Tiger Woods Accident: Non Celebrity Status to FHP? 911 Call This Morning

Posted by BOC Staff | Tiger Woods | Tuesday 8 December 2009 9:10 am


Isleworth, FL– Just when I was set to aquiesse there is no “true crime” element for blinkoncrime.com to continue coverage of the accidentinvolving Tiger Woods two weeks ago, there’s more.


According to TMZ sources within the Hospital where Tiger was treated as “William Smith” (editors note: Did anyone ask squeaky clean Will Smith if he was cool with that? Doubtful.) on the locked down fifth floor of the facility are stating that Tiger was admitted the evening following Thanksgiving with the classification of “OD”, meaning overdose.

Contained in the Florida Highway Patrol’s own findings, a witness, presumably his wife Elin, gave FHP two bottles of prescriptions he allegedly was under the influence of: Ambien and Vicodin.

The witness with the same last name also stated Tiger was under the influence of alcohol earlier in the day.

$164 is apparently the going rate for preferential treatment in Isleworth. I wonder if they had found a Physicians Desk Reference instead of a Physics book in the backseat it might have made a difference. 


In this mornings developments, Medics were called again to the Golf Icons home at 2:36am where a woman initially refused transport in the ambulance, but ultimately was taken to the same Hospital and has since been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. The identity of the woman is not yet known but she appears to be middle aged and blonde. Elin Woods Mother arrived in the United States last week to support her daughter through the continued fallout and what seems like daily updates of women alleging affairs with her husband.

 Shortly after the victims arrival, a blonde woman matching Elin Wood’s description was seen arriving in a Black escalade similar to the one involved in the single car accident driven by Tiger Woods. The escalade has since returned to the Woods estate. (Updated 9AM: The woman has been released from the Hospital)

I reached Mark Nejame, Attorney for Tiger and Elin Woods at home early this morning for comment.

“I have no comment.” was his only non-comment on this mornings developments.

Check back to blinkoncrime.com for this continuing story.

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  1. Sal says:

    Radaronline.com is reporting that the woman has been released. I don’t know how you would go from intensive care to released in a few hours. Are your sources still saying this person is in the hospital?
    Nope, she is out now, updating as we speak.

  2. Mayhem says:

    That’s a good question…how do you go from intensive care to being released so quickly? I guess the same way you go from Tiger’s “serious” condition Friday morning to being released with “minor injuries.”

    It is being reported now that Tiger will not be the best man at his friend Byron’s wedding this Saturday. Apparently Byron was the gentleman that set up hoochie arrangements for Rachel U. to travel to Australia to meet with TW.

    And of course now we’re hearing about the alcohol, vicodin and ambien.

    I’ve heard around town that Elin starting moving into a separate home yesterday….another home they own in the same Isleworth community. I wonder if there is truth to this.

  3. chitown lady says:

    it was also reported that she was on life support…How do you go from life support to walking out of the hospital a few hours later? So stupid….. type sorry…As far as Tiger Woods OD……Most likely a combination of booze and drugs….He does not seem to be the type for suicide ….To big of an ego. whatever went down apparently was earlier in the day….for whatever reason Elin for out about his skanks way earlier in the day…..Perhaps if the police stop treating celebrities like GODS and treat them like regular people like us, they would be better off in this case.

    This whole thing is a mess….The media and these skanks need to BACK THE HELL OFF now. Elin should get the hell outa dodge and let him realize his mistakes..if he can…Way to late for that. She needs to just walk away…What is there to really work out? Your hubby cheats with 9-10 chicks and he wants forgiveness? Hell to the NO! Let alone he had the NERVE to bring two of the skanks in his own home !!!!! Elin needs to take the high road….hold her beautiful head up and walk off into the sunset with those two beautiful kids…..This is one Tiger even she can’t tame. he has cheated on her from the very beginning of their relationship…He isn’t gonna change now…..If she chooses to stay……I see a women with NO SELF-RESPECT…This just proves that even the rich and famous are not what they appear to be…

  4. Mystified says:

    overdose story makes the description of Tiger on the scene which was released last week a little more understandable. according to the police report, he was shoeless and snoring on the pavement outside his estate.

    might also explain the wife’s urge to get him out of the car. she thought he had

    Yep. Just when I thought I could not feel worse for her.

  5. playfulg says:

    Hi Blink,

    Elin’s mom is a dark brunette from all the photos available.

    Don’t think it could be her.

    I am so sad for TW and his family and for me, he used to be my favorite golfer. He seemed so disciplined and straight up. Who knew he was just another dude with an unending sense of entitlement.

  6. alicemocala says:

    one report said he has been pursuing Rachel since the accident telling her he is trying to find a way to be with her. If this is true he definitely IS NOT sorry for all of this… such a Tramp

  7. susanm says:

    Elin also has a twin sister,hence two blonde women,,maybe, ive havent heard that her sister is with her but maybe.i hope she’s alright, some celeb wives handle these things in jaded ways(and help the cover up),seems this is really really hurting her ,would me too.

  8. Word Girl says:

    ah-ha! Maybe Elin did help to get him out of the car by smashing windows out? Doesn’t explain why both sides were bashed though.

    Sounds like Elin confronted him and they argued all day, which prompted Mr. Denial to take some meds to escape. But fight escalated, he crashed, she bashed. She was alarmed that something may have actually happened to him in the accident and she pulled him out. The ‘snoring’ could have been due to an unstable airway–or a stupor caused by the drugs.

    If the airway was compromised, he would be admitted in serious condition and likely intubated.
    Once that emergency is over, he can be downgraded to good condition.

    Poor Moder of Elin! Too much stress! Best to be cautious with treatment for a woman of that age (and yes, social class, Blink.)

  9. Sal says:

    Re playfulg’s comment:

    If you Google Barbro Holmberg the first page comes up with many photos of her with blonde hair.

  10. suz says:

    What on earth goes on in Tiger’s house at 2:30 a.m.? Seems like a bad time of night for ol’ Tiger.

    For the Thanksgiving incident, I guess he could have been in an Ambien sleepwalking stupor and took off in the car with or without fighting with Elin. For this incident, hmmm, now who is that mystery blonde? Heck, a blonde in Tiger’s home could be just about anybody, as it turns out.

  11. Boz says:

    If Elin has a twin, could it have been her in the ambulance and the twin driving the Escalade?

  12. Boz says:

    OK, NBC says it was Elin’s mom.

  13. playfulg says:

    thanks, Sal. Yes, they are saying it is her. Glad to hear she’s okay and has been released. Getting pretty tired of this saga.

  14. R.L. Haley says:

    I dont think even an unending cash flow could help this wreck,Its good Elin has a twin,I cant imagine how angry I would be,esp. if my mother then got sick( and if her visit was to support me).Tiger Woods , no doubt preferential treatment, it seems everywhere he goes (I dont know so much now).If any of the other neighbours had torn up the street that night in drug induced haze they be really explaining and paying for such reckless behaviour.

  15. suz says:

    Wait, so ol’ Barbro is STILL in the hospital, being treated for stomach pain of an unknown cause? Hope tiger didn’t try to poison her. JOKING! I imagine it’s stress related…

  16. alicemocala says:

    Her Mom hasn’t been released… she is in a private room with extra security to keep the media away.. she was having stomach pains.. being reported here in Florida.. they are keeping her and running various tests to be sure she’s okay…

    I know, I heard an employee removed Elan’s car. I hope she is ok, I hope any married guy thinking with his juggernaut thinks of the mess this situation is before following in his footsteps. Or Golf Spikes.

  17. soozer says:

    The whole saga is so, so sad. I am a golf fan and always admired him. Made a special trip to the Arnold Palmer tourney in March just to see his first match since his surgery (he won BIG). Now he may never play again and it won’t be because of a bum knee. Oddly enough, when he hit his first slump a few years ago, there was speculation it was because of the “Swedish Blonde” he was dating–she was too much of a distraction the sportswriters said. Well, he marries her and his game gets back up to championship play. Beautiful wife, fabulous kids, all the money in the world, respect –and he throws it all away. I’m still trying to figure out how between tournaments, practicing (he’s a fanatic) home life, media, hospitals (4 operations and rehab) that he was able to find the time to do anything, much less tom cat around so much. It’s truly tragic.

  18. Chica says:

    I have to apologize for even thinking that he deserved his privacy with his wife to work it out. After all the unfolding news I am of the opinion that he is not deserving of a second chance with elin. One woman than two and than they were just crawling out of the woodwork like roachs or termites. I am saddened for elin and her mother what a horible stress they are going thru. blink your right thats what happends when you use the wrong brain to think with. I am shocked to hear there were so many women. I had at one time so much respect for him, all that down the toilet in light of all his actions. saddddddd

    I cant imagine the stress elin is enduring the public humiliation!
    what a sad holiday this will be for her! breaks my heart for her.
    god give her strength to do what she feels is right for her and her children.
    no woman deserves it none!!

  19. Momof3 says:

    # 11
    The press release states he took ambien is it his prescription or someone else’s? It is true that ambien has strange sideffects. It has been reported to change users eating/sexual habits also.
    It is a very scary, and may happen to those who are long-time users and never exhibited side-effects previously. Some links to check out:



    I don’t mean to sound cynical, but could this be released to the public in order to have some defense for his inappropriate behavior?
    Regardless, I hope he and his family can regain their health- mentally, physically and spiritually.

    You know, I had a conversation today where I said, I expect to hear Tiger entering a rehab any hour now. I would not be surprised to learn he is already there.
    If he chose that route, he would have my full support. I hope they are both being heavily supported at this time.

  20. suz says:

    I’m pretty sure his ambien and vicodin are scrips, cuz at one point Elin ran into the house and came out with two pill bottles, IIRC. He is an insomniac (like michael jackson). Guess that’s why he’s up at 2:30 both those nights?

    I said in the original thread that it if his lawyer is creative, we’ll see a lawsuit against Ambien’s manufacturer for this reaction. (That is some weird stuff—my mom had a really weird combo reaction to it—woof!). Of course, drinking with it—that might hinder him from suing.

    Rehab would be a clever cop-out. Drug rehab and then sex rehab. He can go on all of Dr. Drew’s shows. Let’s get tiger on reality tv! Sounds like he has plenty o’drama to go around. Maybe he should marry Kate.

  21. suz says:

    chica, and so far we’ve just heard about the front nine! (or are 10 now confirmed, in which case we’ve made the clubhouse turn and are on our way)

  22. Mayhem says:

    No doubt in my mind that ambien being brought up now has everything to do with mounting a defense for the accident.

    That being said, he’d be stupid to pin his 10-hole problem on Ambien. Or maybe it’s a brillant tactic:

    He’ll go to rehab, then cry on Oprah that he had a sex addiction, but thank God for the accident on Ambien, because rehab saved his life. And America will fall in love with him all over again. And he’ll tell Ophrah (when the audience applause settles down) that he’s writing a book, and the audience will sigh and swoon. Oh, now I’m sounding cynical.

  23. lizzy says:

    Having lived through infidelity claims played out in the media, I have quite some empathy for Elin, and have tried to turn my eyes. But here I am reading this article, partly because I initially feared it was her.

    If even half of the claims in the headlines are true, my problem is that I can never with ease think of him as “Tiger” Woods again. Forever Eldrick Tont to me.

  24. Shawna says:

    I have to agree with Chica. If this were one moment of weakness while on the road, there might be room to work things out. But with the Legion of Skanks coming out of the woodwork, Elin is better off without him.

  25. suz says:

    Let’s see how far Nejame can take the Ambien defense. Sleep driving, that’s an easy one, he was lying on the ground in a stupor and snoring afterwards. Sleep catting around? They were all blonde and he could have confused them for his wife. Sleep sexting? His tired hands drifting on the keyboard, like a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters typing the works of Shakespeare, but Tiger only manages to type naughty requests?

  26. Momof3 says:

    HEAR HEAR Blink. WE don’t know the in’s and out’s of Tiger’s mind/ health or relationships or even his marriage. Addiction is a sickness whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling ect. I too, will give him the benefit of doubt regarding any illness. I hope they can weather the storm with support from medical professionals, family, friends and the public. How embarrassing for each of them.

    The in’s and out’s pun was not intentional but left it for comic relief his being a pro golfer and all.

    I had someone very close to me with an addiction problem I never saw coming, and made a few failed attempts at rehab. We all cut them off and when it was time for the final rehab stint, I refused to support them, I was not going to get the sucker award even if everyone else was. No way. Then someone said to me.. “What is the point of someone trying to change their life for the better if they don’t have anyone to share it with or acknowledge it, why should they bother? I will never forget that. I mustered kindness in my heart and 13 years later they never once fell off the wagon.

    Of course I say this and I cannot get through 5 minutes of that show intervention without throwing something at the tv.
    Oh well.

  27. lottacats says:

    She should leave him. He’s a slug.

  28. suz says:

    Somebody call a wahhhhmbulance to get Tiger to rehab. (Tho of course I do still think it was only a matter of time before he snapped—daddy issues, lost childhood, so I think he’d benefit from any therapy, even if it’s just in rehab).

  29. sosad says:

    Elin’s exit strategy


    True Dat.”… Nordic Women will kick your ass in every conceivable way…

  30. Chica says:

    according to the news on HLN
    elin has bought a 3 million dollar mansion in australia.
    rumor is she left tiger but thats all I know!
    dunno if its credible info.

  31. Chica says:

    when I posted this earlier there were like nine women !!now I hear that the total has grown beyond that.
    thats totaly unacceptable. I only care how the kids and elin.


    Tiger woods is a fallen role model. he fell from grace !
    he his life Has been spinning out of control for sometime now! a accident waiting to happen!! I mean how can a wife get past all those women! why would any woman want a SERIAL CHEATER!!
    why would he even get married disrupt someone life for nothing.
    this doesnt make sense if this is the life style he wanted why marry. While typing this I realized!! that perhaps he was ! wanting TO come across as a good role model! perhaps being married would make him look better in the eye of the endorsers ya think?.

  32. Chica says:

    I only care how the kids and elin are doing and now elins mom! having to endure his presence can you imagine the tension in that house.

  33. Chica says:

    no I didnt mean use use the word mean
    it was supposed to be MEANT!!

  34. Chica says:

    goodnight all
    tomorrow is another day closer to friday.
    lets continue to pray for justice for caylee.
    pray god gives elin the courage to move on !
    healing comes with time.
    I once was told that!
    living well is the best revenge and guess what it worked for me.
    good nite

  35. sanny says:

    Tiger’s harem keeps growing and growing….along with drinking, drugs he now addicted to SEX. This guy needs help badly.
    He has put his entire family in the middle of this mess of his. At the rate the family is going they should have frequest passes at the hospital both he and his mother in law was sent to…..What a shame he is to every young boy who held him up as a role model. Elin should take the MEGA BUCKS and run fast. This guy is a Serial CHEETAH.
    I’m just waiting for the interview to begin on Oprah’s……she’s champing at the bit for an hour of TIGER WOODS EXCLUSIVE. LOL

  36. sosad says:

    Yup, Blink — I had a Danish aunt, and it’s true .”… Nordic Women will kick your ass in every conceivable way… Aunt Kirsten certainly did! lol

  37. Red Ranger says:

    The Orlando Sentinel this morning is reporting that Gatorade has dropped TW drink.

    They are also reporting that he is now linked to a second porn star.

    Scott Maxwell, a reporter for the Sentinel is also beginning to question the preferential treatment handed to TW by the state attorney’s office. He mentions them trying to get a life sentence for a poor man who did a $20 burglary, then cop b;ocking the FDLE from getting TW’s records so that Elin’s statements could be investigated.


    Rehab is coming quickly.

    I also read that Elin has purchased a 2 mil home on a small island that is a short ferry ride from Stockholm. Her transitional crib in Windermere is reportedly in TW and his late father’s names.

  38. Red Ranger says:

    Edited to add: The Stockholm island home is reportedly worth $2.5 million.

    I was in Stockholm in 1992 when the US dollar was still strong. Their prices are much higher than ours. A draft beer at the Hard Rock Cafe was about $17. If inflation has continued there as it has here, 2.5 million does not buy a whole lot of house. The articles I am reading say it is a secluded mansion though. What gives?

  39. Momof3 says:


    Blink I know what you mean. Unless you have have walked in the shoes of someone that has watched a love one self destruct from an addiction you can never understand. Even if you have, you still find yourself quick to shun or turn away in disgust at a strangers battle. There is often times a thin line between apathy and empathy…..sigh

  40. Mayhem says:

    With all due respect, I don’t agree that Tiger has a sex addiction. With his complete silence, there is no evidence that suggests he has a medical problem. I see him as a man in a high position who did what he wanted to do because he felt a sense of entitlement and thought he could get away with it.

    There is redemption for him, as there is with everyone…this is what the bible teaches. He and Elin have a long road ahead of them dealing with this pile he’s created, whether they stay together or not. I feel for the kids. I hope he spends the better part of his life making it up to them and Elin.

    But I don’t understand why our society is so quick to label people’s trangressions a disease or addiction. There’s no personal responsibility anymore. Perhaps he just screwed 10 different women over the past 3 years because it was fun and the opportunity was there.

  41. suz says:

    Deary dear, STAR Magazine (assume it’s credible at your own risk, lol) says Tiger is in hiding because Elin broke his tooth when she hurled a cellphone at him. Who knows, it’s a fun read anyway.


  42. Carmen says:

    I’ve just got to say it – Tiger, GET TESTED FOR AIDS AND OTHER VDs. Your poor wife should be tested as well. We certainly don’t hear much about all the diseases that may have been transmitted. This is the real CRIME story.

  43. Word Girl says:

    Sordid stuff.
    I did imagine Elin in the hall with the phone, smashing it like I would have done, but throwing it at him. Oops…I think she absolutely did do that and grab a display club to hit him with (as I doubt his bag would be standing in the entry hall like at my house). He said he was sore, didn’t he.

    As for the tooth, if so, that’s a quick repair. I’m sure a golfing dentist would be glad to do that after hours.

    I am confused, though. Where is Eldrick hiding? I don’t think Elin would be going to The House, if assclown was there. Anyone know?

    In a best case scenario, though, I think LE should have brought charges of DV against her. Dropped and expunged, of course. Even if there is reason for violence some times, there is no excuse.

  44. sosad says:

    Around town they are saying he is on his boat.

    He is.

  45. nt says:


    Have you seen this, to funny. I am sorry, I know you are busy but I spit diet coke on this one. Thought you might need a laugh.

    Don’t post it is probably to prejudicial.


  46. Dennis says:

    Why all the fuss. Women need the approval and security that being mated to some sort of alpha male brings; whether it’s the toughest guy in the jungle, the king, prince, pop-star, politician, business man, millionaire or sport’s icon and they should not be surprised that hundreds of other women want to jump into the same bed and, in nature’s way, the poor celeb is programmed not to resist feminine whiles but to spread his genes to ensure that success is more widely distributed. Tiger is just part of a long line of donors that started with hidden fertility and the early trend of giving fruit for favors. Give the guy the same break extended to JFK and millions of others,

    Lol. Best of Luck on eharmony.

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