Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Will a Conviction in Fraud Case Hemorrage the Defense Fund?

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Orlando, FL– Since the State Attorney’s office filed their motion to proceed in the forgery, theft and fraud case against her, I have been positive this legal maneuver was the equivalent of bringing a bazooka to a thumb wrestling match.


Doesn’t it appear that that bell just re-rung when the motion to proceed to trial on the economic crimes was granted?

Casey Anthony is facing 13 felony charges of forgery, petty theft and ID theft; to be scheduled for trial in the near future per Stan Strickland’s remarks in his motion response.

The ripple effect most consider “chump change” when weighing the murder indictment and possible death penalty conviction; I disagree.

The outcome of her economic charges trial may very well seal the fate of the murderl trial. Precisely the resounding defense’s worst nightmare for a bevy of reasons.


Son of Sam Law  

Florida Statute 944.512

944.512 State lien on proceeds from literary or other type of account of crime for which convicted.

(1) A lien prior in dignity to all others shall exist in favor of the state upon royalties, commissions, proceeds of sale, or any other thing of value payable to or accruing to a convicted felon or a person on her or his behalf, including any person to whom the proceeds may be transferred or assigned by gift or otherwise, from any literary, cinematic, or other account of the crime for which she or he was convicted. A conviction shall be defined as a guilty verdict by a jury or judge, or a guilty or nolo contendere plea by the defendant, regardless of adjudication of guilt. The lien shall attach at the time of the conviction in county or circuit court. In the event of an appeal, the funds will be held in the Revolving Escrow Trust Fund of the Department of Legal Affairs until the appeal is resolved.

Sweet Mary. Regardless of how the court arrives at “guilty”, the second she is, the State can slap a lien on her “ASSets” . It does not matter who they may have been transferred to ( George, Cindy, Lee, Jose).

The beauty is, the State already knows what they are looking for based on the in-camera portion of the State’s motion for Judge StricKland to review the possibility of a conflict of interest. You remember the one– where Jose Baez got the side bar lashing at it’s conclusion and Jeff Ashton was telepathically repeating “Wipe that smarmy smug off your mug” to Jose Baez.

Casey Anthony would only be entitled to what her “account” of the crime would have been worth PRIOR to her criminal act/ conviction. As she was really only known to the Club Scene and Target, good luck with that.

So, now your saying- well how does the State extrapolate the profit from the convictions PRIOR to the murder trial? You Can’t!

Not really, especially if you factor if one is “in the commission of” concealing the other. The State will be in a serious strength position to freeze Casey Anthony’s cash and the defense will be off like a prom dress.


George and Cindy Anthony Take The Stand 


This for me, is the single biggest blow to the capital case against Casey. I have long stated I believe the defense is going to attempt the “confuse the jury of the guilty party” defense. Not new, not original, but in my opinion, in this case, prudent. The Anthony’s have no objection of course as they have a shot at getting their daughter out of prison and can keep their multiple income channels open.

The first salvo will be Casey, through Baez, releases a statement, or in his opening remarks will point the finger at George, Cindy or both.

Voilla! They plead the fifth and get out of testifying against their daughter.

Not going to happen. In order for that to work, the Anthony’s will have to get out of testifying in the economics case, and since she was stealing from them regularly and they have no fear of prosecution for themselves in those matters, THEY TAKE THE STAND. We already know the economic charges are the linchpin for the defense (follow the script) as to Casey’s fear, and why she did not report her child missing for 31 days.  

Therefore, the Anthony’s will not be able to pick and choose what they testify to. They go on record in one, they go in both.

The Plea in PLEASE

Lastly, we have Casey Anthony going into a capital murder trial with a felony(s) conviction. There is little doubt it will be intoduced under the prior bad acts rule. Even if Jose Baez were able to advise Casey to proffer a plea, she is still a convicted felon and that sentencing comes first and limits the prosecution and his Honor Stan Strickland as to what sentencing guidelines must be used.

Zero doubt it will not come up from witnesses to the question– What did Cindy Anthony say to you the first time you met her in person?

You see where I am going with that.

It is this editors opinion, Amy Huizenga is my new R U D Y.


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  1. westsidehudson says:

    Did you see that Morgan was interviewed for “48 Hours Mystery”? I think that Diane Fanning was also.How many of the cast of characters will appear? It’s interesting that it will air following the hearings next week. I guess they (CBS) will update the story, or narrate an end note, depending on Strickland’s rulings(?).

  2. joan (Canada) says:

    How dare you miserable people judge what is right and wrong – and what is good and evil? Where do you get this power? There is gray area in life.

    You people have fixated on this case since day 1 – Your opinions were cast in iron since day 1 – Hate and jealousy guided you since day 1. None of you people have examined the evidence from a neutral position. Even the defense has been denied access to critical evidence.

    In time, at the right venue, these silly charges will collapse like a cheap camera. EVIDENCE drives a case – not a jealous public and not a silly man moping around the woods looking for whiskey bottles.

    Aren’t there other cases for you to obsess on? What about Haleigh? What about Adji?

    You have time to change. Write your Congressman and demand that this case be dismissed for lack of evidence.

    God Bless

    OrlandoEAST (10/09/2009, 7:14 AM )

    I really do not believe that this is Cindy, I think this person just wants to rile people up to get comments.
    I’ll just wait patiently for the Blink’s next group of doc dumps and then wait for the defense’s rebuttal. This I know is what drives the A’s.
    Caylee dear, just is coming.

  3. suz says:

    More phantoms to add to the list—Casey’s fellow event planners:

    Katherine Hart
    Human Resources Manager
    Universal Studios, Florida

    Cheryl Davis
    East Coast VP of Marketing/Sales

    From: Gabe Marsh (

    From: Mike (

    Manny- 8am-1pm
    Vanessa- 9am-3pm
    Lou- 10am-4pm
    Juliet- 10am-4pm
    Matt, Jay & Liam- 11am-5pm

  4. Mari says:

    Joan – I agree!

  5. clint says:

    RE: OE’s post.

    1. Note how many times the name Caylee is referenced in OEs post. My rough estimate is – ZERO.

    2. I think there are three options here:
    – OE is a member of the Ant clan or a close supporter
    – OE is a troll that likes to rile up folks but really does not care about the case or Caylee one way or the other
    – OE is person that happens to be a “hater” on the Ant side.

    Let’s be honest, we have a lot of “haters” on our side also – but one reason I love this site so much Blink is that this aspect is minimized, and the focus tends to stay on facts, reasonable discourse, and – most importantly – CAYLEE.

    It is hard to be “reasonable” and to avoid hating the people and situations that caused harm to an innocent little girl. There is no way we can avoid emotion when we look at her picture. But Blink you work diligently to keep the discourse here focused and respectful.

    In a world of blogs where the contributors are spewing spit and froth at their monitor and keyboard (as OE clearly is, or is trying to appear to) where insults and name-calling are “de rigeur”, I thank goodness for

    I am not afraid to point out areas that I am doubtful of in the case on your site. On just about any other site, I would immediately be regaled with taunts of “Sin-dee” etc.. These are the behaviors of juveniles in a playground – not the reasoned discourse of adults.

    Thank you, Blink, and your motley crew of Blinksters..


    TY, I am very proud of the contributions here, I would never waste my time or that of my readership if justice for Caylee Marie were not the driving force.

  6. suz says:

    lol, proud to be part of the motley crew

  7. lily says:

    Good observations Clint from another proud member of Blink’s Motley Crew.

  8. westsidehudson says:

    #238-Excellent post Gypsy.
    #256-Clint, cosigned. Thanks Blink.

  9. C.Boyle says:

    I am very curious about the smell of human decomp, but it seems impossible to ever get that experience. Blink, since you have been in the presence of both human and animal decomp, is it true that an exotic fruit called the durian has the exact same stench? I was going to try this as a substitue.

    Personally, I dont think there is such a substitute. I have been told rotten potatoes is close, but never felt compelled to test the theory.

  10. TINK TINK says:

    rotten pizza? left in a microwave? & this I promise is in no way related or being fecitious in any way. I left a pizza in a microwave at home once, trying to re heat. -Forgot about it for OVER A WEEK! Kept smelling something so disgusting, I was gagging..finally following the smell as it got stronger opened the microwave…and it was the PIZZA! -No maggots or bugs of any sort I can assure you, but that smell…………..I WILL NEVER FORGET. One of teh strongest nastiness stomache turning smells.
    Could this be considerably close Blink? – As to the smell?

    No never.

  11. TINK TINK says:

    Ive been told, once a human dies in a car…you will never ever ever get rid of the smell…you can re store the car completely, and you will NEVER get rid of it. I heard a story once about someone that bought a classic car, someone had died in…got a good price on it, restored it, NEVER GETTING THE SMELL OUT.
    I wonder, how something like that works in a HOME…or other scenerios….If someone died on the floor, would the decomp and odor seep to the concrete. Im sure it would be HORRIFIC if it was wood flooring, might as well tear the house down.

  12. TINK TINK says:

    The knife that was found in Casey’s car was possibly what she used to cut the duct tape. And surely at one point there were a few fingerprints on the tape, but destroyed now…
    Another thing I’ve been so curious about findin out was, the clothes or “pants” that Cindy said smelled like the car & washed…Why would they smell like it?
    1. from simply BEING IN THE CAR?
    2. While coming in contact with Caylee and moving her, my question is…is they ANY way Casey WOULDNT get the smell on her?
    As we all have looked at the timeline, it seems clear that after Casey dumped Caylee she DIDNT go to the Anthony’s to wash up…And SURELY she would have to, or WANT to afte being in contact with a dead body. So, it has me thinking…Did she just show up at Tony’s and try to slip past him and quickly get in the shower? Would ANYONE else be able to smell decomp on her if they came in contact with her? What did she do with the clothes she was wearing during ANY contact with the dead body of poor Caylee.

  13. Lee says:

    sorry this is earlier subject re casey/amy….i don’t see how casey can use defense that amy gave her permission to take money or that she was going to pay her back. 1. it was more than checks… casey tried to make an online payment for her cellphone bill which was more than the balance amount via amy’s account #. that payment was refused for lack of funds. it was excessive victimization, and way beyond borrowing and being able to pay someone back. 2. casey & amy were on the phone right before or during the time she was seen on video making illegal target purchase (if i remember that one correctly).

  14. Sharai says:

    Blink, are you saying you are a Guadian ad litem or you are approaching this case as though you were a GAL?

    No, I am saying that imo, a GAL should have been appointed for Caylee from day one, before evidence of her death it would have saved a great deal of the scam going on. That legislation needs an overhaul, imo.

  15. Sharai says:

    I totally agree, Blink. A GAL would have been objective and truthful. No one (other than the prosecution)is representing Caylee.She’s like an after thought. Sometimes I wonder if the Anthony’s even remember this case is about her death and not a game of intrigue and deception. Yes, a GAL would have changed the sceneario of this case significantly.

  16. Kleat says:

    I find it hard, if not impossible, to reconcile the statements that Bill Schaeffer discusses and points out at the end of his raw interview at wftv about actually witnessing people brought to tears from ‘this’ evidence– the duct tape in particular, with ‘hearing’ Cindy’s statements of the past year, how hard, cold, detached the ‘grandmother’ is in our minds still.

    I do not think that Cindy can ever make those ‘arguments’ again, no matter how much she wants to get out and do it– if Cindy ever does repeat this behaviour, she may as well insert the needle in her daughter’s arm.

  17. Kleat says:

    If the duct tape was not an ‘afterthought’, there would be no way to easily suggest this was NOT premeditation– you can fire a gun without premeditation potentially, not intending to kill even if you intend to fire the gun (warning excuse, aiming excuse, hair trigger excuse, whatever… it’s possible). But to cut duct tape, without getting it all gummed up, to watch your baby struggle and avoid at the same time, getting the baby’s hands and kicking feet in the way, those strips of tape have to be prepared ahead, or the child has to be incapacitated somehow. Even if drugged or otherwise knocked out, placing those strips so they cover all possible airways– lifeways– is premeditated, not accidental. If accidentally placed to eliminate breathing, that could be quickly reversed– but it was not. More tape was added.

    I think the reality of this is setting in– not accidental holding the jaw because of some discomfort at looking at the child’s face, not a symbolic covering of the mouth– the child can not scream or make loud sounds with tape on her mouth, but she could LIVE with the ability to remain breathing. We don’t want to believe that the child suffered, it’s easier to block one’s mind to the reality of what we are facing in these photos. Not just the child’s loss of her life, but tremendous physical and psychological suffering, as the tape was being prepared– from bringing the tape, preparing a cutting tool for it, using ‘teeth’ or some other instrument to rip it once a piece was attached to the baby’s face (two marks on one of the pieces, suggested this– tape not cut off the roll first, but attached, then ripped off as a possibility).

    If not premeditation, then the act can stop here– the tape can be left on but the child can ‘live’– there is time, there is the effect on the child, and still the killing proceeded.

    I think we have kept our ‘hopes’ and minds in the place where this was not the scenario– it’s so much easier to deal with if we believe she could not possibly have suffered, she was with her mother, who even if she wanted her to die, would not have allowed her baby to suffer.

    The reality seems to be forcing it’s hand and we have to begin to face this. I think that the defense’s media ‘tour’ last week, was it’s last hurrah. They can not do that again or they will look the fools and do more harm.

  18. Kleat says:

    IF Casey was involved, then she knows how she killed her child, she can SPEAK to that– if she minimized the cruelty, or if this was an accidental ‘taping’ to quiet the child, SHE must speak and explain how it was she did not give the child an airway. She needs to defend herself by speaking up to why this was not premeditated, or if it was, why it was not cruel. Casey knows– and she can mitigate the jury’s view of her own actions and results.

  19. Kleat says:

    Talk about ‘timing’ for profit:

    The CBS 48 HRS airs next Saturday, the day following the next hearing. No coincidence. And they’ve apparently changed the ‘title’ to indicate it’s about ‘Caylee’.

    Bet they are busy splicing in the ‘duct tape’. I wonder if they will venture into illustrating what the positioning of the duct tape is on a photo of Caylee’s face? Or will they play into the ‘nice’ side that Cindy wants to show, the poor mother of Caylee who deserves the mother or the year award for her actions.

    Anyone know if next week is first week of Sweeps?

  20. Kleat says:

    Don’t know if this is correct or up to date: —

    Nielsen 2009 sweeps dates
    March 2009 March 5 – April 1, 2009
    May 2009 April 23 – May 20, 2009
    July 2009 July 2 – July 29, 2009
    November 2009 October 29 – November 25, 2009

    (no wonder Judge ‘Sweeps’ Rodriguez has postponed the civil trial until January– clearing sweeps and Christmas/holiday season)

  21. Kleat says:

    Blink, forgive me– but to your nightmares of duct tape– (take a break– enjoy!!) ;)

  22. Twiglet says:

    I am beginning to wonder if the Anthonys knew early July that something had happened to caylee ? It seems strange that Cindy wrote on her My Space on 3rd July that ” her little angel was gone ” or words to that effect and George was working in the back yard on 4th July replacing pavers I think it was. I wonder if he had stumbled across some evidence ( being a former Cop would be experience of noticing things ?) hence working in yard ? Also the Video Dominic Casey shot in the woods in November where he is saying ” here they are ” when he gets to discarded pavers as if he knows what he has to look for? And the fact that when they got the car from the Tow yard , they don’t call cops on smelling “death” George takes it home and washes it out and Cindy washes the contents inside the car ???? Not once did they “search for Caylee and they appeared not to keen on anyone else searching either??????????

    I am on record from the start saying July 3rd is a pivotal day in this case and Yes, something was found in the “yardscaping” that caused concern for Caylee’s wellbeing. I believe in his recent deposition with the SA, he may have divulged that.

  23. Kleat says:

    Blink, WHY would Lee still not ‘hold the family ground’ and withhold information that investigators might not know to ask? He said he made a promise to “C-M-A… C-M-A…”. Isn’t it possible that he still holds a secret?

    Or, would part of his immunity deal include a polygraph as an investigatory tool to confirm Lee’s level of cooperation, before the prosecutors determined the final set of questions to ask Lee in the formal depo?

  24. Jenna says:

    #270 – the problem with an Anthony is none of them believe they should have to speak up to defend themselves on anything. They are above the law…and nothing they do is any of anyone else’s business unless they want it to be. BUT…everything you do is their business, you can rest assured.

    They are truly a disgusting lot as a whole. Every one of them. (Extended family excluded until proven further..)

  25. Kleat says:

    Back to the economics case thread with an update– the defense asks for change of venue. Delay tactics? Will this mean that the judge will have to take more time to hear these arguements, and this will put another hearing delay in the works? (suspect no decisions on the fraud case for some time as the defense pulls out the stops to delay it and make it as difficult as possible.)

  26. the informer says:

    Caylee Anthony: CBS offers video preview of ’48 Hours Mystery’
    posted by halboedeker on Oct 14, 2009 11:42:46 AM
    Discuss This: Comments (4) | TrackBack (0) | Linking Blogs | Add to | Digg it

    What will “The Untold Story of Caylee Anthony” be like?

    I’ll have a preview tonight of the edition of CBS’ “48 Hours Mystery,” which airs at 10 p.m. Saturday. The show tries to give a more intimate, in-depth look at the case of the little girl and her mother, Casey Anthony, who is charged with the child’s first-degree murder.

    CBS has posted this preview, and the speakers include Casey’s defense attorneys; George and Cindy Anthony, Casey’s parents; Jesse Grund, Casey’s former fiance; and attorney John Morgan, who is representing Zenaida Gonzalez in a defamation suit against Casey.

  27. shoozeyque says:

    #234 Todd in Tulsa

    lol That’s hilarious. Did G & C have dealings with Jimmy Hoffa!

  28. lily says:

    Maybe someone who is better at finding ‘dated’ pictures of Casey could help me with this? Here is my question:

    1) Ricardo gives his interview where he is reluctant to talk about the pictures he provided to the Globe for his paid interview. Inside the interview there are 2 pics of Caylee – one of her playing drums with Ricardo and another smaller inset picture. He says these are from New Year’s Day (2008). Caylee looks younger in these pictures than she does on the cover picture of the Globe.

    2) The Globe cover picture of both Casey and Caylee appears to me to be later than January 1st, 2008 because Caylee looks quite a few months older.

    3) If these pictures (both the cover and the inside) are of the same timeframe, shouldn’t Casey have the same hairstyle in any pictures taken of her on New Years Day 2008 as she does on that cover?

    This would help to narrow down whether or not the Globe thing was strictly Ricardo M making a little dough off of this article and would probably preclude Baez, Casey and/or the Anthony’s providing the picture for money. The only way to put some sort of facts around it would be to show Casey looking similar in the Globe cover as she does in pictures around the holidays of 2007/2008.

    Does this make sense?

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