Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: A Gruesome Anniversary Plays Out in Court

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Orlando, FL– On the eve of the one year anniversary of the recovery of 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthonys remains; the defense team representing the woman charged with her murder is preparing for one of the most difficult court appearances to date.

Tomorrow, one year ago, Caylee was found while her grandparents and Team Casey dined on crab puffs and lounged pool side at the Ritz.

Ritzbaezcheck2-small4Among the Ritz Carlton guests, courtesy of ABC, was the Anthony Family Private Investigator, Dominic Casey.

Mr. Casey is attempting to don the “Privilege Parka” and avoid an upcoming deposition scheduled for December 16 and of course subsequent testimony at trial. The State has issued subpoenas to both George and Cindy Anthony for tomorrow’s hearing. They are looking to sit in front of the bar.

Might be advisable given the circumstances. I suggest a single malt of humility with a dignity chaser.

By his own account, George Anthony has not seen or spoken to Dominic Casey since February 10, 2009.

It is not known if perhaps Baez never took the time to explain to Mr. Casey  the definition of “privilege”.

It is not thatAnthonysCourt51909 he would get the “privilege” of schtupping his Clients wife while their baby granddaughter was missing and later found murdered in the area his Client*slash*PillowPal sent him to search a month earlier.

O yeah, I went there.

If he is stupid enough through his attorney Diana Tennis to continue the privilege party line I predict Ms. Drane Burdick will be well prepared to demonstrate her skills in verbal guillotine simply by using Dom’s own words. I am not a huge Dr. Phil fan I admit, but there is a quote from him I feel resonates for Cindy Anthony specifically:

If he will do it with ya, he will do it to ya. 100%

Cindy, when you read this, you know I come from a place of knowledge and there are some doors even you do not want opened.

Mountainous Motionous Interruptus

To Deluge is to Delude? That is the Question.

Baez_casey_lyonIt is unclear if Ms. Lyon and the Baez jesters get paid by the word in their motions, or if they own stock in the local optometrist.

What is clear, is they have an endless supply of ink for the laser jet.

Could that be because they have not put out the benjamens for the bevy of experts we were expecting from the hearing about who is funding this shindig?

Even the dubious Dr. Lee is on record saying he does not get out of bed until the next check. *snark alert*

How do you ask for a year to prepare for a trial and not list a single expert as a witness, or lob a smidge of discovery back over the net?

Is February 1st the BIG BAEZ REVEAL? ( Insert laugh track)

Yesterday, Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick returned fire, exposing what appears to be some seriously shoddy defense tactics to open up the files of the almost 4000 Texas Equusearch Volunteers in response to the mountains of motions filed by the defense the day before Thanksgiving.

..”Appreciate the Reciprocate not the Procrastinate or you Violate..”


Got it straight?

(editors note: see how easy that is, A to the L? One line and will free you up for those lovely, no advance blush necessary speaking engagements.)

“Dialing for Disgruntled”

It is not surprising or original to learn that Andrea Lyon and Jose Baez et al have spent weeks calling through TES search rosters to find anyone that would talk to them voluntarily. Many have. Baez and team apparently thought they hit pay-dirt with Joe Jordan and Laura Buchanan.

Joe Jordan was a volunteer on the first search in Orlando for Caylee Anthony. He also broke his agreement with TES by posting Youtube videos of the search and blogging about locations and findings. It was a serious no no and when he was outed, he began his campaign to speak negatively about Tim Miller and TES.

In the defense’s motion to modify access to TES records,  Mr. Jordan claims to have kept very detailed records of his search efforts, when his team of 5–6 members were searching the alleged “exact area” where Caylee was ultimately found. For me, when someone uses the word detailed, I make the assumption that entails having more than one name of the other 5 people:

..”Among the five people with me were Danny Ibison and his dog, and a Panama City Deputy with one of his two dogs…”

Within the search form Jordan alleges he provided to TES, it would REQUIRE the names and ID’s of the individuals searching that area.

Could it be that Ibison and the others would not support Jordan’s statement because the area, exact area, where Caylee’s remains were found, was underwater on September 1st?

Speaking on the condition of anonymity exclusively to, a source within OCSO confirms just that. Ibison maintains the site was underwater, the as- yet-unamed- publicly “deputy” will confirm there were meetings within TES to come up with a solution to use some sort of aquatic equipment to search the submerged area, but it was considered too dangerous and too small for a boat.

What motive would Mr. Jordan have to (un-surreptitiously to him) record his interview with Morty?

Joe JordanJJ records the audio for a spell and then gets around to calling Det. Edwards at OCSO to ostensibly get a high five.

That high five was nearly a low five behind his back from the state for a 3rd degree wiretapping felony.

Wait for it….. AND he is “materially” changing his story after apparently being schooled about what happens when you are prepared to lie in court, regardless of your agenda.

There is no “I” in perjury. Look out Baez, someone is out of there FUGUE state in time for tomorrow.

If I were a betting gal, I would say that Lyon will not lead with asking Ms. Drane Burdick where she picked out her suit or what she has in her nightstand drawer.

However, I do believe that an excerpt or 3 from Andea Lyon’s stand up impersonation of Lisa Lampanelli may end up on the record.

All that aside, I am humbled by tomorrow’s anniversary I thought I would never see. I will never forget the call in which both joy and anguish filled my throat.  “We got her, it’s her.”

To the FBI, FDLE, FBI CSI, OCSO CSI, SS and OCSO, 9th Circuit Medical Examiners Office, Dr. G and SH– You know who you are– From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the commitment you showed this child.

You are her sweet voice now, backed by your collective baritone.

I am hopeful for an anti-crescendo or dimiuendo, directed to the finale.

If that does not work, then we scrap. End is the Same. Justifies the Means.

Images by Klaasend

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  1. Kleat says:

    Casey and the Anthony’s Winter Park connections– subject to revision. Corrections and additions welcome. Is there anything telling about the way a ZG was targeted/chosen/identified– could there have been a similar tactic or happenstance used to gain information on another ZG in Winter Park, and that name used later with possibly a similar Hispanic variation of an appelido or its initial…

    * Tony Lazzaro and roommate Nathan L.’s apartment in Winter Park
    * Casey’s boss said to have allowed Casey to work from her computer at Tony’s Winter Park Apartment
    * Cindy Anthony’s workplace, Gentiva in Winter Park
    * Tony L’s undercover meeting place with Lee, was outside Subway in Winter Park

  2. Kleat says:

    And of course, the Winter Park Targetted Target store.

  3. MJ says:

    Question about the ZG ticket.
    Has there been any handwriting analysis done? Maybe a comparison to kc’s

  4. Ragdoll says:

    #1053 MJ

    I’m no expert on hand writing analysis, but when I saw the signature on the ticket or citation, I thought it looked like a contrived Casey signature. There were some things that stuck out to me. I’d have to go back and look at it again…..I can’t recall exactly what ‘those things’ were but I could see Casey’s penmanship in that signature.

    Then again, I could be coo coo for cocoa puffs.

  5. Kleat says:

    Claudia, thanks. It’s funny though, that the traffic violations paperwork in office, did not reflect that second last name even though it was not hyphenated to make it work in computers. Why wouldn’t they print it very clearly, and even type it in to be clear, so that if need be, it was there for future use– this might be a person who decides never to drive with a licence, or to use a fake ID or whatever. Just seems that it would be prudent to put both names on the paperwork, if not into the computer system.

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