you see Steph’s comment on the other thread..LE is not exactly working with her family…in fact, they have been quite contrary.

    Florida LE are idiots, Blink, and that is a very well informed opinion.

    I think it is a disgrace how you allow these people to post their feel good stories about Hataway..”showing how he really IS’…I am sure it is like fingernails for Tracy’s families.

    I am gone. See yah, promise, won’t be back.

    Actually, I think the extreme grace that has been shown by this family is evidence they do not share your bigotry. I have worked with several members of LE in Orange County as a matter of fact, and you could not be more wrong. If the Ocasio family does not feel LE is handling their daughter’s case correctly, and that in fact may be true, I promise you the way to change that is NOT by having people like you cry wolf with every comment.

    An example of the danger in letting people like you sound off Archie Bunker style, is that you just disgraced an entire state’s law enforcement. You think me allowing INSIDERS in an open investigation designed to find MISSING PEOPLE to speak their experience is a sympathizer? HA! You, Lilly would make a shitty investigator. What in the Hell could you possibly think could be gained by thrashing everyone to shut up.
    A Tip: The name of the game is LEAD GENERATION.
    Be well

  22. Tina says:

    Bye, Lilly!

    By turning away people who knew or know’s any of these people, would be stupid. People comming together, right or wrong could bring LE and other’s closer to finding the right story. Just because someone says “hey, I know this guy! He’s cool” doesn’t mean that drugs and mental status can’t change. I think Tracy’s family would be happy to see people speaking up, We still don’t know if Jimmy’s 100% guily, I mean we do want the right person/person’s to be punished….right? I do!

    Keep’in it real is how Blink does it, I happen to admire that.

  23. Edward says:

    I am with you Blink. Keep the window open and keep up the good work.

    TY Edward and you too.

  24. Ashley Marie says:

    So long, Lilly….

    Blink, excellent work! I am naming my next foal after you.

  25. ScareyCarrie says:

    So i have noticed here, and i think on SM too, that you’ve mentioned that this Colt guy is missing. Are we talking Chris George-missing or hiding-missing??

    Oh! how rude of me, Good morning Blink, Awesome job on everything as always! Hope today is a lucky one!!!

    He is not in town, let’s say.

  26. Kosmo says:

    Ok so I am way confused.. Where is the story about the drink and dash situation? I see where others have commented about it but not the actual story..
    Quite frankly Lilly I am very glad Blink said those things to you.. I don’t believe you were helping the situation by making such broad accusations like that.. Also not every bar/club will ask for a credit card to run a tab. Sometimes in the smaller communities or where regulars populate you can just start a tab with the bartender.
    Blink I have been coming here for a while now (with out posting) and I just want you to know what an awesome job you do and how many people really admire the work you put in to help these people.. I for one say thank you!!!

    No story, the comments were about the pic I posted and the story behind it.
    Your correct about the tab issue, in these bars the tab is knowing that dudes like that will chase your azz. Im guessing that pic hangs on the wall there.

  27. Ashley Marie says:

    I think I need a flow chart………

  28. Kosmo says:

    I don’t even see the pic?? Might be it is blocked for some reason while I am here at work but then I see the other pics on the other threads.. Hmmm Owell. Keep up the great work Blink and I send my prayers to all of these families.. In my mind I will never understand how another human being could take someone’s loved one away..

  29. rebel says:

    Post # 63 is the pic

    Thanks Rebel- Friend of Yours?
    Teehee. Just Funnin’

  30. Tams says:

    Hey Kosmo (re: post #81 above):
    Just an FYI to let you know you’re not crazy (LOL) – I, too, have learned that when at work the pics and videos are not available either. I work for a giant corporation, and I’m sure it has something to do with the security settings for online connection. Don’t know about you, but I often work long days – 10-12 hours – and sometimes try to jump on & see what’s happened while on my lunch break. . . always have to wait & catch the visuals when I get home late at night!

    . . . and, agree completely – Blink’s site is hands down the best! Looking forward to that bio, too!

    Thanks, Blink! :)

  31. rebel says:

    :) Nah, but I know a few burly tattooed fellows – They make very effective bouncers, as that picture illustrates very well!!

  32. sweetpea says:

    I stopped judging a picture by its cover a long time ago.
    I am currently working with a man who is about 6’5″ and 275lbs.
    He has two full sleeves (tat’s). He is a very spiritual person and one of the most caring and giving people I know. I guess if someone saw him in a parking lot, they would probably be concerned. I use him as an example, but that is not to say that people shouldn’t use caution. I am just not willing to judge another person because of a bald head or tatoos. Could be someone’s uncle, brother or father not necessarily a criminal.

    Good Advice Sweetpea

  33. sweetpea says:

    I am having a difficult time seeing what everyone is talking about the
    hair or hat on the guy in the grainy picture. I can’t see the top of his head due to the latch or what ever it is on the gate that is covering that part of his head. Is there another pic that I am not seeing.

    BTW- I think I meant to say Book by its cover. OPPS, been a long week.

  34. Tina says:

    I don’t think JH hd anything to do with Jennifer or Chris George, I also seen on TV…where the painter’s/workers were also living in Vacant apartments, when Jennifer came up missing, the guy in the video looks more clean cut than JH.

    Infact, as more thing’s come to the surface….I have to wonder if JH had anything to do with Tracy missing. When he was arrested, he said “with a matter of fact” that he was innocent. Not that people don’t lie, but he was pretty confident. I have always held out on thinking he was guilty. I have great intuition, that I trust in alot.

    Now, the story about JH attacking the other girl, I’m sure she’s telling the truth..but I feel as if there’s more to that story. I’m not saying JH hasn’t had a ruff live or doesn’t need some serious help of getting his life on the right track, but something’s missing in this attack story. I could be way off base, but I’m happy to read and write about what’s gone on here. I will ALWAYS respect Blink, she makes people aware, then other’s who are smart and willing to put in time to research something that was in LE’s mind as a cold case.

    Right or wrong, it’s being looked into…that’s the only way to track down what’s happened.

  35. Ashley Marie says:

    Lilly… B is way too classy to tell you ……..

    ty Ash and so are you, so I removed it, let’s move on .

  36. MackiezMom says:

    OMG, Blink! The comment to Lilly. You are intense when you’re peeved, lady. :)

    FYI, (responding to Lilly) I don’t go to bars often, but I have NEVER been asked to pay for a drink one at a time, or in advance. Mebbe it depends on the “quality” of the establishment?

    Thank you for your dedication and hard work, Blink and SM (and Red Ranger, et al!).

  37. LuckyLou says:

    Maybe you’ve already commented on this (I’m new to your site), but is it possible Jennifer went to the gym the morning she disappeared and that is where she ran into Hataway? Didn’t you mention her gym bag was missing? Is it too long ago to search his cell records, etc. for the date jennifer went missing?

  38. Reality_Check says:

    Everyone was so gun-ho for the Caylee case. Tracy Ocasio is someone’s daughter too. She needs to be brought home. There is now an official site for Tracy, and rather than blogging, you all should get out and come help with the search.

    First of all, your rude to come to my house and speak to the one site that has not faultered in coverage for Tracy, and frankly has broken the only new developments in it. Secondly, you have no idea who is and who isnt searching for her on this site. You cannot be a family member, because all the one’s Im aware of gracious and kind. Perhaps you could do your homework before making such an entrance. O, and maybe bring the link you want people to see…

  39. steph ocasio says:

    hey B – YOU GO GIRL!!! i had the same feeling when i read that – and REALITY CHECK – we ARE tracys family and some of of are FAAAAARRRRRR from florida – don’t come in and act like we aren’t doing our part – we have family in puerto rico, brazil, ireland, california, arizona, ect. some of us just can’t get there – other than that my friend – some of us are pulling in double shifts at work so we CAN come down. try to have some respect – these are the only places we can talk to people from her area about the case. these sites and blogs matter for a peace of mind when we are losing what minds we have. that’s your rality check – from the OCASIOS

  40. steph ocasio says:

    reality check rather – see, you got me so frustrated i kant spell rite!!! :(

  41. Jane says:

    I am trying to figure out how to say this without sounding offensive and can’t so here goes it.

    I can never understand how the Kesse’s feel nor know what they are going through and I get that they want to do anything they can to keep their daughter’s name out in the public, BUT, I know this fact. LE has RULED out that Jennifer Kesse’s disappearance has anything to do with Hattaway. What happened to Tracy Ocasio and what happened to Jennifer are completely different scenarios and the MO is totally different and the Kesse’s already know this FACT. I think they need to let the Ocasio’s have their time with Tracy in the media and stop trying to get attention for Jennifer by trying to connect their case to a case that they KNOW isn’t connected.

    May God Bless the Kesse’s. I get that you are hurting, but please let Tracy’s story be told without you interjecting Jennifer’s story where it doesn’t belong. You had your time and continue to get your time when justified. Don’t steal away from someone else what they deserve to have on their own.

    As for the Ocasio’s, Bless you all too. You must be in terrible pain right now. I hope you don’t have to go as long as the Kesse’s to find your daughter. It must be horrible for both of your families.

    Well, I dont think you are being offensive intentionally, but I also dont think you understand the genre of missing person’s cases. I say this respectfully, but I have worked on both of these cases, there is not enough information to “rule out” a connection. That isnt even how investigations are conducted. They operate under the exclusionary rule. If it cannot be excluded, it is a possibility until such time as it can be. Without suspects or remains, that’s not possible. Admittedly, very different women, very different circumstances, however, more commonalities than not.

  42. Jane says:

    What happened to my post, Blink? I wasn’t rude. To the contrary I was respectful. Did I know some of the truth that you already know yourself?

    Jane, no you were not rude, but I do have to tell you I have extensive knowledge of both these cases. I am referring to some that is known publicly and a great deal that is not. If the “truth” you are referring to is Hattaway’s involvement in Chris George’s disappearance, we disagree.

  43. Jane says:

    Sorry, Blink, my post #94 was not showing up on my screen until I posted #95. I apologize.

  44. Jane says:

    In response to post#87. Tina, Hattaway IS involved with the disapperance of Chris George. Ask LE.

    Jane, what are you basing this statement on please?

  45. Jane says:

    Blink, Thank you for your response. I am unable to disclose my detailed involvement, but I can tell you that I have personal experience in a family member being missing and also extreme personal knowledge of the Kesse, Ocasio and Anthony case too. I have limited information regarding Chris George, but what I said above is true. I have personally spoken to Apopka investigators. Also, from an LE friend who spoke to the FBI, I can tell you that the Hattaway is not considered by investigators as suspect in Jennifer’s case. I really wish he was for everyone’s sake. First, to be able to possibly find Jennifer so that her family can have some sort of peace, because as of this very second I can tell you they agonize over and over about where their beautiful daughter is. Second for investigators as their families have yet to be the same since she went missing as all investigators of the missing experience. So believe me, I wish it were true. But it’s not. Different M.O., different circumstances completely.

    I have always thought highly of you and what you do so please understand I am not here to bash you or anyone for that matter. I just believe that the Kesse’s know the truth and are, frankly, taking advantage of the Ocasio situation. Not that I blame them, I get it, but it’s just wrong.

  46. Lynn says:

    Does anyone know where the picture was taken with JVH in the water

  47. Charisse says:

    Wow, thanks for the pix!

    Hataway was much thinner back then, VERY similar in body size, hair cut and slouch to the man in the Kesse video.

    Jane, I totally disagree that the Kesse’s are taking advantage of anything. It is more than natural for them to look into any man in the area who is interested in serial killers, who has told people he has a desire to hurt / kill women, who is associated with more than one of the places their daughter used to frequent, and who was last seen with more than one person who have disappeared, and who used to look like the man in the video footage that the Kesse’s have been examining for so long. If anything, their pointing out the similarities, has brought more attention to the Ocasio case, which is barely getting any media coverage where I am. I only started looking up the Ocasio case at all, because of the Kesse case, which I have followed for years.

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