Morgan Harrington Case: Virginia State Police On New Search

Posted by BOC Staff | Missing Persons,Morgan Harrington | Wednesday 16 December 2009 12:40 pm

Charlottesville, VA– Virginia State Police are searching an area of route 64, between mile markers 112 and 114 today in their efforts to locate missing VT student, Morgan Harrington.


Located approximately 4 miles west of Charlottesville, VA, the stretch of highway leads up to an early area of interest, Crozet, VA.

VSP PR Manager, Connie Geller says the area is not being searched based on any new tip.


Check back to for this developing story. 

Update #1. Jim Hanchett, Newsplex, reports the search has ended for this area today, and is awaiting any news of other possible search areas.

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  1. Catch says:

    To find the newest thread on Morgan at any time, go to… and scroll down to the first report in Morgan.

    Currently its…

    See you there.

  2. lisa says:

    Regarding #946 Holy crap! Totally busted. Well, you have said yourself, B, that your job is to ask the questions and keep stuff stirred up (obviously I am paraphrasing) and I do think you keep things going. When info is running dry, well, you give us something else to look at. I admit to having had a love/hate relationship with your Blinkness. In the beginning, I was sensitive to the friends, etc, and now after 3 months, mmmm not so much. So, Blink on! and I won’t make another troll reference. LOL No biscuits for me.

  3. justiceformorgan says:

    Chad, I hope the FB page is only for OT discussions ~ I don’t want to miss anything :( I want to follow the case with the minds on BOC but I’m only comfortable giving my email (ip) address, etc to Blink. I’m probably being overly-protective but there is still a very evil person(s) out there who did this horrific thing and I’m sure that person(s) is lurking on the internet, reading comments, and perhaps even getting a great deal of pleasure out of doing so, and that terrifies the h*ll out of me…and, I don’t even live in the United States!

  4. justiceformorgan says:

    Ooops, put the message to Chad (above) in the wrong thread. Please ignore.

  5. mag603 says:

    Several different cameras picked up Vanessa Pham car at a strip mall. They believe she went to a nail salon and left 24 mins later.

    She sits at the exit for 40 seconds; turns out of the parking lot at 327p; and they responded to the crash at 334p.

  6. mag603 says:

    don’t post above or this post.
    please disregard above post — i am having issues tonite!

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