Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery Released Includes FBI Lab Results

Orlando, FL– This morning the 9th Circuit State Attorney’s Office released over 1000 documents  in the latest batch of discovery previously given to the defense team representing Casey Anthony.

The documents are expected to include FBI lab reports that are critical to the case; some of which had been “leaked” to the press last week.

In the first part of the release, the information seems to focus on Dominick Casey’s report of “threat asessment” or cheat sheet as he referred to it. He specifically mentions the knife Leonard Padilla keeps in a sheath in the rear waistline of his pants. He also alleges one of the detectives in the case is having an affair with reporter Jessica D’onofrio.

In an e-mail sent to Cindy Anthony on Feb. 2 at 4:38 a.m., the private investigator tells her: “I found out tonight that Jessica Denofrio [sic] is having an affair with one of the Detectives at OCSO. Have not found out which Detective it is yet but working on finding out.”

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  1. wpgmouse says:


    Ya, very true.

    The June 9th Casselberry computer store visit is possible,
    because that is also the day CA with the little one picked up
    Tony L. from University and drove him to Tom’s Auto Repair to get his jeep that had been towed there that morning for repairs.
    The computer store is on N. Orlando Avenue, and the repair shop is further down, right off N. Orlando on O’Brien Rd.
    (So much occurred on this 9th day of June, huh?)

    As far as cell pings on the 16th, there was a one hour of opportunity around lunch time, where her phone could have been turned off, or even left behind if you consider CA’s possible state of mind that was perhaps filled with anger and resentment over the “alleged” fight with her mother the night before and other things we probably do not know right now. Perhaps also her desire to be with Tony L. and the resentment of not being able to because of her daughter.
    If she was seen at Walmart on June 16, this was probably right at the precipice of, when shortly after, the dark and unimaginable occured.

  2. wpgmouse says:

    With my imcomplete rambling, I was trying to make a point that CA was not a stranger to the Casselberry area.
    Also, if she did leave her phone behind, I meant to say it could have been unintentional due to her state of mind. Once she realized she didn’t have her phone, it could have contributed to the emotional state as well.
    the above is only a speculative scenario

  3. wpgmouse says:


    Hi SuzeeB

    You just reminded me of something.
    According to Michelle M., LA’s former roommate, she felt, from her observations, that Caylee suffered “separation anxiety” from her mother:

    (snipped) “…Casey would like leave her side or whenever Casey would put her down you know she would like start screaming and start like ‘No’, you know, ‘Mommy, mommy’.”

    Also, SuzeeB, didn’t LE remove a book on child care from the A’s home that had been bookmarked to a section on tantrums?

    My point or my question is, how did CA manage to separate an
    anxiety-filled child from her while she spent the night with TL?
    A child that screamed even when CA tried to go to the bathroom,
    according to Annie D.
    What did she do to accomplish that?

  4. Kleat says:

    I still want to know about Domi’s ‘CONTINGENCY’ fee arrangment… ‘contingent’ on what??? And by when????

  5. OnASeriousNote says:

    Well, well, well. I finally got a chance to listen to Brad’s concise recap of the head trip the Anthonys have been on since they realized, after 31 days, that their granddollar hadn’t really been in the secure and loving bosom of her mother, their daughter, after all. Huh. It’s about time someone from the Anthony camp came forward and made some sense of their behavior.

    It’s reassuring to know that after all this time Caylee is most likely on the pearly white sands of Puerto Rico, basking in warmth and sunshine. Better there than the chilly, dismal streets of New York (where her nanny was once thought to have been) since we know she’s without the clothes on her back and the warmth of her little Pooh blanket. Those, we’re being told, were found on the skeletal bones of another child, who no one has managed to correctly identify, and who, save for those remains dangling from the folds of Cindy’s neck, sadly still sit on a shelf somewhere waiting to be put to rest.

    What has the world been thinking? George and Cindy have always insisted that Caylee was out there somewhere, their only neglect being they didn’t know where. They tried to tell us. “Go find a living Caylee!” they bellowed, to our apparent deaf ears. Tirelessly, but not penniless, they paraded through network after network, trying to tell us she IS out there alive (as long as you know what the definition of “is” is). They so much believed it that they took the time to embrace and memorialize the fleshless bones of someone else’s child. Why didn’t we listen? The thousands of hours spent by hundreds and hundreds of volunteers searching the infested swamps of the state, rummaging through garbage dumpsters, while millions prayed for her return and fretted about what the inactions of their daughter were telling them. A waste. A HUGE waste. What were we thinking??

    Thank goodness they have Brad to bring clarity to the events of the last sixteen months. We can, in words Top Cop George would understand, move along now, there’s nothing to see here. We’re finally freed from being damned, until yesterday, to the village of “No Life Bloggers”. Thank goodness the Anthonys can direct their emotions to ensuring their daughter has every opportunity to thwart justice for Caylee, since their PI-in-the-sky Dom is closing in on the proof the Roy Kronk didn’t really find her after all, it seems.

    I am in disbelief of what I heard during Brad’s “balancing” act.

    I can’t help it. I’m with Blink.


    Well Said, truly.

  6. Kleat says:

    The defense camp is working hard over on ‘clickorlando’ site. There’s NO evidence of anything, including car smell before July 15th– nothing.

  7. Mariann says:

    RE: Also, SuzeeB, didn’t LE remove a book on child care from the A’s home that had been bookmarked to a section on tantrums?

    Surely that was Cindy reading up on how to deal with Casey!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gavriella says:

    #248: Okay, so I wasn’t going to say anything because what’s done is done and thank God I’m whole, but for these O so many months I’ve likened Casey (the workings of her mind and actions) to my own mother, who once, back when I was but three, burned me with her cigarette, the scar of which I still bear, and all because her sister, my beloved aunt, paid a moment’s attention to me, rather than having devoted all of her attentions to my mother. I was warned many times to be still and keep silent. My mother was the baby of the family, and in near everyone’s eyes could do no wrong, and no matter the wrongs she did. I can attest to why a mother would seem so devoted/over protective. Such a mother exhibits these behaviors simply to isolate the child from any one who would show him/her favor, by keeping them so attached in order to account for every moment and every event. Such a child, in turn will become clingy, suffering from pre-separation anxiety, which would take me many paragraphs to explain. Unlike Caylee, I survived. It was my mother who died, of cancer born (according to her doctors, and at but age 32) of her promiscuous lifestyle. Thusly, I have a personal interest in every such case, and personally feel the fear and the sorrow which is but fleeting in the hearts of such children, who abandon the same to any small glimmer of hope that might allow them to feel loved, and to love as only a child can, without condition. I will say no more, but to apologize to those who I may have irritated with my sometimes hasty assesments, as my emotions oftentimes take over reason, but only temporarily. I have advocated for many an abused and neglected child, and will continue to do so for as long as I am.

    #258: One must wonder, then, just who it is that Cindy thinks she’s wearing about her neck, and what efforts are being made by the Anthony’s to learn the identity of this ashened child. To me, they are beyond sick. Demented, would be a good word, I think.

    Gavi, simply.

  9. SuzeeB says:

    How to “Prevent Kidnapping” Just some quick thoughts…..

    Well if you notice clothes are missing regularly from your home one of the things that you could do is change all locks on all doors. Maybe add some to bedrooms. Report the incident to police.

    Now yes it is good you report to the police if you find someone stole gas out of your locked shed, but it is also important to report all incidents to the police such as the following….

    If you come home and find a gate open, you may want to report that to the police and put a lock on the gate. Especially if you have a pool in the back yard. I don’t know I would be afraid of a lawsuit at the very least if a neighbors child accidentally drowned in my pool. Not to mention someone was in my yard. Kinda Scary Potential kidnapper and all that. At least lock up pool ladder. But at the very least you may want to put a good lock on that gate Change all locks again. Oh how about getting a K9 with a good nose.

    Oh and if you hear that your daughter is trying to work out “possibly becoming a family” with a man that you think your daughter dated at one time and has a son but you really “don’t know him” you may want to question this sudden out of the blue new relationship. You know possible red flag here

    Oh OH OH if you hear that a lot of people have keys to your home and car you may want to find out who they all are and go around and collect them and maybe CHANGE ALL LOCKS AGAIN.

    How about collecting money for new locks instead of bears?

    Just a few “tips” to get you started. You know Red Flags…….

  10. SuzeeB says:

    #253 wpgmouse

    I dont know Casey probably didn’t do anything at all. Each child is different. It was probably just the age that Caylee was at the time. There are children that will go to anyone at anytime and then there are those who will have a fit if the mother or caretaker leaves the room or just sets the child down. I have seen it in my own children.

    Sometimes just a couple of months can make a difference especially when the child starts to become more independent. You know like starting to walk, talk. The “I can do it myself now”, I dont need you now syndrome. If I go to visit my neighbor her little girl is now 3. She would have a fit if you tried to hold her etc when she was younger but now if you go over there I would be the center of her attention and her mother will cease to exist while I am there.

    I did not find Caylee unusual at all. Casey probably paid more attention to Caylee when she was around her friends because she wan’t on the phone all the time. I didn’t read where anyone said she was on the phone all the time like it appears she was when she wasn’t around her friends. Casey is the one with “separation anxiety” She had a great need to be the center of attention. Or at least that is how I see it.

    yes, I know LE found a book on tantrums I dont know if they took it or not. Seems like a normal thing to have.

  11. SuzeeB says:

    #257 Mariann

    Your too funny LOL

  12. Anita says:

    So are the A’s trying to say that it was Haleigh that was dumped down the road from their house.

  13. Kleat says:

    Gavi, thank you so much for sharing.

    It’s posts like these, that give us a level of insight that no other can and it’s in good part, a need for us (as society and for us as individuals) to understand this behaviour and the perpetuation of this behaviour as we see to the present hour, by the parents of Casey. This is the only way to understand, recognize and protect children from these ‘beings’ (I dont’ know what word to use at the moment) amongst us.

  14. Kleat says:

    The trilogy of the Anthony defense this week:

    1. Brad Conway’s presser with fumbling and page flipping.

    2. Anthony family’s own ‘media releases’ on WKMG story comments under ‘justsayin’ nickname: Read them here or click on the nick on comments pages —–>>>

    3. Linda Kenny-Baden’s ‘Today Show’ today, with fumbling Baez statements about evidence.

  15. SuzeeB says:

    Casey backed herself into such a huge huge corner with the help of her family by all the enabling. All the lying and stealing for so long. There was nothing left to steal from mom and relatives and how many times can you steal from your friends. I am sure she knew some of her old friends were on to her.

    She makes new set of friends but still cant quite let go of the old. She finally met a guy she really cared about “maybe”. She knew Tony wasn’t interested in a child that was not his. Casey was probably torn between her thoughts of potential new life and her suppressed guilt feelings about Caylee.

    Cindy and George probably let it be known that they had had enough of her crap, finally. Caylee was talking and becoming more aware of her surroundings and now able to communicate more and more. This was probably the most threatening to Casey.

    Caseys inability to be who she really was and the constant pressure she created to be someone who she was not. Never having any money of her own. Caseys constant need for attention and to always be one up on someone. The constant pretense and the pressure became overwhelming.

    Casey was well aware of the situation she created for herself. “Maybe I am just a spiteful bitch” Because of Casey’s inability to admit and rectify all she had done over the years she had to do something.

    Caylee lost the battle

    Cindy and George knew what Casey’s problems were. I am sure the red flags went up after the first 24 hours Caylee was gone.

  16. wpgmouse says:


    My apologies, my comment was confusing at the end.
    I wasn’t clear on my question. My mistake.

    I was asking how did how did CA manage to separate an
    anxiety-filled child from her while she spent the night with Tony L.
    June 16? Did she “silence” and “restrain” her child in the car trunk, perhaps by the heinous and monstrous use of duct tape, medication or
    even a toxic chemical? (I refrain at this time from expanding on the disturbing possible uses of the toxic chemicals that were sought out and retrieved by LE from the A’s garage).
    If she wasn’t in the car trunk, she had to be somewhere, silenced and restrained.

    When she went to Chris S.’s the next day, she was driving Tony L.’s jeep, saying to Chris that her car had broken down. My opinion only, but while the little one laid lifeless in the trunk of her mother’s car, her mother was on a mission at an unaware CS’s to either take something or deposit something.

  17. wpgmouse says:

    re 265
    Just want to add, that LA was out of town working, and his rented home which is within the same cell tower pings as the A’s home, was therefore a potential place of opportunity for his sister, for a variety of possible uses.
    Also, when I said the next “day” at CS’s, I meant “late in the day”.

    YEP, and he has/had a storage bay :)

  18. Ragdoll says:

    This little media blitz is nothing more than a diversion from the alleged ‘fetal-like’stain found in the trunk. The media campaign imo was put together in a hasty rush. Conway and Baez looked ill prepared, unconvincing and nervous as heck.

    If it’s so blatantly obvious that Casey is free, why is she still in jail?

  19. Ragdoll says:

    oops…I mean blatantly obvious that Casey is ‘innocent’. Gotta love Fridays!

  20. Ragdoll says:

    #200 justice23

    Personally, I think you ask a great question. Why have the A’s eluded charges? I’ve asked the same thing. Cindy’s possible (most likely) conspiracy efforts to fabricate reasonable doubt, possible use of off shore proxies, obstruction of justice… All these things need to be addressed. Why do they continue to act and behave like they are above the law?

  21. SuzeeB says:


    You may just have answered your own question #267 especially with Blink’s answer.

  22. wpgmouse says:


    Blink, you’re right. :)

    It was last year when I first heard about that storage bay and now that you mention it, not much focused discussion about it and nothing from LE released (yet).
    Also, no LE interview of his roommate and co-worker at the time,
    Brian L., has been released either. Got some theories on him, but for now I’m just gonna sit on my cheese.

    I swear I DID NOT set you up, you’ll see what I mean..

  23. lawkat says:

    Perhaps the FBI has not yet released the evidence of the latent print on the duct tape to the defense team and all their mullarky about “nothing to tie CA to the crime” and “she’s innocent” is the defense teams way to goad LE into disgorging the print evidence that Blink tells us exists – well in advance of trial so they can focus their defense strategy.

    Mullarky is truly one of the best printed words-

  24. wpgmouse says:

    “I swear I DID NOT set you up, you’ll see what I mean..’

    Hello, Blink?
    Uh-oh…what do you mean…what’s coming…?


  25. joan (Canada) says:

    Just read this on another blog site. What do you think guys and dolls.

    Casey Anthony’s defense team told viewers via national television today that nothing ties their client to evidence at the crime scene where her daughter’s remains were found. Attorneys turned up on NBC’s “Today,” ABC’s “Good Morning America” and CBS’ “Early Show.” This afternoon, WESH-Channel 2 and WFTV-Channel 9 answered the defense’s claims. WFTV re-examined its video from months before and found a possible connection: The same brand of rare duct tape on Caylee’s skull was being used by the Anthony family to post a Caylee poster. “You can’t buy that stuff from Home Depot. It’s industrial grade duct tape, and they haven’t sold it in years,” anchor Bob Opsahl said. Last month, WKMG-Channel 6′s Tony Pipitone reported that the Henkel tape attached to the toddler is a special make and not the best seller that the defense claimed it to be. “This specific, industrial, fire-resistant tape is a tiny fraction of all the tape sold by Henkel,” Pipitone said. The WFTV report was timely, impressive and attention-getting. Reporter Kathi Belich noted that the defense had tried to dismiss the duct-tape evidence. But she reported that the Henkel duct tape on a Caylee poster had the same distinctive markings — a black oval logo, temperature specifications — as tape found on the child’s remains and on a gas can at the Anthony home. WFTV legal analyst Bill Scheaffer asked: “What are the statistical chances that those three pieces of duct tape did not come from the same source roll, that roll belonging to the Anthonys?” Sheaffer said those similarities will be obvious to a jury. Belich said WFTV had not received a response from the defense team about the station’s video find. WESH turned to Orlando attorney Richard Hornsby, who has offered legal analysis for the station. “Hornsby said evidence from her car alone suggests Casey knows how Caylee died and what happened to her body,” reporter Bob Kealing said. Hornsby said: “Casey had the car. She never said it was stolen or anything like that. She abandoned it.” And he added that Anthony’s parents recognized “the smell of death” in the car. In another report, Hornsby described Casey’s “incriminating, bizarre” behavior that makes “it obvious she knows something about the post-death issue.”

  26. Janice says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows since the defense team of Casey Anthony is making the rounds on the national morning show outlets, not the local news outlets will there be a need now for change of venue for the upcoming murder trail?

  27. Gina says:

    How does Richard Grund keep his composure & not totally lose his sh** after reading the malicious emails between Cindy & Dom Casey? I read Grund’s response to it on MySpace but honestly..he must defend his name in the future. If he has any pride & willingness to stop these lies against Jesse, himself, his wife once & for the Grund family members needs to bring a civil suit against the anthony’s Dom Casey & all those vile bottom feeders who are setting up websites & threads with the sole intent to frame the Grund’s, destroy all their reputations & at the smae time raise reasonable doubt in the minds of potential jurors.

  28. Gina says:

    I am a journalist and it is my job to cover these things. I have NOT and WILL NOT watch a single interview when it airs for that very reason. I catch it from youtube links from you guys, which gives them squat.

    I stand for Caylee

    I won’t watch either because the Anthony’s literally make me feel sick. But never thought of it that way…not watching does more good than hate emails or ‘boycotts’ good point..I’ll continue to never watch…they lie anyway so what’s the point…easy for me to never see the multitude of vile garbage spewing from their pieholes again. The Early Show 2 day sympathy for the devil tour did it for me…after day 1 I choose to turn them off…forever…

  29. dee says:

    #266 that is what I have thought all along

  30. dee says:

    does it matter if there is no linking to a crime scene, do murders usally leave marks? there are so many cases that remains dont have links to the defendent, lots of times criminals take LE to the site of the remains to cooperate for a lighter sentence and all that is there is the body .

    We all know that there was evidence there that link Casey to this crime for me it was the location and the blanket and the all the other items that prompted LE to conduct another search warrent on the A’s house.

    I really believe that LE has even more so much more that we will all have some enough

  31. wpgmouse says:

    dee, 266 Mousey here…

    Don’t despair. You can bet on the State having multiple links to the crime scene(s).

    The defense is playing a game of semantics and foolery.

    Just because “a” note from the FBI saying the heart residue was
    destroyed during the fingerprint process, doesn’t mean proof that the heart residue existed was destroyed. I imagine the ME’s office used
    various types of high-tech imaging of the little remains prior to any removal of the tape. No, wait, actually I think that info was released
    this time as well. If I recall, they photographed and x-rayed
    the skull with the duct tape (sorry). What we haven’t seen is a report of the ME’s observation or discovery of a the heart-shaped residue area.
    Doesn’t mean they didn’t capture or record it, just means the info hasn’t been released to the public. The same reasoning can be applied to other things the defense have been unsucessfully trying to insinuate – - sloppy work, examiners with an overactive imagination, spoiled evidence – - yeah, right.

    And look what happened yesterday . . . another duct tape link was discovered by Kathi Belich and team. No one saw this coming, so who knows what other new links or evidence might come up in the near future.

  32. wpgmouse says:

    dee, we also having Blink’s “Discovery Review Part 2″ coming up.

    Right, Blink?
    Lol, Beginning of the week.

  33. Randie says:

    # 283


    O yea! O yea! O yea! O yea! O yea!

  34. NancyS says:

    Oh K regarding post #267
    Dang it! I cannot believe you did that to me?
    now what could possibly be in Lee’s storage? geesh I thought I had it all down and now you say this?!!! lol

    why the mention of this please?

  35. wpgmouse says:


    See #272 and #274

  36. wpgmouse says:

    OK, the post #’s have just changed on me again.
    #”284″ NancyS
    is now
    #”285″ NancyS.

  37. Randie says:

    Thanks for fixing that wpgmouse. I thought I did something wrong in 284.

    :) :)

  38. bb11- chris says:

    Baez called Cindy “Rosebud”. Rosebud is the command a murderer used in an episode of Columbo. Man trained his Doberman Pinschers to kill on a command. Rosebud. *Note this name Rosebud has been used on boards since July 16. Of course in defense of Casey!

    As for the NEW guy to come forward. Interesting that he owns a business. hmm mmm. FREE Local TV Advertisement is all I can think of.

    My other thought is how does a family who was on the verge of bankruptcy – (behind on payments and defaulted on at least one loan) suddenly be able to not work for one solid year? Flush with cash? All their bills are paid? Have a Personal body guard, Personal PI, Personal attorney, Personal spokesperson?

    Question- has Brad ever been held accountable for stating for fact that Caylee had not been cremated? FACT: Caylee was cremated in Dec 2008. All through 2009 Brad repeatedly stated Caylee had NOT been cremated. Has anyone held Brad accountable for all the LIES?

    Awesome website! Very professional!

    Thank you for your time and energy! Chris.

    PS. I always use my real name when I leave comments. I always have. I have never used an alias not once in my entire life. I just rarely leave comments. It is just the way I roll. xxoo


    I would only ask in the future to link to your “position”. In this case Brad Conway statements about the cremation.
    On the Rosebud issue, well perceived. I would like to provide an alternative thought for consideration, if I may.

    Rosebud, the childhood adoration of the famed Citizen Kane novel by Orsen Wells, is a study I have participated in for years; a personal favorite if you will..

    Loosely, Rosebud can be interpreted as the “symbol” of the end of innocense in that regard, and while I already know y’all are throwing citrus at me because nobody believes Baez is that intellectual, just a thought.

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