Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Baez Blasts Team Padilla

Orlando, Fl– Late last week the latest motions in the defense of Tot mom Casey Anthony for allegedly murdering her 34 month old daughter Caylee were filed. Talk about your average ingrate. The very team Jose Baez called on for help to bail out his client is the latest target in Baez defense teams attempt to restart the bilge pump in Casey’s sinking ship. 

Baez latest attempt to un-ring the Padilla bell may as well have arrived at the clerks office on a cocktail napkin; it will be taken exactly that seriously.

There is no expectation of privilege where there is no attorney/client relationship in Florida. The question is, did Jose Baez sufficiently disclose that information to his client, Casey Anthony? Is this motion really designed to stave off the current Florida Bar complaints under investigative review?


Sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that Baez is attempting to head the testimony of Padilla et al “off at the pass” for multiple reasons. It is expected that the backyard babblings of Casey Anthony to Tracy Mclaughlin will corroborate some of the evidence at the scene where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found. That’s not all. Baez is indirectly looking to block Leonard, Tracy, Rob and Tony from the civil case against his Client filed by Zenaida Gonzalez by blocking them from allowing their testimony as witnesses for the state in the criminal trial.

So What Would They Say?

Leonard Padilla, and occasionally Rob Dick have appeared on camera and spoken publicly about this case for the better part of a year. 

Tony Padilla agreed to appear once on Nancy Grace to clear up some inconsistencies about the Surety process at the request of his surety firm early on, but prefers not to speak about the case publicly. Tracy has never given an interview publicly, but all of them have given statements to the FBI. What possible grounds will he claim to assert privilege when they did not work for Baez, nor did Baez ever pay any of them for anything? 

None, because there aren’t any.

As far as revelations in their testimony, don’t expect any bombshells that have not been floating about already with the possibility of an exception or 50. They are:

Casey openly admitted to Rob Dick that she was forced to be following a script. He is also expected to provide some insight as to what Casey was doing in Baez’s office for 7 hours a day under the auspice of preparing for her defense. 

The defense team revealed openly they would be pointing the finger at Jesse Grund. They are in possession of a first birthday card Jesse wrote to Caylee that they plan to use as the foundation of such an allegation.

Casey made Tony Padilla dinner the evening he got there to post her bond in George and Cindy’s presence in the Anthony home. He found her demeanor to be completely inconsistent with that of a mother whose child was missing, and she never once mentioned Caylee. Outside of Casey’s presence Tony asked Cindy who Caylees’ father was. Cindy presented him an article from the May 7, 2007 fatal crash that claimed the life of Jesus Ortiz. Tony initiated meeting Casey because one of his concerns when posting bond for her, was that she might commit suicide. Following that meeting, he felt confident there was a zero percent chance that was a possibility.

Remember this line, you will hear it again, “When are you going to stop acting like a cop and start acting like a Dad!!!”.

George Anthony purchased the handgun minutes following the rumor that Casey was about to be arrested on the economic charges and her bond would be revoked. Baez told the Anthonys’ that he alerted the OCSO that if that were the case, he would agree to turn her in, and they were under the impression they would agree to that arrangement.

What Baez did not know, is that OCSO was aware of the building potential for violence between George and Casey in the Anthony home and there was a genuine concern for Tracy’s safety on behalf of Team Padilla in the Anthony home. George Anthonys’ friend from Trumball County Ohio, we will call him Trumball Jim, told George everything he needed to know about Caylee’s whereabouts was in her room down the hall, (indicating Casey in her bedroom). George had it out with Casey demanding she tell him what she knew, and Jim had to pull George and Casey apart. Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch, arrived shortly thereafter and was met at the door by Jim, with that episode being recounted to him as the first interface he had with anyone in the Anthony camp in that home.

This prompted Leonard’s comments on Nancy Grace that they could revoke her bond for any reason at any time and they were considering it. The photo on the front page of this article comes from the press conference following the meeting between Leonard and Baez that ensued after Baez had previously refused to discuss the issue with Leonard until he threatened to pull out. 

Casey Anthony was scheduled to be interviewed by ABC at the Anthony home the day after she was rearrested and her bond was revoked. This was the reason that the Padillas received countless calls from Cindy and Lee begging Tony Padilla not to revoke her bond. Had they not, she could have been released within the hour as Baez stated at the time.  

Lastly, the agreement Baez presented in his motion is not the only agreement between the parties in this motion. There is at least one more variation in which Tony Padilla requested language changes specifically that he did not include in the motion.  


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  1. Kleat says:

    rein, just quick comment, Amy had an old red car, but I noticed in one of the early videos, I think George driving Casey from their home to somewhere, or from Baez’s office, that George had a black Chevy SUV with posters of Caylee on the front doors, and writing on the back window, definitely not Cindy’s vehicle in that. I don’t recall what Cindy drove, but am sure it was dark green, and had the panda on the back window.

    Casey drove Amy’s car to the tattoo place that afternoon to make her appointment and had a chat with Danny, the owner. Casey explained why she was driving her friend’s car because her own car had no room for all the baggage her friends had, and she was going to pick them up from the airport. Danny described the car as small, red one, IIRC.

  2. Kleat says:

    Todd, that house, a red herring. It was all psychic-babble.

  3. silverspnr says:

    Re: the “here’s your f-ing gas cans” incident-

    We all appear to agree that Casey was taking steps to ensure that neither Cindy nor George was home at Hopespring when she was going back to retrieve clothing (and whatever else) during the 31 days.

    So, how does George’s account –that he was home first, and then Casey breezed in, said Dad, only have 10 minutes, gotta get back to work, etc– make sense??

    Yes, she may have gone back there that day, but does his claim that he was there FIRST make sense to anyone?? Even if his car was “hidden” from street view/was parked in the garage, didn’t he say that she came in through the garage? (unless he parked his car down the street on purpose and was lying in wait for her?? and if he did spring a trap on her, why? and why not tell LE about it??)

    From Maura’s fine time line recounting, we can see that it surely appears that George and Casey were both in the house at the same time on that date, but why is there so much of his account of that incident that just does not ring true? I previously posted a laundry list of inconsistencies, etc, and to that I now add:
    He even switches details from the OCSO interview to the FBI interview, about how he approached/”tricked” Casey to open the trunk of her car that day.

    Why??? Why would it be so difficult to keep this simple encounter straight? (which was a nicer way of saying, why is George telling lies about this?)

    Baez at the recent depositions:
    I forget who asked, but not only was he well within his rights to be there, it is a basic part of his duty to be there. His client’s liberty and life are at stake; she has Constitutional rights, etc. His presence also serves to protect the State’s case, because prosecutors cannot offer “testimonial” hearsay statements against defendants unless the person whose hearsay is offered testifies as a witness at trial OR unless the defendant had previously had a chance to cross examine the person. (If George testifies at the dep on Wednesday, and then decides to take another trip to the Hawaii Motel or wherever he went–and this time, actually does attempt and succeed at suicide, the State can still offer his testimonial hearsay statements at trial, because Baez was present at the deposition and had the opportunity to cross-examine him).

    Hearsay is not just some oral statement someone may make. Rather, it is “an out-of-court statement (or conduct that is the equivalent of a statement or assertion) that is offered for its truth. There are numerous exceptions to the hearsay rule, and one of them is a “catch-all” exception. This is why if you watch a real trial, you will see people testify to what others have said/written/perhaps acted.

    Also, by virtue of the definition of hearsay, you can see that an out-of-court statement which is not offered for its truth is admissible, because it isnt hearsay at all.
    (I’ll provide a fun example later but I gotta go! Training ride and it is not storming here this evening, for a change!)

  4. boo says:

    Thanks silver enjoy!

  5. rein says:

    Thanks, you are correct. Amy has a red Toyota Corolla and that is the car she used to pick them up at the airport. Did she pick up just Amy or also Ricardo and JP?
    It is so hard to keep all this stuff straight.
    Thank you to all of you who have excellent recall.
    Anyway, it does seem that Casey could have deleted a main exe file herself. What is it that LE was referring to when they said Lee knows what he did?

  6. dee says:

    I am a late bloomer, in the interview with George is discusses the incident with CA and the need for the tire lifts (? forget what they are called) why did CA run out and grab the cans and blurt out “here’s your F’n gas cans” I thought GA needed the lifts? I never understood that, why didn’t he just ask for the cans? what am I missing I have listened to this like 5 times…help a girl out please…thanks!

  7. boo says:

    #456 dee you arenn’t missing anything the story geo tells is (fishy) no? Doesn’t pass the smell test does it?

  8. melissab says:

    Blink would you please ever so kindly answer #441. It is still peaking my curiosity. I can’t for the life of the put into context the trusts, what news media company is dealing with the A’s and just which parties are part of what. Like I said before I’m beginning to think I live in Confusion, FL!!! Better than the State of Denial, huh?

  9. melissab says:

    Sorry about the comment above #457, let me clarify. I have a ? in post #441 and Blink may be too busy to answer me so I would so deeply appreciate it if anyone could help fill me in.

  10. dee says:

    #457 boo

    that i what i dont get is that when the lying began?

  11. martha says:

    susanm—–i always read and re-read what you write. i agree with the way you are following things from what was buried in the A’s backyard onward. i enjoy your posts.

    everyone else is really good at putting things together too.

  12. Fred McNeil says:

    Hi Blink,
    I wanna disagree with your assesment that Baez and Lyons will get Casey to take a plea at some point. You’re thinking like an honest lawyer, but Baez is thinking more like a publicist … for himself that is. (there’s a book out already and the author commented that this case is really unusual in that even the most minor players have publicists) Bozo must know that he’s not bloody likey to win this case; Lyons too. He doesn’t care about Casey and he stands to make more money off the movie rights if Casey gets sentenced to death. He will lie to her for his own gain. Good!

    In penalty-phase arguments Ms. Lyons can demonize the rest of the family to explain why poor, poor Casey did what she did … I mean blink … can you imagine what stories they’re likely to come up with? How much of it will be true? Who cares? Then there’s endless appeals.

    Good stuff for all media. Much more dramatic than a boring life sentence.

  13. Fred McNeil says:

    Oh and one more: Blink, I doubt Lee really did anything to that laptop the the FBI couldn’t undo. Deleting your files takes a bit of effort and lots of time and some good software. It’s possible … but I doubt he’d succeed.

    Oh yeah, I’m a local. We do drive round-about ways to get around here. Saves traffic mostly, but also avoids some of the LOOooong lights. Some of them are just shortcuts too. I know a million of them, but I’m not all that familiar with the Anthony’s immediete neighborhood. I’m in Crime Hills so it’s certainly less than 10 miles from my house.

    I dont think anyone is saying what Lee did could not be “undone”.. That’s not the point. In fact, I know of only O N E case, the FBI could note decode encryptions in the recent past.

  14. boo says:

    #457 dee. Yes. And he does not have anyone who can confirm this date. Not even his wife will confirm

  15. dee says:

    boo…thanks, excuse the type O’s. I can’t multi task, think, speak, type at the same time…not me. especially early in the morning…

    Blink can we please get some spell check programed into this comment box :-)

  16. Mix from NC says:

    Do you think there’s any chance of George “cracking” today at the deposition? Maybe tell all the truth and nothing but the truth as to what went on last year? stated that he was just nervous and was only interested in telling the truth. Could this be the day he stands for Justice for Caylee?
    No chance. His testimony will be identical to that he gave in the Grand Jury hearing

  17. Dondura Miller says:

    #104, don’t worry that a computer crashing will delete info that the police need..unless the hard drive is physically removed and destroyed, the data is still there and can be found if you know where and how to look. All the police need is the hard drive of any of the A’s computers and they can get everything they know. I have a program that can do it and I got it off of the net and I know the police have a better one than me!!
    Still, I wonder why the CSI’s were able to find any decomp when a big bottle of HO (peroxide) would have fixed that and screwed with any blood and’d think Cindy would have known that, being a nurse.

  18. Kleat says:

    Speaking of hard drives and data crashes, there is no mention of a backup drive of any sort for the Anthony computers. When forensics goes in to investigate a computer, they look for any periferals that might contain data, from old floppy disks to full back up, flash drives etc etc. ( had, at one time, a video of forensics professionals discussing what they do and how)

    We’ve only seen references to the tower and to the laptop as sources of information.

  19. Kleat says:

    So, Blink, you are saying that George’s story was ‘set in stone’ for the last time he saw Caylee leaving the house, the food show and all for ‘that’ date?

    But then, did George see Caylee leave on June 8th at noon, in those same conditions– that’s the date he was given to be describing as the last date he saw Caylee. He then adjusted his story to the 16th, but how do we know he’s not actually describing truthfully, what he saw on another day, such as a week earlier?

    I am saying in my opinion, he was coached heavily.

  20. Kleat says:

    Would the prosecutors ask the question to reveal the extent of coaching on certain questions? Would they ask what other family members might have discussed or suggested to them? ( to reveal how coaching would influence the ‘facts’ ?)

  21. Kleat says:

    I meant– directly asking about ‘coaching’, how much, etc?

  22. melissab says:

    #467 You can’t hydrogen peroxide decomp and blood away. It only takes the color out of the blood. The DNA would always remain from the two. Otherwise it would be snap to rid anyone or anything of evidence after a crime. I also use it to get fresh blood off my uniform or patients and their things but CSI could come right behind me find it likity split.

  23. NancyS says:

    OH kay,
    I have had too much idle time on this case….

    I bet George wrote in his “suicide” note that he is the one that did this to Caylee and then Cindy mentioned trying it herself.
    Now maybe LE found a note written by Cindy in the house and she had to bring it to them?

    I know it is far fetched but unless there was information such as this in the note, they would let us see it…..
    I thought the news people could ask for this letter?

    Dang I need some NEW and I mean new documents to go through….

  24. Keefer says:
    Ya know, I was freaked about the Ants getting ‘re-baptized’ on Caylee’s birth date, but then this…PLUS one of the storys stated the Ant family dynamics were like an episode of Twilight Zone..Must we drag a perfectly good TV/Movie series through the mud?:-) How does ‘The Brady Bunch On Crack’ sound to everyone?!? LOL, Keefer

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