Caylee/Casey Anthony Case Bombshell: Proof George Anthony Lied

Orlando, FL– In a bombshell released in discovery today, evidence George Anthony could not have been telling the truth about June 16th.; allegedly the last time he saw Casey and Caylee leave:



According to the Investigative Report Excerpt regarding the Cell phone ping study, Casey did not leave the Anthony home until 4:14PM on June 16th. Not the 12:50PM time he told Investigators and recounted in several media interviews. Most recently, George refused to discuss the last time he saw his granddaughter Caylee during the deposition in the civil case against his daughter, lodged by Zenaida Gonzalez.

Given the previously released computer forensics, whereby we know Casey was on the home computer on an IM chat in the morning this supports the fact she was in the home, and as the calls begin on Casey’s cell, she is leaving the residence.


SO.. Could it be George who never came home the evening of June 15th? Did Casey leave her cell phone there the evening before and come back? Impossible. She was on it. 


Message to Leonard: This makes one more.. LOL.. Told You.


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  1. Julie says:

    #947 Todd in Tulsa…tune in to tv on the 21st..they are back in court to try to fight the fraud case among other things from being tried pre-murder trial.

  2. Julie says:

    Wonder if Casey will be wearing that SAME BLUE BLOUSE again!!?

  3. capebretoner says:

    you can’t solve your problems by lying ,stealing,violence or blaming.thats how this family solves their problems.and you wonder why theres a child me george and cindy are still stealing from people.get a job like everbody else you lazy scum bags.the train wreck is going to stop at their front door.thats a giving.everything that these nutjobs do or say reflects on casey.their all mentally retarded.these people make me sick.come to canada with your bears,and i’ll shove them right up your a$$

  4. SuzeeB says:


    Susan, Tony did tell LE that Casey told him it was an African American man who helped push her car. But Casey told LE in her statement at Universal that 2 guys helped push her car and also that she left a note on it.

    I am going from memory here. There is a tip from a Mr Pina that claims to have seen her car in this area (Amscot) being pushed by 2 white men. Mr. Pina made other claims as well. I dont know if this man is credible or if anyone has come forward to corroborate his claim.

  5. loca says:

    952 julie
    lol by the time she goes to trial that blue blouse may not fit her anymore!! She is putting on weight pretty quickly her buttons looked like they were ready to pop. her new hobbie aside from lying is eating.

  6. loca says:

    952 julie
    check this out its a video of casey and bozo cindy and george tell me what u think?

  7. karen657 says:

    reply to Randie 789- I have read the Excellant Adventures Etc. and as much as I respect Blink (respect not being strong enough and worship being too strong to explain how I feel about Blink and her crew of super slueths) I just dont see the sense of her paying a fine not issued directly to her and not tracable back to her. Gosh she could hardly pay for her own gas and God knows what her cell phone bill must have been like. If someone can help this make sense to me please do so otherwise I am still on the fence as to whether this is Casey or not.

  8. karen657 says:

    Todd Tulsa post 792- No link to support this just my own humble (sometimes) opinion of what Baez will use to defend Casey. She was working but not in a profession she would want anyone knowing about ( read that as illicite) She did employ a babysitter who gave her name as Zainaida Fernandez Gonzlaez but that apparently was not her real name. She was not upset in mid Jun-mid July because she “knew” her child was safe with the person she knew as Zanny. Casey got in trouble with a gang leader or pimp ( take your pick) and either lost or stole money due this person who then took it upon themselves to teach Casey a lesson and kill her child. He will try to show that the decomp was either planted in her car or will dispute the science behind the findings. There was actually a photo circulating of a woman who looked a lot like Casey (if not actualy her)preforming a sexual act upon a male that could suggest this alternate career was a reality. Yesterday I read a police report on a Zainaida in Tampa who had a charge of lewd and lacivious (sic)behavour towards a child under the age of 16. If I could find something like that with my limited knowledge and computer skills I imagine that the defense could as well. Guess we can only wait until the trial to see what road they will travel down.
    Kleat 793- How could they trace Casey thru Annie? Would her ticket also have info about another offense for another person notated on it? Or perhaps you suggest that the officer would remember there was anohter person in the car whom he issued a ticket to as well. Possibly yes but I think they deal with so many citizens they would not readily recall that kind of info. If the issue went to court and no one showed up would the ticket state to look at another tkt issued in the same vehicle on the same date??? No. These tkts would not reference each other as supporting documentation. I dont think they’d be able to find her.But I will give you this, Casey might not realize that she could not be traced and therefore would pay the fine and that is the only way this would make sense to me. Keep in mind I am just an average Josephine with average intelligence. Make this click for me please.

  9. karen657 says:

    Kleat post 846- Would the risk to too high to implicate Casey ( what greater pusishment than death at the hands of the state) or would the risk of her never being found if dumped elsewhere be greater? Just for arguments sake because I certainly believe Casey is guilty if not of murder than of neglect to a point that she died accidently.

  10. karen657 says:

    Hello Maura your post 874- Now I am just playing devils advocate so dont shoot me but…If Casey was a professional escort ( me being polite) and the Nanny was provided by her Manager ( read pimp) and gave a false name to Casey there would be no record of any such person. Relatives could be made up or other people introduced as a relative who were not. There were several calls on the reports to and from unknown persons. My little tracphone paid every three months has no identification as this is considered a throw away type phone. I will look for this type of defense along with disputing the science from the body farm people. Again just playing devils advocate and getting people to think sideways. (or in a backwards sort of way LOL)

  11. karen657 says:

    Oh Blink I am excited as this is my first direct to you post. Re the cleft. They dont develope over time you’re born with it if you are ever going to have one. Two of my sons have them and so does their dear ol dad. Hubby shaved off a full beard when son # 1 was born so he could show everyone that the baby had his cleft. One of my uncles also has a cleft so you are correct in that being a dominant trait in families.
    lol, ty

  12. Julie says:

    #956 loca I didn’t see a video there just 2 photos?

  13. karen657 says:

    Just looked at a close up photo of Casey with Caylee and Casey has a slight cleft in her chin as well. IMO Caylee looked like her grandmother more than anyone else in that family and Casey’s childhood photos show a pretty homely child. She was obviously a late bloomer where her child blossomed right from the start. Guess I should start checking in here more frequently so I am not responding to comments made 200 posts ago!

  14. Julie says:

    #958karen657 welcome..the provocative photo of the Casey-look-a-like.if you look the models eyebrows are straight across..where as Casey has always a definite ‘arch’ in hers?

  15. loca says:

    ok julie let me go see if I can find it again! brb

  16. loca says:

    ok julie
    go to youtubeand type in caseys brag letter to cindy and george and they will all pop up made by :

  17. Julie says:

    #966.loca.saw those..really good!

  18. Gwen 2009 says:

    This story is a severe fabrication of the facts. a cell phone ping cannot tell where you are exactly, it can only put you in a general vacinity. all that shows is that casey was within a few mile radius of her house until 4pm, not what time she left her house. after 4ish she went into a new area. i hate news news stories that mislead and print outward lies. time to do a story on yourself.

    Thanks but Im really not newsworthy, However I do appreciate your apparent interest, albeit just to come on here and not read any of the comments from the industry professionals supporting the information presented.
    Thanks for the pop in.

  19. Gwen 2009 says:

    anyone reading this should know it is pure BS. you or anyone else cannot know where someone is ‘exactly’ from a cell phone ping and you darn well know it. so why are you writing this garbage? this link has been forwarded to brad conway incase he wants to follow up with this. you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Gwen- R E A D the article then R E A D the comments. It does not say anything of the kind. Don’t put yourself out sending to Brad, I will, even though I know he has already read it, he is a friend on my myspace.

  20. alamobelle says:

    a great article on what Narcissistic mothers do to their children

    thought the blinkers would find it interesting

  21. loca says:

    gwen sounds like one of the anthonys or their supporters with these kind of comments.

    No, just a lookey loo. I do not encourage dissenting opinions, I abhor ill-researched ones.

  22. capebretoner says:

    #969-gwen!follow the story you retard.casey told cindy she was in another cityfor almost two’s in $indys transcrips.get off the crack.what mental hospital did they let you out of.

  23. Todd in Tulsa says:

    G.W.E.N.= George with exceptional narcissism

  24. april says:

    i too believe he is not tellin the truth but just cuz casey was there does not mean caylee was at least not in the house i believe she was already in the trunk dead?

  25. april says:

    also she came back after george was gone and that is when she buried caylee in the yard and staged the ladder .

  26. CathyJo says:

    Well,I gotta add my theory which is the one I have had since day 1!
    I think after cindy choked casey that night,casey was mad as hell and wanted to show cindy she wouldn’t have Caylee either because cindy threatened to take custody,casey didn’t want the burden but would never allow cindy to have her,she hates cindy!!!!so she thought this would solve the problem and she’d gather the money to be gone before cindy and george found her,and parked her car at Amscot so cindy would find it on her way to work and the odor and all….tadaaaaa and chloroform so one day if she needed to she’d show back up and say both of them were kidnapped but she got away!
    Remember they didn’t know where Tony lived.didn’t even know him,it was just a blessing that Amy had dropped casey off there that night.But anyway she chloroformed Caylee after cindy choked her,taped her mouth,threw her into the pool,waited long enough till she knew Caylee was gone,got her out of the pool either that night and went to Tony’s because remember he told her not to bring Caylee,which he was right in doing so,drugs and all were being used and I have more respect for him than I ever could any one of the Anthony’s.he was right on that one! She waited till she knew they had gone to work and that’s why she kept calling the house that morning to make sure george nor cindy had found her in the pool or the little house,(dog’s hit on lil house)then she loaded her in the car while they were gone!
    She just didn’t think she’d ever have to see g and c again!
    and circled sawgrass till she found someone to blame!

  27. Suzanne Davis says:

    Why doesn’t Andrea Lyon Pay for Casey Anthony’s defense?
    Or since it would be Unethical to do that…why not just
    do it for Free since she thinks she is innocent.
    Why do We the Taxpayers have to pay for a Killer’s Defense?

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