Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery Details Released Did George Anthony Lie?


Orlando, FL– On the heels of depositions by the State’s Attorney Office by Lee, Cindy and George Anthony, a fresh batch of discovery documents including 3D Imaging, forensic studies on the trunk evidence and details about Casey Anthony’s cell phone usage have been released this morning. will feature links to the documents as soon as they become available. Check back for updates and commentary.


Forensic Report on Trunk:


Animation of the Crime Scene:

Excerpt MBI Report:

Either George was lying about them leaving the house or she did not take her cell phone, no other answer. 



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  2. lily says:

    NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY she would pack up herself and Caylee and leave – walk out – the both of them – without her cell phone. WTH?! What is he covering?!

  3. Chitown lady says:

    WOW! to think that her lawyer thinks she in innoncent makes me PUKE!

  4. Peggy says:

    Is it possible she did leave but did not go far, so she would still ping off the same tower? (As in pretending to leave for work and then waiting for George to leave so she could go back home?)

  5. chica says:

    This great fellow blinker’s!! because it exposes the anthonys for the LIARS MONEY THIRT VULCHERS THAT THEY ARE.

  6. chica says:


  7. Oneshot says:

    Comment #4 – I’d thought about that before, Peggy – if she’d gotten herself & Caylee dressed to go out…& come back in w/o having left…but it’d have been hot, too hot to just sit in the car w/the a/c going & Caylee’d have been fussing just sitting there while she obsessesd w/cell phone calls, & she was gas-conscious, so a reasonable person wouldn’t expect she’d have done that.

    When Lee candidly told TonyL (wearing the wire) that “his dad typically leaves for work at 11:45am”, it refuted what George had said about seeing THEM leave at, what other ppl had uncovered & posted on this board about the food shows not jibing with what George had said led one to be suspicious of his version of events. Thing is, Casey’s cell phone was pinging at the Anthony residence consistently through the day until 4:14pm, & she eventually left to meet TonyL & watch the “notorious” blockbuster videos. I couldn’t understand why he EVER had said he’d seen THEM leave when it was HIM leaving. Was he selected by Cindy to take the fall?

    IIRC, LE had speculated she may have killed Caylee in the early hours of June 16th, and others speculated she may have killed Caylee in the late afternoon (based on the ping data that afternoon).

    I don’t know which is more likely, but I do not think Casey ever left with Caylee in front of George & think he may never have seen Caylee that day at all…Casey may have kept her door shut all morning until he left for work later (particularly given the confrontation the night before).

  8. Oneshot says:

    comment #3 – I don’t ‘get’ how Baez thinks he’s (Lyon’s) gonna show Casey is “innocent” (as opposed to “not guilty”)unless they’re gonna try to say “George did it not Casey” !

    I mean, if he’s lying about seeing them walk out at 12:50pm, then Casey could say “hey, I was in my room the whole time on my cell phone, & didn’t see Caylee that morning, but my Dad did something to her, & threatened me if I didn’t go along w/the “Zanny script” & keep what he did a secret from my Mom & Lee…until I couldn’t stand the car stench & Dad told me to ditch it, he’d take care of it (hoping it’d get stolen), & then Mom picked it up on July 15th & the cat was out of the bag.”

    BAM this has been what I have been saying all along. Look up George and grab a helmet.

  9. artgal says:

    I asked the same question as comment #4
    Is it possible she did leave the house but just drove away and stayed close to the house and came back after George left?

  10. Charlotte says:

    Okay, I have to ask. What does “look up George and grab a helmet” mean?

    The Hammer’s comin’

  11. westsidehudson says:


    comment #3 – I don’t ‘get’ how Baez thinks he’s (Lyon’s) gonna show Casey is “innocent” (as opposed to “not guilty”)unless they’re gonna try to say “George did it not Casey” !

    Or perhaps toss out a completely accidental death, but the disposal and cover-up was done by the Anthonys vs. Casey?

  12. Gypsy DD says:

    Ah George and Cindy..what a wicked web you have woven for yourselves with your lies. Too late now to back out of have repeated them, embellished them and now they make you look like the part of the guilty team. Baez and Lyon will have a field day with these ping records.

    Still checking on Daniel Davis from Lakeland and I got nothing now. But I’ll figure that out eventually Blink.

    MY Dear Friend, did you get that little lump in your throat and bulge at your temple when you saw confirmation of what we have been saying for a year, lol? I am about to post a 3D ping map on here to take the place of the old ping doc I made the mistake of posting. It is very confusing. If you analyze the “Casey’s Movements” docs that coordinate with the pings, it is VERY specific as to when she leaves the residence. I believe most are within 1 minute. They know she did not leave until 4:14PM, she did not leave and head around the blocks, a ping can also be “pushed” to another tower for volume or overlap. It is no accident this is released the day after his deposition in his Early Bird Special AARP outfit. Disgrace.

  13. Steadychick says:

    “…in his Early Bird Special AARP outfit.” LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! Blink, this line will become a classic. I love it!

  14. Gypsy DD says:

    Yep Blink..I got the lump and the goose bumps when I realized we were right on in our thoughts.

    Also thanks for all you do for your dear and gentle readers. The truth needs to be told and no better person then you to do just that.

    I also liked the pings from THE 17TH..Casey was home just long enough to stage the pool ladder, side gate incident. She was plotting..but no rocket scientist either. She went in too many different directions trying to cover herself…and it backfired. The Nanny at the Saw Grass, the pool and backyard..then the gas can robbery..then Nanny at Blanchard…then trying to set up Jesse….whew..she over did it on set ups…just like George and Cindy over did it on lies…too many details..too many mistakes..too much talking that made a verbal noose around their collective necks.

    Thank You my Dear Gypsy DD- I actually recall the 17th has always been a thorn in your paw, lol. I actually thought that Casey might have orchestrated switching phones with TL for a spell; I think we may have been through most conceivable possibilities. Love to my herd and I miss you all.

  15. Todd in Tulsa says:

    Blink, best case scenario for Casey, even if this was a so-called “accident”, doesn’t her actions after the fact negate any motion anything less than premeditation? Some of the defense attorneys on the talk shows claim it was an accident and she “panicked”, but if that were the case, she would have eventually come clean. Instead she has gone through an extensive cover up that has dragged many other people into her private socio-world. Your thoughts?

  16. susanm says:

    maura,i am still not finished commmenting on debbie’s interview or cindy and fbi were she relays her timeline as casey with zanny after the alleged kidnapping,or the gas can incident via debbie, cindy, george, cain,le & fbi interview, all inconsistencies,and more i’d to point for weighing in on george lieing about casey &caylee leaving,thats just one of many lies,i knew that a long time ago,my reason being and i posted it here(btw this is the first and only place i’ve ever commented ever on any subject(except the other day on tmz)(tori and her mom)(i landed here and it felt comfortable,cohesive,rational minded,i liked the feeling of being inside a book format)(as opposed to the rat wheels)(you called that one, blink,thanks wink wink)any way i do believe i said :cindy realized,she let a crack in when she described caylees shorts instead of casey’s pants in the 911 call,so i said and i was looking for it,george fixed it for cindy by knowing exactly what caylee was wearing to an abnormal t(and 180% t).theres so much i ‘d like to point out,and i do know the facts,and everything i say i have thought over and researched and lots of times,i hold on til , i am more sure that its a possible posssiblty and not a remote possiblity,as i respect the honor system the sunshine law is kind of reling on,and the serous nature of blink’s work & website.btw i dont think cindy conspired in the death of caylee,just the aftermath(how soon cindy was involved the aftermath ,is my question),after all of my finger pointing at cindy(for knowing) i am seeing ways to have defend cindy in the eventcaseyplans to accuse her(with her permission maybe?blink as blink suggests),wow, complicated.

  17. Fred McNeil says:

    I guess, susanm, you are saying that George’s highly detailed lie about seeing totmom and Caylee leave are probably an attempt to fix something spindy cindy had said to LE on the 911 call? Interesting idea.

    I had guessed that it made a nice fluffy story for potential donors to their sham charity. Heartwarming, wasn’t it? Hey, he got a new bassboat out of the deal.

    I would appreciate it if we did not do the name calling thing, not what we are here for, and takes up too much of my time to edit; this is a friendly warning to all that I will have to just start deleting comments that contain that. TIA

  18. Greg the Mongoose says:

    Yes, its hard to get out of a bad relationship.

    I saw the names of chris, jason, and mike, inside the barn or garage walls. The hall of fame?

    Blink did you try a metal detector on the mounds on the farm? Christine Sheddy body could be one of the mounds.

    Greg, I will cover what searches were done of course, but to answer your question, yes, metal detectors were used, we are hopeful to move on to some state of the art equipment in our efforts.

  19. lovinlife says:

    Blink, did you ever post that 3D ping map you commented about in #11?

  20. Julie says:

    interesting Blink….your comment about the hammer coming/George…. I think you are correct……..!!

  21. marcy says:

    I think that Bozo, new from the beginning he was going to try to pin this on the parents, that is why he has drove a wedge between them, In Casey’s Jailhouse letters, she tells Robin, how he told her that her mom didn’t care and wouldn’t show up for meetings. He is setting it up.

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