Tracy Ocasio Case: Pleas For FDLE and FBI Reach Governor Crist

The Following Is an update to the Tracy Ocasio case. Blinkoncrime and contributing editors are currently working on an inside look at Ms. Ocasios’ disappearance, and perhaps some of the reasons many may feel Ocoee Police should be requesting outside asisstance in this case. Check Back to for our exclusive expose based on witness statements.


Ocoee, FL– The disappearance of 27 year old Tracy Ocasio seems to have hit a wall. Tracy was last seen leaving the Tap Room Bar in Orlando after 1:30am on May 27th, with James “Jimmy” Hataway. Late this morning, I received a copy of a letter sent to Florida Governor Charlie Crist:

Office of Governor Charlie Crist
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Dear Governor Crist:

I write to you today as a voter, and a Florida resident, but most importantly I write to you as a parent. We have a situation going on in a small suburb of Orlando called Ocoee, that needs your immediate attention, and action. On 5/27/09 a beautiful young woman by the name of Tracy Ocasio went missing. Her parents Joe and Liz are living every parent’s worst nightmare, they know that something terrible has happened to their beloved daughter, but as of today she still hasn’t been found. The police have a person of interest in jail on another charge, but there are other people involved that have not been investigated by the police, and no one seems to know why. Sir, please ask the FBI, and the FDLE to step in and take control of this case, Tracy’s parents deserve that and so does Tracy. I’m afraid if another agency doesn’t take over this investigation that, Tracy will never be found, and justice will never be served.

Please I implore you, help Tracy and her parents, get the FDLE and FBI to Ocoee today.

Thank you,

Hataway is currently in the Seminole County Jail awaiting a preliminary hearing on July 28 on charges stemming from an incident last August that prosecutors originally declined to file. When Hataway surfaced as a person of interest and arrested on a paraphenalia charge while Ocoee Police were searching his home, his alleged victim, Rachel Clarke, returned to the States Attorneys’ office to again request that charges were filed.

 Requests for comments from Gov. Crists office were unreturned as of press time.

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  1. Wisdom Calls says:

    Also would like to know… were you aware that none of the Huttos lived in the house on Wyoming court for a few years now?
    That’s not entirely true, I do have the eviction file

  2. Wisdom Calls says:

    You may have the eviction file however I do know when they moved out of that house. I also know as a fact that they havnt lived in the house for a really long time. The house was not occupied by any of the family. It was their home at one point in time and they did live there but not anytime recently.

  3. passionflower says:

    Paul Hutto knows what happened to Tracy. There was an altercation a month before Tracy went missing, that did involve Paul Hutto, althought it is somewhat different to what has been said here. There were family members of Tracy, the night of the altercation. Paul Hutto got angry that a girl hit him, and went after her with revenge on his little mind. These thugs are drionking/druggy criminals, with the Hutto’s leading the bunch. If they had God in their hearts, they would not be making people dissapear. THe Hutto’s and everyone involve will pay sooner or later.

  4. Dee says:

    B do is there any update at all in the case? You stated that there would be a prosecution in the case were you refering to Tracy’s case?

    I wish Dee, none that I am aware of.

  5. Dee says:

    Hi B its been a long time this is Tracys cousin again. Do you know anything new?

    Only that Hataway is awaiting decision on a new trial- Im sorry I don’t have more. Hataway and the Hutto brothers are the key to this case AND imo, Chris George’s.

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