Caylee/Casey Anthony Case Scamthony Series II: Conway and George and Cindy Anthony In Court to Stop Autopsy Release

Orlando, FL– Tomorrow Brad Conway and his Clients, George and Cindy Anthony will be in court to argue against the release of the autopsy report of their granddaughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

If your like me, you have been scratching your head since June 11th as to what standing the Anthony’s have in the first place to file such a motion. This motion was filed with the States Attorneys Office only and not even in Circuit Court. It was never served on the members of the media it refers to.

WTH? Did someone slide it under the door of Judge Strickland’s Water Closet? Paper Airplane?

In Conways motion disguised as an actual motion, George and Cindy Anthony claim to have an executed Power of Attorney over Caylee’s remains from their daughter Casey Anthony. Notice I used the word claim. In Brad Conways motion to the court, Conway references the POA, but never includes it as an exhibit, which would of course be required.

Translation: His Honor, Stan Strickland, took the Anthonys at their word, and stayed their motion.

(editors note: I am getting dangerously close to using that three letter word here: I T O. Does Strickland want to see multiple images of himself dancing on the Tonight Show?)

Read above one more time then come back.

AutopsyMotion1-1                  AutopsyMotion2-1                 AutopsyMotion3

So, you have a motion unserved to the presiding judge, unserved to the media whom the judge points out is the proper party of service, from people that claim to have “standing” as custodians of Caylee’s remains.

To my knowledge, that does not grant them any rights to her Estate or make them a Trustee to anything having to do with anything other than the guardianship of her remains. Not be crass, but in theory, they are the equivalent of a mortuary; that’s all. How many funeral homes or mortuaries are you aware of that can block the release of a Clients autopsy being released in accordance with state law?

Furthermore, the report in itself IS an EXPLANATION OF FINDINGS by the Orange County Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia. It is the finding of fact admission to the court, whereby technically it is already interpreted. As a practical matter Conway may as well have said “The Anthonys are trying to spin public opinion as the court date gets closer and this will seriously bust their groove. We would appreciate it if you would tell the smarter than us people to nevermind and go about their business. ” 

Very Important detail here.. You know who is NOT requesting the autopsy be sealed? Her Mother. Casey Marie Anthony through her attorney is not requesting the report, reportedly 30 pages long, be sealed. This report contains a detailed summary by Dr. G that includes tests and evidence gathered since her initial findings which may allow for some conclusions as to what happened to Caylee to cause her death.

You bet it does. Casey knows that, and knows it leaves the door wide open for when she points the finger at her parents.

The precociousness of these people is stupifying.

The latitude being extended in this court and the cavernous berth they have been given makes me think I should mosey down to Orlawn do and file a motion for a summary judgement against Casey Anthony. The way this seems to be going, I’m thinking odds are in my favor I would get it.

I might suggest Jim Hoover hit the circuit with his photos of George and Cindy grieving “Ritz Style” while the very remains they are being charged with “guarding” were being recovered within spitting distance of their home, and they opted for a weekend getaway, gratis.

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  1. Annals says:

    Susan; In response to your post from 3 days ago, about decomp in the trunk; the carpet stain test. This “2-1/2 days or less” statement has puzzled me for a long time. So I read the (newly released?) report on it with interest.

    As far as I can tell, they are saying; The dry stain emits gasses with proportions of chemicals which are consistant with human decomposition fluids leaked 2-1/2 days or less, from the time of death. And they took FL temperatures and the potential victim’s age into account. But, sorry, I am no expert in this.

    So practically, I tend to conclude that Caylee was in the trunk at approx 2 days (or a bit more) after her death then removed.

  2. shoozeyque says:

    This is amazing stuff you guys. There’s so much information and knowledge here that you have that it’s making my head spin. I’ll have to sit back and really try to digest all you have said. It’s really interesting to hear so many points of view in all this. I read the autopsy report the other night as gruesome as it was. I don’t know if I buy the pool drowning or not. I think crazy KC just went mad and suffocated little Caylee, with her nose and mouth all taped up and that baby didn’t have a chance. Whenever I see those reruns of the jailhouse video of KC yelling at her mother (and I have no use for ma and pa Anthony either), but when KC lost control and clenched her lips and clenched her fists while she was yelling at her mother, I could only imagine that she did the same thing when she ferociously suffocated her baby.

  3. Joan says:

    Hi, I believe you are doing a fantastic job here. Your site is one of the most informative that I have been on. I read alot, but have not posted prior to this.

    This case is so very sad and frustrating at the same time.

    Question: I know at some point George was supposed to have had a heart attack, then Cindy and George were going to give their house to Casey, because Amy was supposed to move in.

    Do you think that at some point, Casey was not thinking of killing her parents?

  4. Joan says:

    Also, have you heard when the Anthony’s and their PI Dominic Casey will be again deposed in the civil case?
    Not on the docket yet, their motion to compel was a “call in” by Brad Conway

  5. NancyS says:

    I am not Blink but I was thinking the same thing only that I don’t think George was living at the house the time when all this came down and this in part is why I dont think george was there on the morning of the 16th of June when he states that he saw Caylee and Casey leave.

    I do believe she was planning on killing Cindy though and Caylee was killed in a rage against her.

  6. gloriadelamanana says:

    Hi Blink :)

    I have been doing some back reading on your sight (quite interesting I might add) as well as some posters with great insights. Very interesting theory re: Cindy & George being thrown under the bus. It totally makes sense. Exlains Bozo not letting parents see her. Also, It was so obvious how she most blatantly ignored them at the last hearing. Well, my question is this. According to what you said, Cindy is the one that left the night of the 15th. Is it possible, that Caylee was still in the pool when the fight broke out and Cindy took off, leaving Caylee in the pool and Casey to care for her. But Casey then either just left her alone in the pool or purposely drowned her? This is why Cindy is covering so much and also, this may explain why Bozo is saying “my client is innocent” because Cindy is actually the one that abandoned Caylee? Just a thought. What do you think? I am sooo curious

  7. gloriadelamanana says:

    P.S. This would also explain Caylee not having any shoes. Could be also, that Cindy not seeing Caylee in so long, had these same thoughts. Therefore, possibly going into pre-cover-up mode, told her co-workers, and George about seeing the ladder being left by the pool and the back gate being open just in case her darkest fears came true. It is ironic that those shorts at the crime scene, were also the shorts that she had been wearing on the 15th.

  8. Keefer O says:


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