Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Baez Blasts Team Padilla

Orlando, Fl– Late last week the latest motions in the defense of Tot mom Casey Anthony for allegedly murdering her 34 month old daughter Caylee were filed. Talk about your average ingrate. The very team Jose Baez called on for help to bail out his client is the latest target in Baez defense teams attempt to restart the bilge pump in Casey’s sinking ship. 

Baez latest attempt to un-ring the Padilla bell may as well have arrived at the clerks office on a cocktail napkin; it will be taken exactly that seriously.

There is no expectation of privilege where there is no attorney/client relationship in Florida. The question is, did Jose Baez sufficiently disclose that information to his client, Casey Anthony? Is this motion really designed to stave off the current Florida Bar complaints under investigative review?


Sources inside the investigation have confirmed to that Baez is attempting to head the testimony of Padilla et al “off at the pass” for multiple reasons. It is expected that the backyard babblings of Casey Anthony to Tracy Mclaughlin will corroborate some of the evidence at the scene where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found. That’s not all. Baez is indirectly looking to block Leonard, Tracy, Rob and Tony from the civil case against his Client filed by Zenaida Gonzalez by blocking them from allowing their testimony as witnesses for the state in the criminal trial.

So What Would They Say?

Leonard Padilla, and occasionally Rob Dick have appeared on camera and spoken publicly about this case for the better part of a year. 

Tony Padilla agreed to appear once on Nancy Grace to clear up some inconsistencies about the Surety process at the request of his surety firm early on, but prefers not to speak about the case publicly. Tracy has never given an interview publicly, but all of them have given statements to the FBI. What possible grounds will he claim to assert privilege when they did not work for Baez, nor did Baez ever pay any of them for anything? 

None, because there aren’t any.

As far as revelations in their testimony, don’t expect any bombshells that have not been floating about already with the possibility of an exception or 50. They are:

Casey openly admitted to Rob Dick that she was forced to be following a script. He is also expected to provide some insight as to what Casey was doing in Baez’s office for 7 hours a day under the auspice of preparing for her defense. 

The defense team revealed openly they would be pointing the finger at Jesse Grund. They are in possession of a first birthday card Jesse wrote to Caylee that they plan to use as the foundation of such an allegation.

Casey made Tony Padilla dinner the evening he got there to post her bond in George and Cindy’s presence in the Anthony home. He found her demeanor to be completely inconsistent with that of a mother whose child was missing, and she never once mentioned Caylee. Outside of Casey’s presence Tony asked Cindy who Caylees’ father was. Cindy presented him an article from the May 7, 2007 fatal crash that claimed the life of Jesus Ortiz. Tony initiated meeting Casey because one of his concerns when posting bond for her, was that she might commit suicide. Following that meeting, he felt confident there was a zero percent chance that was a possibility.

Remember this line, you will hear it again, “When are you going to stop acting like a cop and start acting like a Dad!!!”.

George Anthony purchased the handgun minutes following the rumor that Casey was about to be arrested on the economic charges and her bond would be revoked. Baez told the Anthonys’ that he alerted the OCSO that if that were the case, he would agree to turn her in, and they were under the impression they would agree to that arrangement.

What Baez did not know, is that OCSO was aware of the building potential for violence between George and Casey in the Anthony home and there was a genuine concern for Tracy’s safety on behalf of Team Padilla in the Anthony home. George Anthonys’ friend from Trumball County Ohio, we will call him Trumball Jim, told George everything he needed to know about Caylee’s whereabouts was in her room down the hall, (indicating Casey in her bedroom). George had it out with Casey demanding she tell him what she knew, and Jim had to pull George and Casey apart. Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch, arrived shortly thereafter and was met at the door by Jim, with that episode being recounted to him as the first interface he had with anyone in the Anthony camp in that home.

This prompted Leonard’s comments on Nancy Grace that they could revoke her bond for any reason at any time and they were considering it. The photo on the front page of this article comes from the press conference following the meeting between Leonard and Baez that ensued after Baez had previously refused to discuss the issue with Leonard until he threatened to pull out. 

Casey Anthony was scheduled to be interviewed by ABC at the Anthony home the day after she was rearrested and her bond was revoked. This was the reason that the Padillas received countless calls from Cindy and Lee begging Tony Padilla not to revoke her bond. Had they not, she could have been released within the hour as Baez stated at the time.  

Lastly, the agreement Baez presented in his motion is not the only agreement between the parties in this motion. There is at least one more variation in which Tony Padilla requested language changes specifically that he did not include in the motion.  


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  1. boo says:

    #399 maura. If casey stole the gas cans on 6/23 and then needed to borrow gas cans after 6/27 when she left the car at amscot, and then george had the gas cans later when he went to the tow yard, then when did casey lose her cans and george get his cans?

  2. westsidehudson says:

    I thought she returned the cans on the 24th when George went toward her trunk??

  3. michigan fan says:

    first time posting, addicted reader.
    Great site!! One thing that I picked up on is that in all of the Jesse docs released, he was NOT working on June 9th, but was working on June 16th. Makes you think that the original date that the Anthony’s were sticking to was June 9th??? I wonder if they were trying to blame Jesse at the beginning?? But he has an alibi.
    Thanks just my thought

  4. boz says:

    Blink, if they acuse Jesse of kidnap and murder, can he sue them?

  5. Miss Amy says:

    did CA go to Universal Studio twice? She says July 3rd but GA says June 24th cause he remembers the gas can incident happening all on the same day. Also is there a third gas can? He mentions something about one being large and for a generator that he he dont keep full , but the other ONES he always keeps full. 2.5 gallon circular one and another that holds a lil over 1 gallon that he uses for trimmer etc.

  6. boo says:

    #402 westsidehudson. Yes geo did tell many he retrieved the cans from casey on 6/24 when she came to the home, then how did george know to bring gas to the tow yard and how did he know when he got to the towyard that the car had been at amscot for three days before it got towed? (Geo fudges his dates)

  7. westsidehudson says:


    Someone with greater patience, that isn’t entirely goofing off, as I am today, could probably match up pings and texts and determine if George was accurate on that date. I know he fudges dates, but that was all the info we had.

  8. susanm says: #41 #42, but cindy says in her fbi interview, that she believed casey was in orlando hard rock hotel 18th & 19, tampa,busch gardens,20,21,22,23,24,25,26 on 23rd,zanny had car accident,with raquel,in car,casey juliet,aanabelle ,caylee,8 cars behind,zanny was in hospitL until 163 line 10 cindy says she was expecting casey back on the 23rd she called george,and he says he hadnt heard from her all day,cindy then goes on with her timeline,24th,25th, casey is still at zanny’s bedside,26th zanny is released. so what cindy is saying is that she has forgotten that george told her,he got the gas cans back,seeing casey on the 24th,or george didnt tell cindy,about seeing casey on the 24th,or george is lying,and cindy is corraborating his lie,or she has to have claimed that george told her about seeing casey(trunk gas can incident) on the 24th, later,which is when?and why didnt he tell her at the time?

  9. susanm says:

    oops! link didnt work but it is part 14 stating page 75 to page 83 line 10, where cindy’s timeline can claim she had no idea casey had any opportunity to have been around the house from the 14th til at least the 30th if not longer.what george wasnt communicating about the gas cans?thru all the suffering days of caylee be gone and missing,and cindy waiting everyday for caylee to comeback ,george neglects to tell cindy that he sees casey on the 24th?

  10. westsidehudson says:


    Thanks for your work. Good points. Not really sure what to make of it.
    Maybe to testify that there was no smell at the time?

  11. Maura says:


    Boo – George got the gas cans back on June 24 in the afternoon (the day after Casey took them from his shed). It’s in multiple transcripts by George and Lee that George got the gas cans back from Casey the same day that he reported his shed break-in to OCSO. He reported the burglary around 10am and Casey showed up the same day around 2:30pm and George got the gas cans.

  12. boo says:

    #411 maura. – need proof absolute that george is correct about seeing casey on 6/24 and not 6/27 but I can’t find anything other than geo say so and you know how geo fudges…where did the frozen food come from that casey had when TL picked her up from amscot?

  13. susanm says:

    #410 westside,well i can see many variations of about three possibilties, am trying to match up with george’s statements(but actually cindy is easier to read than george ,i couldnt stand listening to cindy,when this was video,but now i can read her but i cant stand reading george. ,but iirc it also involves tv appearences.where george is talking about this day and the gas cans and cindy interrupts him,adds her two cents(in one of her interrupt moments like the food, news interview.(like she’s correcting him,(on his lines,teeheesorry)

  14. Maura says:

    412 Boo

    You can always check Casey’s cell phone records, which have been available for many months.

    Casey’s pings put her back at the Anthony house at the time George said she stopped by on Tuesday, June 24. While she was there, he started walking to the Pontiac pretending to be getting a tire tool, and she blew past him, grabbed the gas cans out of the trunk, and gave them back to him rather rudely. Her pings confirm his testimony.

    You are confused on the dates. Tony Lazzaro said she had frozen food that was not in a grocery store bag when he picked her up at Amscot three days later on Friday, June 27. He said she also had clothing with her, so he knew she had been at the Anthony house. He assumed that is where she also got the frozen food. Her pings confirm that she was also at the Anthony house from 11:00-11:33am. She called Tony for a ride at 11:47am, pinging the tower near Amscot.

  15. susanm says:

    #408 in re to the car accident of ‘zanny’ on the 23rd,remember tony’s friends had a car accident on the 23 rd,i am looking for the link cant remember their names or the details,is casey referencing this car accident as zanny’s?

  16. Kleat says:

    Maura, quick thought since you mention Casey at the house 11 to 11:33, wonder what shift Geo worked that day in his newer job.

  17. boo says:

    #414 maura. Yes but what does geo’s records show he was @ between 11am and 11:33am on 6/27? I can’t find anything as to his whereabouts? Do you have something? Maybe I’m missing it?

  18. boo says:

    Maura. BTW I would love to be wrong about ole geo as I have imagined him bouncing caylee on his knee and giving her horsey rides and piggyback rides and stuff.

  19. boo says:

    #394 BrendaT. My theory is because she is protecting someone else, someone who is not casey and not herself.

  20. Maura says:

    On June 27, George had not started working for Andrews International; he was still working for Security Forces and he told LE on July 24 that he worked an extra end-of-month shift from 7:30am until around 3:00pm on that Friday. He had Saturday off (the 28th), then worked Sunday (the 29th) and Monday (the 30th). Monday was his last day with Security Forces.

    Casey called Cindy’s cell phone at 9:37am on the morning of Friday, June 27, so I strongly believe Cindy told Casey that George was working that day and that is the only reason Casey went to the house in the morning – she knew the coast was clear.

    Casey did not know George would be home on the afternoon of June 24. He was only there around 2:30pm because his and Cindy’s $1,200 IRS stimulus check had arrived in the mail, and he and Cindy met at the Bank of America to sign it and deposit it. Normally, he would not have been home at that time, and Casey never visited the house during the morning or weekend from June 16-July 15 because she didn’t want to run into either of her parents. It was a goof that she ran into George on June 24, and if she had known he would be in the house, she would have stayed away IMO.

  21. Kleat says:

    news conference in November 2008– cancelled one? This was Nov 25th and did go ahead with Michelle Bart and Dominic Casey, no MN. (appears at very end of the WESH video report)

    Was there another cancelled? There was finger pointing by Bart here– called ‘closing the case’ ‘inhumane’,

  22. westsidehudson says:

    Comment by Maura # 414

    Thanks Maura, I thought I remembered the pings confirming the time, but was too lazy to look.

  23. Kleat says:

    Thanks for the George/27th explanation– you are THE best when it comes to the discovery docs!

  24. Kleat says:

    (besides Blink, of course, just referring to ‘us Blinkers’)

    No way, pound for pound Maura is the deserved heavy weight on auto recall on the discovery facts, bar none.

  25. Maura says:

    Here’s the timeline for comment 421 (Kleat):

    November 19:

    Jessica D`Onofrio’s exclusive in-home interview of Cindy aired on Local 6. Cindy claimed Casey couldn’t stay in her room because of photos of Caylee; Casey slept on air mattress in Cindy’s room. I believe this was a surprise to the increasingly-frustrated Mark NeJame.

    November 20:

    Mark NeJame quit as C&G representative. He said only Casey knows the truth, and his clients were not following his advice.

    On the same day, George and Cindy cancelled their planned and advertized press conference, the purpose of which was to present evidence that Caylee is alive. This, in addition to Cindy’s exlusive with Local 6 News, was the undoubtedly the last straw for Mark NeJame. The Anthonys cancelled the press conference, but NeJame quit anyway.

    ***Blink noted upthread that NeJame had been on a business trip and returned to learn of the interview and planned press conference.

    November 21:

    Date of Cindy’s email to Larry Garrison saying she didn’t lie about the hairbrush; she said she just didn’t get the brush exclusively used for Caylee.

    November 25:

    The Anthonys held an emotional press conference with Dominc Casey and Michelle Bart to express their disappointment that LE would no longer follow tips for live Caylee sightings.

  26. Felicity says:

    Morning Blink…
    Re: 842 With so many bright, bright legal minds here I am somewhat hesitant to ask this…but, WTH (gotta take some risk in this life)…

    If the jury finds Cayse guilty, and she gets the DP., does the judge have to accept a plea if The Angel(creep) of Death Row requests one?

  27. boo says:

    #420 maura. Thanks maura, I was worried that there was something I had missed.

  28. Kleat says:

    Thanks Maura! I came in late, having only seen the ‘national NG program’ and the local news later as I found the articles online. I quit watching NG, read transcripts of interest fw they were worth. But basically missed many of those early news events– your timeline and explanations are great!

    Blink’s MN comment recently and your timeline of news around the MN clarifies my understanding of the Anthony’s attny resignation– he basically ‘fired’ his clients as we knew before, but because I didn’t know about these news conferences etc during this time, thought there was a connection between MN stepping down and the info about Cindy ‘sending people to walk the woods’ which suggested that her PI knew about a ‘body’ and location by that time, Nov 14, 15, 16.

    Now I have a better idea of what additionally was going on– that was one busy month in the Anthony planning dept!

  29. Kleat says:

    Felicity, legal experts can help best on this, but you can’t plead after conviction– that has to be done to avoid the trial.

  30. Felicity says:

    Kleat: How thoughtful of you to answer my question.(You rascal, you are among the brightest of the bright on this blog! My deepest thanks!

    Well, I think I remember Blink saying that this case would never go to trial, and now I understand why.

    I agree with Pat Brown, the profiler…this case should have started a long time ago. Personally, I think Strickland was wrong to give “The Angel of Death Row”(ewwww) so much extra time to start this trial.
    BlinkonCrime is THE BEST…thanks to people like you, Maura, Silverspnr, Red Ranger, and of course BLINK! (AND SO MANY OTHERS!)

    I wonder if Blink still thinks the defense is going to throw Cindy and G. under the bus? What do you think?

    Tks. again, for answering my questions!
    I think they may have to regroup based on whatever Lee stated in his deposition.

  31. skeptic says:

    Dragging the trial on as long as they can may backfire on the (cough, cough) defense in this case. It DOES give them more time to prepare,BUT it also gives the prosecution more time to prepare.

    One of the OJ attornies stated that most of their success was their attempts to bring thing to a speedy trial, thereby forcing forensic errors by the prosecution. The defense in this case has given the prosecution plenty of time to test and retest everything. Just a thought.

  32. Kleat says:

    skeptic, in the OJ case, there was no potential to say a victim was still alive and out there being hidden away too, so in the Casey case, a motion for speedy trial (which Baez NEVER did from early on) could have had the benefit of being done while the charges were just child neglect, but at worst, murder charges with no body, with DP off the table at that time. Big advantage to what has happened since– and if the baby had not been found, a speedy trial could have worked out really well (relatively) for Casey.

  33. Midwest Mom says:

    Blink- In the last post I sent you, I had concerns about some info that I had found. I was not sure exactly what to do with it, and that is why I sent it to you. I thought that you would evaluate it and if it was something that needed to be followed up on, you would have better knowledge of how to proceed. Even if to notify someone that it is floating around on the web.

    It was pretty obvious to me that the last link I sent should not be posted for the world to see. That is why I specifically stated “you should delete it”

    Yet you posted it anyways?? why?? what could possibly be your reasoning?

    I dont know what to say..

    please remove the link.

    I did not post it, nor would I. Only you can see that post prior to it’s approval or deletion; all posts are moderated.

  34. Felicity says:

    Blink, I was very touched by your description of your Father. He gave you one of the best gifts possible by teaching (and living by) HONOR AND INTEGRITY. His example worked beautifully with you. How proud he must be. Tk. u for sharing.

    TY, he is the best Daddy in the whole wide world, second now only to the best Grand Pop, but to be honest, he is most proud of my hand and power tool collection, and that I know how to use them. When I was a kid he used to volunteer to get up at 4am once a month for the community fundraiser to make hoagies. When I was old enough to go with him and stand on a box next to him and mash meat into a roll for 5 hours it was the hilight of my world. Now you did it, blink tears and I gotta go call Freedmont (pet name for my Daddy).

  35. BrendaT says:

    431 & 2 – thanks for bringing this benefit to the forefront. It has been percolating for me for a while. I do believe delay also helped in the Spector case too although he spared no expense countering the state’s work and forensics and it took another trial. Then there was the jury selection but also in that time be was able to work up his defense of suicide, accuracy of memory, not to mention the admission made while he was so briefly behind bars. But I have said too much again. It will play out here and we’ll be watching.

    I’ve been reading reading.

    Thanks to whoever it was responded to me re AD. But I still say what is her inducement.Remembering Casey & Annie’s adventure. I could go along with a cover up or not being forthcoming earlier on …but now? What could be that important. I’m sorry to harp on this.

    The other big thing that troubles me is the odour signature in the car and development thereof. I just can’t get it sorted.

    Oh – I guess I may as well spit out the ZG/Sawgrass issue.

    Again my thanks to one and all. Especially poor Blink. This must be like having umpteen sets of quadruplets….not mentioning those other numbers.

  36. Midwest Mom says:

    Thanks Blink, I appreciate all you do!

  37. Kleat says:

    I come across things ‘late’ in the game, including the name Dennis Martin, who in a search, assume was a P.I. for Mark NeJame when he represented the Anthony’s, Cindy and George. (but having said that, I’m not sure of the sources out there to know much more about his role).

    Lee refers to their family attorney hiring one P.I. to check their cell phones and home phone, for bugs. Would this be Jose’s P.I. at the time or would this be Mark NeJame on behalf of his clients, with an extension to check Lee’s phone also?

    Why would Mark NeJame need to involve a PI on behalf of Cindy and George except for media issues, which could include checking phones for bugs I suppose. Baez and Casey would have more of an interest in this, and Baez could do that for the Anthony’s as long as they were unrepresented.

    Dennis Martin is not a PI, he is a very wealthy landowner who gave permission to search his property in some of Caylee’s searches.

  38. Kleat says:

    Thanks Blink!! I wanted to be careful with the info that was ‘out there’!! So much is not true (and pretty wild about surreptitious recordings by ‘PI NOT!’.

  39. Maura says:

    It was on July 29 that Dominic Casey signed a contract with Jose Baez and was also informally (no contract or letter of engagement) providing services to George and Cindy. On the same day in the evening, Lee told Tony that a PI hired for the day had checked the Anthony cell phones and home phone for bugs. Lee never named the PI, nor do I have in my notes that Lee said the PI had been hired by Baez.

    Mark NeJame didn’t start representing the Anthonys untl September 3, five weeks later.
    Excellent work, and to add, Dominick Casey agreement with CASEY is dated September 12. The very day the first trust account was closed by Sun Trust. Co Ink Y Dink? I think not.

  40. Kleat says:

    Maura, I suppose it was Baez attending to Casey’s needs to check parents and home phone for bugs, although no one specified it, it’s the only choice.

    Thing is, the Anthonys home, cell phones, could easily be called by kidnappers to demand ransom, or to tell them where they are leaving the child for pick up. It makes no sense that the family phones would not be monitored– unless the child was not kidnapped and they knew the only reason to monitor phones, was to investigate Casey.

  41. melissab says:

    Blink, I’m in my normal state of confusion again! What does Dom. C. and the closing of the first trust have to do with each other? Have we all to you how wonderful you are lately? Well, you are! Where is Red Ranger? I miss him. I see him pop up on the TO sites every now and again. I picture him off solving crime with you. Say hello for me.

  42. boo says:

    Well let’s not forget that keith told blink he called baez office in august about the “psychic” and that he told blink about going to the anthony home on 8/18. I don’t necessarily think baez was concerned about kidnappers, I think he was interested in the anthonys and who they were talking to.

  43. BrendaT says:

    Re 440 not to mention the laptop from Tony’s that Lee or someone worked on? That was day one.

  44. rein says:

    According to Cindy, says she MAY have spoken to Casey after they knew the car had been towed. In the phone records, do you think Casey was pre-warned that the Sh#@ hit the fan and began deleting or trying to crash her own computer. I would love to know the details of these texts. Do you all know? It seems that Lee may have done something else that he wasn’t supposed to (something different than trying to delete stuff on the computer), when LE said that Lee knew what he had done. I had thought that people had surmised that Lee was possibly the one who crashed the computer, but I don’t think so. Casey had many more calls but I’m trying to figure out from this info on whether she did it herself.

    On 7/15/2009 at
    12:58:09 Casey called Cindy’s cell for 3 minutes.
    13:11:07 Cindy’s cell calls Casey for 1 minute, (maybe only left a voice message?).
    13:55:00 The car is released from impound
    14:04:51 Casey checked her voice mail for only 4 seconds, probably because she sees that Erica has called at the exact same time 14:04:51 so she hangs up and calls Erica back
    14:29:17 The black Chevy, Amy’s? goes through the Airport Carpass
    14:32:36 The black Chevy goes through the carpass again
    15:20:12 Casey checked her voice mail again for 27 seconds.
    15:30:00 Amy drops Casey off at Tony’s
    16:27:41 Cindy texts Casey and says “Call me asap major prob”
    16:44:30 Casey texts Cindy, but is also texting with Erica
    16:45:24 Cindy texts Casey
    16:48:17 Casey texts Cindy
    16:53:15 Casey texts Amy
    16:55:26 Casey texts Mark Hawkins
    16:57:27 Mark Hawkins texts Casey
    17:06:12 Mark Hawkins calls Casey for 8 minutes
    17:22:17 Amy texts Casey “Its not. I must have put down the wrong address be it came back there. Im just having it sent to the boys house”
    17:30:53 Casey texts Amy “Oh, ok. My mom had texted me something about it.”
    17:33:59 Mark calls Casey for 2 seconds?
    17:42:29 Casey calls 1-866-361-4999, 3 seconds
    17:59:13 Casey calls 1-866-361-4999, 1 minute
    18:26:32 Casey calls 1-866-361-4999, 3 minutes

    These are the last calls before Cindy and Amy show up at Tony’s.

  45. Todd in Tulsa says:

    Blink, I am wondering that since Lee has been given immunity, how can it be assured that what he states will not only be credible, but useful as well? I can see Lee just rambling about nothing, and not giving any real useful information. What will the state do to make sure his information is not only true, but accurate?

  46. Steadychick says:

    Re 444 — even if no one told KC directly that the car had been found, with all the calls and texts, the urgency that was going on, she surely know that something was up, that she had been found out in some way. I remember that when Cindy called Amy at the mall, Amy said she needed to make a call and would call Cindy back. Could this have been the 17:22 text from Amy to Casey? It would appear so given that that KC states her mom had already texted her something about “it”. I don’t think we’d be wrong in assuming that “it” was the fact that the pontiac had been found. IMO Casey may not have known that Amy and her mother were on their way to Tony’s, but she knew the jig was up and could very well have started deleting things on the computer.

  47. Todd in Tulsa says:

    If Casey did in fact delete, or attempt to delete, incriminating evidence off of her computer, can, (or has) the investigators recovered the deleted files?

  48. Todd in Tulsa says:

    Does anyone know if the statement made by Casey, “I hope the trial is moved to Miami, because after it is over, I want to work on my tan”, is true? If so, do you think she truly believes that, or is it some sort of tactic to try and fool people into thinking she could possibly be innocent?

  49. Todd in Tulsa says:

    Also Blink, is there any update about that abandoned house that was recently exposed through the home video of the Anthony’s private investigator, the house that had been owned by a Gonzales family?

  50. commonsens says:

    comment 35 silver birds of a feather,flock together. who else said don’t trust jesse (casey). and who else said shes not smart enough,she must of had some help ($indy).and we all know if you don’t agree with the anthonies,your on their shit list. why do you think the milsteads and anthonies get along so good together.because their crooks. if annie is lying for the anthonies,she’s going to get burnt. she speaks what they think. the same as what $indy speaks what casey thinks. annie sounds like the anthonies

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