Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Mark Nejame Fires Back at Baez for TES


Orlando, FL-Mark Nejame, counsel for Texas Equusearch, released this statement this afternoon: 

Mark NeJame, counsel for Texas Equusearch (TES), is holding a press conference today at 2:00pm EST in our office, 189 S. Orange Avenue, Suite 1800, Orlando, FL 32801.

To further explain the attached letter sent to the Office of the State Attorney and to Counsel for Casey Anthony.

082009This establishes that the area where Caylee’s remains were found was indeed submerged in water a month prior to the discovery of her remains.


The actual photographs will be displayed and explained at the press conference.


Mr. NeJame represents Tim Miller and TES, who have provided the aerial photographs to him which were recently located.

This seems to clearly contradict any claims that the area was dry previous to Caylee’s discovery and the likelihood that Caylee was later brought to that location. IMG_7475

In Addition, Mr. NeJame has attached Mr. Miller’s and TES’s response to the defendant’s, Casey Anthony, request for discovery of the searcher’s and Mr. Miller being designated as a material witness in this case.


The Response to Jose Baez Motion:

AnthonyTES1 AnthonyTES2 AnthonyTES3 AnthonyTES4 AnthonyTES5 AnthonyTES7 AnthonyTES8

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  1. loca says:

    george was called because the defense team felt the press conference and the release of the photos were improper,” she said. The Anthonys may want to let their opinion be known, she said.

  2. loca says:

    george was called because the defense team felt the press conference and the release of the photos were improper,” she said. The Anthonys may want to let their opinion be known, she said.

    I agree with you blink! that the anthonys and the defense come here to snoop to see what is being said because they know that there are some pretty smart posters here and the info here is pretty acurate!
    they know about this site blink and how well you make sure that people give facts with comments. god bless u miss B

  3. Kleat says:

    loca yes— I was just going to paste that here– so Q is, was the ‘misunderstanding’ between Baez and George to cause George to barge in and rudely interrupt the news conference because he was told by Baez that this news conference was improper?

    “Jose Baez’s spokeswoman, Marti Mackenzie, said the defense team did contact George Anthony and his attorney about the news conference.

    “He and the defense team felt the press conference and the release of the photos were improper,” she said. The Anthonys may want to let their opinion be known, she said.

    Sounds like Baez was the one who ‘misunderstood’ or didn’t ‘misunderstand anything’ and sic’d poor George on M. NeJ. George surely DID let his opinions be known– but WHY would Baez call George– in Canada that would be HIGHLY IMPROPER and worthy itself, of a complaint to the Bar Assn.

    More properly (IMH and layperson’s Opinion), Baez should have called the ATTORNEY for George and Cindy who would then, in turn ADVISE his client and if necessary, INSTRUCT his client how to proceed, with THE ATTORNEY calling Mr. NeJame for a meeting.

    Baez’s actions could come back to bite him if he attacks the parents in the defense strategy, as he should NOT contact persons who are REPRESENTED by a lawyer. That’s CONWAY’S job. Baez has no respect for his collegues, seems to me, IMHLO.

  4. Kleat says:

    A note about the photos– I’m going to make a leap here, to suggest what resolution we have in these copies, is much lower than the originals, especially in raw image form. The original photographs should have very high detail in the foliage and show it was wet.

    With the new hurricane season upon the area, those conditions could be replicated in the nearby area, so people can see how much visibility (blue sky reflection) could even be possible in that swamp.

  5. Kleat says:

    “NeJame said the pictures is to counter some people’s reports that the area was dry at the time.

    “This is to clarify any confusion,” he said. “The pictures are important for everybody – for justice, for seeking the truth.”

    Where does the ‘it was dry’ theory come from, at least whose benefit is it, to perpetuate a falsehood about the area? Caseys benefit. So guess where most likely those falsehoods come from?? Baez and team, and family and their cronies.

  6. silverspnr says:

    Midwest MOM #46

    The rules do apply.


    If a party cannot appropriately tailor a request, that is the fault of that party/counsel for said party.

    This is not a game of hide and seek.

    There are rules guiding the discovery process.

    Why am I not shocked that GA behaved as he did today.
    The Anthonys are incapable of controlling themselves.

    Off to Dragon Boat race practice down at Boat House Row.

    Stroke, Stroke, Stroke….

  7. notrial4casey says:

    Jose is desperate…. another avenue to his faint hope of any Defense disintegrating right b4 his eyes….
    What will CA and GA do when the State presents all of the evidence that they have against Casey?
    So obvious that they are running scared of the TRUTH.

  8. boo says:

    Wow, I wish Domo would read here what we say and freak.

  9. suz says:

    Honestly, wet or dry, i don’t think it makes a whit of difference. The part of the presser I heard said that Tim didn’t search that part of woods anyway, so isn’t it kind of a moot point?

  10. Kleat says:

    There is, in addition to the documents posted here, a 2 page letter dated August 20 (today) from Mark Nejame to Linda Drane-Burdock and Jose Baez,

    On page two, Mr. NeJame writes:

    “Also, out of courtesy for Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, I have copied Mr. Brad Conway.”

    So, no need for Baez to call George Anthony and get him worked up about this so-called IMPROPER (to quote Marty McKenzie on behalf of Baez) activity.

    Also, to the question of ‘seeing’ the water’, there is a little clarification available in Mn’J's letter:

    “Two things are quite notable about these photographs. The first is that they depict water conditions as they existed while the search was conducted. The pictures establish that the water levels were high and that land was submerged. These aerials show that the retention pons were full and that there was standing water throughout the area.”

    Mr. NeJame goes on to say ‘The dark patches throughout are water, which is consistent with Tim Miller’s position, as well as that of many others, which has seemingly been challenged.”

    I can see a couple of clear ‘black’ patches to which Mr. NeJame seems to be referring, especially in the photograph with most of the helicopter interior showing– third one above and on the right side of the story. Also noticeable are the ‘grey’ trees, seemingly dead? That could indicate regular flooding of the area to cause the die-off of some of the trees in a swamp area (but I don’t know for sure but seems reasonable)

    Mr. NeJame says: ‘Hopefully these pictures will clarify the apparent confusion or misunderstanding which some have. When the search was conducted, the areas where Caylee’s remains were found were still in water, which is why the search in that specific place was called off temporarily by Tim Miller. In fact, it appears that he was correct in his assessment to wait until water levels have subsided, which they did by the next month when Caylee was found.”

    (oh– I’m typing this out– so may be a typo or two– the source is:

    Continuing on page 1 of his letter, Mr. NeJame writes:

    “The second significant aspect of these photographs is how they depict a green wall of foliage which existed at the time. One could literally be within inches of an item and be blocked due to the thick and massive underbrush and foliage. Again, with the timing of December, there is a natural thinning of the dense growth, allowing for better visuals.”

    On page 2:
    “I am glad that Mr. Miller and I could assist as we all hopefully are working towards the truth in this most sad situation. There have apparently been some misunderstandings regarding the foliage and water levels and I’m sure this will assist in clarifying the misinformation.”

    And after Mr. NeJame advises that he has extended courtesy to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony by providing a copy to Mr. Brad Conway, he says “If you should have any concerns, please feel free to contact my office.”

    Well– Mr. Jose Baez certainly did find a unique way to ‘CONTACT’ Mr. NeJame’s office, didn’t he!! By USING George Anthony, getting him riled up and sending him (another lawyer’s client) off to do what he did. Baez knew he would inflame and upset George and set a certain degree of immediacy, perhaps panic, in George’s actions.

  11. notrial4casey says:

    Leaves me to wonder exactly what it was that Baez told GA to get him all riled up? What info does NeJames have that the A’s are so desperate to keep from being revealed?
    Is this another possible Bar Complaint against Baez?

  12. suz says:

    Does it strike anyone else odd that the title of the response to Baez’s motion is “Response to motion to certify TIMOTHY as a material witness…” (emphasis added). Timothy? Not Timothy Miller? Is that on purpose?

  13. ProvokingPoirot says:

    I watched the conference live today and for those of you that do not know….you can view the letter sent to the State and Defense AND Brad Conway, out of courtesy for the Anthonys…

    Mr. Nejames is a class act. I was able to hear George when he barged in on the presser and demanded Nejames speak with him ….the reporters were asking questions and suddenly there was an interruption…a man said, “I need to speak with you now!”. Mark said one moment, please and the same voice said “No Sir, I need to speak with you right now!”. By this time you all know Jose called George to “stir it up” and thus, my friends you have a prime example of someone regarded as outstanding or elegant in quality or performance (A Class Act = Mr. Nejames) vs. a person who amuses others by tricks, jokes, odd gestures and postures, etc. (A Buffoon = Baez). It was good to see Tim and Mark together as a team. It will be a very interesting couple of hours in the morning when we are able to watch the hearing. I, personally am hoping for a denial of all motions and I hope the State is ready with an answer for the last minute 90 page motion served today…and hopefully that will be denied…just so Jose can truly know what a “clown”….hey pick a word…..blockhead, antagonist, clodhopper, hayseed, lout, mucker, oaf, rube… because it sure isn’t AN ADVOCATE OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE.

    And sweet friend, Blink…this is not name calling…it is what it is. I say a prayer daily for God to keep you safe in your investigations…and that he will richly bless you in all your efforts.

    Would you like to see the picture of George barging in? Here you go…

    I so seldom see the word Rube and I giggle every time, thank you PP

  14. ProvokingPoirot says:

    Oh, sometimes, FEEDS fail…and I have found watching hearings “direct” from the Courtroom of Judge Strickland, without any commentary from media, is more to my liking…if FOX, etc., ever fail you, save this link to your Favorites –

    B R I L L I A N T.

  15. LRT says:

    I keep seeing skuttle all over the blogs where there was Gaves Wax on the wall in the Anthony’s Garage.
    Fact or Fiction???
    Thanks for your time.

    Fiction. YW

  16. loca says:

    baez continues to make a fool of himself to prove how inept he is!! he trips all over himself!! he is no johny cochran or nejame! as a new attorney he is not getting off to a good start. he is becoming the laughing stock of the blogs and media and not to mention all those seasoned attorneys who are probably snickering and making jokes behind his back. he needs to quit while he is still ahead. he hasnt been in practice for to long and it shows biggtime.
    I agree with everyone that thinks nejame is a class act truly is man is humble and classy in his presentation!! baez could take some lessons from him.

  17. sosad says:

    I’m wondering if Strickland will be having a private chat with Baez tomorrow………….

    No such thing- public, or sidebar, but both on the record. This is Conway’s flub, 100%, again.
    Who is counsel and who is the Client here? Very, very inappropriate and unprofessional. I was pizzed at the back ache call in, that was colorforms and weebles compared to this. Disappointing.
    Baez 1
    Conway -2


  18. Kleat says:

    wftv’s video report (headlined tonight at their site) is not very flattering about George barging in– and they have some video of his entry, at least you hear it, and George is painted as doing what the Anthony’s do when they don’t like info that’s being released, they create drama and focus attention on themselves and what they want.

  19. loca says:

    can you guys just visualize baez in his office with the door closed pulling his hair and spinning in circles!! trying to figure out what other strategies he can come up with!! he has alread tried to imlicate amy,jesse,zanieda and now tony who is next?
    I have seen many incompetent lawyers in my day but I gotta tell ya baez takes the cake. wonder what strickland will tell him tomorrow. baez wants so bad to make a name for himself that he is crossing all unprofessional ethical boundaries.

  20. boo says:

    #63 ProvokingPoirot. I like mucker myself but hayseed will do in a pinch. Thanks for the links.

  21. Joan (Canada) says:

    I’m appalled at the happenings today at the conference. Shouldn’t Baez have called Conway to inform him of whatever impoper things were going on at the press conference. I assume he called George and got him riled up and George took off for the press conference. Cindy must have contacted Conway to meet him there. In the photos I’ve seen Conway looks like a deer caught in the headlights. One more reason to show that Baez is truly an idiot. I somehow think that George is not going to make it to trial. I think he will crack.

  22. mdg says:

    Oh, I ‘heart’ Mark NeJame…’heart’…’heart’!!

    Does anyone remember that completely elegant,brilliantly faceted statement he issued upon leaving the Anthony team? The term ‘class act’ does not begin to do him justice.

    The difference between NeJame and Baez is staggering…It’s the cystallization of the distance between TES and the whole odorous Anthony clan…

  23. boo says:

    #70 Joan (Canada). Egg salad anyone?

  24. Gypsy DD says:

    Well..I just have to chime in here about today’s aborted press conference due to George’s antics.

    If you were ever in doubt about Casey’s team throwing George and Cindy under the was a pictorial example of how that will work. Baez knew George would rush in, look like a raving idiot with emotional and mental health issues…and that was enough for now.

    George was thrown into the Lyon’s den and Baez’ attempt to sabotage the press conference, as well as George’s current mental state. George is a loose cannon now..and everyone has seen his reaction. This was a set up by Baez.
    His office all but admitted that. Expect more of the same.

    Casey punished George and Cindy by murdering her her dream team damages them more by throwing them to the wolves in this case. Talk about setting a person up to look like a fool and an incompetent witness for the state….and the games have only just begun.

    And a 90 page motion for info they have already been denied on other occasions because it is not the courts jurisdication….it is Federal.
    What that says is Lyons has her students working on these doesn’t take 90 pages to make a point..and if I were Judge Strickland I would be very upset that they are taking up the courts time reading and answering 90 pages ..when the answer 3 times previous has been no..and that will not change. Talk about drama queens..Lyons should join a Rene Fair and call it a day.

    As far as Tim Miller goes..he has much better things to do then this. Talk about a slap in the face. And there is no directive here that says he was working for anyone other then Caylee and finding her. The A’s nor Baez paid him anything. And as far as requesting the court to have the names of all the volunteers turned over to them..we are talking hundreds of people that would be unlikely to volunteer for a search again…as well as many future volunteers on searches he conducts across the country. That would do more harm then good and there is no reason to have volunteers names , etc given out..they did not find Caylee.

    And as always a picture tells 1000 words..they couldn’t search the area in Nov when they were there it was under water..and Tim has said that same thing from day one..his story never changed..because he isn’t lying.

    DD, agreed as you know, but I think Marti Mackenzie perking up for Baez is making a statement without a statement, if you know what I mean.

  25. loca says:

    I think that george and cindy are literaly taxing mr conway! conway is definetely earning his keep with them two!! lee shows more class by staying out of the limelight. cindy is the instigator along with baez george is just the puppet.
    No. Immunity.

  26. loca says:

    does anyone know how long baez has been in practice and did I not hear it took him 6 times to pass the bar?? blink???

    Not true.

  27. Jan says:

    I love how classy and compassionate NeJame is with regard to G&C.

    On the flip side, I also love how flat dead on Kathi Belich of WFTV is. WFTV can usually be counted on to report the unvarnished truth. She hit the ball outta the park today with her recap of the presser, George’s behavior, and the aftermath of his powwow with NeJame.

  28. Kleat says:

    Interesting, Blink thanks– re: Baez 1, Conway -2. I was under the impression earlier, that George flew in solo, having spoken with Baez and taking off on his own, and only later Conway joined him– now I see that they barged in together!! You are so right… Conway has been pushing the bar for these clients… literally.

  29. Kleat says:

    loca, go back to read some of Blink’s articles– I think you will find a lot of info there, IIRC. (links to the left under this case, then select a name)

  30. boo says:

    Why would conway allow it? Did conway know what geo was going to do? And he actually allowed it to go down?

  31. NancyS says:

    Of all the comments on Baez, comparing Mark Nejume……

    I do believe that is why George contacted Mark Nejume in the first place as I do believe he wanted to get Nejume to represent KC and he would not and could not do it. He has stated that fact in public.

    As far as Conway, he seems to be a pretty naive player and has compassion but it is going to ruin him I think (maybe not) I think he feels some sort of input from Baez from them working together in the public defenders office years ago.

    I just wish Conway would break his ties with the whole bunch of them.

    My head is still spinning after all of this time of the people that are allowing themselves to be pulled in by KC? I just dont get it.
    It would be a little different if she were to do something or say something to at least make up a story on what happened to Caylee. This is all a modge podge on her part and needless to say KC, You are going on trial for murdering your daughter… the game is done and we are tired of it all…. WHERE IS THE LAWYER FOR CAYLEE? WHO IS STANDING FOR CAYLEE? we are that is who…. we are. I AM!

  32. Kleat says:

    each msm had it’s own view of today’s Georg-o-rama. I wish they would air what they have– so we know what was said when ‘the tete a tete’ was over in the backroom (1 hr, wasn’t it??).

    wdbo has another version of the words spoken– ‘bad information’ from Baez, was what they claim was said: wow– if NeJame actually said ‘bad information’, he must have been somewhat ticked at Mr. Baez for his latest ‘antics’, and why would Conway take Baez’s position without speaking to NeJame himself.

    “Anthony demanded NeJame speak with him in another room, and the two were joined by Anthony family attorney Brad Conway as they spoke away from the media.
    When NeJame returned, he said Mr. Anthony had been given bad information from Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez.
    Mr. Anthony agreed, but they both refused to discuss what the bad information was.”

    Mr. Nejame and Mr. Baez are not friends

  33. Kleat says:

    who is client and who is counsel? Well, you can bet Cindy won’t let ‘the boys’ go do her woman’s work, next time! Could Cindy have been pulling the Conway strings once AGAIN? (like the ‘we are NOT going to show up’ for our court date on the frivolous suit so Conway, tell a white-one)

    Blink, do you have bets on whether Conway will actually outlast the next ‘Anthony-O-rama drama’, which seems inevitable, after today? (George was absolutely successful! What are we talking about vs the photos and what they represent– we’re doing exactly what George wanted– he manipulated things by his antics, just as he tried every emotion, facial expression, outburst, in the books, during his Mn’M depo, to ‘control the deposition’ (so said Bill Schaeffer in his raw video evaluation of George’s behaviours of his depo on video).

  34. Kleat says:

    then he comes out and says he just wants to know what happened, he ‘has’ to know what happened (to Caylee)– if he wanted to know the truth, he needs to listen to the truth and not try to bully his way around to knock the truth out of the arena.

    I am holding my tongue.

  35. Kleat says: now has a video report, which shows George walking away from NeJame as he holds a door open for him, then George turns back (almost like he’s pacing– wants to tell his story to the media maybe instead?) — then he goes with NeJame. The reporter said she talked to George, and he said he was upset about the ‘timing’. Also she said the meeting was ‘intense’. Timing? Let the version that everything was nice and ‘dry’ stay unchallenged for tomorrow’s hearing on whether to allow all the TES records to be turned over? It’s important for the judge to know that TES did not search that area, and why not.

    Also, this report said that Conway joined George in the meeting about 10 minutes in.

  36. NancyS says:

    okay I just got done reading the motion to suppress LP, Rob and Tracy from testifying or making any statements.
    I have practiced a little law in my time (lol) and I was REALLY good at contracts and the lingo.

    Well are there any other attorneys on this blog that have read Baez motion on saying that Leonard and associates cannot testify as it is breach in attorney/client priveledge? hehe
    I have to laugh as Tony, Rob, Leonard and Tracy WERE NOT employed by BAEZ at all whatsover, they ONLY bailed her out and were there at the house protecting their own interest, not his or his clients.
    I cannot believe he would even waste the courts time on this..

    I am wondering who will be there representing, LP, Tracy, Rob and Tony?

    it will be interesting if nothing else is?

    It is my understanding the State is handling the motion and plans to argue their objection, it is laughable, I was thinking about sending my 10 year old. But then, he might have a shot, so I reconsidered.

  37. NancyS says:

    OH and just to add (can you tell I am aggravated at this waste of time?)

    Does Baez think that he is smarter than all of us that actually read and follow up on facts?
    This actually looks like my work in school looked like…hehe
    Maybe KC did this in her spare time?

    OH I am really agitated tonite over all this…. oh he is so idiotic?

  38. silverspnr says:

    MeThinks Conway knows not what he is in for/what he is already too far behind the curve to catch up on. (And yes, I just ended that fragment of a sentence with a preposition).

    Respectfully mon frier, I think the opposite. I think he knows, I think he is treading water, or deserves what he gets.

  39. Kleat says:

    The one point that really sticks out like a sore thumb in MNJ’s response to motion re: subpoena duces tecum, is in paragraph 4, final sentence. (second page in the graphic sets above)

    Hitting that point home once AGAIN, not to be lost on Judge Stan as the attorneys from all corners, not just the state, have concerns about the ‘who’s who in the defense funding scheme’.

    “If this Honorable Court is inclined to grant this deficient application, TES respectfully requests that Defendant provide TES with adequate and sufficient advanced funds in order to gather and provide this information and verification that the advanced funds have come from a permissible source.”

  40. Midwest MOM says:

    Do we know what is in the 90 page motion? That seems like a lot of pages

    Silverspnr- How could it be called a fishing expedition or unduly burdensome? Normally,I would agree with you. however, A child has been murdered and there could be people out there that do creepy things JUST to be part of the search process. PLUS there was a known registered pedophile at the TES Jay blanchard park search!

    It would be hypocritical of me to be an advocate of children then say “ya know, lets just close our eyes on this one and let this one go, because we all know the mother did it!” there has been way too much of that since That 911 call. Everyday I am growing increasingly aware that this case is not what it may appear.

    Blink I agree with you, I would assume the defense would have some idea on what it is they are questioning and be able to pin it down to reasonable request.

    Unfortunately, I do not know how the process works with the search volunteers. I have always thought that when a volunteer finds a body, that they are then utilized in a case for their account of the crime scene, similar to Kronk, but maybe not. IMO it wouldn’t deter people from searching. People who volunteer for a cause are passionate about their purpose, as it should be.

    IMO both sides are playing games, never can tell who is antagonizing who, and they are both are equally annoying. A press conference? Couldn’t the “clarification” wait till the trial?

  41. lily says:

    Midwest MOM – I can tell you for sure that I would not volunteer for search missions in very high profile cases if I had one thought that my life and family might be opened up and examined down to the last detail by the press, the attorneys and every blogger with connections and spread all over the media like what has happened to Kronk, and Casey’s former friends. NO WAY.

    This is for me also the issue, it is a blow to volunteerism.

  42. dee says:

    Are the actions of GA today what we can expect at trial????? I can only imagine the outbursts during the trial when ALL the evidence comes rolling out…

    I understand that the Anthony’s are State witnesses, I think that means they won’t be sitting in the court room until “After they testify” is that correct???? will they be allowed sit in to hear all the witnesses after they testify??? How does that work? How long would that last…really no need for Baez, the A’s can throw out all the Objections.

    GA is on the edge, I understand his frustration and anguish but actions like these can only hurt his daughter IMO, Could Baez be setting the A’s up to look like clowns to take the focus of his client, one might wonder, Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Amazing Baez, enjoy his smoke and mirror show it is only going to get better. Ringling Bro’s have nothing on this 3 ring circus.

    What a nightmare for all the professionals envolved in this, I realy have to give a round of applause to the Prosecution, LE, TES Tim Miller and Mark Nejame and the decent way in which they carry themselves..maybe the A’s and Baez can take note of how to act by these folks…oh and Brad I think you are a nice guy, I think it is time for you to follow suit with Mark Nejame and bail while the gettin’s good….

    Got to go!!! gotta get my JuJu Beans and Popcorn and get ready for the show!

  43. dee says:

    what did Brad say in the interview ” it’s going to be a Long Long search for the truth” not so much Brad, everyone all ready knows the truth the Anthony’s need to just try to find away to except it. Sad as it is they need to except it and move forward they are peddling backwards up a steep hill and they aren’t going to make it to the top unless the folks around them quit enabling them and stop denying the truth of this horrific stiuation.

    I feel for the Anthony’s for the loss of their grandchild but that is about as far as it goes, someone needs to sit them down give them the information as it is and let them heal, and then let justice take its course.

  44. westsidehudson says:



    Conway was given the courtesy of a copy by NeJame. He saw no problem with it, and had no way to know, or expect, George’s troublesome behavior.

    {booquote}Why would conway allow it? Did conway know what geo was going to do? And he actually allowed it to go down?{booendquote}

    This is spin. And damage control. Baez should not have contacted George Anthony directly, he should have called Conway. They had to say something about the questionable conduct of Baez bypassing the Anthonys’ attorney.

    {quoteCJudy} from the Orlando Sentinel…
“Jose Baez’s spokeswoman, Marti Mackenzie, said the defense team did contact George Anthony and his attorney about the news conference.He and the defense team felt the press conference and the release of the photos were improper,” she said. The Anthonys may want to let their opinion be known, she said.”{endquoteCJudy}


    I’m going to reiterate what I believe “the bad information” was. Earlier in the day, yesterday, CF News 13 posted an inaccurate lede on the topic or scope of the NeJame presser:

    “The original post of CF News 13:
    NeJame, Miller To Reveal All In Anthony Case
 Thursday, August 20, 2009 11:02:19 AM
    Reported ByJacqueline Fell
    ORLANDO — The former attorney for the Anthony family is revealing more about what he knows in the Casey Anthony case.


    I believe Baez read the post, flipped out, called George and told him that he better get to NeJame and remind him of the attorney-client privilege, and to not reveal “ALL” that he knows in the case. George reacted without much thought and went to the presser. Cindy probably found out what George was up to and contacted Conway. That’s why I believe that Conway showed up a little later. He was ‘out of the loop’. Or perhaps, as an afterthought, Baez’s office contacted Conway.

    Baez made a horrible move, in my opinion, because George’s actions speak loudly to Casey’s guilt, and Baez comes across as the ‘puppet master’ of the Anthonys. Anything shared between Baez and the Anthonys is not bound by the attorney-client privilege, so he better be thoughtful of what he manipulates in the future.

  45. westsidehudson says:

    # 90 Midwest Mom

    NeJame offered to release the names of the limited group that searched in the area near the remains site. That should be adequate for the purposes of this trial, and also anticipated by those involved.

  46. WendyLee says:

    According to history data on Weatherunderground, the total rainfall accumulation from August 1 2008 to December 1 2008 was 21.54 inches. This included Hurricanes Fay and Gustav.

  47. Carolyn S from Maryland says:

    Ms. Lyons stated that this case was to be a project for her class this semester. I know it is done, but I wonder that it nudges the edge of ethics? Silverspnr?
    Mr. Conway will come out of this one way or another with name recognition. His standards are apparantly not as high as Mr. Nejame’s standards. Mr. Nejame was too professional to state the obvious, but I think he quit because he realized that the Anthony’s were determined to do what they wanted to do and would not take his advice.
    And Midwest Mom – the reputation of Tim Miller’s organization is on the line here with the innuendos and rumors that have been circulating implying that the area was searched multiple times and nothing was found. If that was true, then TE, by not revealing this information has become part of the railroad job the defense is claiming that LE is running on their client.
    His organization survives on donations and donations come from people who trust the organization to be unbiased. He cannot afford to wait until the trial for the truth to be laid out. the longer rumors are allowed to circulate, the harder they are to refute.
    The FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT part of the defense strategy will be to convince the jury that law enforcement fixed on Casey and refused to consider any other possibility. I don’t think that will be very hard to do because people love conspiracies. the NEXT thing will be to throw mud all over the place and make vague but graniose claims putting other people in the picture. (I do agree that George will be a main target). It won’t be necessary to convince people that someone else did it, if they can convince the jury that the police didn’t investigate properly. That is probably their best chance at reasonable doubt.
    the reputation of TE for unbiased and objective work will be crucial to the state’s case, and crucial for TE’s future.

  48. [...] FL– If yesterday’s antics at the press conference of attorney for the search group Texas Equusearch, Mark Nejame, were a precursor to this mornings [...]

  49. silverspnr says:

    Midwest Mom-

    Being a child advocate does not blind me to the rule of law.

    A party seeking documents is required to follow the Rules of Procedure in order to obtain them.

    The issue I highlighted concerns the SCOPE of the request, not the request itself, necessarily.

    However, having said that–

    Here- there are also threshold issues (jurisdiction and materiality).

  50. westsidehudson says:

    I think that this episode of Jose Baez contacting George Anthony directly, and utilizing him as, in essence, an agent of his office to deal with issues regarding Casey’s case, will preclude the defense from using the Anthonys as ‘fall guys’ in the future. The defense will not seem credible in blaming the Anthonys, after clearly working in concert for the purposes of restricting information. The jurors will have to consider the chumminess of the relationship.

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