Tracy Ocasio Case: Unidentified Female Body Found in Apopka NOT Tracy Ocasio

Posted by BOC Staff | James Hataway,Jeremiah Hutto,Missing Persons,Murdered,Paul Hutto,Tracy Ocasio | Tuesday 21 July 2009 8:10 am

At approximately 8am this morning, police discovered the remains of an adult woman have been found in Apopka, in the area of Roundlake Road and 4700 block of Ondich Road in North Orange County after a report from a jogger of an unusual smell in the area. The female jogger went further into the woods and discovered the remains.


Jim Solomon, spokesperson for OCSO, stated the body had been there for some time and appeared suspicious.




Check back to for this developing story.

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  1. t.e.o. says:

    Rumors out of the Seminole county’s prosecution office is that you are going to help pay for James hataway’s lawyer. Totally your right to do but I was curious if there is any thruth to that.

    That would be a definate false rumor.
    My team and I have one goal. To find your daughter.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

  2. t.e.o. says:

    Thank you for what you do and the awareness you bring to our missing children….God Bless!

    God Bless You and your family. I pray our work both lightens the load for you, and brings answers.

  3. t.e.o. says:

    I personally believe he committed this crime and should pay for it. Thanks for posting.

  4. Mariann says:

    Judge just added attempted murder charges against Hataway in another case…..

  5. sandyeggo says:

    I am encouraged by the attempted murder charge. I always am thinking of the Ocasio family and have felt like nothing has happened on this case in awhile. Hopefully these charges will stick or Hataway will start talking.

  6. save an angel says:

    Mentioned before; Ocoee PD has been known to “cover up”.
    One thing has been bothering me; how do we know for sure, the women’s body discovered in the area of Round Lake Road is not Tracy? I understand the autopsy…but have we been told the truth, or is it a “cover up”?

  7. ex gf says:

    I am happy to read that people are still working on this case. Blink, I look forward to your and your team’s findings. I continue to pray for all those missing. I am shocked to see that Jimmy is now being charged with attempted murder in his other case. Sorry but it seems that they are amping up that case to make the Hutto’s look better.

  8. ex gf says:

    I thought the only witness to the attack was a drug addict that only talked when he saw Jimmy in jail (“across the pod” as you said). Where did this new witness come from? Why didn’t she call the cops that night..or did she? Other source, Jimmy’s roommate, said they lived in the home for several months after that incident. Why was this woman OK with living basically across the street from a person she feels is dangerous?

    Let me be clear… if Jimmy is guilty, let him pay for what he did. I’d do anything to get him talking about any and all involvement with Tracy and Chris.

    I still say this is not the Jimmy I knew but I don’t know what to think anymore.

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