Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Conway and the Anthonys Lose in Court-Autopsy Released

Orlando, FL– Appearing in Court today at 11am, Brad Conway, attorney for George and Cindy Anthony, argued unsuccessfully against the release of the autopsy report in the death of their granddaughter, 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony.

As reported exclusively at in the second installment of the Scamthony Series, I am at a loss as to how this motion made the docket in the first place, let alone how Judge Strickland felt compelled to stay it’s release.

Late afternoon yesterday, a Notice of Provisional In Camera review was filed by Conway, presumably to request Judge Strickland review the report in camera, and hopefully find it prejudicial and sealing it for that reason. This backdoor strategy is in lieu of  a request from the only person with standing to autopsy be sealed, Casey Anthony.

Appearing in court first George Anthony made an empassioned plea to Stan Strickland that he seal the autopsy and give his family “some dignity.” 

Conway argued that the release does not contain any new information and it’s release will only further damage Caysey criminal trial Linda Drubnick, Prosecuting Attorney in the criminal case against Casey Anthony, objected that he does not represent her and the Anthony’s have no standing.

Arguing for the Sentinel, Ms. Fugate asked George Anthony how many TV appearances he and his wife have made regarding this case, George answered he had no idea.

Strickland found the matter cut and dry based on the Public Information legislation, and denied Conways motion.

Enter Baez. I am not kidding. Once the motion was denied Baez requested a 48 hour stay for the defense to decide if they would file a motion to seal on Casey’s behalf. WTH you say? Nothing more than his puppetteering Conway to file this motion in the hopes it succeeded. God Forbid his Client look like she was bothered by the release and filing it herself.

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  1. GasCanGeorge says:

    Well, whatever CAsey was doing with Caylee before the tragedy was working for her, could be why she was so care free, and partied like nothing was wrong. But what was that? I still want to know what Ricardo actually knew. AFter all it was the first week in June Caylee and CAsey stayed with him, in the same bed. Yet woke up to find Caylee missing. He knows nothing about that night and or what happened to Caylee. Just took Casey’s word she took Caylee home. Casey did all that undetected???? Even if Caylee was drugged in the car, wouldnt Ricardo notice that the next morning when Casey went out to the car? Something doesnt add up here….Why all the oode names for most of Ricardo’s friends? What was the group up to? I’m curious about Ricardo in general not that he had anything to do with the murder however was he a supplier of drugs?? I wonder.

  2. GasCanGeorge says:

    I kind of think Cindy cut the strings before father’s day. Why would CAsey need to take Caylee to Ricardo’s and sleep over and Caylee ending up missing that night? Something doesnt add up…Where was Caylee? Who had her?

  3. GasCanGeorge says:

    Could the bio-dad been in the picture after all? I am just curious about that…

  4. GasCanGeorge says:

    ONe more comment as its been eating at me for months….Why the secret about the bio-dad? Was the bio-dad holding something over Casey’s head. Was he from a family who would disown him if found out he fathered a child? Could be the reason why Casey said she’s protecting the family in her own twisted mind?….Knowing who her bio-dad is, in my mind is extremely important. Could mean motive. I certainly hope LE has looked into this also amoung many other senerios.. just cannot see a 21 yr old murdering her child just so she can party. Doesnt make sense unless of course drugs were involved and many other things I’d hate to think about

  5. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Gascangeorge, I think it is possible the guy who died in the car wreck was bio-dad, but we’ll only know if DNA testing is done and if it’s released to the public. Otherwise, just someone Casey doesn’t want anyone to know she was boinking. In other words….not the catch she wanted in life!!!

  6. dee says:


    your comment to # 74

    is your caveat that CA drowned her on purpose? or was it an accident???? if accident why the Death Penalty?

    Confused please clarify, thanks always for the great work!

    Comment by artgal16 — June 19, 2009 @ 6:58 pm
    blink I have read some of your responses here. It seems you are saying that
    1. it was an accident, Casey didnt kill caylee on purpose
    2. caylee was not chloroformed
    3. caylee’s mouth was duct taped after she died
    4 caylees body was in the trunk from the night of the 16th

    #74 to me this means that Caylee died the day of the 16th= the only thing left that I can think of then, is an accident with the pool. Is that what you believe?

    Yes, with a caveat. I am not positive if she drowned in the bathtub and then put in the pool to make it look like an accident, or if she was drowned in the pool. I am comfortable for me, it is one or the other. This is occams razor to me when you drill it all down.

    That is one of a few comments Im on the record for, referring you to the autopsy article part I

  7. dee says:


    #243 Comment by FairestWitness — June 22, 2009 @ 6:51 am

    I think this may answer my question, but I will take any commnet you want to give!

    Blink, is it your contention that Casey did not intend to kill Caylee? That her death was the result of neglect?

    The reason I ask is that I recently listened to all the taped interviews of the various witnesses conducted by the FBI and OPD. I came away with the distinct impression that Casey resented the responsibilities of Caylee, that those duties interfered with her new relationship with Tony Lazarro. A couple of social invitations had to be declined by Casey because Cindy wouldn’t allow her out. Here she was 22 years old and her mother was telling her she couldn’t go somewhere. Is it possible Casey killed her daughter to be free?

    I have fluctuated between a NEGLIGENT Accident (meaning something occurred that was preventable and caused through negligence of her Mother in some way), and murder in a split second fit of rage and frustration. The exact placement of the duct tape in the autopsy report has changed my opinion drastically. I believe the latter.

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