Caylee/Casey Anthony Case EXCLUSIVE: New Prosecution Witness Sean Henady

Indiana– Last Wednesday, attorney for Texas Equusearch, Mark Nejame, released a few aerial images that in their opinion prove that the area where 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony was under water at the time of the last search.

Today, in newly released discovery by the State’s Attorney’s Office, we see the aerial imagery expert responsible for that footage makes the witness list for the prosecution.


Sean Henady, tapped personally by TES founder Tim Miller, spoke exclusively today to blinkoncrime. This will be his only statement regarding the Caylee Anthony case until it’s conclusion.

In August and again in November of 2008, my services were requested by Texas Equusearch for aerial mapping in their efforts to locate missing toddler Caylee Anthony. In November only, my participation expanded to asissting with coordination of the search effort on the ground. 

The complete case file, which includes information and Imagery from my office, has been provided to both the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the defense counsel for Casey Marie Anthony as mandated by the discovery process. Every Image from my office was marked “Confidential Not For Public Distribution.”

Sean Henady, President Aerial Image Corp, 3 View Technologies

 Henady, together with 12 year missing persons veteran and former director of Missing and Exploited Childrens program Mandy Albritton, recently co-founded 3 View Search Services.

3 View, a non profit organization, is a premier law enforcement support vehicle to provide resources and assets to emergency services teams and to facilitate search and recovery efforts.  

Currently, 3VSS resources are only available at the request of the law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction in a missing persons case. 3VSS is chaired by former Congressman Nick Lampson, founder of The Missing and Exploited Childrens caucus in Washington, DC. Leonard “Len” Wilson is the organizations Chief Executive Officer.

Henady and his team of imaging experts worked extensively on the Stacy Peterson , Brittanee Drexel,  and Corrie Anderson cases

In 2005, missing Indianna man Charles Ricky was located exclusively by Henady’s aerial images taken over a quarry he was ultimately recovered in.

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  1. westsidehudson says:


    I think that they have been communicating, but not in any manner that the public or officials can review. Whether via laptop, or verbally, Baez is surely passing along messages, although they may be carefully constructed to suit his purposes. We have seen Baez act as puppet master to George, calling him and provoking him to storm into NeJame’s press conference.

    If any mail goes to or from the jail, directly, or a face to face meeting is video-taped, I suspect that the whole dance will have been choreographed ahead of time by the defense; questions and answers, comments and actions, emotions, etc.

    # 440-Kleat it was …my client says she is “NOT GUILTY”….big step.
    Anyway, your observations in court were spot on. WTH is going on?

    {Kleat}”Maybe they NEED to let Casey know their true feelings, uncensored by the Baez patrol. Maybe they want to plead with her to tell the truth, that they want to save her. Baez has seemingly controlled all of their letters to Casey, maybe they write and scan the letters, which he can then edit and show to Casey on his laptop, which is not contraband, and then take a letter out of the jail in return, next visit.”{Kleat}

    I hope that you are right, and that this is genuine. I have become suspect of everything.

    # 446- The post is thoughtful and sad. Thanks for re-humanizing the situation.
    # 445-Shelly-lol!

  2. Lori says:

    Maybe I’m totally off on this but my feeling has always been that it’s Casey herself that doesn’t want contact with her parents. IMO, she cannot see them because they now know what she’s done and she doesn’t want any contact with them. If it was so that Baez was responsible for keeping them away, why would Casey virtually ignore them in court? She doesn’t give them a glance or any acknowledgement if she can help it.

    any thoughts?

    They are trying to pre empt her for the bus positioning, whose head will be under the tire?

    Speaking of “tire” I am so tired of these games with these people.

  3. Mix from NC says:

    So it first starts off that the Nanny took Caylee…..well, that fell thru. Now she was taken from Casey at the Blanchard Park…well, that fell thru as well. Now, it’s Jesse who may have taken her. Now in #218, Blink you say she’s going to finger one or both of her parents who will in turn plead the 5th. Does that not point to “Guilty” right off the bat? Giving a testimony and not “sticking to it”? Casey signed a sworn affidavit about the Nanny story & Sawgrass Apts & that was WHAT HAPPENED….Just confess and get this over with and give Caylee the justice she so deserves. That entire family is wasting everyone’s time, money and efforts to save their lying, cheating, stealing daughter. For what? I hope George, Cindy and Lee read this, and let everything soak in about what is being said, done, investigated on, etc. You reap what you sow, Anthony’s. What goes around, comes around I say.

    Points to Reasonable doubt, which is the goal.

  4. suz says:

    Re: the Baez thing, could it be standard for a defense atty to want to isolate his client from witnesses for the prosecution, which is what Geo and Cindy are, after all?

  5. Doselady says:

    I have always felt that Casey killing Caylee may have had to do with the issue of potty training and or wetting the bed. Casey lost her temper and “accidently” killed Caylee and then the lies began. IIRRC she had a book about child rearing and tantrums etc were marked with post its. I also thiank that Caylee seing able to talk better and converse about what was really going on in their lives would get back to C+G and cause more problems than Casey could deal with. The lies would be exposed and the source of the speak had to be silenced.

  6. ChicagoJudy says:

    Just watched the link posted above in #446. I like to rewatch these videos. Was so glad to hear that C was able to get a good night’s sleep the night before. Does she not have nightmares? You can see the anguish in her parents’ faces — the lack of sleep, not eating. But she seems to be doing just fine. If she could just get out of there and go home, everything would be jim dandy. That young woman is truly one-in-a-million — and not in a good way!!

  7. Mrs C Hop says:

    Question relating to the recent headlines in this case. If contraband=felony and letters=contraband and Baez has openly and publicly stated he is passing letters from Anthony’s to his client and Anthony’s also confirm he is and has been doing this for some time…WTH??? No repercussion for these actions?? What, he didn’t know better? LOL

  8. suz says:

    doselady, I am leaning towards the “young mother who snapped” theory, which is one of the common causes of mothers who kill their children. Tantrums could definitely play a part in that. One of the symptoms, if you will, is mothers who have reported that they feel they are on the edge of a breakdown or fearful they might harm their children, and when those warning signs are missed or ignored, it has a really tragic outcome like this case. We know that casey had in the past told one or two people that she thought she should be committed for awhile, and that she was a bad mother. When there is suffocation (think duct tape) it is sometimes the mom making a hugely wrong effort to silence a child who won’t stop crying or carrying on.

    I know that theory doesn’t play well to the DP-hungry crowd who want or need it to be premeditated, but it’s a real thing that happens in real life, and to me there are signs pointing towards this. It certainly doesn’t excuse her from guilt, but it might explain why this horrible thing happened.

  9. ChicagoJudy says:

    Just heard the Padilla tapes will be released on Friday. And the reward check for $35,000 for Haleigh’s return has been cut. Busy afternoon — if it’s all true.

    Yes, thanks. Lordy. I hear that $35K is a firestorm.

  10. Dondura Miller says:

    If, in a rage, Casey put her hands over Caylees mouth and nose to keep her from crying for Cindy(re: the big fight on 6/15)..there would be no proof on the bones. The hyoid would be useless. Only if Caylee had been found before advanced decomp would they know this. I honestly think that she was killed this way and Casey then put the body in the hamper she had in the trunk till there was decomp.(2.6 days later). Then she double bagged her and before her car was dumped at the parking lot(in hopes that the smell would go away in a few days), dumped the baby in the field so she could make sure no one found the body and she could watch from home. Casey knew about animal damage as she had buried her animals in the same place and knew that if she bided her time, there would be nothing left of Caylee ..she honestly figured that if there was no body she would get away with it. She had always gotten away with her crimes before(remember that no one ever took her to task for anything before), so why not now?? I truly and honestly think Casey believes that she is going to get away with this, that’s why she is acting like this..

  11. lily says:

    I know all of the Haleigh talk is off topic – but I just read on FirstCoastNews that Ron’s attorney is saying there was a misunderstanding and Ron doesn’t know where Haleigh is.

    No surprise.

  12. BEES KNEES says:

    Shelly, thank you for saying such sweet and wonderful things to me. I feel all puffed up about myself now! HA!!! I just feel honoured to be amidst all the brain power and in this wonderful and respectful atmosphere. It just can’t get any better than this!

  13. Kleat says:

    Yes, Dondura, if Casey has told her attorney that she is innocent (well how many murderers don’t try that), and if she has said she will stick to that no matter what, if Baez believes that he knows who did the crime/accidental death or had a hand in it, he should bring that out in the open, but if not, it’s a trial ploy. Maybe Andrea Lyon figures Casey’s best choice is to play the ‘innocent’ and blame someone else and if that’s their only choice with this client, maybe there’s a reason they are doing it ‘early’ vs later after investigations are completed. (unless in their ongoing investigations, they are patsy-hunting only).

    Can you imagine the harm that continues to be done to Casey’s grandparents on both sides, and this will only escalate and probably do the elderly people in, as they have no escapes, no releases from what could become an all out attack on their own children, Cindy and George. No stress release for the elderly grandparents of Ms. Casey. Does Ms. Lyon even care if she adds a death sentence to these people? Not likely.

  14. Kleat says:

    WSH, why on earth would we be cynical of things– other than this case breeds cynicism and suspicion out of Cindy/Geo duo and Baez’s core behaviours– and all the tag-alongs of MIlsteads and the Blacks and the Garrisons, etc.

  15. Maura says:


    The first mention of the Blanchard Park abduction story (that I am aware of) is in Cindy’s FBI interview of July 30.

  16. Sue says:

    #464 – Kleat – This is a cast of seedy characters, for sure. When you have a collective bunch like this, what usually happens is that they all have “something” on eachother, and there is usually a price ($$) attached. At some point, peace and harmony amongst the cast members will make way to “what’s in it for me to reveal what I know?” And what price will it pay me? Then this tight little cast of characters are no longer contained, the unity is weakened, and the threat that some truth will come out is very real.

    No one can keep the secrets involved in this case for long. It seems as if everything is in favor of the defense at this point, while the prosecution dutifully plugs away with their case and the defense gets away with their little games. IMO the tide will turn and it will change the direction of this case. Someone in this cast of characters is going to spill what they know and it will be a bombshell.

  17. Kleat says:

    Hi, got signed up for the forum, do I need an invitation before finding the group on SL? Thanks!

  18. Maura says:


    At 2:29 in the following video is a photo of Caylee sitting on Casey’s bed. There’s no date, but Caylee’s hair is very short and her face is quite babyish. I would guess the photo was taken in mid-to-late 2006. The arrangement of the furniture is exactly as it is in the December 2008 LE photos of Casey’s room (the nightstand in the corner to the left of the bed and nothing is blocking the wall mirror).

    If the link doesn’t work, go to YouTube and search for a video titled “UnSpokenable Angel: The Caylee Anthony Story” posted by PinkStarGirl96. The video title is regrettable, but the photos are good.

    The arrangement of furniture in that old circa 2006 photo is identical to the arrangement of the room during Local 6’s exclusive in-house interview with Cindy on November 19. Cindy and reporter Jessica D’Onofrio are sitting on Casey’s bed, and the furniture placement is the same as in the December 2008 LE photos taken three weeks later (dresser in front of the window, green window covering, etc.).

    You can see the December 2008 LE photos of Casey’s room in a slideshow on the WESH website. The slideshow photos are definitely from December 2008 because the CSIs were quite obviously piling items on the bed at various times and taking close-ups of heart-shaped sticker and sticker sheets.

    I am not including the links for the news websites because I know from experience that too many hyperlinks in one comment means the comment will vanish. The Local 6 interview still shots are on the website (Google “Jessica D`Onofrio Interview with Cindy November 19” and you’ll pull up the link). The December 2008 CSI photos are on the website in a slideshow titled “Images: Inside the Anthony Home.”

    My opinion is that Cindy moved the furniture around (and removed the dark green window covering and floor clutter) to make the room look bigger and brighter for the August 5 Greta: On the Record cameras. When Greta asked her if the room looked as it always looks, IMO Cindy lied to Greta because the truth was that in its usual configuration, the room looks cramped and dark.

    You can tell the bed isn’t usually pushed into the corner the way it was in the Greta interview because the headboard is partly blocking the window and is covering the bottom 6-8 inches of the wall mirror. I don’t see how anyone could possibly make that bed in the morning without pulling it away from the wall and then pushing it back into place after straightening out the linens. And it’s rather strange that in addition to blocking the bottom of the wall mirror at the front of the bed, there’s a mounted hat rack directly above the side of the bed that is pushed against the wall.

    On the wall above the headboard in the “LE photo” placement of the furniture, a group of framed photos are arranged in a way to form a design that is centered over the headboard when the bed is in its usual (non-Greta) position. That’s another clue that Cindy only moved the bed for her first national TV audience.

    I don’t believe the furniture was moved around to hide a missing section of carpet or that Caylee’s body was under Casey’s bed or hidden anywhere else in the house. I do believe Cindy lied because she didn’t want to admit to Greta that she had altered the room to make a better impression on Greta’s viewers.

    For people who haven’t watched the old Greta interview, it’s on YouTube and the Fox website. I bookmarked the two-part interview that was posted on YouTube by bigjuicykungfu. The videos are titled “caylee marie anthony greta otr 1” and “caylee marie anthony greta otr 2.”

  19. dee says:

    “I asked Padilla if he had any suggestions. He responded by offering his help to Misty if she wanted it.

    Padilla suggested taking her away from her surroundings for safety reasons–perhaps flying her to Canada in order to get some straight answers and to provide her an attorney.”

    Blink I know you said it before, sorry for the break in subject matter, but I had to share this, Why would LP want to take Misty to Canada?


    NO CLUE, except the attorney part, I do believe she needs one and it would help if she were actually willing to talk.

  20. westsidehudson says:

    # 468-

    I think that Padilla referencing Canada, implying a ‘quiet Siberia’, far far away from Florida, where a subject might answers questions, is just typical Padilla hyperbole.

  21. westsidehudson says:

    Sorry I was responding to # 469, not 468

  22. westsidehudson says:

    might ‘answer’ questions…correction. Perhaps I speak english, but can’t write it. I would have a good excuse if it were my second language!

  23. dee says:

    sorry for the break in subject matter, just came across this, found it a little strange, well maybe not where LP is concerned :-)

  24. Kleat says:

    WSH, and a guarantee she’d stay in Canada if she has killed the child or planned/hired and could face death penalty as she would not be extradited if the dp were involved.

  25. westsidehudson says:

    Judge will set Casey Anthony’s check-fraud trial date in near future,0,5656942.story

    “This Court cannot justify making the victim wait even longer to have this matter resolved,” Strickland wrote. “Therefore, in the coming days the Court will set this matter for pretrial and trial.”

  26. Mariann says:

    WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO The judge ruled on the motion for the check fraud………

  27. ChicagoJudy says:

    Question: Has there been any mention lately about the defense team or any friend/relative/associate of the Anthony family who is actually out searching for Caylee’s murderer? I vaguely remember a while back that Cindy said something about it, but I can’t remember what she said. Is Dominick Casey still employed by the A’s? Is he looking for the real killer? We know that LE isn’t out there because they have the person behind bars. But if I was convinced, as the A’s are, that my daughter was innocent, I’d certainly be out there every day looking for the real perpetrator of this crime. Has anybody seen/heard anything about this? Thanx.

  28. Todd in Tulsa says:

    #458 Excuses are given by those in situations such as these who don’t want to accept responsibility for their actions and push blame onto anything and anyone other than themselves. I am not going to be one of those who “tries to get to know the offender, try to get inside their head so I can “understand” how and why this happened.” This is typical of those who commit crimes, and then to lessen the damage or attempt to not be held responsible for their actions, they bring up their past, “Oh, I was abused”, “I had an alcoholic father”, “I had PTSD”. It does not matter. Their are alot of people with those same kinds of pasts, and they don’t wind up physically ending someone’s life all in the name of “I’m a victim, not my fault”

  29. Todd in Tulsa says:


  30. westsidehudson says:


    Kleat, with (whatever) due respect to Padilla, I don’t believe he has your analytical skills. But that is a great point!

  31. PAMELA says:

    MAURA – Can you post the link to the Greta interview showing Casey’s room on the Fox site? I’ve been searching Fox (their search engine is pathetic) for over 30 min. and can’t get it to link.

    Thanks so much for all you do

  32. PAMELA says:

    Maura – I am at work and can’t get on utube do to company filters by the way. Thats why I need the Greta link
    Just didn’t want you to think I was lazy LOL

  33. Shelly says:

    Maura, Thank you for your post. We knew you would add insight and information to get to the bottom of this! Sending Maura a great big Blinker hug from all!

    Kleat, go to the VRhack site and send SHELLY a private message or just post your Second Life name on the forum. Copy and paste it if you can.

    Second Life will let you chose a sign in name if it’s not taken. But they make you chose from a list of second names. It takes both names to signin to Second Life, then we add you to the Virtual Juror group.

    The cornfield is a secret area for only us Blinkers. We’ll get you there!
    TO ALL:

    Once added to the Virtual Jurior group.

    In top left of your Second Life screen click on EDIT.

    Find GROUPS from drop down.

    Click on groups and highlight VIRTUAL JUROR from the box that comes up.

    Click on IM/CALL.

    This will get you into private chat with the Virtual Jurior group.

    Once there click on the green phone button at top of chat box.

    Then you can hear us talking. We can type in chat box and help you get a mike set up. If no mike you can hear us and we can type back and forth to you.

    Remember my stock tip. There has been a run on those cheapie pc headphones with a mike! :)

    Woot, woot Biaz has to go to a real trial. HeHe the check fraud case!

  34. Shelly says:

    Pamela the links to Greta’s visit to the Anthony home are on the vrHacks site. Angela posted them a few days ago. :)

  35. PAMELA says:

    Thanks Shelly..
    I too from looking at all the pics think that Cindy was only attempting to make the room look better. No “cover-up” involved.

  36. Todd in Tulsa says:

    blink, perhaps you can put to rest a couple of the “rumors” I have heard. One has been Casey arrogantly claiming that she hopes this trial moves to Miami, so that when the trial is over, she can “work on her tan”. Also, she was planning on “outsmarting” the prosecution, because if they seek and get the DP, she’ll get one over on them and “knock herself off” first

    I dont see how anyone can confirm a rumor without speaking to the source, so no.

  37. Todd in Tulsa says:

    Also, blink, in your opinion, what punishment will Casey receive due to the check fraud and forgery case?

    Depends. If she pleads guilty, I presume there will be some dialog in advance about sentencing. My best guess is she will get “time”, but either partial suspended and probation or time served. I dont think she will need it in her pocket for the murder charge..

  38. PAMELA says:

    I know its been covered before, but in going thru several interviews again lately, and even though my masters was in Psych, I am by no means a qualified counselor, I’ve noticed that whenever Cindy is being “deceptive” in her answers they always begin with “I know for sure…..” and then she distracts herself with the nearest object i.e. petting the dogs, grabbing her water, rearranging her clothing or mouthing something to her atty and rolling her eyes. That behaviour is classic textbook cover for a deceptive demeanor in answering questions. Whereas George will star without blinking blank faced until the next question. When he is telling the truth he is very animated and talkative, usually giving more information than is being requested, deceptive he is blunt, curt and will not blink.

  39. Maura says:


    Shelly told you where to find the links, and I see that you found them and watched them. For anyone else (you have to be registered at the wrhacks forums, however), here is the link to a thread with several videos and photo slideshows of Casey’s bedroom at different times over the year.

    As noted upthread, I don’t believe Cindy was covering up any incriminating carpet cut-outs. It occurred to me this morning that IF a dog had hit on a section of the carpet in Casey’s bedroom, then the entire room (actually the whole house) would have been sealed off as a crime scene back on July 17 when the dogs were brought in. LE would have taken the entire carpet, methinks.

    And let’s say hypothetically that a piece had been cut from a section of the carpet; it would have been far easier (and completely undetectable) to have patched the missing area with a section of carpet backing and then throwing a patterned area rug on top (with colors to tie in with the window covering and bedding).

    What Cindy did only drew Greta’s attention to the cock-eyed arrangement of the furniture. It was so obvious to Greta that the bed did not appear to belong in the corner that she asked Cindy about the arrangement of the room. By Cindy’s November 19 interview with Local 6, she didn’t bother to move anything around.

  40. Maura says:

    *then thrown a patterned area rug on top

  41. Di Dirkle says:

    First time post however I’ve been reading for a while. Got on SL and figured I’d come here too. Thank you for all you do!

  42. Shelly says:

    Maura did the dog’s sniff in the house? That is a question I have searched for. Angela, and, then when pointed out to us, were just alerted to the fact that the bed was moved from the original photo from LE during the Greta interview and then moved back to original later after Greta interview.

    LOL I haven’t heard the “cock-eyed” description in years. Loved it!

  43. Maura says:

    The only K9 references I’ve seen in the discovery are for the car, the Anthony backyard, and the Suburban woods in the area of The Zone near the elementary school (prompted by KioMarie’s tip).

    I’ve never seen anything in discovery about a K9 search of the house. But as I wrote above, if a K9 did search the house and alerted to any spot, the house would have immediately been sealed off with yellow crime tape just as it was on December 11 when the remains were discovered in the woods and the CSIs were searching the house for Pooh items, duct tape, etc. Since the house was never sealed (nor were the Anthonys temporarily relocated) until December 11, common sense says either the house was never searched by a cadaver dog or the house WAS searched by a cadaver dog but the dog didn’t alert anywhere inside the residence.

  44. Pamela says:

    help?????? I have finally downloaded 2nd life and received the email to get in but when I click on Edit, to find our group, nothing there, and I can’t find the “search” it talks about in the Help function. I am so embarassingly computer non-functional. Anyone have advice for what I’m doing wrong or missing?

  45. lily says:

    Pamela – are you logged in to SL? Because if you are – you will see a search button at the bottom of your screen.

  46. PAMELA says:

    BIG THANKS to everyone who helped me get settled in last night in 2nd life, especially Angela and Blinker P. and the dance was great.

  47. BEES KNEES says:

    You could be right, suz (458), but, that doesn’t explain the early computer searches. Unless she was pre-meditating on killing her for some time but then reacted to a behavioural situation and “snapped” thereby carrying through with her plans.

  48. Kellyboys4 says:

    Blink, you are incredible with your investigating. I am concerned that you have publicly voiced the prosecutions case! Baez is not smart, you have now given him too much info! Keep your sleuthing to yourself until the trial. You just exposed a lot of the prosecutions hidden evidence!

    Lol, thanks for your concern, we have it covered :)

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