Somer Thompson Murder: Her Home Robbed by Gunman The Morning She was Recovered?

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Missing Child,Murdered,Somer Thompson | Monday 26 October 2009 3:04 pm

UPDATE #1 Clay County Sheriff Office revised the address on these arrests to a home in Glen Cove 6 days later following this information being reported on HLN’s Jane Valez mitchell show, “Issues”.


Orange Park, FL– As developments unfold in the investigation of the murder of 7 year old Somer Thompson, a new twist:

4 Men Arrested For Robbery with Firearms 






The defendent pictured directly above, Montrail Howard, received a “Jaywalking” infraction on October 14. On October 20, that infraction turned into a citation for unknown reasons and the following day all four were arrested for armed robbery at the 1706 Horton Drive address of Somer Thompson and her family.

All 4 inmates remain in custody at the Clay county jail without bond.

It is not known at this time what relation this incident or these individuals have if any, to Somer Thompson’s abduction and murder. All suspects should be presumed innocent while awaiting due process.

Check back to for updates

 Candace Bond , Kate Mills and Brandi of scaredmonkeys contributing editors for this report.

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  1. lisa says:

    WHAT??? am i wrong, or is this not huge? why didn’t we hear about this before? was it before somer disappeared, or could she have come home while they were robbing the house?

    I have no idea why they did not release it. I sat on it ( to my editors dismay, lol) over the weekend to make sure LE had put it together. I am going to keep mum on our thoughts as to possible connection right now, except to say that the ticket issued 10/20 and the robbery the next day makes me think this guy was in big enough trouble somehow that he needed to “act”.

    Was the jaywalking ticket due to surveillance?

  2. lisa says:

    oops, i just realized that it was 2 days after she disappeared. still makes me wonder if there is a connection.

    She was last seen the afternoon of 10/19. It is my understanding LE had some indication she was in the landfill late afternoon 10/20, thus the search warrant and sealing the scene. She was recovered in the afternoon of 10/21.

    This for me, could not get any hinkier. What where they looking to rob on a house one would be assuming is under surveillance in the first place, no?

  3. vidda says:

    Really big stuff , sure ,I coudnt see that comming !
    I do trust the LE in FL more and more
    Thx ,Blink

  4. vidda says:

    what is jaywalking , please

    Walking outside of the crosswalk, and I think in this case the wrong direction of traffic as well.

    Sorry, just dawned on me I have no idea as to the “Jaywalking origin”

  5. vidda says:

    You are right, just pulled it up in Wikipedia : Jaywalking is an informal term used to refer to illegal or reckless pedestrian crossing of a roadway

  6. kyrasmommy says:

    I hope these were not the last faces this baby saw. And I’m not saying what else I hope didn’t happen.

  7. Word Girl says:

    Scooped it, Baby!

    You’re suggested that the jaywalker was a possible perp under surveillance….Sounds right.

    Armed robbery, though? Did they think there would be money in the home, following the outpouring of sympathy for the child?

    Did they take exception to the threat of “We’re coming to get you…” by Somer’s mother? (Sounds the Old Mafia, that.) You know, get you before you get to get us got.

    Thanks, Blink.

  8. Word Girl says:

    *You’ved…is that even a word?

  9. Word Girl says:

    NO Bond on these guys!!!

    Must be a murder indictment coming down.

  10. Susan says:

    I did a brief background check on these boys and none appears to have a criminal record beyond driving without a license. To make it into their twenties without much of a record tells me they probably aren’t hardened criminals. It is strange. What were they doing there?

    Yes, I agree. Jaywalking to armed robbery at a home with a missing child.

  11. artgal says:

    I cant find this article anywhere – does someone have a link?

    what article?

  12. lisa says:

    what am i missing here? how do you know there’s no bond?
    Did you view the mugshots? Bottom right corner.

  13. Susan says:

    Isiah (Montrail) Howard has a relative by the same name who appears to live in GA. His dad. grandfather? Age 61.

  14. Susan says:

    Or maybe the GA connection doesn’t mean anything if that is where the garbage is transported from FL. Hmmm. Just a thought. Sure is a strange case. Is there any more on the abandoned house?

  15. lisa says:

    thank you-i see it now. that IS very odd, isn’t it for anything like armed robbery?

    Yes, with no priors, it is.

  16. Momof3 says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated, Blink. Very strange. I hope justice can be obtained for this little girl. I feel so bad for what happened to Somer. I pray often for her family, especially her siblings.

  17. rachelle says:

    i can not wait for somer’s killer or killers to be caught. i am so so angry that people do things like this. sick sick world.

  18. Gavriella says:

    Have mercy, Blink, but do you suppose that these men might also have been involved in the double homocide that took place outside a bar, on 10/18, in Fleming Island, which was part of Orange Park prior to 2004? There were no arrests the night of the murders, and so — here goes my imagination, again, but, having been witnessed, as several people were involved in the altercation outside the bar, could the men have been holed up inside the abandoned house, and might Somer have seen them, thereafter having the ability to identify them, which in turn could be the reason she was grabbed and killed?

    Also, the J-walking incident occurred on the 14th, on the 16th two residences were broken into, the homocide at the bar occurred on the 18th, Somer’s disappearance and disposal occurred on the 19th, and the arrest of these men happened on the 20th. Might there be a connection to all of this, and if homocide charges are pending against any of these 4 men, would that be because of the double homocide at the bar, or because of Somer, or both? It is indeed most curious, isn’t it?

    It would also be interesting to know if the “crime spree” that seems to have been occurring in and about Orange Park has lessened any since the arrest of these four men.

    Blink, you’re the best.

    Great observations, I truly cannot say yet what the connection is, if any. I can tell you a review of their myspaces shows a slew of men with RIP in their title. Specifically one gunned down in April if this year. What a waste. Some of these guys have babies. More babies without Dads, thus the cycle continues. Hurts my heart.

  19. Gavriella says:

    P.S. Do we know if these men were transients or locals? Do we have any hint as to a cause of death for Somer? Do we know if her siblings and friends saw anything suspicious? There are witnesses who say they saw her on the sidewalk outside the abandoned house. If the group of kids she was with walked in the same direction, might they have seen or heard something? The abandoned house was only a few blocks from Somer’s home (3) I think, and it would seem reasonable that the kids she left would have passed by where she had last been seen.


  20. suz says:

    Wow. Were they just opportunists, robbing the house when they knew folks would be gone—like when thieves target a house where someone has died, having read the funeral date and time in the obits?

  21. CB1 says:

    Blink, my hinkie meter was up way before this came out due to a video I had seen on another site.

    Which video, ok to post link but I have a feeling I know which one your talking about. Featuring Mr. Bowler?

  22. sweetpea says:

    Sorry for being a little slow here, but I guess I can’t believe anyone
    would be this stupid (or desperate).

    Let me get this straight. Somer goes missing on Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th these guys go to her home with weapons to rob the family and Wednesday the police recover the body.

    I really can’t get my head around this. Not only would the home be under surveillance, but the police would be all over that neighborhood 24/7.

    I don’t think it had anything to do with the mother’s threat, that didn’t happen until after the recovery of the body on the 21st.

    This is just to bizarre of a twist. If this is indeed the persons responsible for the murder of Somer. I am just thankful they are off the streets!

  23. Sdb says:

    They probably had juvenile records.

    This is beyond bizarre.

  24. sweetpea says:

    One more thought,
    The mother would have known about the robbery and the arrest. Why would she have made that threat?

  25. suz says:

    I didn’t know it either, but Oxford did…!

    What is the origin of the word ‘jaywalking’?

    The complete Oxford English Dictionary traces the word jaywalker back to 1917 and labels it ‘originally US’. There is a cross-reference to the word jay, which has a number of slang senses. The relevant one is ‘a stupid or dull person, a simpleton. Also (as adjective) dull, unsophisticated; inferior, poor’. This is labelled ‘US colloquial’, and there is evidence of use from 1900. So persons who stupidly ignored traffic regulations were given (in Boston, it seems) this compact name.

  26. suz says:

    Forget my opportunists theory—I see the body had not yet been discovered, so it wasn’t like the family had rushed off anywhere.

  27. boz says:

    Was the jaywalking ticket due to surveillance?

    Where was the jaywalking ticket issued? Why would there be surveillance near this address on 10/14? Who gets ticketed for jaywalking? I’m lost as usual.

  28. chitown lady says:

    Can Somer’s tragic death be this simple to solve? If so, you must admit they are and should be in the “stupid criminal” books. i find it hard to believe that they were able to keep this hush hush. Maybe these very same thugs were using that empty house to deal drugs. Blink you reported that the house was empty due to the family moving out. Was it a case of forecloser? Just curious. Lots of thee houses that ae being foreclosed on are not being properly secured by the banks. They find homeless people living in them. Gas and lights are not usually turned due to the heat being needed so pipes do not freeze, since Flordia is warmer then here maybe they can. Just food for thought. I can’t imagine a ticket being given for jaywalking…
    If the home was robbed on the morning she was recovered, there were no police at the house already? One would think that area would be swarming with police. I do not understand why they would show up at the house with guns blazing? None of it really makes any sense. There ae pieces to the puzzle missing.When four thug looking dudes show up at a home with guns blazing, they are usually looking for drugs and or money. Wrong house maybe? Why were there no police already in that general area, there was a child missing already. One has to what is really going on here?

  29. deva says:

    The house was empty because of a fire in the home. It was being repaired.

  30. Peter says:

    I don’t understand how this is possible. There were people milling about and an officer parked in the yard 24 hours a day.

  31. Tommie says:

    The armed robbery part is very, very bizare. Wouldn’t there have been lots of people at the home…waiting for word on little Somer, not to mention the media? – And these guys just come in with guns and rob the place? Did they take anything? … (and a million more questions……)

    I can understand the jaywalking part…I agree with Blink, I think that guy was being watched for “some” reason.

  32. shannon says:

    This just could not have happened…there were always 30+ (and that is being conservative) people plus MULTIPLE police officers in front of that home from the morning after she went missing on…I live within a few miles, several family members live within 2 blocks of her home, and there is NO WAY this could have happened atl all…NOR could it have been “covered up” with the amount of people there.

    I would tend to agree with you, however, the Clay County’s own site states “at 1706 Horton”.
    I just reported the data; I have requested the incident report. I hope this was an error, but imo, that’s 2 biggies in 2 days.

  33. shannon says:

    I looked on my clay county sheriff’s office site, I don’t find this information anywhere on there. Can I please have a direct link?

    Shannon, the images from the piece were TAKEN from there.
    Note the Clay County Sheriffs “daily Bulletin” at the top?

    Not being snark, it is active session, so you need to search the PC2 option, which has not worked for me all day.

  34. shannon says:

    Okay, the site isn’t working for me either, thought maybe you had gotten it somewhere else. thank you.
    No ma’am, I will post any updates that surface, your most welcome.

  35. artgal says:

    Blink – sorry I didnt mean “article” – I meant where is there a link to the news story on the robbery. If a robbery then someone was home to be robbed. If a burglery then no one was home – is that correct?
    There is not one word on any show discussing this case about this robbery or burglary. I dont understand that – this is very big development why is there no other information on this on the net?
    When I googled it bedides Blink, Scared Monkeys and the Examiner
    who picked it up from SM or Blink I find nothing. Could this be an error as far as the location that these guys robbed?

    It could. I have heard a few posters on SM saying they read or heard it was an error, but I can find NO confirmation of that anywhere. That search vehicle on the Clay County site has been all day.

  36. Riddlemethis says:

    Posting a link to the original MP incident report if that’s okay Blink.

    Notice under weapons what it says………makes me shudder. It never ends….I hope they find this person quickly. Not pointing fingers…but the person who was waiting for the kids to come home is bothering at me for some reason……

    The burglary??? I’m waiting to see if the address wasn’t a typo… surreal.

  37. Bonnie says:

    Here is the link

    Thanks Bonnie, there it is, in black and white.

  38. zannah says:

    The obituary for Somer mentions an aunt named Dawn Bruner.

    One of the four men arrested is Christopher Bruner who appears to be from Jacksonville. Possibly a relation? Maybe they were arrested at the house for a robbery occurring elsewhere.

  39. sandyeggo says:

    Not sure if that obit was the real one released by family or just one put together by media but I was saddened to see that Somer’s father is not listed as a surviving relative and neither is his sister (Somer’s aunt) who has been quoted often in news articles. Regardless of the pending divorce or other family drama, I think its very sad that the family cannot come together for Somer and include everyone, especially her father in an obituary.
    Sorry, I know this is kind of OT, but thats is very disappointing. I fel so sad for the father. Even if he lived far away and never saw Somer, I think he should still be included in the closure process surrounding her death.

  40. WendyLee says:

    Wondering why no mention of her father in obit??

  41. vidda says:

    # 40/41
    With all the respect,if the father didnt exist in her life why to be listed in the obit?

  42. Red Ranger says:

    This may all be just a clerical error too. If it is not an error there are a few possibilities on what it may mean. I am surprised that the ‘tard brigade has not taken the worst possibility as gospel and started slinging mud your way for stating things as fact, even though you never said the worst light is fact. Get ready for the name calling and threats of lawsuits, etc. I reckon I can read all the Bozolean (sniglet) comments on the Orange Park “EYE”.

    In the meantime, I like your “Just the facts” attitude.

    ROTFL. Reading my mind. Sometimes people do not like facts getting in the way of there bullseye, oh well.
    Get your umbrella hat ready….

  43. Justice says:

    I hope you can follow this. It might explain. If you google DT’s address using google maps, notice that when the map appears, if you look at the left hand column (just under the link for directions)it says Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace, FL 32073. Using the direction link, search directions using the same address, but use Bellair-Meadowbrook Terrace instead of Orange Park, Fl. Directions from 1 to the other is 0.0 miles. Go to street level on either address, and walk in a circle, not going forward or backward, just a straight circle. One is across the street from the other, but both have the same address: [IMG][/IMG]


  44. Oblio says:

    Weapon in incident report was hands/feet/teeth…but was this report filed before the body was found? What about the girl she got in a fight with? I’d be curious to know her whereabouts that afternoon.

  45. Word Girl says:

    P2C at Clay County still down. 6pm on the West Coast. Are they hiding something?

  46. [...] this according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office daily bulletin for October 21, as reported by Blink on Crime and the Crime [...]

  47. Word Girl says:

    Apologies is this is old news, but I checked SO’s near 1706 H orton D rive and found this person living across the street?

  48. Kaz says:

    I’m so sad for this little girl and her family, and so angry that these monsters are able to walk freely where we live. :( The armed robbery at Somer’s home is a weird addition to the information I’ve read. Something else that strikes me as a little odd (and it might be just me) is why Mr. Patton sent the 10 year-old girl out looking for her sister, when there was already the chance that something awful had befallen Somer? I think I would have gone with her, or had the child tell me where to go and gone myself. The other thing I’m wondering is if the police are 100% sure this child never made it home? It’s a terrible thing to consider, especially with a family friend, but it does happen. And then all the SO’s in the area, and the robbery – it makes my head spin. :(

  49. Blink says:

    Anyone see this today?

    POLITAN: No, you can`t. Shocking new reports, records from the Clay County sheriff`s office reportedly show four men were arrested for armed robbery at Somer`s home just hours before the cops found the little girl`s body.

    Now, we don`t know if this reported robbery has any relation to the kidnapping and murder; police being very tight-lipped about it.


    SHERIFF RICK BESELER, CLAY COUNTY, FLORIDA: You know, we have a suspect out there somewhere who`s watching this broadcast right now. And I don`t want to tell that suspect what we`re doing.

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I understand.

    BESELER: But I will tell him this. We`re coming to get him. And we`re going to find who did this and we`re going to bring that person to justice.


    POLITAN: Now, the men are reportedly being held without bond in the Clay County jail. We tried to confirm these details with the sheriff`s office, not heard back from them yet.

    Bradford Cohen, is this some sort of a connection, do you think it`s possible?

    BRADFORD COHEN, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Sure. Anything`s possible. I think what the police are doing which is the most important is that they`re keeping tight-lipped about this. This is how an investigation should be done. You don`t pick one person and say this is our number one suspect because that`s when the defense attorney comes in and says from day one you went after my guy…

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