Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Baez Motion Defeated- Amy Huiezenga Gets Her Day In Court

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Orlando, FL– Judge Stan Strickland has denied the defense motion to delay the check fraud case and will be on the docket in the near future.

ALthough the defense argued that the trial should occur following the murder trial, they have lost their bid.  This is a MAJOR blow to the defense. 

If convicted, she walks into the murder trial next year a convicted felon. It is possible that under the “prior bad acts” rules within the Supreme Court of Florida, that information will likely be admissable to the jury.

One can assume that George and Cindy Anthony are none to pleased at this decision; it will undoubtedly insure their compliance in testifying in the civil case against their daughter, Casey, brought by Zenaida Gonzalez through her attorney John Morgan. 

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  1. Kleat says:

    today was definitely a 1,2 punch to the defense, perhaps tomorrow will be 3… I don’t believe in co-incidences in this week’s happenings… it’s piling up.

  2. melissa says:

    Norrrrrrrmmmmmmmmm! Sorry, just had a cheers flashback.

  3. Maura says:

    23 Kleat


    The courthouse (Clerk of Court’s office) is located here:

    Orange County Courthouse
    425 N. Orange Avenue
    Orlando, FL 32801

    The Bank of America corporate office in Orlando (which is also a banking center) is only 0.17 minutes/0.05 miles from the courthouse and is located here:

    Bank of America
    390 N. Orange Avenue
    Orlando, FL 32801

    But Casey did not cash the $250 check on July 15 at the N. Orange Avenue branch. She cashed the check at the branch located here:

    Bank of America
    2701 South Conway Road
    Orlando, FL 32812

    The South Conway Road banking center is 12 minutes and 5.84 miles from the Orange County Courthouse on North Orange.

    The Bank of America N. Orange Avenue address is on the letterhead of all the correspondence between the BoA corporate security office and OCSO, which is why I believe people are incorrectly assuming Casey went to that bank to cash the check. She didn’t.

    The August 6 BoA statement of Sandi Green (BoA senior investigator) states the July 15 check was cashed at the South Conway Road banking center. The information is on discovery page 59 of the check fraud documents that were released last November 1.

    Just sayin’ . . .

  4. sleuthhound says:

    duct tape to the rescue,it will roll out and reveal all its rare secrets…….poor poor Casey

  5. Felicity says:

    One of the saddest things , at least to me,is that Casey has no real remorse for any of the pain/suffering that she has caused others. It’s still all about “her” and “poor me, how can they do this to me?”
    That attitude will never change, no matter what happens, or where she is.

    Had she not been murdered, little Caylee would probably be in kindergarden by this time. Making new friends, and charming her teachers. Heaven knows, she stole America’s heart…soon, justice will be served! Rest peacefully, precious child.

  6. BrendaT says:

    So what is the view? Did G & C know long ago about the splendidly distinct duct tape evidence? Baez does not seem to be very sharing? Really bad day on Hopespring? I would so like it if the duct tape comparisons were pretty new news to them.

    I sometimes secretly wish that Canada had the same open jury (not the right legal phrase) system. Our jurors are totally silenced. And then the extradition issues noted.Ha Ha Glacial and idiotic. Also really expensive but now totally off topic. But then juries are so important esp. in this case should it proceed. Luckily I can indulge my lascivious jury side.

  7. BrendaT says:

    Sorry glacial and idiotically processed & applied is what I meant to say.

  8. Kleat says:

    Bit of research of the Henkel’s website did not provide any information on DUCT brand products, but instead, I found the present DUCK brand at Shurtape Technologies (

    This is not the exact tape with the Henkel label, but gives an idea of a similar heat resistant type of duct tape which is cloth based with a rubber adhesive. The applications for one fire resistant tape can be found on the Technical Data sheet for PC 21F.

    Typical applications for this special type of duct tape include:
    * HVAC industry (where building codes require a flame retardant cloth duct tape)
    * Aircraft Industry
    * Automotive and OEM

    (anyone help with the OEM? what’s that?)

    This type of tape has the characteristics of:
    *Excellent conformability
    *Resists curling
    *Hand tearable
    *Will not support flame spread
    *Waterproof backing

    The temperature range for this similar use tape is 50 degrees F to 200F. What better choice could have been made to resist water, to resist curling away from a surface, and to conform to an uneven surface. The heat resistant rubber adhesive would be expected to remain sticky rather than become hard, (crosslinked), brittle, and fail.

    Around the home, a 55 metre long roll would last quite awhile, and it might have been a ‘take home’ from some job site as the tape has fairly short dating and must be stored in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight and used within 12 months of shipment.

    Some people have speculated (over on the SL Virtual Forum) that the source of the roll of tape, could have been provided by one of George’s job sites perhaps. It makes even more sense that tape would be available free for the taking perhaps by employees, where tape was outdated and no longer of use for the specific application, but still good for home projects. (Or, could the tape have been around from the Anthony Auto days, and almost as old as the beat up gas can.)

  9. Kleat says:

    sosad, narrows it even more, if it can be tied to an Anthony jobsite, for example!

  10. Sammy says:

    I haven’t posted in awhile here but have been checking in on all of you Brilliant Blink Thinkers. To guess an answer to #65 post by Todd of Tulsa, I have actual experience in this kind of sentencing. I live in a good size town in Florida and have had the misfortune of being found guilty of 2 utterances of forgery. Please don’t fear that you have a criminal lurker here :) I never bodily harmed anyone or stole from anyones finances. It was a pretty funny snowball story actually. I am a stay at home mom of three and as cookie cutter as they come. After spending a wonderful night in jail (that was the worst field trip I have ever been on!) I was stood before the judge in the morning and was found guily of 2 counts of felony. Being it was my first ever offense I was sentenced to 10 months of probation and $5,000 fine. I have not a clue about laws but it being Casey’s first offense (I think) wouldn’t that lessen her sentencing? I personally sure hope not. P.S I absolutely adore her new expression in court, not so “smug thug” looking anymore is she? Sorry, I had to comment on that!

  11. lily says:

    Kleat – OEM just means the ‘original equipment manufacturer’

    A lot of the stuff we buy is then ‘OEM’d’ by other distributors who then put their name on it such as refrigerators, washer/dryers, automobiles, telephones, the list is endless. How it applies here I’m not sure but we use the term a lot in my business of selling/distributing voice & data networks.

  12. lily says:

    I know we have hashed the ‘no latent fingerprints’ found issue to death. I know that many speculate that it just means they have excluded Geo, Cin & Lee but doesn’t actually mean that Casey’s have been ruled out.

    In light of this duct tape news – is this the evidence LE has been holding on to as their ace and have only allowed everyone (including defense) to ‘think’ they have a print of Casey?

    I guess we may never know if there is or is not a fingerprint of Casey’s on the tape since it looks less and less likely there will be a trial. IMO

    And as exciting as this discovery is to the pile of circumstantial – its still highly arguable. I keep hoping and hoping that there is more hard evidence because – well from what we know so far – it hasn’t closed the ‘reasonable doubt’ door for me yet. (OF COURSE YOU ALL KNOW AND I KNOW THE LITTLE NARCISSIST DID IT AND IS SITTING IN JAIL BIDING HER TIME TO THE DAY SHE HEADS TO THE BEACH)

    Watch the transformation from hausfrau in court – to buff’d beach body during plea arguments – back to celebrity prison star for whatever sentence she serves. She is a chameleon who’s spots change to whatever is bouncing around in that twisted little pinhead sitting on her shoulders.

    Keep the faith Lily-

  13. kari says:

    I have a question:
    My son’s dad was a bug collector as a kid. He said that he used chloroform on the bugs and got it at a pharmacy– granted, we are in our 40′s, so not sure if this practice has changed. Is it that easy? Never been a bug collector myself (eww) so I’m sure not common knowledge and unless you know a collector, you wouldn’t know this

  14. michigan fan says:

    The one thing that bothers me is that Jose should be working on the check case and Lyon on the death penalty case. That is her specialty isn’t it?? Jose has to assist with the dp case, but he can focus on the check case.

  15. Kleat says:

    Lily, thanks for saving the day with the OEM explanation! And I surely hope that the latent print gets clarified because even if a plea, I’d hope that the print and other evidence would come out. They may be sitting on that– this new tape information released shows what kind of tape could hold a latent– sticky rubber and in the layers used, the adhesive would be further protected from environment, oxidation, dirt, and other things that might destroy a latent. I’d think that the FBI would have some techniques for separating layers of tape to preserve the adhesive surface, and the tape being layered on its own outside surface would help in that immensely. Plus, there’s the first layer, which would be stuck to the baby and that could possibly hold information imprinted in the adhesive.

  16. todd in tulsa says:

    If the Baez and his dream team defense truly needed to focus on the murder trial, then Lyons wouldn’t have “requested” the murder trial be put off in order to teach a class. I would think that if they thought this murder trial was truly at the top of the list, then cryin’ lyons wouldn’t have had any problem postponing teaching her kindergarten class

  17. Bearly says:

    Karma has her name tattooed all over them! Go to Mama, boys and girls!

    Baez, you wanted to make a name for yourself in your community, I wonder what name it is?

  18. sosad says:

    I’m betting that there are prints on the tape, but then, I’ve thought that all along.

    I’m also betting that:
    1) KC knew about the duct tape evidence just released to us and the odds before the last court appearance.
    2) She also knows there are prints on the tape.

    I think this is why she looked so wrecked at the last appearance. The walls are closing in. It’s not a celebrity party anymore……..

  19. Sue says:

    I’ve listened to the tapes from Tracey Mc. and Leonard P. in regards to what was said/not said inside the Anthony household when Casey was sprung. Is this not merely heresay from TMc and LP? I’m not putting too much stock in this as evidence. Show me the actual evidence and facts. The duck tape carries a little more weight but I hope there is print evidence that can’t be denied.

  20. NancyS says:

    Hi Sue,
    Here is a thread on Robs taped interview. There is some pretty damming stuff here.

    you may change your mind after hearing all 3 of them.

  21. Wasn’t Baez BREAKING THE LAW, when he tried to put the money that Casey stole back into Amy’s account? it seems to me that this would be enough to get him disbared by the Florida Bar Association.and besides it was like he himself was comitting a crime.

  22. Maura says:


    Amy was completely reimbursed by the bank in July 2008 (within six days of filing a report on July 16, she had received the entire $664.25). The check for $664.25 Baez just sent to the Bank of America in July 2009 was to reimburse the bank. Baez did not put any money directly into Amy’s bank account.

  23. Fred McNeil says:

    The only purpose in pushing the fraud case now is to (A:) give Huizenga a bit of well deserved justice, and (B) to give her a felony conviction before sentencing comes up in the murder trial. The prosecution is highly unlikely to accept any deals that do not include a felony conviction but I doubt like heck they are concerned about any posible lenient sentence she may recieve from that because they already have her in za kooler and she’ll remain there for at least another year anyway.

    I think in a fraud case the bank pays the account holder back and pursues the charges itself … I think …

    My wife had $400+ dollars taken from her account once by what the bank called a vendor error and the bank immedietly credited her account (Wachovia, but before it was taken over by Wells Fargo)

  24. R.L. Haley says:

    Right on man.

  25. Keefer says:

    I have a question…if she is convicted on the fraud case, and if the child endangerment charges are pursued and are also a felony, could this possibly be the ‘three strikes’ rule in play? I mean, we have all seen cases where the defendant was obviously guilty (Okay,little hint, “O.J.”)but were found innocent and skipped merrily away scot free, so if she is found guilty of the other felony charges might she spend some time in prison…and hopefully in general population? Thanks, Keefer P.S. Blink, I called the Bikini Shop and believe it or not they refused to give me the name of a good or bad lawyer!LOL!!!

  26. karen says:

    Keefer #126 comment
    No the three strike rule does not apply like you are thinking. It would be 3 times of the same crime, people here in florida are going to prison for life on simple charges like driving with no license.

  27. Keefer says:

    Casey Anthony’s defense team asked that the murder case against her be dismissed because the state prevented her attorneys and their experts from properly inspecting the scene where her daughter’s remains were found, according to court documents filed late Thursday.

    In addition, Anthony’s lawyers asked Orange Circuit Judge Stan Strickland to stop the Orange County Jail from videotaping her visits with them and with her family.

    Several videotapes of Anthony’s jailhouse meetings with family members were released to the media last year under Florida’s public records laws.

    The requests were among a slew of defense motions Thursday.

    Anthony, 23, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie, who disappeared last summer. She faces the death penalty.

    Caylee’s remains were found Dec. 11 in a wooded area less than a mile from the Anthony home in east Orange County.

    State investigators and experts examined the crime scene, including removing foliage and sifting through dirt, for more than a week.

    The defense team and its experts were allowed to inspect the area on Dec. 19.

    “Without access to crime scene before the state removed the remains and topsoil, Miss Anthony was unable to gather evidence regarding the precise arrangement of the remains and the surrounding landscape,” attorneys Jose Baez and Andrea Lyon wrote in the motion. “Without this evidence, defense experts cannot effectively examine or challenge the conclusions made by state experts.”

    In case Strickland isn’t inclined to get rid of the case, defense attorneys added Broward and Palm Beach counties to an earlier request of Miami-Dade County as possible venues. The trial is not scheduled but could begin next summer.

    As for the jail’s video practices, the defense wants to halt monitoring and disclosing any “communications” that Anthony has with her attorneys and that it “destroy all video or audio tapes or reports” of those meetings. Jail officials have said videos of client-attorney meetings do not have audio.

    Anthony’s attorneys say she wants to visit with her family — brother, Lee, and parents, George and Cindy Anthony — without the meetings being recorded and those recordings being released to the media.

    “Because all the videos have all been released in their entirety, many blogs, newspapers and radio stations have analyzed every detail of their conversations,” her defense attorneys wrote in the court document.

  28. dee says:

    Maura #123

    is that legal to do? I guess the bank doesn’t care where the money comes from.

  29. ocean says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the ID Investigation Discovery page on Casey Anthony. Says page page requested is not available.

  30. Keefer says:

    I have had some time to think and have decided that perhaps I was a little hasty in my decision that casey murdered Caylee. Why? Well, after hearing the comment Whoppi made relating to Roman Polanski, who has/had avoided due legal process for decades now for drugging and raping a 13 year old girl and is being backed up by the Hollywood ilk, hey, maybe it wasn’t “murder murder”? And on a more personal note I have decided to apply to work for the FBI because it can’t be a very hard job, you can ‘dust away’ evidence, festoon vital evidence with your own dna…can you say ‘Unprofessional’ and ‘Botched’ and ‘Get out of jail free card’??? Wish me luck, Keefer

    Hang on Keefer, funny, yes, but not as bad as you think.

  31. Keefer says:

    Okay B, as long as you say so…I trust you and your expert knowledge, I just get way too freaked out from too much Nancy Grace with a side order of internet!LOL!!! Keep up the good work, later, Keefer

  32. Gavriella says:

    I wouldn’t suppose it would be possible that Casey wouldn’t be a convicted felon by the time she stands trial for murder. There’s no real refuting the evidences against her, regarding the check fraud. In making restitution, Baez himself hung her, and himself, on that one. The only next to nil chance they would have would to be to put Casey on the stand and let her explain how it only looked liked her in the Target video, for example, but was really “the stranger” who was impersonating her, and Lee would testify to that, of course.

    Amy’s day has come, and Casey’s hung, any way you cut it, BYAZZZ will soon be scrambling to gobble up whatever deal the state will offer. He looked smugger than usual today, and Casey, at times, all the more contemptuous.

    And by the way, just how many times can one say “You Know?” Surely Lee holds the world record on that one.


  33. Gavriella says:

    Ocean, I was on the site earlier today. Maybe it’s just down, or something? Have you tried again?

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