Somer Thompson Murder: Her Home Robbed by Gunman The Morning She was Recovered?

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Missing Child,Murdered,Somer Thompson | Monday 26 October 2009 3:04 pm

UPDATE #1 Clay County Sheriff Office revised the address on these arrests to a home in Glen Cove 6 days later following this information being reported on HLN’s Jane Valez mitchell show, “Issues”.


Orange Park, FL– As developments unfold in the investigation of the murder of 7 year old Somer Thompson, a new twist:

4 Men Arrested For Robbery with Firearms 






The defendent pictured directly above, Montrail Howard, received a “Jaywalking” infraction on October 14. On October 20, that infraction turned into a citation for unknown reasons and the following day all four were arrested for armed robbery at the 1706 Horton Drive address of Somer Thompson and her family.

All 4 inmates remain in custody at the Clay county jail without bond.

It is not known at this time what relation this incident or these individuals have if any, to Somer Thompson’s abduction and murder. All suspects should be presumed innocent while awaiting due process.

Check back to for updates

 Candace Bond , Kate Mills and Brandi of scaredmonkeys contributing editors for this report.

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  1. Momof3 says:

    Hadn’t seen it. But glad to know the media and police have picked up on it, now. Thanks Blink

  2. CB1 says:

    Blink, MY BAD, you see I still don’t know how to post a link, so I should have kept my fingers quiet. As a nurse I know document, document, document — it did not happen unless it is documented. I can’t remember where I first saw the video of Somer’s mother (MSM) but where it really hit home was when I read the article I was referring to at Eyes for Lies. Something was just off with her show of emotions or switch in demeanor is what raised my hinky meter. No tears but the big hanky to wipe her eyes. I don’t think her mother had anything to do with Somer’s murder but she knows something or has some sort of information that she isn’t sharing. JMHO WS has had a lot of comment along these lines but I rarely read there and have never posted there. Your integrity in always demanding a link is respected and will either learn to post a link or will keep my fingers quiet. No bisquits for me. We will learn more on this case I’m sure. It is just so very sad that these crimes keep happening. Justice for our Angels.

    You have only but to cut and paste your link, fyi.
    Wrt to Diena Thompson. I think it is always wise to view anyone in this situation with caution. There is a reason LE investigated family first, unfortunately, but necessary. Lacking evidence to the contrary, I cant bring myself to critisize her on her outward emotional display alone.
    I have not read the eye for lies article, but my guess is she is on appropriate meds which would relegate such an asessment void, imo.


  3. mjh says:

    Hey Blink,

    It has also been reported that one of the workers at the “abandoned” house Somer was last seen in front of is a Registered Sex Offender. Do you know anything about this guy?

  4. inspector gadget says:

    I have been given information that the house they have been searching is the worst crime scene they had ever seen in Clay County and that the body was not intact.

    I am inclined to dismiss this without verification, in fact, it conflicts with information I am aware of not yet made public.

  5. hk says:

    I have been hesitant to comment out of respect for Somer but it has always bothered me the way LE reported finding her legs while searching the landfill. They never stated it was only but have they ever stated otherwise?

    Maybe someone had this same thought and ran with it – turned thought into rumor into fact.

    I certainly hope this information is not true. And furthermore hope that it would not be leaked during an ongoing investigation.

  6. shannon says:

    Finally got into the CC sheriff’s web page, addresses are in Green cove springs…not saying they didn’t change it, but again, if this happened at that home too many people would have seen it to have kept it quiet this long

    AR 2009036260
    Robbery-armed Firearm/o… Bruner, Christopher M (B M, 19) Arrest on chrg of Robbery-armed Firearm/other Deadly Weapon (F), at 2912 Vinewood Pl, Green Cove Springs, FL, on 10/21/2009. Edmonson, M W
    AR 2009036260
    Robbery-armed Firearm/o… Patterson, Deanglo Monreece (B M, 19) Arrest on chrg of Robbery-armed Firearm/other Deadly Weapon (F), at 2912 Vinewood Pl, Green Cove Springs, FL, on 10/21/2009. Edmonson, M W
    AR 2009036260
    Robbery-armed Firearm/o… Sarver, Bryan Gregory (B M, 21) Arrest on chrg of Robbery-armed Firearm/other Deadly Weapon (F), at 2912 Vinewood Pl, Green Cove Springs, FL, on 10/21/2009. Edmonson, M W
    AR 2009036260
    Robbery-armed Firearm/o… Howard, Montrail Isiah (B M, 18) Arrest on chrg of Robbery-armed Firearm/other Deadly Weapon (F), at 2912 Vinewood Pl, Green Cove Springs, FL, on 10/21/2009. Edmonson, M W

    They did change it, that was one heck of an error, it was on Jane Valez Mitchell WITH the sheriff. I spoke to a reporter today out there and he was planning on asking the question, but he did not take any. Thanks for posting. I wonder why they would not have just cleared that up on the phone?

  7. BML says:

    Check out the link from the FTU:

    The most interesting is the injuries on the person and the personal work vehicle.

  8. Debidoll129 says:

    So what is up here? Did these five youngins rob the home of Somer Thompson…or someplace else? Is the girl a minor? I thought they lived on Horton…not Vinewood Pl.? How could they rob this home, unless they were there as guests with their MOTHER? Had to be media everywhere.

  9. mjh says:

    This is the guy I was asking about. Sex Offender who worked on that property renovation.

    Vinson is the brother of the renovations contractor. I am far more worried about a guy named Kyle who called the news and said that Somer walked up to the house and told them they were doing a good job. That house is completely gated, I just dont buy that. This guy is a RSO, but this charges appear to be more statutory, not pedophillic.

  10. mjh says:

    I’m sure there are a lot of sicko’s in the world who are not RSO’s. And, some, as we know, have been females.

    You are absolutely right — I had not heard about this guy Kyle. That sounds very suspicious, to say the least.

    I also think that they need to start separating the Pedophiles from the rest of the SO’s. They seem to lump all SO’s together, which makes it very hard to know which ones are the most dangerous to our children. I know they have levels, but, I would like to see PEDOPHILE or CHILD PREDATOR stamped across their forehead. If they can’t do that, they should at least make it very clear, and list these child predator’s as such in a way that it stands out.

  11. BML says:

    Attached is a link to a Kyle on the FL SO website.

  12. Sharon says:

    Better check your facts those men were not arrested for robbing Somers home the addresses shown have been altered the real report is here

    Sharon- you should check your facts. This is a screenshot of the original bulletin, it was just corrected yesterday, which by the way, is addressed upthread.

  13. Jackie H says:

    This is incorrect info, these men were arrested for robbing a house in Green Cove Springs not Somer Thompson’s house. I happen to know the arresting officer. CHECK YOUR FACTS FIRST!!!!

    Lordy. Does anyone read comments before posting anymore? Don’t shoot the messenger, this was on the Clay County site for almost a week.
    It was reported on JVM as well, on a show that featured the Sheriff himself, live. It did not make sense then, they have since corrected it, let’s focus on supporting the Thompson family and finding her murderer.

  14. Sharon says:

    why not just take down the false info please? some of us don’t get pass the headlines…lol
    Sorry for causing a problem

    Not at all, I just updated it, It was not false information though, it was what appeared on the site, and we journalists can’t go around removing content; lacks integrity. The piece was written as a question in the first place, and the charges still stand.

  15. Susan says:

    Does anyone know of any evidence found in the house?

  16. cadensnanny says:

    Wow…so many rumors here! The 4 individuals arrested happened to be in the area that was being searched..all homes, vehicles coming and going and individuals walking around were asked for id, these individuals happened to have arrest warrants out and were arrested for those existing warrants. I live in Orange Park about 2 miles from her neighborhood and have never seen a community come together in such a way as to search and then be devastated by the outcome of this. Its been over 22 yrs. since we’ve had a child go missing for more than 24 hrs. and then to not be found alive. My thoughts and prayers are still with the Thompson family. Our law enforcement have done a wonderful job in searching for that little girl and then finding her as quickly as they did. An arrest will be made–of that I have no doubt!

    I absolutely agree. Clay County PD and the FBI have done an amazing job. I applaud them. I applaud your community.

  17. ostella says:

    Please forgive me if I’m wearing the dunce cap right now, but do we know where the house that was robbed is located in relation to both Somer’s house, and the abandoned house that got searched? And how about the spot where the jaywalker was issued the citation? Anywhere near those “landmarks?” Or maybe near the dumpster in question? If you’ve already answered these questions, then I’m sorry, and I’ll humbly assume the position… :)

  18. Christen Allen Iman says:

    Hi, B.

    I looked at the available information regarding the ribbery at the same residence Somer lived.

    It’s my persaonl opinion that this robbery/these men had no involvement whatsoever in the abduction and murder of this child.


    agreed, thus why I reported it, how unusual is it for the CCSO to not just admit a clerical error? I am not liking the profile of the unsub here, thoughts when you can?

  19. Janice says:

    HLN between the 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm ET has just announced during their segment on Somer Thompson that a wrong address was given. Could there be another update on these fellows above. Thanks

    It was updated this afternoon, thanks.

  20. mark says:

    thank you all for the blog
    it is needed…

    this is a horrible crime. i pray it is solved very soon.
    i do have one probalby dumb question.
    this guy named Vinson seems to me like someone that might really be of interest. Lewd conduct with a someone under 12 is his prior. He worked on the construction site. The link says he “left the job”, but it doesnt say when. Anyone heard of his whereabouts during the 19th???
    Or where he is now?
    thanks God Bless little little angel. There are so many awful crimes like this, but for some reason this one seems to have galvanized more Americans together than I can recall for sometime.
    Dear Lord, please find this terrible evil person and bring them to swift justice.
    thanks all.

  21. Rosebudpammy says:

    Any updates?

  22. pm200 says:

    According to CCSO, this was a typo. The records have been updated to show an address in Green Cove Springs. A robbery at 1706 Horton makes no sense anyway. The house was under 24 hour police surveilance (the CCSO was parked in Thompsons’ lawn) and well-wishers/curiosity seekers were walking and driveing past the house all day and night.

  23. Kathy ((: says:

    are you () kidding me, seriously. You guys have no life’s, sitting here jumping into conclusions- who are you to judge and to assume of such things. Jaywalking, reallly? oh, did they forget to mentioned that I got one along with him that same night walking to my house! its just sad to sit here && read all these rumors && (). Those boys up there that you see, had absolutely NOTHING to do with S.Thompson’s death. The officer who arrived at the location mistyped the address, how or why I have no () idea but its a big misunderstanding. So to clear this up to all of you- THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HER CASE && THEY WERE NOT ATTEMPTING TO ROB HER HOUSE NOR WERE THEY EVEN ANYWHERE NEAR HER HOUSE. this inncident occured in green cove springs/ middleburg. I would know because I’m a witness in this case. So next time yall go around talkin about() && jumping into conclusions get your () F A C T S straight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ms. Kathy-
    That was uncalled for and uneccessary. This has been addressed by both LE and this site. BTW, the accused stands accused, and I dont have to guess who your a witness *cough* for. Best of Luck, and if you intend to return, leave the f bombs at home, we have a dress code.


  24. OhioSheryl says:

    Jarred Harrell 24 yrs old was arrested today as a POI in the death of Somer. Held on $1 million bond, charged with 29 counts of possession of child porn.
    Please let this be the answers for Somer’s family also. RIP Somer.

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