Christine Sheddy Case: Blink on Crime Interview with Dana Pretzer

Blink of Blink on Crime discusses the Christine Sheddy Case on the Dana Pretzer Show.

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Part II

Part III


YouTube Creation of Interview Courtesy of Klaasend

Contributing Editors: Candice Bond, Kate Mills, Robert Tettemer, Lucas Cain 

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Christine Sheddy Case: Murder In Maryland 

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III



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  1. mjh says:

    Just listened to this. Excellent work, Blink. What ever happened to the skull that washed up? Did they ever identify who that was?

    Not yet.

  2. lily says:

    Thanks so much Blink. I’ve been reading the posts about Christine. But until hearing you explain it I didn’t realize how much it would weigh on my shoulders. I’m not a sleuth on par with some of your other regular posters but I hope that some of them get pulled in too.

    Thanks and me too.

  3. silverspnr says:

    OK- I could not sleep last night, and not for lack of trying. I cannot stop thinking about Christine Sheddy, her children, her parents, sister, friends. Q.

    I skipped a race today that I have spent countless hours training for, because I could not sleep thinking about Christine.

    I’m not sure if someone posted the link to this blog.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look.

    Levi’s mother, Joyce Hall, reveals herself as a major source of misdirection for the investigation–not to mention how she reveals herself otherwise):

    Not only are Joyce’s posts extremely disturbing, IMO, Joyce, herself, is extremely disturbed.

    Is there any truth to her claim in one post that she/her family has social ties with local LE?? And I quote Joyce from her 12/23/07 post at 12:31 p.m.:

    “Again you do not know us and the police was not at my door every other night so again you are lying and it needs to stop! And the police know us by first name as we have been living in the same area for a long time our children go to school together do extra curricular activities together go the child care together and we also come into contact with each other through out the community. They all know that I am a very devoted mother to my children and they will help me or any of my children in any way that they can. They are good people.”

    **Is the line about how the police will help Joyce or any of her children in any way that they can a thinly veiled threat??** Is this truly just a small department which lacks experience in missing persons cases, or is there more to the story on that end?

    Why, if her son has an alibi, is she so intent on diverting official attention from the truth? (when she just as easily could have expressed concern for the mother of her grandchildren, and left it at that?)

    It seems as though she is aware of something or has been informed of something that, if it were to hit the light of day, could/would bring Levi into the picture somehow (even if just peripherally). There is no other explanation for her vile and repeated attempts to disparage Christine’s character/reputation.

    My goodness. You’d think that Levi, her (evil, abusive, furthest-thing-from-a-”philosopher”) son, was the one who was “missing” (murdered in cold blood by a group of heartless, drug-addicted felons).

    Talk about rubbing salt into open wounds. This woman takes sadistic pleasure in it.

    How she managed to post such comments on her employer-WGMD’s blog with impunity is nothing less than shocking.

    O Good Silvr, I am sorry to hear that but glad at the same time. Your gonna win the next race, I can feel it. I was hoping you would weigh in. I can tell you from personal knowledge and access to Christine’s accounts that what that woman espoused is utter claptrap. Her son was a deadbeat, absentee father who preyed on this girl just to keep her around while he ran around chasing girls, abusing her, and ignorning his kids.

    What mother sticks up for a girl beater? That aside, she could give Cindy Anthony a run for her money.

  4. FairWitness says:

    Blink how difficult would it be get the DNA profile of the skull and compare it to Christine? The apathy and inaction in this case is a crime in and of itself.

    I can’t believe Mayor McDermott is running for Maryland State Delegate. He’s so cruel. How do you say what he said to Lynn, the mother of a missing young daughter? I can’t understand how he was elected as a public servant as mayor. The man ought to be mowing lawns or being a busboy or flipping hamburgers for a living. He sure isn’t much a detective, that requires one to get off their lazy butts and do some investigating.

  5. Denise says:

    Hi Blink,

    Was any testing done on the skull that washed up on Assateague? I assume if so, it was not found to be Christine, but if the detectives in that jurisdiction had no information on Christine, did they even test for her DNA?

    Thanks for being a voice for Christine! These “people” have to be brought to justice. If they did what I think they did to Christine and got away with it so far, whose to say that they haven’t done it again?

    Correct Denise, or previously-
    The skull is in the process of being tested.

  6. boo says:

    Prayers and thoughts for christine. (Fingers Crossesd)

  7. lily says:

    Wow silverspnr – just went to the link you provided and read the comments from Grandma Joyce. That woman is vile, foul, evil and so many more adjectives that there isn’t room to put them all here. I’ve never seen someone so obviously intent on obfuscating the evidence of the abuse she and her son inflicted on Christine. And then in the very next breath she is eerily ‘sorry’ for the family. No not buying it Joyce. What is up with law enforcement up there? Are they afraid of this sorry clan of devils?

    No, that’s the thing, they dont even live in the same state.

  8. silverspnr says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I have raced enough to know when to put one aside.

    This case is personal for me on two levels.

    I know women– intelligent, kind, graceful, successful women– who have been ensnared by abusive men. I think there is more to it than just a gullible woman, believing the guy will change. I think there is almost an addictive quality to the situation. It’s painful to be hurt (berated emotionally and/or attacked physically– The same feelings of shame,worthlessness come into play). And when the person who hurt you, turns around and tells you that you are beautiful, worthy, lovable… it can provide a toxic sense of (fake) euphoria. Almost like a drug. I think the cycle of abuse from the victim’s perspective is akin to the cycle of, say, an alcoholic falling off the wagon. It feels good at first to go back to it, even though you know it is leading you to no place good.

    The other level concerns geographic proximity. Ya know that the race I gave up today? It’s part of the Mid-Atlantic Super Series, and all of the events take place in PA, DE, MD and NJ. I cannot count the number of times I have cruised down the I-95 corridor with one of my mountain bikes on the roof rack since November of 2007 (and for years before that), only thinking of the pleasure (and yes, at times, the punishment for my legs and lungs) the trails there hold.

    WHY was this case swept so neatly under the rug?? How is it that I live in the Mid-Atlantic region (and apparently also closer to one of her relatives), and have not seen this case highlighted in the news??

    It is startling.

    The single most heartbreaking post on the case that I have seen so far:

    January 1, 2008 at 12:19p.m.:

    lynn dodenhoff

    Eye in the sky,
    Please, please contact me or the police. If you dont want to do this directly I am sure we can find some way to communicate. I need to find my daughter. Dead or alive I need to know where she is. Please help me.


    Having some trouble with this, so please– as far we know, the following were at the farm:
    Tia (who seems to be the eye of this little hurricane of a crowd)

    It sounds as though there was a small crowd from the way Q described his last phone call with Christine to Blink.

    I wonder if her demise was foretold before she even arrived there, or whether something occurred while she was staying that provided the quicker catalyst. (it seems to me that there is some nasty name-calling from Dominic, an unappreciated attraction to Christine from, at least, Justin… and a bunch of other women who have ample reason to be jealous of Christine on many angles).

    And yes– it appears Joyce and Cindy are running neck and neck.
    Both women point LE in the WRONG direction at every turn possible.
    Both say, in a sense, “Don’t look at the OBVIOUS” “Don’t look PRECISELY HERE.”

    Our flesh does decompose, but our skeletons (or at least parts of them) remain.

    Like Cindy, Joyce was unable to keep her mouth shut, which signals a lot, IMO. I know that the disparaging comments she made about Christine must have been beyond offensive and hurtful to Christine’s mom, sister, and friends, but what she did–in a roundabout and sadistic way– was provide confirmation of their original suspicion that Christine met with foul play on that farm, and that there was a reason (JOYCE’S ACCOUNT OF CHRISTINE’S BEHAVIOR/CHARACTER/ETC) that local police were failing to actively pursue the case.

    Whether due to lack of experience, or favor, or laziness, or some combination thereof, all reasons for the failure stem back to the portrait of Christine that Joyce painted for them.

    I hate to say this, but as terribly sad as it would be, a DNA match on the skull would be a blessing to the investigation. And based on other Blink-comments, it appears there may be a coming slew of accusations amongst the responsible parties. To be the last to point the finger would be an unenviable position, indeed.

    Someone has already cracked… and the last to crack will (generally) be the one to pay the heaviest fine.

    I am in awe of your ability to read a situation you learned about, figuratively, 5 minutes ago.
    I hope everyone reads your post, and reads it again. What you described about the abuse scenario between Levi and Christine is close to exact. It was predatory, it was sadistic, and to have the knowledge this woman was breaking free of that only to be cut down- well it is more than I can bear.

  9. JD says:

    This is Jennifer, Christine’s sister. I have not been posting because when I have in the past on the Pocomoketattler website, I find that all the emotions (frustration, sadness, ect.) resurface, and it exhausts me. I just have to tell everyone on this site that I am so impressed with how smart you all are! Everything that the family has been trying to bring to light (how Joyce has mislead the investigation, the mayor/detective hurt this case more than helped, ect.) you all have seen the hardships we’ve faced. I will never give up in the fight for justice for Christine. I know that Christine would never ever stop if it were me- ever. That was the type of person she was. She would do anything in her power to help someone if she could. Blink- I find it hard to express to you the gratitude we have for the tremendous job you are doing. You are an angel on earth and we are thankful you came to aid us in our quest for answers. It is so hard not to cry when I see her kids and I think about how their mother is gone and there are no answers to give them. It is also tough to see my mother suffer and fighting so hard against all the obstacles to find those answers. I have to say how proud of her I am for that, and for also stepping up and taking care of Christine’s three little ones. We’ve been hit hard with so much devastation and kicked while we were down. I could go on and on, but I will save it for another day. The story has just begun on this site so be prepared for even more disturbing events. I would say it is an unbelievable story, but I can tell you it is all real. God bless everyone, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    O Jenn as you know, you, and your sister have a special place in my heart. Your Mom, is what I would call very affectionately, Christine’s beacon. For once I may actually be at a loss for words. When the team began researching this case, we committed to standing with Christine, her babies and your family, and that we shall, until she is found.
    Kiss to wee-man D

  10. a cry for the missing says:

    Do the neighbors videos still exist?


    Yes, in LE hands.

  11. Charisse says:

    Hard to believe that any LE department, would be that bad in 2007.

    Maybe I have watched too much True Crime television, but I thought that the standard protocals had improved a whole lot over the past 20 years.

  12. Find the Truth says:

    I would like to say that I am appalled by the lack of LE’s handling of this case, however I am not. I have lived in several different rural areas and this type of investigation (or lack thereof) goes on all the time. In my opinion it is for one or two reasons.

    1. Because of where Christine was and who she was with (known criminals and those with a bad reputation in the area) she was just written off as good riddance one of the bad ones are gone. Of course they didn’t even know anything about her and didn’t care.

    2. There is a network of “good ole boys” and this crime could implicate one of them or their family members.

    Blink, I know that you and yours will find Christine and get to the bottom of this no matter how long it takes. The only other thing I hope is that maybe with the new publicity that the community will take a closer look at Mayor McDermott and his bid for the Maryland State Delegate and realize that he does not deserve this position.

    And as for Joyce and her posts on WGMD’s blog I am shocked that her employer would tolerate that, but it certainly tells us a lot about who she is and what she stands for. If she thinks that those posts will put Christine in a bad light she is wrong. The only thing they reflect is who Joyce is…..and it ain’t pretty!

  13. lily says:

    JD (Jenn) – its good to have you posting here. I truly hope things get moving in a positive direction for your family with more eyes and more hearts attached to what happened to Christine. There are so many truly intelligent and caring people that come here. Because of Blink and how she manages this website you can come in here anytime and only find people trying to help – not like what I saw at wgmd.

    Blink if we need to start writing letters/emails or calls to LE, mayors, governors or representatives you will let us know?

    You have my word, of course. Im optimistic that won’t be necessary.

  14. larosebud says:

    OK so everyone agrees that LE in Poko is beyond lame. So you investigate this case and gather all the evidence needed to prove a crime was commited; and figure out exactly what happened. Are you not required to hand it over to LE to prosecute? If they were to do so in the proper manner, it would be proving THEIR incompetency. So in my mind, why would they do that? Why wouldn’t they continue to obstruct justice? How would you/we stop them from continuing to do more of the same?

    No man lives on an island, that’s why. Part of our job as investigators is to asess the appropriate risk mitigation strategy upfront. I want to be clear on something you brought up. There is never, ever, going to be a time that I scoop info on LE and risk a prosecution. N E V E R. You can be certain if that was in jeopardy it is not appearing here and is going directly through LE.

    While we agree it is reueful how this investigation started, LE did not murder Christine Sheddy. So I cannot imagine a scenario where they would opt to have her stay missing and look even less “productive”. I see this work as asissting. Kinda like cleaning your room before asking your parents if you can borrow the car that night. Wink.

  15. Charisse says:

    JD, praying for you and your mom.

    Since Blink has been running this, I have looked at some of those blogs and it truly broke my heart to see the way some people have treated your family. My heart goes out to you.

    I think that local sites often have a bit of the same dysfunction as the people from that region. Maybe dysfunction is too harsh of a word. Ah, I’ll stick with it, yes, dysfunction.

    Meaning that statistically you will be more likely to find certain types of crime, types of attitudes, types of societal and governmental peer pressure, etc.

    I live in a town without a lot of crime. I have never really heard of any murder or kidnapping or missing persons in my town, but we definitely have our own dysfunction and if you went on our blogs, you would see what it was. Probably better than I would, because I have lived with it all my life and might not notice “the smell” anymore.

  16. Charisse says:

    I am praying that, from this point forward, God will give you FAVOR with the media, with bloggers, with law enforcement and lawyers and judges and jurors (I know that justice day is coming!)

    I pray that people give you the hugs and encouragement you deserve, rather than a hard time!

  17. mrikim says:


    I am so happy that Blink has taken on your family’s case. I can’t even imagine how tragic this has been for you and your family. I am in awe of Blink and her associates. She truly is a gift from God. You and your family are im my prayers and I Know in my heart justice will be done. I believe in karma and what goes around comes around.
    Christine’s littles ones are fortunate to have a grandma and aunts who truly loved their mom and are fighting for her now. Take care and Good Luck. God bless Blink and her family and associates. Kim

    With much respect, my team and I are not gifts from God or angels. That is reserved for true angels and gifts from God. We are compassionate human beings, like everyone on here. If I die tomorrow, and one person was inspired to make a positive difference with the skill sets they posess on someone else’s strife, it is the right thing.

  18. FairWitness says:

    My dear Jennifer, I don’t even want to imagine the pain you and your family are enduring. That pain is compounded by the initial “less-than-vigorous” police work on this case and the outrageous, callous remarks lead detective McDermott made about your sister to your mother.

    The sorrow you’re experiencing when you are with your niece and nephews is understandable. I am so sorry. You poor dear girl. I wish I could find a way to comfort you and your family.

    Please try to think about what Christine would be asking of you now, if she could. She wants her little ones to be loved and cared for. She wants them to recover from this terrible ordeal and to live happy lives. She wants them educated and good values instilled in them. She’s counting on you to help with that.

    Try to take some comfort from loving those kids and each other. That’s what Christine wants and what you all deserve. Remember she still loves you all, so very much. The love in your soul survives and goes on with you to Heaven. Christine is sending that love down to you.

  19. JD says:

    I’m at work on break and just read the last post (#18) and I am trying to hold back the tears. Thank you all again for caring and supporting us. It means so much.

  20. silverspnr says:

    Wasn’t Tia living at the farm –2911 Byrd Rd–with Jr while Christine was there?

    She provided a different address –2456 Worcester Highway– when she bailed Jr out of jail on 11/5/07.(This address is 2.7 miles from the farm, per Google Maps)

    Seems odd that he was just back in the system for harassment (again), that Tia bailed him out, and yet the two of them are taken at their word about Christine’s “disappearance” with little or no suspicion.

    Jr, his brother (Dom); Tia, her brothers (Charles, Stephen), her cousins (Justin, Steve), Tia’s brother’s wife (Jennifer)… and Christine at the farm house party on the night in question.

    How woefully she was outnumbered by this nefarious group.

    I get the feeling she knew this when she spoke with Q that night. I think she was acting as if she was not scared as she may truly have been at the time, for the purpose of not arousing suspicion about what she was trying to whisper to Q. Maybe she declined his offer to come get her, because she knew he would meet with trouble. Perhaps her final act of kindness was to spare her friend a dire fate.

    Yep, this was for the theft of the laptop and cell. Note that he went to the clink 6/08 for one month.

  21. Public Eye says:

    RE silverspnr;
    The address on Worcester Hwy. (US route 113) is a house they lived in for a short time that belong to one of their family members. They got the boot from that home owner also.

    I don’t have a clue where they are now.

  22. Charisse says:

    Re #20, so he was bailed out of jail just one week prior to this whole thing?!?! I can’t believe LE would overlook that fact!

    Did the neighbor report them for the chicken coop incident, too?


  23. Charisse says:

    What size community is this?

    LOL! I decided to look up an answer my own question:

    Is this the place?: Pocomoke City, Maryland dubbed “the friendliest town on the Eastern Shore”, Worcester County, Maryland. The population was 4,098 at the 2000 census. According to the Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 3.3 square miles of which, 3.0 square miles of it is land and 0.2 square miles of it is water.

    If that is true, it seems like it could have been searched from end to end – a few times over by now.

    LOL at reading “the friendliest town on the Eastern shore” I am thinking NOT!

  24. Charisse says:

    So I am thinking in a place with less than 5,000 people that having Jr’s name come up a few times within a week or two at the police department, might show up like a sore thumb?

    I went to the and they basically list the police activity for every week, but had NOTHING listed the week Christine went missing. It is the only week that seems to be missing a police update. Figures!

  25. Charisse says:

    I haven’t found the 2007 violent crime rates yet, but in 2003 they had 44 violent crimes, with none of them being murders. (Of course, if this is how they investigated things back then, who can say for sure.)

  26. Public Eye says:

    RE Charisse;

    It’s a tiny town, the place that Christine went missing from (Byrd Rd) is outside the city. It’s a lot of forest, ponds, a large river, dirt roads and close to the Chesapeake bay and tributaries and not far from the Atlantic ocean and bays (inland water ways)

    We have some very dedicated police officers and a fine sheriffs dept. the problem lies in the management of the officers in both departments. That being a Pocomoke Chief that retired from a large city station. And of course Mayor McDumbasa (McDermott) WCBI

    On the plus side we have a strong community for the most part. When the search was organized for Christine there were over 100 volunteers from Pocomoke and surrounding areas. But… I don’t think any of the detectives that worked the case even came for support, I know for sure that the first two were not there because I asked them if they were and they said no.. I wont say what else they said.
    Alex Kagan was there on an ATV is my understanding. Respectfully, I would appreciate it if we refrained from the name calling, it’s not how I roll here. People’s actions or inactions speak for themselves, I have always felt that belittled an actual point. Thanks in advance.

  27. Charisse says:

    Re #20 + #22 so basically Jr had 2 incidences that the police were aware of shortly before Christine went missing and the police still decided to just take his word for it that Christine walked off the farm without her clothing or her kids?

    Wow, Christine’s mom and sister must have a LOT of patience, because I would have been frustrated beyond measure at that information alone!

    I am frustrated just hearing that and it isn’t even my own kin!

  28. FairWitness says:

    I’m sorry Jennifer, I didn’t mean to make you cry. I wanted to make you feel better, to encourage you, to see hope in your future and that of your family, especially Christine’s little ones.

    I have not experienced anything like what you’re enduring. I do know grieving from the death of my first husband. That pain has lessened over the 13 years he’s been gone, but it has never gone away. You learn to live with the loss.

    It will happen with you, your parents, siblings and niece & nephews, but it’s going to be a long way back to happiness and normalcy. I know you all feel like that will never be again, but it will. But, you will always miss Christine and always mourn her loss, especially during important milestones. Her goodness and love will live on in your hearts and through her children.

    Part of the healing process will be getting justice for Christine. What happened to her was a heinous crime for which the perpetrators must be brought to justice. I have every confidence that will happen. There’s no way that everyone at that party on that fateful night isn’t aware of what happened. You just need one person to come forward and tell the truth.

    Levi and his miserable mother, Joyce, know what happened too. They may have orchestrated it. They will get theirs too, if they were involved. At the very least, they were accessories after the fact. You can’t tell me Levi and Joyce didn’t find the story of Christine leaving the farm and abandoning her children incredible.

    Then, the very next day, Levi files for full custody? Something isn’t right about this. They knew, they knew, THEY KNEW! They won’t get away with it.

  29. Charisse says:

    Thanks Public Eye, you have answered some of my questions! I am glad to hear that 100 people showed up to search!

    I know that I am trying to understand something that I will never understand.

    I just pray there is enough forensic evidence left to bring this to court and win the case.

  30. PamTX says:

    Blink: Did you confirm that some of Christines clothes were found in the barn May 2009?

    God speed….I am in awe.

  31. silverspnr says:

    This helped me to visualize the area from a larger perspective:

    Thank you, Public Eye #26 for the information. I doubt there is an entire conspiracy (from a LE perspective) here. No doubt there are many local, concerned citizens as well.

    As to the current whereabouts of Tia and Jr…
    Very difficult for the average citizen to locate people who do not own a land line/property/don’t register to vote.

    Blink- A whole MONTH. Sheeeesh.

    O friend if I dont chew my tongue off by the end of this…..

  32. PamTX says:

    Oh Blink…my heart reaches a depth of sadness I have not experienced in over 22 years as I continue to read and follow this case. I am just shaking my head in disbelief and believe there is much more for you to share with us in the near future.

    Blink responds to #14: “I see this work as asissting. Kinda like cleaning your room before asking your parents if you can borrow the car that night. Wink.”

    Blink: When you decide to “borrow the car” I hope it’s a huge front-end loader because I feel strongly you know exactly where you want to “dig” into on this case. Wink

    8 :)

  33. JD says:

    FairWitness- You have been so kind to invest your time into caring about me and my family. What you wrote was touching so there is no need to apologize for that! I’m sorry about your loss as well. That must have been tough. And you’re right, “Part of the healing process will be getting justice for Christine.” This has been a catastrophe of a situation. What I mean is so much went wrong. Everything was the ulitimate worse case senerio. Blink hasn’t even mentioned half the crap we went through, but maybe she will later we’ll see. But I’ll tell ya this, the “investigators” denied over 100 retired police officers from Joe Biden’s office about a year ago. Why? They were going to volunteer! Ugh, I still can’t believe this is actually happening. I never in my life thought that this world could be so evil. By this time I am not surprised at anything anymore. I was in complete and utter shock when I was told my sister went missing and no one went looking for her for days- more like weeks!!! I waited for a call from a detective because I talked to her while she was there and she was going to move with me for a little while three days later with her boys. When he did call 4 days later his attitude was “well we heard she does this all the time” (compliments of Joyce). I was like “no way I know something went terrible wrong.” Needless to say… well here we still are. For sure the people who have been proactively solving the case have been sought out by family and friends. We want the story to be heard unlike the WCBOI. You know what, I’m just gonna stop here with my rants because I could be here all night. However, we have been lucky enough to have all the outside help that has collected evidence, searched, volunteered their services, and just cared. One day McDermott we will hear you apologize.

  34. PamTX says:

    Just curious Blink (but not sure if it is appropriate to ask this here)…. there is a Justin Alexander Hayden in our Texas Sexual Offender Registry with a birth year of 1985. Even though that database is public domain/information, I did not want to post the link in the event it is not the correct Justin. Anyway to verify his middle name and birth year?

  35. PamTX says:

    Yes…I know Justin went by the last name of Hadel and Hydon…I was thinking perhaps it was a spin on combined last names.

  36. Charity says:

    Oh Jenn, I do pray that your family will hear McDermott apologize!

    And hopefully a real apology, not one that is made for some political reason!

    Reading some of the comments on the tattler, I am thinking he probably already privately regrets saying it, because of the fall-out for him personally.

    But, my prayer is that God will soften his heart so much that he will truly understand how his comments have hurt your family.

  37. Doing great Blink keep it up.

  38. sassy says:

    blink hey, i’ve followed this for alot time dont comment much but i think you are great. i knew a few people at cbs and abc, i have talked to abc yesterday and have just got off the phone with cbs. they may contact you as there going to come here to read about this case ,that the only place i knew they could get the most accurate information. they think that can give some airtime for this case on like the good morning america show, early show and evening news . so lets all keeps our fingers cross. i think it applauding that a coach at u of l sex scandel makes nation but a missing mother dontso lets see.

    Sassy- thanks for pitching in. We are working on a few things behind the scenes as well, more to come.

  39. Public Eye says:

    My apologies Blink.
    It’s just when I read about our mayor my blood boils because of what he has done with this case, some of my friends and to myself and yet he has to answer to no one.
    as for the detectives on the search, I do not know Kagan, I was referring to the mayor and another detective that said to me “I’m not going to waste my time”
    That’s only one example and that is why I get so hot under the collar about this whole thing.
    The citizens here have worked much harder for Christine than the authorities. If they would’ve taken this for what it is it would be over now but they are to busy with “dumpster fires”

    I understand, I agree, is what it is.

  40. Charisse says:

    Oh, Public Eye, if they said that to me, it would make my blood boil, too!

    My blood has been heating up just hearing what he has said to various people!

    Yesterday, I was thinking that if I knew how to add entries on Wikipedia, I was going to enter Christine’s case with links here at the bottom of the page for the town.

    My guess is that the only thing that will make the Mayor take this case seriously would be if the case started getting the media exposure it deserves and started being associated with the town more.

  41. Gayle says:

    Hi. Excellent series. Two thoughts. Most abusive men like to “teach lessons”. If Levi wanted to teach Christine a lesson he could set her up to attend this party. By drugging or forcing her the friends could get lots of pictures of Christine in sexual situations. Then he would have “evidence” of Christine being an unfit mother which would help if he wanted custody (maybe to avoid paying child support). Very powerful to say she was doing xxxx while her kids where in the house. He also demonstrates his control over Christine. She is degraded which helps to “break” her and sets himself up for having total control and prevents her from leaving (see what I can do to you, you’ll never get away, you are worthless, you leave I’ll keep the kids). If he knew she was planning to leave the custody papers make sense and his setting up the situation. He might not have wanted her killed — likely she had lots of fight to her and the violence grew. As to why he would want their kids at the party. That’s easy. Control the kids, control the mom. The mom is fighting what is being done to her, easy enough to threaten to get the kids and do it to them or force them to watch. All great moms protect their kids. By having the kids in the house they had total control over Christine. I hope this is solved. My kindest regards to those who knew and loved Christine.

  42. christinesmom says:

    I dont think Christine was set up, I think things got out of hand, for whatever reason, and they killed her. I am sure Christine fought to the very end. Levi never had much to do with those kids. He loved them the same way he loved Christine. Need I say more? I think we all know what kind of love we are talking about here.

  43. silverspnr says:

    christinesmom #42

    Your courage and honesty are nothing short of astounding.

    It’s only a matter of time before the dominoes cascade into each other, and all will fall down.

    In the meantime, be strong when you are able; fall apart when you need to– for there are many here alongside you, standing for Christine.

  44. sueinmo says:

    I say this with a compassionate heart so please don’t get offended.

    But is there any chance Christine overdosed and this “gang” didn’t want a drug investigation brought on them??
    Fair Question, but there is evidence Christine was adamantly opposed to anything but occasional pot.

  45. Red Ranger says:

    The following are some of my opinions.

    Det. Mcdermott had orders from above not to waste time and money investigating Christine’s disappearance. It was considered wasted money because she was not from Pocomoke and had no long term plans to be there. While this may have been the angle that prompted Det. McDermott’s cruel, heartless, self-serving words it in no way excuses him for them.

    The man who holds Pocomoke’s purse strings and made this financial decision is in a bitter battle with the Pocomoke husband and wife team that worked so hard to organize the search for Christine. Guess which one I like best.

    Now he is Mayor Mcdermott. His political ambitions are equal to other politicians. He aspires to climb that food chain. He may even get his wee office he is running for now. Rest assured that if he intends to seek national office that Christine, and his words about her, will become his own personal Mary Jo Kopeckney.

    Someone will talk. I will hold a soft spot in my heart for the one that steps up and helps bring Christine home. I wish misery and destruction to the others. Jr will try to sell his brother down the river to save his sorry hide.

    Christine was small. Hell, my shadow weighs a few pounds more than her. Bullies like small people.

    Christine had been conditioned by Levi to expect violence from men. He beat her up every now and then, whether she needed it or not. He is not man enough to speak for himself so his mother spews lies like a toxic volcano. I never read her words where she addressed his violence toward Christine or his refusal to support his children. Can someone link me to her comments about that?

    One way or the other, Christine will be brought home.

    One way or the other, Christine will be brought home.

    One way or the other, Christine will be brought home.

    Omg, do you have the first clue how missed you are? It’s true about your shadow, lol. Get the eff back already, I mean that, I reckon.

  46. Charity says:

    Red Ranger, if Mr. McDermott hinders this case, even a speck more, I might be far too tempted to start mailing / emailing everybody in his town about what he has said.

    I am trusting that it isn’t necessary, but…. it is already tempting.

    Heck, looking at the population size, there are only about 4,000 people to reach, and some of those would be families. Printing out a few thousand postcards wouldn’t cost that much. ;-)

  47. Charity says:

    Already, I hate that this man, capable of the perspective he has and the things that he said is a Mayor or a detective at all.

    That he is planning on going higher in politics really makes me feel sick.

    You are right if he tries to run for something at a national level, this case will be brought up. Even if I have to do it myself. LOL!

  48. Charity says:

    Oh, also, Red Ranger, it was considered wasted money because she was not from Pocomoke and had no long term plans to be there.

    If that was the logic, I am thinking that any other tourists visiting Pocomoke might make sure nothing happens to them while they are there.

    I do suspect you are right, though.

    A murder investigation would be expensive. And acknowledging a murder in “the friendliest town on the Eastern Shore” might have messed up their perfect no murder record for that year.

  49. christinesmom says:

    Wrong…2 other people were murdered in that town, in 2008. Ms. Judy and a Mr. Niblett.
    There is also a man missing from the dealership in town with his car that has never been recovered.

  50. Brenda in Virginia says:

    I can see a parallel between this and the Huckabee case. They are similar in the fact LE had a preconceived perception of the mother of the little girl who was drugged and therefore didn’t take the mother’s concerns seriously. Instead they believed the lies of Huckabee and she walked…which gave her the chance to abduct another child.

    In Christine’s case, they obviously took Joyce’s word that she ran off like this all the time rather than question her honesty and take the steps to investigate if there was any truth to it.

    Sadly, Christine was too trusting of these folks. Reason IMO is this…a trustWORTHLY person is nearly always willing to trust others. An UNtrustworthy person is a liar and normally trusts no one. Why? Cuz they are such liars they cannot believe anyone else is truthful!! JMO mind you…but I’ve paid attention in life and this seems to hold true in most cases. And this type of person will always accuse others of what they are. Strange how that works.

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