Christine Sheddy Case: Blink on Crime Interview with Dana Pretzer

Blink of Blink on Crime discusses the Christine Sheddy Case on the Dana Pretzer Show.

Part I

Part II

Part III


YouTube Creation of Interview Courtesy of Klaasend

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Christine Sheddy Case: Murder In Maryland 

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III



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  1. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Oh, and let me add this…Joyce, Levi, and the rest of the vermin involved in this hated the light they saw in Christine. Goodness offends a “dark hearted/sprited” person…and Christine’s bright light hurt those scoundrels like sunshining does shining on a vampire. Her inner light was a reminder to them of how twisted they are and they hated seeing it. Only way to stop that was to put the light out and justify it to themselves. What a rotten lot!

  2. larosebud says:

    Something cooking up on my mind may be of interest???? Levi & Christine were “off again” when he called her at her Mom’s with “a plan”. Am I right when I say, up until that time, he was living with a girlfriend? What if he and the Girlfriend were getting serious and they (she probably, because we all know he could care less) wanted custody of his boys? Hence the situation at “the farm” (refer to #41 comments). Levi wasn’t there at the farm with her, because he was at his Mom’s? Maybe he was still living with the Girlfriend? To me, it seems weird for him to plant Christine there and not be with her. There would be the motive. Then He and Mother Joyce came and whisked the boys off before anyone in Christine’s family could talk to them in order to keep them quiet and brainwash them. Then they kept a low profile about the girlfriend for a while. Where is he living now?

  3. JD says:

    larosebud said: “Then He and Mother Joyce came and whisked the boys off before anyone in Christine‚Äôs family could talk to them in order to keep them quiet and brainwash them.” I definatley believe this was their motive in getting the boys. I am not so convinced that it was because his girlfriend wanted the boys. Levi likes to go out and party, and can’t even support himself so getting custody of the boys would be the last thing he’d want to do. I can’t say he doesn’t love them because I believe he does, but he didn’t support them before, and 9 times out of 10 he decided going out was more important then spending time with his son’s. We could probably count on our fingers the times he spent time with them without Christine there. I also think his mom has an evil control over him too. I’m not sure where they tie in on what happened, but they made themselves look highly suspitious. Plus the fact that Levi denied the lie dectector test is a bright red flag. And the “sightings” Joyce had of Christine that were totally bogus just adds to the guilty factor. I don’t want to jump ahead on Blinks articles so I won’t elaborate. However, these are my thoughts.

    Jen, I sincerely appreciate that, Chapter 4 in proof as we speak, will be up this afternoon.

  4. Charisse says:

    #49 Christinesmom, wow, it looks like murder has been on the increase over the past few years. Wondering how they handled the other cases.

  5. Public Eye says:

    RE #49:
    there has been several murders and unsolved missing persons here in Pocomoke.

    I have lived here all my life and can remember as far back as a missing older lady that everyone called ‘Mrs Annie’ she just vanished without a trace and has never been found.

    My next door neighbor was murdered on his front porch, a drug dealer was murdered on the corner of my block and two of his Buddy’s shot.

    Oh yes, there have been many over the years, many found in the river, most of the ones recovered from the river were excellent swimmers confirmed by their families. But… drowning is a easy out for the authorities.

    Then there was also Franky Outten, it was a case like Christine’s ‘cold’ for years until the outtens hired a PI and a physic some time later and they found him him the woods shot in the back of the head. again (mcdermott) had given up.

    Pocomoke will not put out police reports that put the city in a bad light, EVER.. oh the stories I could tell about Pocomoke and unsolved crimes.

    Someone said to watch out about the things the tattler post, well it’s too late. Billy the owner of the tattler was arrested and his electronics confiscated.

    I was working with the SA and his head of the drug task force on drugs in the neighborhood and I was getting to close for comfort and I was arrested and taken to jail for having a ‘project car’ in my yard.

    sorry, just a small taste and warning of what Blink is working with here being it was brought up.

    back to Christine.

  6. Charisse says:

    Looked up the Judy L. Wojcik case and it made me shiver, because I have been guessing with Christine’s case, with the lopsided crowd of more men than women, there could have been a fight because the men offered an exchange of drugs for sex and she turned it down.

    Glad to see that the ones who murdered Judy are in prison.

  7. Public Eye says:

    RE Charisse;
    Judy’s case was only solved because her body was found by hunters/trappers.
    The police reports have Judy as having no address but she lived in a shelter on 2nd street.
    They did their best to paint a bad picture of Judy because of her lifestyle and very little effort went into the investigation.
    She walked everywhere she went and the shelter is in a very, very bad neighborhood.
    I love this little town, but if y’all keep digging you will see where the blame lies for Christine’s case gone cold.

    1) she is an outsider
    2) they thought her lifestyle was not to their standards
    3) the incompetence of mcdermott and his influence
    4) the negative press about the town.

    I could go on and on..
    Thank goodness Blink is on this, I have no doubts now that this case will be solved and justice served.

    we cannot thank you enough Blink.

  8. chitown lady says:

    WOW Blink !….One would expect this kind thing in Chicago and its burbs..But holy smokes….a tiny community like this one and it seems you have Barney Fife as the police force. So many red flags…so many things seen on camera no less. The cops sit there and just… DA I DUNNO . So much evilness. the whole town seem afraid of them Is it possible since the “police” seemed to turn the investigation anoher way, someone on the “force” might have known these freaks of nature? Is it possible that the POLICE themselves were frighten of these so called people? What kind of evilness did this Levi’s mother spawn? She makes Linda Blair’s character look donw right normal. Has this been turned over to the State Police for a look at? Seems the locals screwed it up totally. Keep us posted on the skull….SO sad. All this women did was trust and believe…WOW! I hope women really listen to your interview and learn from it. If he hits you once….HE WILL HIT YOU AGAIN HARDER……Sad to see that Christine was so naive. Seems even her mom couldn’t save her from herself. Excellent job Blink……Now, can yeah use your expertice on finding Stacy Peterson? nothing would make us happier here in Illinois. Yeah hate to see this ex cop scumbag walk off knwoing he killed 2 wives….Congrats Blink…..

  9. Chris Smith says:

    #55 Public Eye
    Was McDermott the investigator who was in charge of Frankie Outten’s case? And was he involved in the dissapearance of Bobby Miles? I think those two incidents were before he came to power. Not that I wish to come to his aid, but I want to make sure we only blame him for what he has in fact done wrong.

  10. Mindy Griffin says:

    i heard about this from one of my best friends. her half brother was also christine’s half brother. this is such a sad story. she is a very pretty girl who seemed to have fallen in with the wrong crowd. i cant believe some of the things that happened or was not done by the police. and HELLO whats up with these people denying a polygraph…GUILTY. they should be made to take one. if they are innocent then they would have be more than happy to do it. i just pray for the family and hope that soon you will find out the true story of what happened that night. may God be with you all. keep up the good work BLINK. seems that you have done a much better job than the local police.

  11. Public Eye says:

    RE Chris Smith;
    I don’t remember Bobby Miles sorry, I do not know if mcdermott was the lead investigate on Frank Outten but when the outten case was aired on unsolved mysteries (I think) it was mcdermott explaining the case and he was “the star” of the show, so he was involved with the investigation and new more about it than his co-workers.

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