Murder in Maryland: Investigating the Disappearance of Christine Sheddy

A Blink on Location Exclusive

Pocomoke City, MD– Every once and a while, people ask me how I choose the cases I work on personally vs. some I may just “report on” with no direct involvement. I realized I never had a really good answer for that question because I was not sure myself. I have one now. I do not choose what cases I investigate directly. They choose me.

On Wednesday August 12, we launch the first Blink on Location Series. Behind the scenes is a team of researchers, interviewers and analysts, whose data will present this former cold case with exclusive inside information.

I call on you to join us in this interactive journey as we profile this case remotely and on scene. Help us bring Christine home.

 What if it was your daughter, sister, best friend? 

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  1. boo says:

    I had not heard of this case. I will research and follow this case as you report it.

  2. boo says:

    Ok so far it appears that her boyfiend levi hall? Has a history of domestic violence.
    He is one of many with that history in this case. I cannot tell you how hopeful I am that this very sad tale ends in us bringing Christine home, and her murderer (s) to justice.

  3. boo says:

    I found lots of articles and old blog comments from christine’s mom and sister on Search christine sheddy

  4. larosebud says:

    That was bone chilling. Godspeed! Justice for Christine!!!

  5. PookyBear says:

    Personally, Blink, I think God chooses you to use the talents he gave you. You were chosen to speak for those that can no longer speak for themselves. I, for one, will be along for the ride.

  6. FairWitness says:

    Oksy, Blink; I’m hooked. Great job.

  7. mjh says:

    I was unaware of this case, but it has definitely caught my attention now. I have researched it some, but do not have time right now to continue. I am just wondering, if you know….what did the children say? I know they were only 2 and 4, but I am amazed at what my children can recall from the ages of 3 to 5 — and in specific detail. Is there any information out there on the children and anything they may have said? If someone came into the house, I’m sure the kids would know that. Just curious. Thanks.

    We will be discussing that in the piece, good question.

  8. Sister says:

    Blink, I’m glad you are putting your resources behind this case. These children need to know what happened. When I read of this sometime ago, I really thought it would be solved fairly quickly. I’m sorry that it just left my brain and I am grateful you’ve put it back on the front burner again.
    Thank you.

    Yes Sister, unfortunately Christine’s children, mom, sister and extended family and friends have been suffering horribly since Nov. 13. I am calling on all of my esteemed readers to help take this on. Send the Youtube link to everyone you know, talk about this case with co-workers, friends and neighbors. Join or follow the forum on

  9. christinesmom says:

    I am thankful for all the people that are involved in helping to bring Christine home. Her children deserve to know that thier mother did not leave them. I feel confident that her remains will be found and the people responsible will be punished. But for now lets find my daughter and the rest will take care of itself. To Blink and her team, thank you for taking on this case.

    Lynn, as I have told you personally, I am humbled by your ability to endure. The example you have shown in the face of this tragedy should be the beacon for others in this situation to never give up.
    Standing with you, for Christine.

  10. boo says:

    Ok so did levi’s mom and levi actually convince the LE that christine was a drug addict so they wouldn’t think it suspicious she would leave her small children? I don’t like what I have been reading about this case so far.

    No boo, there is alot about this case you and most readers will not like. I would say initially LE thought she may have run off, I would say that lasted about a week. LE, not to put words in their mouths, believe Christine is dead, and still on that property from what I have been told.

  11. MDffr says:

    I am a local volunteer ff. Did she possibly die in the fire out there? I think it was around then

    She was there that evening, but there were no casulties, just a hole in the roof.

  12. DE friend says:


    Is this footage of the farm recent, and where Christine was last seen? It absolutely chilled me to the bone. I pray you find her, those kids are precious. I assume the photo of the little girl dressed like she was her mom, is Christine? The sweetest.

    Good Luck, I’ll be watching closely.

  13. boo says:

    Does lynn have any contact with her grandchildren now?
    Lol, one of the dangers of putting out a trailor before the series, I guess, is getting the questions upfront.

    Lynn has custody of Christine’s children currently, yes.

  14. Denise says:

    Blink, thank you so much for writing about this case! I heard about it not too long ago and the possible scandal surrounding it is just sickening. I feel so much better now that you are on the case and I sure hope Lynn and Christine’s family feel better also. I never knew any of them, but feel like I do. She needs to be found and justice needs to be served for her children. Thank you again!!!

  15. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Blink, we the people need hundreds of folks like you who are willing and capable of this type of site and investigative skill. So many voices out there for the “rights” of the criminal, but so few screaming for the silenced victims!

    We have a case in our area where an entire family of 3 was murdered in Virginia near NC boarder. The 9 yr old daughter’s skeletal remains were found in NC many miles away. Since this family lived in the middle of nowhere, it’s basically a cold case as there are no witnesses other than the perps who naturally haven’t come forward. The extended family does a motorcycle ride each year as a memorial to keep the case alive in the hearts of the public. The only person of interest I’m aware of left for Canada like a day or two after the murders and possibly before the bodies were discovered (the parents’ bodies…daughter found weeks later.) Just the fact alone the daughter was taken far away tells me more than I want to think about this crime….I don’t believe anything else in the home was missing.

    I cannot imagine what it’s like for Christine’s mom and children…having someone you love with all your heart just vanish. Godspeed to everyone working so hard to solve these cases.

    Blink, since you get zillions of requests, do you know anyone in the southeast that could take this one on a blog like yours????

    I know this case well, and unfortunately, no way I can take on anything new right now, however, as soon as I started reading your post, I will tell you the first thing I thought when I saw that case-

    Where was Jett Duncan when this happened? Screams of him. I may just mosey over to Huff and put this post there :)

  16. CandiceBond says:

    Have you all heard? Blink is on Twitter!

    Facebook fan site coming soon.

    Spread the word, make this viral! Christine’s family and her babies deserve truth and justice! This case will make you MAD.

    Introducing Candice, one of the researchers on Christine’s case and our resident techie; we are grateful to have her or we would be twits, and not twittering, lol :)

  17. Thank you Blink on crime for helping the family. Lynn is a brave lady and has more courage than anyone I know.

  18. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Would have been a place someone like Duncan could have struck…his comfort zone being the Smart family did live in the boonies and would have been easy to target by someone simply driving by. I still think that either the abduction of the child was the main purpose for this crime, or the man who had (supposedly) threatened to kill Mr. Smith over a problem with a trailer delivery was the root cause.

    yes, this is a sexually motivated offender, taking to Huff….

  19. mdg says:

    Thank you, Blink.

  20. boo says:

    #14 blink. Thank you. I am gratefull to know that. Sorry if I am putting the eggs before the chickens.

    Lol, no way, ask away, we need all the help we can get..

  21. Public Eye says:

    As I lifetime Pocomoker it’s sad to say this was kept quiet by the local investigating officer (our mayor) McDermott, I had not read or heard a word about Christine until I found the Pocomoke Tattler about a year ago. There was no exposure and this case was very neglected and not taken seriously by the investigating officer.
    I would like to help in any way I can, if you need more feet and eyes please let me know. If I can help with passing on information again please let me know, between my blog and we have many readers.

    Thanks Tom, your welcome to post blinklinks and the youtube with link back, on your sites of course. I am aware of the initial “bumps” and they can frustrate the he** out of case, I know, but I am trying to stay focused on the new opportunities to work Christine’s case, together with LE, and bring her home.
    I look forward to you and your readers contributions here in this case-

    Good luck and the very best to all involved in the search for Christine.


  22. christinesmom says:

    I have been getting calls from Christines friends, there are tears of joy with the news that you have picked up Christines case. We all look forward to working together and bring our loved one home.

  23. boo says:

    Jeez that video of the farm (very anti norman rockwell) scary like seitz’s basement. Music is pretty. Will your articles specify how many acres?
    Roughly 60 acres

  24. mjh says:

    Ok, knowing very little about this case so far, the first thing I read about it struck me as odd. Why would BOTH parents leave to pick up the children from school? Unless they had plans to go somewhere or do something else, it seems to me that only one parent would need to pick the children up. Of course, I don’t really know many details yet, but I am already not buying their story.

    Blink….I believe you are an Angel in disguise. Thank you for your work and dedication to these victims and their families. I have one question for you……Do you ever sleep??

    TY, and not nearly enough, but I am working on that. I’ll rest better when Chrsitine is found and her family can breathe the first breathe to healing. The utter lack of dignity shown this woman freezes my shorts.

  25. pax says:

    Blink, are you a reporter? A writer? I guess I thought you just had the blog here but am curious now as to your “outside” job.


  26. pax says:

    I was serious, sorry you didn’t think so. Was just curious is all.

  27. pax says:

    ok, n/m, I saw the bio on SM, was just curious.

  28. boo says:

    Wow 60, hope the weather is good.

  29. boo says:

    My thoughts and prayers christine is found.

  30. Fred McNeil says:

    I see lots of good thoughts. makes me think too.

  31. Gypsy DD says:

    Ah Blink..with my roots in Maryland I know of this case. No better then you and your on the spot team to research and solve this case.

    I will be watching and commenting..I know you can solve this one.

    Hugs and Peace…DD

    See it is true, You learn something new every day, did not know your “roots” were there.. In my early days, it was our beaches as well. It was odd for me to venture on 13 for so long…

    Hugs and Peace to you my friend-

  32. Felicity says:

    Hi Blink,
    I have read a few more articles about Christine Sheddy’s case, and from all I can gather, very little has been done so far. The “Mayor” was even quoted as saying she was a spong on society! I’ll “refrain” from saying more about the town and people. Must say tho, they had better watch out ’cause BLINK IS BACK IN TOWN! (Hope you’ve got Red Ranger with you…fish lips and all! lol)

    This is one of the stangest, saddest stories that I have read about in awhile. Christine’s family is surely suffering badly having endured this for so long. I think several people know what happened to Christine. I know you do too, and that’s why I know that justice will be served for this young mother. Please stay safe, and get plenty of rest.
    p..s. I saw another photo of
    Christine on AMW with her hair down. She looks totally different in that one. Hope u will include it.

    O thank you Felicity, I am glad to know your on board with Christines’ case. Funny you mention that photo. I actually saved it and named it chrlnghair… She is striking in it. One of the things I see when I look at her, is I know she is a kind soul. She did not have a malicious bone in her body. Truly.

  33. Felicity says:

    PPS: Let me correct myself please. I really meant to say “some of the people in this town.” I’m sure this town has many sweet and caring people that truly want to see justice for Christine Sheddy. I regret my mistake. I know Public Eye (Tom) sounds like a very nice fella.

    (Bet your shorts will thaw before u know it! )

  34. melissab says:

    Blink, just where oh where is Red? I was sure he was with you and would be posting…RRRREEEEEEEDDDDDDDD! Come back, come back from wherever you are.

    He is busy behind the scenes on Christine Sheddy’s case, but rest assured, we will get some “pearls” when he comes up for air..

  35. mjh says:


    Does anyone currently live on this property?

    Yes, it is rented to a family.

  36. ScareyCarrie says:

    is that family related to anyone involved or any poi’s in the case? are they co-operative???

    If you are referring to the current tenants, they are unrelated whatsoever to this case or anyone involved in it and have been more than courteous, yes.

  37. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    I am at work, and proxy blocks videos from YouTube… so please accept my apologies if these questions are addressed in the video.

    Is there an old well on the property? Barn? I’m unfamiliar with this geographic region… was this ever a mining town?

    How long did Tia and Jr live on the property before Christine went missing? How long after?

  38. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    OK I was able to determine I dont think this was ever a mining town.

    What is the address on Byrd Road?

  39. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    OK I think I found the address, too. I think it’s 2911 Byrd Road. There appears to be a pond at the back of the propery to the NNE. Has this been thoroughly searched/dragged?

    There is/was a landfill on Byrd Road – has this been searched by cadaver dogs? It’s NW of the farmhouse (as best I can tell – hoping my maps isn’t off by too much). Can cadaver dogs pickup scents this old?

    It appears the new landfill, which would have opened before Christine moved to the area, is also located on Byrd Road, to the SE.

    Your correct on the address, and there are 2 ponds on the property. It is possible for k9′s to pick up the scent, yes.

  40. Riddlemethis says:


    “It was odd for me to venture on 13 for so long…….” beach days go a ways back too, and you put my mind’s eye right there when you said 13…… we just ‘didn’t do’ Jersey back then, LOL.

    It is hard to find much in depth background information online about this case. Can you clarify more about the fire? I read some furniture, rugs, etc of the ‘last known’ to see Christine were burned (bonfire ?), and the reference above to a fire and a hole in a roof. The video seemed to show some fire burned area, but was an actual structure burned? and if so did it have a foundation left? ….and has it’s foundation been checked to the point of being excavated?

    A former Baltimore LEO friend once told me, if he ever wanted to get away with murder, this IS exactly the way he would do it. Fire won’t incinerate a body, but will throw cadaver dogs off when a body is buried in or under the foundation of a building that’s burned down. It’s a thought. Told me he had seen it happen before (apparently once or twice), and the murder would never have been solved had they not excavated.

    FWIW. P.S. My feet are close to the ground if a need arises for a few more sets of feet.

    TY Riddle, I will get specific on the fire, but your 100% right. More to come.

  41. Gypsy DD says:


    Had Christine recently filed for child support? If so there’s your motive..a Mom moving on with her life and children..we’ve seen that scenario too many times.

    She had not, it was a useless endeavor, he had no job, however, he was aware she was going to be “moving on” so to speak.

  42. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    How long did Tia and Jr live on the property before Christine arrived? How long after her disappearance did they move?

    Sept- till week after Christine went missing. About 3 months, long enough to get evicted.

  43. Riddlemethis says:

    ….Blink- I see your response to Gypsy, but I thought the father was supposed to pick up Christine on his way back from work??? the day she dissappeared? So this was BS? or he was at work? Driving you nuts with the questions yet??? :)

    I am not sure who your referring to Riddle. You mean the boys father, Levi?

  44. melissab says:

    Is Mr. Blink in the Justice League business with you? Blink you and your compadres are just amazing (can you tell I’m fascinated by ya’ll?)will there ever be a book about all your endeavors? sp? To Christine’s family: my heart and prayers go out to you. I’ve been so blessed to have hever lost someone the way you have and just can’t fathom the pain you must be in. I have no fear in the fact that with Blink on the case things will heat up in a BIG way soon! Stand back, it’s gonna hit the fan now!

    Lol, by proximity, he is :)

  45. Gypsy DD says:

    Thank you Blink for clearing that up about her not seeking child support at the time. Yeah if the man (if one can call him that) has no job it is futile. I still believe her leaving him with the kids to start her own life made this so called father flip. Anyone walk out on an better be either having the law with you or packing heat. Yep..pretty ugly for sweet DD to write..but I worked in social services long enough to know a prickly bastard when I see one. bad if that word is not allowed here.

    He couldn’t stand her walking out..and couldn’t commit to a regular relationship, he thought he was the end all be all..when in fact he was a fly on the ass of humanity..therefore he hit his point of no return. His mother is a Cindy Anthony done over…can we all say enabler?

    Delete if you must know I’ll understand.

    Hugs and peace DD

    My dear DD there isnt a thing you could write I would delete. He is an abusive girl bully, and imo, sent her to her demise, maybe not with fore knowledge, but regardless, she was where she was because of him.

  46. CS says:

    Thank you so much Blink!


    No CS, It is my team that thanks you. Your persistence is why we are covering Christine’s story.

  47. Riddlemethis says:

    Sorry Blink-

    yes, I meant Levi Hall, the father of Christine’s two boys. You mentioned to Gypsy in 42, the motive was not child support as the father of her children was not working (unless I messed this up).

    From what I had read so far, Levi was supposed to pick up Christine the night she dissappeared. He was coming to get her ‘after work’, (hence my question in 44). Was it BS that he was actually working the day Christine dissappeared? Hope I’m making sense.

    Hope I’m not screwing up the rolling out of this story either….sorry.

    Glad to see the article just rolled out as well.

    Lol, no friend, I expect and appreciate the impatience; its how I roll ..
    I can confirm Christine did tell a friend of hers that he was going to the farm, but is unclear as to whether he was coming to visit, or to remove her.

  48. Riddlemethis says:

    Okey dokey ……..if I’d never read on here before, I might not contemplate whether those comments might mean more than initially meets the eye….hmm…eerrr..I’ll be patiently (ya right) awaiting Ms. Kojak :) ….and take that answer to Gypsy as my own as well.

  49. bottomline says:

    Wow Blink, I was wondering what case you were working on. Thank you for helping Christine’s family get the answers they seek. Another scary creep we’re dealing with……why, I ask, can’t women see through these bad characters to keep themselves safe? Honestly, I don’t know how you are able to keep informed with all these cases simultaneously and keep your head up and feet on the ground. My guess is that justice is your motivation and reward. You are truly a dedicated and caring writer/reporter/sleuth or whatever you call yourself, we blinkers call you a Godsend to humanity. Really.

    Too kind and Undeserved. The heroes of this case are Christine and her family, and network.
    It is way too early to decide who is creepy yet, stay tuned and please support answers in Christines case as you have.

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