Morgan Harrington Case: State Police Say She Was Hitchhiking

Posted by BOC Staff | Missing Persons,Morgan Harrington | Friday 13 November 2009 2:31 pm

Charlottesville, VA– In the latest release from Corrine Geller, spokesperson for the Virginia State Police, it has been confirmed that the VSP have independent accounts of Morgan Harrington hitchhiking on the Copley Bridge.

Also in the latest release, is a picture of the Swarovski necklace she was wearing.

Swarovski knecklace

Virginia State Police are also asking if anyone loaned their cell phone to Morgan that evening.  

“Anyone who might remember seeing a vehicle randomly stopped in the roadway on Copeley Road bridge that night is also asked to contact investigators,” the release said. “Investigators are also hoping to hear from anyone who might have loaned their cell phone to a young woman fitting Miss Harrington’s description to make a call that night.

“We don’t have any evidence she made other calls,” Geller says, “but we’d like to know.”

Also confirmed, as reported exclusively on; The last people to interact with Morgan Harrington were players from the UVA Men’s basketball team. 

According to several sources, members of UVA’s men’s basketball team were among the last to see Harrington in the grassy, tree-shrouded parking area. Emails sent to numerous team members were forwarded to UVA spokesperson Carol Wood, who directed the inquiry to State Police, but Geller declines comment on the identity of any witnesses.

“We leave it to them whether they want to speak publicly,” she says.


The Full News Release From VSP:


RICHMOND – As the search and investigative efforts continue for missing college student Morgan Harrington, state and local investigators are now able to release additional details concerning the night of her disappearance. Miss Harrington disappeared Oct. 17, 2009, during a Metallica concert at the John Paul Jones Arena on the University of Virginia (UVA) campus in Charlottesville, Va.

During the course of the investigation, police have been able to establish a timeline of Miss Harrington’s movements once she ended up outside of the arena at approximately 8:30 p.m. After talking to her friends on her cell phone, she then walked through the parking lot of University Hall and was also seen in the Lannigan Field athlete parking lot, which is also used for RV parking. At around 9:30 p.m., she was seen walking on the Copeley Road bridge near Ivy Road.

Based on independent witness accounts, investigators are confident that Miss Harrington was hitchhiking for a ride while on the Copeley Road bridge. If anyone recalls seeing a young woman hitchhiking that night on or near the Copeley Road bridge, then they are asked to please contact police by phone or email. Anyone who might remember seeing a vehicle randomly stopped in the roadway on Copeley Road bridge that night is also asked to contact investigators. Investigators are also hoping to hear from anyone who might have loaned their cell phone to a young woman fitting Miss Harrington’s description to make a call that night.

In addition to Miss Harrington’s black T-shirt with the word “Pantera” spelled out in tan letters, black mini-skirt, black tights, and knee-high black boots, she was wearing a distinctive necklace. It is a Swarovski Crystal necklace made up of large crystal chain links. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 120 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes.

The search and investigation are still being actively pursued by Virginia State Police, University of Virginia Police, Charlottesville Police, Albemarle County Police and the FBI. The public has generated close to 400 leads in the case. Anyone can call the Virginia State Police Tip Line at (434) 352-3467 or email State Police at UVA Police can be reached at (434) 924-7166. Anonymous tips are welcome.

Also accepting tips is the Jefferson Area Crime Stoppers at 434-977-4000. A reward of $150,041 is available for information that leads to the location and recovery of Miss Harrington.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Observer Post 448. If I might share a bit with you my thoughts and see what you might think.

    Morgan went to her parents home to dress for the concert. Her mother was so excited she was going to the concert with her old friends. Her father was excited for her two because “things had gotten better in the last six months” the time the tickets were purchased.

    Morgan leaves her parents home. Remember this is six months after the tickets were purchased. Young girls minds and hearts change in six months.

    Morgan drives to Harrisburg and called her father to say “I arrived safe and sound”. Her car never left Harrisburg until her friend drove it home to the Harringtons in Roanoke on Sunday.

    I believe Morgan never left Harrisburg. Not one picture, not one video only those that think they saw Morgan.

    I think there might have been some problem with her friends. I think she was prepared to go with them and had her purse and her coat in their auto. But they left without her. I think leaving the concert they threw out her purse and jacket..just my opinion just to show her.

    The first couple of days everybody stuck by the story. “Yes Mr and Mrs Harrington Morgan want to the concert”. This as the coverup for Morgan and what happened between them. Remember the first time the police gave a press conference her mother said “come home by Tuesday to take your test”. But after a couple of days the friends lawyered up and told the Morgan. There has been no press conferences or information from LE or the friends in all that time. Amazing.

    Whatever happened to Morgan happened in the Harrisburg, VA area. I believe if we knew the truth that is where they are looking and trying to find out just what happened to Morgan. Remember this is the Virginia State Police and they have jurisdiction in the whole state.

    Just my humble opinion.

  2. NewGuy says:

    In the worst case scenario, it it interesting that folks feel strongly that someone or some party will come across MH’s body in the field. There is a lot of private land in the area and lands that are not easily accessible by foot (though I am not doubting the diligent hunter). I mountain bike and trail run in the area (scary this time of year b/c of the hunting), but there are a lot of private lands within Observer’s 25-mile radius of CVille. As you move beyond this 25 mile radius, the land becomes even more disparate.

    I have not read every thread on this impressive site, I know that many folks refer to MH’s parent’s saying that she really wanted to be at this concert. What if it was not about the concert or the music but something else? What if the concert was just a symbol for her wanting to be back in the area? Not sure if anyone has thought this possibility through.

  3. questioner says:

    Could this be where some are getting information that a black jacket was found?

    October 20, 2009

    Almost three days after a 20-year-old Virginia Tech student from Roanoke vanished outside the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia State Police and University of Virginia Police continue to look for her. Investigators say they are following up on a couple dozen new leads that have come in since Monday’s news conference with Morgan Harrington’s parents.

    A job fair was held at John Paul Jones Arena Tuesday. Hundreds of job seekers showed up, but just a few hundred feet away, down in the creek, police probed with batons, trying to find any bit of evidence. Police spent about fifteen minutes looking over a black piece of cloth. We could not confirm exactly what it was, though it looked like a tarp or a T-shirt. Police collected it for further information.

  4. AtotheK says:

    Hello Blinkers,
    I am back after a short hiatus and will be gone again soon. I have been trying to catch up on the threads and it looks like no new updates. Unfortunately, it looks like this case is getting cold. I hate that. Especially around the holidays.
    I hope and pray that Morgan will be found soon. There is a missing person from the town I grew up and she has been missing for almost 6 years now. I hope things will be different with this case.
    Right now, the LE and Harrington’s need to keep this case active by issuing press conferences (possibly releasing more “unknown” info) and more searches. Otherwise, it can get cold quick.
    Just remember to think about the known facts and keep this case alive!
    Keep up the great job everyone! Hope all has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let us all be thankful for the family and friends in our lives (even on crime message boards :) )

  5. Observer says:

    elizabeth #451/questioner #453: I believe the black jacket was later discounted as relevant to the MH case.

    A final word on trafficking: (questioner #211, Part II thread): You mentioned the Madkins trial, where “…Madkins recruited two minors from the state of Virginia to engage in prostitution in VA and FL. Madkins promised the minors that if they would serve as prostitutes in VA for a short period of time, they and he would earn enough money to go to FL for an extravagant vacation. Madkins also told the minors that, once in FL, he would obtain cocaine, sell it, and use the proceeds from the drug sales to fund trips to Miami, Atlanta, and New York…”

    Note first the use of the term “recruited”. It raises an important distinction from a victim who is at first abducted. The victims in this case were coerced to engage in prostitution, and were promised things if they were compliant. I would again suggest that, no matter the level or degree of enticement, MH would not easily be convinced to participate in the sex trade.

    new guy #452: You’re absolutely right: there is an abundance of private, forested and/or densely-treed property in the Albemarle County area. [I own substantial undeveloped acreage on the Rivanna Reservoir--an area mentioned by an earlier poster. While it is not easily accessible by foot and is posted for "No Hunting", hunters routinely traverse the area as witnessed by--of all things--a deer stand that was once erected there.]

    Elizabeth #451: You raise a very interesting–and plausible–scenario, re: something bad happened and it centers around Harrisonburg, VA. For reasons, though, I don’t think this is the case.

    I would like very much to share some observations gleaned from words taken directly from the Harringtons and MH herself; however, it would be both inappropriate and unfair to the Harringtons to do so as the anguish this family has faced already is unspeakable. [My observations do not include or imply any culpability on the part of MH or her parents.] My observations do not change my earlier, stated beliefs, e.g., MH entered a vehicle on/around Copeley, departed the area, and met with a bad outcome.

  6. skyler says:

    Maybe an answer to “why” — my work computer is down, so I was reading posts on the FindMorgan site — someone posted the theory that if Morgan was impaired and needed to go to the bathroom — it was between acts, which is the perfect time to go, the bathrooms were probably jammed — again, this is an “if” — but if one of the security guards/personnel at the arena decided to target Morgan — he/she “may” have told Morgan, you can use the porta potties outside, knowing full well she couldn’t get back in — once the concert started, they may have been able to take a break, had been keeping an eye on Morgan — found her, it would explain “why” she would potentially feel safe or go w/ him/her — and the rest is history –

    I fully understand this is just a theory, and not my own, but it makes such sense as to “why” she would leave the inside of the arena right before Metallica came on stage, and “why” she may have later left w/ this person(s) and felt safe w/ them.

    Please don’t slam me on this, if you disagree, then simply disagree, but that is the one question that has been haunting me the most, other than where she is, WHY would she leave — and this scenario makes perfect sense as to why she would leave — and then her being so upset w/ not being able to get back in — why she would later text that she was getting a ride home — if she were impaired, or forced to leave that text —

    cell phone battery missing — also it was posted as a theory, maybe she removed the battery from the phone in an attempt to keep the phone quiet from either vibrating or ringing —

    the kid that went w/ us had his cell in his jacket pocket, and at the last minute, the boys decided not to wear their jackets because it would be too hot in the arena and he threw it in the backseat. i didn’t know it had his phone in the pocket. When I got back to my car around 9:10 PM after the movie, I was waiting to back out of the parking spot, and the phone — a Moto Razer — made this huge buzzing sound and I about had a heart attack — his parents had made several phone calls and the phone was alerting him he had messages. Of course, I called his parents and told them what happened and that he was fine; I’d just talked to my son and they were awaiting metallica to take the stage —

    But my point in that rambling story is: maybe Morgan’s phone did the same thing, alerted her when she had a text message or a voice message and she was trying to disable the phone so she could call for help later.

    Again, please don’t slam me — or anyone, for that matter — for advancing a theory — this one just makes sense to me and is a plausible answer to that nagging ‘why’ question –

    Peace to all and continued prayers for the swift resolution of where is Morgan.

  7. MsL says:

    From what I’ve read, and what I know about the parking lots around the arena, deciding to use a porta-potty would have taken longer than just standing in line inside. This is supposing she would not have been aware of the no re-entry policy. I actually have never noticed porta-potties which are apparently set-up for tailgaters at concerts, but from another post either here or on a local Charlottesville forum, it sounds like they are situated a considerable distance from the arena, not in the paid parking lots immediately adjacent to the facility. Like I said, I’ve never noticed them when I’ve gone to concerts, so it’s possible I’m wrong and there are some located closer to the arena than the U-Hall lot. One thing I’ve been very impressed with at this facility as compared to older arenas are the numerous bathrooms, some fairly small, but others that are really large with comfortable chairs for sitting. I just cannot believe she ended up outside the arena for a bathroom trip.

  8. Veracity says:

    Observer – In post 376 you wrote “I will attempt later to respond to Veracity’s post. I believe there are some unintentional assumptions therein that may be dispelled by helpful clarification.”

    In your post 424 you opined about my initial post. However, I did not see where you noted where I made any “unintentional assumptions”. Nor did I find your “helpful clarification”. The length of your post is not a prob. Anyone who knows me knows I am incapable of being succinct.
    You are the FIRST to ever accuse me of making ASSUMPTIONS and it puzzled me. I try very hard to look at REALITY, try to be optimistic, and for over two decades have intentionally worked to better our missing person laws, the environment law enforcement must pursue these cases, the public’s understanding of what should and could happen when someone vanishes, the media’s “areas of opportunities” and I hope with all my heart to still be here when we have in place a system that is not so disjointed, inconsistent, and flawed. I take each case one by one. Morgan’s disappearance occurred at the exact time I am working to try and bring HR 3695 to the Congressional floor and get it passed! The ironies of life when it comes to missing persons are not amusing.
    I hope you will really think about my questions I bring to the table. My posts may be long, but they are directional and positive. Only one immediate aim Morgan Dana Harrington’s discovery post-haste.

    I will try to take them in separate posts for readability.

    CONFLICT – btw, from what I could gather your position is akin to a disappearance of a person in a company warehouse and the company holding the reins on tha disappearance investigation? That is not the way our government is designed. You mentioned DeKalb GA later in your post. Is that because Emory University is there? But you said DeKalb, not Emory. See the problem? Do you know how missing person cases are processed/worked on Emory’s campus in DeKalb county? I will tell you. DeKalb and the GBI would be involved immediately. DeKalb or GBI would take the lead depending on the particulars. How do I know this? The Shannon Melendi case. I won’t go into specifics. I would like to know if anyone can name a single missing person case associated with a University in the USA within the last five years that did not immediately include the local police/sheriff taking the lead. Doesn’t mean the University was not right there helping/assisting/whatever you want to call it. In the case of Annie Lee, a TASK force was formed within hours that included the University Police, the local New Haven Police, the Conn. State Bureau of Investigation and their crime lab, and the FBI. This simply didn’t happen with Morgan. Why? I wish the media would get to the bottom of why a college campus police force would take and hold the lead, compose and issue the initial missing person report for a NONSTUDENT. That continues to make ZERO sense to me. And then NOT TAKE QUESTIONS, that is just so contrary and I wonder if the misinformation,continued confused facts, and speculation could have been avoided if 1- UVA did not take the lead. 2-acted as most lead agencies do, including participating during news conferences, keeping their information up to date (their website the last time I checked has OLD CONTACT information on it, STILL NO ACTUAL NAME of a person assigned to the case from the department…)

  9. Veracity says:

    Continued –

    Observer, your#2/3 protocol/policy AND TASK force I will tackle as one. When someone vanishes there is a mystery. NO ASSUMPTIONS should be allowed by LE or the public. In fact part of LE’s job is to keep speculation at a minimum, isn’t it? For decades teens disappearances were dismissed as simply runaways. We now know better. But we can’t be sure until the mystery is solved. Right now there is an alarming growing number of women between the age of 40- 60 who have disappeared in recent years and there is NO AMBER OR SILVER ALERT system in place. For the record, these systems differ jurisidictionally. It is not as simple as A CHILD is missing, AMBER UP. Some of the age and other conditions continue to be areas of opportunities. Blink mentioned a “common Missing Person” protocol in response to a post of mine. I understand a protocol is a set of rules. A Policy is A deliberate plan of action. I don’t see how the two are so different when it comes to practices and deployment, the actual empirical application of the protocol/policies. UVA, and UVA POLICE both need to be evaluated and examined at this time. We still have a missing woman. We have limited participation by media in the area. We have inconsistencies and areas of concern by many who understand missing person cases. To the best of my knowledge the closest we have right now is DOJs C.A.R.T. training and certification program. It is voluntary. Of note, the task force member in FLORIDA responsible for following the trash from Orange Park attributes his CART training with helping his best manage through little Somer’s disappearance case in FL. The statement you pulled from VSP was one made during the final days of Oct. Over 90+ hours had lapsed from when Morgan was initially reported missing. This was a remarkable statement because reporters asked during the FIRST news conference, which was held if I am not mistaken on Oct. 21st? That was 72+ hours and that time, VSP would ONLY say “she would not likely have her id”. REMARKABLY DISAPPOINTING TO ME. Time is the enemy. The reality is WE HAVE A MISSING PERSON REPORT. WE HAVE TO FIND HER. It should be ASSUME THE WORSE, HOPE FOR THE BEST and CAST A NET CONSISTENTLY CALCULATING TIME/DISTANCE (adjusted for known evidence chain of course). This didn’t happen in Morgan’s case. The initial missing person release by lead investigators omitted key information. This set up confusion and speculation.

  10. localcvillegirl says:

    Skylar (457), I always love your posts and have learned something from each one. Please don’t apologize for throwing ideas out there about WHY Morgan left the arena. I’m really stuck on that one, too. I’ll answer MsL (458) above…you’d have to be hallucinating to think that you’d need to leave the building to find a bathroom (there are so many at JPJ that the lines have never been more than minimal) and walk more than 150 yards to the row of porta-potties near Lannigan Field. Those porta-potties are usually locked anyway, except when there are track events or baseball games going on, or tailgating for football or lacrosse games. Believe me, I’ve tried.

    Blink, was it written somewhere that the group of girls and maybe one boy left Harrisonburg around 2pm that Saturday? That would put them in Charlottesville around 3:00, right, giving them lots of time to find a place to eat or “tailgate”? Or go to a friend’s apartment to party. I seem to remember that Dr. and Mrs. Harrington said that Morgan didn’t really know anyone in C’ville (not counting family friends), but these kids all know at least a few from their hometowns and highschools who go to either UVa, JMU, or VT. There are lots of Roanoke kids at all three of these schools. I would think that LE has questioned her friends and come up with a few possiblities of where they could have gone before the concert. If Morgan was wandering off through the parking lot in the direction of Ivy Road, maybe they had been at University Heights, or in one of the apartment complexes on old Ivy Road. Do you think that the boy we are not hearing anymore about (textee? mystery BF?) was still at this apartment? Maybe he came to meet her in another car and picked her up near the bridge? Her text was to him? I think this was an idea you mentioned had earlier.

    Someone on an earlier thread asked about bodies of water in the vicinity…yes, there are several ponds, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, lots of woods and forest. Charlottesville is basically a large town surrounded by countryside. It is not a place where human trafficking is common, or at least read about in the local papers. We are usually alerted when a serial rapist is feared…this is a college town, afterall. Observer would have more accurate information about this stuff, but Dr. and Mrs. Harrington were not wrong to think that their daughter would be safe here. I beleieve that there is some connection in all of this to her friends, and something or someone from her past. If there were some random kidnapper out there this would have to have been his first, or at least his first in this area. Assults happen, but it’s rare here for a girl to be grabbed and pulled into a car. Please correct me if I’m wrong, Observer.

  11. Veracity says:

    Observer- #5- first. Langley was included because of the use of satellite and imaging technology which has been helpful in missing person cases. I can’t recall the name of the lady who was traveling home and her car left the road (it was a mountainous terrain). It was satellite imaging that helped to locate her. If that technology had not be explored she would have died. Am I saying to use satellite imaging for this case. I don’t have an opinion. The investigators have to make the call. What I am saying is considering the wealth of resources in so close a proximity to where Morgan vanished it is difficult to understand WHY she is still missing.

  12. Veracity says:

    # Continuing #5 – you explained your take on the VSP, UVA patrol lieutenant. LT. Rader STATED during the conference the case was being LEAD BY BOTH. So why wouldn’t each speak? And while YOU may think it odd that the UVA Chief was no where around, most would find it odd. And I would suggest it sent the wrong message. When those news conferences happen, obviously the first thing at hand is TELL FOLKS TO KEEP EYES OPEN FOR MORGAN! And they also have to convey to the public HOW IMPORTANT THIS CASE is and help calm the fears of the community. But it doesn’t hurt (and often times happens) that LAW ENFORCEMENT takes the position to show its MUSCLE and TALENT and SHEER NUMBER to try and pyschologically send a message.. we’ve got plenty of folks on this and we will SOLVE IT and we mean to solve it ASAP. You also mentioned not knowing if there is an UVA policy for missing persons. Well, there are laws and I would like to know what UVA’s policy/protocol is since they do have a police force and they did take the lead of a missing case. I understand some campus police like University of Maryland are State police. But this isn’t the case with UVA is it?

  13. Veracity says:

    Observer – #6 you wrote:
    “From all accounts, the report was first filed/claimed by Dr. Dan Harrington. Which jurisdiction wrote the initial MP information is, in fact, not material to the investigation.”

    Oh contrar! The agency that takes the report is the agency responsible for case unless it is handed off to another. There were/maybe still are some problems with reports being written because the person didn’t vanish where they lived. In North Carolina just this month, a tiny 5 year old was reported missing in Fayetteville (Cumberland County). An Amber alert went out. Media responded. A hotel worker in Sanford (Lee County) called the number LE put out for their contact number. The hotel worker had no reason to understand the NEED to ALSO call her/his local LE! Some are still trying to connect the dots why Fayetteville did not immediately call LEE COUNTY and have the SHERIFF respond while they, FAYETTEVILLE, traveled the almost 2 hours to reach the hotel. The girl was killed. POlice have remarked she was alive when she entered and left that hotel.
    Morgan lived in Roanoake AND Blacksburg. She attended a concert in Charlottesville. I fully can appreciate the involvement of the State POlice. WHO and WHERE a report is taken and who and how a case is worked can be the difference between life and death imo. I KNOW those officers in Fayetteville wanted to find her ALIVE. I am sure all in Va want to do the same in Morgan’s case. It is A question of TIME and HOW a case is worked, isn’t it? Little Somer was found, but whoever is responsible remains at large. At this moment in the US, we have the gamut – missing not found, missing not solved, found and solved. We have work to do.

  14. Veracity says:

    Obsever- #8 about the NEAR instead of AT. You are assuming something I didn’t intend. I am looking at the way they seemed to have SHOT themselves in the foot. They release information without really VETTING IT properly so the consequence is the number of leads are less. The perception is skewed. And the level of engagement is therefore less. It all goes back to training and common sense and trying to cast a wide net because there is not ability to assume a small net will work!

  15. Veracity says:

    Observer- your number 9 about what investigators should do I am fully aware and expect. I am perplexed how you could look at this case and see it followed what you wrote. I and many others have already posted where we have concerns with the way this investigation has developed and the confusion, time loss, odd statements which seem to almost almost spout speculation instead of contain it to try and develop/hone good leads. In order to get leads, you have to give CORRECT information. Morgan’s movements, appearance, condition, and even her belongings have all been vague. From my chair that is just odd and does not follow what your #9 expectations would produce.

  16. Word Girl says:

    Unfortunately, I am behind in my thank you notes!

    Thank you, Observer for the brandy toast. Merci bien!
    The riserva is on my Christmas list!

    Sending marconas.

  17. Veracity says:

    Observer- your “discernment” is wrong. And I couldn’t help but feel as though you are trying to paint me as ANTI law enforcement. WOW! So wrong. So so wrong. Did you notice my questions are not unique to me? The questions I pose were and are valid for Morgan’s case. I feel you have assumed a position that does not meet the facts. I already answered much in my opening response to you that refutes this anti-law stuff. And as far as Anti-UVA. Ridiculous. I have family friends who teach at UVA! I have way too many friends who have attended. Right now their children are there! Maybe that is why this case hit a nerve. To be honest, if anything, this case, considering my age, made me so grateful it was not one of friend’s children BUT I know it could have been. And that for me has been a driving force since 1977. I don’t have to wait to be member of that horrible club Mr. Smart mentioned and I recall others along the way mentioned. I didn’t have to wait to have children to work to have AMBER go across our Country, to get Jessica’s Law and Suzzanne’s Law and so many others passed. What is so heartwrenching is why do we have to wait until someone dies before we take our next step? I want to do what I can to make us be ready if someone disappears to quickly resolve it before harm can occur. It will take LE, MEDIA, and US. I wish all was in place at UVA before Morgan found herself “separated from her friends and on the outside of John Paul Jones Arena”.

  18. localcvillegirl says:

    Some of icky, watery, hiding places in the JPJ area that come to mind: (Sorry to offend those who look after these otherwise nice trails.)

    1. The Rivanna Trail, which is a 19 mile trail loop around the city, with a below-ground feel in some spots. It goes along a creek, under roadways, through in-town woods, in sketchy neighborhoods, and also around the perimeter of UVa behind Observatory Hill, etc. Lots of people run this trail, and I do know that the Charlottesville Trail Running Club has plans to run the whole thing this weekend. There would be no hunters here.

    2. The Ragged Mountain Reservoir, behind and beyond UVa…out Fontaine Avenue if you’re looking at a map, across from Camp Holliday Trails. This area is way more remote than the Rivanna Reservoir, which Observer and others have previously mentioned. It has a nice hiking trail that loops around the two bodies of water. Also no hunters nearby, I don’t believe, but has access from the Rt. 29/250 Bypass and Interstate 64.

    I know that the Blue Ridge Parkway and the AT are nearby, but one would have to be pretty adept at trails to think of that as a place to go with someone he wouldn’t want found.

  19. Dakota says:

    I am of the opinion, the deepest details we will find to try and piece together Morgan’s behavior/movements on the evening in question will come from Gil Harrington and her thought’s . Victim logy is a powerful tool that is quickly confused with victimization of the victim by many , shedding a negative light to many audiences .I feel the use of victim logy would be a tool necessary to open the door to what happened to Morgan giving the unusual circumstances and what I feel to be NO leads for LE at this point to go on . Based solely on my assumptions , I feel Gil has already opened the door with what I feel are some well placed wording in her writings . I am unsure about Dr. Harrington and the possibility we will hear from him ,with the Holiday’s approaching I feel we may , I hope so .

    The Harrington’s to me are nothing less than a great family whom have been thrust into a tragic situation . I also feel the the decision to suppress information about Morgan’s “condition” on that evening was meticuasly and painfully deliberated by the Harrington’s and they proceeded based on the best decision they could make for Morgan . I am compelled to think Dr. Harrington is the pillar of the Harrington family , the ever thinking gentle giant, if you will . Gil and Alex are looking to “Dapper Dan” for guidance and strength through this nightmare , looking for Dr. Harrington to come up with the most important answer they ever needed from him . I cannot fathom the desperation Dr. Harrington has in his soul to come up with “the” answer for Morgan and his family . Now Gil , When I look at Gil I see Morgan ! I hear Morgan ! The apple never falls from the tree and when Gil speaks I hear Morgan . With that said I cannot accept the Morgan I have come to learn walked away from her life , it defies logic . I believe, but not positive it was Oprah Winfrey that said ” when somebody tells you what they are , believe them ” When Gil Harrington said “I am angry. Whoever has taken Morgan needs to be found and I will tear the earth apart to get to him.” , Believe her . Gil Is where I see the fight in Morgan , if Morgan was attacked she would have left a crime scene , she would have made some noise, anything shy of a blitz disabling her ( if so I say it happened where Morgan’s items were found) .The Morgan I have learned may have been of small stature but I do not see anything meek about Morgan , she may have eventually been overpowered , But I am animate Morgan would have made damn sure the SOB got everything she had to give him first . NO crime scene ? Leads me to believe , the attack happened off site as she trusted somebody enough to get in a vehicle and move away from the area .

    1. Morgan new her attacker – technology would have uncovered a connection either online or phone by now of a planned meet .

    2. Morgan new her attacker , possible happenstance from VT , JMU or acquaintance of Alex.

    3. Morgan’s attacker was “normal” enough she trusted them .

    But I still stand strong the catalyst of Morgan’s erratic behavior happened inside JPJA , the “friends are covering something , I DO NOT at this point believe the “friends” harmed Morgan but I do believe they hold to the answer of what events put Morgan in harms way . I will be so bold to say at this point , Morgan’s behavior is the only lead we have to move in a direction that most likely drove Morgan to make the decisions she did . The unknown subject responsible for Morgan’s disappearance is 100% responsible for what happened to Morgan .

    Morgan is the only voice I see we have to lead us in some direction as many feel LE is quiet because they have their POI . I say the LE is at a dead end ! NOTHING .

    I hope I am wrong


  20. localcvillegirl says:

    OK sorry, this is my last post before I sit back and relax for a minute. I can’t get the encounter between a man and a “frantic guy” at Boyd Tavern asking for directions to Harrisonburg out of my mind. If the guy, say, had a very sick Morgan in his car, he might have panicked and headed East on 64 from the Rt. 29/250 bypass instead of West toward the mountains and Harrisonburg. The Shadwell Exit would have been one of the first big exits he might have taken, or a few miles later, the Boyd Tavern exit, as soon as he realized he was headed in the wrong direction. There was someone on one of these threads who mentioned searching these areas by horseback…a great idea. The Rivanna River flows parallel to Rt. 250 in that Shadwell area…I don’t have a map in front of me, but maybe this has occurred to LE.

  21. skyler says:

    latest from Richmond TV station — nothing new !

    Morgan Harrington Investigation
    Members of UVA men’s basketball team may have been among those who encountered her at John Paul Jones Arena.

    November 24, 2009

    Related links
    Who Is Morgan Harrington?
    Behind the Scenes with Morgan Harrington’s Parents Video
    1600 Volunteers Search for Morgan Harrington
    Search Underway for Missing Virginia Tech Student
    CBS 6 has learned that members of the University of Virginia men’s basketball team are among those interviewed in the disappearance of Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington.

    Corinne Geller with the Virginia State Police tells CBS 6 that the team was practicing at University Hall on October 17, the day of the Metallica concert at John Paul Jones Arena where Harrington was last seen.

    According to the investigation timeline, Harrington left the concert venue and walked past University Hall and at that time it is believed she came into contact with the players.

    State Police say the players who were interviewed cooperated fully with police and they make up a small portion of people who’ve been interviewed in the case.

    Here is the official Statement from UVA:

    “Because of the number of rumors that have been circulating about members of the University’s men¹s basketball team in regard to the Morgan Harrington case, we felt it was important to make a statement to set the record straight. As police worked to establish a time line of October 17 in hopes of locating Ms. Harrington, they interviewed a number of witnesses, including some members of the men¹s basketball team.

    After a practice, team members had been approached by a female consistent with Ms. Harrington’s description. They cooperated fully with law enforcement investigators and, like other witnesses interviewed by the police, they provided information that is important to police efforts to establish Ms. Harrington¹s movements.”

    Carol Wood Assistant Vice President for Public Affairs

  22. Observer says:

    Veracity #458: First, I apologize if my earlier post(s) were in any way accusatory. If they came across to you in that manner, I assure you that was not my intent.

    I applaud your efforts over the period of the last two decades to
    improve our missing persons laws. Your demonstrated passion is commendable.

    I confess that I was uncertain what you were trying to convey in your statement that “…from what I could gather your position is akin to a disappearance of a person in a company warehouse and the company holding the reins on tha (sic) disappearance investigation?” If you meant to suggest that, based on my posts, I appear to be approaching the MH investigation as I might if it were an employee who was missing from a company warehouse, I can again assure you I am not. For various and sundry reasons, the MH disappearance very much hits home with me in a very personal way. I know I am not alone here in this sentiment.

    There was another statement that was puzzling (and almost funny) to me, i.e., “You mentioned DeKalb GA later in your post. Is that because Emory University is there? But you said DeKalb, not Emory.”

    The question struck me as funny because I literally pulled “DeKalb County” out of thin air (or elsewhere, as the case may be:))) when I wrote that post. I could have just as easily made reference to Marin County, CA or Fairfax County, VA. [I have no idea why I chose DeKalb; perhaps because I have a dear friend there that I visited recently--who is in no way connected to Emory or any other college or university.] My reference to DeKalb had nothing to do with Emory University and I freely admit that I have no knowledge regarding how MP cases are managed at that institution.

    You mention that you “try very hard to look at REALITY” and “be optimistic”. On the first point we’re very much alike; on the second, I wish fervently that I was more like you, e.g., optimistic. I suppose my “world view” has become skewed over time resulting in a degree of cynicism-bordering-on-negative. But I digress…

    Like others here, I hope that you continue to post your thoughts and ideas about this case, Veracity, and about the management of MP cases. [I am likewise hopeful that you are successful in getting HR3695 to the congressional floor and passed.] Your posts are helpful and insightful, and your contribution necessary. As requested, I promise to give great consideration to the questions you bring to the table and will make every effort not to have my responses appear dismissive in any way.

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Post 456 Skyler

    First and foremost I must tell you that I do not believe Morgan ever made it to that concert. I believe she went to her parents home, got dressed, went to Harrisonburg, called her father and told him she arrived safely..but never a call from the concert, put her stuff in her friends car and something happened. They might have had a disagreement or Morgan didn’t show up when they wanted to leave and she said..go ahead. The lack of one single video sighting or one single picture making it to the internet is what convinces me. I think after calls back and forth between the girls they got mad and dumped her stuff..taking the battery so it would not show her..they were not to be fooled with. All of this is my humble opinion. They were angry and girls do that kind of stuff.

    If she did make it to the concert I think a couple of things made her leave. She had a prearranged date. They might have stopped to party a bit before the concert and she wanted to go back. Somebody called her while she was at the concert and she went to meet him/her.

    The battery. Could she have had an extra phone in her purse..that she used on her own..say a prepaid phone? Keeping her business..her business? She might have taken the battery out of one phone to use as a spare for the second phone. Or she knew about the pings and didn’t want her phone pinging..following her.

    I just cannot get my head in the place that Morgan was at that concert.

  24. localcvillegirl says:

    Morning Blink…I was wondering if you could add this part of an earlier post of mine that I don’t believe made the cut. I took out the first paragraph, but was not sure what you were worried about putting out there for everyone to read.

    From Tuesday evening:

    Blink, was it written somewhere that the group of girls and maybe one boy left Harrisonburg around 2pm that Saturday? That would put them in Charlottesville around 3:00, right, giving them lots of time to find a place to eat or “tailgate”? Or go to a friend’s apartment to party. I seem to remember that Dr. and Mrs. Harrington said that Morgan didn’t really know anyone in C’ville (not counting family friends), but these kids all know at least a few from their hometowns and highschools who go to either UVa, JMU, or VT. There are lots of Roanoke kids at all three of these schools. I would think that LE has questioned her friends and come up with a few possiblities of where they could have gone before the concert. If Morgan was wandering off through the parking lot in the direction of Ivy Road, maybe they had been at University Heights, or in one of the apartment complexes on old Ivy Road. Do you think that the boy we are not hearing anymore about (textee? mystery BF?) was still at this apartment? Maybe he came to meet her in another car and picked her up near the bridge? Her text was to him? I think this was an idea you mentioned had earlier.

    Someone on an earlier thread asked about bodies of water in the vicinity…yes, there are several ponds, lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, lots of woods and forest. Charlottesville is basically a large town surrounded by countryside. It is not a place where human trafficking is common, or at least read about in the local papers. We are usually alerted when a serial rapist is feared…this is a college town, afterall. Observer would have more accurate information about this stuff, but Dr. and Mrs. Harrington were not wrong to think that their daughter would be safe here. I beleieve that there is some connection in all of this to her friends, and something or someone from her past. If there were some random kidnapper out there this would have to have been his first, or at least his first in this area. Assults happen, but it’s rare here for a girl to be grabbed and pulled into a car. Please correct me if I’m wrong, Observer.

  25. Observer says:

    To localcville girl (11/25, 10:49am): I am in complete agreement with your assessment, re: the general safety of the Charlottesville/ Albemarle community. A review of the crime statistics of the three local jurisdictions will provide evidence in support of your observations.

    While random and tragic (stranger) abductions do occur, e.g., Alicia Showalter Reynolds, they are fortunately infrequent occurences. [Note: The Reynolds case occurred in 1996 in Culpeper County.]

    If/when a serial rapist is active, LE and media provide wide and appropriate coverage, as seen in the earlier 1997-2004 cases (since closed with the capture and prosecution of the assailant.)

  26. skyler says:

    Hey, Elizabeth, 473, you make some really valid points — but — irrespective of no pix — there are no pix of my kid there, either, that we’ve seen — I do believe there is enough credible evidence that puts her inside that arena at least for the first two acts — what happens after that, the good Lord only knows. Discounting all eye witness testimony of people who may or may not have seen/interacted w/ Morgan outside the arena, the tracking dogs were able to pick up her scent from the arena to the bridge — and they really are amazing animals — they can differientiate between one person’s body scent (not perfume) to another — which I think is credible evidence — which leads right back to the main starting question: WHY did she leave that arena —

    I think you are spot on that she called from Harrisonburg, but perhaps something else was going on — I say that because my own darling angel has done the same durn thing — I’d known something fishy was up, insisted he call me from the landline of the house he was going; not his cell — he used their phone and then he snuck off somewhere else — but you’re right about girls and their phones — the girl he was sneaking around w/ videoed their little outing in MY car and put it on youtube, then “tweeted/twittered” IDN the right term — on the internet — I advised him not to go into the bank-robbing business because he’d end up in one of those dumb crook videos on TV — and it’s why I absolutely insisted that if he wanted to go to that concert, I was driving — which honest to God two days ago he said I over-reacted and it would have been fine for him to drive — ugh !

    Her going to the bathroom between acts makes sense to me — but the kiss good-bye does not — also girls going to the BR alone doesn’t ring true for me, either — but again, discounting any ulterior motive other than going to the bathroom and to grab a smoke, it does seem plausible to me that either a security person or someone presenting themselves to be a person that could either get her back stage, or back into the arena makes sense, which can account for her alleged reaction of being argumentative with a different security person who wouldn’t allow her back into the arena.

    If we knew what the conversation was between Morgan and the BB players, it would sure help clear things up. Did she say: I lost my cell phone — I lost my purse — can you help me find them — did she ask to use their phone — did she ask for a ride somewhere or directions — what was the information the police had that made them initially state they didn’t suspect foul play ???

    Irrespective of that, after reading our local TV station’s big “latest on MH” last night, my heart just dropped. It was a sound bite that ended w/ “details at 11..” so I went on their website. This is old news, way old news.

    We have to remember, the goal of the Harringtons and the goal of LE are two different things — the Harringtons want to know what happened to their daughter, they want her home — the police want to know what happened to Morgan, but they also want to make an arrest and conviction if a crime occurred — which means they have to take it step by step —

    If I were the Harringtons, I’d take that 150 grand, rent an office in Charlottesville, set up their own tip line and ask volunteers to man it — so many people want to help — and use the collective energy of these young people who want to help — they can do amazing things w/ computers in tracking down info — I’d hire an independent forensic lab and a large private investigation company — the newspaper lady claims no one from LE has followed up w/ her — she claims she’s subseqently seen at least one of the boys w/ the person she thought was Morgan on campus — get somebody over there and ask that boy some questions — get someone to collect forensic evidence from the dorm room they were in — get the person to identify the girl he was w/ if it wasn’t Morgan — the police might not be able to do any of that without a warrant, and you can’t get a warrant w/out probable cause. If that boy has nothing to hide, then he’ll give up the information — if he does, then he can get a lawyer — I’d hire an independent crminal profiler or a forensic psychologist and post their results on every message board I could find.

    I firmly believe if the Harringtons are to recieve a swift answer, then they are going to have to be extremely pro-active in finding their daughter. I don’t say that to be unkind, but they control the purse strings on that fund, we do not. I don’t think there’s a single person here that if we found Morgan today we’d take that money — it’s my understanding that Metallica has not put any restrictions on their contribution — use it any way you can to find her — if I had $50,000 I’d start up a volunteer command center for them —

    It’s my opinion if the Harringtons leave the outcome solely to LE, then Morgan is not going to be found for a very long time — if ever.

    Somebody out there knows where she is — somebody out there knows the person(s) responsible for taking Morgan (even if Morgan went willingly) — even if they don’t know they know —

    People around the world are drawn to this case and the fate of this young woman — Release information to the public, and let’s put our collective heads together and brain storm and bring Morgan home —

    getting down from my soap box, but still praying for her return every day — I feel it’s all I can do : (

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Skyler 476 post.
    It could be that Morgan’s trip to the bathroom was a “pit stop” on her way out of the arena? Sometimes you pass by and say..I better.

    That would kind of explain the kiss goodbye, she was leaving and no friends accompanying her because it didn’t start off as a bathroom trip.

  28. NewGuy says:

    Observer – I was thinking about your earlier posts about the 25 mile radius around Morgan’s last siting. Does that assume that abductor will acquire the abductee (in this case, MH), do as he/she wishes to her at one location and possibly discard her at another location? If this is the case, this might lead to a larger search area than the 25 miles, yes? The perpetrator might also have done these over a length of time, which might also lead to a larger search area.

    I do not follow the primary literature in this field, but I also assumed that those that commit this type of heinous crime do not typically operate in their own backyards… rather preying on individuals outside their own communities (social, geographic, etc). Granted many are also socio-paths and do not operate “normally.”

    I agree with your post 476, the Harrington’s need to camp out in CVille and leverage a community that is willing to help.

    This is a great site. Would it be helpful if someone posted images from the locations relevant for this case? I notice in some of the posts the local people describing the area, and those not from the area found it helpful.

    NG, thanks, welcome, and be my guest.

  29. J2K says:

    localcvillegirl – I have only been posting in/reading “… Separating Fact From Fiction I/II” for the last few days, and just now came across your thoughts in this thread. Obviously you were stating what I was thinking before I even put finger to keyboard. Just wanted that noted, and to cross-postally (word?) acknowledge the Occam’s Razor-based theory we seem to share in regard to this case.

  30. KYcat says:

    I had to jump in on the “going to the bathroom alone”. I may be the only one that does not think that would be unusual. Being young and invincible once (just old and cautious now) I would not have thought twice about going to the bathroom alone at a concert back in the day. I had the usual BFFs and still have the same ones today and we would go together or not. It just depends. Morgan seems to be a very independent girl and I can see her going off to the bathroom by herself. Although, I don’t think that is where she was going.

    On another note, I do believe that it is just by the grace of God that me and my girlfriends are here today. In hindsight, we did some pretty stupid stuff and never thought anything about it. But, that little voice in the back of your head telling you a situation is not right, get out, was listened to when needed. I think Morgan was incapacitated in some way, due to the fall or drinking and that impaired her judgement. Plus she was alone in the parking lot, no friends for backup. That made her easy prey. Someone she knew?

    From everything that I have read it seems that Morgan may have had other plans for that night. Not unusual for kids to do that and their friends to cover for them. To me, that may explain why her friends were not too concerned until the next day.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Harrington family. This case and all the other missing person cases weigh heavy on my heart. I cannot imagine the pain. God bless everyone that cares so deeply and thank you Blink for this site. I enjoy all the insightful and intelligent posters here. Blink and SM rock.

  31. skyler says:

    Sinking feeling — i am so naive — waiting for my kid to get home, so I’m flipping thru the channels — there was a piece on Inside Edition, that were it not for the awareness of Morgan’s situation, I wouldn’t have watched it. They had a security expert go undercover in a NY nightclub — he gave the advice to never accept a drink from a stranger and don’t accept any drinks either not given to you directly from the bartender, or that you watch with your own eyes — for ex. from bartender to waitress — five women accepted drinks from him — one looped her arm around his and drank — as he said later, they would have had no idea if he had slipped something in any drink — then they put two young women under cover — when they walked together, they were hit on, but just usual guy stuff – when one of them walked alone, she was immediately surrounded by men wanting her to go to their apt. and do cocaine and/or to go with them — the men were very aggressive until I guess a BIG guy associated with the project stepped up and told ‘em to get lost — it showed video of young women — plural — leaving clubs in the middle of the night and walking away alone —

    If we learn nothing more than this, hopefully we will all sit every young woman and young man down and tell them; this is real, this is what really happens —

    Peace to the Harringtons, God, please bring Morgan home now !

  32. Roxy says:

    You know Blink a thought just came to me and I know I’m going to eat crow for it but here I go anyway. After reading many posts about every possible scenario known to man about why Morgan left the arena leaves only one obvious detail that may have been overlooked.
    One chatter mentioned about the four of them being a somewhat odd group and I agree. Picture for a moment you are at a concert with some close friends. Being among friends, and unbeknownst to you, what if two of the friends are having a relationship on the sly. Let’s say an argument did take place at the concert about this relationship forming behind the back of another good friend. Well, if it did,..I’m not sure about others but this would urk me to no end and I would be ‘extremely’ uncomfortable. So uncomfortable, to a point I would have no part of it and I have left before myself in a similar situation. No man is worth doing that to a sister from way back.
    So,..looking for a way out perhaps Morgan left the arena intentionally by her own choice. Number one, the excuse would have to be logical and believable. (Many people were locked out-only Morgan went missing) Damn, I’m locked out guys..carry on I’m off or cya after. Two, I would be contacting the friend I was not at odds with. (Can you tell your friend,…) Also, due to the background noise during the phone call the friends may not have been 110% sure with certainty what was said so they waited just in case. The friends did know it was one or the other.
    Aside from borrowing clothing they would have to be darn close in size and the scent on the bridge could have been a point of attempted escape as well which, to my understanding, could have been left by a cup, piece of gum or a kleenex dropped that has simply blown away. Anyway, back to my movie.
    p.s. I am looking forward to reading your published literary work in the future.

  33. Rose says:

    Hi, everyone- Can anyone tell me if we are all now on another thread and where it is? I posted on the Virginia State Police New Search thread Jan 8/10 (#848) but no one has posted after that. Likewise, on this thread, Roxy (above)Jan 9, 2010, is the last post with no follow-ups. Has Blink shut down? Rose

    Rose, you need to set your RSS

  34. Momof3 says:


    Roxy join us on the new thread You have some really good theories. By the way, are you the Roxy at Scaredf monkees? Or did you go by Roxie here at Blink’s at any time?
    Thanks, hopefully I’ll see you guys on the new thread…..

  35. Momof3 says:

    oops, meant Scared Monkeys sorry for the typos guys.

  36. belika says:

    Dear all,
    It’s my first day here, on the blink’s site, and on the Morgan’s story. I am not a US citizen, but I lived in NYC for some time. I know some people from Blacksburg, and some VAT graduates. I am a Bulgarian, 32, female.
    I used to live in different places in the world because of my education and job, but now I am here in my home land.

    That story, the Morgan’s story is so scary. I found about it because of a comment on a funny article about a missing girl, stealing others missing girls IDs on the rolling stone magazine. It was very adventurous, but really harmless. And, as being a sensible, wandering, and quite depressed person, i found in familiar, as sometimes me too, I feel like I would love to have a new life, with new name, a brand new me out there…

    However, i am some kind of lawyer, more in culture and social responsibility, but still sometimes I work as a consultant for NGOs for some causes that seem important to me, like corruption in the court and legal system /here, in Bulgaria, it’s a huge issue, affecting many peoples lives/, kids in need, disabled kids, and ecology.

    Here, I am not to tell you about my story, or depression because the world seem too dark to me to live in here, All I wanted is to share you my modest opinion about Morgan and her so called “vanishing”.

    I’ve never met her family, but the reports say her father is a VAT prof, and I know some Columbia great profs about the same age… They all seem quite opened and modern, concerning their view about life, I mean things like going to a rock concert, dressing in black, smoking pot, drinking, having sex at the age of 20… So, I just cant get some of the facts about the investigation and about her parents comments, or – the “no comment” behavior from them about some things.

    To me, I think at the concert’s evening Morgan was some kind of happy, maybe had some drinks, maybe had some pot, or something alike… Maybe even had sex with some guy, or guys… all those doesnt seem so “to be terribly ashamed of facts” about a 20 years old girl, from the US, from Blacksburg, daughter of a prof… So, why are all of them – the investigators, of her parents hiding all those from the public?
    I just dont get it!

    A young beautiful girl, obviously very happy about her outfit, as well as about her life in general is missing for months?

    The last people to see her were some great looking, maybe very rich and influential, basketball players from her same University…
    And all them, are communicating this info with the public months after that concert? And nothing about those guy’s names? Not a world? Only – they were interrogated, and found no relevance. Cool.
    What about her so called “best friends”? Not a single world from them?

    All you people, what the hell are you so afraid of? You live in the country of freedom? Is the keeping your family’s, or your own reputation worth finding what happened to your daughter?

    Are “they” so important?

    I just dont get it.

    OK, the FBI obviously didnt do much more about Morgans case. Nor did the UVA police, neither the VA state police. How about, instead giving a $150k reward for any information, leading to bringing back Morgan home, which, by now, is obviously impossible to me, give some of those money to some big, and smart private investigator, with some FBI experience, or whomever, you find good enough for the job?
    I dont know about you, guys, but that idea seem quite reasonable to me….

    I wish you all to find Morgan safe. But, my experience in the criminal law tells me, its not very likely by now, regarding all the facts about her disappearing and that so called “investigation” of tha VA state police and UVA police.

    Congrats to Blink for his great job to support this kind of important causes!

    Best to you.

    TY and welcome

  37. belika says:

    Hi again, Blink!
    I am still reading the treads about Morgan on your site, and I have some points to share and ask you, or the others here about, if you can comment anything:
    - How come, if Morgan at all made it inside the arena, that they didn’t see her, /at least as far as I know after reading here for some time and looking at some reports on the web/, on any of the films of all the surveillance cameras, /I am sure they have around the concert, or parking lot many cameras/?
    - How come they didnt found exactly whom she was with at the arrival of the concert, nor how and where from she entered of left the arena? / because all the concerts I went to, and those are not many, at least not many rock, crowded concerts, as two times I fainted of dehydration, you know, when going to that kind of concerts it’s not easy to reach the bathrooms and go back to your place, so I dont drink much… so, all the concerts I know about have video cameras on the entrance/exit, right? And still, none found tapes with Morgan entering/exiting the arena?
    - About that guy Kane, all I think is that he’s some weirdo, looking for attention, not at all connected to that case; or he knows someone connected, and that is why he is trying to implement he’s theories… maybe… But, anyway, I donth think he is the person that directly caused Morgans disappearance… Because, in my opinion, it should be someone she trusted, she knew, at least she thought she knew well enough…

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