Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Baez Motionfest in Court This Morning

Orlando, FL– If yesterday’s antics at the press conference of attorney for the search group Texas Equusearch, Mark Nejame, were a precursor to this mornings motions hearing, it should prove to be a long day.

Exactly what pending motions are slated to be heard as there are several before the court at this time, remains to be seen, however, all have been initiated on behalf of the defense team Jose Baez and Andrea D. Lyon.

It is presumed the court will hear: Motion to delay the economic charges against Casey Anthony, motion response on behalf of TES Founder Tim Miller to be certified as a witness in the criminal case, Motion of 90 pages regarding evidence tested by the FBI (insert yawn). Motion regarding Anthony Lazzaro phone records, motion regarding Dominic Casey records and motion to preclude Leonard Padilla, Tony Padilla, Tracy Mclaughlin and Rob Dick from testifying as prosecution witnesses. Motion for anything I forgot.

Strap in. Ride starts at 9:30AM EST, live feed here:

Mark Nejame, Todd Macaluso, Andrea Lyon Argue TES Motion 

First Up-Mark Nejame vs. Andrea Lyon TES motion 10:18 AM

White shoes. Repeat. White shoes in court. Got the petty out of the way, thanks for indulging me.

Mark presents to his Honor, Stan Strickland, the vast problematic issues with a broad request, which could encompass 4000 different individuals.

Andrea Lyon argued this is not a fishing expedition, it is the equivalent of the defense relying on the “Trust Me”  argument on behalf of the state. They are not looking to expose people’s personal information. Ms. Lyon went on say the defense is willing to hang out at Mark’s office until they get what they need.

Judge Strickland in recent receipt of the answer, deferring ruling upon review in short order. 

Jose Baez Argues Tony Lazzarro phone records 

Baez argues Lazzarro was served, and that the motion has been narrowed and only received response yesterday at 4PM.

AttorneyJay, for Tony Lazzarro, argues he was not served either, was notified by a third party as to ammended motion. Jay agrees to requesting the 6 week period of records from AT &T, but is not optimistic he will be able to. Furthermore, the materiality of the defense request post July 15, 2008, has not been shown. All communication had ceased by then.

Judge Strickland grants a portion of the defense request, June 1 through September 2008, within 30 days.

Jose Baez Argues Motion to Preclude Leonard, Tony, Tracy and Rob

 Baez calls George Anthony. Casey begins weeping openly. George discusses his interaction with the team.

Linda points out Mr. Padilla puts up $50k  bond, so how is it he was unaware that his intention was to find his grandaughter. George is doubletalking that they volunteered to provide security only once she was out. Jim Campbell, was the retired LE officer was staying at the home at the time. Mr. Baez had to be present when any person spoke to Casey or was around her, if he were not, a family member had to be present at all times.

George states he knew nothing about the privacy arrangements they agreed to. Linda pointed out there were several people that could have transported Casey back and forth, and that they requested this service. 

Ms. Drane Burdick presented the audio interviews of Leonard, Rob, and Tracy, about 3 hours worth which the Judge will review. She requested an original copy of the signed agreements for all parties.

*Secret*.. What Baez presented as the true and correct copies of the executed agreements by all parties is NOT.. Ms. Burdick is aware of this

Judge Strickland points out that Baez has had well over a year to file a temporary restraining order as Padilla as he has been “breaking that agreement” all over TV under this argument.

Ms. Drane Burdick argued Baez motion is essentially a gag order, and their has been no agency established, they posess the burden to establish privlege in the first place.

Oral agreement was hatched upfront between all parties, and prior to the written agreement. The agreement to provide security was a condition of posting the bond in the first place.

BAM… What I eluded to, Tony Padilla did not SIGN that agreement in the motion.  Hello, Florida Bar, please hold… 

I am intentionally shortening this segment, The State ate his lunch, and I have no clue why, but ruling deferred.

Motion to Determine a Trial Date Check Fraud

The state argues the check issues are relegated to specific dates and feels although witnesses may overlap, there is not an issue as to hearing testimony in the murder case. Baez is the only attorney on the docket of the case. The victim, Amy Huizenga, is asserting her right as a victim for the matter to be concluded. As an alternative, the State advises they are willing to go the bench trial route, which would allay the concerns altogether.

Ms. Lyon argues it is not their position it should never be tried and it is the states fault for seeking the death penalty in the murder case. Ms. Lyon sugested the state postpone the check fraud charges 60–90 days behind the murder charge.

Judge Strickland is considering this ruling as well

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  1. CB says:

    Maura, thanks so very much!!(((((__)))))’s

  2. CB says:

    Maura, those are hugs’s.

  3. boo says:

    #673 Silver and Blink…..OMG, ROTFL.

  4. SuzeeB says:

    Kleat and Dee

    Baez says “Absolutely” all the time. I wonder who got it from you?

  5. chica says:
    this is realy interesting to listen to because it explains that george failed to meet with richard grund because controlling cindy put the halts.

  6. chica says:

    what do you guys think after relistening to the richard grund youtube video!!

  7. Kleat says:

    yup, chica– says a LOT about what was really going on and how rude George can be too. He could have called Grund and called off the meeting. (haven’t listened to it again– but know what games Geo was playing).

    Suzee, absolutely.

  8. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    I listened to that interview with Ricard Grund and wonder the following.
    Why did CA go to the back room and remind GA that Richard and his wife were there?
    Why did GA come out in his “shorts” the way Richard G. said “shorts” I was thinking underwear.
    and the big question..we have all heard rumors GA drinks could he have been sleeping one off and forgot Richard was there?

  9. wpgmouse says:

    #691 Maura

    Good evening, Maura.
    Do you have a record, per discovery, of GA’s work timecard for June 16?
    Thank you.

  10. Maura says:

    709 wpgmouse

    Yes, George’s timecard for that week was released in discovery, but it was in a file with a hodgepodge of unrelated documents. I saved the entire .pdf file in several versions on my computer to indicate the contents. Because I changed the file name for my own convenience, I no longer remember what the name of the file was when the media released it. It’s been released, but I cannot provide a link to the original URL for that file or even remember what the date the file released by the media. Sorry.

    All the printed discovery for this case is on Docstoc.

  11. melissa says:

    ULTIMATE DREAM TEAM: Blink, Silverspnr, Maura! That’s riiiiight folks, ALL women! I have an idea…why don’t the three of ya’ll write a book on the Anthony/Sheddy cases commenting as you do here or use some of your brillian BOC posts and start your own org with the proceeds from the book? Blink, can you imagine what you and your colleagues could do on a nationl level with more funds, access to more people and resources? I know with 1,000,000% certainty that everyone here agrees with me!!!!! Mr. Blink and chilluns must be considered first but you are exactly what the missing, forgotten and wronged need. Of course, my Darlin’ Red must be on the board!

  12. nickel says:

    Agreed on the WOW!! for Maura#691. I know this is not going to come out right but does anyone else see the insanity of the way Casey was ruling that house!! I know we all do and it makes our heads spin. As i read post #691 the thing that really struck me was the late, late night and early, early morning calls made between Casey and Cindy. All hours of the night/morning. Can’t really get a grip on what i am trying to say so i will end it now before i sound even more d.u.m.b. Sorry. Another great post Maura..

  13. martha says:

    lily—-i feel the way you do. i have just been reading and not responding because of all the great posts. it is amazing. i hardly know what time I get up in the morning let alone be able to figure out what the Anthonys are doing. i am glad there are people out there that can do that to represent Caylee.

  14. SelfC in Orlando says:

    Martha #714, I know where you’re coming from. Me, too. But I keep reading and reading here and slowly I’m absorbing some of what I’m learning. Blink, thank you so very much for your time and effort in maintaining this site and thank you to all the posters. This case has affected me like no other before it— I pray for little Caylee every night and pray that this nightmare will soon be over and Casey and her family will be exposed for what/who they really are.

  15. SelfC in Orlando says:

    Padilla Tapes May Be Released In Casey Case
    Posted: 4:54 pm EDT September 2, 2009
    Updated: 5:10 pm EDT September 2, 2009

    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — New tapes could be released as early as Friday in the case against Casey Anthony. They are recordings of bounty hunter Leonard Padilla and his team.

    Investigators interviewed them in California last year and there are more than three hours of recordings.

    The defense tried to stop the release of the tapes by saying Padilla was part of their team. However, a judge shot that down and approved the release.

  16. Carol in Orlando says:

    Request For New Trial Date Granted In Casey Case
    A judge granted the state’s request for a new trial date Thursday in the case
    against Casey Anthony.


  17. Carol in Orlando says:

    Request For New Trial Date Granted In Casey Case
    A judge granted the state’s request for a new trial date Thursday in the case
    against Casey Anthony.


  18. Carol in Orlando says:

    Well, the link won’t copy and paste.

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