Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Macaluso Nets Shawne Merriman Thru TMZ

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Shawne Merriman,Tila Tequila,Todd Macaluso | Tuesday 8 September 2009 1:24 am

San Diego, CA– Member of the defense team for Casey Anthony, currently undergoing serious charges from the California Bar Association,Todd Macaluso, has time for a new client: Shawne Merriman of the San Diego Chargers.


photo courtesy of TMZ

Merriman is accused of choking Tila Nyguen “Tequila” his reality MTV girlfriend.

Todd Macaluso takes on his first case as a lead defense attorney and not a aeronautics litigator in civil court.

Macaluso is currently undergoing California Bar complaint proceedings, alleging millions of misused client trust accounts, as well as facing an almost 6 million dollar lawsuit from a former client.  

“There was absolutely no wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Merriman,” Macaluso told The Associated Press by phone. “He essentially was doing what was appropriate under the circumstances in trying to protect the safety of Miss Tequila. There were numerous eyewitnesses that will support his version of the events that transpired at his home.”

Todd Macaluso is back in court on the Bar charges September 23, 2009. 



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  1. Jan says:

    Looks like Macaluso will need to pull himself away from Merriman and his CA Bar issues and respond to the State of Florida —

    Love it.
    I know, right? That puppy is going to something to watch. Great Move.

  2. Gypsy DD says:

    Yep, Till Tappin Todd has to either put up or shut more lying in court saying they have evidence that doesn’t exist. So will you produce this evidence of Caylee being placed there after Casey was in jail? Did I hear you right..there is no evidence…to bad Lawyers don’t have to be sworn in when they go to address the court.

  3. suz says:

    susan m, I getcha—-and goodness knows this is just my unfounded opinion—but i still think the cops would have not been of help to a non-custodial grandparent. All Cindy could say is that she hasn’t seen or talked to her granddaughter for x many days, and they would ask is the granddaughter with the mother, and cindy would say well she says so but won’t let me talk to her, and they would surmise that maybe there had been a fight and/or the grandparent was being overprotective since the kid had never been away from home before. (I’m probably cynical, but I can practically hear the cops rolling their eyes at a grandma complaining that her daughter is not putting the grandkid on the phone—-like the people who call 911 when the drive thru makes their hamburger incorrectly, I kid you not.) And there was no evidence of foul play at that time, so I really think she would have been at a dead end. George was an ex-cop, so might even have told her it would be a waste of time to call the police.

    Sadly, in this case, even if a missing persons report had been filed, the outcome would not have changed as Caylee was certainly dead before July 3 when Cindy started getting panicky and wrote My Caylee is Missing and started looking for Casey in earnest.

  4. Maura says:

    53 Suz

    I agree with you that Cindy could not expect LE to track down Caylee just because Cindy hadn’t seen her. There are no “grandparent right to see grandchildren” laws in Florida, and Casey was a 22-year-old with full custody of Caylee.

    However, Cindy knew that, which is why, when she called 911 on July 15, she wanted Casey arrested for theft of Cindy’s vehicle and theft of money. LE WOULD have had to respond to a request to have Casey arrested on those grounds. Calling LE to have Casey arrested on those grounds was an option for Cindy from June 16 on.

    My opinion is that even though Cindy was angry enough on July 3 to make a trip to Universal, she still did not believe Caylee was in an danger. She believed Casey was being a spiteful bitch by not allowing Cindy to see or speak to Caylee. If Cindy had truly found something in the yard or house or had come across information leading her to believe Caylee was in danger, she would have called 911 on July 3. She would no more have accepted an excuse from Casey on July 3 than she did on July 15.

    What made the difference on July 15? The car, the odor, and Casey’s refusal to take Cindy to Caylee. On July 15, George and CIndy learned that the car had been impounded since June 30, clear evidence that Casey had been lying about being in Jacksonville. The car smelled like death (literally), and Caylee’s Mama babydoll that she could never be parted from was in the car with the carseat. When Cindy finally tracked down Casey via Amy’s resume that Cindy found in the car, Casey refused to take Cindy to Caylee.

  5. KTINA says:

    I agree with Maura. Cindy may have seen something on July 3, but I don’t think it was too alarming or she would have been even more panicked than just going to Universal. I think she had just had enough, was on vaca, thought she was going to spend it with her grand daughter, and was mad about that. And yes, thought Casey was being a ‘spiteful bitch’ by not letting her see her grand daughter. This case has touched my heart like none other, and I am beyond ready to see justice for Caylee Marie!

    O I know what you mean. However, I respectfully disagree on what was found. I believe it caused alarms to go off, which Casey was able to explain to everyone’s satisfaction eventually, so they “bought it” for a while.

  6. Ktina says:

    Blink – You’re probably right. They seemed only too eager to buy into anything and everything Casey was selling. So, so sad…….That mentality cost them their grand-daighter!

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