The Dana Pretzer Show: Blink on Crime Discusses Christine Sheddy Case

Tonight LIVE 9 PM


Blink on Crime Discussing Christine Sheddy Case

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  1. JD says:

    You are amazing Blink!!!!

    Thank you, but we are sum of our parts ’round here.

  2. FairWitness says:

    Excellent job, Blink. You were compelling & articulate! How do you maintain your composure during these interviews? I’d be a nervous wreck and would sound like a blithering idiot.

    Who is the person of interest/witness arrested and has told LE that Christine was beaten to death and buried on that farm?

    When is the new search going to take place?

    Why isn’t Pocomoke City police jumping all over this new tip?

  3. christinesmom says:

    Good work Blink and team, you were awesome. I know if I was one of the bad guys I would difinitely be feeling the heat. Keep up the good work team.

    Thanks Boss.

  4. JD says:

    Is there going to be a link to hear this interview again at some point?

    I have to say that I am impressed with your work. This case is truely filled with so much heartache and maddness. Justice NEEDS to be served to those who tore this family apart and left them in dispair, and to those in LE who abandoned their duty as an officer and followed their leader in ignorance.

    TY, and yes, their will be, I will post the interview when the cast is available post-production.

  5. Public Eye says:

    I listened also and it was great.
    Blink and crew, y’all are amazing people to do what you do. The world is a better place because of you.

    I really have no doubt that Christine will be found now.

  6. Charity says:


    I know she is dead.

    But hearing beaten to death makes me cry.

    Blink, thanks for what you do.

    It seems like nearly every day lately someone goes missing.

    It is so easy to get discouraged, and yet, with a mom that won’t let go and a good investigative team on the job…. answers can come forth and justice can happen.

    It is so emotional for me and I am not even involved the way you are. I can’t even imagine how much emotion you must feel when these cases get solved.

  7. larosebud says:

    Excellent interview on the DP show. Finally…hope. Godspeed to you all and THANKS! :)

  8. a cry for the missing says:

    Wasn’t able to hear it last night, can I still find it somewhere?

  9. Charisse says:

    Didn’t hear the show, so I am looking at the clues in the comments.

    Sounds like somebody has told you what happened?

    That must be such a relief for the family and friends – to actually have an answer. Now, just to find the remains and prove it enough to bring some people to court and get some justice for the family.

  10. Kleat says:

    post #8– Blink will post the link when she can– I’m watching for it too

  11. lily says:

    Blink does it take a while format the cast for us to be able to hear it? I really wanted to listen but had all of my boys at the house last night

    Working on it, will be up.. thanks for your patience.

  12. Gypsy DD says:

    If you click on the link LISTEN HERE at the top of this will take you to SM Radio. Blinks interview is on there. Scroll to the end of the blurb about the interview and you will see audio MP3 ..hit that and you can listen to the show until Blink is able to put it on here.

    Hope that helps.

  13. susanm says:

    good interview, more!

  14. boo says:

    I found and listened to all your interviews with Dana last night on this case and other cases. You know when I first started reading here I was forming a thought that you might be ann rule until you mentioned .MR Blink and the blinkettes LOL. It was nice to actually hear your voice.

  15. boo says:

    The photo of the farmland shown on the Q’s missing christine video, you focused on the rusty tool on the ground. It gave me the creeps.

    That hammer was intentionally broken on the head and “claw” part. How does that happen?

  16. mjh says:

    Blink, Has that hammer been just sitting there all this time? Since 2007? No one ever thought to look at it for fingerprints or blood evidence?

    I cant say how long it was there, but we discovered it and took it into evidence, not disclosing where we found it, I know you understand.

  17. sassy says:

    darn it i missed the show wish i could have heard it , or is there a way to listen now if anyone knows plz share with me

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