Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Padilla Interviews Released Today

Orlando, FL– In the latest blow to the defense team dealt this week, The interview recordings of Leonard Padilla, Tracy Mclaughlin, Rob Dick  and bail bondsman Tony Padilla are set to be released today.

Padilla and his team met with Agent Nick Savage of the FBI and a member of the Orange County Sheriffs Office in their home town of Sacramento, California last Fall.

Lead Investigator Corporal Detective Yuri Melich was slated to make the trip to interview the bondsquad personally, but was injured the morning of his flight in a motorcycle accident.

Jose Baez and the defense team for Casey Anthony argued to keep the Padillas et al out of the witness box alleging their was an “agency” established between he and the group, which would render their testimony work product and privileged. Not only did Judge Stan Strickland say in open court that he had never seen such a motion; he denied it entirely.

Tony Padilla, through Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick, alleges that the agreement contained in the defense motion was not even the agreement signed by him in the first place. Ms. Burdick requested the originals of the agreement in question; it is unknown at this time if they have been turned over.

The recordings will be added to as soon as they are available, please check back for updates.


Leonards Interview

Tracy Mclaughlin

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  1. Maura says:

    337 Blink

    How do you know for a “fact” that Casey was at Sawgrass on 6/17 in Tony’s jeep?

    I do not know it is a fact. It is solely my opinion as a possibility. I actually also considered the possibility that Casey Tone’s phone for a bit that day as well, but that did not appear to be supported.

  2. SuzeeB says:

    #350 Maura

    Oh I agree to Maura. I have read all that material including JWG . I am only saying that the key deal made him look suspicious at that time. I would guess LE already knew the answers to the questions posed to Lee. Thats not to say that once Lee really had time to absorb the whole situation he didn’t do something later on.

    PS I still would have searched that stuff.

  3. SuzeeB says:

    It was Adrianna Acevedo at the Anthony’s house. I have looked for some documentation, statement and nothing so far.

  4. Maura says:

    Responding to Blink comment:

    Outstanding. I do agree with you on the laptop being “fried” by Casey, but didn’t Det. Edwards call Lee out on deletions made remotely of some kind?


    No, Edwards never even hinted about deletions made remotely.

    In his OCSO interview on page 18, Lee said he went to Tony’s to pick up Casey’s things, including Cindy’s laptop that Casey had had for the month. The interview veered away from the laptop until page 54, when the discussion of the blue screen and computer specifics began.

    Lee talked about how the usual methods to get the laptop rebooted correctly were not working. He talked about the deleted Yahoo emails through July 15 (which would have included Cindy’s “can’t sleep, I had a breakdown at work, etc.” email that was sent late on July 14 or early on July 15). Lee said those emails could only have been deleted by someone who had the account password.

    Eric Edwards then said, “And you say there’s also MySpace deleting issues?” Lee said yes and told Edwards that the comments from July 4 back to April 24 had been deleted and that the comments had been deleted “during that time” and that Lee had noticed those comment deletions “early on.” (As already noted, I think Lee was telling the truth that those comments were deleted on July 4. And I think Casey deleted them.)

    I think what you are recalling is the following exchange:

    Edwards: I am going to tell you a few things that I am just, am questioning. Your sister sporadically visits her Photobucket from another person’s account and enters numerous photos into her Photobucket account, not utilizing her own computer.

    Lee: Not utilizing the laptop?

    Edwards: Correct.

    LA: Okay.

    Edwards: So she still has a laptop but, and this is prior to it crashing.

    Lee: Uh, hum (affirmative).

    Edwards: There’s Photobucket entries all the way up to the 15th of July.

    Lee: Hmm.

    Edwards: But not made over the laptop. Made over a, a uh service of another person. Does that make any sense to you?

    Lee: There’s another laptop at the residence that she was staying at, at Tony’s residence.

    Edwards: Un hum (affirmative).

    Lee: I saw it. Uhm, I don’t know who owns it, but uhm, it was out and displayed. Typical college students. Every college student probably owns a laptop or a computer.

    Edwards: Yeah (affirmative) but I’m just and . . .

    Lee: So.

    Edwards: . . . my, I think the point I’m trying to get at is why, knowing your sister, why do you think she would utilize that other person’s computers versus her own?

    Lee: Unless it crashed earlier. Unless her laptop crashed. You know, of course we can’t attest to when it crashed.

    Edwards: Right.


    Nothing about remote deletions or remote anything. Edwards was referring to Casey’s many, many Photobucket uploads between June 17 and July 14, all of which were made using a broadband IP address assigned to Louis Campana.

    The Photobucket logs and Bright House Networks documents in the discovery indicate that Casey’s Photobucket downloads between June 3 and July 14 were made from three separate IP addresses.

    June 16, 2008, 10:27am ET, Casey downloaded a Fusian photo to her Photobucket account from the Anthony home IP address. Bright House Networks confirmed they had assigned that IP address ( to the Lee Anthony, 4937 Hopespring Drive, Orlando, FL 32829. The IP had been assigned when the account was opened in October 2001; Lee was living at home then, and he obviously ordered the Internet connection. He didn’t move out until 2005, but the account is still in his name at the Hopespring address. (Other downloads using this IP are in the logs for June 3 around 11:00pm ET and June 9 around 8:00am ET.)

    June 9, 2008, 11:04pm ET, Casey downloaded “Drama Masks” to her own Photobucket account. Bright House Network had no records of assigning the IP address used for the download. However an IP look-up program shows a Winter Park Road Runner account, and we know she was at JP’s condo with Caylee, and they spent the night. It was undoubtedly JP’s RR account, but he did not have the account set up with BHN, which is why they didn’t assign it. BHN would not have my broadband IP, either, because mine is through AT&T.

    June 17, 2008, 9:14pm ET, Casey uploaded to her Photobucket account a photo of Tony and Casey taken at Fusian on Friday, June 13. IP address was used for the download. That IP was assigned by Bright House Networks to Louis Campana, (street address redacted), Winter Park, FL 32792. Tony Lazzaro and Cameron Campana shared the lease at Sutton Place, and it’s my assumption that the redacted address is 3843 Sutton Place Blvd., #708 (Winter Park and the zip code are correct for the apartment). Either Louis is Cameron’s legal first name or Cameron’s father (I assume) opened the broadband account for Cameron at the Sutton Place apartment on August 25, 2007.

    Hundreds of photos were downloaded to Casey’s Photobucket account between June 17 and July 14 via Louis Campana’s IP address. That is what Edwards was referring to. He never said she was doing anything via remote access.

    After the “Photobucket mystery” section of the interview, Edwards wanted Lee to confirm that Cindy said Casey had downloaded the June 15 nursing home video and photos onto the HP computer and Casey’s MySpace when Casey was home on the evening of June 15. Lee said yes to both (HP and MySpace). [The download of the videoclip to the laptop didn't happen until Tuesday, June 17; Casey's pings and Brian Burner's testimony confirm that Casey was in the house using the laptop that afternoon.]

    Those are all the computer-related discussions in Lee’s July 29 OCSO interview.

    Thank you that is exactly what I was reaching for.

  5. notalemming says:

    I am so busy with school and work and raising my grandson I don’t have time to peruse the wonderful posts. Blink, I need a cliffs notes version!!! I am so far behind I can’t catch up.

  6. Granmomma says:

    Wasn’t Zaneida’s laptop stolen from a Winter Park address? Just curious if that could have been the other laptop at Tony’s place? That burglary was on June 9th, wasn’t it?

    Not really trying to put anything together, just trying to keep some facts straight….there’s so much information in this case, it just all baffles my mind.

    Thanks Blink for this wonderful site!

  7. suep says:

    You SOOOO hit my bullseye on that one, lol. An old boss of mine bought that book for me and set it on my desk years ago. I LOVE- LOVED it.
    I do agree with Maura that the 19th fits for the Stutz visit, but personally, how do you get around the fact that Casey is at Sawgrass on 6/17 in Tony’s jeep? It is doubtful she had it both days and since I believe she buried Caylee in the backyard under the playhouse on 6/18, makes sense to me, but again, one of these interpretive issues where nobody is conclusive at this point………….WHEN DO U THINK SHE DUG HER UP?

  8. suep says:

    I have been trolling here for a little while and have not figured out the ebb and flow here……..just reading older posts is very interesting…I gather there is/was? some thought that KC buried Caylee under the playhouse (JG thought KC would place her thereabouts…I still am suspicious of him) anyway, back on topic, the weedcloth under the pavers of the playhouse is gathered into evidence….So who dug her up and when? Just curious… And what was found in the yard on July 3rd that may have been an indicator something was wrong with Caylee? A bone? Do you think it was George who did the deed of placing her in the woods? ………Lending credence to KCs’ remark “I have no idea where my daughter is”? I have thought it very plausible that G & C figured it all out when they got the car back…. a former cop and a nurse….decomp smell…….maybe George went looking around in the yard, discovered the remains, and disposed of them, without telling Cindy. mmmmmm

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