Casey/Caylee Anthony Case: Prosecutors Release Anthony Family Depositions

Orlando, FL– In the latest bombshell in the case against Casey Anthony, late this afternoon prosecutors released the depositions of Anthony family members George, Cindy and Lee.


In a highly unusual move, on the eve of what is arguably one of the most anticipated motion hearings to date, we will get a glimpse of exactly what the Anthony’s will be testifying to in the murder trial.

 George Interview Here

Lee Interview Here

Cindy Interview Part I Here

Cindy Interview Part II Here

Prosecutors were previously granted a motion to receive the grand jury testimony of George Anthony, as there were discrepencies between the testimony he gave in that proceeding, and his deposition.

Additionally, this Saturday October 17, CBS show 48 Hours Mystery is airing what appears to be the Anthony’s defending their daughter, and her defense team touting the latest “stranger danger” theory. will be posting the transcripts as soon as they become available.    

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  1. hk says:

    RE: Gas cans

    I assume the duct tape on the gas can was checked for prints/DNA. Do we know that or if anything was found?

    My first thought was that the tape was placed there by Casey at the same time she would have been making use of that duct tape for other reasons (Caylee.) It may have tangled so she stuck it to the gas can and tore off a new strip. Or it might not have been long enough for her purpose.

    If the latter, perhaps there would be DNA of Caylee.

    Sorry, I am way late to the speculation party.

  2. dee says:

    thanks GAV!!!! got it!! :-)

  3. Kleat says:

    Suzee– I haven’t followed today’s comments here at all– but caught your comment– PS Elements is a very abbreviated form of PhotoShop, that’s all, not all the bells n’ whistles or cost of PS.

    And yes– definitely disagreed with myself on that!! Do it often– ;)

  4. Amiyah Lavecchia says:


    Let me start by saying how much we miss you in the cornfield and think of you often. I, like many here, thoroughly enjoy your contributions to BOC. :) Now with the mushy stuff out of the way…

    WRT comment #287
    I really hate to see any of the Anthonys being given too much credit and while it’s not a big deal, Lee didn’t coin the term ‘idiocracy’. It’s actually the name of a movie from 2006 done by Mike Judge in which the summary on IMDB is as follows:
    “Private Joe Bauers, the definition of “average American”, is selected by the Pentagon to be the guinea pig for a top-secret hibernation program. Forgotten, he awakes 500 years in the future. He discovers a society so incredibly dumbed-down that he’s easily the most intelligent person alive.”
    Essentially, this movie goes against what most of us would like to think will happen in the future, as far as intelligence also evolving with us when in actuality (for the movie) everyone is so stupid and can’t do anything for themselves that they called their society Idiocracy.

    I only mention this because, to me, it backs up the observation many have made that the Anthonys feel like they are superior in every way to all others. They really do take everyone else for fools!

    Just wanted to add that I have so much respect and admiration for the posters at this site. I must echo others’ kudos to Blink… you have truly accomplished what you had set out to do with this site, bringing people together for advocacy for those voices that can’t be heard. Thanks again for all you do. -Ami

  5. Kleat says:

    Hey, Ami– I didn’t know about the movie when Lee said he coined the term (or was it one of the lawyers to suggested he did that) in his State depo. Interesting… Anthony case deja vous… We are all the dumbed-downers that Cindy and clan assume, that’s why she treats people as she does, even when her therapists and advisors suggest statements to control and quiet press questions, like “We had a nice vacation, now will you please leave us alone?” Followed by ‘thank you for ruining my holiday”– she can’t hold it back to the idiots surrounding her… even with help from pro’s on what to say, she has to get a jab in.

    Lee’s interview– Glossary says there are four references for the word ‘idiocracy’ pgs 113 and 114. Interestingly enough, there’s only one use of the word ‘idiot’, that of course, being Lee’s memorable remark about JM. (Look in the mirror, Lee!)

    Lee thinks he coined the term, nevertheidiocracyless:

    Q: — when your mom’s about to call the police, did you think– did you think a crime had been comitted?

    Lee: No. A crime of idocracy, you know. This is just stupid. What’s going on? But, no. [Laughing]
    Mr. Luka: I’m sorry. Is that a word, idiocracy?
    Lee (THE WITNESS): Probably not. But you know what I mean.

    Mr. Ashton: It is now.

    Lee: It is now. I coined it. But, yeah.

    Mr. George: Copyright that.

    Lee: Yeah.

    Mr. Ashton: Idiocracy.

    Lee: Yeah. I like it.

    (then the discussion degenerates further in this off topic banter started by Lee– he can take credit for that, along with his lawyer Luka, who didn’t take advantage of ignoring it!)

  6. Kleat says:

    BTW, it would have to be a ‘coincidence’ that the ‘it’s not Caylee’ baby’s remains had the same pink ‘Trouble’ t shirt, as Caylee had at one time, ‘coincidence’ that this was a female toddler, coincidence that she had all the similarities in things that the Anthony’s owned, ‘coincidence’ of the special duct tape, etc etc etc.

    Remember, Cindy KNEW that Caylee had more teeth– that’s proof it’s not her. And Cindy, said she does NOT believe in coincidences.

    BTW, what is the difference, legally speaking, in someone stating as fact, an answer under oath, based on ‘their belief’. What does that mean, ‘I believe this to be true’? You can decide to believe x or y, knowing that it may not be true, but deciding on a pre-determined set of believes to testify to. (how does a lawyer or the court, deal with witnesses and ‘belief’ answers?)

  7. ada says:

    Yeah Lee coined the word idiocracy before the movie by the same name was released in 2006. Those Anthonys!

  8. Melanie says:

    Hi…idiocracy has been a slang word in my neck `o the woods for at least the last 40 years. Phrases like…what kinda idiocracy is THAT???…and…thats the epitome of idiocracy etc. have really been around a very long time. Sorry Lee…

  9. Janie4 says: Here are 3 pics of different bruises under Caylee’s eyes. BTW, I love this site! I have learned so much. Kudos to all you excellent sleuthers!

  10. Amiyah Lavecchia says:

    Kleat #655

    Thanks for posting the ‘snippet’ for us all to read without digging into the pdf depos. Sure does take up a lot of virtual memory on the computer! Just wanted to be sure I didn’t offend you with my last comment… I was trying to be clear on my feelings of admiration and respect. I don’t like stepping on anyone’s toes! Just wanted to contribute on the small something I have noticed. But yeah, Lee thinks he coined the term… just like the A’s… wanting to take credit for something only if it’s in their favor.

  11. earmark says:

    Hello to all..I am amazed at your skill and analysis here. I believe I originated and posted the HOLT theory first in November 2008(3 days before D. Casey’s search). I thought after Lee, Cindy, and George convinced her she was forgiven for the “accident” and they needed her to convey where her body was in code so they could make sure the live Caylee/money-making scam lee described(“That’s what I wanted”, she replied) could continue. When the body was descovered by Kronk she became furious her family didn’t move her(or moved her back to that location).

    I thought the lake was always there, hence Lake Trail. HOLT meaning the woods, lair of a fox, is what I’m leaning toward as Casey’s reference. Her Facebook posting of the album cover by 3 doors down / seventeen days with the baby sitting in veg/woody scene next to a fox head relates to HOLT(also 3 plus 17 = 20 doors from their house to her body). Remember Casey searched Numbers(reference to episode of “lost”). She wanted to tie everything together. The Zenaeda And Gonzalez properties, “to the north” of their house, places close to home, “we’re familiar with”, to the “T”, timer55 days from Caylee’s death to her birthday 8-9-05(8905 Suburban drive happens to be the address of the lot Caylee was found). I think Casey’s own words will condemn her of premeditated murder.

    Blink, Thank you and to:
    Silver(WOW), Kleat, Boo, Shaye, and Mountaintime(I like your Elfquest referece). We are all at different levels of learning from one another and justice for Caylee is our quest.

  12. Cheryl in TX says:

    #661 earmark

    Wowzers! You are right on up there with Blink and all of her awesome Blinksters! I have not seen this pic that you say was on Casey’s myspace before of the album cover 3 Doors Down / 17 Days. Makes my skin crawl and gives me more confidence that Caylee will get the justice she so much deserves.

    Thank you Blink for your site. I am staying mostly in lurk mode but read here daily. I do not have the kind of contributions the rest of ya’ll have so I read and stay updated. Your site helps me keep my head from expolding regarding the circus surrounding the search for justice for baby Caylee.

  13. BrendaT says:

    Good god – surely this is not headed to an admiration society..despite signs

  14. lily says:

    Not sure what you mean BrendaT ?

  15. Kleat says:

    Amiyah, no offense taken for sure! Lee’s joking was probably just a bit more of his reaction to being questioned, maybe same with the coining the word comment. He seems to be pretty confident and isn’t intimidated in the way he speaks to them, maybe he was making a joke to keep things lighter for himself.

    And I cheated this time, reading pt two of Cindy’s depo, I make cheat notes with screenshots so could pull that up quickly by flipping through the notes as pictures. I still have not finished that depo. I’m sure that blanket will raise a lot of questions about what Cindy knew and when and about the woods search.

    December 20th, 2008, Anthony residence search warrant, Cindy ‘made a statement that one of Caylee’s Winnie the Pooh blankets was missing… and in front of Cpl. Edwards, Cynthia stated that she had people walk ‘that area’, meaning where the body was discovered, a month ago and there was nothing in the area then. Pg. 3382 of discovery

    Maybe Cindy told Sgt. Allen about the blanket missing in late July/early August when she gave him the tip about Luke and his blanket comforting the alive Caylee (important concept, Caylee still alive being comforted by the blanket she had with her). (I remember no reference to Cindy giving this info before Dec 20th, if there is one, maybe someone else knows, or this is redacted from interviews)

    If Cindy withheld this info from investigators until after the body was recovered, why is the question. Maybe she forgot to do that while the baby was still ‘missing’, and forgot to add it to the missing posters or tell the public via media to watch for a little girl with that distinctive blanket.

    Cindy Anthony did not utter a syllable about that missing blanket until she was called out on it by Sgt. Allen.

  16. Kleat says:

    Janie4, yes– two bruises, different eyes, different age of Caylee. On your link, picture No. 1 was probably taken at the same time as another picture, same room, same sundress on Caylee same light through the vertical window shades, but Casey is sitting with Caylee on the couch, to her right. Casey has a big smile, Caylee has a flat expression. Someone else took that photo second photo of the two. (I don’t have a link but have the photo).

    There is a picture of Jesse in a room with similar window and blinds, on a couch with his dog– might be Jesse’s place? Anyone confirm?

  17. Kleat says:

    Found another version of the photo of the two on the couch– but the link says found on Lazaro’s cell phone. The version I found before has more image on the left, including text on that poster.

    So if this is right, it’s in Tony’s apartment.

  18. dee says:

    Kleat Great link! I have never seen this site before. This post below is exactly what I have thought since day one, I think lil Caylee had fear written all over her face, I believe Casey put that baby in the trunk more then one would like to imagine, she always had dark circles under her eyes and just a very scared look on her face, remember how she looked on the lap of Great Grandpa, just makes me so angry.

    “Augie983 permalink
    Interesting you brought up Caylee’s eyes on this thread. Last week my daughter and I actually talked about the fact along with her overall body language, expressions on her face and especially her eyes….

    …. in nearly all the photos and videos we’ve seen of Caylee, she never appears to be childlike “happy” even at the infant stage, her body language and facial expressions always appeared to be fearful with constant moments of hesitation and questioning glances to someone off camera (watch the videos of her, even when singing she seems to be ‘afraid’ in her glances, as well as in other videos) …other photos/film show her as stoic/stern/lifeless forcing herself to “perform” for the photographer . . . .I would have to view all the photos/tapes again but of the few we’ve seen over the last few days on TV . . .you rarely see her beam with a smile.

    My observation during the conversation … I pointed to even Caylee’s youngest videos/photos shown us she – seem to have a “lack of wonder and awe” which hit us rather hard since that’s what makes time with our kid’s and the resulting memories in photo albums so precious

    That toddlers’ joyous sense of wonder and awe of all things … that “giddy curiosisty and innocense” that is so contagious seems missing in Caylee.”

    I like that blog, but I have to say I disagree with that post. I do see some pics that resemble that description, but I see those as more of a phase a toddler goes through around that time frame when they become more aware of their photo being taken, and it is less candid.

    As to the trantrums, I honestly have no personal knowledge base on that. Neither one of my children did that, I was a time out mom and that worked well-

  19. carole says:

    im new at this i just read for my spelling is very bad. as any one see the picture of caylee on photo buckett..she is wearing pink pjs and holding a brown bunny… that bunny as 2 layers of duct tape across its mouth…it very telling…kids do mock what they that picture tells me that caylee had it done to her before her death also… just wondwering if anyone also see the picture

    Respectfully, we reviewed that photo early, it is not duct tape.

  20. Janice says:

    After reviewing the Ants depos I have the upmost respect for the SAO.

  21. Amy S says:

    I’m a little late to the party but have just discovered this site and I have been on it almost 3 days straight now!

    I just want to add my $.02 worth to the depo conversation. After reading all of Lee’s and George’s and part one of Cindy’s, one thing really hit me like a ton of bricks and literally took my breath away.

    Early in the investigation, Lee says that Casey was never left alone, yet, in his depo, clearly he and Casey are alone at one point (who knows what is discussed), then they are alone in the garage, and THEN Casey is alone in the garage for close to 5 minutes!! (I wonder what she was doing??) But even after all that, what sucked the breath from me was Lee’s admission that while he claims to have been on the phone with Tony, he is walking in the street!! What direction??? The body was only a 1/4 mile away…. What was said during those times when Casey and Lee were alone, and what happened when Lee went walking?

    Also, I may be wrong here, but early on in Tony’s statement, I don’t recall him confirming that Lee was actually there TWO hours… I have personally been involved in a family tragedy and I can say from experience that if Lee was truly trying to gather info as quickly as possible and listening in on the police, you would not stray very far from the epicenter of the main source of info in those beginning hours to go talk on your phone unless you didn’t want someone to hear what you were saying, or where you were going… (IMO I think this is when he went looking for the body based on convos he and Casey had alone in those first few hours)

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