Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Friction Ridges Duct Tape and Suds

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 Discovery Review Part II

Orlando, FL– In Part I, we reviewed the Latent Lift Myth. 

Adding to the quagmire of why Linda Kenney Baden maintains there are no prints on the duct tape, one reviews Ms. Baden’s amended motion for discovery.

Ms. Baden requests the specific 18 latent lifts and subsequent file information from the FBI reports in “this matter”. However, those tests were performed from items removed from the Anthony home by Orange County Sheriffs Office, not the FBI, thus the “THERE ARE NO LATENT LIFTS IN THIS CASE”.

How does the defense attorney entrusted to interpret the forensic evidence in a death penalty case not know with what agency that information is held? It was released months ago. 


Within the discovery, their is an email indicating a few areas of the tape were swabbed in the final testing process (CU) with methanol. This is performed on the non-adhesive side of the tape. Does it make sense if your sole intent was to extract DNA from this tape that you would be reduced to swabbing only the side of the tape NOT affixed to Caylee’s face?

It only makes sense if your goal is to preserve the integrity of what appears on the adhesive side, and exclude the possibility of DNA on areas that will not compromise the sample in that regard.  

Fibers Differ

Although the FBI has concluded  that the adhesive on the duct tape from the crime scene, on Caylee’s skull, and the Anthony home are CHEMICALLY THE SAME, Brad Conway releases the portion of the report that states that microscopically the tape fabric composition of the samples are dissimilar.

Now, admittedly I had the where- with- all to choose the smartest girl in my IPS class to be my lab partner while everybody else joked around and blew each others bunsons out. However, my guess is if you were to match conditions to the tape from the crime scene to that on the gas can and shelf from the shed, they would magically appear “SIMILAR”.

Difference between quantitative and observed, no? If that is the defense teams idea of junk science, I might agree. This brand of duct tape has not been manufactured since 2007.

How hard do we think it is going to be for the State to locate this exact production batch? They are as close to an MSDS report away.

Weed Eaters

Weed control

In the CSI notes from OCSO, initial responders, we note 4 different areas where Agent Bloise marks 4 areas; 3 are under wood chips and the 4th is under the platform of 16×16 pavers from the July yardscaping.

Buried within the FBI contact logs from the latest discovery, we learn that OCSO has at least one of those, if not all, in evidence. Where were they sent and what are the results? Could they be in the company of the much anticipated soil samples taken from the Anthony yard?

The examination and testing of soil samples from the trunk have also not been disclosed to date.

The OTHER Laundry Bag 

As reported exclusively at, the original report of the laundry bag had the incorrect model. WhitneyLaundryBag

The rectangular laundry bag, referred to as K33 in the most recent report, was recovered at the Anthony home on a top shelf in the East side of the garage.

In the latest FBI report, K33 appears under the “additional items from the vehicle” category. Not in the items from the residence and is examined with the items found with the Dora backpack or diaperbag as it is sometimes referred to.

What does that mean? Category oversight, OR, did OCSO find out that laundry bag was removed from Casey’s car?

To be Continued:

Part III The Disappearing Lingering Stain  


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  1. Tra says:

    Here’s a video link of the Walmart where Casey and Caylee supposedly visited. Sorry but I don’t know why this Jim bloke is only coming forward now… It sounds suss to me!

  2. BrendaT says:

    Titch 115 and bug afficianados – why would those experts have queried coffin flies at that time? Were they speaking in code? (Just joking) Damn but I wish and hope for something like this. When I read of coffin feeding off dessicated remains it seemed unlikely. Have not researched.

    FWIIW it is -12 in Calgary tonight and not funny.

  3. BrendaT says:

    PP 131 – most excellent of you.Goodness that was a lot of work. I am gobsmacked by the shovel work. I would have thought it most difficult. Very interesting…..flung??

    I have never understood any notion of a serious back yard burial – I mean it is always obvious. Perhaps less so if one is accomplished at landscaper. I’m missing something. I have never really got just exactly what George did on July 3rd with his project in the back yard. Or am I wrong there too?

  4. BrendaT says:

    Since I am on a roll of queries – why do I seem to be the only one obsessing over the additional hair.fibre evidence recorded after the Baez/Lee and one other inspection of the physical evidence from the car?

  5. Gavriella says:

    Forgive my ignorance, but has the source of the terpene evidence been determined? Thanks, all!

  6. ProvokingPoirot says:

    BrendaT – you are very kind. I had seen so many people do their own experiments and post them on YouTube, I wanted to try my own. In today’s doc dump though, the shovel being shown has a wooden handle and my hubby swears it would not carry the weight without breaking. So my theory is just another theory and most are flawed – theoretically speaking!

    Lynne C – maggots found in the bag in the trunk can be tested for DNA

    Karen657 – your question is “So do you think that they can find out if Caylee was drugged by analizing the magots from the trunk of the car? They have them dont they? But the bag was tossed into a dumpster and doesnt that have something to do with chain of custody of the evidence? Couldnt flies other than those from the car have contaminated the trash after it went into the dumpster? Couldnt stuff from the bag have fallen out in the tossing of said bag? Couldnt they have picked up unrelated trash when they went dumpster diving or at least couldnt the defense make such a claim? Sheesh makes my eyes hurt.”

    I am going to answer you with a post made over a year ago on another site that was used and passed around and attributed to whoever wanted to use it but it is from my notes with a group of other folks…

    The towyard manager said that when he opened the trunk, flies flew out and there were maggots inside.

    A trunk is a sealed environment. Flies will not attempt to enter something like a closed, sealed trunk to lay eggs on a pizza box. Even if that pizza box had pizza in it, it just isn’t going to happen. Think about the times you’ve left a half-eaten hamburger on the floorboard of your car. We have all occasionally left food in the car and forgotten to remove it.

    Sometime in their life cycle, those flies entered that trunk with Caylee’s body.

    I believe that Caylee’s body was stored outside somewhere…somewhere that flies could have laid eggs on the corpse. It could have been stored there for as brief as several hours or as long as several days. Casey worried that the body would be found wherever she left it. At any rate, she went back to remove the body from the place she had left it, and she put it in her trunk.

    Possibly, the corpse stayed in the trunk from the time she retrieved it until the second time she dumped it. The second dumping of the corpse could have been done on the 18th or early on the 27th (the time window when her car was left at Amscot, parked by the dumpster).

    When she loaded the decomposing corpse into the trunk the second time, fluids leaked out. Clumps of hair fell out. Possibly decomposing flesh detached from the body. Decomposing flesh with maggots already hatching. When she removed the body from her trunk, some decomp fluid, maybe even maggots were left behind, possibly contaminating other items in the trunk. This would explain why there were flies and maggots in the trunk when Simon Birch opened it

    Looking at a generalized life cycle of the species of flies that assists in decomposition of a body (if we knew the exact species, we could be less generalized in the life cycle):

    From egg to larva (maggot) is 2-5 days. Until day 5, the larvae are feeding on the body.

    The larvae move away from the body to become pupae, and are adult flies on day 19 or 20. Adult flies feed on body fluids, mate immediately after emergence, and lay eggs within two days of emergence…and the cycle begins again.

    So, to summarize this:

    Day 1 – eggs laid.

    Day 2 – eggs hatch.

    Day 2 to 5 – larvae move into and around the body, feeding.

    Day 6 to 19 – pupa stage, no feeding on corpse, mature flies will emerge from the hard case.

    Day 20 – adult fly emerges, feeds.

    Day 22 – adult fly lays eggs on corpse.

    Therefore, the flies that were found in the trunk were second generation flies, as were the maggots, because the car sat sealed at the towyard for 16 days. The second generation had already emerged and begun laying eggs, which had hatched into maggot staged larvae.

    I can’t wait to see what a forensic entomologist will reveal about this case. I think that the transport of the corpse can be nailed down to within a couple of days using the life cycle of the flies that flew out of the trunk on July 16th.

    So here we are a year+ and we know a whole lot more about little Caylee’s body. I don’t believe she was ever buried. She was in the trunk 2.6 days by all accounts and interpretation of the evidence by experts. That bag was retrieved from the dumpster at the towyard within hours of the car being picked up by George and taken back to Hopespring. I believe George cleaned the car, and I know Cindy took some stuff out and washed, hid, whatever items. Det. Melich knows so much and I am so happy he sent for that bag PRONTO! They know they have the right bag…it was trash from Tony’s!!!! But in that trash bag were treasures too…treasures of future justice puzzle pieces for Caylee. And Nope…I don’t believe there was time for any cross contamination or chain of custody flubs or any chance for the defense to fight this brilliant science. The wonderful life of a fly.

  7. Lynne C. says:


    Great post. Sure hoping the maggot evidence is the smoking gun.
    You rock!!!!

  8. wpgmouse says:

    (I’ve also posted this in the above “Tattoo and Duct Tape” thread, regarding the State’s additional discovery release today)

    Laundry Bag – - ??

    In the close up photos, on pages 9770 and 9771, of the rectangular laundry bag found in the garage, WHAT IS THAT MARK that is circled and initialed on the inside liner to the left of the tag? Looks blacked out in the first photo, but it’s a lighter shade shape than the rest of the bag in the 2nd photo. Is this the LINK TO THE VEHICLE?

    I saw that earlier, I do believe that lit-

  9. lily says:

    “I do believe that lit – know what I mean?” NO! I don’t?

    It looked to me like the bag lit under ALS, thus showing that white spot with the circle. Does not mean it is blood or Hemo necessarily, could even be spilled laundry detergent. That was my take on the image

  10. lily says:

    Oh, oh oh. Duh. Sorry I’ve got it now.

  11. wpgmouse says:

    One Last Thing on The Laundry Bag

    (This is it for me. I am going cross-eyed and feeling nauseous after going through that FBI report. I could not make out half of the handwritten notes.)

    Okay, so in addition to the pics of the garage laundry bag K-33 (pgs 9770 and 9771), there are (MUCH further down) the pics of the Q-84 laundry bag from the crime scene. It would appear Q-84 also has a mark of some kind also to the left of the inside tag on the liner. I blew up these LOW-RES pics (darn it) for the 2 bags and thought I was making out something from the giant pixels, but I am so not going there and risk any credibility I might have left, if any. If Blink knows the white mark “lit”, then that means the mark I’m seeing on the other bag
    is a mirage due to exhaustion.

    Still don’t know how the garage bag was thought to of come from the vehicle but not in the trunk, as Blink says, unless maybe it was spotted in one of the personal photos from CA’s photobucket.

    Lol wpg- hang onto your cheese just yet, k33 lighting up is my THEORY, from the pic, it would be standard to mark the bag accordingly, and the inside of that bag actually has a synthetic liner, so I am thinking it would have been difficult to see white on white if you will, but possible. I have no explanation as to why k33 went from listing as taken from the residence, which was in a black garbage bag with red handles, to additional items from the vehicle. Again, I am speculating they got add’l information. I recall George saying something about a popup laundry “crate” I thought, but damned if after reviewing over 3000+ pages over the last week I am capable of digging that out.

    According to the FBI notes, they are evaluating the possibility the two laundry bags are indeed from the same lot, or part of a set to tie to the Anthony’s home. I noticed that there are no notes that indicate the Anthony’s were asked that question.

  12. wpgmouse says:


    If that was a white spot that lit under ALS, why did the FBI black it out in the pic on page 9770?

    I think we are talking about 2 diff spots. The one I am referring to is the white one circled, not the square black one.

  13. suz says:

    Blink, you and wpgmouse are talking about the same spot. Look again. When they are shooting the front of the tag in the rectangular laundry bag in 9771, the circled thingy looks like a black rectangle. When they shoot the back of the tag in 9772 (now the bag is flipped upside down so that the tag can be read) the thingy in the circle appears white. Might just be the way it was photographed, but odd.

    Thanks Suz, I will review again.

  14. wpgmouse says:

    The Blue Bin:

    (on page 9863 it says the following were turned by over CA and collected at the A’s home on July 17, 2008:
    computer power cord
    dora backpack
    child’s tooth brush
    black leather bag
    various papers
    dinner knife
    “”blue plastic crate”"
    plastic coat hangers

    One would hope it was processed considering it would have been in the trunk the same time Little Caylee was. Also, “crate” describes something more solid, as opposed to “collapsible”.

    The Laundry Bag and OSCO:

    In CA’s interview with OSCO, she said something about they turned over to LE everything that was in the car when the car was at the tow yard, because they had to verify and sign some type of vehicle contents/list document from the tow yard before they left. I’m not familiar with tow yard procedures, but it makes sense the yard would document notes of an inspection (including the exterior) and inventory of all items and their locations inside the vehicle, to avoid future false claims of vehicle damage or item loss and damage once the vehicle left their premises. LE could have got a copy of this signed document from Simon B. and compared it what the A’s turned over to them in July. The tow yard would have included the K33 laundry bag and where it was – - trunk vs. an interior area.

    Back Yard Landscaping:

    Interesting to note that on page 9847 a piece of black plastic weed barrier (Q-168?) was found at the Suburban crime scene. It was also
    separately noted (a hand-written communication) that the A’s had a roll of weed barrier at their residence.
    We haven’t heard much from the backyard discovery, but when I put pavers down, I put a weed barrier down first.

    Blink, has your neighbour come out of his house yet?

    Uh oh WPG- did you not read in my article about the weed eater comments from the FBI? Now I have to go back and check but I thought that was taken from the house.

    Not only did they have a roll, they had 4 seperate areas of “interest” for CSI Bloise. 3 were under woodchips, and one was under, you guessed it, the pavers under Caylee’s playhouse. I have seen no results on that.

    On my run I am going to go past his house 3 times.

  15. suz says:

    164, yes, Blink, I do—or at least I get that it’s an unsolved mystery…! I wonder if THIS is related, from the new discovery—check out the notes at the very bottom of page
    9979 —-blue poly and other blue fibers found in trunk seem to be a mystery. I think they are thinking it came from a bag (but it’s hard to make out all the writing).

  16. wpgmouse says:



    Yes, I read about the “weed eater” above, and knew that meant reading the “301MB” pdf release. I put it off until the I wanted to see something on the laundry bag. I recalled reading with bug-eyes last night the the FBI report something about a paver with one surface side that was smooth, but to be honest I just really glossed over that. I did attempt to look for that section again before I posted today, but I did not have the stamina to go very far – - why can’t they release an HTML VERSION WHERE WORD SEARCHING IS A BREEZE?

    Make sure you wear something your retired neighbour will notice.

    ROTFL, unless it’s a labcoat he’s not that kinda neighbor.

  17. wpgmouse says:

    Blink, ha! A labcoat is along the lines of what I meant! I see how my words could take you “there” – - should have put retired “FBI” in there. ;-)

    If your neighbour reads here,
    “Sorry, sir. I meant no offense (either way). Really.”

  18. suz says:

    Blink, it’s nice wpgmouse who brings up a tow yard inventory in post #166, so I surely don’t know procedures, but I have never heard of a tow yard opening your car or trunk (esp. with no key). Maybe they just list what they can peep at through the windows. I watch Parking Wars all the time and never see them doing anything like that, but that’s mostly in Philly (and now Detroit), and of course they don’t show everything that goes on.

  19. Blink says:

    For a bright and cognizant moment, read this:

    Very, very interesting, and very clinical.

  20. wpgmouse says:



    No, I think the inventory would be done with the vehicle’s owner present, otherwise how could they agree to and sign the form? Whether it was done by opening the vehicle or by peering through the windows, don’t know.
    Maybe all agreed to a doors-closed inspection. According to the tow truck driver, the vehicle was locked at Amscot according to the, the two yard did not have a key, so no way to any opening of the trunk prior to July 15.

    Cindy refers to this “form” in one of her OSCO interviews … I think it was after an FBI interview.

  21. SuzeeB says:

    Simon Burch thru out that garbage bag for George. He may have noticed a blue crate/collapsible in trunk and anything else. Remember George ask Simon to go with him to look in trunk.

  22. suz says:

    Blink,I am pretty sure that the FBI missive listing the K33 rectangular laundry bag under “additional items from vehicle” is just a mistake, and here’s why.

    As we know, it is listed in a bunch of different places as being an item from the residence (and we all know where it was found in the garage on an upper shelf, etc.).

    That document that lists it as “Add’l items from vehicle” has it listed more broadly under SPECIMENS RECEIVED JAN 22, 2008 (which btw is itself a typo—wrong year).

    Very Possible.

    Anyway, the Jan 22, 2009 transmittal letter that he is referring to, which came with those specimens (from the FBI—TP/ORA, I believe, which turns out to stand for the FBI’s Tampa Division/Orlando Resident Agency) lists it as “laundry bag retrieved from the home” on page 10309

    I really think he just messed up because it was a really big list of items he was trying to deal with.

  23. suz says:

    For all you folks who remember coffin flies being discussed, I found a note in the new discovery that mentions it. On page 10079 it says they sent the napkins in the car to an entomologist who noted ‘coffin flies’ being present as well as ‘grave wax’ or ‘death wax’.

  24. suz says:

    Also re: the blue plastic crate in the car: page 9819, the stainless steel knife (9” long, marked Wallace, Indonesia on blade, new/slightly used with scuffs/residue on back of handle; no h/f) and plastic bag with yellow pull handles were collected from blue plastic crate

  25. wpgmouse says:

    Vehicle Contents

    You know, if indeed a signed “inventory report” of the vehicle contents exists, this would make sense that the A’s would not have got rid of any of those items, because of the “paper trail”. Instead the items from the car were “cleaned” and “put away” in their appropriate places like a bedroom clothes closet or the garage. JMO but they had to have “known” from the conditions of the car. IMO when CA was told the kidnapping story, it was a “welcomed relief” in a way, from the alternative “worst nightmare” story the car had told her, and she just hung on to it for dear life. I still credit her for the 911 call.

  26. Gavriella says:

    I don’t recall seeing the link to these evidentiary photos posted. Forgive me if it was. This is more than enough to break hearts, and cause us to scream all the more loudly: Justice for Caylee!

  27. Justice says:

    Did anyone notice in the picture 13 from 135s link, the blue crate? It is the same one that George said was in casey’s car….

    Are you asking or telling? I did notice it previously, good catch, but I have not seen where it was identified as such.

  28. suz says:

    I reckon -

    I reckon you know what and I did and why.
    Wink from Blink

  29. wpgmouse says:

    My head is doing a 180. Have I lost my mind or something else?

  30. wpgmouse says:


    There were 180 p’s, then 174.

    Dearest WP-
    speak in cheese. I am not following

  31. wpgmouse says:

    I see my attempt at being cryptic has failed.

    lol, no wp, not at all, the devil with the blue dress needed to walk the dog until tomorrow.
    I will put the cheese back then.

  32. IBE says:

    Just a question… does IPS mean Indianapolis Public Schools?

  33. domain3 says:

    Have they ever found the beanie baby, that was given to Caylee by Jim Thompson from that Maitland Computer Store

  34. Spirit says:

    In my opinion, she was flung. Broken postmorteum tibia, IIRC.


    Thank you, B!!!

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