Casey/Caylee Anthony Case: Duct Tape, Father’s Day and Hopkins

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NO Detectives, I mean THE OTHER Zach Hopkins

Orlando, FL– Where did we first hear the name Zach Hopkins in the case of missing and eventually found murdered 34 month old Caylee Anthony?

He was the non-existent son of Casey Anthony’s former schoolmate, Jeffrey Hopkins. He was the non-existent grandson of Jeff’s parents who got the phone call from the Anthony home about 5 AM July 16th, and follow up from brother Lee that he did not believe his sister.

The other Zach Hopkins, who is not a toddler, is in no way affiliated with this case, is an actor.

Zach appears in this Video created for Blue Fish TV and launched June 14, 2008 in honor of FATHERS DAY.


 Yes, it says what you think. A duct tape instructional releases the day before father’s day, which is the last corroberated sighting of Caylee Anthony, starring a person with the misfortune of having the same name of an alleged witness in the investigation of her disappearance/ murder.

What are the Chances?

Actually, higher than you think. The video was produced by Blue Fish TV.

Blue Fish is a production company geared toward “learning” videos with a Christian influence. By our research at, this is a solid and best- in- class organization.

It is also an occasional past time of Disney World Resorts President, Al Weiss. Mr. Weiss is listed as an occasional speaker and author to Blue Fish TV.

Additional representation to the Orlando area include Rob Duford of the Orlando North Community Church and Isaac Hunter of Summit Church of Orlando.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a source inside has confirmed that many of their videos have been filmed at Disney and UNIVERSAL resorts, Orlando, Florida.

Before you reach for the foil hat: Blink what does this mean?

It means someone was doing hefty research on duct tape, the Hopkins name, or knew of this production or someone involved very close to the time frame Caylee went missing.

Personally, I am of the opinion between June 16th and July 15th Casey worked diligently to retro fit her story, or “google-fit” as it were.

Recall that Cindy sat in the lot of Universal on July 3rd while Casey allegedly gave her this story and proceeded to call Ryan Paysley and ask him if he knew Casey and Caylee were in town, to which he replied:

..”No, she told me Caylee was with you at the beach for the week..”

In theory then, that means the first time Cindy hears the names Jeff and Zach Hopkins are July 3rd

Plenty of time for her to have seen this, and head back to the drawing board, and get her story down for her meeting with Detective Melich on July 15th.

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  1. Chica says:

    thanks so much for the links. they gross me out..

  2. wpgmouse says:


    My thoughts and care to Dee, as well.

    I have been in touch with her. I will only comment to say she appreciates the well wishes and I have advised her to keep the matter private for now.

  3. Thinker says:

    CONGRATULATIONS and much APPRECIATION to Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick for TWENTY YEARS as a Prosecutor!!!! She is one class act!

    But Friday their convictions brought no laughs or tears. They did bring a sense of satisfaction to Assistant State Attorney Linda Drane-Burdick on her twentieth anniversary as a prosecutor.

    LOVED LDB’s closing argument in this rape trial, where she said: “There is absolutely no evidentiary support for a word that you have said and that your story, if you want to call it that, is not worthy of belief.” (this closing argument will fit perfectly in Casey’s murder and check fraud trials).

  4. Chica says:

    yes blink and that she is doing she has to deal with alot you gave her good advise. I feel for her but what she needs right now is our prayers
    god bless

  5. Momof3 says:

    Oh! Thanks Chica, extra well wishes sent. Thanks for passing them along too, Blink.

  6. Chica says:

    thanks for adding that sometimes excerpt! sometimes I/we let our faith waiver and now. I am more convinced that with her in control there will be no chance for casey to walk. she is going to do everything she can to vindicate caylees death.
    the anthonys will fade out of sight when this is all over. I get so anxious for the trial and more so everytime baez or the anthonys can stop prospering. someone said that the anthonys
    never met a camera they didnt like. thats so very true but it also applies to baez. I just want baby caylee to rest in peace.

  7. Chica says:

    your so welcomed. I just thought it was appropiate to let her know that people care and feel for what she is going through in this time of grief. dee and I have been friends for a while now and we have shared so many life experiences the good and the bad. she needs our prayers and support and she has them. blink is so sweet she looks after us all like we are her flock. I guess in a sense we are.
    take care chica

  8. TandT says:

    Just a thought. Is it possible that the defense is wanting George and Cindy to show themselves using Ugly COPING as much as possible to show that it is a family genetic trait that Casey has learned and lived with throughout her life?? I mean we all agree they are way messed up. But could it be deliberate on their part? HMMMMMMM

  9. njsleuth says:

    well my book has finally shipped from Amazon and I should get it Wed. I’m talking about Diane Fanning.

  10. Gavriella says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Dee’s sister, and join with everyone in prayers of peace and comfort for her and their family.

    Most sincerely, Gavi.

  11. Gavriella says:

    Sigh … so much news to get through today. Dee’s sister’s passing. My heart aches for her.

    George and Cindy’s tattoos and diamond studded earrings? I don’t even WANT to know this. Narcissism (malignant) then, must have woven itself throughout the psyche’s of this entire family, the likes of whom no one has ever known before, and no matter the well seasoned detective or criminal psychologist who would expect at least one member to be filled with genuine remorse, wouldn’t you think?

    As it is, it’s all a show, it seems to me. They are all basking in their twenty minutes of fame while taking full advantage of the opportunity afforded them to take center stage and profit greatly, by way of Caylee’s merciless death, and I wouldn’t agree with anyone who’d conclude that the family, if in particular Cindy, is simply in a momentary state of denial. She knew. They all knew. But rather than to have held Casey accountable they continued on as they always have, making one excuse after another for her. It just sickens me so. She is no less than the monster they created her to be, but are they any less monstrous? I think not, for they seek not justice for Caylee as much as they do notoriety for themselves. That’s my opinion, anyway.

    This too, is just my opinion, that indeed there was an instance or two or more of an incestual nature, which may go far in explaining the greater control (greater than the typical malignant narcissist) Casey has over all within her family. I can almost see her stomp her foot, point her finger, put on her ugly Casey face and announce, “If you don’t do what I want you to do I’m going to tell everyone we know about what really goes on in this house!” Cindy, who has made more excuses and told more lies for her than anyone would not ever allow that to be so. The stinking garbage that had lay hidden within the box that had been so beautifully wrapped would be exposed, and Cindy’s entire persona would begin to implode.

    And so now I have gone on and on again, in the ramblings of my all too weary soul that just can’t seem to grasp, nor to so much as begin to understand, how such an entire group of people can be so self-serving and cold.

    Gavi, simply.

  12. artgal says:

    Will someone puhleeze tell me why in the world George Anthony is wearing diamond earings? I think the Ants are certifiable -
    I thought the damn thing on his ear was a patch to prevent sea sickness! And those stupid tattoos – its like they are trying to call
    attention to themselves. These people are so sick, I thought nothing would shock me, but this does. Id like to send the article to Casey.
    She will have a fit! I remember when she was in jail the first time
    and she thought that C&G had a “chili” party at their house and she
    was so upset. This little outing will really get to her and Lee and Mallory along as well!

  13. Chica says:

    wouldnt it be nice if would play the devils advocate and spill the frijoles to casey about the cruise and the tatoees. Its beyond disgusting how cindy looked in that bathing suit! but I dont want to give blink a chance to chastise me for it so I will just leave it at that. I think you get my drift. I am and will continue to pissed at the way they are acting their behaviour is whats going to send their daughter to the table for the needle or life in prison if she doesnt throw them all under the bus first nothing would surprise me nothing nada! . but If she finds out she may just start scheeming of ways to get even and I say it serves them right. they havent met a camera they didnt like.especialy since they only put 50.00 on her books and spends loads of money gambling … drinking…. and whatever else ! oh yeah the tatooes. and yes lee and mallory along living the good life with them because of casey!! well thats just to much for her to bear… dont be surprised if something doesnt happen soon!!!

  14. Chica says:

    oops if baez wou

  15. Al Miller says:

    Suz re: Post 264. GOOD POINT, that totally makes sense. I figure it is revenge for “something” in this case it would theoretically be Lee saying that about her.

  16. Marcy says:

    Couple comments on Lee’s deposition, if I may be indulged: 1) He is an extremely poor communicator. 2) He is not particularly bright, although he thinks he is. 3) I wish I had a dime for every time Lee laughed during his testimony. No question, I’d be a rich woman.

  17. westsidehudson says:


    Please extend my sympathies to dee on her loss.

  18. Bees Knees says:

    Can anyone tell me if there’s a way to email Blink separately or does everything have to be posted for all to see?

    Bees, you can post here, only I will see it if you want it private.

  19. Chica says:

    I will relay your sympathies to her! she appreciates everyones prayers for her and her family at this time of loss. God give them peace and comfort and be their footprints in the sand. my heart breaks for her.

  20. Chica says:

    if this has already been posted please disregard.…ercharged.html

    Defense Says Casey Anthony Was Overcharged
    Tuesday, November 03, 2009 1:05:01 PM

    Anthony’s defense is filing new motions, which legal analysts say means the defense are getting their ducks in a row. When a person’s life is at stake, you can’t leave any stone unturned, and if the case goes through an appeals process, these are the natural steps to take.

    There are still a number of other motions that haven’t been heard before the judge. There is no word on when these new motions will be heard.

    PDF Motion: Preclude Death Penalty…Procedures.pdf

    PDF Motion: Dismiss Defective Motions…Indictment.pdf

    PDF Motion: Violation Of Double Jeopardy…y%20Clause.pdf

  21. Roni says:

    I see all the Aug. 13 theories for Cindy knowing Caylee was gone, but I still believe they knew on July 15th when they smelled the car and Cindy washed Casey’s pants. George being ex-LE and investigating homicide and Cindy being a nurse and having admitted knowing the smell of decomp makes me believe they knew. Probably didn’t want to admit it, but knew. Perhaps the knowledge that decomp was found in the car and Kronk reporting seeing a skull hit home. I don’t know that George and Cindy knew about Kronks previous calls in August, but it would be reasonable that they would know something was up.

  22. Roni says:

    Maybe I just have a close family, but I find it very odd that no one in that family knew anything about each other. I know more about extended family on my husbands side than that family knew about each other. I just find that odd (or perhaps a lie to keep from having to rat each other out).

  23. MsEnscene says:

    #422 Roni, perhaps they know nothing of each other because they are all hopelessly self-absorbed.

  24. Thom says:

    :decloaking: Comment by Steadychick — October 29, 2009 @ 11:31 am was a very good post and her first topic covered was on the money. As a 40something divorcée, I can attest to its validity. If you show at least a polite interest to a woman’s child/children while dating, the potential for a LTR is there. If the woman is special enough, her children become more important to you. Jesse was not dealing with a normal woman and his well-placed care (the potential that Caylee WAS his grows this angle exponentially) was taken as a challenge to Casey’s ‘supremacy’. His care for Caylee is EXACTLY why he ended on the outside looking in. Not only that, but it made him a prime pigeon for the hate factory stance that her family and defense team have seem to have taken.

  25. Gavriella says:

    Been so busy, have lots to catch up on. And by the way, who’d waste their time on WS anyway, when we have BOC? \o/ Hooray!

  26. Gavriella says:

    Oops, posted in the wrong place. O, darn. You have to see this, anyway. Thank God. Thank God.


    Gavi- thanks for posting this. A HAPPY ENDING.. I now have a crush on Sherriff Bobby- If anyone doubts that Law Enforcement are our heroes, wach this.

  27. Ragdoll says:

    #426 I’ve always had a deep respect for people who put their lives on the line every day to keep their communities and countries safe. This is one of those reasons.

    Thank you sharing Gavi. I feel like I can hope again. xo

  28. Ragdoll says:

    My prayers for Dee and her family. I hope she knows she is loved, thought of and not alone in her grief.

  29. chica says:

    thank you Ragdoll yes she knows we care for her. I will let her know what you relayed. I am in contact with her. she appreciates everyones prayers and support through this time of grief and loss.

  30. westsidehudson says:

    Okay, there were a couple that I was able to access, at least abstracts, without pay per view. The first was only examined after two weeks. The second contradicts the prior links posted, “Adipocere has generally been considered to result from bacterial action, commonly in warm, damp, anaerobic environments.”:
    The accurate determination of postmortem interval (PMI) using the formation of adipocere presents a significant challenge to forensic scientists interested in determining the time of death. Several attempts have been made to determine the time since the occurrence of death. However, up to date, this has been difficult because previous approaches have been mainly qualitative, focusing on the later stages of degradation processes. This work presents preliminary results of an experimental model of postmortem adipocere formation using liquid chromatography. Three pig cadavers were submerged in distilled water, chlorinated water, and saline water. Fresh specimens resulting from the degradation in the subcutaneous fat were obtained from the pigs at two-week intervals for a period of ten weeks, and were subjected to chromatographic analysis. By correlating the ratio of the disappearance of hydrolyzed fatty acids with the formation of hydroxystearic and oxostearic acids after death, a simple, quantitative analytical method was developed for the determination of PMI. Experimental observation of the chemistry of adipocere formation indicated that adipocere can be formed only a few hours after an incidence of death and this continues until the saturation of oleic acid degradation after several weeks. Different time courses were obtained for cadavers immersed in distilled, chlorinated, and saline water, respectively. This work has not in any way solved the time since death problem. But it may be an approach to the problem that has not been adequately explored.

    J Forensic Sci. 1993 Jan;38(1):91-3.
    Experimental observations on adipocere formation.
    Mellen PF, Lowry MA, Micozzi MS.
    National Museum of Health and Medicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, DC.
    Adipocere, “grave wax,” is a waxy or greasy decomposition product formed by hydrolysis and hydrogenation of tissue fats. Once formed, it appears stable for extended periods. Adipocere has generally been considered to result from bacterial action, commonly in warm, damp, anaerobic environments. However, its frequency, rate of formation, factors affecting its formation and physical characteristics are not well defined. To study the frequency, time course, and effects of temperature and clothing on adipocere formation, we submerged human adipose tissue samples in aquaria under controlled conditions and conducted serial observations. Adipocere formed with high frequency, within a few months, in tissues submerged in warm tap water; similar changes took longer, 12 to 18 months in cold water submersion. Presence of clothing over the tissue appeared to accelerate adipocere formation.
    PMID: 8426163 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

  31. Ragdoll says:

    #429 Chica

    Much appreciated Chica. I believe support from family, friends and strangers can bring some comfort and healing. Always, love and light*

  32. chica says:


  33. StillThinking says:

    Hi — I see no one has posted here for a couple weeks, so maybe this blog is closed, but in reading all of the posts about when Cindy may have known something had happened to Caylee, I’ve had a different theory for quite awhile that I wanted to share. Being a parent of 4 semi-adults myself, my ears perked up on some statements made early in this case. First, remember, Cindy said “I gave you 30 days.” This represents some sort of 1-month deadline pre-arrangement they had, and is why everyone knows she was missing “31 days.” (My other hunch is that Casey or Cindy thought or read somewhere that after 30 days cause of death would be more difficult to determine.) I’ve never believed controlling Cindy would wait 30 days without seeing Caylee under normal circumstances, nor do I believe George’s account of seeing Casey and Caylee the morning after Father’s Day. It had too many fake details. I believe the whole family may know that there was a huge fight the night before that resulted in the death of Caylee, and Cindy gave Casey 30 days to lie low and come up with a plausible story. If she had really been missing 30 days and the parents hadn’t seen them, then what was the story about Casey getting to her car in the garage ahead of her dad to return the gas can before he looked in her trunk? What I also think is that the whole thing with Cindy bringing Amy with her to “witness” her discovering Caylee was a ruse that either Cindy, or Cindy AND Casey, cooked up. I also think Amy knew something, and was involved in some way, or was being used. Casey just seemed too nonchalant about using Amy’s checks at Target, as though she had permission, perhaps as payback for something. There was something about her not getting to go on a trip with her, maybe she owed her something, but then Casey took more than was owed. I just feel like Casey appeared relaxed when Caylee first went missing because she thought her mother was going to handle everything. When you consider that Cindy might have known all along, everything since then takes on a different light. Alternately, maybe Caylee wasn’t killed during their fight, although Cindy likely said things put anger like, “I’m done with both of you. She’s your child. You raise her!” Then, Casey did something stupid like leaving her in a trunk or not watching her in the pool and accidentally killed her. Once discovered by Cindy she probably immediately and tearfully confessed to the “accident,” which is when Cindy changed her “dead body” story to “rotting pizza.” Otherwise, why would she withdraw her dead body reference, since it still could have been Caylee’s. That doesn’t mean Casey did it?

  34. Chijojo says:

    I would just like to give kudo’s for the very insightful opinions expressed here and a thank you for the links to many articles and vidoes I’ve missed. Great job Blink!

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