Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: The Tattoo Is “Caylee” Related- And a Clue?

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Orlando, FL– Late this afternoon, after pouring over 1400 pages of discovery, a contributor to caught my attention.

Could Casey’s tattoo yield clues into the disappearance of Caylee Marie Anthony as long suspected?

Casey told Lee Anthony her tattoo was “Caylee related” during a jail house visit, although she stated there were no further clues associated with it. She chose the stars because Caylee loved the stars. JoJo would hold her up outside to show them to her at night.

However, comparing the image of her actual tattoo, and that of the Art it was based on uncovered during an interview with On the Record Host, Greta Van Sustern, there is a discrepancy.




The tat on Casey Anthony’s left shoulder is missing a “dot” in the Northern most star of the design. What could that mean?

Was she paying tribute to 34 month old Caylee Marie, who did not make it to her 3rd birthday at her hand, by filling in only 2?

Was she honing her “script” whereby the missing “dot” in the star is some sort of validation of the timer 55 theory, or that Caylee would be home by her birthday so she could “connect the dot” in celebration?

One thing is certain, although she was in custody on and off for nearly a year, OCSO only imaged that tattoo a few weeks ago, why?

What did they recently learn?


Thanks to Stacy Dobson, contributing to for this article.

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  1. Chica says:

    I seen a preview of it onaseriousnote!
    cindy said” wouldnt it be a horrible injustice if they execute an innocent person
    Oh and that comment she made was not verbatim just close.

  2. Kleat says:

    The ‘PURSE left in the car at Amscot’ issue– why I was thinking ‘purse’ vs Maura’s explanation of this ‘bag’ being not a purse, but a ‘WORKBAG’.

    I was convinced this was a ‘purse’ early on because guess what– ‘CINDY’ said so– not once, not twice, but several times, to FBI, with full explanation that a woman would never leave a ‘purse’. But then along came Maura and her complete information and deductions with the ‘bag’ not being a purse, but a workbag as it contained papers etc.

    I AGREE with Maura — I now realize my failure was to take Cindy’s early statements AT FACE VALUE. This is reinforced with a review of this Cindy media interview from ‘before Caylee’s third birthday’.

    Cindy uses the term ‘purse’ and not it’s obvious that Cindy was USING the work bag as PURSE for a purpose– to reason that no woman would ever LEAVE THEIR PURSE in the car as happened here, therefore Casey did not intentionally leave that ‘PURSE’ in the car, therefore, something other happened. Like it was not Casey who left the car at Amscot– Cindy even says this in this interview.

    I didn’t pay attention to the reasons that Cindy was ‘setting up’ to protect Casey so early on. The inflamatory statements by Cindy overrode why she was saying what she was about the workbag as purse. It fit better as ‘purse’ for her purposes.

    It’s a fallacy to take Cindy’s statements at face value– as in this case, even early on before we, as observers, realized that this was not all grandparents ‘in denial’.

    (and we know it’s the media’s fault for every day that Caylee was ‘not brought to us’– it’s not a ‘stranger killing’ it’s the media!!!)

    This is a very telling interview– manipulation of ‘facts’ by Cindy so early on.

  3. Chica says:

    I am outraged by baez behaviour! his arrogance his lack of professionalism and his lies lies and misrepresentation of facts. His constant redicule and accusations of others blah blah blah I gagged and didnt even need a wooden fork. he just outrages me to no end . i GO TO BED AT NIGHT PRAYING FOR TRUTH TO COME OUT.

  4. soulsister says:

    I was wondering about the couselor that CIndy ws seeing. Is this person a witness to the problems Cindy had with Casey stealing money, having to watch Caylee all the time, talkig about taking Caylee away from Casey, and whatever else they discussed. I know there is confidentiality laws. Is this counselor able to testify?

  5. Kleat says:

    Cindy also says at about 8 mins , something very strange in and of itself: (same video linked in last post–

    Quote Cindy about 5 secs before the 8 min. mark: “You know, I watched that video tape– I haven’t seen it…”

    I’m looking hard to see where the second side of Cindy’s mouth is– she has to have two sides because she’s talking out of both!!

  6. westsidehudson says:

    Maybe Morgan didn’t take licensing fees from CBS. For him, it could just come down to free air time, a commercial for himself, without having to pay.

    I think that it may look worse for state witnesses accepting money, ie. if perhaps Jesse Grund took fees. Then again, he may not have, as he must feel compelled to tell his side of the story after D Casey went on an apparent witch hunt for his father, and the Anthonys deflecting suspicion onto him in LE interviews. Who knows? They’ll probably all be asked this question in court.

  7. joan (Canada) says:

    Change of venue motions where defense blames everyone but themselves for all the coverage especially the media and has even quoted from some of the blog sites and some bloggers comments.

    Interesting read, people. It is our fault she will not get a fair trial.

  8. justice23 says:

    Can anyone point me in the direction of how to find out CBS’s sponsors for 48 hours? This is making me want to hurl … just feel like I have to do something, no matter how small it might appear. I want to write each and every one of them and tell them how me and my family feel about this. My husband thinks the whole case has become a laughingstock and sadly, to some degree, it appears there’s a lot of truth to that, at least on the defense side anyway. Honest to God I don’t know how those people sleep at night. Thinking maybe Baez, Baden, Lyon and Macaluso made a deal with the devil before this case began.

  9. suz says:

    IIRC, there was an early description of the duct tape that suggested it wasn’t exactly in place over the nose and mouth, but they were able to move it into place and surmise that it would have covered the nose and mouth.

    I am not seeing that Suz and I am ruefully on the ME report as we speak.

  10. Todd in Tulsa says:

    I think Judge Strickland left out some inclusive parties in his statement of “Casey and the truth are strangers”. He left out Cindy, George, and Baez are also strangers

  11. Kleat says:

    Another timely and SO relevant to the defense’s latest motions of change of venue, is Cindy’s own contradiction of the interviewer’s statements about the people (public) ‘giving up they’re getting frustrated’ with, for example, Casey not co-operating enough with LE:

    Cindy contradicts to contradict– she has walked into the interviewer’s trap here:

    QUOTING CINDY (defense needs to listen up!) at 8:30 mark:


    Did someone call Cindy from VIRGINIA before this interview on July 29, 2008??? Interesting– Virginia. When exactly was that very first contact with psychic/douser or paranormal services person, GINETTE LUCAS– the person who pointed to the location of Caylee’s body.

    (you know, the body that wasn’t ‘there yet’– where the stranger would end up putting the body after the psychic tip was followed, complete with video and audio in Mid November, by Cindy’s PI and sidekick)

  12. susan m says:

    youtubes works because lots of people make their own version so you can pluralize. but todd m. is two for two in defying logic,im laughing at ‘a stranger. it was a stranger involved.’ was there to be a word after involved ,like murder. as in ‘it was a stranger invovled murder’,i know he’s supposed to be a good lawyer but he’s not translating well.and umm did a stranger do it or was a stranger involved? i thought casey knew the forces out to get her ?now what did a stranger kidnap caylee from zannie?

  13. Kleat says:

    (WHO leaked info to the stranger kidnapper on where the body was NOT, so the decomposing body could be moved to the spot it would be found?? Someone must have but those video tapes of Hoover’s did not become public until after the body was found (did James Hoover go to the killer and say– hey, here’s a spot to dump the baby near the mother’s home!!??– rediculous). And, if this were the scenario– the stranger killer had only a window of about 3 weeks to get the body moved to those woods, without leakage anywhere around that could be detected by dogs, or leakage of a trail of decomp and tiny bones, into that woods. And without public, neighbours, protestors, LE, or media, seeing them come and go). And without anyone else, who might have contact with the killer-stranger’s vehicle and it’s odour of decomp.

    Oh yeah, the stranger had to get the flora and fauna growing thru the tiny bones too– right.

    But maybe they will get a jury with the same idiot ideas as themselves.

    Mark my words, the open gate….. Caylee got out and into the hands of X.
    Following a game of pin the tape on the toddler, because she could not speak or yell, she wondered out the gate.. except, that did not happen on the 16th. Good luck with that .. These aholes may make me lose my cool again today

  14. Barb says:

    Blink-”New Revelations in Caylee Anthony Murder “48 Hours” Saturday: Exclusive Interviews and In-Depth Look at Case of Murdered Orlando Toddler that Captivated Country.” If you go to 48 hr. hr. website they are airing this on Saturday! It’s not only Cindy and George on the show but the entire defense team! This will certainly backfire on them, they are desperate! Read the jest of the defense on 48 hr. website! Desperate! Just watch after this airs on Saturday how it backfires on them!

  15. Barb says:

    By the entire defense team, along with Cindy and George appearing on 48 hrs. this Saturday it truly shows they are just trying to taint the jury, and you what-it will backfire on them!

  16. justice23 says:

    The only unsolved mystery in this case is why it appears the entire Anthony family is genuinely incapable of telling the truth about pretty much anything.

  17. Kleat says:

    Blink, you are WAYYYYY TOO COOL to lose it and not still have some left!!! ;)

  18. wpgmouse says:

    (snipped) from Blink
    “Mark my words, the open gate….. Caylee got out and into the hands of X.
    … B”

    Yep. Blink, that is why I couldn’t sleep last night (#311).

    I would not let that interrupt your sleep, why wouldnt she call 911. This is another reason I feel George made up the “goodbye” scene for 6/16. IIRC, Mark Furhman specifically states he was told by the A’s the “open gate” incident was 6/17.

    Burner sees her there on 6/17 so he can corroberate. If somebody cant see Caylee on 6/16, there’s a hole in that theory. I still go back to the only true thing I have ever heard come out of Cindy’s mouth, “Casey was not staying at the house after the 14th” during her FBI interview

  19. westsidehudson says:

    So now, since there was a “stranger” involved, who apparently knocked over the nanny to get Caylee, will Zany the nanny be the star witness for the defense? Since she was not involved in killing Caylee, what precludes her from showing up and making things right? Casey said Zany loved Caylee, so why wouldn’t she come back into the picture to let herself be known and stand up for Caylee? Or is Zany the “stranger” now? If none of the above, why did Casey tell police it was Zany? The defense states that police “botched” the investigation from the beginning. If that were the case, then wouldn’t the defendant herself be responsible? If a “stranger” was the perp why did she divert LE’s attention toward the nanny?

  20. westsidehudson says:

    # 355_Soulsister_

    I doubt it. Cindy isn’t on trial, so I don’t know how that could be entered in. It certainly would be interesting to hear.

  21. joan (Canada) says:

    Just watched the preview of 48 hours. I have posted that I will not watch and find it pretty pathetic that once again, we have to listen to a one-sided version of what happened. Even in the preview Cindy is lying. She says that she asked Casey, why didn’t you come to me, but per Lee she said “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE” That’s it for me.

  22. westsidehudson says:


    In general, you are the master of uncovering Cindy’s doozies!

  23. Kleat says:

    Caylee wandered out the open gate, and into the hands of unknown stranger, Casey too ‘absolutely petrified’ of what her mother would say about ‘HER’ as ‘her’ being CASEY of course– it’s ABOUT CASEY remember… not about Caylee who was too young to fight back, dial a phone, tell another stranger what happened and ask for help, was absent from her mother, her family, her home)

    That scenario– Casey would be too worried about reprocussions of her family against ‘her’ that she would not take the responsibility to alert someone to help her find the baby, even her own father or brother, or friend Christina. They would all focus on the baby, and NOT on CASEY dearest, center of everyone’s world.

    Ok, so stranger kills the baby, deposits the body bagged somewhere to be retrieved after the storms, so the body can be put in the woods near Casey’s home. That would imply someone getting back, paying Casey back for something– ie: NOT a stranger.

    Of course, it opens up the possibility that Casey made some inadvertant comment about the child tying her down, and some sex-starved BF who is put off every time he tries to make a ‘sex date’, that he helps Casey, misunderstanding her intent, and takes an opportunity to remove and kill the child so the couple are free to have sex whenever without waiting on Zani or Cindy’s schedules. The stranger sees an opportunity at an open gate, or opens the gate and the child wanders, maybe lured out with a puppy, a white puppy maybe, or some candy, and that’s it.

    Casey has ordered the child’s demise inadvertantly by complaining about not being able to go out (the fired cop recruit as one example) to hook up, and the BF in his desperate hormone rage, helps Casey by removing the ‘issue’.

    Then at a later time, the body bagged well and saved, he steals Casey’s car and puts the body inside to house the body– oh yeah, no decomp smell until AFTER the car is in Johnson’s (according to another CINDY media blurt), so maybe the suspect could have ties to Johnson’s towing, maybe stole some keys to place the body there (all the while avoiding security staff and cameras) and then go back and recover it, move it close to ‘home/HOLT’ so that Casey could have her near and visit her there, maybe recover her baby for proper burial. He is now sorry because he misunderstood Casey and didn’t think it through, and Casey is in part, happy not having the responsibility, sort of worked out for her too, just a bit of a bummer being in jail for so long, going through trial to protect this ‘BF’ who did her the ‘favor’, going through trial to protect him (and herself, fearing she did something worse than make a stupid statement that got misunderstood), she goes through all this even though the baby was found dead, she is still not talking.

  24. wpgmouse says:


    Just to add, I believe the “non-stranger” is prepared to take on his “role” in this charade. I don’t think the defense will attempt to “identify” any singular, one and only X (the Killer-Stranger), but will attempt to plant seeds of doubt that their client is not the guilty party.


  25. Kleat says:

    OR, this could be one of the gun-runners, drug dealers, money launder-er types ala ‘SCARFACE’, whose treachery is infamous in Miami circles. (oh darn, Scarface could NOT bring himself, even at the peril of his own crime empire, to kill his Columbian ‘mark’ via car bomb, as he saw the man enter his car with his young female child.

    Even ‘Scarface’ could not go through with killing a small girl– that was beyond what his cast iron stomach and nerve could handle. But some stranger tied to Casey could do it– amateur or pro, either way, you don’t take chances on returning the body to ‘the woods’.

    (speaking of ‘the woods’– when did the interview take place where John Morgan responded to Cindy’s comment that he should go back to ambulance chasing?– anyone got a date? Before or after the body was found?? Because in the same interview, John Morgan says that instead of Cindy and George doing what they were doing, why aren’t they chasing down the nanny, why don’t they ‘go into the woods’ to look for the baby– they never went into the woods to look for her? Strange– need the context of this one– did JM have some inside info about the woods? Or was that dated after the body was found?)


  26. ChicagoJudy says:

    I knew as I was clicking on the link that Kleat posted above … I knew that I shouldn’t watch that interview. But, of course, I did anyway! Big mistake! Kleat, you’re absolutely right. She started her BS that far back in this case. The nerve of her to blame the media and say that if Caylee’s not back in 10 days (by her third birthday), it’s the media’s fault. Every day that goes by that they do not have Caylee is the media’s fault! OMG! Could somebody just smack the words right off of her face please! I’m livid all over again — just watching her crap for 9 minutes. I guess it’s beyond her realm of reasoning that it might possibly be Casey’s fault that Caylee’s not home. Ya think?

  27. ChicagoJudy says:

    Oh and let us not forget the infamous words “Casey was giving me clues as to where Caylee was” for the 31 days that they talked or texted every day. CLUES!!!

    They are so delusional, they think their daughter is giving them clues about Caylee. Of course! That’s what every mother does who’s daughter goes missing. They give clues. How silly of us not to figure that out.

    George should have gone through with it in the motel room. He’d be better off, and he’d be with Caylee now. Instead, he’s living a lie with that she-monster.

  28. westsidehudson says:

    # 363-susan m- I wasn’t making fun of Blink, I had just misinterpreted her statement.

  29. westsidehudson says:

    # 375-wpgmouse

    So when did it move to non-stranger?

  30. Kleat says:

    Thanks, Blink– I assumed so as this was around the time the ZG case was warming up with hearings scheduled etc.

    I was hoping that they wouldn’t try to use that as some suggestion about ZG and ‘the woods’. The Anthony’s never searched the woods, if it had been dry all along, why not go there first– IF a child wandered from the Anthony home, IF Casey was tied up on the computer or whatever, and IF a 3 year old is capable of moving fairly far away in short order (we know that they can move a distance amazingly enough– and not all on smooth streets), Caylee could herself, have got into those woods, could have happened upon something that could potentially kill or disable her. Had the search started that day, if this were the scenario ‘gate open’, then the baby might have been found before any harm had come to her in those wooded areas, so much was fenced off, the entrys could have been found with a dog, the family could have been out themselves, neighbours would rally.

    Casey did NOT tell anyone, call in anyone to help in 31 DAYS. Even then she did not– precious hours, precious hours.

    IF Casey does get out, she will probably be even more fearful of her mother and father, and be off in her new house somewhere away from it all, nice comfortable living off her daughter’s blood money.

  31. Kleat says:

    But then, Caylee was uncomfortable without her mother in sight. That’s the story.

  32. Kleat says:

    wsh, I found it and put it on while doing other things– sometimes listening, not watching, you notice things. Mostly by happenstance– wasn’t looking for that.

    (but if anyone finds the source for Cindy calling Judge Strickland a ‘hardass’ by reputation– post it please!)

  33. susan m says:

    and casey was following the script given to her by a stranger, who came into their house and used their duct tape.

  34. westsidehudson says:

    # 375-wpg, Blink

    I don’t think I comprehended that post at all. Are we back to a non-stranger again, or is wpg referring to someone other than the perp?

  35. suz says:

    Yeah, Blink, it’s not in the ME report or any of the more recent discovery—-it’s in an old report somewhere. I’m lookin’. Kronk, however, did say the tape was across the mouth.

    yep, he did. Interview with ocso

  36. westsidehudson says:

    But Kleat

    Think of the opportunity for attention, that is gold for a narcissist.
    If Caylee wandered away, all of her friends would circle around the poor distraught mother of a missing child. Casey could have been on TV enlisting others for help.
    If a stranger abducted the baby, again, Casey could have had everyone around her feeling sorry for her giving her loads of attention.

    If it was an accident, then the only possibility is that Caylee was unattended for so long when discovered that there was no way to bring her back, stone cold and blue. But then whho sets off and applies duct tape to a child’s face as a cover-up and never comes home again? It doesn’t make sense. She could have initiated that story right then & there, or shortly after.

    I don’t know, lately, I’m really thinking that it was an intentionally act. Why plan out a duct tape cover for a kidnapping, but then run the risk of not telling anyone the story right way?

  37. westsidehudson says:

    Geez…so many spelling errors, so little time. I got them all in.

  38. wpgmouse says:


    No I didn’t lose sleep last night because of your comment (you made your comment this afternoon).

    I lost sleep because I thought this “open gate” was going to be twisted into a BS defense story. They might try using the “father and daughter each thought the other were looking after baby, and when father went to look for baby and saw the open gate he thought daughter had picked her baby up – VS. – but when daughter came to pick up her baby and upon not finding her baby realized father had left the gate open and her baby had wondered off” BS theory.

    He then for 31 days thought his daughter was taking care of her baby like a good mother, away somewhere, which is why we don’t hear of him looking for them, and maybe he’s just watching the Food TV instead. And of course she, being the loving daughter, did not call 911 because she has been protecting her father and his well-being not only for 31 days, but for over a year, however she is very unhappy that neither he or grandmother have appreciated her for this. She, of course, had for 31 days been looking for her daughter doing “whatever it takes”.

    Or it might be the open-gate with “both knew they were angry with one another for whatever reasons, so each then thought the other were trying to them a lesson by withholding the baby”, blah, blah, blah.

    Can’t stand this.

    And Blink, if you’re still reading with me here, I agree something is off with July 16.

  39. ChicagoJudy says:

    Here’s what I think happened … Listening to the audio of Rick Pleasea’s interview. It’s interesting when he talks about Casey denying being pregnant and George and Cindy standing by her and pretty much telling Rick that he’s nuts. Like Cindy said… Casey told her you have to have sex to get pregnant and she didn’t have sex!! Oy vey. Anyway, she was 7 months along at that point which says to me that she had no prenatal care at all for those 7 months –which was fine because she had every intention of doing away with the baby. I think it makes sense that she felt she could keep that pregnancy a secret (a lot of young girls do); she could continue lying to her mother about it; she could give birth somewhere private and throw that infant into a trash can and be done with all of it. She could then tell her mother that her stomach issues had improved and she was feeling better. And no one would be the wiser. It was only after Rick confronted Cindy about it that Cindy insisted Casey go to a doctor. That’s when Casey’s original plan fell apart. Casey wanted no part of that baby.

    But Cindy told her not to worry… grandma and grandpa would take care of the baby. Casey wouldn’t have too much to do. She could continue “working”, continue being with her friends, and they could all raise Caylee together. Only problem was that Casey took her at her word. Decided she wanted to live her young life and expected Cindy to fulfill her part of the deal. Only Cindy wasn’t having it anymore. She now wanted Casey to step up and be responsible. What? That wasn’t part of the deal. And in no way did that fit into Casey’s plans — especially now with a new boyfriend. So, they had the big fight, she got mad, she killed Caylee in a rage to get back at her mother … and went merrily along on her way, just like she would have been able to do if Cindy hadn’t forced her to go to the doctor in the first place.

    All my opinion for whatever it’s worth.

  40. Granmomma says:

    Well, we now know that Spindy wears the pants in that family and Georgetta wears the skirt….LOL. Silver was right the other day this is more of a story for Entertainment Tonight than for 48 Hours Mystery. Crazy is no worse than any other child murderer, their antics have just shed a light on this case that no one in their right mind would do. The Anthony’s know the truth and have for a very very long time. The hard questions are coming to them….not of 48 Hours, not on any other media outlet, but on their FINAL JUDGMENT DAY! They will forever live their hell here on earth! And, deservingly so!

  41. WendyLee says:

    I live in Panama City Beach and I agree with Melissa’s comment above (#327). It amazes me when I mention Caylee Antony’s name to friends that they don’t really know what’s going on with the case. So, I say, move the trial here. (I’m about due to be called up for jury duty.)

  42. annieb says:

    The defense team reasoning for sending a trial to Miami?

    Miami Full of Hot Dumb People

  43. Todd in Tulsa says:

    I would have thought that any of the defense’s accusations would be null and void after they have literally pointed the finger at anyone that is capable of breathing in the Orlando area.

  44. Marine Mama says:

    wftv says Anthony Family Interviews released! 1300 pages!

  45. Mariann says:

    All I know is that I hope the Judge is paying attention. You can’t be on the defense team and cry tears because Casey cannot possibly get a fair trial here due to the media coverage and then turn around and put your faces & theories aka lies all over with the 48 Hours interview. You can’t have it both ways. I hope Judge Strickland shuts them down!

  46. Kleat says:

    Marine Mama– yes! there must be a reason, perhaps they were released to the defense and therefore, now to the public.

    WFTV says it’s a big document so may not be available at their site until tomorrow.

    I assume that these are not the ‘depositions’? But maybe so– will have to see.

  47. Kleat says:

    suz, not only that, the mandible would have separated completely, if not for the tape which held it to the skull– IIRC, that was in Dr. G’s report.

  48. MsEnscene says:

    A blonde female anchor (Megyn Kelly?) on Fox gave Cindy a what for early on in the investigation. Man, that gal was taking no prisoners in her quest for answers from the Mother of the Mother of the Year.

    Anchor Gal was flat out nailing Cindy and her spin to the board of common sense. Why was Cindy and the Anthony mob not out looking for Caylee and pleading on TV for Caylee’s return? Why was Cindy accepting her daughter’s non-reporting of Caylee’s absence? Why was Cindy blathering on about no Amber Alert after 31 days of her daughter’s non-reporting?

    Rumpelstilcin immediately caught a case of the vapors, and, fanning towards the area of where her heart should be, started in with “I haven’t eaten; I haven’t slept. It’s you guys who will be responsible for Caylee not coming home because you guys don’t have the truth!”…pant, pant…), the female anchor looked down in disgust and said over Cindy’s diatribe, “Okay, whatever, Cindy. We’ll keep looking for your grandaughter, even if you don’t.”

    Honestly, I recall this anchorwoman as the only national newsperson early in the game who ever held Cindy’s feet to the fire.(Larry King is a disgrace. And Greta V. acted as if she dared not go where truth could tread.) The pretty blonde Miss America-look-alike put all the other “hardliner” news guys and gals to everlasting shame. She evidently didn’t care if Cindy ever gave her another interview. She was mad as hell. So are many of us.

  49. wpgmouse says:

    ChicagoJudy (#291)

    I agree with you on the “deal” with promises made and seen to be broken.

    Input onto her laptop (the morning of the same day she gets her Bella Vita tattoo – July 2 or 3?) and posted to “HerSpace” (July 7) the Diary of Days (caps are mine):

    “…On the worst of worst days, remember the words spoken
    Trust no one, only yourself.
    With great power, comes great consequence.

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