Tracy Ocasio Case: Did Fight at the Florida Taproom in April Lead to Her Disappearance?

Ocoee– FL– This afternoon Apopka PD began searches including 10 canines in the are of Ingram Rd and Clarcona. The chief of Police announced it would be the last organized canine search without new clues. Huh?


Police are looking for clues in the disappearance of missing Ocoee woman Tracy Ocasio 27, and Onda “Chris” George. Ocasio was last seen leaving the Florida Tap Room Bar with prime suspect James “Jimmy” Hataway May 27th. Chris George, according to witness reports, was last seen running from his white SUV off of Keene and Ocoee-Apopka Rd on February 12, 2009. Yesterday afternoon Ocoee PD detectives visited Jimmy Hataway in the Orange County Jail, but left with no information regarding the whereabouts of Chris George.

Hataway is not talking. But he was talking to detectives in Ocoee prior to his arrest on drug paraphernalia charges last week. Alot.

The Tap Room Incident


Speaking exclusively on the condition of anonymity to, a source inside the investigation in the disappearance of Tracy Ocasio has revealed that Jimmy Hataway wants detectives to talk to Paul and Jeremiah Hutto. 

The Hutto brothers, specifically Paul, were involved in an argument with Ocasio that turned physical outside the Florida Tap Room the evening of April 14, 2009.

TracyRateMyBodyPosts2I interviewed several associates close to both Ocasio and Hataway over the last few days. I knew about this story but until the post to the left from Tracy Ocasio herself, was discovered, could not corroborate it. In her own words, Tracy describes a verbal altercation with an unidentified blonde woman, being shoved to the ground during an argument and then spitting on and hitting Paul Hutto. She went on to say she called police and Hutto went to jail. When Detectives interviewed Hataway, he fingered Hutto immediately. Consequently, Greg Toole, self-proclaimed friend of Ocasio and Hataway was also at the “Tap” that evening. Sources have confirmed that Toole was at the bar that evening and his subsequent felony arrest for failure to register as a sex offender was a direct result. Hataway was not present that evening, but he was aware of the incident.


The Hutto clan et al has a very long and extensive criminal history, foreclosures and evictions. In fact, the home formerly owned by the Hutto family and was seized in a lis pendens motion in 2008, was one of two homes Police drained the murky pool of on Monday. They do however have a sizable property 11 miles away off 429 on Lake Joseph.



Earlier this week, felony agravated assault and burglary charges were filed in Seminole county against Hataway in an assault from August, 2008.

Interviews with direct witnesses in that case to have yielded an extremely compelling case against Hataway in that attack.

Check back to for updates

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  1. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Dee,
    I met your Uncle Joe and cousin Joey this weekend. Your cousin conducts himself with a level of maturity not often seen in such a young man. Your uncle Joe carries himself with class and dignity even during the most trying of times. You come from a good family and I bet you are thankful every day to be a part of it.

    If you get a chance tommorow call Mr. Joe and speak with him for a bit. I am sure it would do you and him a world of good. Now that you have mentioned your grandmother I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers as well as the rest of your family.

  2. Frank Einstein says:

    Hi Blink,

    I was wondering why The Sentinel has not reported on the Hutto incident? It seems as if they won’t report on anything that might shine a different light on Mr. Hataway. I know this is the way of the media, but it’s also their way to report on as many things as will keep the story interesting, and the Hutto incident seems like it would make this case considerably more interesting. Any thoughts?

    Not being glib, but they are not doing their homework.

  3. Just a searcher says:

    The latest from TES re: the Tracy Ocasio search.
    Do you wish you could help Texas Equusearch search for Tracy Ocasio and think you can’t?
    Even if you can’t help search you can help Texas Equusearch just by passing this along.
    Please post this information everywhere and post the tiny URL link to your twitter account. Please ask others to pass it along.

    Texas Equusearch needs volunteer searchers! They will be searching again tomorrow Wednesday, 17 June. Future searches will be determined on a daily basis.
    This link is to the Texas Equusearch website containing the latest updates on the Tracy Ocasio search plus a map
    to the search command center.

    Thank you for your help!
    Let’s find Tracy Ocasio!

  4. ScareyCarrie says:

    Good morning, why does it seem that this case is fizzin out? like its not getting the attention it was?? just a few searches?? whats going on???????

    I am not sure, but it is pizzing me off. Keep the faith for a few, Im still working on it.
    Personally, this is not proper search protocal in the first place, and I am hearing from the locals that LE is not assisting on any searches with LE. Have aerial fly overs been done, satellite images checked and ordered?

  5. Frank Einstein says:

    How much information is given to TE when they decide to do a search, if anything? Are they let in on any Law Enforcement information or do they just do their own thing?
    Depends on the case, and the level of investigation, and of course, what has been searched already. It is different for every case.

  6. Shannaghan says:

    OMG! Blink, in reference to the comments you and ScareyCarrie made- the fizzing out and lack of coverage has seemed apparent to me as well. It’s very frustrating, to say the least, and I am not even close to the case. I can’t imagine how the family and close friends must feel. I actually have something I prepared for the Sentinel last night still sitting on my desktop, though I have not sent it. I actually referenced your site and Scared Monkeys because those are the only sites I am finding any information concerning this case. I also don’t really have cable (yes, I live in the dark ages) and wasn’t sure if it was maybe getting more on-air coverage that I wasn’t seeing (foolish, I guess). Anyway, I just cannot understand why the Anthony’s are getting press coverage because a year has passed. The body has been recovered and the suspect behind bars. What more is there for them to talk about that I want to hear? Nothing! Or, even the Heathrow Murder/Suicide, which is horrible and tragic, yes. Is it the only news in town…NO! The major media outlets in Orlando are currently the tabloid equivalent of chasing ambulances or softballs. Meanwhile, the Oscasio’s cannot catch a break. The local media could keep the momentum going and keep the public interested and involved if they asked the same questions and did the same research you do. I’m glad to hear others getting frustrated at the lack of coverage. What else can we do?

    I hear you, and wink from Blink on the rest.

  7. steph ocasio says:

    DEE – this is your 2nd cousin steph in pa – don’t put ANY personal info out , for your own wellbeing hunnay. annnnnnd i told your mom that if you decide to travel you and i should plan it and go together, i was raised with the reyes and diazs, we have alot of fam down there to keep an eye on us – we’re too small to travel alone – especially with all the people in this game on the other side. we need to get as big a group of family together and stick with them down there. we have alot of older guy cousins there that will protect us. no stupid half – ass moves, we don’t need to disappear also. much love – steph and fam.

  8. Dee says:

    Let me know when then. I’m going to fly there not this wkend but the next. If you noticed my number use it please k.

  9. Calilady says:

    Yes, Hataway knows Paul Hutto. It is a fact. Blink, I know you are way smart and savy. I just worry when someone wants to know your every little datail about your site, way to its birth, beware my friend. You once told me not to post my email. I have learned.
    Got it friend, glad to hear it. Yes, they have known each other for years, and they have worked together dredging ponds many times, among other things. I am very frustrated with the way this case is being handled, and anyone on here can tell you it takes alot for me to every question LE, to a fault I would say.

  10. Calilady says:

    This message is for ocoeeboy, I commend you for been so brave. I am impressed with you as a person of integrity. God bless you and protect you. This message is for B. I saw a post #17 blow some hot air your way,lol! I didn’t know you and I were neighbors:)

  11. Calilady says:

    I agree with you Blink. The cops should be checking out Hutto’s house. They have a house that is much closer to the TapRoom than Hataways. I am convinced that Tracy was taken elsewhere, other than Hataways house. It also amazes me that Hataway fingered his buddy Hutto to the police. These dumb druggy-drinking friends aren’t as smart as they think they are, trusting one another. I pity this worhtless low-lives that only live to destroy inocent lives and their families.

    Why yes, a house on a lake with a boat in the back- now why in the world should that property be searched?
    Sorry for the snark, Something is not right here.

  12. Dee says:

    If its true that the Hutto brother(the person my cousin Tracy had an altercation with)knows Toole and Hataway then Hataway may have simply been the bate since more then likely he may have had some involvement in the Kesse case and Toole may have also. Or then again they all three may have been involved in it since for the Hutto’s Toole and to whatever extent Hataways(or one of his)hot spots.

    Since my cousin Tracy has gone missing has the activity of the Hutto’s or Toole changed much? If at all by how much or how little? Since the Tap is close to the Hutto’s it should be a place to search and questionably so should Toole’s.

    But seriously has their(Toole, the Hutto’s)activity or routine changed since this has happened? If so why?

  13. aneedtoknow says:

    Can anyone tell me if Chadd Licari is involved in this case in any way? I am searching for him and everytime I google his name, this is the first link I get. It did have his name mentioned in a brief description on the google page but I can’t find anything here about him.

    I know exactly who he is, and exactly why he comes up, what do you need with him if I may ask?

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