Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Andrea Lyon Shows Her Thought Bubble

Orlando, FL– At a Defense Attorney Peer Lecture in Orlando, Florida last year, the self appointed “Angel of Death Row” lead defense attorney in the case against Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee Marie, shows the world her thought bubble, courtesy of Bill Scheaffer, Legal analyst for WFTV.

It is unclear how Mr. Scheaffer attained the recorded audio which has since been removed from the WFTV site, but what is clear is Ms. Lyon knew her segment was being recorded.

..My Client is human, it’s the jury I’m worried about..” ..Sometimes ugly is presiding… or do you have really great judges in Florida?.. “I have a case right now where both the crime and my clients confession are on on videotape.. I just think that’s unfair.. I mean, one or the other, but both?..




I wonder if anyone has asked Alton Logan what he thinks about it?

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  1. Boz says:

    Chica, sorry. I second what martha has said.

  2. suz says:

    Well, maybe cardboard isn’t a good foil for fingerprints. Don’t you need something hard and non absorbent, like a glass or a gun or a knife? You wouldn’t get a print off of a paper towel or anything too soft, I don’t think. Still, it’s odd that the other stuff turned up clean. Did the conditions in the trunk destroy it? Did the police botch it? Did someone wipe everything clean? Weird.

  3. Kleat says:

    David Evans needs to keep an eye on what Ms. Wray is doing and saying regarding his client. Yesterday’s posted video is ‘on private’ now, and what’s the guess that it will be public in time for the hearing tomorrow?

    Joy may know she is worthless as a witness and will get her material out, with the blessings and encouragement of Mr. Mort about the value of her photos (grown to video, now growing into an eye-witness of someone going into the woods, now being named) anyway.

  4. Kleat says:

    Mariane, cfnews13 is sensationalizing something for effect and leaving out important information from the discovery report. Trash reporting for ratings. IIRC, this incident occurred on the woods on the other side of Suburban, if IIRC then this is not where Caylee’s body was found.

    Does a body being dumped cry for help?

  5. Boz says:

    Mariane, dead bodies don’t scream for help for God’s sake. Is this going to be another idiodic “mistruth” dragged through the media? CHEESEANDRICE!

  6. Pamela says:

    chica – My sympathy goes out to you, I lost my house and everything in it in a fire in 92. Hopefully, they were well insured. And that everyone is OK is what they need to focus on, the rest is replaceable stuff. Let them know, that as a person who’s been there, the first few days are rough, but you do recover. Its also made me less focused on “stuff” and more on relationships.

  7. Pamela says:

    I don’t know if this thought will make other’s chuckle, it does me, but everytime I see defense tactics, or the people involved like Joy Wray and the Anthony’s, I think of that little scene in the movie “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”. It is one of Charles Durnings most precious moments, as he dances on the balcony of the governor’s mansion and singing “I’ll just Dance a Little Side Step” and does this clever move where his head and his stetson turn differently and then correct. Anyway, if you haven’t seen the movie, its a good one, with Dolly Partin, Burt Reynolds, Dom Deluise, and I’m sure you can guess what role Dolly played. There’s also a utube of Durning doing the number. But I can just picture Baez in the role, Durning’s character was a political slimball also.
    Happy Holiday’s everyone.

  8. Kleat says:

    IDRC– (didn’t remember correctly) about the map and ‘cry for help’ calls/investigation. Still, that cfnews report is irresponsible reporting as it is sensationalistic and incomplete. They haven’t taken time to think and have purposefully titled the report to tie it to the Caylee Anthony homicide when it clearly, is not. Caylee was not alive when she was dumped, a murderer doesn’t call for help to do the deed, and there were no children missing from the schoolyard or other missing people who ventured into those woods.

    The K9 didn’t have to search the entire watery swamp– if someone is crying for help and wandered into those woods or was carried by someone else, and this would be fresh scent (not several hours or days old), then the dogs pick up the scent where someone enters or exits wooded areas. There was no indication of this. And the school confirmed that there was an autistic child who was screaming at about that time, said to be not crying ‘help’ (school wouldn’t want to admit that anyway– might cause an investigation of why the child called for help when not warranted) but the school did admit that the words could be confused with ‘help’. And presumably no child was missing from the caller’s neighbourhood or the school itself.

    But, having said that, there is eye-witness responding officer and officer with k9 documentation that supports the conditions in that area (water levels) on that October day (a day well before Casey was not incarcerated of course). Excellent documentation to support the ground conditions on that date.

    This will go towards that end– no way Caylee’s body would have been taken through that degree of woods, only to deposit the bags next to Suburban.

    Common sense. But this report might come in for it’s supportive value to the conditions? And then the jury might hear an explanation of the media reports spin– if that nags at them during trial? As if Dr. James W. Jawitz, PhD, PE, is not conclusive enough, never hurts to have corroboration.

  9. Kleat says:

    Oh, I didn’t think of the scenario where someone could have dropped a child into the middle of those woods via a line off a helicopter, now did I!! (no entry/exit tracks for a k9 at all!) ;)

  10. raceyrin says:

    This is from FAQs on a criminalistic website : There are many factors which could affect how long a fingerprint lasts on an object. It may help you feel better to know a little bit about locating prints on an object. In fact, “latent” prints developed on items are chance impressions. They are composed of oil, perspiration, or other contaminants located on the finger at the time the item is touched. If there is nothing present on the finger, a latent print may not be left even though the item was touched. And even if there was “sweat” present, the surface itself might not be an ideal receptor for holding a fingerprint. Many surfaces (like vinyl for example) are not very likely to retain useable prints because they are semi-porous. They aren’t hard like glass or metal, and likewise they do not absorb and retain the sweat like paper or cardboard. And even if the “sweat” and the “surface” factors were good, the touch itself might not lead to a latent print of value. For example, if I touch a piece of glass with a sweaty finger, but I do so with a glancing, sliding motion, all that will develop on the glass is a big smear. If I twist and turn my finger as I touch an item, the “touch” factor may also prevent an identifiable fingerprint from being developed even though I touched the surface. And finally, even if the “sweat” “surface” and “touch” factors are good, “environmental” factors acting on the surface after the fact might prevent an identifiable print from being left. These include temperature, humidity, handling, and packaging. On a hot dry day, an item being handled in a sealed plastic bag is probably not ideal for development of a latent print of value. Most laboratories require items of evidence for latent print processing to be packaged in paper containers for this reason. Paper “breathes” and is much less likely to build up condensation that can destroy fingerprint evidence.

    So in review, there are four basic factors as to whether identifiable latent prints will be developed on an item that HAS been touched: sweat, surface, contact, and environment. If any of these factors are not ideal, an identifiable latent print may not be developed on an item that has been touched.

  11. ada says:

    Someone whose screen name is Maura posted this. No doubt one and the same.

    “No prints whatsoever as I read the report. However, keep in mind that fingerprints deteriorate over time, and the bag and its contents were not fingerprinted until October 2009 – sixteen months after the bag was placed in the trunk of the Pontiac.

    “Generally, fingerprints begin to deteriorate shortly after their transfer to the surface, due to oxidation, evaporation, and absorption. Most prints can last several days or weeks under normal conditions, but can occasionally last for years.(remember they are not all from things that just go away). Plastic prints can remain indefinitely if left undisturbed.”….

    Let’s say the trash bag was placed in the Pontiac during the week of June 16, 2008 (I believe it was placed in the trunk on June 20). It was in a very hot trunk for four weeks. An Orange County, FL public service message warning against leaving pets in cars claimed the internal temperature of a closed car that is not running and is left in the sun in Orlando during the summer months can reach 160 degrees F. Then it was removed from the trunk and tossed into a dumpster for 32 hours. Then it was removed from the dumpster and the contents were handled several times as the items were examined and catalogued. The trash bag itself was sent to Indiana to be examine by the bug expert, Dr. Haskell before being mailed back to Orlando. Then it was placed in storage for over a year.

    That’s why no prints were detected on October 6, 2009 – they had all deteriorated because the items were disturbed numerous times (especially the bag) and because whatever fingerprints remained prior to being placed in long-term storage degraded to the point of non-existence due to oxidation, evaporation, and absorption over many months. “

  12. Mariann says:

    I didn’t say I agreed with it……. was just passing on info. I had not heard those reports before.

  13. Kleat says:

    Mariann, yeah, I understand. Just what reporting!! ;)

  14. Kleat says:

    ada, wow, over a year to do the processing of those prints? When there was a ‘kidnapper’ scenario out there?

    I have read, no source at hand, that on paper, fingerprints can last a great length of time. Maura, if ‘our’ Maura, is not likely to make a date mistake. But not taking prints from the cans and other materials, for such a long time, doesn’t seem to make any sense, not like they didn’t find the materials for a year, they had them in July.


  15. Kleat says:

    Blink– Question– there was a video posted on YouTube showing the recording, audio and video, of the defense questioning Jordan about his search of the Suburban woods area. This was set up in the same way– showing Jordan, not the interviewer, as in the ex-wives videos. View of Jordan in his home workstation, with three computer screens behind him, helping to light the area (one went to sleep, interviewer asked him to turn it on again).

    I had listened to the length of it. This link is now ‘removed by user’.

    Is this the one and same surreptitious recording which is the subject of the state’s new motion for protective recording of interview of Joe Jordan?

    It seems that Jordan didn’t feel like cooperating 100% with the defense, he reported the interview to Cpl Eric Edwards, OSCO, the same day. In the meantime, that same video went pubic on YouTube???

    The defense were taking their chances, interviewing him sitting at his computer work station!! He could have had more than one camera too. But the strange thing is, why did the interviewer want the camera screen ‘on’ again when it turned off? I assumed at the time of hearing this interview, that the interviewer had the camera and wanted the screen ‘on’ for filming– instead, maybe it was for reading his questions/notes.

    Kleat- can you recap what you heard? If the interviewer asks him to turn the monitor back on I will assume it was a skype interview??

  16. Momof3 says:

    Mariann,Kleat, Boz ,

    Regarding this news report:

    Newest News Report here……. Did someone HEAR Caylee’s body being dumped?

    Kleat, you are one 100% correct in writing: cfnews13 is sensationalizing something for effect and leaving out important information from the discovery report.

    In the pages released it was stated that LE followed up on this and found it to be attributed to an autistic child at the Elementary school. I worked as a special education paraprofessional and it can be part of an autistic child’s day to allow time for the child to center themselves and have alone time (with supervision) away from the classroom when they are reacting to stimuli by screaming. Some children scream words such as help, dog, others scream only sounds.

    These periods of screaming can be short or they may last for quite awhile. This is not something that happens with all autistic children nor does it happen in every classroom or school. Each child is unique as is the policy in every district.

    So, I was satisfied that LE had followed up on the claim and that what they reported as the reason was indeed what happened.

  17. dee says:

    430 Comment by Bees Knees — December 9, 2009 @ 7:48 pm
    “I agree, it’s HUGE. Exactly! How on earth does a pizza box not have prints??? Dee, why do you think not George? Somebody must have. The trash was never under water! This case makes me overuse exclamation marks. Am working on it.”

    I don’t think george cause the tow yard guy tossed the trash, I hope we are speaking about that trash…i think casey did when she took the trash from AL house, she wasn’t about to pin the death on her soon to be (in her mind) Mr. Casey A

  18. dee says:

    Dearest Chica, so sorry for yor daughter especially at Xmas, I am just glad everyone is ok that is what matters most…xoxoxoxo

  19. Todd in Tulsa says:

    One rule of life I have come to learn is the origin of the lie. If you have nothing to hide, and have not committed any attrocity on life that would be seen as criminal and potentially damaging in a snowball effect, wiping everyone out that is involved, there is no reason to present falsehoods, lies, and well-thought out scenarios that are fictious and morally damaging. If Casey didn’t murder Caylee, there would be absolutely no reason for her to come up with a fake employment story, along with a “company phone”, that conveniently got lost that apparently had the mysterious nanny’s phone number and address in it, so then she has a back-up plan to say she had an instructions list, but, low-n-behold, she can’t produce that phantom to-do list either. Incompetents such as Cindy, Baez, and Joy Wray are an afterthought. Baez can try and complicate this all he wants, it won’t wash. Speaking of washing, I hope Cindy feels her assistance in “washing” away evidence was worth it. She belongs in jail as well. Show me a parent of a missing child that hasn’t had anything to do with their “disappearance”, and is earnestly searching, and involving police in that search. It would take all of 5 minutes to get them involved..not 31 days…and it would’ve been longer had Cindy not finally acted. If I were on that jury, tell me MOTY didn’t call in an honestly missing child, “frantic”, as Casey lyingly stated in her police interview, and Baez doesn’t produce a kidnapping suspect, along with the list of instructions given to Casey to follow? My vote is guilty after 5 minutes. Baez can smokescreen it all he wants. Joy Wray can create fiction in her mind all she wants. All I need is 31 days..”there’s been a dead body in the damn car”…George’s statement, not to mention whatever he told the grand jury. Stop wasting taxpayers money and time Baez, and plea out, because it’s not getting any greener on this side

  20. dee says:

    “why why isnt karma working yet?”

    oh yes Chica it has, it started the day Caylee died and will continue on and on and on until they do right by their grandchild just sit back and watch…

  21. JJ says:

    Chica, I am so sorry for your family and their loss. I am glad that they are all ok. I cannot imagine losing everything you own. There are precious things that cannot be replaced. I hope they have good insurance and that they will able to replace the other things they had and much more.

  22. Sal says:

    Blink –

    Any idea who this is for?

    Motion for Court’s Permission to be Seated Forward of the Bar

    Is this so George and Cindy can sit at the defense table or Brad perhaps?

  23. dee says:

    is this whole GEO & Cin seated at the defense table a ploy to get Casey to pay attention to them? what is this all about? someone help me here…where can I get more info on this…thanks

  24. cher says:

    Jean Casarez, is on InSession and has just reported that George Anthony, Cindy Anthony, and Brad Conway were subpoenaed by the STATE! While the State isn’t speaking, she surmised that they may be testifying in the situation with Dominic Casey.

    In Addition: I expect this to be covered by In Session Friday/TRU TV!

  25. Boz says:

    Todd you left out the fake ID with Zenaida Gonzalez name and KC pic.

    Mariann, my frustration was aimed at CH 13 not you and I let them know it.

  26. raceyrin says:

    I really hope there is a Zenaida Id with Casey’s pic. that would be the cats azz!

  27. MsEnscene says:

    Chica, thank God everyone in your family is okay. It’s a frustrating time for them, but I am sure they’re giving thanks for everypne’s safety. Still a nightmare for them, though.

  28. Kleat says:

    WESH and JW seem to be quite tight. Little William (what a sweet face) made his more formal MSM tv debut today in a report, again the report video taped and a section of William added at home.

    With the world watching, I would never put a baby or a young daughter into the middle of this– it’s risky and SO unnecessary. Yes, the theme is good, but is the lesson for children, that you put food in a food bank only when you have tv cameras to give you credit and pubicity??

    These children of JWW are being put into a high profile position, one in which their mother believes there is still a ‘killer on the loose’ and she’s not heeding any common sense. There could be other perps who could target such a child and now his face is all over everywhere, with JW’s own address so easily found in the discovery docs.

    Someone should help protect those children from such exposure and get their faces off the YouTube.

    Unbelievable, I agree.

  29. Chica says:
    Casey Anthony: Insufficient Funds Part Deux
    Dec 10th, 2009
    by Richard Hornsby.

  30. MsEnscene says:

    How is the defense going to use the trash w/o any figerprint info to save Casey’s day? Aside from the year-long deterioration of fingerprints(and Le supposedly not testing for them in time) what is going to be the tale from the dream team which can save Casey’s buttinsky?

    As many have said above: “31 days!” That’s the whole story in the proverbial nutshell. No matter if the defense presents a frightened-of-the-bad-dude scenario for Casey to explain her silence and her never reporting her missing child, the story is not gonna fly.

    Mrs. Orlando(or Mrs. Miami)on the jury will not believe that a “frantic mother” is going to be texting, sexting and partying with nary a care when her daughter had been kidnapped. Since Casey did go merrily on with her life, and lied about everything concerning her child’s disappearance, she was not a caring and distraught mother, and is, therefore, capable of what the State asserts she did.

    No number of peripheral crazies like our Wray of moonbeams or innocent people put up as potential perps like RK can lighten the weight of those 31 days.

    At least that’s how I feel on my good days.

  31. Word Girl says:

    Sorry for your loss. Thank you for letting us know so we can all hold good thoughts for your family. I’m sure Seattle will help with this crisis. If not, let me know and I’ll send Portland friends up there!

  32. Ragdoll says:

    I’ve always felt that when the female officer wasn’t looking, Cindy went into Casey’s purse and perhaps removed more than just ‘money that Casey owed her’. If there was a Zenaida ID, Cindy took it.

  33. Alegna says:

    post#472 I read the request was from Bill Sheaffer, he is still recovering from his surgery.

  34. Mariann says:

    Thanks Boz

  35. Steadychick says:

    #465 Kleat — I recall seeing this interview also. I cannot remember what was said, but IIRC the lighting changed when the monitor screen went off. He was asked to turn it back on to improve the light for filming.

  36. Chica says:

    word girl
    thank you so much for the offer! I think that the insurance company is trying to acomodate and put them up in a hotel while the damages is acessed. Its sad but I am so very thankful that my daughter, grand and great grandkids were not home when it happened. god is good. material things can be replaced lives you cant replace.

    to everyone that wished them well! thank you from the bottom of my heart! please continue to pray for them. Prayer changes things and gives comfort in time of need.
    the biggest christmas gift for me is that I still have them here on earth.

    god bless you all with your kind words and well wishs

    again thank you

    thank you my dear friend!

    Bless YOU Chica and your family.

  37. raceyrin says:

    #483 I think Cindy took other things also. In Lee’s 07/29 statement he says the female officer came back in to the room as Cindy was going through the wallet and snatched some kind of id that was in the sleeve behind Casey’s license ,lee didn’t know what it was but that it looked like an older form of a license or a learners permit. Does anyone remember seeing an ID in all of the docs released? Blink,I’m sure this was discussed way back when but has there been any released that you know of?

  38. Chica says:

    thanks!! means alot coming from you! by the way great job on the updates!

  39. karen says:

    All- In regards to the garbage inthe trunk being cleaned by George. The garbage was taken from the trunk at Johnsons tow yard and thrown in the dumpster there. The police retreived it the next day so it never went to the A’s home in the first place. Odd though indeed that no prints were on anything??? How is that possible? You’d think someone from Tony’s house would have handled the trash. Maybe during housekeeping they wear those rubber gloves.

  40. karen says:

    Regarding the screaming child in the woods. I didnt get from the report that the incedent was Caylee related in that respect however the fact that police were at that site and searching in the woods was more the revelant portion of the report. That they were there but they didnt find a body is what I got from that. Thoughts?

  41. [...] recalling her comments to the lunch crowd at the seedy soiree she refers to all judges as “ugly in the room, “ I think that her exclusion was [...]

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