Morgan Harrington Case: Separating Fact From Fiction From Facebook Part II

Posted by BOC Staff | Missing Persons,Morgan Harrington | Friday 20 November 2009 11:00 am

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Charlottesville, VA– Just passing the month mark, the disappearance of Morgan Harrington from the John Paul Jones Area located on the UVA campus, leaves us with more questions than answers. Part II

The Faces of Her Facebook

Help Find Morgan Harrington was developed by a few concerned individuals interested in spreading the word about Morgan’s disappearance and boasts over 30,000 members. Not all posts are welcome.

NelsonIn particular, a member by the name of Nelson Kane was recently banned for posting very detailed hypothesis scenarios that sparked a firestorm of interest in the self-appointed athlete scout. His posts were deleted at the request of Law Enforcement who admit tasking two officers with monitoring the web for such activity in Morgan’s case.

Additionally, Mr. Kane reached out to several individuals on facebook as well as the Harrington family’s site in attempts to speak to the family directly and request an interview. The Harrington’s were made aware of the concern for such requests by sources close to the investigation.

 He has recently changed his facebook drastically. Nkoldfacebook

Mr. Kane, a member of the family owning the longtime furniture store of the same name in Charlottesville is also a UVA alumni and season ticket holder. In addition to UVA, Kane also claims to have attended Virginia Tech on many of his many social networking profiles. He also fancies himself as somewhat of a Rock band critic.

On his site, which he has maintained Nkane1since 2001, Kane chronicles his trips to scout mostly High School basketball and football athletes. In an effort to make his site more interesting (his words) he details the travel experience, routes, times and in some cases photos of his visits to High Schools mostly within a few hours driving distance.  

Very early on in Morgan’s case, explored the idea that perhaps the double murder of VT freshmen David Metzler and Heidi Childs on August 27th should be investigated as a possible link to Morgan’s case simply because they attend the school and Morgan and Heidi bare a remarkable resemblance to one another.




As far as very odd coincidences go, the location of Nelson Kane’s scouting foray the evening of the August 28th could not be more relevant.


Kane scouted the game at Jefferson Forest High School. The very Kane0828School Heidi Childs graduated from a year earlier. Unlike most of Kane’s other journal entries of his athlete accolades, there is no mention of his travel experience to or from Forest High School so it is unclear where he left from, when he got there, or when he returned home. 

This is in no way an accusation that Mr. Kane had any involvement whatsoever in such a heinous crime, of course, but given his proclivities for leaving at all hours of the day and night his keen attention to travel detail and familiarity with the area: Perhaps he saw someone or something amiss in his trip that could help investigators.



On Saturday October 17th, Kane scouts a game, listens to the UVA football game on his way home and is home in plenty of time to make the concert.


Blink how do you know he was at the concert you ask? I do not. I do know he knows alot about security at the JPJ Arena, how to navigate the different lots near Uhall, and of course that there are blue portable lavatories next to Lanigan Field. His posts from the Charlottesville Daily Progress below:


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  1. Jane says:

    What exactly could the VSP be searching for? With the autumn leaves down and the amount of rain we’ve had, I would think it would be very difficult to find anything along the interstate.

  2. redly says:

    2442 — “BB players did not come forward until they were ID’d by the limo driver and that was on 11/12.”

    Is this verified/sourced or just another message board musing that took on a life of its own?

    I can verify the BB players did not come forward until they were Id’d. But it was within the first week. Maybe that is referring to my announcement of same.

  3. questioner says:

    Here you go Blink! Go for it!

    I think they may have triangulated the “foreign” number in question, and it gets tossed out the window here. OR they are tracking pings from a known source and it powers on or off here, imo. The 4 mile stretch is about right.

  4. lily says:

    I would guess they’re looking for a cell phone battery along the Interstate.

  5. juliemooly says:

    Blink, go to, register for the free membership, and do a simple search for cellular towers by County and State, for the county of Albemarle, Virginia.

  6. questioner says:

    I think they may have triangulated the “foreign” number in question, and it gets tossed out the window here. OR they are tracking pings from a known source and it powers on or off here, imo. The 4 mile stretch is about right.

    Ok, can anyone venture a guess as to why the people who did searches were not specifically told to look for a cell phone battery? Does anyone else find a problem with this? Also, keep in mind, that LE and VSP had already done a search here, before volunteers were called in.

    Searchers are told to look for any kind of find like that, Im not sure what you mean.

  7. Counselor4u says:

    This was posted on FindMorgan forum by someone who says she/he knows Morgan’s friends:

    I wish I could answer more of your questions, but I honestly don’t know too much. I just know from what my friends have been able to tell me.

    1) I’m not sure who exactly had her keys, but the keys were in JPJ. She didn’t have them on her.

    2) Again, not sure why exactly she left jpj.

    3) Morgan, like any other college girl, has done that sort of thing before. I’ve posted on other threads too… you believe that nothing is going to happen to you. So you meet some nice people, hang out, do your thing, maybe stay the night, and don’t talk to your friends til the next morning. I’m not saying that is what happened. But because it’s happened before, some of her friends believed that was what had happened.

    The girls had tried to get in touch with her, but couldn’t. So, they stayed at the arena for a while, hoping the she had either gotten a ride, or had wandered off somewhere but would come back at the end of the show. Because they couldn’t get in touch with her, they assumed she either got a ride home, or met someone. It was getting late, so they drove back to jmu ( i believe.. i’m pretty sure they had to drop sarah off).

    I also believe that the girls speaking in public might bode well for them, but the Harrington’s have asked them not to.
    Sorry, I know that wasn’t completely informative.. but that’sthe best i can do

    This is another poster on the same forum who states that he knows the person who Morgan texted:

    Why does everyone think the guy she was texting is so suspicious? I text people almost every day with no intentions to meet up with them later. Didn’t Mr. Harrington say that this guy is not a POI…just a friend? If the guy she was texting is who I have heard it is, he would in no way harm Morgan. It seems like everyone who has ever had any connection to Morgan is being thrown under the rug just for knowing her. I feel really bad for her friends (and yes, I do believe they truly are her friends, despite bad judgment that was made that night). I hope this doesn’t offend anybody….everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do not know Morgan personally, but we have many mutual friends and my heart hurts for these people that are being slandered. These are good kids that are being accused of such terrible things that they would never do. I understand that people are going to continue to speculate (which isn’t always a bad thing), and I probably will never change some people’s opinions of her friends….but I hope that people will think about how they would feel if they were being falsely accused of something before they post such hateful things about her friends.

    I have heard rumors as to who this person is. Nothing verified 100%, but I am pretty sure that these rumors are true based on what I have heard. If this person is who I think it is, then I have known his family for years. He’s a good kid and comes from a good family. In my opinion and based on what I know about him and his upbringing, it would be 100% out of character and extremely unlikely for him to have harmed Morgan.

    Yes…extremely out of character and impossible considering he still actively updates his facebook and has been seen since then.

  8. OPEN YOUR EYES says:

    I still feel that Morgan texted someone who was still at the house where they’d been partying before the concert, and was planning on returning to the party with this guy. . . .


    Not Tarheel, but I agree with you.

  9. skyler says:

    >>>Skyler- refresh my memory on the car on the side of the road you saw.
    B <<<<<

    the car was pulled onto the shoulder just off the “on” ramp to I-64 from the downtown exit — for local folks, I think Rt. 29 is around there ???? — there were railroad tracks — the door(s) on the passenger side were open — I think it was a 4-door, but won’t swear to it — there appeared to be a male, feet planted on pavement, bent over w/ his head inside the car — passenger side — there was at least 1, maybe more, people inside — the interior light was on — I will venture to say it was a darker-colored car — it was not white — there was no moon out — the night was very dark

    it was “raining” not “misting” at that exact moment. I remember thinking: what a terrible night to be broken down. This was after 9:10 PM and prior to 9:30 PM. I know this because — movie let out at 9 — I stayed and “powdered my nose” — just up from the theatre, the heavens opened and rained poured hard — by the time I walked all the way to the parking garage several blocks away, I was soaking wet — and freezing — when I finally got to the car, I turned on the heater and called my kid — Metallica was NOT on stage at that time — because he answered the phone and we talked — by 9:40 I was parked behind EconoLodge and Metallica was definitely in full swing — and poor Morgan’s fate was sealed : (

  10. Tarheel says:

    Do we know if they were alledgedly partying at JMU or somewhere closer to UVA, or is all the party talk speculation? I’m not local, but if the party was at JMU I don’t think the mystery man would have had time to get to UVA by 9:30 would he?

  11. yoshi says:

    Sorry if I’m reposting…not sure mine went through as I didn’t see it right away. (I know posts are moderated, but I thought the poster (only) can see his/her post immediately and that didn’t happen this time) Blink, please delete if this becomes a duplicate.

    I don’t post often as it takes me FOR-EV-ER to get my thoughts down. Plus, I’m wordy…sorry. I often write posts only to abandon them because I usually just end up confused as to what my point even is. I’m an avid follower here and have been reading non stop. Just ask my husband and children…they’re starting to get a little miffed about not having any clean clothes and my inability to get up in the morning. (Those new pictures of Morgan disappeared as I was viewing them very early in the morning yesterday)

    I apologize if this has already been gone over and tossed out, but discussion of the mystery 5th Wheel person in the car has got me thinking. I’m thinking that an old thread on WS that has been referenced here a couple of times (post #916 on BOC) should be revisited.

    I wasn’t too sure about this poster’s credibility at the time, but I think
    he is trying to be helpful and honest as he corrects himself whenever an error is pointed out.

    Here are a couple of things I got out of it:
    snipped directly from above thread

    3 girls(2 of them roommates and one morgan) drove to jmu. they picked up the girl and her boyfriend at jmu

    drove morgans car with the 5 of them to va tech. 4 girls and 1 guy. That is another definite (yoshi here- I think he means UV or the concert)

    One of the girls, not the guy, had the keys after they parked in the main lot. They stayed with a friend in va tech after the concert ande left in the morning assuming morgans phone went dead and she had a ride.

    sorry for the confusion, but atleast u had me on top of things so we can have a correct reading. i told her friends what you guys were doing for her so they opened up for answers. any information need up to the concert ask me and ill try to find out because thats what the friends will help with. but i think the police were trying to say she had 4 other friends. not just four people. i was incorrect by saying 6 but its 5. and sorry bout the roanoke situation, they drove to jmu.

    end of snip.

    This poster is adamant that there were 5 people in the car and that they parked in the main lot. (anyone find out where granny was parked?) We know that 4 tickets were purchased. I bet this was supposed to be a girl’s night out. The 5th Wheel was picked up w/ his girlfriend (or his friend’s girlfriend, I’m confused here) in Harrisonburg. He was either going to try to go to the concert w/ the girls (but he most likely would not be able to get a seat anywhere near the girls) or he just needed a ride to the arena or the surrounding area to do something. (visit family? play basketball?, hook up w/ old team mates, work a shift at the arena? see friends? etc.) Depending on his final destination, he would have either been dropped off before the concert or at the arena.

    Stay with me…

    1)We know that Morgan left the arena. I believe she was likely “asked to leave”….for whatever reason (doesn’t matter). She “voluntarily” left – meaning she wasn’t physically escorted out, she didn’t have to be removed and if threats to call the police were made they didn’t have to be enforced. Semantics are probably important here to the arena staff/spokespersons.

    2)I think she ended up looking for this 5th Wheel as she knew he was in the area and if the girls were his ride home after the concert she probably figured she would hook up w/ him and hang out somewhere until the concert ended and then they would make their way back to the car or meet up w/ the girls for their after concert plans. Apparently he never showed up to ride home w/ the girls and he didn’t communicate his whereabouts w/ them. (Reference Dee’s quote of the girls telling her that they were missing a friend) J2k, I think you brought this up. I always assumed they were speaking of Morgan, but could never figure out why they would say “missing” “worried” and then go on to change their after concert plans. If they are speaking of the 5th Wheel this makes more sense. The girls probably thought Morgan was going to find a ride w/ someone completely different. Maybe that didn’t work out and she ended up looking for and hooking up w/ 5th Wheel guy.

    3) I don’t think the basketball players are directly involved, but there may be a connection. Maybe 5th Wheel has a basketball connection (current player? ex-player?) Morgan may have headed over to the players to ask if they had seen him. Did the basketball players come forward w/ information regarding Morgan or were they sought out by investigators based on what the friends told them. (5th Wheel’s presence/affiliation/friendships/plans that night etc.)

    4) Or, forget any basketball/sports affiliation. Maybe after finding herself outside of the arena w/out a ride or anything to do, she secured plans w/ 5th wheel. Did she ask the basketball players for directions to where she was supposed to meet him (and possibly some of his friends) either making it to their meeting place (just past the bridge…hence the vehicle stopped on the side of the road?) or did she get into trouble before ever hooking up w/ this 5th Wheel guy?

  12. Counselor4u says:

    #2458 Comment by skyler — December 16, 2009 @ 8:30 pm:

    Do you recall the type of car….was it rounded like a sedan or squared like an SUV?

  13. Counselor4u says:

    On FindMorgan, a poster stated that he had been told by the clerk at the EconoLodge that Morgan had been at a party in the same room the poster had reserved when he came down to search.

    I do not know for a fact, but, I got the impression that LE may not have thoroughly checked out that witness’s report.

    IF this is accurate info, then, this would certainly make a difference about the last known witness to have seen Morgan.

  14. fish says:

    j2k: i do not think of you as harsh and obnoxious. i welcome the critisim. i have always felt that you make us all think outside the box and that is why i was trying to start back at the last place and time Morgan was seen walking and talking by others.

    you are right, maybe they have absolutely nothing to do with Morgan other than being the unfortunate people to see a girl before she goes missing. in that case, i too, can feel for them. how horrible that they were the last to lay eyes on her but with that said, these are very important eyes! they have her state of mind, what she was wearing and possibly other very important information or clues as to where she thought she was going.

    i just thought it bears to be discussed.

    and, if they were the three uva bbplayers to have talked to Morgan and they are the very same three in question on the team. (i.e. the suspended one, the leave of absence one and the i have no clue one) then maybe they hold more information than we all know. i am not even sure if the third one is a bbplayer from uva. maybe he is from another university (jmu?) watching their practice. is that possible? could he be the M-Man, the textee, the boyfriend, a different driver, someone none of us even have clued into yet?

    just a side note, i have been called many things, some of them kind, some not so kind and some of both even true! but never been called a tad lazy, even in the critical thinking department. i read this site daily, practically hourly and even wait for your posts. you gave me kuddos early on when i was raw and emotional from the search. oh yes, i remember! there are times when i feel that i do not even belong on this site but because i can find solace here…you all have me! so i do apologize. just trying to help with my thoughts, theories and the insight i may be able to contribute.

    one more thought, then i will retire…for the night that is! if these uva bbplayers were so concerned about their professional careers than what’s with the supension and leave of absence? if i had a scholarship to a great university with the potention of a NBA career, i would hope that i would protect it at all cost but then again maybe they are?

    J2K, i too, think you contribute greatly not only to this site but to me. i appreciate your consideration given to me and look forward to your future posts. (although i may be a slight bit afraid to post back! ;) just kidding)

  15. gotoutofpcity says:

    I don’t know why people are bringing up the basketball players again… but NCAA rules limit practice times per day and week. They had practice early Saturday morning or very early in the afternoon. However, it is very common for guys to go shoot around or get together in a non-team sanctioned practice in off-hours. It makes it very likely they were wearing team gear or warm-up suits that would have made them IDable.

    Thinking practically, these guys probably went to an early evening shoot around for a few hours and were getting out of there so they could go enjoy their Saturday night on campus. After a few minutes of chatting it up with a cute blonde girl they went on their way to do their thing. Whoever out there that still thinks they are involved in any way is way off base.

  16. radiogirl says:

    2463 unless you have concrete information (verifiable), they are still on the table.I reported for years on people surrounding a case that authorities said were not suspects and then later arrested.Until I read a transcript and there has been an arrest,they are still part of this case.WHY did they NOT come forward immediately.

  17. yoshi says:

    Hey Blink,
    I posted a few hours ago, but nothing has shown up. Should I re-post?

    Got it, was hiding in spam. Is posted, thanks Yoshi

  18. ohiomom says:

    gotoutofpcity@11:09 pm – I appreciate you vouching for the BBall players, but how do you know that one or more of them were not involved?

  19. Word Girl says:

    Too tired to think. but I love Spam, by gam!

  20. Word Girl says:

    Skyler, girl. I’m sorry your request by another poster was, in my opinion, too short a stretch. You were asked if the vehicle you saw was round or square. I think you can do better than that.

    Many more ways to identify vehicles…I’m sure you know how without this.
    check here:

    Do you remember the grille, the shape (not confined to round or square) Any rubber thingies?

    Especially, thingies.

    As much as I’d like to hope you saw some evidence, I don’t want to put that in your briefcaese. Just turning over the stones…

    WG- I agree to ask our friend Skyler to take another crack at it. I also know that in the deep dark of night in that rural area Skyler was driving alone in an unfamiliar place, probably with a bit of angst as her teenage son was in the belly of the beast so to speak.

    She came upon something she really thought nothing of at the time, and now in retrospect it could be very important. I was thinking of this last night, her adamance that she did not see Morgan on either side of the bridge at roughly the exact time there are independent sightings of someone matching her description hitchhiking on it, tells me she is within minutes of seeing something she may or may not know she saw.

    Skyler, can you try something for me? When you can get 5 minutes of quiet:

    Close your eyes and try to meditate on this. Picture yourself back in Charlottesville. Don’t just recall it, “be back there”, and I want you to experience it again from start to finish.

    1. Write down the most important thing you just remembered, in your opinion, immediately after your done.
    2. Write down anything no matter how insignificant, that you had not remembered previously.
    3. Write down the things your SURE OF, and the times your sure of they occurred.

    You ARE the briefcase at this point, we are going to build your timeline from this exercise.

    ps. And this is important. You did everything right. If you were meant to run into Morgan that evening to offer assistance you would have. Try your very best to release your yourself of that burden before you do the above exercise; it will help.

    WG- thanks for reminding me to address this today, yesterday was a long one.

  21. gotoutofpcity says:

    I think common sense should lead anyone to believe the UVA bball players are not involved. They were the last people confirmed to have seen Morgan. I am confident that they were investigated thoroughly. By thoroughly, I mean they had to check these guys’ alibis for a significant amount of time after her disappearance (where did they end up saturday night, what did they do all day sunday, any changes in their weekly routine the following week, etc.). If there was even the slightest bit of suspicion involving them it would almost certainly make some kind of news.

    I follow sports very closely. When 2 college football players commit a robbery, it makes’s front page. When a college bball player gets suspended for a game for missing a team curfew, it makes the news. When a baseball player no one has ever heard of get a DUI, it makes the news. I think if a player or 3 from a Division 1 ACC was anywhere near involved with this case, ESPN would be all over it.

    Got out-
    On this one we will disagree, respectfully. No POI’s and Nobody cleared to date so imo, everyone stays in until I hear otherwise.

  22. belleboyd says:

    Interview with MH’s friend, Donn Booker and his mother on WHSV tv this morning 5am. Exlusive interview with MH’s parents at 12pm today.

  23. OPEN YOUR EYES says:

    @ Yoshi & Counselor 4u: local comments immediately following MHs disappearance (a couple days after and BEFORE everyone close stopped talking) were that she was at a party. Not sure if before or after the concert. IF after, and if Econolodge comments ring true, should be easy enough for LE to find out who was in rooms. . . or at least who booked them and go from there. Econolodge is a stones throw from JPJ. Look at google maps.

  24. MsL says:

    I don’t know what actually happened with the basketball players. Could be sinister, maybe not, but I don’t see it as a sign of guilt that they did not come forward before being ID’d by the limo driver. It’s been stated here that the driver came forward with his/her information and LE talked to the players during the week immediately following the disappearance. Sadly, this story took a couple of days to catch hold. It was kind of a blip on the radar during the Sunday 6:00 p.m. news that a young woman had not been seen since the concert on Saturday. After all, she was not reported missing until after mid-day on Sunday. I don’t remember whether it was Monday or later that it became obvious that this young woman, Morgan, was really missing. I know nothing about the players (number unknown to my knowledge even though so many here have run with the number 3.) If they are like a lot of young people, following the news closely is not something that fits in with their busy schedules. I’m making this assessment from my own nieces and nephews who never seem to be in one place long enough to catch more than 5 minutes of news as they’re passing through a room. Couple their academic requirements, with I’m sure some partying, along with the pressure of getting ready for a sports season to start, and I can see how they possibly had not even realized they could be “involved” in a missing person’s investigation until contacted by LE (if the contact occurred during the early stages of the investigation.) Some posters here have connected the date the information about the players was released by LE in November as being the date they were interviewed. Being a Charlottesville resident, I had heard talk early on, after the investigation had kicked into gear, that LE had talked to members of the basketball team. At that time, I didn’t hear why, who or how many, but the fact of the interviews, wasn’t a deep dark secret. I think the late release of the information by LE and the limited release of what was learned has made many jump to the conclusion, without any basis in fact at this time, that the players had to have been involved in the disappearance. I also disagree with the many who have written that they players reported that Morgan were hitch hiking. Perhaps they did, but again, this seems to be baseless speculation without any knowledge in fact. IF there is any possibility any of these young men were involved, I hope they are being watched constantly for a mistake that will lead to a conclusion to Morgan’s disappearance. Until that time, they and all other witnesses who have been interviewed should be seen as just that, witnesses. Instantly playing the blame game, whether it be directed at the friends, people in the parking lot who saw a young blond, security, or the basketball players, does nothing to encourage cooperation.

  25. NYMom says:

    Maybe the onset of Christmas/the New Year will tweak someone’s conscience–I’m sure there are people with information visiting BoC and other sites who wish they could unburden themselves by doing the right thing and contacting authorities.

    I know because it happened to me.

    I carried such info for a long time–while I did not have firsthand knowledge, an acquaintance who claimed their ex- had committed a murder told me about it. I knew this person was telling the truth. When this same person’s relative became involved in a second murder, I felt I had to go to LE with what I had been told, and I did. Now I rarely think about it–before, I thought of it often, and it troubled me greatly. At least now I can go thru life knowing I didn’t remain silent.

    BTW, a poster elsewhere had a great suggestion–buy a throwaway phone and make a call to LE or the Harrington family, telling what you know.

    Any people out there with info have to realize deep down that they NEED as human beings to help bring Morgan home. We only have one life, and it’s so important to step up.

    NY Mom, thanks for that important post.

  26. belleboyd says:

    Blink, I posted information about an interview that was on WHSV tv today (5am) with a MH’s friend, Donn Booker. There is also an “exclusive” interview today at 12pm on WHSV with MH’s parents. I guess my posting got lost in the shuffle : (

    Found it, posted, thanks

  27. J2K says:

    fish (re: #2463)
    I should have put the “lazy thinking” reference in better context – it was not directed at you, and I would not describe anyone who lends their time and thoughts to this site that way – certainly not yourself.

    There could very well be a more important connection between MH and BB players than we’re aware of – I just think if we had access to a more voluminous timeline, with MH interacting with, say, four different groups of people (e.g., a few concert goers, some students, a guy loitering in front of the 7-11, etc.), I don’t think we’d be zeroing in on these athletes with what little LE has put out regarding their interaction with MH that night. I think that since they are male, and she disappeared soon-after speaking with them (as far as the timeline goes), they’re a convenient point of interest and speculation – and, as such, may be serving as a red herring for some of those speculating here on the case.

    I’m not sure what the eptitude of the LE officials “working” her disappearance is, but as only the relevant investigators know what the BB players said about their alleged 10-minute involvement with MH – and, as LE seemed to have quickly moved on from them – it appears to me that whatever *was* during their interviews raised little to no suspicion on LE’s end, thus it hasn’t on mine, either. That said, the truth about what happened that night still aludes us all, so… take my opinion for what it is: opinion.

    Also, I don’t think it’s certain the BB players who were recently suspended or otherise took absence were these three guys. I think that was speculation that is being interchanged with fact.

    And I agree with you that everything indeed warrants discussion here – I just feel badly that these likely innocent young men (in regard to MH) are getting dragged through the mud on the MH forums (and often on BoC) when LE seems to have their sights focused elsewhere as far as POI.

    Anyway! I appreciate you reaching out, fish.

    J2k, I dont think we can say where LE has their sights wrt a POI, as they maintain they do not have one. I do agree the bball players are witnesses. I hope nobody is dragging anyone through the mud without justification.

  28. skyler says:

    Hi, Blink — I’m just reading your post this AM.

    also, you have to understand, I have no sense of direction — I used to do a lot of work in Charlottesville, and could navigate pretty easily before, but it had been eight years since I had been into the city and everything had changed — i’d never been to jpj before — so I can describe “landmarks” but someone who is local, or maybe if you can coordinate w/ Google maps, can tell you exactly where I was — some of this is redundant, some of it has no bearing — I am going to include everything — every memory of that day — and please, edit at will —

    I had mapquested the directions. We arrived in Charlottesville around 3:30, taking the airport exit off 64 west. There was a lot of traffic on the roadway — we had to wait thru seeral clicks of stop lights. The boys wanted to arrive early because sometimes Metallica does a “meet and greet” w/ fans prior to the show. I stopped at a Wachovia bankk and used the ATM — because of the traffic we had difficulty getting back into the flow of traffic.

    While we were waiting to turn right at a stoplight, a large white bus turned left from the opposite lane. I remakred to the boys: there goes Metallica. They said, no, Metallica has their own private jet; they would NEVER ride a bus.

    I turned into Massie Rd. from Emmet, at the T-intersection, Massie runs parallel to the arena. There were people milling around. I passed a couple of side streets on the left — I was looking for a drop off point to let the boys out — There were signs omn all of the streets which said: either reserved parking or VIP parking. When I purchased the tickets, I had the option of purchasing reserved parking. I turned left with basically just the nose of my car. I noticed there was a sheltered bus stop w/ a bench. Immediately people came toward the car. The closest was an older woman, in khaki pants and a navy nylon jacket — her jacket was open and the wind was catching the sides as she walked. She had a black walkie in her right hand. I indicated that I was just dropping the boys off, and she smiled and nodded then turned around and I didn’t see her again — there were a lot of people in the parking lots who appeared to be working there. It was cold and had been spitting rain since about 30 mins. prior to C’ville. The boys had their jackets, but at the last min. ditched them into the backseat. by then it was around 4:20. I turned right at the light on Emmet, then drove straight until I saw a little apt. complex w/ parking on the left. I pulled into the little parking area to make sure I had the other kid’s phone # programmed correctly in my phone. I happened to glance up, and I saw the haulers for the band at the garage on Emmet, which was up a little incline. I decided to go and take pictures for my son. I walked up the little incline, and there was a young man sitting in a folding chair. I asked him if I could take pix of the haulers. By this point, off to the right, was a little group of people — an older male surrounded by young people around my son’s age — they were clearly fans. The attendant told me he couldn’t stop me from taking pix, but I couldn’t go past the rope — so I took all kinds of pix and noticed at the lower end of the area were the white buses, containing Metallica, and probably the other bands — I thought to myself: private jet, indeed. At that point, one of the band members from LOG wearing camo cargo shorts and his legs were fully tattooed walked up to me and the parking guy and said: which way do I go to “see something” — I said: aren’t you the LOG guy and he freaked and said: no pix, no pix like four times — I didn’t care — LOG is from Richmond I wasn’t impressed. The parking kid looked at me like this is this dude’s brain on metal and said: what do you mean, “see soemthing” — You know, something. He told him to turn right, and the Log dude trotted down the hill — last I saw of him. I took a lot of pix, but didn’t hit “save” and so none turned out —

    I got back in my car and purposely turned right into the UVA campus. It’s a beautiful school, designed by T. jefferson. There were kids out, and a large tent set up for obviously a wedding. I drove up past the observatory — the views of the mmountains are glorious. There was a church on the right, selling pumpkins. If you bought a pumpkin, you could park free for the concert. Also in my little drive, there were parents clustered around either an elementary or pre-school — some had lawn tools, others a can of paint — it may have even been connected to a church — I don’t know — but obvious parents doing maintenance — kids were in attendance, too — on my last drive thru the campus, I passed a charter bus that said: wedding party

    I drove downtown to the pedestrian mall, parked in one of the parking garages. At this point it had stopped raining and so I left the umbrella in the car. but it was cold — we had left our cameras at home because the jpj person told me no cameras allowed — I’m a girl who follows the rules — so I stopped into the cvs and picked up a couple of magazines and a disposible camera — I wanted to take a picture of the boys in front of the arena — I talked to my son at least twice — once when I parked — he told me he was waiting to get in; that they were not going to open the doors until 6 or 6:30 — I asked him if they were freezing and he said no, there were lots of people by that time and they were just hanging out — I had packed a picnic and soda in a cooler, but they declined the food but took drinks w/ them — I asked him if he was hungry — mom questions — No — I called him after I bought the cameras and asked him if he wanted me to drive back to take their pictures — he told me he’d rather be dead — or words to that effect —

    julia and julie was playing, and I bought a ticket and asked if I could come in early because the weather was so bad — they didn’t care. I bought popcorn and a drink and sat in the lobby reading my little christmas magazine — I talked to my son again, and by this time they were inside the arena —

    the move was over around 9 — I stopped at the bathroom on my way out — the car was parked about four or five blocks away and a couple blocks up from the movie theatre, it started to pour really hard — I was drenched — by the time I got back to the car — I have a silver SUV — I was soaking wet and freezing. I had a heavier sweater in the car, put that on and started the car to turn on the heater — I called my kid — he answered his phone — both Gijora and LOG had finished, and they were waiting for Metallica to take the stage — he told me they had not once sat in their seats and were standing right up against the “cage” — which apparently there was a fenced off area w/ a little gate and there were large body guards — his word — posted around the stage — he had been talking to this one “dude” bouncer and he was about to wet his pants he was so excited. He and Alex had gotten something to eat — he had been texting a friend who was inside the concert, but on one of the tiers, not the floor — they had seen each other — A had left his phone in his jacket pocket — he has a razor and the thing will buzz when you have messages waiting — it buzzed in the back seat and I almost wet my pants it startled me so —

    I left the parking garage around 9:10 — and here I get helplessly lost — I know I drove thru the campus at least once because the wedding tent had been taken down and it was obvious the people were in final clean up stages — it had stopped pouring rain; however, it was still raining/misting enough that I had my full w/s wipers on — not intermittent — it was at this point I drove over the Copley bridge the first time and turned the wrong way — passed the 7-11 everyone keeps talking about — there was no one on that bridge — because there had been students out on the campus sidewalk and one young girl — alone — in shorts and a sweat shirt which was open and she was jogging and I was thinking: what IS she thinking — there was a kid on a bike w/ a backpack and I was thinking he was spending his sat. night studying — there were 3 girls walking between buildings — they didn’t have on coats but looked huddled together and I remember thinking I wouldn’t have worn a coat at that age, either — they do not fit Morgan’s description — one had dark dark hair and was heavyset –she was on the outside closest to the street —

    I did not realize that Emmet Rd and 29 were the same — I also did not realized that had I stayed straight on Copeley it would have taken me out to Massie Rd — I turned onto Copeley from Ivy — drove across that bridge — no one on the bridge — had to turn around — drove across it again — still no one on it —

    at some point, and I cannot tell you when — it was after I had driven thru the University campus, though — I got down to where 29 intersects w/ 64 — because I remember now, I thought if I turned on this little road it would take me around and instead it took me onto 64, and I remember thinking: well that didn’t seem like an interstate exit — and this is where I encountered the car on the side of 64 — headed west —

    the car was a sedan — not a SUV — it’s not a compact — but not huge like cadillac — it was dark in color — but by now it’s starting to rain and the night was just black — it is my belief it is a 4 door because — what appeared to be a tallish male was standing on the shoulder bent over the w/ his head inside the car and it seems to me the back passenger door and the front passenger doors were opened — I believe there was more than 1 person inside — but I can definitely say there was at least 1 person inside — because it looked like they were talking — I thought — they should be more pulled over than that — I did not expect a car to be there and kind of had to go around them a little — and my second thought — what a crummy night to break down — the tailights were lit, but I don’t remember if they were flashing or a turn signal — but they were on — the interior dome light of the car was on — I want to say that the male had an unbuttoned coat on because it was hanging down — his hands were on the roff of the caar w/ his head bent inside the back seat — at no point did I see the front of the car — only the taillights — and they didn’t appear to go up and down — my car has a three-light verticle tower for the taillights — this was a sedan and the lights were horizontal

    I took the next exit and went over the overpass got back on 64 east and took the rt 29 exit — at some point I realzed it was Emmet st and instead of turning on Ivy as I had been doing, I stayed straight and understood where I was — I pulled into the EconoLodge parking —

    the “office” area is kind of in the middle — the door was open and there was a lone male sitting on what looked like a stool — I pulled to the back to look for a place to park, but the lot was full — there was nothing on the bottom, either — and it was a tight fit — I had to turn around to get out, but I had to back up and pull forward a couple of times to do it – I parked on the side facing the Panda Palace restaurant, near the top — I pulled in beside a red sports car — like a camera/firebird type car — in a spot that said: reserved for panda palace customers ONLY — I was a bit squirmish doing it — Metallica was obviousliy on stage by this point — I got A’s phone and called his parents — I looked at his phone to see if I could get it to stop beeping and saw “dad” called several times — so I got their voice mail and left a message to tell them all was well — by that point it was about 9:40 because I was concerned it was late and maybe they had gone to bed already —

    2 events which I remember happening — 1, a male who sounded to be on the sidewalk in front of EconoLodge stopped to listen to the music for about three songs — after each song he cheered –

    2nd event — people came to the rear of the parking lot — at least two because they were talking — like Granny, I scootched down — not because I was afraid because I was illegally parked ! — Finally, the last song played, the last cheers were heard — at that point I called my boy — it was around 11:10 PM, if I recall — he said the concert was great — I told him where I was parked — he said they were making them wait until the upper tiers evacuated — about 15 mins. later people from the concert started to arrive back to the hotel — there was a party in one of the rooms facing the upper rear parking lot — near where I was parked — I could hear happy voices of people and someone turned on a stereo or music — the occupants of the red car — a male and female — came and left — I moved my car to the mid part of the lot, wherethe office was — but then a car pulled out of the spot beside panda palace, and I pulled in — called my son again to tell him where I was and he said they were still waiting to leave — after 30 mins. I was starting to panic, but then he called me at 11:42 — he was outside, he could see the car — I turned the flashers on — but I couldn’t see him until I finally saw them on the sidewalk — while I was waiting at the front, taxis were pulling up and as fast as one pulled up, people piled in — i was thinking because it was so cold and wet they probably didn’t want to walk back to their cars or their hotel — there were a lot of police cars everywhere and i was very impressed by how quickly the traffic was thinning out — when the boys got back to the car around 11:45, we saw an ambulance go thru — but the hospital is down Emmet , so it made sense —

    I did not have to wait in traffic — I had to turn left, and a car let me out — we were back on 64 headed east just outside of C’vlle by midnight —

    that is the sum total of everything I know —

    and just as an aside, my friend said the same thing as you — I wasn’t meant to save Morgan — but maybe help w/ timelines — my son’s friend was parked at the house where he lives, and we dropped him off and then drove to my house which is about 45 mins. away — my son stayed with me a couple of days — when we heard about Morgan, I think Monday, on Tuesday morning I called the tip line with the scant info I had — the person who was standing beside my son emailed him the pix she took — we looked thru those, because he said he thought he saw her — but I think he saw Dee — because she walked across the floor in one of the videos — and in a strange quirk, my laptop has broken, so I took his and his screen saver is a picture of James Hetfield, led singer, strutting on the stage from that night —

    I know this is long — sorry — edit it all you like —

    You do amazing amazing work –

    Skyler, I am posting this because I know many on here wish to review it. I am jammed on other casework through this evening, but I asked Local and others on here that know the area to see it we can plot your timeline with an actual map. My first thought though, is where you saw the car, isn’t that exactly where was searched yesterday?

    Can you remember anything else about the guy you saw? You have amazing recall.
    Great Work. I read this and felt like I was watching your evening in a snowglobe, or rainglobe as it were.

  29. J2K says:

    juliemooley re: mix-ups with collegiate acronyms in my post #2410

    Wow. I just re-read what I wrote up there. I’ve had the school initials right for the majority of the time I’ve posted here, so I’m not sure why my thoughts suddenly fell into the ol’ blender…
    But thanks for pointing that out and clarifying the relevant universities on my behalf – I hope I didn’t confuse anyone.

    Comment by Momof3 — December 16, 2009 @ 12:49 pm
    Thanks for the nod J2K. ‘Your a funny guy’ LOL
    In your Plate 1 point you wrote in part:
    If they (BB players)were POI, well, there’d be more to support that theory by now (consider all the minute actions or statements of LE we’ve seized upon).
    I disagree, again respectfully, it has just recently come to light that LE was still looking into the s gas station sighting. I thought they had ruled this scenario out a long time ago. My point is, I am not sure LE has ruled out any scenario,nor any person.”

    mom – “What do you mean, I’m funny?.. .Funny how? I mean, what’s funny about it?… I mean, funny like I’m a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh?…”
    (It was between that and: “What am I? A schmuck on wheels?”)

    In regard to your comment, I agree with your disagreement.

    I am going to rip my ponytail out strand by strand until I get that movie those lines are from. I never miss. I am the Queen of Useless trivia crap, the phone a friend for all things, you can’t imagine. (no cheating people, no google, must come from memory.)

  30. Counselor4u says:

    Word Girl #2460:
    Respectfully, my question was deliberately simple. Skyler stated that it was raining and difficult to see. The most I was hoping for was the shape of the auto relative to distinguishing between a sedan or an SUV.

    Any other details would be unexpected, but, well received and revealing toward our joined efforts of reuniting the Harringtons with their precious child, Morgan.

    Again, respectfully, Word Girl, I love the word ‘respect’.

  31. Observer says:

    Re: Marci, #435, 12/16/, 3:46pm : “Where has Observor (sic) been??”

    I have been right here:
    1. observing; and
    2. acquiring information.

    More to follow this afternoon.

  32. sue says:

    I completely disagree that the basketball players are ‘off the LE radar’. Nonsense. I would bet that LE has a suspect, but no evidence of a crime. YET.

    Unless you spent the night with these basketball players, are LE and investigating the case, or are one of the basketball players, you cannot make the statement that they are not considered suspects.

    Ms. Geller publicly mentioned that they were the last to have seen Morgan that night. TWICE. She told us that they are free to comment publicly. Why don’t they?

    Afraid of being perceived as ‘somehow guilty’ because of association? More nonsense.

    I have no idea if they are guilty of something or not, but to insist that they are not based on what we know now? No.

    Joran Van Der Sloot and his buddies were the last people to see Natalee Halloway.

  33. Twinkle says:

    Goodfellows. ;-) Do I get a cookie?

  34. AtotheK says:


  35. J2K says:

    B – Leave your ponytail be!
    Ya want another clue? Here’s one of the only lines from the movie-in-question not riddled with F-bombs:

    [avert your gaze *here* if, as Queen of Useless Trivia Crap, you need to maintain your non-Google-cheating rep]

    “You know, we always called each other goodfellas. Like, you’d say to somebody: ‘You’re gonna like this guy; he’s all right. He’s a goodfella. He’s one of us.’ You understand? We were goodfellas, wiseguys.”

    Yep, yep, admittedly, I could see the spit flail outta his mouth, but could not get there. Biscuits for all, lol

  36. radiogirl says:

    2478 the movie goodfellas

  37. radiogirl says:

    no google here if I’m right….they have been showing the movie on one of the movie classic channels.Jos Peshi? I spelled it like it sounds.Pesci?

  38. radiogirl says:

    One more …..last year I sat at a table next to Paul Sorvino.I ogled a little .I quashed the desire to stalk,but it wasn’t easy.

  39. AtotheK says:

    Blinks reply to Skyler:
    …”My first thought though, is where you saw the car, isn’t that exactly where was searched yesterday?”

    Didn’t they search MM 112-114 as posted on here yesterday?

    Skyler would have went to MM 114 to turn around but seems like she saw the car around MM 118.

  40. lovinlife says:

    Blink, can I copy Skyler’s info above to SM or is that a no-no

    Please do, plus the link is fine.

  41. Observer says:

    B: That line came from the movie with Joe Peschi and Ray Liotta, as Ray Liotta was attempting to become a “made man”. Joe challenged Ray during a restaurant conversation when Ray told Joe he was “funny” following a funny story that Joe told the group.

    Lol, there you are.

  42. localcvillegirl says:

    Blink, I’m not sure I could help with Skyler’s directions, but I posted over on the newest thread that was started yesterday.

  43. localcvillegirl says:

    Ugh, my internet quit just as I hit send on the other thread, so my long response to Skyler’s last post didn’t go through. But AtotheK came up with the same mile markers that I did…she would have gotten on 64 at mile marker 118, seen the stopped car right away, then gone another 4 miles to the Ivy exit where she turned around.

    Glad you all got those movie quotes figured out…has been eating at me all day.

  44. Observer says:

    A belated greeting to J2K, chad, Skyler, Word Girl, mosaic, et. al.

    Rather than insert myself into certain of the on-line skirmishes that began to bubble up among other posters in the last few days, I made a conscious decision to remain out of the fray (lest I be hit by errant shrapnel) and instead observe (as is my wont, ergo my moniker) from the sidelines. From that standpoint one can garner significant perspective on and insight into not only the theories being proposed, but the theorists themselves–always a fascinating exercise.

    In certain investigations this process can be most revealing.

    When conducting a criminal investigation it is extremely helpful to understand the lens through which someone views a case, as our personal filters help to create the framework for our beliefs. To wit: the 20-somethings and 30-somethings who have posted here help to lend perhaps a clearer eye to the mind-set of 20YO MH–something far afield of my own more “seasoned” (read: aged) mind-set.

    During an investigation it is our beliefs that lead us down a path whereupon we draw our initial conclusions. The accuracy–or not–of those paths and initial conclusions is generally only apparent when data points (read: facts) are later introduced that either refute or support original assumptions, and/or a case comes to closure.

    Based upon the knowledge, experience and expertise of posters, readers “see” the MH case in a manner that others may not. Each of these ideas is a thread that may turn out to be part of the fabric that will be unraveled and revealed if/when the MH case (hopefully and blessedly) comes to closure. All ideas are helpful and welcome; none should be summarily dismissed or given short shrift.

    On a lighter note, I’m certain that this momentary hiatus has also offered readers a welcome respite from my all-too-voluminous posts (verbosity is my friend; pithiness is unknown to me), allowing other posters greater opportunity/latitude to weigh in and attempt to further the investigation into the MH disappearance. I am hopeful also that my brief absence has been helpful inasmuch as I would not want my own observations of the MH case to needlessly cloud the perspective of others or in any manner impede the progress of this investigation.

    With that said I offer the following information to assist readers in perhaps better/closer focus:
    1. LE has verified that the BB players are not complicit in the MH disappearance.
    2. LE has verified the scanned tickets from JPJ used by MH and MH’s friends on the evening of October 17, 2009. [Note: It is neither prudent nor necessary that LE release to the public photos or records of said scanned tickets; LE does not routinely release investigative and/or evidentiary material to the public. Information as available and appropriate--to a certainty; investigative material, no. There are specific reasons for this, including but not limited to the later--and hopefully, successful--pursuit of prosecution.]
    3. Multiple and independent witnesses accounts to LE have corroborated the appearance–emphasis on “appearance”–of MH attempting to HH on/near the Copeley Rd. bridge.
    4. MH’s purse was found by a passerby in/near the Lannigan RV lot by a passerby on the morning following her disappearance. LE has verified that the individual who turned in this found property is not complicit in MH’s disappearance.
    5. VSP’s search yesterday of the median strip in a specific area on I-64 was not in an attempt to recover MH’s cell phone battery.
    6. The absence of MH’s cell phone battery is not material to this investigation.
    7. MH’s 2006 Honda Civic–the one in which she traveled from Blacksburg to H’burg and later to CV–has been searched by LE. There was no evidence found in MH’s vehicle that has furthered the investigation into MH’s disappearance.

    Beyond the above I can offer no further substantive information.

    Which brings us to today: MH remains unfound and precious little new (emphasis on “new”) information is available or forthcoming from any front. I am of the mind that this will not change significantly in the near term. [I repeat an earlier sentiment: Someone knows something; that is, someone saw something on the evening of October 17, 2009. They are not attempting to hide it; they simply do not know that they know. This person(s) holds a (not “the”) key, but they do not know it. Therein lays the frustration for LE.]

    The public’s concern continues but, as time goes on, each day unfortunately brings with it not new insight but more prolonged anguish for MH’s family. And we are left with three things: a found purse, a found cell phone, and a missing young woman. Sadly, those serve as the alpha and the omega of the facts in evidence.

    Yesterday I had occasion again to drive over the Copeley bridge on the way to a meeting and was struck this time by some small, red letters that had been placed atop the brick wall near the posters and Tibetan prayer flags. The letters spelled out the word “HOPE”. What a sad reminder they were that the only thing we may have left to us is the hope that somehow, some way, this most troubling case will be solved.

    For many of the reasons I’ve shared here earlier and others I am unable to disclose, I hold out remarkably little–if any–hope for a good outcome in the MH case. Hopefully it is not too harsh a thing to say that the best outcome may simply be for MH to be recovered so everyone–her family most importantly–may finally come to rest. Until then, this horrific, waking nightmare continues.

    My biggest fear: This torment will continue unabated for some time to come as MH may only be found by chance or happenstance. My fondest wish: That I am wrong.

  45. belleboyd says:


  46. belleboyd says:

    I guess I didn’t win the prize but I am the 100,000 winner.

  47. Momof3 says:

    In regard to your comment, I agree with your disagreement. J2K, You really are a funny guy. Thanks for the laugh..

  48. zarpisimo says:

    I still believe 1 of 3 scenarios happened. See my post at 1924. Concerning the BB players — I am an LSU fan. We are a rabid bunch. I follow several Tiger sports boards, and believe me, our fans know that their players are pooping purple and gold and if not they know why. I tried sleuthing some sports boards for UVA. There is very little info/talk on the players. You’d think if some of your players were the last to see a missing person, there would be some talk. The only thing I’ve found that even raised my eyebrow a little is there was mention that one suspended player, who is now back and playing, has a hand injury. It was speculated that he may have been suspended for getting in an altercation which appeared out of character for him. No definitive explanation of why a starting senior would take an indefinite leave of absence. Everyone is still scratching their heads on that one. Reportedly, he is back on campus but not playing. I just find it curious that there is no talk even on the boards. But that goes with the rest of this case. Everything just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. I am still inclined to think she called someone to come get her and they did.

  49. Word Girl says:

    Skyler, I have to say that I am in awe of you and your skills. You are so smart, so kind, so capable, so…Good! You made me cry to see the depth of your love and care for your son–and his to you in return. Never doubt how much that boy loves you. And always remember to accept the truth about yourself, no matter how beautiful it is.

    Thank you once again for your enhanced scenario. I was driving right beside you!

    In one of your former run-throughs for us, you mentioned that the man standing outside of the car had both feet on the pavement. Was that the street pavement or some other surface? Was the door fully open or did it lean against him? Do you have a sense of the age? Was he wearing anything on his head–like a skull cap? How long was the hair? I’m glad you mentioned that the front passenger door was most likely open, as you recalled.

    After ‘hearing’ this story again, I had a sense that there was a lost item in the car. A phone, a camera, a jacket? The front seat passenger needed/wanted it and the back seat passenger (s) couldn’t find it.
    What makes me think that? There was a casual-ness in the man having his hands on the roof–he was waiting, but also looking for himself. If it was something truly urgent, I think he would have been reaching in or have his hand(s) on an inner seat–maybe crouching down more or kneeling.

    I also think the back seat passenger may have female or younger. Why? The hands on the roof seems “dad-like” I dunno. I’m flying on my pockets, now.

    I am thinking perhaps someone got ill.

  50. J2K says:

    The collective knowledge on this site – at times trivial and often grand – continues to astound…


    Hurray Observer! I certainly missed your measured gravitas and ceaseless sensibility. I very much look forward to your post.

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