Christine Sheddy Case:Murder in Maryland Chapter 3

Emotional Eclipse 

There’s one sad truth in life I’ve found
While journeying east and west –
The only folks we really wound
Are those we love the best.
We flatter those we scarcely know,
We please the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a thoughtless blow
To those who love us best. ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

LevigarageLevi Hall did not have a shining example of Fatherhood. His own Dad is on the run, so to speak, for back child support from his Mother Joyce.

When Christine Sheddy was eight months pregnant with their first son Isaac she got a call one afternoon. Some girl Levi met in a convenience store in Rehoboth he was courting in lieu of stocking up on pampers or baby furniture had found Christine’s number. Levi had told her that he and Christine had broken up some time ago. Christine got the name of the restaraunt and the time they would be there.

Imagine Loverboy Levi’s surprise when Christine and her baby bump plop down at the table and start eating the crackers.

My heart sank when I was told that story. On one hand I enjoyed the visual of Christine inflicting the temporary sucker punch. ChristinehairdownOn the other, I wished I could put her in my pocket and protect her for what was to come. I have interviewed many women that have been in abusive relationships for this case. There are no shortages of accounts from those ladies that end with my jaw gaping open. The difference is, they are alive to tell me about them.

Following the birth of their second son, Zeke, the train that was the relationship between Levi and Christine spent more time off the tracks then on. With a toddler and a 3 month old, Christine writes this to Levi’s Mother Joyce:

Hey Joyce it’s me. I also sent a resume to Comcast for a job. And put Kristen as my refrence. Her last paycheck after taxes was $3,500 for 2 weeks. So I can’t beat that job either. At least I can have a job while I take these classes and keep this job till I get a better paying job after school. I am going to be so mad if Levi goes to that music festival and I can’t go. Peggy and Lea want me to go and I really want to go to. Levi is going to the bike show this weekend as well. I think I might wait for him to get home Friday and just leave him with the kids. Yeah right! I am so desperate to go out that it is pathetic. I haven’t gotten to anything in such a long time. I told Levi that I wanted to go with him. I’m going to try and find a babysitter, that way if he does go and thinks that I can’t go I can spot him there and see who he’s with. Or we can run into eachother and pick eachother up. That would be fun. Well gotta go


This goes on through the family living with Levi’s Dad, Joyce, themselves, and finally grinds down around June 2006. Christine, Isaac and Zeke move back to the Dodenhoff’s home on the bay until that fateful November 1, 2007. Nothing would please me more than to say that Christine and Levi had parted ways for good this time. Christine sent this to Levi in August.


Levi moved in with new girlfriend Angie and did not see or speak to his kids until October, when Levi told Christine he had a game plan for their future this time.

Christine nursed Isaac following minor surgery. She asked Levi to get the kids clothes out of storage as she could not afford to buy any. She asked him for nominal support for the kids. He got lap dances and played pool.

Christine built Haylie, Zeke and Isaac a playhouse by herself.



Enter Pocomoke City and Levi’s new friends that live on a 67 acre farm.




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  2. Charisse says:

    Looking into that empty playhouse makes me feel so sad.

    Worried about any new gf’s that Levi may have found.

  3. dee says:

    hey sometimes us single moms do what we can do…sick and as sad as it is what we do, its cause we love our kids, I was a single mom of 3 for 16 years I busted my behind so kids would neve feel my pain…thtas what moms do good for her saddly that wasnt enough

  4. Mrs C Hop says:

    OHhhh some very telling exchanges between family and friends of christine and cindy *cough* excuse me I mean joyce hall. JOYCE YOUR CLAIMS ABOUT YOUR SON AND THE SITUATION ARE LAUGHABLE! I am a mother anyone who is knows that any mother that loves their children would NEVER NEVER NEVER walk away and leave them uncared for of her own free will. Even though Christine had a rough situation, made bad decisions, and liked “scary” things (ie music, myspace posts) One thing come across CLEARLY that she loved those babies!!

  5. Charisse says:

    Mrs C Hop, Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Reading the note to Joyce, I was amazed at how much that one communication, to JOYCE of all people, clears up the lies that Joyce told about Christine on the WGMD blog.

    To hear about her looking for jobs, taking classes so that she could have a better job…. and the multiple implications that he was out having fun, while she hasn’t been anywhere in a long time….

    I thought maybe Joyce had just heard Levi’s side, but if this was the type of communications that Joyce got from Christine, Joyce can’t even play dumb.

    I think about how Joyce accused Christine of just dumping the kids with people and taking off. Including dumping them with Levi.

    The sentence: “I think I might wait for him to get home Friday and just leave him with the kids. Yeah right!” tells me that if she ever did drop the kids off with Levi, it hadn’t happened as of this communications and the “Yeah right” means to me that she meant it as a joke and something unrealistic to even consider.

    Maybe she eventually did it, but not by that time.

  6. boo says:

    Rehoboth md, I notice that’s also where the “skeeve” bro beat up an 80 year old woman for her purse (PYOS)

  7. FairWitness says:

    Joyce was just pissed that Levi was “left alone” to care for the children. What a heartless bee-atch! Christine was dead, murdered by friends of Grandmother Joyce’s son, Levi, while she was besmirching their missing, MURDER VICTIM mother, Christine. God, how I hate this case and I just learned of it!

    When this is over, and we find her, I am going to let loose on all the stories I know and can’t publish, lol.

  8. FairWitness says:

    Blink, Christine is going to be found, I just know it, thanks to the light of truth you’re shining on this case. She’s on that farm, somewhere. Probably easy to find her, too. The a-holes in the Pocomoke City PD never investigated Christine’s disappearance because they’re a bunch of heartless, corrupt bass-turds!

  9. FairWitness says:

    Correction: Mayor/Lead Detective McDermott and his minions when Christine was reported missing are a bunch of heartless, corrupt bass-turds. The men now investigating this case and pursuing justice, I have faith, are great policemen and investigators.

  10. boo says:

    I keep hearing those “dueling banjos” from “deliverence” in my head, the more I research the louder they get.

    I absolutely hate that movie and wish I never saw it, lol

  11. Felicity says:

    Re: #10 Is the sleezy “Mayor/leadDet” MCDermott off of this case? Where did the men now investigating the case come from? Where were they when Christine first went missing? I just pray that they will be able to help bring this beautiful young mother home. The bas—ds that did this need to be caught and thrown in a rat infested prison! I think the whole, drugged out group knows exactly what happened…including Mother Joyce.

  12. Felicity says:

    The above photo of Christine is so beautiful. I’m sure she could have had her pick of nice young men. How sad that she ever met that Levi scum.

    She also did a great job building the children’s playhouse! They will always be able to cherish that.

  13. PamTX says:

    Blink: As always, you have way more facts than any of us, but I am just checking to see if your opinion is that this was NOT a set-up by Levi?

    From painful experiences of many years ago, I can attest to the fact that abusive men just do not go away that quickly (new girlfriend or not). They destroy until the bitter end, do not care who stands in their way, and will do anything and involve anyone to have their final say (which comes in various colorful forms)! Their control factor does not go away until their sense of victory has been reached. His actions or lack thereof immediately following Christine’s disappearance are out of character for him. I am personally not so sure I would dismiss this idea.

  14. boo says:

    That picture of levi above, I am on my bb and can’t enlarge it but it disturbs me, I can’t make out clearly what that is behind him, its a thumbnail size on my phone. What the hell is that, is that a michael myers mask?

  15. Charity says:

    PamTX, I am thinking the same thing.

    Whether an overt set up or whether Levi pimped Christine as a prostitute to this group and possibly didn’t even tell her.

    His behavior in this whole thing is really off. So is his moms.

  16. Sister says:

    Blink, may I post (and credit of course) this story on another crime site? Don’t want to do anything wrong, but I sure want this word to get out.

    lol, funny you bring that up. Of course, but only snippets with appropriate links back. Not the entire article.

  17. Charity says:

    As more of the story breaks, I am praying that if Levi did have a part in this, that someone will sing about that, too.

    I feel very certain that he knew.

    Are there charges that can be made against him if that is proven?

    Hope so.

  18. Charity says:

    Possibly obstruction of justice for him and Joyce?

  19. Sister says:

    always links back — folks need to be reading here the latest and the best. I just want to tell them where to find it :>) dd says hi!

    lol, I promise there is a method to the madness!
    Please tell my bff, dd hello back-

  20. Sister says:

    forgot to say thank you. Thank you Blink and your team. I believe this family will finally get some resolution.

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  22. FairWitness says:

    Blink, is it possible that Christine witnessed some illegal activities the night of her death? Was she killed to prevent her from going to law enforcement? With all the illegality surrounding these players, it’s possible she was silenced.

  23. boo says:

    Not that anyone needs this def but here goes

  24. silverspnr says:

    Am just rapidly scanning all of the chapters on this case here, but the first thing that strikes me, beyond the sadly well-known story of domestic abuse and all that such a story entails, is the other emerging “story” of a mother who enables her adult child to perpetuate crimes/violence against innocent 3rd parties.

    Years ago, domestic violence (generally perpetrated by a person against another whom he professed to “love”) was a dirty little secret in our society. It was happening, but it was not spoken of beyond closed doors. Families were often well aware, and took great pains to conceal it.

    Now, we know. Now, we can no longer pretend that we do not see it. (Does anyone really believe that their lovely co-worker, who never makes a misstep at the office, is such a clumsy fool at home that she keeps somehow ending up with measures of skin so horribly bruised, so black & blue, time and time again?)

    Now, we are starting to see another another horrific phenomenon, which frequently accompanies the above scenario: Those who inflict abuse on others are (certainly not always, but sadly, quite frequently) enabled (by their mother or some other maternal/paternal figure).

    At some point, there must be an end to toleration on this level. Where obstruction of justice occurs, it must be condemned–and punished. It will not deter these crimes entirely, but it may curtail them. And if nothing else, it will serve to punish those who deserve to be punished.

    Christine’s email to Joyce is heart-breaking. It brings tears to my eyes. Why was this lovely young woman under the impression that she had to prove (anything about) herself to Levi’s mother?

    I am grateful to Blink for bringing this tragic tale to the light of our collective conscience, and I pray for justice for the family of Christine Sheddy.

    I may have scanned things too quickly, but how was Christine on the phone with Q from the farm? Land line?
    No, JR cell-

  25. boo says:

    #25 silver. There you are. You heard my plea. We needed your voice here. Thx

  26. Felicity says:

    Blink- Do you think it’s possible that whoever murdered Christine could have put her body in a vehicle to move her body away from farm area?
    It cannot be excluded. There is a vehicle unaccounted for, but my personal belief is that she is on the farm.

  27. Charity says:

    Do you know if the vehicle that was pulled out of the river was a match, yet? And, if it was, would cadavar dogs still be able to hit on death after 1-1/2 years or more in the river?

    If the did move the body, which was rumored on the tattler blog, then, maybe they had the same death smell problems that Casey Anthony had.

    That would be a good enough reason to get rid of a vehicle, IMO.

    We have been “told” it was unrelated the case.

  28. boo says:

    Will your future articles say what christine was going to school for? And why she needed surgery? Also I notice the reference to 11/1/2007 as that fateful day?

  29. boo says:

    Nevermind the question about 11/1/2007 that’s when they drove out to the farm to meet jr and tia.

  30. Felicity says:

    I find it somewhat amazing that some of the druggies that were there have not “talked” to friends that were not there. Especially if they get really drugged out or drunk. Most “Bully Types” like to brag, and these creeps are definately bullies.

  31. boo says:

    Oops nevermind the question about christines surgery I see now it was isaac. Levi should be ashamed. Talk about lack of manhood, what a putz.

  32. Felicity says:

    Blink, I read that Tracey Ocasio’s “reward” has doubled…maybe if a larger reward for Christine was offered, someone would talk. Offer $50,000…someone would talk. I think the state should put up the money.

    Blink, what if you contacted a bank and set up a reward fund for Christine and just give the bloggers here the name etc… to send money to. I would be happy to send a check for Christine. I think most people here would. Just a thought…hope u will do it.

    We are contemplating that very idea. Good thought Felicity.

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  34. Charisse says:

    Thinking about the original invitation to the farm.

    Did I read somewhere in these pages that this was part of a “plan” Levi had devised for Levi and Christine’s future? Was the idea was that they would live on the farm with Tia and JR? I could see him selling that idea as a way for them to live someplace other than either parent’s house.

    Tia and JR clearly couldn’t afford the rent on their own and neither could Levi. Since, lots of the people in this group had kids, it might have seemed like a good deal from afar to Christine.

    Being with Levi again, on 67 acres, with some “cool” new friends who have kids for her kids to play with.

  35. boo says:

    #34 awesome. UH OH smart posters, lots of questions. Tee Hee

  36. Public Eye says:

    RE Felicity;
    That’s a great idea.
    Here in Pocomoke, not to long ago our town maintenance building was broken-into, robbed, vandalized, and then set on fire.

    The town offered $1000.00 to start for information leading to the arrest of the offenders. Nothing.. not a word came for leads, they later (a few months) upped the reward until it reached $10,000.00.

    It wasn’t long after the $10,000.00 was offered that they all the perps in custody.

    I say again, here in (Pocomoke) a “snitch” is the lowest form of life to a criminal, and it’s strictly forbidden among them.

    “Money Talks”

  37. Felicity says:

    Public Eye: You are so right…money talks. I am convinced that dozens of people know exactly what happened to Christine, and since most of them are too lazy to work, if the amount of money is large enough, they will talk. I think most of the bloggers here would consider it a privilege to help bring Christine home. Like I said earlier, bullies and druggies like to talk…(brag) Soomeone knows what happened to this beautiful young mother…if the money is right, they will talk. (most r too lazy to work) I will have my ck. in the mail as soon as I have the name and address of the bank. My heart aches for Christine’s family and 3 little ones. Justice must be served…and I thank
    God that Blink is on this case.

  38. Felicity says:

    Public Eye: I am stunned. I just read that a speeder in your area was stopped. He happened to have $50,000 on him, and the local LE is going to keep it if they can! Tell me it isn’t so. I hope he hires Jerry Spence and starts sueing! No wonder they haven’t found Christine…no money was involved! Thank heavens for The Tattler…they seem to tell it like it is. I am so grateful that The Tattler is including BlinkonCrime. Hope the publisher stays safe!

    Felicity- Jerry Spence is a very close friend of a friend of mine. I think these are very important issues, but I am highly concerned that they are very seperate from what has happened to Christine and can cloud the water. She is our priority, my only focus.

  39. Charity says:

    #34! Hoping some people from here do post comments on the Tattler. Not for us to be rude, but so that the community will know that this case is important, and not just locally.

    I’m guessing a lot of the people on this site are like me. It doesn’t matter WHO is missing or murdered or WHERE it happened. I just plain care.

    Actually, there have been so many cases lately, that my heart seems to be broken 1000 times over by each one.

    I am a Christian, so it brings me to my knees in prayer! Lord, help this family! Help this country! Bring forth answers! In Jesus Name

  40. Felicity says:

    Blink, sorry to get off topic. I was just trying to point out what sleezy LE they have.(IMO)

    Wow! You are friends with Jerry Spence! He is a brillant atty., and sort of a hero of mine. I have read several of his books. I promise to stay “on topic” from this point on.
    No, is a dear friend and mentor to a friend of mine, who is also a civil rights attorney. He will never introduce me to him because he will of course like me better.. teehee. Sorry, back to topic.

  41. Felicity says:

    Blink, I am still hoping that you can get a bank “set-up” so that, we who chose, can send $$ for Christine’s reward. Bet if u took a poll here, most would like to send something…

    haha Jerry Spence would be “enchanted” if he had the pleasure of meeting someone as special as you. Blink, you leave him in the dust with a the wonderful work you do.

    I promise, (don’t fuss at me…it hurts my feelings. lol) I WILL DO MY BEST TO STAY ON TOPIC.

  42. seekingjustice says:

    Boo – it reminded me of Dleiverence too.

    I agree Blink, I wish I never saw it either.

  43. swampcritter2 says:

    Blink, Most of the info I have on this matter I have found on the Pocomoke Tattler and from you. I have a close friend who is better off than most and wouldn’t mind contributing a substantial sum of money as a reward for information leading to conviction(s) in this sorry story. I was told this was where I could get a few answers regarding that. I wouldn’t mind helping out myself,(although I’m not as well-heeled) and I’m sure, judging from the many comments others would help out also.

    How kind. A few others have mentioned their willingness to do that, and I can tell you this family has already gone to considerable above means for answers in this case, and have maxed out now in terms of a reward. Could I ask that your friend include the recovery of her remains in such a considerate gesture? Let me tell you why. The recovery will lead to the conviction, worded alternatively, is more of a shot in the dark. Christine’s family wants her home.

  44. Tiffany B. says:

    I went to school with Christine, Levi and his brother Stanley. Christine was a really sweet girl and it makes me so sad that someone would intentionally hurt or kill her. I am also appalled that there isn’t more coverage of her case. I live in Texas and the only reason I heard about it was through one of our mutual friends. There is no way that Christine would have left her kids behind at that farmhouse. I also know that they town we grew up in is shady and trashy. I wholeheartedly believe that Levi knows something about her disappearance. Joyce Hall is just another trashy product of Milford, Delaware. Protecting a son that is known as a troublemaker. However I was really suprised to learn that his brother Stanley beat up an old lady. He was so sweet and quiet in school. Anyway I digress. I hope that Christine is found or her body is found. She and her family deserve justice and closing. So Lynn, don’t let all these people get you down. There are people that care. My prayers are with your family. God Bless.

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