Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery Released – Lee Anthony Granted Immunity?

Orlando, Florida– Over 1500 pages of New Discovery have been released by the State’s Attorney’s Office in the Case against Casey Anthony for the murder of 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony.

A source speaking on condition of anonymity to, believes almost half of the information contained in the reports relates to Jesse Grund, Casey’s former fiancee’.


Parts 1–18 at above link

Check back to for updates and source links as they become available.

LeeDeposition73009WFTV is reporting the Lee Anthony has been granted immunity prior to his deposition by the State’s Attorney’s office this morning. Blinkoncrime has not been able to corroborate this report at the time of this posting. Lee is also facing a motion to compel his testimony in the civil case against his sister, lodged by Zenaida Gonzalez through her attorney John Morgan. 


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  1. Kleat says:

    I had wondered who one of the women in Casey’s photos was– it is Victoria Aleman if this is her Myspace page:

    Katie Robinson’s page is linked here too, by her photo– nice pic with baby– mood ‘thankful’:

  2. westsidehudson says:

    “This could point to a (possibly) shallow marshy area with decaying vegetation. Is there such an area anywhere near where the car was found?”

    What? So does this point to Caylee being buried in a swampy area, then dug up and placed in the car, and subsequently reburied?

  3. silverspnr says:

    Good point.

    Wasn’t “Josh” from “Georgia” on the list of putative baby-daddies??

    Perhaps more of Casey’s “The Usual Suspects” antics.

    Of COURSE the 12 photos were of the same person, and not just of 12 different people who share the same name. (we know this, b/c Yuri Melich said so).

    Perhaps it is easier to come up with 12 different photos of the same individual when that individual has enjoyed the use of more than one identity.

    (I wish I could MUAAHAHAHAHAHA a la Blink on that one, but that would insinuate that I could actually verify this. I cannot. It is mere speculation on my part).

  4. westsidehudson says:

    Will you please post this at the newest piece that you are writing?

    Are there pine trees in the backyard at the anthony’s, or could these terp compounds have come from something like Pine sol or some other cleaning agent that may have been used to remove evidence? If not, it’s weird that she would bury Caylee in a swamp, put her back in the car, only to bury her again in a swampy area. Unless debris ended up being transferred to the trunk, from the location that Caylee’s remains were recovered at. I can’t imagine though, that a ton could get in there, if she was just closing the trunk & not putting anything back in, unless there was rain or wind that swept it in there.

  5. Sue says:

    JuneBug – #433 – In answer to your question of how the Anthony’s family history may have led to the horrific death of their granddaughter, there is an explaination indeed. Because of the nature of Casey’s personality disorder and soooo much focus was on Casey and the demand of her pathological needs, soooo much is lost in “seeing” other things that needed attention. All their lives, since Casey was born, the demand and the focus was on Casey and struggling to keep a balance in the family. To have to operate in a position of constantly being thrown off balance because of the twisted nature of a sociopath, causes one to “neglect” other areas in the household that need balance in order to thrive. To constantly have to think one or one-hundred steps ahead of the sociopath drains energy and takes away from everything else important in the household. It is a constant power struggle and the winner is always the sociopath. To have to constantly sweep things under the rug in order to make appearances seem normal is energy draining and doesn’t leave much left for other issues. This personalitiy disorder is so overwhelming that it pushes everyone away once they realize that something is not right. But how can parents back away? They were sucked in from the day she was born and as she got older, she became more pathological. Other family members i.e. Shirley Pleasea and Rick Plesea had to back away once they caught on. They did keep their distance.

    I don’t believe the Anthony’s will be delusional forever. They say hindsight is 20/20 and then they can admit to themselves that there was an absolute need for an intervention of some kind in order to save them and the rest of the family from the tenticles of their sociopathic daughter. Caylee was a victim of this disorder because no one “called” this move with all the other “activity” that was going on. To say Casey’s actions were distracting is putting it mildly. Catching Casey in this lie, catching Casey stealing, catching Casey in all her escalating crime sprees. Having to have a knock down, drag out fight with her in order to gain some power over this out of control personality that is your daughter. It is life-draining and it leaves you breathless. Some people bring out the best in you, and others leave you trying to fix them. This was the pathology of the household. They tried to “fix” her on their own, and there was no humanly way possible that that could be done.

    Hindsight is too late for Caylee, but the Anthony’s will “get it” one day. Now they are still operating under the sever dysfunction that was their life for 23 years. It takes alot to undue that much manifestation. I believe they will break the cycle one day. It will hit them like a ton of bricks. It will be a ways into the future – when the trial is long over (or should I say plea), and they will reconcile with the fact that their daughter is spending the rest of her life in prison. Now they are fighting for her life. If she is not facing the death penelty by taking a plea, they can start the healing process alot sooner. They will probably write a new book then. One that is NOT fictional. (I mean that sincerely, not sarcastically.)

  6. Sal says:

    May be late the party on this one….but is this the Milstead’s latest venture?

  7. suz says:

    wow, WESH says: Parents To Testify For Prosecutors During Trial

    snip: Meanwhile, the attorney for Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony, said the couple will take the witness stand at trial to testify for prosecutors who will try to prove Casey Anthony is a killer.

    One defense attorney said prosecutors will want to examine Casey Anthony’s behavior before Caylee disappeared, as well as the alleged lies told afterward.

  8. boz says:

    WSH about your post 498. I would never ever defend G+C but IMO in the inteview with Cindy on 8/1/2008 she says that Casey TOLD her they were all in Tampa 6/21 – 6/24. She doesn’t say if she believes her or not. Remember, this is when Cindy is not so sure of her daughter and is not in the “cover-up” mode yet. She is only quoting her lying, cheating, stealing, murdering daughter. We all know by now, they were not in Tampa and certainly no one went to Tampa General Hospital. We KNOW for a FACT Casey lied about that.

  9. boo says:

    I found this link on It is a comment by zenaida ORTIZ on 5/7/2007. Get tissues ready. The link is. has this been verified as jesus ortiz’ mother who posted this? Or was this casey’s doing? It sure does tell the story of the anthonys and caylee whoever posted this.

    This is not Jesus’s Mother, but I will tell you this, how is this for freaky- That post is dated the day he died in a car accident.

  10. ros says:

    Looked at the link from #482 post:
    This was a comment from a poster there—

    “sway, on December 16th, 2008 at 1:40 pm Said:

    DQ~What a find ! Girl you had your sleuthing hat on again !

    So very interesting that Vicky’s friends and relatives became ZG’s daughters, sister and father in this nightmare !

    Also Vicky has traces of Casey’s life and lies all mixed in:

    Vicky is 21 and has a 3 year old child =Casey 22 with a then 2 year old child
    Listed as a Daycare Teacher= Casey listed herself as a nanny on her new resume
    Went to Colonial High = Casey went here
    Listed as going to Valencia= Casey SAID she went here

    My goodness…Casey’s just pulled bits and pieces from her friend’s lives and gave herself a new identity…then she gave the phantom ZG one as well !!!”

    My Q:
    Casey’s recent resume, I don’t remember seeing that among documents released. Does anyone have a source to access that?
    …….She lists herself as a nanny??????………

  11. Carolyn S from Maryland says:

    WSH –
    Although I am one of the more ignorant posters, may I take a crack at your question? IE Cindy trying to convince LE that Caylee was with Zanny in Tampa.
    This is part of what struck me and why I told the beagle story. Maybe the story got partly in the way of my point.
    When I read the transcript of Cindy’s FBI interview instead of listening to it, what struck me was that Cindy was telling the officer, not that she believed the story, but that Casey had left “clues” in the story for her to follow. She wasn’t trying to convince the officer that the story was true, she was trying to convince him that he should pay attention and help her glean the “clues” from the story.
    part 13 page 46 starting line 2
    “So there’s also a lot of clues that Casey’s been giving…
    line 6 “We’re starting to put things together and it does make a lot of sense. She’s been saying all along that she’s doing the best that she can. Just wants someone to hear what she’s trying to say”
    Cindy goes on to say that Casey doesn’t trust the OSCO.
    On page 49 she says
    starting line 2
    “So I have to believe that … someone is threatening…
    line 4 “The more you start thinking.. she told me remember the conversations, mom.”
    After this she launches into the whole thing about Casey leaving clues because she couldn’t come right out and say anything because Caylee and the whole family were being threatened.
    So Cindy begins to recount the whole thing to Agent Bolin, not to convince him that the story is true, but to convince him that Casey was “telling the truth when she lied”
    and that the detectives should be listening to her.

    Now, please, I’m not saying that this actually makes sense, but I am saying that to Cindy it made sense (back to my point in thr beagle story – Casey was always laying rabbit trails for Cindy to follow, and like a good beagle, she followed them. I don’t think Cindy ever realized that casey was playing with her. Cindy thought she had outsmarted Casey by learning to get the truth out of Casey’s lies.)

    All I’m saying is that I think it answers your question as to how Cindy could tell the detectives that Caylee was kidnapped on the 16th and then keep repeating the story of the Tampa adventure.

  12. Kleat says:

    silverspnr, have you read Mikey Mike’s Myspace? He is linked on a photo at VA’s Myspace under “FBI Mike” (and come across Frank-the-Tank for any reason?)

    Back to FBI MIKE. Interesting story about ‘first ex-girlfriend’ named Cristial/Cristal who is from Illinois, according to his story, he went out with her for 6 months but didn’t sleep with her.

    His story is confusing as per dates and names– could Cristal be an alias, and Illinois and the dates, altered info?

    Disclaimer==the following is according to FBI MIKE aka Mikey Mike’s Myspace page:

    Mikey attended Colonial HS starting 2001. (so when did he have 6 mos to be dating anyone in Illinois after this?)

    Cristal/Cristial (last name Herrea) dated Mikey Mike for 6 mos.

    Cristal and Mikey broke up, Mikey was flirting with Lauren, Cristal accused him of cheating, but Mikey then says he was not flirting with Lauren but ‘talking’ to her. Arguement followed and Mikey and Cristal broke up.

    Mikey had problems getting his HS diploma on time too.
    Mikey enrolled in Valencia (one of his friends there was ‘Victor’)
    Mikey is an ‘alumni’ of Valencia with ‘n/a’ for graduation (so he make his bio look a bit better by putting the degree on, but look closely, doesn’t appear that he graduated with that degree)
    Mikey attended Valencia from 2005-2008

    Mikey Mike in July 2008 (coincidence with this case?) says things going great about his ‘high school life and crowd was amazing’ (still in with his Colonial HS crowd sounds like), BUT–
    Mikey’s lawyer ‘Kenna’ came over and he got the ‘shock of his life’.


    Mikey then writes:


    Mikey got very happy with this news and felt nothing was going to stop him.

    But back in Feb 2009, Mikey reflects more on his first ex-girlfriend who he dated for 6 mos in 2002. (of course, couldn’t be an out of state gf if he was full time at Colonial HS, so likely the Illinois idea is a diversion)

    He surely did not want a child– and seems to be bothering him about this baby situation and that he thinks Cristal ruined her life, and writes “if cristal herrea wants to ruin my life, she had better think twice because” … well… read for yourself… clearly it seems the problem was not over when Kenna told him it was.

    It seems he may have had a paternity test to clear him as the father, but this goes to the fact that the Anthony’s did not have a clear picture of ‘who’ was the father as they suggest, or that Casey is again changing stories, falsely accusing different people of things with Mikey being targeted as the child’s father.

    Quite a few months he had this hanging over his head– July 08 to April 09. It’s good he was cleared as it seems happened, as his statement of Feb 2009 on his Myspace page, would have not been such a good idea if he had not been cleared– talking about why he would not want a baby.

  13. boz says:

    I thought Jesus Ortiz DNA did not match little Caylee. He is not the father.
    Whether or not his DNA has been tested has never been released.

  14. Maura says:

    469 Blink

    The reason I do not believe Melich showed Harry 12 pictures of any single person is that Harry was only able to make a semi-certain identification of ONE of those 12 photos as being a Sawgrass prospect. If the 12 photos were all of the same female, then all the females in the 12 photos would have looked familiar to Harry Garcia.

    We do not know what Melich actually said to Harry Garcia; we only know what Harry recalled, three weeks later, when a different deputy was sent to Sawgrass to get a formal statement from Harry.

    Harry Garcia’s statement, taken on August 6 by Deputy Michael Kispert, recounting Yuri Melich’s visit to Sawgrass on the morning of July 16:

    “He showed me, what I remember to be, a piece of paper having about twelve photographs on it. I looked at the photographs and believed I recognized one of the pictures. I told Detective Melich one of the pictures looked familiar to me and I believed the pictured person may have visited the community as a prospect. He told me all of the pictures were of the same person. He never mentioned the photographed person’s name.”

    I must be fresh off my high from knowing all along George lied about the 16th. I am reading your comment and thinking your agreeing with me so can someone with fresh eyes help me out?

  15. westsidehudson says:

    Thanks to all of you for answering my question about the “kidnapping” and the “Tampa Accident”.

    This quote at the end is a little gem, LOL! :

    So Cindy begins to recount the whole thing to Agent Bolin, not to convince him that the story is true, but to convince him that Casey was “telling the truth when she lied”

  16. Kleat says:

    Maura our resident puzzle-solver, I have a question for you from the ‘new stuff’!!

    Have you got a timeline for Casey’s ‘dates’ and do you have any clue as to who she may have had dinner with on May 2nd?

    New docs text of May 2, CA says ” I’m going with stupid head to dinner when he gets done with work…ha” and “I asked him for a little alone time so we could talk. That was before we had a conversation today that made me want to kill him. I’ll fill you in later”

    Thanks girl!!! (in case you have this handy… if it’s even out there, you’ll likely have it!)


    PEOPLE HOW THE HAITES DID YOU MISS THE PINGS FROM THE 16th? George lied, no other explanation!

  17. Kleat says:

    wsh!!! Great one!! ‘telling the truth when she lied’– like when Cindy said when Casey lies, she always tells the truth (to Cindy).

    It’s right up there with a Canadian prime minister who was quoted (yes! really!!) as saying:

    “A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof? It’s a proof. A proof is a proof, and when you have a good proof, it’s because it’s proven.”

    (sounds like the defense could use some of this logic! ;)

  18. Kleat says:

    Duh… Blink… back to my corner….

    lol, its ok, doing a quick post on it.

  19. lily says:

    George IS lying – she never left on the 16th. OMG

  20. boz says:

    I’m going back to my original threory from a long time ago. Anyone want to beat me up, go ahead. George and Lee helped hide the body somewhere here in Orlando in June 2008, all the vegetation and bugs are the same here. They new Kronk searched that spot probably on a daily basis. Lee planted the body the night George and Cindy were in LA on the LK show. It was a perfect alibi for them. They couldn’t have moved the body, they wer in California. It’s just not believable that Kronk saw that bag earlier and did not open it or look into it. George and Lee have protected Cindy from the start. She doesn’t know the truth but they do.

  21. kp-in says:


    Did you notice Annie Downing on Victoria A.’s myspace page?

  22. boo says:

    Found this on on found on casey’s computer? Eric james baker >In memory of an old friend. “We all have great inner power. The power of self-faith. There’s really an attitude of winning. You have to see yourself winning before you win. And you have to be hungry. You have to want to conquer” – jesus Ortiz. Forever in my heart. Someone special. R.I.P. Eric james Baker 12-8-83 – 8-11-07. Um screaming lambs again, she posted this after jesus ortiz died. WTH? I hope caylee and jesus are together now.

  23. Todd in Tulsa says:

    Blink, now knowing that George lied about timeframes and all, do you think that he will be held to account? In my opinion, obstruction of justice sounds about right

  24. boz says:

    513, my apologies Blink. I got Jesse and Jesus mixed up. Sooo many facts!

  25. More Questions than Answers says:

    There were a lot of reasons to doubt that Georges recollection of the morning of June 16th was accurate. For me the very fact that he remembered in detail what Casey and Caylee were wearing was suspicious. There is no way I could describe what any of my Grandchildren were wearing 31 days prior to being asked. Also they lived at the residence so I would think that George had seen Caylee in her same outfits repeatedly, so how would you be so sure of what she was wearing on that particular day. Nothing scientific just common sense. Also if Casey was home why did someone from the A’s home phone call her cell at 7:45 AM? Furthurmore after George remebered that he had breakfast with Caylee at 7:30 and Cindy left at 8 then Cindy should have seen Caylee that morning as well and she says she didn’t. Now to go back and see exactly when this hogwash story was told to LE should give me some idea as to when the lying began. Was this lie made up on the 16th before LE was called or after?????? I am not the investigator type like so many of you are but I truely hope that all the A’s are held accountable for their actions in this babys death.

  26. sage2287 says:

    Why was HG shown 12 photos of the SAME woman?

  27. martha says:

    every once in a while someone posts that there is a person on here that is pretending not to know what is going on. i’m that person only i really dont know whats going on most of the time lol—but i appreciate you susanm for taking time to respond to my questions and comments. my view is that all the anthonys knew when caylee was deceased and were very much aware of hiding the body and covering up for casey from the very first. the way i have begun to look at it is to separate that from all the rest. the rest of it —all the stories except for the forensics are just so complicated i just dont think about that part much even though it is very interesting and there are sure some very smart people on this site that i admire greatly. and another thing a person can post without being afraid of saying something that they feel or that they might want to express with out getting put down for it.

  28. boo says:

    Why is it that the more I research jesus ortiz, the more sinister this becomes? Why DID lee lie about caylees father when cindy just whipped out the article on his death? Why did annie and casey’s relationship become strained in august 2007? And why were investigators still asking annie about her knowledge of caylee’s father? And why did lee refuse to answer questions about caylees father in the M&M depo?

    One correction, he evaded the question somewhat, but his response was clearly a stark contrast from his curbside interview I profiled in a piece following his civil depo.

  29. boo says:

    Yes I saw and read that article doing my research.

  30. bluewillow says:

    Martha #528- LOL I thought it was me! And I would say the same thing as you, “i really dont know whats going on most of the time” LOL! but I, too, appreciate that a person can post here without being attacked and I *so* enjoy reading all the resident geniuses on here and looking up the info they outline! I learn so much!

  31. rayray says:

    During one of Lee’s jail visits with Casey, Lee claims to have received a phone call or email from someone named Heather who claims to have once worked with Casey. She claimed that she could confirm that a Juliette and Jeffrey existed. Has the OCSO ever investigated this? or was this just more junk to try to throw OCSO off Casey’s scent?

  32. chica says:

    It’s been a full year since Caylee Anthony disappeared, last seen by her grandparents Cindy and George Anthony. One month later, Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, admitted that the two-year-old had been missing for five long weeks. Ultimately, the 22-year-old mother would be charged with the little girl’s murder.

    To mark the anniversary of the last day they saw their grandchild, George and Cindy Anthony granted CBS’s “Early Show” an exclusive interview — the majority of which they used to promote their Caylee Anthony Foundation. The foundation, according to its official website, was formed to “prevent child abduction through the creation of awareness of child safety measures and the missing child epidemic.” Although the Anthonys’ hearts might be in the right place, many are suspicious of the Florida couple’s motives in spearheading an organization for missing children when their own daughter is accused of Caylee’s murder.

    Most outspoken against the Anthonys’ newfound calling has been Ronald Cummings, the father of missing Florida girl Haleigh. George Anthony says he initially offered help in the Haleigh Cummings case “to show some support … moral support.” George says he promised to “stand in the background.” The mother of Casey Anthony admonishes Cummings for turning down their aid. “To him I say: You made a mistake,” she said. “When your child’s missing, you can’t turn anyone away.” Cindy Anthony even dares to give herself credit for netting Cummings national media exposure on the night his daughter disappeared. “We had just got back from [Caylee's] memorial,” she says. “We hurried up and made phone calls, desperate phone calls, to people. That was a day I should’ve just been home worrying about myself.”

    Do YOU think the Cummings made a mistake in turning down help from the Anthonys?

  33. Todd in Tulsa says:

    One thing I’d like the investigators to point out to Casey is this: If she was given “instructions” to follow by Zenaida, which if that were so, she would have produced it by now being that since she is self-absorbed and a sociopath and she wouldn’t be where she is now if she truly had something that would set her free. Also bring up the question of in that list of instructions included going to nightclubs, drinking, and entering anything-but-clothes contests

  34. boo says:

    I listened to the 2/27 jm depo with lee again. Lee is asked if he thought caylees father could have something to do with her disappearance and lee responded with “if I knew that door would have been knocked down a long time ago. You could’nt have stopped me. OK fair enough but since lee already told the media that caylee’s father was killed in a car crash 8/5/2008 then I have to ask WHAT? HUH? Is lee trying to incriminate george?

  35. boo says:

    Lee IS trying to unring the bell “that caylee’s father is dead” and does not want to say who either, that would unring what cindy started when she showed the 5/7/07 article to tony padilla. WHY? Sinister. Very sinister.

  36. SuzeeB says:

    Silver Regarding Comment #477

    Casey must have been mortified when she realized that she stated the wrong date on her first statement because then she would have not been able to align the 16th as being the same day that Zeniada Gonzales visited saw grass apartments.

    She had to have known or found out in some fashion that this woman visited saw grass apartments that day. And she had to use the 16th date if she knew that was the last day someone (George?) saw her and Caylee that day.

    I am sure Casey knew that the date of June 9th was wrong but went along with it because she knew with even just a little bit of investigation it would be refuted. After all she did download that video of Fathers Day on the computer now didn’t she? ( and also maybe she wanted her mother to look suspicious)

    Its too bad when she said 31 days, no one thought to ask (Casey) that night what did she mean by that and look at a calendar. “Casey are you counting from today the 16th of July as being the 31 first day or are you starting from yesterday the 15th of July and counting back 31 days. “ Casey , don’t you know exactly what day it was you last saw your daughter” Hmmmmmm “I suppose you don’t even know what day it was when you last saw your car”


    Going along with your explanation “ coincidence defies mathematical logic/is belied by laws of probability and statistics” then I would go back to Casey’s original statement and Blink’s theory regarding where Caylee’s body was placed.

    Casey dropped Caylee off between 9 and 1 ( Between 9 &1 who does that)

    4701 belonging to Fredesvind Gonzales
    4709 Belonging to Zenaida Almodovar

    “She ‘s close to Home, Hope or Holt,

    (doesn’t matter) (although I did a good recording does sound like Holt.}

    Last but not least if you Google Earth 8905 Suburban Dr. Orlando Fl (Guess where it lands)?

    Caylee’s Birthday August 9, 2005

    This is no coincidence. And this would have to have been given a great deal of thought. JMO

  37. boo says:

    In the LA depo (part 3 or 4? JM says to lee “let’s go back to may…2007 pause pause pause oh I’m sorrry may 2008. Now I have been told thay my greatgramma, who died before I was born, but who my mom and my gramma speak to me and k about, had a saying “you can judge a mans character by how polished he keeps his shoes”. I imagine JM ‘s shoes have a high mirror finish. Just saying.

  38. SuzeeB says:

    It would be interesting to go back BEFORE Casey made her “new circle of friends” to see what her daily habits were. Where did she spend her time During the Week, where were her cell pings mostly between the time she left the house with Caylee in the morning or late mornings ( supossedly going to work) and the time George left for work. How far did she travel from the home on most week days?

    Where did she spend the time before she could safely go back home until she had to leave again because Cindy was coming home.
    Most of her friends at that time were either in school or working. Unless she knew everyones schedule to a T so that she could divide her days up with them and just say she had the day off or whatever.

    Casey had to go somewhere, a coffee shop? no, that would cost money and be difficult with a toddler (besides too public). A park maybe? An abandoned house?

    I dont know but there were a lot of hours she had to kill in that time period that she kept up the pretense of working.

    It must have been somewhere close to her home (for the sake of gas) It seems to me she had to have a place to go Monday thru Friday for a period of time. Caylee would need a nap at some point, have to eat lunch, diaper changes etc.

    Casey parked her car in the driveway. In every neighborhood there is always a neighbor who “knows things” How often did they see that car in the driveway during the week? What time of day? etc. even if they didn’t know Casey or the Anthonys. There is always that neighbor who is very observant.

    Just a thought!

  39. capebretoner says:

    when all else fails,go to the old nutjob defence.the vultures must have got a good talking to by andrea lyons. justice for caylee

  40. Celeste B. says:

    My Mother had borderline personality disorder (I finally armchair diagnosed that well into my 40″s). The whole Cindy/hairbrush thing reminds me of how my Mother might have acted.

    When I was in high school…I stopped going. I just cut school every single day. (I think I was 100% school “phobic” but that is another matter). So, naturally the school called my Mother in to talk about this situation. She, like Cindy, worked every day. My Mother had to take a day off from work and go to this “summit meeting” about ME. I was scared to death. All my teachers were there, me and my Mother–my jig was up (I had been lying a lot). Well GUESS WHAT. My Mother was verrrrry indignant during the meeting to the teachers/principal etc..and when we left she made it clear to me that she knew that THEY were lying!!! Seriously! Is that Cindy-fied or WHAT.

    –if I could direct a comment directly to Cindy I would say–Get help–you need help! YOU NEED HELP. (My Mother never got it and she died believing everyone but her was “wrong”).

  41. Dondura Miller says:

    The autopsy states the body was there for months as roots had grown into the vertebrate and the hair matting was consistent with this. The bug info was dead on too, sorry for the pun. How the decomp got into the car,we may really never know, but Casey was the person responsible for Caylee and not Cindy. Despite Cindy being there, Casey was her mother. Why say that? Well, Casey did SOMETHING to Caylee and she died, was bagged up in a laundry hamper and 2 garbage bags. I am still with the opinion that on the night of the 15th or early 16th of June, after the fight with Cindy, Casey killed Caylee when she would not stop crying by covering her mouth till she stopped. She kept Caylee in the laundry bag stolen from the home until she leaked in the trunk. She then double bagged the baby, tried to clean the mess up and the folly went from there. Casey will never tell the truth about the actual events and whatever she told her parents will never be told to us. It is the people like us who will have to be Caylees voice and as someone above said already, the ones who were suppose to protect her did not.

  42. martha says:

    reading all i can this morning. each day i learn something new. i have been reading marinade daves site. about lee, padilla, etc and whether there was actually a fight or just something lee, i believe, was telling people to see who would keep his “info” in confidence. i always thought there was a fight on the 15th but now i dont believe so, and le says the 16th is the date. so now i dont think casey murdered caylee in a rage but it was calculated even though she didnt have an exact date in mind and then 16th was it. i am reading dave’s blog everyday from now on too. he is great and answered my first email to him the next day–very nice and concerned person. great info there too. and the realtime trips around the area are great. probably most know about the trips but just in case……………the more i know the more i dont know—-anyone feel that way? lol

  43. martha says:

    #538 Suzeeb–i think it would be interesting too to see how and where she hung out before when she was pretending to work. like you said the baby needs naps, diaper changes, lunch etc and that is hard to do just hanging out from place to place. also to me that brings to mind the fact that Caylee was talking and was at the place where she could start telling nana and pawpaw what she and mommy did during the day–and that made her more a liability–i keep coming back to that too.

    also, it saddens me that so many people come from a background of abuse or molestation. i worked at a warehouse one time with about 10 other women and we were talking one day. i said that i had been raped, and everyone of those women i worked with had been raped or molested as a child or an adult. it is so sad that there is so much hatred and violence in the world. i have read some of the contributors stories here that make me cry and pray that we could advance as a species beyond all that and that all people, children would not have to be afraid for their lives.

  44. ada says:

    I have been obsessed with this case since the beginning. I was directed to this website from another CA website. This is very refreshing to read in contrast to other blogs. I read that the Anthony’s originally said the last day they saw Caylee was Sunday, June 8, 2008. Then they corrected it to be Monday, June 16 after seeing the nursing home video date. I think it would be extremely difficult to confuse a Sunday for a Monday. Did Cindy and George mistakenly recall that they went to work on Sunday, June 8 or did they not go to work on the last day they saw Caylee? I may not remember a specific date but I generally remember what day of the week it is, particularly if one is a working day and the other is not. If they mistook the last day they saw Caylee as a Sunday, it only makes sense that she went missing on June 15 not 16.

  45. martha says:

    have they or are they going to release Cindy, George’s and Lee’s transcripts deposition by the prosecution?

  46. Jackie Blue says:

    Ok I was listening to the Phone conversation between Casey Anthony and her brother on July 26, 2009. The more I listened to it, the more convinced I got that they were talking in code! In the beginning of the call Lee & Casey are talking about getting reception on his phone, then Lee Immediately says, “I’ll get as much out there as I can before anything would die, It’s not a good situation, But what can we do” (Code for: trying to locate Caylee’s body before anything should happen to it) Next their talking about her lawyer setting up a meeting and prepping her on what & how she answers questions for the investigators. (Code for: telling the private investigator hired where to look & find Caylee’s Body, without Implicating herself.) That is if Brother Lee doesn’t find her first. Next they talk about being completely sure of information given buy Casey & Lee says, “If it’s off at all Their not going to think to look in other areas.) Lee asked her about any phone calls from Caylee or the BABYSITTER (not Nanny or Zanida) (Code for: alphabet numbered…..she gives him area code 954,(IED) then a number that started with a 47, (DG) and another number starting with 321, (CBA)

    954 47 321 ********* >>>
    IED DG CBA ********* >>>



    And Reading them Backwards
    Except for the C ….. Which stands for Caylee,

    Reads this,
    C Bag DIED

    Next Lee starts to ask her, “Where do you think …Changes his question to “Do You Think Caylee’s ok?” Casey replies” yes” and says, “she feels her close to Home” Right before this was all said, (In the mix of the Whole Phone Call, they kept saying the word PRIVATE a lot!) All of this I feel, was Casey giving clues to Lee (which he was fully aware of) That Caylee’s Body was in a Bag in a Private Place (Their private place as kids) Close To Home.

    Maybe I Have too much Time on my hands, but this is what I Think
    after listening to that conversation.

    Also here is the link to that jailhouse conversation

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