Morgan Harrington Case: Are Police Closing In?

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Charlottesville, VA– Missing since the evening of October 17, 20 year old VT student Morgan Harrington had a vast circle of both friends and interests.

Could that circle be the key to where she is and what happened to her?


I have been reporting exclusively at that we believe that Morgan Harrington was lured outside the John Paul Jones arena by someone she knew.

Dr. Harrington stated on Nancy Grace’s October 29th show that Morgan had been texting with a guy friend.

GRACE: That`s what I don`t understand. If she was just going to the bathroom, then why did she go outside the arena? Have they looked at her cell phone? Did anyone contact her and lure her out?

HARRINGTON: It does not appear there were other calls to Morgan during that period of time. There was some texting of Morgan to a young gentleman that she was friends with, but it was no one in Charlottesville. It was further away and so — but he`s not a suspect at all at this time.

GRACE: Right. So they were just probably texting about what, the concert, that she was at the concert, stuff like that?


GRACE: OK. And he was in a different city?

Not a suspect at this time? The only other person to communicate with Morgan Harrington at the time of her disappearance on the cell phone that is located the next morning without it’s battery, is not a suspect at this time?

I would agree with that classification then, but sources inside the investigation are saying this investigation is moving closer to the VT campus, as well as “The Noke”.

Happie “Roundhouse” Hippie

Round house

Pictured above, you see the fine tie dye work of James Herndon.

The Tiedye Guy, as he refers to himself, is well known throughout Morgans peer group. In fact, Morgan and many of her friends are also friends with Herndon on his myspace.

In addition to his roadshow vending business, he owns a store Jamesjeanellecalled Beandawg Art, in Rocky Mount, VA with his partner, Jeanelle Myers.

While researching Herndon’s many pastimes, it is clear that his newest endeavor, “body painting” is taking off.


BeandawgAccording to Herndon, he was just in a Video shoot, doing the bodypainting of his bff, *Jeni*, the weekend of October 17 at the Motel 6 in Virginia Beach. He wants us all to know that, as a matter of fact, from his myspace:


         Oct 28 2009 2:06 AM< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />

For those concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I know Morgan and I TOO WISH FOR HER SAFE RETURN! Not that you should KNOW, but I’ll tell ya, I was involved with the shooting of a music Video on OCT. 17 in Va. Beach. I stayed at a MOTEL 6 there and Jeni herself was in the vid. I was doin’ a BODYPAINTING for it. Get on with finding her and NOT assuming (ASS U ) that just because she is a friend and I’m older that I would Hurt ANYONE. FU That “TIE DYE GUY”



Hip n' Trippy experience- laundry at Aaron's Jeni

Jeni, a Waynesboro, VA native, is an operating room nurse. She is the frequent subject of Herndon’s art ,apparently, and recent music video star.  

 She was not on Morgan’s myspace or her immediate friends but she did have one thing in common with her.

Jeni touts she works as a nurse for Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital.


Morgan’s Father, Dr. Dan Harrington, is the Vice President for Academic Affairs for the Carilion Clinic.

Gil Harrington, Morgan’s Mom, is also an RN. By all accounts Dr. and Mrs. Harrington have a pristine reputation in their fields and as a solid family couple.

How does *Jeni* factor?

Although Jenis myspace reflects a last log-in date of October 21, she sends this comment to happy hippies myspace, on October 22: 

Oct 22 2009 1:54 PM 

Hello there FoG MaChInE MaStEr!!!!!! Holla…. (ahhhh!!!) You are such a ray of sunshine, glad you could be there for the fun (and the cold and the rain and the Motel 6…) Love ya so very much, I’m sure our paths will cross again soon…

*Jeni*, has a multi- mutual friend James Herndon, who is also myspace friends of most of Morgan’s friends. Add-in the Hospital connection; it begs the question– did they know each other?


J & J Midnight HikeI mean no disrespect, but If saw an operating room nurse myspace like this one, there is not a chance in Hiznich this girl would be scrubbing in on any procedure I might need. Seriously? The caption of the pic to the left was midnight hike.




James Herndon socks away what he saves on shave cream into the refurbishing of his beloved VW Bus, mylinda.  She is not just transportation, she is a studio on wheels.


Mr. Henderson not only lives in the roundhouse, he lives on the road. Mylinda can be spotted at many a concert venue. Herndonstudio

Why do we care?

One of the most signficant quandries in Morgan’s disappearance is why, after every indication that she eagerly anticipated the Metallica concert, would she go outside the venue ?

Was it the ole back stage pass ruse? Who knows, but if it was, it would have to be pretty convincing in this author’s opinion.

There appears to be a circle of “friends”  that run the gammut of screen printing, tie dye and bodypainting. All with access to talent.

 Musical talent that is.



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  1. Momof3 says:

    PamTX, Thank you for the update on the search. I dread every day that passes without some hopeful news. I can’t imagine what her family must be going through. I so hope they catch whoever did this, and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. I pray for closure for the family also.

  2. PamTX says:

    #150 — It appears Blink, that their luck has just ran out. At least you know now a little of my professional background :)

    I do, and appreciate that Pam-

  3. Word Girl says:

    Okay, Blink. Your clue, .. …. . cuts the Hippy (who has gone MS private, too) out of the running, correct?

    Poe’s (very) short story, “Tell-Tale Heart” reveals his profiling ability. I have no doubt this culprit will be caught–and there will be no insanity defense.

  4. Word Girl says:

    Just want to underscore Blink’s counsel on recognizing the danger before us.
    Gavin Debecker’s work is revolutionary.

    Each hour, 75 women are raped in the US and, every few seconds, a woman is beaten. However this literature is important for men, as well.

    The advancing field of Killology/Warrior Science includes preparedness for all alert levels. Very smart, very helpful to the layperson who needs a plan of survival.

    Agreed, but my focus is akin to Gavin’s intuitive, inner voice message to the recipient and teaching those at an early age to listen to it at all costs. I feel that is paramount, an elusive to many, sadly.

  5. wpgmouse says:


    You are brilliant.

    Thanks my friend, but I assure you I am unworthy of such an adjective.

  6. wpgmouse says:


    Your response is understandable given the situation.
    My wording to you, while true, was perhaps not appropriate at this time, considering the gravity of what the family is going through.
    So allow me to say this.
    Blink, you possess a heart that is both caring and courageous.
    Sleep well,

  7. Kathi B says:

    I wonder why or how this Happy Hippie got dragged into this ?
    He wasn’t near the arena when Morgan vanished. He made a comment on his MySpace, it was picked up on and some loose ” association ” makes him a person to be looked at. If I was him, I would be pizzed also……….
    Why don’t we get back to the facts ?
    She went outside for some strange reason.
    There was a smoking section, so it wasn’t to smoke a regular ciggie.
    Anyway she is outside and can’t get back in. Her car keys are with the person inside. She says she will get a ride. Her friend are unconcerned and continue on with the concert. She is spotted on the bridge.
    The persons who would have been going back from the concert before the concert began could be parking lot attendants and outside security. They or anyone going back in that direction would be more likely candidates than this Happy Hippy guy.
    So, you don’t like his hair or his lifestyle, so what?
    Every city has these types who do not conform to the norm. They find a way to express themselves and make a living. Not my type or my cup of tea. But to cast dispersions was just WRONG and takes away from Blink on Crime’s credibility as a person who has any serious information.
    No wonder I hardly ever read or even visit this site.
    Maybe I’ll go to his site, at least he is making an honest productive living and I love his T-shirts.

    Maybe some day someone with a dissenting opinion will read the rest of the comments on this piece before the big “swoop in”.

  8. susanm says: that doesnt look like it’ll work lol,its a review (there’s only one ,easy to find)of jpj arena on google maps ,it’s written oct 18th,mentions traffic conditions, usher issue,lack of attendants.lack of security,and two le parked at taco bell.

  9. susanm says:

    well, its says attended recently not the night before. interesting its written on the day after the metallica show.

  10. Momof3 says:

    BLink Question clue
    acronym? #150 by S. F. B. M.?

    uhoh, lost me, sorry.

  11. Word Girl says:

    Yeah, and maybe someday my prince will sweep me off my feet!

  12. Momof3 says:

    Sorry Blink, I thought your telltale heart was beating in Morse code which would spell out the acronym MVT which would stand for a motor vehicle theft which would lead to arrest of the abductor.

    Sometimes I have a slight tendency to over think things.LOL

    lol, no, in this case, it was 4, 2, 1 , in honor of Morgan and her family.

  13. Ragdoll says:

    My prayers go out to Morgan….for her return, safety and her frantic family. I feel like the world has become a place to hide from. It used to be a place to venture out, seek adventure and celebrate life.

    I know God is taking care of you Morgan. Please bring her home.

  14. Jettx says:

    I am not completely convinced that some sort of “date rape” drug could be ruled out…from an account that I read she was exhibiting some signs of it. I could be way off, but I have done crime victims crisis for some time and the account of her stumbling and spilling her purse and the fact that she left her purse and its contents…just sounds too familiar.

    While I agree it cannot be ruled out 100%, I truly believe she would have been quickly incapacitated, and I am not seeing that here.

  15. susanm says: pam is this a common security job ad? armed for small crowds,special consevators of the peace(scop),is that legal?

  16. Word Girl says:

    #163 Dear Blink~~

    It’s not 421, but as on DW’s facebook, 241–too(2) much, for(4)ever, one (1)time more.

    And he should leave his dirty hands off it!


  17. PamTX says:

    #166 susanm – Can’t respond to the “legal” question as I have not worked in the state of VA. I haven’t ever seen anything like this and can only comment on the security in the event world. I would personally find it highly unusual for security companies in the concert and event world to ever put out an ad like this. Their methods are very different — not sure what this is.

  18. Heri says:

    Has anyone seen this article from the Daily Progress about a Norma Parsons, who says she saw Morgan with a tall boy with curly hair (and two other boys close by) around 330am (after the concert)?

    Couldnt this be the same girl already mistaken for Morgan inside the arena? Dr. Harrington even thought it was her originally but the girl came forward, and she was not wearing tights, but Morgan was.

  19. Heri says:

    You are right. I just saw the info on a James Madison University sophmore named D.S. She perfectly fits Norma Parson’s description of not wearing tights (like you stated above), while Morgan was wearing tights. And apparently they had mutual friends together…

  20. sandyeggo says:

    I read that some pieces of clothing were found in the search this weekend but there was no description of the clothing or confirmation that they were or were not connected to Morgan…do you know anything more about this Blink?

    I know they have not specified whether anything found belongs to Morgan, but my sources say no. Not a trace.

  21. susanm says:

    is it known who was shot first,in the caldwell field shooting? he was in the car she was outside ,windows were rolled up,it is assumed he was shot and she tried to run from the vehicle and was shot.have they searched caldwell field if there might a connection.

    He was shot THROUGH the drivers window. Ms. Childs was shot from behind while attempting to flee, correct.

  22. Reece says:

    Anyone read this comment on Topix?

    “I saw Morgan on Sunday morning following the concert at a Sheetz’s in Orange,Va. I distinctly remember her outfit she was wearing as I thought it was an odd outfit to be wearing on a Sunday morning. When I left the store I remember seeing the letters on her shirt PENT and it caught my attention as my daughter has been wanting a Pantech Matrix phone, so I looked to see if the word was Pantech, but it was Pantera! I didn’t know what Pantera was, so thought no more about it until I read it in the news that she was wearing a shirt that had Pantera written on it! I immediately called the police and informed them. I was at the search today and told the investigators that I thought they should broaden their search to encompass Orange and surrounding areas. I continue to pray for her safe return. “

  23. cville says:

    Blink, would info from a police source be helpful to you? I know you have many sources but I heard something and thought it might help. I don’t want to leave it on the site. Is there another way to contact you privately? Thanks. (I live in Charlottesville)

    You may post in reply, I will not make it public.

  24. sue says:

    I agree that the girl who was seen by the newspaper lady was probably the look alike Morgan. I watched a video interview of the JMU student, and was shocked by how much the two women really do look alike.

  25. Heri says:

    Blink, you don’t have to post this, but just read a comment in the ”
    find morgan dana harrington” FB page from a guy, whom along with his father attended a Metallica concert in N Carolina on Oct 18th. He says he is almost sure he saw Morgan at the show with a thirtish, curly haired guy. He goes on providing some more details. He says his father also thinks it was her. Are you aware of such a post? Delete if you want, but the guy’s name is Zac Simmons…

    I have personally viewed footage that has not been released, I can tell you there are no less than 5 women so close to Morgan’s description I would have mistaken her for all of them. I think people are well intentioned for the most part, but I also think people need to function under Ocams razor.

  26. Heri says:

    Thanks B.
    Thank you for local representation, it is key

  27. CJ says:

    I have read most of the posts on this and other sites. I’ve seen the interviews and press conferences. Out of everything I’ve read, heard etc, there are basic questions that LE, The parents, the friends have yet to answer. I realize that the police cannot tell everything they know. I just want to know IF THEY KNOW.

    Blink do your sources know the answer to any or all of the following:

    1. Was Morgan intoxicated at the concert ?
    Not to the extent she was incapacitated, no. Meaning, there is no direct evidence of intoxication, but observations from witnesses indicate she was potentially under some light influence.

    2. Was Morgan actually put out of the arena due to intoxication ?
    Absolutely Not. Morgan was not ejected, nor denied re-entry for any reason other than the policy of the arena.

    3. With bathrooms inside the arean why did Morgan step OUTSIDE of the arena ?

    4. Whose car did Morgan and her friends ride in to get to the concert ?

    5. Why is there misinformation, secrecy and contradictions on the part of the parents, the friends and law enforcement ?
    misrepresentation, subjective.

  28. PamTX says:

    Thought some might be interested in the link below. The Harrington’s are scheduled to appear (taped) on Dr. Phil Thursday at 4:00 p.m. Since the below article is dated today, Nov. 9, I am assuming they mean the airing to take place this Thursday. Just thought I would share this….

  29. cville says:

    It is private, only you can see your own posts before they are moderated. Can I email you at that addy?

  30. cville says:

    Thank goodness. I was completely mortified that everyone could read what I wrote. My heart has been pounding for the last ten minutes. I just thought this info could help you. Yes, you can email me directly at my address. THANKS!!!!

    Lol, sorry, I had a feeling that was going on. I will e you.

  31. susanm says:

    i’m curious to know if her friends offered to bring her keys to the gate/door so if necessary she could sit in her car and listen to radio,why wouldnt she want her keys ,strange, seems she had someone closeby to see.

  32. susanm says:

    as far as heidi childs,i’d have to say her dad should be considered,catches his daughter about to __ her relationship,i hate to say that,feel that’s probably not the father ,but it had to of been a common theory.

    Susan, respectfully, no way.

  33. sue says:

    Blink, Morgan’s computer must have revealed a lot, if not everything. Do you know anything about what has been discovered on her computer?


  34. Elizabeth says:

    Hello, first time poster. Interesting posts and comments.

    Just a quick comment. From the beginning I have wondered if Morgan ever made it to the concert? It is amazing that after almost four weeks there is not one picture from all those cellphone cameras.

    I also find it interesting that we could find DS, the other blonde at the concert with her boyfriend and two of his friends…quick as a wink but nothing on Morgan?

    I wonder if she made the first leg of the trip and went off with that boyfriend that was supposidly riding with them and he too has not been heard from again.

    Enough of me. Thanks for listening.

  35. Diana says:

    Hi Blink
    Thank you for having this discussion. I am a mother of two teenagers and I really think her friends are not telling the entire truth or it is being kept from the public, because it does not make sense. Why didn’t they go to the door and try to help her, why did they have her keys, why didn’t they try to help her or call her parents when she was not found that evening. None of it makes sense unless they knew she was with someone??? I think they need to question the friends more. I have been surprised so many times about kids that I thought I really knew and yes childhood friends. Something is not right with their story.

  36. cmaissol says:

    I live in Richmond and had tickets to the Rolling Stones concert at the arena a few years back. I’m in my late 40′s and did go alone. However, I have enough streetsmarts to keep myself safe. I never made it inside the show because I did not leave work early enough and there was no place left to park. There is a large residential area surrounding the campus leading to the arena from the I-64 exit- (can’t remember the street names)- lots of dark,isolated, winding roads.You don’t need to be in a field to get lost or be hidden. Just my observation for what it’s worth.

    As for the “crazy druggies” who go to Metallica concerts- jeez- even the band is sober now. They aren’t at their peak in poularity anymore and will likely attract a lot of older fans vs the young. I’d worry more about Lamb of God fans. And unless you have made a definite hook-up for substances prior to the show, you’re gonna get your stuff beforehand and bring it in discreetly to avoid detection during searches. So- if Morgan were the type to get high and didn’t have it with her already, she’d know beforehand that her connection would be there for the show. Not many girls are going to buy from a stranger drug dealer outside a well patrolled college arena. I don’t think she is that trusting or that bold. That could be the sole link to the Traveling Wilbury and his circle.

    Most girls use the restroom during the act they don’t care to see so they don’t miss any of the main band’s performance. I don’t think going to the bathroom is all that dangerous during showtime – you know the women’s rooms are never empty and always have a line. If most of the audience were Metallica fans and didn’t care about the opening acts- there would be a lot of people coming into the arena closer to Metallica’s showtime. My point is this is not an opportune time to attempt rape or an abduction.So, “luring” is the best mode to avoid scrutiny.

    I question Morgan being able to phone her friends with all the noise in the arena and would likely text them. The subject could have been the one to text them by pretending to be Morgan, reassuring them that she was safe. I agree the subject is known to her friends from the VT area – as a fellow student or security/LE. It’s too convenient that a shooting range is close to Caldwell Fields. Is the range frequented by LE for practice or mostly by civilians? Was an actual link ever established between the couple killed and Morgan’s circle, including Herndon?

    VT didn’t exactly do an aggressive follow-up on Cho’s problems, although his behavior was obvious prior to the shootings. Could the subject currently be under the VT psychiatric radar? I’d like to think VT has become pro-active in dealing with mentally ill students to prevent another massacre. Could this guy identify with and admire Cho in a sick way? Did he learn from Cho’s “mistakes” and will kill those who have wronged him on an individual basis away from campus? Because he is aligned with LE in some way, he thinks he’s smarter and can get away with more?

    Then again, as I ramble- Could Morgan be the source of the “vabioche” sand – is she the VA “beyotch”? No accusations, Jeni, just a thought. Unless, someone pulled a Casey Anthony using a van and going far away from home to help a friend. I’m just sayin’.

    And I’m a nurse,too- if you’d like to ream me like you did Blink, bring it. Never mind, you won’t be returning to read replies.Sure, whatever……

  37. Elizabeth says:

    They are posting on Facebook under discussions, This is what is happening now Page 4 post 91 that you have news on sightings of Morgan in Crozet at the Brownsville Market at 10:30 Saturday night,,,concert night. Then they say her car was parked in Crozet with the keys in it at a friends house. They said it was reported here and on the parents Find Morgan site…whats up I am seeing none of that on your site or the other one??? I am typing fast so please read the post for the correct info. Thanks.

    I’ts not here because it is not verified, and frankly, her car being there is an imposibility.

  38. M. says:

    Has the make/model/year of her car been made public? Just wondering about these alternate sightings – who is claiming to have seen the car & how do they know what it looks like? I’ve not seen that inf’n anywhere.

  39. Diana says:

    Blink, I think the reason this case has everyone so intrigued is something is missing. I believe the friends know more. Why haven’t they been questioned more. If all the public find it fishy why doesn’t LE or the parents think it is? How did they come up with the sighting at the bridge? How about the cut on her chin? Where did this information come from and was it 100% Morgan? We cannot figure this out because we do not know the truth about her disapperance. I do not trust what her friends are saying.

    I think you are in the majority at this point, Diana

  40. peggyday says:

    I’m glad you’ve been following this case.

    First, to whomever ‘ewwwwed’ at the quote from the hippie guy, you should know, I believe that’s actually a quote from a Zen/buddhist scholar.

    Blink- I respectfully disagree about Morgan possibly being intoxicated or on some sort of drugs. Are you basing that opinion on her friends statements? Her friends who probably wouldn’t want to admit they too were ALSO partaking in some sort of recreational drugs?

    I think it’s possible that she was high on something or perhaps just drunk and needed to puke or she just needed some fresh air and that’s how she ended up outside.

    Now, the parking lot scene of MANY concerts , including Metallica sometimes attracts people who are either there to make money (such as the hippie guy) or they’re there to just party. The parking lot is a cash cow of sorts if you have the right drugs..such as nitrous oxide.
    Have you ever heard of the Nitrous Mafia? A group of thugs that travel from concert to concert peddling their drugs and making thousands of dollars per concert.

    My point being- if she ended up outside b/c she was intoxicated it’s also possible that she was easily taken advantage of (or convinced/lured) once she was outside to do something she might not normally do..such as getting in a vehicle or an RV with complete strangers.

    Bad people lurk every where, not all thugs and creeps look like the boogie man, Ted Bundy ring any bells?

    Peggy, I am basing it on inside information, which I believe. That said, it only makes her more vulnerable to me, we were all 20 at one time and maybe overindulged. It should not lead to this nightmare.

  41. Elizabeth says:

    I am of the opinion that Morgan went outside before Metallica came on to sell the extra tickets her father had bought. He bought 9 tickets but only the three girls and possibly the missing boyfriend attended. So she had 5 or 6 tickets to sell. She knew the no reentry but if she could sell the tickets and use one remaining one for reentry. Her dad would be proud and she could make amends for the overdrawn bank acount.

    I believe somebody called on her cellphone and said I am coming for the tickets. She got up gave her friends a kiss for luck, went to the bathroom and out she went to sell her tickets.

    By the way how much are tickets and was the concert sold out that night.

    Am I getting close Blink???

    NO, I have no idea where the rumor started but 9 tics were NOT sold. 4 were purchased by Dr. Harrington.
    That said, I might say the fact that the 4th ticket was attempting to be sold is not excluded.

  42. NYMom says:

    Hi Blink,

    I’m a middle-aged mom of a teenage girl (for those who care to analyze demographics). So many of us baby boomers can identify here. In my youth I did lots of “mad stupid” stuff myself, as did all of my other friends who are now responsible parents. I “remember” concerts, getting wasted, and once being abandoned by my friends at a venue. And I wasn’t especially wild–I just took some foolish risks.

    IMO, some, if not all, of the friends are scared, know more than they’re saying, and are probably lying. I’m wondering if LE’s just waiting them out until they can pull the lynchpin on their stories. These girls aren’t professional criminals, and an attack of conscience is likely at some point.

    TY NYmom, it does seem to be headed that way. If that is the case, I would implore these kids to be honest. The Harrington’s deserve it Morgan deserves it, and hopefully we all learn the lesson we are supposed to from it.

    The measured and compassionate tone of your website is appreciated by those of us hoping to see this mystery solved.

  43. Elizabeth says:

    This comment haunts me????

    Lol, sorry, I had a feeling that was going on. I will e you.

    Anything you can share?

  44. Diana says:

    There is a new article about Morgan where police say Morgan may have tried to hitchhike home??? They say someone saw her near the bridge hitchiking. That would be unbelievable to me. Why would she do such a thing if her own car was there. Something is seriously wrong with this investigation. Do you have any thoughts on this Blink? The interview of her parents was on MSNBC this morning about this.

  45. Stephanie says:

    OK- I just got a really strong feeling and vision here….I think she actually talked to this person in the parking lot….And he smooth talked her into going with him instead of back into the concert….He either told him that he’d drive her home or back to the arena before the concert ended so she could catch back up with her friends….She did try to go back in to inform her friends of her new plans and couldn’t get in. He did tell her that she had to be shhhhh about their little “get together” because if his girlfriend found out he’d be dead. But at least one of her friends know the truth and for some reason are not talking. He also told her that a lot of his GF’s friends were there around the concert and if they saw her get into his car, they’d tell her and the arrangement was to meet up near the bridge out of site. This avoids anyone seeing her get into his car. – He drives off, alone….and she walks off alone…..She wasn’t carelessly hitch-hiking…she had an agenda…..with someone she’d seen and possibly talked to before, and felt safe, for the most part. When he comes back (before the concert is even over) to “drop off” her items, again, he’s alone. I know that this may all seem far fetched, but why wouldn’t he take her things back to the lot? He don’t want them…..He don’t want to dump them on the road…..He want’s it to appear as if she herself, left them there. But this guy isn’t too smart, and WILL get caught, by his own stupidity.

  46. Emily says:

    I have lived in Waynesboro all my life and knew Jeni growing up….she is the sweetest, most sincere and caring girl anyone will ever meet. To hear any kind of negativity surrounding her name is just hurtful and absurd.

    Perhaps. I hope so. That said, you may wish to have a conversation with her about having her photos all over the web with self-titled captions that infer drug use. It’s not befitting a Medical professional regardless.

  47. Elizabeth says:

    For some reason I am losing comments. I read something and then want to go back and see a response and everything is gone or changed. Am I doing something wrong? Sorry for the confusion.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    Well I solved my mystery. I have bookmarket three different articles and discussions..I was posting in one and thinking I was posting in the latest. Sorry. Just white me all out. :(

  49. VT20 says:

    I’m a 20 yr old student at VT. even though i do not know Morgan personally i am still very concerned as this troubles me deeply.

    I go out and party tons! always pretty safely with my group of friends however, i do meet new people talk to them even exchange phone numbers. Also i attend every home and most away football games, always tailgate before, and i usually go to the bathroom alone. I never think anything will happen because it is always so crowded around the bathroom area as many of my friends also believe. Especially since i feel particularly safe at VT (judge as you might)

    with that being said,

    first hearing about it i completely didnt understand many things:

    1. She had to know that going out of the arena would not allow reentry. As you leave the event staff tell you that there is no reentry and im sure she has been to our football games before and realized this as a general rule since every venue i’ve been to has always had that rule… so if she left why was she trying to get back in so hard? im sure she had to know.

    2. Telling her friends she will get a ride back home and not only to some friends house around cville but her friends house all the way at JMU? how would you just find that? And considering her dad bought the tickets and they took her car no offense but i would tell my friends we are leaving so come out now!

    that makes me believe, she had left to meet someone for whatever reason she may have. However, i know if my friend is leaving me whether in a strange area or at school at VT I will for sure want details on who where and exact location and if i felt the dude was sketchy i wouldnt let her leave.

    As for her friends i know that you all are probably very upset this is going on, but They need to come clean! i know they have to know more they are saying every detail is important. No matter how mad you may believe her parents would be mad to hear the information but they wouldnt! they just want to get their daughter back and it may seem like some details arent important enough to maybe get her in trouble or disappoint her parents but they need to hear it now to maybe uncover anything.

    I will continue to pray you return and for your family!

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