AMBER ALERT: Missing 7 Year Old Somer Thompson Found Deceased in Landfill

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Kidnapping,Missing Child,Murdered,Somer Thompson,Uncategorized | Wednesday 21 October 2009 4:44 pm

Clay County, FL– Missing 7 year old Somer Thompson, last seen walking home from school on Monday after running ahead due to an argument with a friend, has been found by Police in the Georgia landfill used by the Clay County area.  While officials will not confirm the childs identity prior to confirmation from the Medical Examiners Office, a source inside the investigation has told that Somer’s family has been notified it is her.




Sheriff Rick Beasler said it is routine for Investigators to check garbage routes in a missing persons investigation, and the FBI is on the scene, which has been undisturbed, recovering the child.


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  1. bottomline says:

    Red, just loved the way you phrased your words in last post – Blink is right, you do have “a way” all your own, and BTW, have missed you around here!

  2. dee says:

    I am sitting here at 440 in the morning, woke with a jolt, first let me say thank you all for your kindness, it helps is so many ways, even my family refuses to talk about the situation and I am kinda left in limbo over it, Blink thanks for giving me a place to share I know it is off topic a bit. when this kinda of things happen all kind of craziness runs in my my mind abut the what-ifs the whens.

    you are all so kind and maybe I will get back on track. Whem things like this happen to a family there is always another family too hurting and riddled with shame and fear, I don’t think i could handle another one.

    I will write some letters as I have in the past, I have not wrote the GOV in UT but will get to the Gov as well, anyone who will listen to me, now I understand why I live here in Europe to distance myself far far away

    I pray for this family and many more and always will

    thanks and much love to all of you, you healed me and brought me back and for that I am thankful!

    Now lets go find this sucker.

    Thanks again Blink!

  3. bluewillow says:

    If there is one consolation to my heavy, aching heart, it is reading this page and realizing I am not alone in my despair over the state of things. My hope is that there is a ground swell building that will lead to change. We need change in our laws -I agree with Blink, ONE strike- and we need this nationally. We need an organization that will concentrate on this one central goal, that will lobby for this change and educate the public. There was a time that drunk driving was not taken very seriously in our country and then along came MADD. We need an effort like that. I know that so many would throw in their full support. Until then I add my prayers for the victims’ families and for those who have shared their pain on this page. God bless you and heal you and make your suffering not in vain. Thank you, Blink, for your efforts and for giving me the opportunity to see that there are many others who feel as I do about this terrible scourge on our country. A crime against a child is the most completely indefensible evil.

  4. Greg Shannon says:

    What a terrible thing to happen to this poor little helpless girl. This just continues to demonstrate what a fallen world we live in. My prayers go out to Somer and her family. When is this ever going to stop. We need to make it mandatory if you take a child and put he or she through all that horror here is your sentence.
    If the child is found alive and we find the person. Sentence life in prison no parole ever. If the child is murdered automatic death sentence without all these ridiculous appeals. That won’t stop all of it but hopefully it would certainly deter these monsters to think just a little more. With DNA clearly identifying the person are judges need to quit playing these games with the public defender and act quickly and decivesly. I am sick of these monster getting a full ride at the taxpayers expense for years while the appeal process just slowly moves along. In cases of confessions or cases of irrefrutable evidence of guilt they are sentensed and within 30 days excuted or put behind bars with hard labor for life. I would also design wallpaper of the chids picture or chidren the monster has attacked and place it on the cealing where they is it constantly. Why don’t judges have the fortitude to deal with these monsters the way they traeted their victims. I cannot bare to think think of the pain and fear these little precious kids must indure at the hands of these monsters. Meantime it happens so frequently we Americans read about it and maybe say a prayer but most just go on with there day. We are becoming acceptable of this and sure hope the person is caught but that’s it. I honestly can’t bare to think of the fear these kids experience not to mention what comes next. America wake up get involved and lets find a way to be in service to our kids and if you suspect someone let police know. we need more information published that explains how these monsters work.I was a victim and my sexual preadetor had a complete sytem for entice kids and he went to great links to just under police radar. He had bubble gum machines and would ask kids in the neighborhood to help him sort thru the coins looking for rare coins . I loved it until I found I was captured in this guys home and he could do whatever he wanted. I am happy to report this man is no longer on this earth after taking his own life with a 357 magnum he wanted nothing to do with prison. He knew full well he wouldn’t last two weeks in prison. Please America if the judges won’t do anything lets band together as a nation and make them do their jobs. Lets also put the pressure on our elected officalsto change the laws so these monsters don’t just sit in their jail cell while over worked public defenders file appeal after appeal to keep this monster alive. Look at Singapore they deal with things very swiftly and the results speak for themselves. Even places like London don’t have the magnitude of problems we do. Why is that? They enforce what they say and it’s done and that deters alot of people from creating horrible crimes. Of course our television programs don’t help things with cops and murder shows
    giving these monsters ideas and almost the right to go out and perpertrate these crimes. I know there are things we can do to help in this effort we just need to band together and see it through. Thanks for the oportunity to send this message. the fryingguy

  5. kyrasmommy says:


  6. Sharai says:

    Bottomline, I can identify with your frustration. How we as a society respond to the violent acts within our communities is an indicator of our moral code of conduct. In the last three decades, there have been some vital changes made in society’s response to vicious crimes. The ratification of laws and changes in local policies are a work in progress, time and monies are vital for this type of continued growth. Individuals willing to volunteer or work within various areas of the criminal justice system, social work field, or local politics can be instrumental in initiating and working towards building a safer community. A good place to “get the ball rolling” is by checking out the websites of those who are currently involved in this process. I suggest perusing the Klaaskids Foundation website, the Stop Child Predators website, the Fund Adam website, and any of the links provided. These sites can give you a broader picture of past and current legislation and ideas for advocating child safety laws and policies within your own community. Volunteer work or pursuing a career within local agencies is another way to make an impact. Society will never totally eradicate criminal behavior but we can intentionally work toward protecting the weakest members of our communities, children and adults alike. Think about what you can do to “get this ball rolling.” Baby steps . . .

  7. lily says:

    kyrasmommy – do you know something new?

  8. cheryl says:

    To DEE & the other posters interested…. with the internet available & facebook & all of these tools do you think we could organize a 1 million person march to Washington DC? I am telling you I would hitch hike there if I had to! I m California- BUT I think a citizen’s wake up call is needed. We cant be passive & just watch our LAME justice just lock them up- we cant do this- solitary confinement bread & water- & Castration has been proven ineffective in past history to correct this- they still violate with objects -because they are mentally sick- with our without their appendages

  9. cheryl says:

    $& we cant put them back in our neighborhood – knowing the URGE is like wanting to breath. A registry system doesnt stop the heinous crimes. Look at Jessica in Florida. She was taken & buried alive! he kept her for days in his closet- a registered sex offender- didnt stop him& Cops EVEN looked there! omg We need to organize a march to WASHINGTON DC – in all honesty- I DONT know where to begin. Can someone direct me?

  10. bottomline says:

    Sharai, thank you for your kindness and the information as far as where to start…You are right, every single change for the better was started with an idea and a baby step….and I plan to take my first step TODAY. Hang in there, all of you and know that your support is very much appreciated.

  11. dee says:

    this is totally off topic but i heard it today and it made my hert sing, listen if you like

  12. dee says:

    opps heart ;-)

  13. Sweetie_Pi says:

    Human trafficking is a powerfully protected GLOBAL criminal cesspool – far far more money than the global drug trade. When I say POWERFULLY protected, I mean a string of POS up and down the chain, infiltrating even LE, which for the most part is heroically working against this evil. Almost every high profile case has such a sinister aspect nearby – not directly involved with the particular case of course, but sniff the air in the neighborhood and you’ll find it, hiding in some judge who pullled strings for his POS nephew, some mansion owning mobster who has a finger in the kiddie porn trade… that sort of thing. That being said, when the local crimes occur against neighborhood children like poor Somer Thompson, especially in FL and CA, people do not see the connection to the bigger network. The bigger network becomes conceptual at that point – BUT IT ISN’T. It’s what give the juice that empowers these rotted samples of inhuman DNA. This is what those walking maggots talk about, and personally, when these maggots are found, it is TIME TO RETURN to the day, when people DO TAKE THE LAW into their own hands, and together, give LE a day off, and burn these slimeballs alive in front of the victim’s house. I vote for that, that’s where MY money is going. And no better message to the powerful who provide protection to the network of slime they run. A few incidents like that, and America will start taking back its soul, cuz it sure as heck has none now, just talk to Jessica, just talk to Sandra Cantu, to Jaycee Lee Dugard, to hundreds of thousands of children horrifically murdered in this the “best country on earth”.

  14. Sweetie_Pi says:

    PS I know Jaycee Lee Dugard was not murdered, but for 18 years her life was taken, and the POS parole officers whose data is now sealed are involved.

  15. bottomline says:

    Oh were they EVER involved!! Or should we say NEVER involved!! You’re so right, Sweetie, this case was total neglect on the part of many.

  16. Dihannah1 says:

    Lord have Mercy! This is out of control! Something has GOT to be done for these children to stop it BEFORE it happens. I Thank God my kids are grown up now, but still have a 6 yr old grandson who lives in NY, several states away from me and my daughter and SIL take him to school or walk him to the bus and he’s never left unattended. This world has gone insane.

    I don’t mean to to offend any floridians, because I have no doubt most are great and decent people. But there seems to be a rash of this going on in FL. I would be concerned myself and be fighting somebody like hell, to do SOMETHING! Change some laws or crack down on sex offenders, etc… I haven’t read back yet, to find out if murderer was caught yet, but wondering if it is a sex offender, or family member…. God Bless her family!

    Thanks Blink for all you do! I’m always looking for you on SM!

  17. KTINA says:

    Have the authorities ruled out family and family friends in this case? Are they definitely looking for a stranger?

    To my knowledge, they are not discussing who they have ruled out. Personally, I think this is a known offender, not making any allegations, but someone perhaps Somer did not have a reason to fear.

  18. Linda from New York says:

    This rirl’s Mom broke my heart on the Today show on Friday while I was getting ready to leave the house. Heartbreaking. Heartbreaking.

  19. KTINA says:

    That’s what I was thinking as well. Something doesn’t seem right to me, maybe its just a hunch, and I could be way off….

  20. kyrasmommy says:

    Lily- no I dont and I cannot understand why she has just been forgotten.

  21. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Hello everyone.

    Hello B.
    I missed you ya know (smile)

    For the last few days I have been discussing this case with others at John Douglas’ MIndhunter Forums.

    It’s very sad that someone had taken this beautiful little girl from her family, from the world.

    It’s my opinion that she was contacted by the perpetrator at that renovated house and not abducted by someone driving around/trolling in a vehicle for a child victim that particular day.

    I believe the evidence supports that this was someone who was in the area for some reason or the other and simply used this occasion for the opportunity.

    He may have used a ruse of some kind to acquire her but he may have just as well grabbed her while she was walking along the sidewalk in front of this location.

    It’s possible she may have had prior contact with her abductor/killer, but I doubt it was anything more han a passing.

    Take a look at the route from her school to her home by using Google Street_Level View.

    You can probably figure out the rest…


    And I you, Christen (smile)

    We agree.
    What’s your take on the relevance of the armed robbery?


  22. lost says:

    I am just expressing a little anger at the Somer Thompson case.You can google you’re home, you’re street and have all this info. Well what if we could get a law passed where cameras from satelight can see this evil and catch on camera.I mean what rights are we protecting. I would give up my rights to a camera that protects our sweet children.I don’t have anything to hide .So what if the LE could have EYES everywhere would that make a difference and what would it take to get this done….and please don’t talk about you’re rights when our children are being raped and murdered and don’t have any rights

  23. lost says:

    butterfly rug????

    Lost, what is the reference to the butterfly rug?

  24. lost says:

    I thought someone had mentioned it here and I was wandering what it was about but I can’t find it now.It must have been in another forum I read sorry.MY BAD

  25. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Hi, B.

    I have not had a chance to look into this situation as I’ve been very busy planning a trip to Northern California to check into some information concerning the Lindsay Cutshall/Jason Allen murders in Jenner.

    I will, though, try my best to check out the story.



  26. Christen Allen Iman says:

    One week prior to this abduction, there was an attempted abduction of a 5-year old girl by a Hispanic woman accompanied by two males in a vehicle.
    This attempted abduction was approximately one block from the location where Somer Thompson was LS.
    Info relating to this earlier attempted abduction is as follows:

    Investigators say three people in a blue Nissan Sentra similar to the one pictured above tried to abduct a 5-year-old girl 10 days ago.

    CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — In a parallel investigation to missing 7-year-old Orange Park girl Somer Thompson, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said detectives were looking into an incident 10 days ago when three people in a blue Nissan Sentra allegedly tried to lure a girl into their car.
    The Orange Park Police Department report said a 5-year-old girl on a bicycle was riding about one block from where Somer was last seen when she was approached by a vehicle driven by a Hispanic woman with two Hispanic men as passengers.

    According to the report, the three approached the 5-year-old in the 1200 block of Ambor Circle Drive and told her to get into the vehicle. When she screamed and rode her bike in the opposite direction, the car sped off in an unknown direction.

    “We have no reason to believe that that incident is connected to the
    disappearance of Somer, but we cannot assume that it is not connected either, so we’re working on any leads we can follow up,” Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler said.

    April Boothroyd, the mother of the 5-year-old girl who was in an attempted abduction, and Shannon Pollett, the woman who stopped her vehicle during the abduction attempt talkedat a news conference Tuesday for missing 7-year-old Somer Thompson.

    April Boothroyd, the mother of the 5-year-old, and Shannon Pollett, the woman who stopped her vehicle during the abduction attempt, appeared with Beseler at Tuesday morning’s news conference regarding Somer’s search.

    “My daughter was where she was not supposed to be, walks away from the home, a car stopped her, lured her to the car, wanted her to get in the car,” Boothroyd said. “My daughter said no and started crying and fell off her bike.”Pollett said the girl was “screaming, no, no, no, and she was visibly upset.”

    The car sped off when Pollett stopped, and she followed the girl home to tell her parents what had happened.
    “My first question to the little girl was, ‘Do you know these people?’” Pollett said. “She said no.

    My second question was, ‘What did they say to you?’ And she said they said to get in the car.
    It was at that point I realized something wasn’t right, and when I turned around to look for the car it was gone.”Boothroyd called 911 to report what happened.

    “A blue or black Nissan Sentra with a couple almost was (inaudible) her in the direction telling her to get into the car,” she told a 911 operator. “My
    daughter Caylee turns around and starts screaming and crying and trying to get home. … My daughter says she has no idea who these people were. She does not know, she never seen them
    before.”There was no search and no arrest, and it didn’t come up again until Somer went missing.

    “It dawned on me that maybe I should ask them if they thought that it had anything to do, or if there was a report made from what happened last weekend,” Boothroyd said.
    Beseler said the Orange Park Police Department looked into the matter.

    “Once this incident occurred, it was filtered to us, and we immediately began following up on it,”Beseler said.
    The police chief said they did disseminate the information but maybe should have put out a


    ***”Special Agent Dominic Pape also spoke about the Blue Nissan which was seen at the scene 10 days prior to the disappearance of Somer.
    He said the car was driven by a FDLE employee.The employee was at a football game and was leavingthe game and saw a small female child which almost got hit by a car.
    The FDLE employee drove next to the child at the time and askedher “Are you ok?” The child replied that she couldn’t find her house, so the officer pulled into a driveway to help find the mother.
    The child was able to find her house and let the FDLE officer know, so the officer left the scene.
    Special Agent Pape didn’t release the identity of the FDLE employee because he didn’t want to be identified.”bulletin. He said he believes police followed procedures.

    B., There’s undoubtedly a contradiction between the two versions given here! :roll:



  27. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Clay County, Florida police seek help from ‘certain people’ in ‘finding Somer’s killer’
    October 28, 4:05 PMTrue Crime

    ORANGE PARK–Clay County Sheriff, Rick Beseler: “Yesterday was about Somer Thompson. Today is about her killer.”

    One day after Somer Thompson was buried on Oct. 20 by her family, friends and community in Orange Park, Florida, Sheriff Beseler is addressing the public, seeking “attention to finding Somer’s killer and serving justice.”

    In order to find the person responsible for the 7-year-old girl’s slaying–someone who then sent her body to a landfill–Sheriff Beseler is asking for help from “certain people.”

    In his 10/28 message directed to “specific individuals,” the sheriff asked for “continued assistance” to apprehend the murderer of the North Florida first-grader, whose solemn funeral services held yesterday were perfused with purple symbols, and overcast in a community’s deep sorrow.

    “While case investigators have received a tremendous response from the public,” Sheriff Beseler continues, “and hundreds of leads have been called in and followed to their logical conclusion, the investigators are requesting continued assistance from specific individuals in the community.”

    In attempts to hasten progress in the murder case, Sheriff Beseler “believe[s] that there are individuals who have information pertinent to this investigation who have yet to come forward because,” he explains, “they did not feel their information was important or they were not sure it was relevant to this investigation.”

    “Specifically,” the Clay County law official adds, “we are referring to people who may know or associate with the offender in this case.”

    In “asking the public’s assistance in identifying persons who have exhibited changes in behavioral patterns,” Orange Park’s sheriff observes, “often, someone in the community will unknowlingly be associated with the offender of a crime, and may,” Beseler believes, “be in a position to observe behavioral changes in that person.”

    As certain community members may be on a more intimate basis with such a person, Sheriff Beseler notes, some having close contact with a potential suspect will “recognize the changes, and may even question the person about it, but may not relate the changes to that person’s involvement in this crime.”

    Providing a list of “behavioral changes, especially since 10-19-2009, … the sheriff suggests “people close to the individual responsible for this offense may have noticed one or more of the following behavioral changes/scenarios:”

    Leaving the area unexpectedly for what seems like a very plausible reason (for work, to visit a friend or relative, etc.),
    Missing work or other routine engagement(s), particularly on the afternoon or night of this incident,
    Unexplained injuries, i.e., cuts, bruises, particularly on his head, hands or arms,
    An unnatural interest in the status of this investigation, paying close attention to the media, talking about this incident with friends, family and co-workers,
    A noted increase in nervousness and irritability,
    Sudden shaving of facial hair and/or head hair, or, the growing of a mustache, beard, etc.,
    No longer operating their personal or work vehicle for no obvious “reasons.” This might include suddenly keeping this vehicle in a shed or garage, covering … selling … reporting it stolen, giving it away, etc.,
    An increase or decrease in the expression of religious beliefs,
    Changes in routine sleep patterns,
    Changes in the “usual” consumption of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes (an increase or decrease).
    Although it is “important to note, “Sheriff Beseler continues, “that the exhibition of one or more of these behavioral changes alone is not indicative of one’s involvement in a crime,” Beseler goes on to say, “these behavioral characteristics or changes are being shared so that the public may be sensitive to them, and may bring forth helpful information.”

    The Clay County Sheriff advises, “should you or someone you know have any information that may be important to the successful resolution of this crime,” he is requesting that people “please immediately contact the case investigators through [the Clay County Sheriff's Office] Tips Line at 1-877-227-6911.”

    This particular “profile” is basically for public consumption and what’s termed a “boiler-plate” profile.
    It’s quite generalized and has been used in a multitude of cases involving rape-murders and murders.

    B., Here is a partial profile that I have developed on the offender in this homicide.
    I have omitted several key points of my original profile as I feel this is necessary to prevent any possible compromise of the case if this information does in fact turn out to be accurate, which I believe it will.

    Preliminary Assessment and Investigative Recommendations For Law Enforcement Concerning The Somer Thompson Abduction and Homicide
    By Christen Allen Iman
    Criminal Behavioral Analyst
    October 22, 2009
    1920 hrs.

    The fact that this child was abducted in daylight hours in a relatively quiet and low-crime community is indicative of an offender who takes risks, in this particular case, high-risk.

    From careful review of what little information has been made available through several local media sources, as well as review of the route taken by the victim through satellite and
    street-level visulalization, this situation does not appear to be one involving an abduction scenario where the victim was abducted off the street by a person or persons who were trolling the area for a victim while using a vehicle.
    It is apparent that the school district has provided cross-guards at various intersections some distance from the school grounds.

    The last location where the victim was observed alive, walking on the sidewalk, was just East of,and in close proximity to the Grove Park Drive intersection.
    There may have very well been a crossguard at this location, but this is yet to be validated.

    The residence where the victim was last observed was at 1080 Gano Ave.

    The residence was unoccupied at the time and had recently experienced a fire a few months prior.

    This location would, of course, be a logical site for beginning a search for evidence relating to this victim’s disappearance.

    There is a large metal refuse container at this location which contains refuse relating to the renovation process and which has not been removed to a landfill.

    The probability that someone had abducted this victim by car from the street (sidwalk) in which she had been walking is low, as opposed to someone making contact with her in vicinity of this unoccupied

    It is my opinion that the offender made contact with the victim while in proximity to this location and while on foot, not in a vehicle.
    He may have engaged her in conversation and/or used some kind of ruse to acquire her or merely grabbed her when no one was looking.

    This is not the result of a team effort.
    This is a lone male operator having very little to no prior contact with the victim..

    1. He is caucasian.
    2. Somewhere between 25 and 35 years of age.
    Unmarried but may have been at some point in his past.
    Presently living alone or with family a member.

    3. He is relatively intelligent, may have some college-technical education but I don’t believe he is a college graduate.

    4. He will be a resident of the community where the abduction had taken place or resides in an adjoining community very closeby.

    5. He has access to a vehicle in good working condition.

    6. Most probably employed as a manual laborer or services industry work.

    7. He may be currently unemployed and have a spotty employment record.

    (These kinds often do.)

    8. The victim’s relatively small physical size and low weight would not pose much, if any, real difficulty for him to restrain or control.

    9. He most probably would have restrained the child in some manner such as by binding with cordage (I’d suggest duct tape) and gagging her prior to sexual assault and transport to another location.
    She will be nude when recovered.

    It is, though, very possible that he did not transport her body to the landfill some 55-miles north, but simply placed her into a refuse container which was subsequently picked-up by a garbage truck and then taken to the landfill by this means.

    10. A carefull analysis of the trash/refuse surrounding the victim recovery site may be helpful in ascertaining where exactly the child was placed into any such container after her death.
    I.e., envelopes having addresses, bills, and other residential identifying materials, etc,

    11. It is my personal belief that the offender did not transport the victim to the landfill but placed her body into a local garbage container.

    12. It is also my belief that the Cause Of Death would most probably be due to asphyxiation.
    I believe her small size may be suggestive of suffocation by hand over mouth and nose.

    13. An interesting aspect is that she wore a red ribbon in her hair.

    And this may suggest the offender may have used the ribbon as a ligature, and death will be attributed as being from ligature strangulation.

    This is often observed in such cases involving sexual homicide.

    The offender may incorporate this particular item into his fantasies.
    The color of the ribbon and the fact it was worn in her hair will most probably have a psychosexual significance to the offender.

    Whatever the outcome here, the red ribbon will serve an intimate role in this victim’s death.

    He will not simply ignore it nor discard it unless it will somehow be attatched to the victim’s body.

    14. My recommendation is that a careful review/background of the workers employed at the house being renovated be done.

    15. Look for someone having a recent precipitating event/stressor in their life such as familial/relationship difficulties or breakup, employment termination, incarceration/release, etc..

    16. I’d also check to see if anyone in the surrounding neighborhood has a prior arrest or conviction for either sexual assault or child sexual crimes.

    This is not your everyday kind of pedophile/child molester..
    This is someone who is extremely angry and lacking control in his everyday life and with others he comes into contact with.

    17. Look for someone who may have prior involvement with the criminal justice system.
    Specifically in the areas of child physical abuse/sexual crimes, assault/battery, domestic
    violence, fighting in public/drunkeness, disturbing the peace, etc..

    This anger and compulsiveness is apparent in his total disregard for the child victim here.
    He obviously cannot control his desire to act out his aberrant sexual fantasies upon an innocent child. And his lack of compassion for her is expressed in the manner in which she was disposed of and shows he has no remorse for his crime, he’s a sociopathic personality type.

    Most (99.7 percent) of pedophiles and child molesters do not kill their victims after committing sexual assault.
    When they do, it’s almost always done in order to prevent the victim from reporting the crime and thus identifying the perpetrator.
    In rare cases, it’s accomplished for the sexual gratification of the offender.
    Without knowing for certain, the cause and manner of death of this victim, as well as anything relating to possible extra-trauma and/or “other” behaviors expressed at the scene of death/to victim’s body, I cannot offer a more detailed psychological analysis concerning this offender’s potential.
    It is my opinion though, that if he is not identified and apprehended he will undoubtedly commit subsequent crimes of this nature.

    This is someone who is living in the community who, on all appearances, is a man’s man.
    Someone who will trys to project this image to others.

    He will have been involved in normal heterosexual relationships and sexual encounters and not appear as someone deviant, except to the women who have been unfortunate enough to have interacted with him on a personal or intimate level..

    17.He will have evidence of child exploitation/ pornography on his computer’s harddrive even if he believes he has deleted these.

    18.There may be digital images or video tape evidence of his assault/murder victim.


    was not redacted or removed in any way. I am just not fast enough for you guys when I am working on a new case. A thousand pardons, friend.

  28. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Hi, B.

    This morning I posted my profile on the offender responsible for the abduction and murder of Somer Thompson.

    It was only half-hour ago.

    But it’s no longer showing here on this topic.

    Have you pulled it for some reason or the other?

    Please let me know OK?


    Tis there :)

  29. Christen Allen Iman says:


    On the topic dedicated to the four-men who were thought to have robbed the house where Somer lived, you asked me the following;

    “agreed, thus why I reported it, how unusual is it for the CCSO to not just admit a clerical error? I am not liking the profile of the unsub here, thoughts when you can?

    I was just wondering why my post here contributing my redacted profile was removed?


    Chris it was on here, I would never remove your post. Although I have a slight memory it was posted double and I deleted one of them. Are you referring to the inconsistency of the FDLE personnel?

  30. Chisten Allen Iman says:

    Hi B.

    No ma’am.

    I was referring to a somewhat detailed criminal psychological profile of what we could expect to look for in Somer’s killer.

    Can I repost it here again and have you take a look at it, and if you feel it is too graphic or othrwise inappropriate, we can discuss what you will publish of it?



  31. Chisten Allen Iman says:

    Hi again, B.

    For Heaven’s sake.

    I see it now and I apologize for botrhering you about it.

    It just seemed strange that I saw it was posted before leaving your site then when I returned, it was no longer here.

    I may turn out to be absolutely incorrect about this offender in the end.

    But I’m giving it a whirl anyway because I feel confident about what I do.

    Thanks again my dear friend.


    As do I, so back I go to read. I am very interested in your feedback on the next case i post, it is your specialty.

  32. Gavriella says:

    Kenneth Kellem?????

  33. Gavriella says:

    Just because everyone needs to see this, I’m posting part of the original post here, too. We all need a happy ending, now and then. Sorry about this, repost, Blink.

    nope, I would be fine if everyone views this, you will have some good tears instead of bad. Sometimes at least for me it recharges my batteries for the work that rarely has happy endings.

    Now that they got this chance of a lifetime, I hope they take the opportunity to straighten out their lives better, and run background checks on anyone who watches this baby.

  34. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Hi, B.

    Were you aware that Somer had actually entered the fenced yard of the house being renovated and reportedly spoke with one of the workers before, as he had told police, she left and was never seen alive again?

    That’s very interesting is it not?
    Now I *wonder* who that worker may have been??


    I have not seen confirmation that Somer breached that fence in particular, but it was my personal assumption she would have had to for the *witness* to be believed.

    “Kyle” the caller claiming to work with Vinson, said she stopped by to tell them that they were doing a good job.
    This was unsolicited commentary- First Red Flag.

    As the bulk of the current work that was being preformed was taking place inside the home, that made no sense to me.

    Well, not in the context it was offered at any rate.

    I would like an accounting of those who worked on that property, from installer to bug sprayer.

    More importantly, I would like to know if they parked across the street at the OPAA, or park, as i believe that is where Somer met up with ill fate, and I believe that assault took place in that individuals vehicle.

    Have you noticed the differences between what the landfill accepts where Somer was found, and the more local landfill?

    Have you reviewed Morgan Harrington case, I thought for sure you would have been all over that :)


  35. Mandy says:

    I saw this morning that ran a story (3 hours ago) about Somer Thompson. They have since pulled it. You can still read a partial snippet on google news. I guess they are investigating George Vinson, a registered sex offender who was, at one point, working on the property. They have also seized a truck and trailer from his property. He is related to the companies owner, I believe his brother.

    Still? I think that may be old, those items were confiscated prior to Somer being found.

  36. Mandy says:

    Ah, thank you for the clarification.

  37. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Hi B.

    Sorry I’ve been away on another case..

    Here’s a little something I’d like to contribute for discussion if anyone would care to do this?
    These are my most recent post’s on Minhunter Forums.

    Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:51 pm

    1.Somer leaves school with sister Abigail and her brother, along with others.

    2.She has a little tiff and is confronted by her sister about this then separates from the others near Gano Ave. and Miller Street.

    3. She’s last seen by her sister Abigail running West on Gano Ave. near Solomon Street.
    (Abigail’s relative position must be at or somewhere near the Miller Street/Gano Ave. intersection)

    It’s only 100-meters from Miller Street to Solomon Street.
    Somer is also running (average estimate for her size/leg stride when running) at an estimated 3-4 miles per hour.
    3-miles per hour is equal to 4.4 ft/sec.
    4-miles per hour is equal to 5.9ft/sec.

    100-meters equal to 328.0839895 feet.
    328 feet divided by 4.4 equal 74.5454545 seconds
    That comes out to approximately 1-minute, 14 1/2 seconds.

    The same distance at 5.9m/h equal to 55.5932203
    Less than 1-minute.

    So she was only 1-1.15 minutes in front of her sister Abigail at the most.

    If she were running at a very fast pace all the way to Solomon Street then we can estimate that it was 7-8 m/h.

    Then it would be: 43.7333333 seconds before she reached Solomon Street.

    And at Abigail’s rate of speed, estimated at say, 2 m/h, she would arrive at this same location about 164 seconds (2.75 minutes) later.

    The difference being 121 seconds or 2-minutes after Somer arrived.

    That’s not very far behind Somer and the distance is a mere 328 feet.
    You can see down the west of Gano Ave., several blocks.

    A block we are looking at here is actually less than 100 meters.

    So if Somer was still “running” until she arrived at 1080 Gano Ave., where she was reported to have entered the fenced yard and back to the house in order to speak to worker(s) there, she would have only been approximately 2 minutes and 12 seconds later.

    Abigail lost sight of her somewhere during her run along Gano near Solomon.

    An elementary school student riding his bicycle home said he saw Somer near the tanks which are on the West side of Solomon Street.
    She was still *running* according to this witness.

    But the worker(s) at the renovated house didn’t suggest she was running but simply stated she came in the yard and up to the house to comment on their good work there.
    She had apparently stopped running at this time.

    She was also observed by another, female, student named C. Straham *walking* somewhere near Grove Park Drive, which is very near the renovated house.

    But the cross guard at that intersection did not see her arrive.

    The crosswalk guard was only 288.713911 feet to the West of this renovated house.

    There were other children as well as cars on the road traveling to and picking up their children from school.

    Yet, no one saw her?
    Oh, a few did in fact see her as shown.

    But somehow she disappeared within a minute or so and within a few hundred feet of others in front and behind her.
    She was on the South side of Gano Ave., and not the side the playground and playing fields were on.

    She disappeared at that house. :!:


    The Real Suspect Zero
    Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:46 am
    The purpose of my estimations and other analysis is to present to you my *theory* which is based on known facts, statistics, probabilities, as well as inductive/deductive reasoning and intuition.

    Inference or estimation through extending or projecting known information..

    (Definition:To reason from circumstance)

    We know the following to be true/fact from documented sources:

    After leaving Grove Park Elementary School approximately 2:50 pm-
    1. Somer ran West on Gano Avenue from the corner of, or in proximity of, Miller Street.

    2. She was observed by her sister Abigail running to/at approximately the intersection of Solomon Street when she lost sight of her.

    3. She was observed running West on Gano Ave., in proximity of two tanks which are located on Gano Avenue on the West side of Solomon Street, by a student riding his bicycle.

    4. She was observed at the house being renovated at 1080 Gano Avenue by at least one worker there at the time who told police she came through the fenced yard and up to the house to comment on the worker’s doing a good job.

    5. This worker told police that after this she had left the house.

    6. Somer was observed by another student in vicinity of Gano Avenue and Grove Park Drive
    (which is 88 meters West (a few hundred feet) from this house being renovated.

    7. The cross guard stationed at the intersection of Gano Avenue and Grove Park Drive did not recall Somer having crossed at that location.
    They also did not note any kind of altercation or unusual activities or an abduction/abduction attempt, even though they had a clear view a block or two East where Somer’s siblings and other children were approaching.

    Somer was never seen alive again.

    The fact that Somer was wearing high-visibility clothing/a cranberry-colored jumpsuit with pink stripes on arms and legs and carrying bright pink book bag and lunch pack, as well as the visibility down the street would be unobstructed for at least several blocks (which are estimated at 90-100 meters length each) and that the practical distance one (with normal vision of 20/20 ) would be expected to be able to view another person down the street to at least 150-200 meters distance, and remember she is wearing clothing that in all likely hood, is more visible than many other colors of the visible spectrum (since red and associated colors such as orange have the longest wavelengths of the visible spectrum) and the fact that even though she may have been up to 2-3.5 minutes ahead of her sister, brother and others, she would have been visible if say someone had attempted to abduct her from the same side of the street the children were walking.

    8. We know that the offender in this case had a very narrow window of opportunity in time and in distance.

    9. We know that a number of people were in fact traveling along this same street at the time Somer was, as she had been seen by at least two witnesses on their way home at the time.

    10. We know that she was both running/walking in a Westerly direction on the South side of Gano Avenue and not on the Park side (North)

    11. We know the last time(s) she was seen was in close proximity to the renovated house (one witness places her within the grounds of that house)

    12. We know she was not seen by the cross guard at the intersection just West of that house.

    13. We know that she was found in the landfill and was apparently placed into some kind of local refuse container (either household garbage can, dumpster, or other kind of refuse container after her death)

    14. We know from statements her father had made that police told him that “soot” was reportedly found on some of her clothing.

    (SOOT definition: a black substance formed by combustion or separated from fuel during combustion, rising in fine particles, and adhering to the sides of the chimney or pipe conveying the smoke; especially : the fine powder consisting chiefly of carbon that colors smoke)

    15. We know that she was not transported to the landfill via the Unsub’s own vehicle but placed locally into a trash receptacle and subsequently transported to the landfill(s) via a waste management truck.
    To many people it would appear that this act is conducive with someone who committed this crime in haste, without planning or premeditation involved.
    That the offender had done so as a result of spontaniety and opportunity, and suggests a disorganized characteristic.
    After all, organized killers usually dispose of bodies in areas distant from the abduction location and they usually attempt to hide as well as place the body in locations that would ensure rapid decomposition which would hinder victim’s identification, et cetera..

    It has been suggested that the offender may possibly have not had a vehicle for transporting the victim’s body somewhere else for disposal and this is why he simply discarded it in the refuse container for pickup.

    There have been theories concerning the possibility that someone, some crazed lunatic or homesteaders who had been residing for several days in this house being renovated may have taken her or that someone else across the street stopped at the parking area of the playing fields and playground may have been waiting for the right time to snatch her away et cetera..

    But any Unsub having the mobility, having a vehicle, for use in targeting the area just a few blocks West of a school, would also, logically, have taken the victim to another location in which they felt both comfortable and familiar, in order to assault or murder the abductee.
    The police are believing this is a local perp, as opposed to someone scouring the state searching for victims to abduct.
    I agree.
    A local offender would have a good idea as to most locations that would serve his purpose well.

    And he would already have his victim secured for transport.
    How would this victim react to being abducted once they realized what was transpiring?

    The perp would have to secure/restrain the victim in some manner as not to allow her not to bring unwanted attention to him and his vehicle.

    Once he has assaulted/murdered his victim, then the disposal phase ensues.

    Why not simply take the victim to a location that would ensure the body is never recovered and therefore there would be little chance of his being linked to this murder?

    Why risk placing her into a local refuse container when this could be dangerous for a few reasons?

    My analysis tells me that the one responsible for this child’s murder has considered a number of scenarios in his mind already.

    It tells me that he placed her body into a refuse container as he felt she would be taken to the landfill and buried under tons of garbage and never discovered.

    It tells me he considered his options in the disposal process and felt this would be the best and would not link him to her disappearance.
    It tells me he’s more the organized-type than disorganized than we are giving him credit.

    It tells me he couldn’t take her to his home and do whatever he wanted to her because there was a reason behind why he couldn’t do this, family, fear.

    It is of course possible that there may have been another location, rather than his place of residence he had taken her in order to assault/kill her.

    But then again, we are talking about the ability to transport and the ability to conceal his crime.

    There will be more analysis later of course…


  38. Christen Allen Iman says:

    It takes approximately 2 minutes at 2 m/h walking speed to travel 100-meters.
    You can see clearly between 100-200-meters distance ahead (1-2 blocks)
    (we’ll use the median of 150-meters or 1.5 blocks, for analysis purposes)

    This means you can normally see shapes of people and color of clothing worn between two and three minutes before you reach them.

    By the time Abigail reached Solomon Street, Somer would have been in proximity to the intersection of Gano Ave., and Bay Circle, slightly more than one block to the west as the lengths of each block is approximately the same.

    When Somer reached the 1080 Gano Ave. location, approximately 125 meters West of Bay Circle E., her sister still behind her and traveling at 2 m/h would arrive somewhere in close-proximity to the East side of Solomon street.
    The distance between Somer and her sister is approximately 125 and 135 meters.
    Clearly nothing would have obstructed her sister’s view along this straight route that would prevent her from observing an abduction of her sister.
    And clearly something such as an abduction within the 88-meter distance to, and from front of the house loacted at 1080 Gano Avenue would have most probably been observed by the cross guard.

    I also wanted to comment on the theory that was contributed on the possibility that people homestaeding within that burntout house may have been involved in her disappearance and murder.

    The fact that the house was at the time being renovated and worker(s) were present at the very time and day Somer went missing seems to negate this possibility, as the house would not have been presently occupied by these unknowns during the time work was being done there.
    These unknowns could not have taken her without some kind of struggle and where would they have done so considering they had no other “inside” location to accomplish their assault and subsequent murder?


  39. Christen Allen Iman says:

    I apologize to everyone.

    I made a review of my earlier computations and realized quickly that something wasn’t adding up, I had made an error in my computations.
    My mathematics abilities aren’t all that keen nor is my spelling and grammar.

    When I stated: “The same distance at 5.9m/h equal to 55.5932203
    Less than 1-minute.”

    It was not 5.9 m/h but was instead 5.9 ft/second.

    Somer running at: 4 m/h (5.9 ft/sc)
    5 m/h (7.33 ft/sc)
    6 m/h (8.8 ft/sc)
    7 m/h (10.26 ft/sc)

    Abigail walking at: 2 m/h (2.93 ft/sc)
    2.5 m/h (3.66 ft/sc)

    I’ll get back to correcting the estimated times it would have taken for each to reach the distances traveled from the corner of Gano Avenue to various intesections along the way to the house being renovated, and just how far behind the children were from Somer at each location when taking into account their relative speed.

    Again… I apologize as I try to be as accurate as I possibly can.


  40. Christen Allen Iman says:

    I’m back..

    And here is what I believe is a more-accurate analysis concerning distance/time computations.

    *IF* Somer had, say, reached the end of the first block (intersection of Gano Avenue at Solomon Stree) at the same time her sister, Abigail, and the other children had reached the corner of Miller Street at Gano Ave., then Somer would be 1-block to the West (100-meters/328 feet distance)
    When Abigail said she lost sight of Somer, Somer was near Solomon Street.

    Abigail and the others would arrive at this same location, walking an estimated speed 2.0 m/h (2.93 ft/sc) approximately two minutes later.

    Somer, running at an estimated speed of 6 m/h (8.8 ft/sc) would arrive at the next block West, which is Bay Circle E., approximately 37.27 seconds later.

    Whereas Abigail and the others would now be approximately 98 feet (1/3 block) West of the corner of Miller Street and Gano Ave.

    Therefore Somer is about 1 2/3 blocks ahead of the others.

    *IF* Somer continued to run at a constant spped of 6 m/h then she will reach a location approximately 30-meters East of the house being renovated at 1080 Gano Ave 37.27 seconds later.

    And arrive at the house aproximately slightly more than 10 seconds after this.

    Her sister and the other children will now be approximately 29.3 feet closer, but still about 2-blocks from the house at this point.

    It will take them another 4-minutes to reach the house.

    They can clearly see people and color of cothing at a distance of 1-1.5 blocks a head which is between 2-3 minutes before reaching the loaction.

    Therefore, we can surmise that *IF* Somer ran all the way to the loaction of the house, then her sister and the others who were walking, may have lost visual reference for 1-2 minutes.

    The window of opportunity for her abduction when considering this data alone suggests Somer’s abductor/killer would have not had more than a few minutes at the most to accomplish the abduction before children would have arrived or at least seen the abduction taking place.

    This analysis is only taking into account Somer’s sister and the other children with her, not various vehicles and pedestrian traffic along this very busy route just after school let out.
    It also does not include the position of the cross guard at the intersetion of Gano Avenue and Grove Park Drive, just a short distance to the West of this house, and their visual field which would also be at least 1-2 blocks in each direction of this route.


  41. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Good morning,B., everyone.

    I’ve been relatively busy lately, working with my counterpart back in Boston.

    I wish I had physical access to SMART, because it takes a considerable amount of time going back and forth with the question and answer sessions.

    The only thing is.. SMART operates using a different operating system that cannot be utilized with Windows OS and I certainly don’t have access to my own computer system anyway..

    Transfer of data to my location is impossible.

    What has been taking lace though, is a complex geographic analysis of the Orange Park, FL locale.

    Mike has given me a step-by-step account of what he’s been able to determine thus far.

    I will not disclose these details here.

    But as as far as the animation goes, this seems harmless enough.

    1. Abigail and the other children are at the Miller Street/Gano Avenue position.
    Somer is observed running West on Gano Avenue approximately one-block away in proximity to Solomon Street.
    This witness obsevation is verifiable as it comes from her sister.

    Somer is running at a speed of approximately 6 m/h

    2. By the time the children reach a 25-meter location west on Gano Somer will have reached a location 81.25-meters west of Solomon Street and approximately 156-meters west of the others (nearly halfway between Fromhart Street and Bay Circle Drive E.) and reach the Bay Circle Drive intersection approximately 9 seconds after this.

    3. By the time Abigail and the other children reach the last position Somer was observed in proximity to Solomon Street, approximately 2-minutes later, Somer will have arrived in proximity to the house being renovated at 1080 Gano Avenue.
    She is approximately 2.25 blocks west of the others
    It has taken Somer approximately 1 minute and 35 seconds from where she was last observed near Solomon Street to reach this house.

    4. By the time the others reach Bay Circle E., Somer has been in proximity of this house for approximately 2-minutes.
    Abigail and the others have a clear field/depth of view out to a distance of 1 block (100-meters) but Somer’s relative position would not clearly be seen as the distance which is approximately 1.25-meters away. (1.25 blocks)

    5. By the time the others arrive at a position approximately 0.25 block west of Bay Circle Dr E., the distance to the house can clearly be seen (100-meters/1-block)
    Somer has been in proximity to the house’s location for 2.5-minutes.

    6. By the time the others reach the house’s location 2-mintes later, Somer has been in proximity of this location for 4.5-minutes.

    Although the Cronological Window Of Opportunity is estimated at 4.5 minutes, the Visual WOP is less.. Being estimated as 2.5-minutes.

    It’s logical to assume that at the 1-block distance the children would have been able to note the highly-visible clothing and items carried by Somer as well as note any kind of activities that would suggest an abduction attempt.
    None was observed.


  42. mjh says:

    I have always believed that because of the very short time-frame that Somer disappeared in, and with all of those people around at that time, what happened to her HAD to have happened IN that house that was being renovated.

    I don’t believe she would go up to the house to say they were doing a good job, when the renovations are INSIDE the house. But, I DO believe that she would have said hello to someone if he were standing there, and he could easily have lured her into the house by asking if she wanted to see the good job they were doing on the inside.

    I know that LE has interviewed these men. But, everything points to that house. Did they ever figure out who this “Kyle” guy is? Did they ever release information on whether the workers were there at the house that day and what time they left?

    I am with you mjh, although her time is extremely limited, I would very much like to hear her take on Morgan’s case.

    If the owners brother (SO) worked there for a few months, he surely knew what time the kids walked home from school. Even if he wasn’t working there that day, he could have easily gone by there that day. I believe his offense was more of the “statutory” type, but, you never know.

    In any case, whoever did this, I believe, watched the children walk home on a regular basis, and already had their eye on Somer, as she was a very friendly and trusting little girl. He was just waiting for his opportunity.

    If it happened in a vehicle, wouldn’t the perpetrator drive to a different location and place her body far away?

    It seems to me it had to have happened right there at that house. Also, if there was soot on her body, where did it come from?? Homes in Florida don’t usually have fireplaces, and the renovations on that house were due to a house fire.

    Anyway, this case is really bothering me. I want them to get this person off of the streets.

    Chris: I love reading your posts. I was really hoping to hear your opinion on the Morgan Harrington case also.

  43. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Good afternoon B., and everyone.

    mjh had written; “If it happened in a vehicle, wouldn’t the perpetrator drive to a different location and place her body far away?”

    Statistically, from a good deal of research of the behaviors exhibited in a large number of similar situations and offender-types, this is usually the case.

    Crime scenes are often chosen for reasons relevant to the personality of the offender and his place of residence and place of employment.
    Certain personalities prefer familiar ground in which to commit their offenses, while for others it’s irrelevant.

    The Trapper-Type: These offenders often times have occupations that bring them into contact with perspective victims.
    Those who entice victims into a domain they control, such as their house or work location.

    A Troller-Type: Takes advantage of an opportunistic encounter with a victim during the course of other (noncriminal) activities.

    et cetera..


  44. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Hi B., everyone.

    [Testing my timed/distance calculations/theory]

    Yesterday, I decided to test my theory on visibility at various distances from 100-meters, 150-meters, and 200-meters.

    I had asked one of my good friends here in Santa Rosa who I’ve known for quite a few years, if I could include his 8 year old daughter in a little experiment.
    After explaining what this would consist of, he and she agreed.
    Her name is Rachell.
    (She wanted me to include her name so she could read about it on Blink :) )

    We went to the mall and purchased a burnt-orange colored jumpsuit as there were no cranberry jumpsuits available anywhere.

    His daughter is about the same height of Somer, she’s 3’8″ tall and weighs 63.3 pounds.
    Somer’s height was 3’5″ and her weight was 65 pounds.
    Therefore my little “guinea pig” was 3-inches taller and 2,7 pounds heavier, an insignificant difference between the two girls.

    She also has dark brown shoulder-length hair and it was put into a pony tail, (blue ribbon)

    We couldn’t find a pink lunch bag, but found a pink notebook approximately the same size as the book bag..

    The location selected was very similar to what I felt Gano Avenue appeared to look like, relative visibility.

    We had the daughter walk to the 100-meter distance.
    She was clearly visible at this range.
    You could tell it was a young girl.

    At the 150-meter range, she was still clearly visible, but I could not ascertain if she were a female or a male at this distance, but appeared to be a child or very young person.

    At 200 meters range, I could not tell if she were a male or female or even an adult or a child, but I could make out the color of the clothing as being dark and possibly reddish-brown, as opposed to another color.

    So it’s my opinion that Somer would have been CLEARLY VISIBLE to her sister and the other children at 100-meters (at 1-block)

    That although I could not determine her sex at 150-meters, I could in fact clearly see the color of the clothing and that it appeared to be a child.
    (at 1 1/2 blocks)

    Sex and age range indeterminate at 200-meters.
    But could still makeout range of color in clothing from reddish-brown to brown.

    In this, I would suggest that, depending on her sister Abigail’s particular visual acuity, that Abigail and the other children would most probably have been able to clearly see Somer approximately 2 minutes to 2.5 minutes prior to reaching her relative position (the house being renovated)
    This would place their relative position somewhere in proximity to Bay Circle E.

    And it would also narrow-down the offender’s Visual Window Of Opportunity for performance of his abduction to a mere 4 minutes maximum, if he were someone driving, stopped, or parked in proximity to this house.


  45. Christen Allen Iman says:


    I meant that Rachell was 2.7 pounds lighter than Somer.


  46. mjh says:

    Thank you once again, Chris. That is so interesting. I’m thinking back to when I was young (many years ago now) and used to walk home from school with my siblings, about a mile and a half or so. Our walk was pretty much straight for the most part, and I can actually envision other kids walking, and how far up we could still see them, etc.

    I am thinking though, that Abigail was probably not watching Somer the entire time, as she was probably talking, fooling around, laughing with her brother and any other children present.

    But, other people should have seen her. How does she just disappear like that, and nobody see anything? Especially dressed in bright clothes that would stand out?

    I’m wondering about the crossguard. Did Somer pass by the crossguard, where exactly in distance was the last crossguard before that house, and does the crossguard remember seeing Somer?

  47. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Good afternoon, mjh.

    And thank you kindly for your encouraging words.

    You wrote; “I am thinking though, that Abigail was probably not watching Somer the entire time, as she was probably talking, fooling around, laughing with her brother and any other children present.”

    If I may comment..

    This could very well be the case.

    I would expect most kids on their way home after school has let out are more involved in playing around and speaking with one another than taking much notice of the going ons around them.

    But I would also imagine that since this ordeal of Somer having a little tiff and then running a head of the other children may have been the primary topic of discussion between her oledr sister and the others?
    And I would imagine they probably talked a bit about her and watched her as she got further from them?

    Just an assumption of course.

    But Somer’s relative position/where she as last observed, is what I am concerned with as it helps in setting parameters in the overall analysis.

    We know where she started and we know where she was last seen by her sister.
    We know from the worker(s) account that she also made it as far as the house being renovated.

    And we have other observations by at least two other witnesses that also place her within this area of analysis.
    Even if we do not take these as entirely credible.

    We can for the most part, accept the other two witness accounts with a very good degree of credibility.

    What we are also told is that the crossguard stationed at the intersection of Gano Avenue and Grove Park Drive did not recollect seeing her at hat location.
    This crossing location a mere 88-meters to the West.
    And one would think that her being dressed as she had and carrying the two pink items would help her become more imprinted in their memory?

    And since this route, Gano Avenue, was most probably quite active due to school’s having letout, there’d be quite a bit of both vehicular traffic as well as pedestrian traffic along this busy corridor.

    Yet… No one saw her after she supposedly eneterd the fenced yard of that house and spoke to someone there.

    I think it’s quite obvious as to what I am suggesting here.
    But out of proper etiquette, I will not come right out and say it :)


  48. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Here is a tidbit that helps us to better understand..

    “Pastor David Tarkington called her “a community hugger,” who even hugged the crossing guard on the way to school each day.”

    Therefore Im certain that if the same cross guards which were associated with her on this level had been working that particular day, they’d certainly have recalled her arrival and departure at their post.


  49. mjh says:

    I understand, and agree with you. Your analysis has helped me to get a much better picture of the actual area,and I appreciate it. I think your experiment was excellent, and I have to say, I would never have thought to do that.

    So, any/all options seem to lead to that house, which LE has combed through extensively, I assume. I cannot understand why they have not closed in on a suspect. (or, perhaps they have?)

    I do not know the area/neighborhood at all. I’m wondering if someone could have lured her into that yard, but continued on into a house behind that property (??)

    This bothers me to no end. I cannot rest until this very sick individual is caught.

    Following your lead — I think I may try that experiment with my own son — just to see for myself. Thanks again — I appreciate all of your dedication to and obvious hard work on this case.

    Blink — anything new at all? Very frustrating — as is Morgan’s case.

  50. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Good morning, mjh,B., and everyone.

    mjh, you are very kind and I very much appreciate your positive attitude and your responses to my posts.

    I believe the answers all of us here are seeking concerning Somer’s abduction and murder are there to be found with persistent reevaluation of the information already obtained in the last several weeks.

    We have to remain dogged in our pursuit of the truth and in justice for Somer.

    I believe the perpetrator has already been interviewed and is not someone unknown to the investigation.

    But the manner in which Somer had been recovered, underneath a massive amount of garbage, would only do to complicate the matter.

    This garbage, from a great number of residents and businesses in the community, will also contain a large amount of biological evidence from countless number of sources, human, animal,vegitable, viral.
    Saliva from various fast-food containers, businesses, homes, animal biproducts, et cetera, which all contain dna.

    When the child’s external body is sampled for forensic evidence, dna, it may have come into contact with any number of potential sources in that huge pile of garbage at the two landfills.

    These various sources will present their own characteristic dna profile and so her body will have a “mixture” of a number of possible profiles generated by this contamination.

    The isolation of each potential source and the subsequent profile each will generate will take some time.

    But if the offender’s dna was left on her body, and not somehow removed, it will eventually be profiled and compared with known offender profiles contained in the state dna databank and subsequently, the national databank (CODIS) or with suspects that have recently been sampled in regards to the case.

    I am confident that this offender has been involved in the criminal justice system and will either be identified through such databank comparison or from this recent sampling endeavor.

    If for some reason there is no viable dna evidence recovered from either Somer’s body or any other possible crime scene location recently processed, such as the house being renovated, a vehicle or say, a trailer, than it will be very difficult in definitively identifying who exactly the offender was even though law enforcement may already have a good idea as to whom it may be.
    As I believe they do.

    Positive proof is necessary here for any productive prosecution.
    And the police are not about to rush into this.

    With recent advancements in touch dna analysis (Low-Copy Number)
    The chances are favorable for investigators unless the offender is forensically aware and has taken measures to ensure dna/forensic evidence has been either destroyed or he has somehow sanitized the victim’s body and any crime scene locations involved.
    I hate to postulate this, but we can only hope that viable dna evidence will have been recovered from within the victim’s body, and that any attempts that may have been undertaken by her killer were not successful in destroying this evidence.
    Then we have the culprit.

    I believe this offender has indeed made mistkes and he will be identified and held accountable for this little girl’s murder.


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