Morgan Harrington Case: Are Police Closing In?

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Charlottesville, VA– Missing since the evening of October 17, 20 year old VT student Morgan Harrington had a vast circle of both friends and interests.

Could that circle be the key to where she is and what happened to her?


I have been reporting exclusively at that we believe that Morgan Harrington was lured outside the John Paul Jones arena by someone she knew.

Dr. Harrington stated on Nancy Grace’s October 29th show that Morgan had been texting with a guy friend.

GRACE: That`s what I don`t understand. If she was just going to the bathroom, then why did she go outside the arena? Have they looked at her cell phone? Did anyone contact her and lure her out?

HARRINGTON: It does not appear there were other calls to Morgan during that period of time. There was some texting of Morgan to a young gentleman that she was friends with, but it was no one in Charlottesville. It was further away and so — but he`s not a suspect at all at this time.

GRACE: Right. So they were just probably texting about what, the concert, that she was at the concert, stuff like that?


GRACE: OK. And he was in a different city?

Not a suspect at this time? The only other person to communicate with Morgan Harrington at the time of her disappearance on the cell phone that is located the next morning without it’s battery, is not a suspect at this time?

I would agree with that classification then, but sources inside the investigation are saying this investigation is moving closer to the VT campus, as well as “The Noke”.

Happie “Roundhouse” Hippie

Round house

Pictured above, you see the fine tie dye work of James Herndon.

The Tiedye Guy, as he refers to himself, is well known throughout Morgans peer group. In fact, Morgan and many of her friends are also friends with Herndon on his myspace.

In addition to his roadshow vending business, he owns a store Jamesjeanellecalled Beandawg Art, in Rocky Mount, VA with his partner, Jeanelle Myers.

While researching Herndon’s many pastimes, it is clear that his newest endeavor, “body painting” is taking off.


BeandawgAccording to Herndon, he was just in a Video shoot, doing the bodypainting of his bff, *Jeni*, the weekend of October 17 at the Motel 6 in Virginia Beach. He wants us all to know that, as a matter of fact, from his myspace:


         Oct 28 2009 2:06 AM< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />

For those concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I know Morgan and I TOO WISH FOR HER SAFE RETURN! Not that you should KNOW, but I’ll tell ya, I was involved with the shooting of a music Video on OCT. 17 in Va. Beach. I stayed at a MOTEL 6 there and Jeni herself was in the vid. I was doin’ a BODYPAINTING for it. Get on with finding her and NOT assuming (ASS U ) that just because she is a friend and I’m older that I would Hurt ANYONE. FU That “TIE DYE GUY”



Hip n' Trippy experience- laundry at Aaron's Jeni

Jeni, a Waynesboro, VA native, is an operating room nurse. She is the frequent subject of Herndon’s art ,apparently, and recent music video star.  

 She was not on Morgan’s myspace or her immediate friends but she did have one thing in common with her.

Jeni touts she works as a nurse for Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.


Morgan’s Father, Dr. Dan Harrington, is the Vice President for Academic Affairs for the Carilion Clinic.

Gil Harrington, Morgan’s Mom, is also an RN. By all accounts Dr. and Mrs. Harrington have a pristine reputation in their fields and as a solid family couple.

How does *Jeni* factor?

Although Jenis myspace reflects a last log-in date of October 21, she sends this comment to happy hippies myspace, on October 22: 

Oct 22 2009 1:54 PM 

Hello there FoG MaChInE MaStEr!!!!!! Holla…. (ahhhh!!!) You are such a ray of sunshine, glad you could be there for the fun (and the cold and the rain and the Motel 6…) Love ya so very much, I’m sure our paths will cross again soon…

*Jeni*, has a multi- mutual friend James Herndon, who is also myspace friends of most of Morgan’s friends. Add-in the Hospital connection; it begs the question– did they know each other?


J & J Midnight HikeI mean no disrespect, but If saw an operating room nurse myspace like this one, there is not a chance in Hiznich this girl would be scrubbing in on any procedure I might need. Seriously? The caption of the pic to the left was midnight hike.




James Herndon socks away what he saves on shave cream into the refurbishing of his beloved VW Bus, mylinda.  She is not just transportation, she is a studio on wheels.


Mr. Henderson not only lives in the roundhouse, he lives on the road. Mylinda can be spotted at many a concert venue. Herndonstudio

Why do we care?

One of the most signficant quandries in Morgan’s disappearance is why, after every indication that she eagerly anticipated the Metallica concert, would she go outside the venue ?

Was it the ole back stage pass ruse? Who knows, but if it was, it would have to be pretty convincing in this author’s opinion.

There appears to be a circle of “friends”  that run the gammut of screen printing, tie dye and bodypainting. All with access to talent.

 Musical talent that is.



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  1. I work with many of these young girls. They are unaware of dangers around them. They flirt with strangers and feel safe because they have a cell phone in their purse. I did it when I was younger. Did you?? Morgan was definetely taken against her will, and we cannot give up on her. She could be locked up on a house or apartment somewhere. Don’t give up, please….

  2. Roxy says:

    Hey Blink, In theory, I think someone is not lying per say but only telling part of the truth here.
    For any of us old enough to know what it means to be away from home and living on our own for the first time. Life can be all peachy in the beginning but then reality sets in and can quickly change once you start geting to know another person. Knowing someone and living with them are two entirely different things.
    There always seems to be one in every group that can be a bully or uses peer pressure as a means of getting their own way. Leaving to find respite back home is a sensible thing to do to get away from it all for awhile. It always seems too many pals are over, someone is not focused in pulling their weight or leaving one to spend more than their share. Thus, the bank account overdraft. There would be no reason to alarm loved ones because things between friends tend to eventually sort themselves out. However, it would be interesting to see the video or what the cashiers have to say the day she went shopping as a measure of caution. There is always the possiblity a chain of events could have unfolded beforehand.
    I’m not suggesting her friends are involved in her disappearance, but for this reason, I believe there was already tension going on prior to the concert. I’m sure there have been bad concert nights or evenings in the past that may have harbored a little anger. Not to harm someone maliciously but things sometimes happen deserving of a pay back.
    So, they already have tickets and decide to go and make the most out of it only for her to be left feeling like a third or fourth wheel. After falling, bleeding and possibly crying ..etc.. Morgan decides to go to the bathroom and finds herself tricked, lured or escorted out of the arena only to be denied re-entry. Arguing is the only thing that would make me wander around alone and its unlikely I would contact the one I’m at odds with.
    Morgan makes contact to let her friends know she cannot get back in the building. One of the friends say I’m coming out to help but they never do. While Morgan is waiting she decides to bum a few cigarettes and a coat to stay warm. Even though its said she quit smoking this scenario makes for a super bad day and I could see her making an exception. During this time someone speaks to her and empathizes with her situation but left her knowing what she intended to do.
    At this point Morgan called her friends to say never mind I’ll find a way home. A text message would seem more realistic considering it was a concert. It would be inconsiderate to leave otherwise so one would make sure the call was heard or message relayed. Obviously Morgan had manners to do so otherwise she would have just left without saying a word. Cell phone activity may have registered but I wonder if it elaborates on which type, a phone call or text message. The phone call may have been nothing more than garble or static and viewed as a crank call from someone merely joking around. The friend simply assumes she will be waiting outside afterwards considering it was her car they arrived in.
    When she wasn’t there they assumed she went home or left with other people she knew that attended the concert. Somehow they became aware that she didn’t make it back so they had to think of something to tell everyone without looking foolish. Times may change but the way kids think- not so much.
    If this was Morgan on the bridge I cannot see her hitchhiking as much as she may have been walking to another destination, like to a relative. It would make perfect sense this person watched her movements and waited until it was the right opportunity. Pulls up beside her and offers her a ride. A passerby(s) witnesses what appears to be her getting into or spotted inside a vehicle. At some point in the night a relationship had already been established as trust worthy so Morgan thought it was ok for she didn’t have far to go…
    I think the phone messages, nylons/boots and necklace will play key roles in this investigation. Also, I think her phone took a picture being her only means of security hence the missing battery/chip. The purse, phone case, coat were tossed and found in an area she was known to be or led to believe after this person returned. Driving distance, to and from, would have been within a certain length of time before anyone noticed. Even going as far out to say this person may have had visible marks others thought were odd even when explained. Almost like the degree of injury didn’t fit the excuse or reason.
    Perhaps I read too many crime stories but this seems realistic and makes much more sense to me.
    Thanks for the ear Blink.- R

  3. kate says:

    Do you know how the friends got possesion of her car keys? Did she hand the keys to them right before she left the concert? In my mind that means she had no intention of coming back because she was meeting someone. Kids drink before concerts too, so maybe a friend drove since she was slightly intoxicated, and the friend had pocketed the keys. Morgan left to go to the restroom not worrying about her keys because she would be back to get them from the friend, but then was lured away. What do we know about how the friends ended up with her car keys?

  4. linda says:

    Roxy – I’m liking your theory best of all. I’ve always thought it was strange that the friends never appeared on the news with the parents.

  5. Ragdoll says:


    Blink, the person you are directing your comment to….does it still apply to a specific individual?

  6. Di says:

    I am suspicious of those four young men that Morgan met up with in the carpark across from John Paul Arena. She was still with these young men at the grass field that is used for the excess cars to park. I think that it was called Flanigans Field. She was still with these young men and some other people were also in the carpark but, they got into their car and left and that’s when I believe she was attacked by these young men and forced into their car. And that’s where her purse and phone were left and I believe that did happen in the struggle that did take place there. Because after the others drove off she was left all alone in that isolated carpark with them. Morgan was no match against four young men so it would’ve been very easy for them to abduct her from there. Well that’s my theory.

  7. cosmo says:

    way back when she first disappeared and the RV lot was in question, my first thought was “i hope LE does the best they can to determine who was parked / vehicles in the RV lot” …

    if the “friends” don’t know what was happening and Morgan goes outside (if she really was even at the concert) and cannot get back in … then she is not going to hitchhike, if she cannot get back in, then she would listen to the show outside by security, or get the keys to HER car and wait. if she WAS ABDUCTED from the arena, then i believe she was taken from the RV lot in a VAN / RV / TRUCK.

    since LE has nothing … must revisit who was on duty for security, who was on duty at the show for EMS (pretty sure most events have EMS/FIRE), what friends/acquaintances were at the show or in the vicinity, where all RSOs and non-RSOs were that night and the days after and check and double check and confirm alibi’s.

    what was the problem six months before the concert? what was the fight with the bf/exbf before the show about? where was the exbf? confirmed alibi? where is HER ticket? have all tickets been accounted for? even the ones scalped or purchased off craigslist / ebay / etc? if Mr. Harrington bought the tickets for Morgan and # of friends, if Morgan couldn’t get back in, then is there an ATM at the arena (like most events that want your money)? was the show sold out? could you get another ticket even if the show was not sold out? have all friends / acquaintance phone records been assessed?

    has it been considered that the abductor is a member of LE / high society and the purse / ATM / sightings / location of where body was found may be planned by someone who knows how to look up offenders in the area and possibly be leading investigation astray? someone / anyone? … please hit me with a bullet point / list of FACTS AND CONFIRMATIONS from at least two sources – one other than UVA police / VSP … if the toxicology / autopsy does not uncover anything we didn’t already know (which is not much anyway), then it is time for the FBI to lead this investigation in case this falls under Color of Law.

  8. tsmith68 says:

    ive been following this story from the begining and from the time lines and everything ive read heres what i believe what happend morgan and her friends were partying before the concert thats what concert goers do who knows what they got into but eyewitnesses seen reports of a tipsy blonde so they get to the concert she needed to use the bathroom maybe needed some air or to smoke a cig so she got locked out of the arena and could not reenter she got into a scuffle with security because she could not get back in thats probley where the blood from the chin came from once morgan realised she wasnt getting back in she called her friends told them she couldnt get back in so she was making her way to figure out how she was gonna get home so as she got around the arena and met the guy waiting for friends who she wanted him to take her arm in arm probley thinking he was her ride home but when he declined because of her erratic behavior she kicked him and walked off cursing at him she met up with the 4 guys that have been mentioned by another concert goer who said morgan stepped out in front of her in the parking lot as she was shaking her leg at these guys she was following them out to the parking lot which the woman said she seen the group again at the rv parking lot jus before the woman and her friends went into the arena i believe that one of the guys if not all them started getting aggressive with morgan and it spooked her so she started walking thats why she didnt bother grabbing her cell phone plus being intoxicated would make u also forget this is where the last sighting ends up on the bridge hitchhiking those guys left the arena in there vehicle after morgan because they refused the word no and they nabbed her from the bridge they took her to a remote area almost immpossible to get to except a tractor or a 4×4 so that easly explains there was more than one person in order to do this it would literally take more than one guy to carry her body to where they did its impossible for one person to do it these guys know this area they are locals in my honest review they are either guys from virginia tech or the wedding party that was going on during the time of the concert one of those students might even know david bass who they found morgans body at this will not be a cold case it will be solved in time and if any of the ones involved in this whos reading this should no your not going to get away with it they have a body they have dna and as each day goes by they are building a case towards u men doesnt matter where u run your going down one day your gonna meet your maker

  9. crimewriter says:

    By the way, he’s changed the spelling of his name…
    “I was the guy with the bullhorn, the responses from the crowd was truly heart warming. In the age of political grid lock, this issue illustrates that the time has come for the government to start to Tax and regulate marijuana.”
    Link to facebook=!/profile.php?id=1342081716

  10. John Tate says:

    Seems like it’s well past time to remove this article since we now know who the killer is. No need to slander the innocent.

    I’m sorry- what?

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