Christine Sheddy Case: Murder in Maryland Chapter I

To Love a Malignant Narcissist

No man is worth your tears and the one that is won’t make you cry – Brian Littrell



LevichrisChristine Sheddy was in love with Levi Hall before the Love American Style fireworks faded from her purview at fist sight. The problem was, she was dating Levi’s brother Stanley. Stanley beat up an 80 year old woman at an outlet store in Rehoboth Beach while stealing her purse. Out of the frying pan and into the inferno she lept.

In 2002 Christine secretly began dating Levi. At the time, Christine was dealing with the demands of being a single Mother to her two year old daughter Haylie, and living under the same roof as her Mom, after she had become a mom. Tough Stuff. Christines romantic relationship ended with Haylies dad Jim a few months earlier but they remained close friends. 

IsaacWhen Christine became pregnant with the couples first son her family was floored. They had been told by Christine she and Levi were just friends; not the benefit kind. Isaac Hall was born May 1, 2003.

Levi, Isaac and Christine moved into Levis’ Mother, Joyce Halls’ home in Delaware. At the time, Haylies father was now battling cancer which did not have a good prognosis. The decision was made for Haylie to remain with the Dodenhoffs, Christine’s parents, to both stay close to her ailing Dad, and to keep her continuity. 

Life at Hall House for the new family was anything but bliss. Joyce, or Mother Hall as Christine never called her, was a bit of a miser. She charged Levibugeyesthem most of what Levi made at his minimum wage job for rent and when that did not quite put her in the black, she took side jobs like charging Levi $10 a trip to take her to Walmart, which was one mile from her home. Lynn and Steve Dodenhoff opened their home to Christine, their new grandson, and Levi. 

It became apparent very quickly to Lynn and Steve that Levi Hall was a lazy and abusive malignant narcissist; and the love of Christines life. 

Levi lost his job in the first week they moved back to Christines home. Five weeks later when he created a permanent indentation in the couch the exact size and shape of his ass but did not have so much as a job interview, he was asked to leave.

Christine believed Levi had presto-change-o capabilities because he now had Isaac and her to provide for. Having a child and babyMomma for this guy was as useless as it would be to give Octomom a third ovary.

Christine got her first black eye, courtesy of Levi, among other bruises.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Christine and Isaac moved back with Mom Mom.

The ensuing co-dependent, daily teeter-totter that comes with the boy Levicreepy3promising to change, the girl desperately wanting to believe he will, builds to crescendo in a final stand off at 2am in the Dodenhoff front yard after Christine had returned earlier with her most recent black eye.

Steve Dodenhoff interrupted Levi’s attempt at a Stanley and Stella  reenactment by heading Levi off and smacking the butt out his mouth. Not to be glib, but that had to feel good.  

As any parent attempting to save their daughter from the abuse funnel would do, the Dodenhoffs banned Levi from their property and would not allow him to call the home. If your thinking that is the quickest way to the bottom of the quicksand, your right. 

What other choice can one make? Lynn Dodenhoff had already lost an adult son, Michael, who was murdered in a violent confrontation 14 years earlier. She had to do everything she could to save Christine from a similar fate, of course.

ZekeChristine and Levi welcomed their second son, Zeke Hall, on January 7, 2005. 

Haylie’s Father Jim, died of cancer and the Dodenhoffs adopted Haylie to keep her out of the abusive situation her Mom seemed content to tolerate. She knew him better than anyone, she was positive this time, with new baby Zeke in tow, it was going to work out.


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  1. boo says:

    Thanks candace for the link. I’ll tweet? Twitt? Ya later LOL

  2. Charity says:

    Riddle, your post was right on.

    I walked a friend out of an abusive relationship a few years ago. In the beginning, the abuser was utterly charming, “OJ charming” I would call it. (Hey, OJ fooled the whole country, right?) The man showered her with physical affection and verbal affirmation and talk about destiny and soul mates and marriage.

    He shared the deepest secrets of the pain in his life, telling her that he had never been able to share things like that before. She felt special, loved, needed, and elated. Too quickly, she was married. Since everybody had warned her about moving too fast, it took 6 months before she admitted to anyone that the night of the wedding, he started abusing – mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually.

    Her story is a happy ending. She reached out to friends for support. She left. The marriage ended. (Unfortunately, he found another woman almost immediately and married again.)

    A few years later, my friend met a wonderful, kind, protective man. Yeah, he spoke about destiny and shared the deepest pains of his life, too, but he was one of the good guys.

    For the past 2 years, whenever I ask her how she is doing her answer is always “Great!” She is so well-loved now, that I keep forgetting that she was ever abused.

    Yes, sometimes there are happy endings. Thank God!

  3. Felicity says:

    BLINK: #34 I truly love the story of you and yur little sister. LIFT THEM UP TO EVEN is a GREAT way to think in so many situations! (I’ll probably use it often now. Thank you.)

    Your Mom sounds just as great as your Daddy!

    I am so happy for Cristine’s family that you are now involved in finding justice for this sweet, beautiful young lady. Alot has been covered up here…I truly believe several people know exactly what happened, when it happened, and where it happened. I also believe that before this is over YOU WILL HAVE THE ANSWERS! God Bless You Blink

  4. Susan 2 says:

    Blink, This is for your eyes only. I was watching the film and saw a machine in front of the barn. Was that a wood chipper? If that’s a possibility, I wouldn’t want Christine’s mother to have a mental image of that. Just wondering…….

    How kind of you, but I am posting your question to exclude the possibility.

  5. mrikim says:

    This is the first time I have ever posted a comment. I read the comments daily since the Caylee Anthony case. I am in awe of the incredible postings from everyone. I find people on your site very informative, caring, knowledgeable and kind. I am so disgusted with the murder of Caylee Anthony and I find it almost unbelieveable the antics of this family. I do work in the health care field and have seen and experienced alot of tragedy in my profession. I find that even though I have been doing this for 25 years I still struggle with the battered women and children.

    This story has really hit home for me in many ways. I was in an abusive marriage for 13 years. I went to school and received a degree. I left with my 3 children and supported them on my own. I thank God for my children, my grandchildren, the wonderful man I met and married and my job. I thank God I had the strength to leave.

    One evening while on call I was called to the ER to get a patient for some scans. On her request it stated that she had been assaulted by her husband. I walked in the room to take her to my department and I literally had to walk back out so I could get my breath and she not see my tears. I was not prepared emotionally for this. She did not look human. Her face was so swollen, bloody and bruised I could not see her eyes. She had areas of hair that had been pulled out. There was not one part of her body that was not bruised. He had thrown her in the bath tub so her blood would not get on anything in the house and stomped on her until she passed out.

    This woman who had been through this horrible ordeal was telling me she was sorry that I had to come in during the night to do her scans. I could not sleep when I left the hospital. All I could think about was this woman who was concerned about me. I really felt I needed to go see her the next day at the hospital. I brought some flowers and went to her room. I told her I had experienced abuse in my marriage and understood what she was feeling. I told her about how I had felt hopeless and lonely and shameful. I held her hand and we cried. She shared that nobody had just listened to her without judging her. Her family had pretty much abandoned her because she stayed with him. Her friends were making comments that she must like getting hit or else she would leave him. Anyone experiencing abuse knows this is so far from the truth.

    I truly believe nothing in our lives are coincidence. We experience what we do to learn and grow.

    This woman did leave her husband. He was sent to prison however it was only a year. I found this out while scanning another woman who told me that her sister had been in a few months ago. She said her sister had been assaulted by her husband and needed scans. The sister told her that she had met a woman who listened to her, was kind to her and didn’t judge her. I knew at that moment that we can make a difference one person at a time.

    I am a domestic violence advocate in my community and a CASA volunteer. I feel truly blessed and do not regret my experiences because I know in my heart this is how I became who I am.

    Blink, I know that you are truly an advocate for people and I know this story is going to cause awareness for many battered women. I am so thankful I found this site. kim

    As am I, thank you Kim

  6. Billiejean says:

    It never cease to amaze me when people ask over and over why do these women stay with men that abuse them ? the question is why do these men abuse these women , put the focus where it should be , also do not be surprised when the abusers family are of the same ilk , women are in the GREATEST DANGER when they leave the abuser because it is about keeping the woman under control and when the abuser looses control especially threats of leaving or actually leaving the violence will escalate .Most women will not press charges against a violent boy friend or spouse both parties are locked into a strange dance that can last a long time , some women will escape and very very few men will rehabilitate ( those men should speak out to others about domestic violence ) domestic violence knows no barriers rich poor educated black white makes no never mind it crosses all barriers it is an equal opportunity destroyer of lives , some women like to run with the bad boys , no woman deserves to be beaten and murdered . I am new to your site and I do not understand the way you lay out this story we are missing many of the basic facts , is that just your style ? it does not work for me and I realize it is not mandatory to be here, also you seem to get very angry if people give their opinion and it differs from yours I sense that you are hurting about Christine and maybe that makes you this way, but I am glad you are following this story ,if Christine was planning to leave levi and he knew it look no further , I think the poor girl is gone and it is not o.k. I am saying to her mother and family we are so sorry they have to endure this kind of agony , people do care they are outraged and this sorry bunch of termites will now be under the microscope . I really do not like this cast of characters at all . I will light a candle for the family and for Ms Blink to solve it . We may not like the fact this woman had the three children in her circumstance . I read some comment about her face book being nasty ( I have no idea what they mean by that ) but take a look at her keep looking she was a young woman with all her life a head of her, her little smiley face looking back at us , no woman deserves to be beaten or murdered , and no little babies should be without their mother . Ms Blink thank you for all your hard work!

  7. Kate MIlls says:

    Something that has stuck with me from the moment that I started to read about this case, a statement made by one of Christine’s girlfriends. “Christine didn’t wear make-up, she couldn’t afford it” At an age when most young women would not dream of leaving the house without make-up…
    This was a humble woman that loved her children and family very much.

    Kate, as one of the fine researchers on this case, you catch nuances I miss. I’m glad you reminded us of this one.

  8. melissab says:

    Blink will you give #50, deeindvl my email addy? I live in the town where her grandchild is and if I could help her in anyway I’m volunteeing, if it’s not against your policy. Just trying to pay it forward. Thank you.

  9. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    #33 Riddle

    If you were a man I’d marry you.

  10. FairWitness says:

    To Lynn, I am 52 years old and can tell you I have made many mistakes in my life. I wouldn’t go back and change anything even if I could because those mistakes allowed me to grow and learn, just as the successes did.

    I am certain you and your family did everything within your power to rescue Christine from this tragic fate. The thing is this; she was a grown woman, entitled to make her own way & her own mistakes. You couldn’t have saved her. In the final analysis, Christine was unable to save herself.

    All anyone can do with a horrible event like this is learn from it. The key to ending these terrible crimes is early intervention by the criminal justice system. Laws need to be strenghtened and domestic violence perpetrators need to do serious jail time for their FIRST offense. If that happened every time an abuser attacked a victim, the cycle would be stopped before it started.

    Victims should not be allowed to prevent the prosecution of their abusers. They should be compelled to testify about their assaults. Shame should be removed from the victims and transferred to the abusers, where it rightfully belongs.

  11. EyesWIDEOpen says:


    I do not think Blink gets upset when people view things differently – quite the contrary I think she appreciates the different views. I think Blink (rightfully) expects people to know what the hell they are talking about and/or addressing before they post.

    Your quote of Domestic Violence is an equal opportunity destroyer… I don’t know if that is coined or original, but I LOVE IT.

    Absolutely and thank you.

  12. sage2287 says:


    I couldn’t be more impressed with you. You are truly an amazing person, whoever you are.;) I have been reading your site since you started the Caylee Anthony case and I am always calling my mother to tell her what you have said and what the other amazing people have said on here. You are all so brilliant.

    This case upsets me just as bad as the Caylee Anthony case does. I think all cases are equally as terrible as the other but sometimes, specific cases (to me) stick in my head day/night.

    I just wanted to post that I was once in a very abusive relationship. It started when I was 13 and ended when I was 18 years old.

    I come from an extremely loving family who would’ve moved me to Europe had I just asked to get away from him. That sadly wasn’t the case.
    After the relationship started between him and I, and I am assuming this is similar for most women in abusive relationships- It’s like quick sand.

    Enticing promises are always made after “he” gets done hitting you and slowly but surely, you can swear to yourself that it really is your fault. (It’s called brainwashing) All of sudden, “he” is the only person you can trust and “he” is the only person who could ever take care of you and love you properly. Abusive men or “he” are all the same whether they are young or old. There is no plasticity for them.

    I took enough abuse as a 15/16 year old girl to last a lifetime. I am almost embarrassed at times to say that I stayed for that sort of treatment. I was beaten down with punches and kicks, and the rest I would prefer to keep quiet unless asked personally…This ruined most of my high school career. I had no friends, I didn’t want to be around my family, at times I felt suicidal because all the while, I felt like I couldn’t live without him..

    The cops were called on him once, when someone’s father saw “him” beating me and I refused to press charges. I never wanted my parents to know what was going on because I knew “he” didn’t really mean it. “He” loved me.

    Today, my parents know. :)

    At 18, I lost my Grandfather unexpectedly and it ripped a hole in my heart larger than any pain “he” could’ve caused. Ever.
    That day, February 23, 2005…..I never looked at back. The day my Grandfather passed,I promised I would never let anything like that happen to me again. Why? Perhaps some of my Grandfather was instilled into me that day, or maybe I didn’t want him to be looking down at his Sweet Pea- and see what I had been hiding…..At the time, I swore it was because I had wasted so much time on this bastard and all the while, I could’ve been spending that time with my Grandfather- one of the two most amazing men in my life. (My Father and My Grandfather.)

    So, before you judge any sort of character who is in an abusive relationship..whether it be male or female…stop for two seconds, and analyze the situation from their view point..(if you can)….It is a lot harder than sitting on a pedestal.

    Blink- I have a few questions…..

    1. Cell phone records for Tia and Clarence? Did people witness them pick up their kids “together?” at the school..and how far away is the school from Byrd Road.

    2. Levi Hall ( a synonym for classy) – his cell phone records and pings? Did he ever go to that property that day or is that story just a lie? And did he take the kids away immediately from Christine’s parents after the supposed “disappearance”? If so, did they know what happened? I would assume a 3-4 year old could remember something traumatic. However, if he took them with his mother – they could’ve tried “coaching” them.

    3. To Lynn, did the detectives that were originally on the case ever apologize to you for all the rude ridiculous comments they made?

    4. Did Levi confide to his mother what happened? I read that she had given two false sightings of Christine and had been speaking FOR Levi to press, etc… Also, what was the ordeal between Christine and Joyce? Where Levi testified against his mother for Christine? …Could that have caused some tension?

    Ok Ok – too many questions..I have been reading through numerous amounts of blogs..and writer’s comments…… I have alot of questions…

    Lets bring Christine home!

    hugs and kisses to all these amazing people on this blog!

  13. Charisse says:

    I just wanted to add to Billiejean that Blink called this, “Chapter 1″
    I do believe that Blink is giving us the info in bite-sized pieces.

    Chapter 1: Introduction to Christine and Levi and the basic family dynamics.

    I am thinking the info that the more detailed information that you are looking for will probably show up in the next chapter or two.

    Personally, I appreciate the easy-to-digest style.

    If she gave us it all at once, many of us wouldn’t read all the way through.

    Charisse, almost ready to post Chapter 2, you will see how true those words really are. TY

  14. NoseyRosey says:

    Lynn- life doesn’t come with an instruction manual. We get up every day and do our best to make life a little easier for our children. I don’t know why you have been dealt the hand you have but I do know if we all got what we deserved it would be an UGLY world out there. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t made mistakes. What I do know is those who have learned from them will always have my respect. May you find peace in your heart and may you find justice for your daughter. Your strength is astonishing and I will keep you and your precious family in my thoughts and prayers. For the rest of us all we can do from here is stand behind this family and fight against domestic violence and keep this story alive. Why is it that Levi probably couldn’t spell the word violence but he sure knows how to get away with it….ass backwards if you ask me.

  15. FairWitness says:

    Sage, great post. I hope you’re very proud of yourself for getting out of that abusive relationship. Good for you.

    What I find hard to understand is the secrecy imposed on the victims by the abusers. The abusers should be arrested and jailed at the very first assault. Why did you feel you had to hide this?

    Were you afraid your parents would take action against “him” or that “he” would be arrested? Did you fear that exposing “his” assaults would result in you losing “him”? What would you really have lost if that had happened?

  16. Felicity says:

    Blink, Another thing that I find so heartbreaking is that Cristine was so tiny. 5’3′ 103 lbs.! She didn’t stand a chance against the scummy bast–d that murdered her! I hope and pray that he, and who ever else is involved (like the mother) spends the rest of their days locked in a rat infested prison. However, with the crappy LE there, I doubt that justice will ever be served….unless “we the people DEMAND it…” This place is the worst kind of “Good ‘ol Boy” town!

  17. a nna says:

    I read all this stuff, different sites, and have to say no wonder the US Health Care Bill under consideration has downstream progenitor clauses (in future phases/2012) for who can procreate. Perhaps the sad time has come, with 7 billion on the planet? Having a kid should NOT have to be a state conferred privilege, in a healthy society that doesn’t even come up, but after you read so much of this stuff, it is clear we are NOT that a of a healthy society, so it has to be put on the table.

    The incidents of interpersonal abuse (and I do mean abusive men and abusive women and BOTH have equal responsibility for maintaining or stopping the abuse,BOTH are equally guilty for that part) and violence have been way beyond normals for any healthy society… yet there is no stop on allowing high risk for violence males to have kids, young girls with no supporting means having kids, and we wonder why it ends up like this???? The media has a lot to do with keeping this a violent sex for sex sake society – but IMO you can’t really blame the media for these things as nature itself is as violent as it is peaceful.

    I just think that because it has an ovary or a sperm sac, if it is not capable of taking care of a child properly, it should be a made a crime / not be allowed to bring a child with more misery and stress and triggers for violence into this world, because that it will.

    It’s not like this is the days of the empty frontiers, this planet has over 7-8 billion and even the planet is saying ENOUGH, PPL!

  18. sage2287 says:

    Thanks Fairwitness!

    At the time, I thought keeping it to myself was for the better. I knew that the next day or next couple of days, he would apologize and I would forgive him.

    The first time he hit me, I was absolutely terrified…it came as a complete shock and I did not expect it whatsoever. Immediately after, I accepted his apology (thinking that it was a complete mistake that he did it)…and from there, the problems started….

    The secrecy really comes from the fact that if you DO tell- everyone that REALLY cares about you is going to want you to stay away from person..and if you are a “people pleaser” like I am, it’s easier to keep it to yourself then to drag in other people and then make them mad by going back. I unfortunately came from a town that is smaller in size and everyone knows everyone’s business as well so I preferred to keep things to myself.

    I wish for any person who is abused to speak up, immediately press charges, and never look back.(I regret not pressing charges, but karma did come back around for my “him”) However, it usually takes way more than that to make any person wake up. It’s an extremely sad situation for anyone to be in. My heart really goes out to women and men who are in those types of situations.

  19. Billiejean says:

    oops sorry about that, your point is well taken, my comment was my own .

  20. Denise says:

    To MJH, #28
    As a victim of domestic violence, all I can say is wow, I have never heard it explained like that. Could never explain it myself. I still tell my parents it was temporary insanity, I couldn’t find the words. You hit the nail on the head. If you were never a victim, then you must be the best listener ever!! Excellent explanation, I agree completely. I jumped ahead to write this, it blew me away.

  21. Billiejean says:

    Dear Charisse as I said I am new here and unfamiliar with the format ,we are all different you would not read everything I would that is what makes the world go around I do not get the attack , maybe you all are very defensive about Blink or maybe new people are not welcome here I do not know . in any event I am entitled to my opinion as you are to yours . I think it is more interesting and important to follow the story out of respect to Christine and her family , Ms Blink is a big girl she can scold me if she sees fit , I will be sure not to make any more comments Billiejean.

  22. Denise says:

    To #66
    I know you didn’t ask me, but in my situation the reason I never told was I couldn’t explain why I would stay. I didn’t know why. It sounded stupid to even me and I didn’t want my parents and friends to think I was that stupid. I not only kept it a secret, but I would tell glowing stories about the wonderful things he did, even if it was a little embellished, just so everyone would know that I’m smart. I stay because I should. It is a good place for me. I was lucky to have him, I knew that because he told me everyday. I was stupid and lucky. I never told anyone, they knew, but not because I told. When I finally left with my two little boys and rescued us all and told the truth, they were all horrified, it was so much worse than they could imagine. If they knew, they would have thought I was a total idiot and I didn’t want to admit it myself or have them know it. Hope that makes sense!!

  23. Riddlemethis says:

    mjh, TY, but c’mon now, your post was excellent, and actually spurred me to add, so no….,I thank you.

    Fairest, you are so very right on, that DV needs to be dealt with the first time, and prosecuted for the assault it is. I know you care very much about victims.

    EyesW— LOL cracked me up….thanks….I heart you. Still a little ‘gun shy’ here but I’m gettin’ there…..and someday soon it’s gonna be my turn. :) Thanks.

    bottomline – I am humbled and thank you. and Charity…ty also

    Blink- Love when you share that stuff, I have a little sis too, and she’s very much the same. Beautiful thought of lifting each other up, it’s true and right.

    Christinesmom- Thank you for being here with us. I hope and pray for your answers. There are no words to express my sympathies and respect for all you’ve endured.

    Peace to all.

  24. mjh says:

    To all of you who responded to my post with such positive feedback, thank you. It is such a complex thing that it is hard to explain in a way to make others understand (or so, I thought).

    Bottomline, To say that you could put yourself in the victim’s shoes by reading my post is such a huge compliment. I really appreciate that. If it helps even one person better understand, it was well worth it.

    Riddle, your post meant so much because you are so highly respected on this site. To open up with your personal experience was very powerful because of that. You don’t know how much it meant to me that you were so courageous to come forward with your story. It validated my own post, but in a much more personal manner. And, when Riddle talks, people listen. It was important, it was impressive, and I admire you for it. If my post influenced you in any way to post your own personal story, then, I feel honored.

    Denise, your post alone made me realize how important it was for me to attempt to explain. I think you are right, though; in a way, it is temporary insanity, because the “victimizer” actually seems to make the “victim” feel as if they are going crazy. Did you ever experience the “racing” thoughts going through your head? A lot of people do. Because their mind is trying to think the “normal” way, yet it is being so twisted, tortured and confused by the “victimizer” that they cannot think straight anymore.

    It was a combination of my own personal experience and my need to know the answer to the question “Why do people go back?” that prompted me to learn more about these personality types. Then, I researched, researched, researched, until I found the answer. I was never physically abused by anyone, but I have friends who were, and I did have a “personality disordered” person in my life for a while. It took me a very long time to figure it out.

  25. Charisse says:

    Billiejean, Sorry, it took a day to look back at these comments.

    I know that you can’t see emotions and tone of voice in posts, but if you did, mine would be smiling and trying to be helpful. I wasn’t trying to bash you or over-protect Blink…

    I was simply trying to answer your question, particularly since you are new. I thought it might be helpful for you to know it was Chapter 1 and that more would be coming.

    If you care about the case, I would hope you will stay and participate. If not, then, no, but I don’t want you to feel like anyone was attacking you.

    Because that was the furthest thing from my mind.

  26. Denise says:

    To MJH, re:#74
    Racing thoughts? Absolutely! Haven’t thought about that in a long time, but yep, you are right, I fought my mind for a long time and then, one day, I decided to listen. It saved three lives that day!!
    Again, thank you, I can’t believe that you could explain that situation without ever having lived it. I am in awe!

  27. Wake Up says:

    Hey B:
    I know you didn’t like my commentary but you are missing the point of my remarks. The victims here are dead and we can’t change it but it would be nice if we could stop others from making the same ignorant decisions in the future. We need the uneducated, unemployed, unskilled, albeit kind hearted to STOP having children that cannot be provided for. You can’t expert society to make up for all the lame parents and lame parents don’t provide safe, secure environments for their children. The case is a prime example of the cycle. Next time you can direct your nasty response at the argument instead of the individual making it. Even that is OK if your argument merit…as was not the case with your argument/comments.

    Do you really think the good readers of this site dont see a not-so-thinly-veiled opportunity to sanctimoniously whack the hive? What part of your post is solution oriented? What are your thoughts for contributions to change the reality that a large part of the populous fits into those pigeonholes at sometimes in their lives?

    You came on here trolling for a confrontation, you got one. That is my bad. I should have given you the captain obvious award. Situations that are not ideal, should not end up with a murdered mom, which, btw, is the issue here. I am most certainly open to dissenting opinions, check the site, there are 14,000 comments. They are not rank and file, but they are intelligent and respectful, which is a prerequisite.

  28. NancyS says:

    Blink! in regards to post #78

    I havent read all the comments in the last two days as I am not feeling well at this time.
    But ya know I could not just not make a STANDING OVATION for you RIGHT NOW!
    First of all you DID NOT delete this VERY OBVIOUSLY IGNORANT PERSONS comments. (please post this)
    THANKS so much for letting me and other survivors know that not all people are bad. There are VERY special people on this site of yours and this is just one of those people that are, either in DENIAL, have been treated very badly or just plain MEAN!
    you are a lot more blog friendly than I am and I have the utmost respect for how you handle this type of person as well as help all of us so much that really love you and appreciate you.

    Thanks again Blink! Great Job!

  29. boo says:

    Oh your back which PYOS are you.

  30. Charity says:

    NancyS, I just wanted to say…

    You are right. Not all people are bad.

    It is challenging to know that sometimes, when there are so many bad things that people do.

    I heard someone once give good advice about relationships. They said, before you go forth in any relationship, whether marriage, friendship, business, or even social relationships, or chat room encounters, before you make a commitment of any sort, PAUSE and EXAMINE them FROM AFAR, watching how they treat other people, looking SOLELY for character and values, rather than things like a sense of humor and charm. The older I get, the wiser that advice is.

    That is great advice. I would only add if it is a gentlemen you are “asessing” pay particular attention to how he interacts with his Mom and women. And as much as it will pain me to do so, I am not a Dr. Phil fan, I heard him say something that resonated with me.
    He said..” Remember you people that get started in relationships with people that are involved, married, etc, with other individuals and have not broken it off, while your sneaking around in the beginning..” If they will do that “with ya” they will do that “to ya.” This did not happen in Christine’s case on her behalf. The opposite was true. I see guys wanting to date her, and Levi getting wind, he turns on the charm (floabw) she takes the bait again, and he succeeds in alienating her possibilities. I so effing hate that.
    Sorry for the effing, but as I am reading her personal stuff, I see this I think .. what if.. maybe that guy was really nice and she would still be here..

  31. Charity says:

    They said that, if you have a cute, charming, intelligent, wealthy man with a big house, and a good sense of humor, who buys you lots of presents and takes you on trips, but who treats you like crap, you will QUICKLY know that character is more important than ANYTHING.

    Without character, the rest of the things are just traps that make it harder to get away.

    My beloved gram used to say to me- *name* has no moxy, no “stuffins”, no juxtpa, any guy like that has no real intention in his life. I dont know how as women we find the “reality goggles” and put down the ones that see what we want to see, but we need to. I guess that is true of all relationships, not just the romantic ones.

  32. Charity says:

    Without character, the rest of it is just the worm that gets you to swallow the hook.

  33. boo says:

    Hey here you go I brought a link just for you

  34. boo says:

    Pss #78 you still lost? Here try this site Sell it over there

    lol, I always smile when I see your “hat”, it is what I called my son as a nickname since he was a baby, which I am no longer allowed to in front of anyone :)

  35. Candice Bond says:

    “When all is said and done the only thing you’ll have left is your character.” Vince Gill

    Christine had fantastic character! Not so for others in this case~

  36. Public Eye says:

    Re Candice:
    I always said “A man has only one thing to keep, and if he sells that he is no longer a man, that ‘thing’ is his word”

  37. christinesmom says:

    We call Haylie….Boo, BooBoo, Haylie Boo, BooBoolicious(my personal favorite), and of course BooBoolumpicas.
    Lol, I did know that- My son would be further thrilled to know it is also used by girls… ssshh.

  38. boo says:

    #88 christinesmom. Thank you so much for sharing that. Boo is what I call my daughter. (She gets huffy when I use it in public) but I get lots of hugs in private. Guess blink figured that one out. LOL great detective.

  39. boo says:

    It is a blessing that, through christine’s beautiful children, christine will live on and on and on…….

  40. NancyS says:

    Thanks to you all for the posts.
    I am trying to keep up on this case as there is sooo much new to read. i have a bad ear infection and was at the ER today so hopefully will be feeling a lot better soon with some antibioitics and drops that are numbing my ear for enough time for me to think straight.
    I promise I will be back and kicking soonly…hehe ( I know that isnt a word for you grammar checker people’s)

    Nice to have you here JD, I am a survivor of this type of animal and have sisters too and knew Nicole Simpson and have spent a lot of time with her family after her wasteful death. You don’t know how relieved I am that he is in jail and it will happen to who killed your sister too. You will see. We are relentless…..
    I got a chance to move out of state as mine still looks for me… yes and I moved 10 years ago this month.

    I hope to hear more from you.

    Hugs and prayers to your family and those children.

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