MISSING MORGAN: ‘And Then She Was Gone’ Morgan Harrington Vanishes from Metallica Concert

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Charlottesville, VA– Morgan Harrington, 20, a striking blonde junior at Virginia Tech has seemingly vanished.


On Saturday October 17th at 8:48PM, BF to Morgan, Sara Snead, spoke with her friend for the last time.

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Morgan with pup

By all accounts, Morgan Dana Harrington is a regular girl, with irregular charm and beauty. Out of “The 9”,  the name she and her 8 bff’s called their clique, she was the one to wear red to their Sr. Prom when the rest of them chose to wear white. 

The daughter of Medical executives Dr. Dan and Gilbert (French Canadian pronounced Jil -Bare) Harrington; Morgan is an education major in her junior year at VT.

Morgan proudly displayed her Metallica tickets on the family Sub Zero a full 6 months prior to that Saturday’s concert. A few days before the event, Morgan brought 3 outfits home to try on for Mom’s feedback and approval.

“She was excited about the concert,” Gil announced to Nancy Grace, “and she brought home three outfits that she tried on for me. We chose one, and she said, ‘Mama, it is a rock concert, so it is probably not what you would choose, but is this one okay?’ It was cute, and she was covered, and I said, ‘That will do fine.’”< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />

“You know,” adds the mother– aware that her daughter’s attire has come under fire– “you have to give your kid wings.”

“Ms. Harrington,” replied Grace, “you did something right because there are not a lot of 20-year-olds who would ask their mom what they thought of the outfit she was wearing to a concert.” 

When Morgan and Amy Melvin, roomie at VT in their off campus Blacksburg Mordrinkapartment arrived in Crozet to pick up Amy Snead and her boyfriend for the evenings event, Morgan called Dr. Harrington, or Poppa, as she affectionately called him, to notify her parents of their safe arrival.  


She was due to study for her math test with him as well as reconcile her check book she had recently overdrawn, at noon the following day. When morgan did not show Dr and Mrs. Harrington began calling her friends.


Nothing Else Matters


Like most missing persons cases of young adults, Morgan was thought to potentially be a runaway. Her own parents in an effort to reduce their building panic considered perhaps she had met a new boy and was extending the weekend. They wish she had.


Morgan and friendIt is unclear why Morgan’s friends did not report her missing when they arrived back in Crozet and Morgan’s car was there along with her keys, untouched. But what is clear, is Morgan’s family and friends are no longer mincing words; they believe Morgan was abducted and has met with foul play.




The Unforgiven Morgan prom dress


There is a saying in missing persons cases initial analysis:


Start the clock backwards from the discovery of your best evidence.


Unfortunately, the best evidence in this case was not discovered as tied to a missing persons case; Morgan’s purse, wallet and cell phone found the morning of the 18th were given to local Police as a property recovery.


What your thinking is accurate. Any prints, DNA, compromised.


However, the cell phone had the battery removed. H U G E.


Who dumps a purse and a cell at the verifiable last location of a victim?

Someone familiar with cell pings and tracking, and someone who wants you to think this a local and random act.


The Day That Never Comes 


UVcampus2What do we know? The VA State Police has issued what they feel to be, a credible timeline of the evenings events after the group is in the venue.




Morgan’s Critical Hour:

8:30 p.m. – Outside John Paul Jones Arena
8:48 p.m. – Friend called Morgan’s cell phone
9:00 p.m. – Seen in University Hall parking lot adjacent to JPJ
9:10 p.m. – Near Davenport Field RV Park and UVA Track
9:20 p.m. – On Copeley Bridge near intersection with Ivy Road

Rader says, “We know we don’t have all the information there is in Charlottesville about this case.”

He urges anyone who saw anything outside the Metallica concert between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. to call police. Police are concentrating on what happened outside the arena.

Around 8:30 p.m., witnesses saw someone matching Morgan description at the ticket counter outside JPJ, trying to get back in the concert after she ended up outside.

At 8:48 p.m., a friend of Morgan’s inside the arena called her on her cell phone asking if she was OK. Morgan apparently told her friend not to worry as she was going to get a ride from friends in Charlottesville.

Around 9 p.m., witnesses saw Morgan walking and carrying her black purse with backpack straps in the parking lot outside University Hall.

Ten minutes later, Morgan made her way to the RV parking area near the UVA track. On the night of the concert, that area would have been filled with RVs.

Witnesses saw Morgan there around 9:10 p.m., but they said they left about ten minutes later, leaving her in the parking area alone. The morning after the concert, a passerby found Morgan’s purse on the ground.

The last known sighting of Morgan Harrington was on the Copeley Road bridge near Ivy Road at 9:30 p.m.

Police believe people driving or walking along the bridge must have seen Morgan after that time. They believe she may have gotten into a car.

“Perhaps you saw someone stop a vehicle to discuss something with this young lady. That would be important. Perhaps you saw this lady get into a vehicle. That would be important,” says Rader.

The new time line explains why police spent so much time in the Copeley Road area looking for clues. Now, they’re revealing where she was with the hope that someone will know where she is.

Morgan’s parents did not appear the Wednesday news conference, but have said they believe she was taken by a stranger and that foul play was involved.

Police are asking any witnesses to come forward. They say every detail counts, and since the Copeley bridge is well traveled on Saturday nights, they hope to jog people’s memories of the night of October 17.

People can submit tips anonymously by calling the Virginia State Police at 434-352-3467.


And Justice For All



Just When you thought this case could not get more complicated, It does.


15 minutes from campus, in August of this year, a double murder in Caldwell Fields camp grounds.



Note the striking similarity between the two women.


David Meltzer, 19, and Heidi Childs, 18 were brutally murdered in the parking lot of a well known camp ground, ostensibly, while they were parking.

I am not the only one making this connection.


As we go to press, the body of a deceased woman is found in York County, SC. It is not known at this time if it is related to the case of Morgan Harrington.



The body found does not appear to be Morgan, but a young woman with dark hair and dark eyes.



Check back to blinkoncrime.com for updates.


Candace Bond and Kate Mills are contributing editors for this article. 






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  1. Margie G. says:


    I have been following and reading a lot on the web about Morgan Harrington. I have three adult children in their twenties too who have attended the JPJ Arena. I can identify with Morgans’ parent and the nightmare of all this. My gut feelings regarding this case from all that I have read on the internet is this:

    1. There was very poor Security OUTSIDE the JPJ Arena. I feel very angry about the Security/or lack of, and maybe the so-called “Security” person is to be blamed or involved in her fate. I feel in my gut some unexplained anger in regard to the security issues the night of the concert. I have had a lot of success in the past with gut feelings when I listen to them.

    2. I read also about the Boyd Tavern bar incident (right off Rt. 250 West), Truck Stops at Zions Crossroads, at Rt.15 North–at the intersection of Rt.250 West and East. Then heading North on Rt.15 is a town that begins with the letter “G” for Gordonsville, and finally if you stay on Rt.15 North you will head into Orange, VA. A witness reported she saw Morgan in a store that the LE looked into.

    I hope the LE, the media and Bloggers like myself, and the Psychics can all work together to help find Morgan. God Bless her family. I really think there is something about the “Security” or a Security Officer that is VERY relevant to Morgan’s fate.

  2. wpgmouse says:

    Blink, Good Sunday to you.

    Who is the girl with the long auburn hair with Morgan
    in the photo above? (it’s not AM or AS)

    We are trying very hard not to name friends or aquaintances that have not been directly quoted or direct witnesses.
    Good Sunday plus cheese to you WPG

  3. wpgmouse says:

    Understandable, thank you, Blink.


    According to this article, Morgan Harrington also attended a Bonnaroo Festival. Wonder if that was the Richmond, VA one in April.


    O you mean the shindig DW worked as well? Yes’m. Double stilton for you.

  4. wpgmouse says:


    SS worked it. Did DW as well? That could account for one of her photos
    of the tent she described as a “D” set up and shared, with I take it “D”s hiking boots under one of the cots.
    If he worked it as well, how come SS was the only one who got let go for moonlighting?

    He did to my knowledge, but based on myspace back and forth. I believe he even had his mood set to that on or about that date.

  5. PamTX says:

    #153 wpgmouse – If I had any blink bisuits I would give you one :) .

  6. wpgmouse says:


    That’s okay, B throws me some cheese every now and then.

    Check the photo?

  7. PamTX says:

    wpgmouse – I did :) . Interesting that there is absolutely not one photo of him in any of her pic albums. In addition, staying in the same event staff tent at night is odd in itself, but not one pic of him during this entire event. That is even more odd. Boots under the cot gives me the chills and I believe “D” is one in the same. Current myspace message has the word “tents” in it.

    This is so under my skin and does not feel right….at all! Too bad I don’t know anyone in VA or I would be at the Jimmy Buffet concert tonight lurking.

    wpg – I have appreciated your involvement in so many of these cases and value your comments. Not to say the time it takes to read Blink’s articles, do the research, and take time to comment on them. Just wanted you to know…..

  8. wpgmouse says:

    Blink, you around?

    Yes, with portwine, your fave

  9. Moonsafari says:

    I’ve admittedly been kind of obsessed with this case. I am a Roanoke native and this story is heartbreaking and unsettling. I am only a few years older than Morgan and I just really feel for this girl. I’m not exactly sure what your site is, blink, are you a PI? Either way I think the work you’re doing is great with this case. I checked out that guys myspace and I find it creepy. I think his casual name dropping of Morgan in that post was intended to seem off handed and pensive but actually comes across as conspicuous. But then again who knows. The reason I was compelled to write is because I find it a strange coincidence that he attended high school in laurel, md and a recent news post says a body was found there.

  10. mag says:

    Were there RVs parked in the RV lot?

    No comment from LE

  11. Roxy says:

    You know Blink, it just occurred to me if Morgan sought first aid the night of the concert. If my memory serves me correctly I don’t recall anyone mentioning it that much or where the station was located in or outside the arena. Any wound that bleeds enough to notice may require some attention. Just food for thought.

  12. KorinaK says:

    Do you think she meant somebody on the internet?

  13. tcaros says:

    This whole case is becoming very suspicious to me. Not so much what happened outide the arena, but many of the reactions afterwards that seem very uncaracteristic.

    The relative apathy of her friends seems so out of place. Also, it’s strange that nobody seems to blame the Metallica hired security for putting her at risk; and the absence of a surveillance tape.

    The 241 saying is a bit contrived. It sounded really contrived; as if someone might just say I love you 4Ever instead of twice, forever, onece more. I did some research because it sounded like some “lite encrypted” code speak.

    Guess what- it’s very interesting. There are some interesting parallels.

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