Missing Pensacola Twins Found- One Dead- Mother Arrested

Posted by BOC Staff | Christian Woods,Jaterius Woods,Missing Child,Murdered,Mykayhla Woods,Myleaha Woods,Tot Mom | Tuesday 13 October 2009 5:57 pm

Pensacola, FL– Christian Woods 21, of 5606 Scotland Circle, has been arrested in the negligent homicide of one of her 18 month old twin girls, and 2 counts of cruelty to a child for both of her other children. The tot mom of Pensacola took off for the weekend, and allegedly upon finding one of the children deceased, filed a false missing children report with Escambia County Sheriff Office. 

Christian Rochelle Woods

Myleaha and Mykayhla Woods, 18 months, were left alone with their brother Jaterius, 2, by their mother for the weekend in the family home. The home had no electricity or running water and the only food located on the floor of the kitchen in the home were 6 cups of jello.

Woods reported 2 of her children missing, and investigators were called to the scene as her story did not add up. She was in custody for 12 hours before she admitted one of the twin girls, Myleaha, was deceased and could be found in the trash can at the residence.

The surviving children, Mykayla and Jaterius Woods, have been admitted to the Hospital for treatment of pneumonia and malnutrition.

Woods myspace title “Lifes short so I live mine to tha fullest is set to private.

Christian Woodsmysp

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Contributing to this article is blinkoncrime.com reader “Karen”.

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  1. Gavriella says:

    Stunned, silence.

  2. NancyS says:

    OMG! I wonder why the police didnt look around the house and find this child in the trash can? was the trash can in the house FGS?!
    this is just getting UNBELIEVABLE Blink! G

  3. flutter1 says:

    I have seen cactus with more maternal instinct than this sorry excuse for a human.

  4. vidda says:

    We can just hope that she s not already pregnant again..

  5. vidda says:

    can bet y’all,mother is on social security ,,, not same babies father, never held any job…
    Didnt she have any neighbors or relatives or somebody, for Christ sake, two human lives are gone !

  6. vidda says:

    Oh, one of twins is alive,thank God , I was wrong ,sorry

  7. ros says:

    Yet another young mother in Florida seeking La Vita e Bella.
    At least she finally told the truth.

  8. NGfromBoston says:

    Good Lord! —throw her in the clink for life with her buddy and other Child Killer- Casey Anthony! Better yet- let’s save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands and give them both the needle!

    To think, there are so many deserving couples that cannot have children of their own–and people like this take innocent children and dispose of them, literally! In the woods and in the trash!

    God Bless these Children and their precious little souls. How sad.

  9. bottomline says:

    Yes, life is short, isn’t it–especially for one of your twins–but I wish a very long life for you Christian, behind bars that is. Despicable!!

  10. Keefer says:

    WHAT IS UP WITH FLORIDA AND ‘PARENTS’ KILLING THEIR KIDS?!?!?! I mean, I have a relative who turned two of her kids over to her Mother, my sister, who raised and loved them into adulthood while the ‘Mom’ would party and drug/drink away the welfare checks with her lover(s). I just wish these kids could have had a ‘Guardian Angel’ ….Oh, wait, Family..naw..oh, social workers..nope…
    NOW for my question of the week! ~ What can I do for a bruised lower jaw because mine is black and blue from dropping everytime I read yet ANOTHER story like this?!?

  11. Perriwinkle says:

    I read this story and feel physically ill Ill… I am so sick of mothers hurting their own children. WHat can be done????? Prevention? HOW???????? THese women are choosing to do this. They know better. Even animals treat their babies better than that.

    My husband is in Peru right now building a barn for an orphanage farm there. WHile he has been there he has bonded with a 5 month old baby born with a cleft palate. This baby was left under a bridge to die. THe judge found out who the mother was and ordered her to take the child back. Not long later, the baby was again abandoned IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROAD. The baby laid there so long she got pneumonia and had to spend a month in the hospital before finally being placed in this orphanage. I don’t know this little baby, my husband does, but I feel love for her already.

    Both of these stories have ripped my heart again today. Something has to be done.

    Will you tell your dear husband blink values his advocacy and volunteerism? I have no other words, but love in my soul for the tiny baby that deserves it-

    Can this help?

  12. Michelle says:

    This woman is simply…depraved.

    Thankfully, her remaining children are young enough to never have to know any of these things. I hope that she never sees either of them, ever again. They don’t need her. They deserve lives full of hope and joy. I hope they are forever spared knowing any of these things.

  13. karen says:

    The boy is fine and seems to be doing well. They wouldn’t let anyone in to see him but family members. But passing by his room he held out his hands and started to cry. So with no information but only by site we know he’s getting all he needs and will improve. This mom goes to first appearance tomorrow. One of the twins was found in the trash can outside the house. There is so much about this that they have not said. But knowing what I know it will come soon. The house was a wreck and she left the jello and an old pizza for them. Boy what a mother! The second child was found under the mothers bed and they thought by first look she was already dead. But with all doing on she twitched her eyes and then they knew she was still hang on.

  14. karen says:

    Mom wasn’t the person who called the police. The house where she was staying called them and said they knew she had children and haven’t seem them with her and they had alot of concerns for the childrens welfare and wanted answers now. So, they were talking to her out side of these peoples house which is about 8 doors down from mine the report was made right about 2pm Monday after questions for hours she finially told them what was going on around 2:30 this morning.

  15. ann says:

    What is in the water in FL so many women killing

  16. akmom says:

    What in God’s name is wrong in the state of Florida? This story is heartbreaking.

  17. Chocolatetyh says:

    Good morning, I’m lost for words right now…I’m soooo sick of these sorry a$$ mothers hurting these helpless kids like this, it really hurts my heart!! There needs to better laws in place to protect our children,( and I say our, being that we the people, care more about them than their own parents) when they cant protect themselves.

  18. Perriwinkle says:

    Oh Blink, Thank you for your kind words about my husband. I am pretty thankful for him. Didn’t know when I married him 10 years ago how much of a gem he really was. I am very blessed. (wish I was with him right now but I have my own bambinos to care for while he is gone).

    As for the little baby, it seems she has undergone at least 1 sugery already with another coming soon. The orphanage she is at is a wonderful place. In fact, our good friends adopted 2 children from there. They continue to support the place that cared for their children until they “came home for good”. We are honored to be a part of the work being done.

    It is just exremely disturbing to think that women can hurt and abandon their own children.

    That would the positive in such a heinous story that brought you to comment. God Bless those that help our children improve the quality of life they are born into. They do not choose it, hurts my heart.

  19. FairWitness says:

    Why do we have to wait until a child dies of neglect before something is done to protect these kids? People around this woman knew she wasn’t taking care of them, why didn’t someone intervene?

    How many more children live in circumstances such as these? We, as a society, must do something. And I don’t mean give more funds to these drug-addicted pieces of excrement. These children need safe, clean, wholesome, loving homes to grow up in, even if that home happens to be an orphanage.

    I agree, was DFS involved?

  20. vidda says:

    Now this woman will have 3-4 meals in jailbecause we all pay for her..the little oncewere starved almost to death! How long she didnt give them any food or water ? It is 21 Century , USA , for Christ sake..How is that fair ?

  21. Teri says:

    We, too, have been up close and personal with child protection services.

    Two of our three children came from our local foster care system.

    And, if you ask me…they waited WAY too long to intervene and get those kids out of there. We’re still trying to make up for lost time – and heal wounds of their past – that I’m not sure will really ever heal.

    I HATE that mothers harm their children.

    There are THOUSANDS of families who would LOVE to raise a child in a warm, loving nuturing environment. But – I guess the state gets to decide when it’s bad enough for that to happen.

    And, by then….it’s usually much, much too late.

    My heart breaks in two when I hear of these stories.

    These innocent little children, who no fault of their own, are thrust into situations that will either end in their demise – or in some way, affect them for the rest of their lives.

    Most days…words just fail me.

  22. Carol says:

    I’ve been following alot of these horrendous crimes against women and children. I too am truly horried by how many women and children, are raped, murdered or have just gone missing. Yesterday, Oprah interviewed the two woman (detective and police officer) that “knew something just wasn’t right with Phillip Garrido” on her show. One of the woman said the hair on the back of her neck stood up when she looked at him. She called his parole officer, the PO called her back, they discussed her thoughts/feelings. Bingo, he’s arrested with his wife for the abduction of Jaycee Duggard. You know the rest of the story. The police officer said to the audience – be aware, go with your instincts, question something that doesn’t seem right. Had she not listened to her woman’s instinct, Jaycee would probably still be with that nut. John Walsh from America’s Most Wanted was on as well. He told the audience about how you can write your senator, governor, etc. to get the “Adam Walsh Law” funded. Here is the link. Write your political people. We all have to do something. Maybe this is a small gesture, but we have to start somewhere.

    God Bless These Little Ones.


  23. chitown lady says:

    In so many ways some of the 3rd world countries have the right idea. DEATH to child killers…..quick and fast. Not dragged out for years….May this sweet child find peace. Bless and keep this sweet angel……I pray for the surviving children. Why must children suffer so at the hands of the very people who are suppose to protect them? Im so so sick of reading and hearing of all these young girls having babies only to be cruel to them or kill them. Maybe their parents need to realize a child having a child IS NOT SMART…Stop thinking its great. ITS NOT! This is what can happen…Where was her family?

  24. flutter1 says:

    #24 Chitown lady,

    Far too often in cases like these, the “parents” of the abused/neglected children learned it from their “parents.”

    Many children are born to parents who have not developed a sense of self and therefore, have nothing of themselves to give to their children or anyone else. The parent/child bond is never established and therefore the children become expendable. Why not? The parent can always have another one right? Throw away plates, disposable diapers, replaceable children. There is nothing within these people that make them see their children as anything other than objects to be acquired, ignored, and discarded as soon as possible.

    What has caused this horrendous trend? The culture of relativism; if nothing is really right or wrong, how can behavior be demonized or lauded? The nanny state has also given individuals an out as far as their responsibility to their own children. How can they have any ownership of a baby when they don’t have to provide shelter, food, or care? That is all taken care of by some federal entitlement. Most people know that if you give someone a new car and don’t require them to perform the needed maintenance, they will drive it until the wheels fall off and then want a new one. So it goes with these tragic examples of what happens to the offspring of too many egg and sperm donors.

    So sad and tragic but a testament to what modern thinking has brought to our culture.

  25. karen says:


    here is a link to the front page of the pensacola news journal where i live. but still not all being said.

  26. dddeerma says:

    Let’s not forget that there are men who should have been involved with each of these babies. Where were the daddies?

    We have girls growing up who think they have the same sexual rights as boys do. When girls use those rights, they get pregnant. There are people who would adopt babies at birth: it is a real problem that the way to get government money and an apartment is to get pregnant. Girls want the money and the apartment and the food stamps, but not the baby. Just because a young woman is fertile does not mean she is equipped to be a mom. This is not the way we should be doing things.

  27. BrowncoatWhit says:

    #25: I don’t want to get into a political quarrel here, but “modern thinking” isn’t due primary blame for this young woman’s behavior. Horrific child abuse and horrific child neglect existed before “modern” time began; we simply see more of it now because of our 24/7 news culture highlights it and brings it out of the shadows. The more horrible the case, the higher the ratings.

    I would argue that “modern thinking” has actually made for a vast improvement in the lives of a vast number of society’s children — certainly “modern thinking” allows kids of both genders access to education, has raised social consciousness so that it’s not “normal” now to beat your children or put them to work at at very young age, has eliminated most childhood diseases, has greatly improved health and nutrition… just compare what a life expectancy, educational standards, and daily work hours were like 200 or 300 years ago for women and children alike. Heck. I compare what my own lifetime opportunities have been to what my grandmothers were allowed, and I’m DEEPLY grateful for “modern thinking”…

  28. silverspnr says:

    Sighhh. This is so commonplace (and so f-ing sad).
    THAT is what boggles the mind.

  29. silverspnr says:

    I commented after only reading Blink and skipped the posts, but just saw BrowncoatWhit’s post.. and may I just agree: me too– DEEPLY grateful for “modern thinking”.

  30. silverspnr says:

    Thankfully, Blink covers a vast array of tragic, true crime stories.

    Let’s honor EACH AND EVERY VICTIM equally (and not get into political arguments which tend to blame the socio-economic status and/or race of the alleged perp –and/or victim– for the crime).

  31. Lexi says:

    My husband totally disagrees with me, but I just keep wondering why people who don’t want children decide to kill them after the fact rather than to have an abortion. I am so sick of seeing this kind of thing week after week on some blog I read. Makes me crazy. And NO…I don’t believe in abortion, I believe in adoption….but for some reason, girls these days aren’t opting for that. Crazy!

  32. TallyHo says:

    This story just breaks my heart – as an adoptive mom, I know first hand how much these precious children could have been loved by another family!

    That is the sickest part? Why not drop them off at a Hospital, shelter, anything- I honestly cant bring myself to contemplate what it was like for these babies for 48 hours.

  33. chitown lady says:

    Flutter1 #24….I am very well aware of the evils parents created and thrust upon their children all to well, I assure. Its NOT an excuse for killing your child. A child who DIDN’T EVEN ASK TO BE HERE…..Flutter….what amazes me is that these kids DO NOT learn from the first child born young to them. they just continue having baby after baby after baby….going on Maury Povich crying about which of 5 guys is the baby daddy’s….See a problem here. NO child asks to be born Not one……People around this women watched these kids be abused and neglected. Ask them why? You can not sit by with a blind eye. Please, if you suspect a child is being abused or neglected MAKE THAT CALL. The life you save is the life of a child……

    Lexi #32 in some communities it seems having baby after baby is a badge of honor. Abortion is a very personal decision. But when it come to kids 12-17 having babies…..Im all for it. Sorry.

    My prayers to these children who have suffered. May this chick feel the honds of hell at her feet…….Bless all children, for they are the innoncent ones.

  34. karen says:

    UPDATE both of the children are recovering and seem to be doing ok for the condition they were in. The report on the other child is in but nothing has been released.

    Thanks Karen.

  35. KJ says:

    From PNJ.com….pensacola news story on this.

    The Department of Children and Families has visited the house in the past. There was a complaint of neglect filed concerning the boy, said Janice Thomas, circuit administrator for the Department of Children and Families.

    Thomas could not provide details of the case, citing privacy laws. But she said the department did not recommend the child be removed from the house nor any court action.

    Here we go again

  36. flutter1 says:

    Chitown lady #24,

    I absolutely agree with you that there is no excuse for what happened to these or any child who has been abused or killed by an adult or through that adult’s poor parenting. I think my comment was mainly on the types of conditions that can cause this to happen.

    BrowncoatWhit #28,

    I don’t see this as a political issue but a social one. I am also unsure by what you view as “Modern Thinking.” Is it that kind of thinking that allows the birth rate of unwed mothers to climb to 40% where “72 percent of the births to black women were out of wedlock. Mothers were unmarried in about 51 percent of Hispanic births and 28 percent of non-Hispanic white births.”

    Source http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29754561/ns/health-womens_health/

    Who raises these kids? There is almost never an extended family structure in place to make up for two adults raising a child. If child rearing could be done well by one person, then we would have been doing it for generations.

    No, our social conscious has been raised to the point where it is no longer politically correct to spank a child, but it is also no longer pc to say that people should be married, or at least in a committed relationship, before they decide to have their litters and let the government support them.

    I am an ardent advocate against child abuse and as such welcome all the media attention that has been brought to it. However all the news coverage in the world will not fix a problem that is caused by the narcissistic, me-first attitude that is prevalent in far too many people of child bearing age. The antidote to that is the consistent instilling of values and ethics on children at a young age by their caregivers. The responsibility can not be relegated to the government, schools, or peers which seems to be the trend today.

    All high level social units within the animal kingdom rely on family units to raise their young. It is only humans that have decided that families are only optional for the development and learning of the skills that our society must have in order to succeed.

  37. chitown lady says:

    Its cool Flutter……How many times is DCFS gonna keep screwing up? No one wants kids taken away from the parents but my god……how mnay more kids need to die at the hands of their own mother because DCFS is overwhelmed with this very thing already. Too bad they put their interests first and NOT the kids who are abused and neglected. WHen yeah think about it…animals treat their young better then some humans…….

  38. karen says:

    the young boy is out of the hospital now and the girl seems to be doing better.

    Awesome, thanks for keeping us updated Karen

  39. ingodshandsnow says:

    I was locked up with the girl who did this. Infact she went in hours before my warrant was put out, and it was because of her situation that my warrant was put out! I recently moved to Florida had been here 11 days when my child had hurt his younger brother and to teach him the lesson I was taught growing up I bit him slightly. I was here 12 days when he went to school and told his teacher whom called DCF. When they came to investigate I admitted my action and stated why. Then after working with the dept. this girl did this and a warrent for me as well as many other people with minor offenses against children had a warrent out for them by the same judge. While sitting @ a table crying because of my situation and having my children removed from my care (because the dept. was scare due to the girls situation) she came over and was talking to some other inmates stating she didn’t do it and was being consoled by everyone @ the table. When the girl who was sitting beside me told me whom she was, I went slap off on her. Thanking her for being the reason I was in there amongst others. I told her she was guilty and for Gods sake i didn’t do even remotely close to what she did and I had to suffer like that because she killed her baby. In short the system is messed up! She killed her child even if not by a weapon or drug. There are true child harmers and killers out there and they are locking up the ones who love their children, want the best for them and try to teach them right from wrong, and yet those killers make bond before we do. The “DCF” needs to rethink their actions.

  40. Linda from New York says:

    What is wrong with these Mother’s?

    ingodshandsnow, I think the reason you were in there is because you bit your child. Anyone learn that lesson while growing up. To bite your child? These abused children should be in Gods hands.

    And Blink, Why is is always “Here we go again”? Why Why Why do Mother’s AND Father’s treat their children like this?

    slvspnr-It is terrible that this is so commonplace. My G-d

  41. karen says:

    well updated news from pensacola, fl. mom got put into main population and had her jaw broke and of course they had to wire it shut. now she is back in confinement for her own good.

  42. Reagan says:


    I grew up getting the belt or a swat on the butt, but it was rare. Never heard of biting.

    I’m glad that “mother”, if you can even call her that, got her jaw popped in jail. The same should have been done to casey anthony.

    What is going on in FL?

  43. Jessica says:

    This disgusting, nasty, waste of space, black b***h, needs to be tied to a tree and burned. If you can’t take care of these precious angels KEEP YOUR F***ING LEGS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!! They are not extra dependents to add to your welfare application!!!!

  44. karen says:

    Heres some of the lates news. if anyone has followed this case you would have heard that the CHILDRENS WELFARE SERVICES have been called in on this case several times. Well in the new information found out today it was the father that called them. He was telling them what was going on and they investigated the case and said all was fine. And he told them if they would have done more or when he called he wouldn’t be missing a child today and the other 2 wouldnt have gone through what they have, and is this what it takes to get someone to do thier job? Hummm Good question.

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