Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Could The Chloroform Belong To George?

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Orlando, FL– I held out for George Anthony as the last hope to restore Caylee Anthony’s dignity in the beginning of this case.


When he visited OCSO on July 24, 2008,  he was acting as Caylee’s JoJo, and not “Gelatinous George”.

I thought, ….maybe. I lost that bet. Whatever temporary empowerment Poppa Jo summoned to visit OCSO and retain famed Orlando attorney Mark Nejame outside of the Cindy tractor beam; George shed it like a snake.

When and Why?

I am on record since the Forensics reports indicating elevated levels of chloroform in the trunk air from Casey’s infamous white Pontiac were released: I have never believed chloroform played a part in Caylee’s murder.

I am among the minority.

While watching the Motions Hearing last Friday, I observed an expression of Casey Anthonys that distracted me from concentrating on the balance of the proceeding. It stuck to me like gum on the sole of my Ugg.


Casey glared like a shrew at the exact moment Jeff Ashton used the phrase “chemically restrained” in reference to what may have happened to Caylee to ultimately cause her death. Clearly, it was a thinly veiled reference to chloroform.

I thought, what a wildly inappropriate reaction to be followed up by her version of waterworks.

Maybe-not so much.

What if that hot mess in sea foam gave us a glimpse at her physical reaction to involuntary honesty?

We witnessed the sole reason for the motion to stop videotaping her. She will tell us everything we want to know under the right stimulus.

Chloroform, or the idea of same, enrages subject. The Teflon 100 pounder finally reacts to the metaphoric putrefactive odor in her own case.

Released September 26th, 2008 were the Computer forensics on both the HP desktop used in the Anthony home and the Compaq laptop used by Casey.

At first glance it is clear there is a considerable amount of data missing from the laptop findings. However, in contrast, there is a significant amount of data available for the desktop in both the unallocated and allocated sectors.

After scrutinizing the Internet Histories, Cookies, Fire fox and Safari reports I am comfortable saying that it is fairly easy to tell whether George or Casey was the surfer-in-session. Almost exclusively, Casey used Firefox which deleted her history on the surface and for the most part she left no cookie “crumbs”.

George might as well have posted his e-print on the borrowed mobile billboard.

George is as much a creature of habit on the web as he is on his lawn.

Apparently having not learned his lesson from his earlier web snafu-s, (Editors Note: Nigerian Internet Scam- My Ass.) George made no attempts to delete either his history or his cookies, as none of it was found in the unallocated sectors EXCEPT both sessions of the chloroform searches.

I know, your saying, Blink, WTH? You just told me Casey deletes, George does not, so which is it??

George was home on March 17th, the first search takes place:


In Comparison, from the Desktop following the above search on 3/17/2008:


 Fast Forward to the next search on March 21st, 2008. As Time Sheets corroborate, George Anthony worked a 10 hour day, and was not home until after 5PM. This subsequent search is very different; superficial in contrast.

It is as if the query is “What is chloroform, as if I care?” as opposed to the “How do you make chloroform all-business-search on 3/17. In fact, the activity on 3/21 indicates a return to the last history, or point of fact, Casey is interested in what George was interested in when he plopped down on the computer after her, without opening a new window in Explorer, in this author’s opinion. 

As you can see, the available (not in unallocated) space reflects none of Casey’s IM and myspace activity for the same day, which preceded the chloroform searches, and there is no further similar activity attributable to her for the 17th.  It is however, (count the cookies with me) George’s M.O.

Did he just plop down at the computer after Casey leaves not realizing he needed to open a new browser? The activity of his after that leads me to believe he realized it and did exactly that, without erasing his “trail.”

What has this got to do with the chloroform? Plenty.

Sandwiched between a few of George’s dalliances: a fetish site, specializing in BDSM, (warning, not for Work viewing or in the presence of children, probably best before lunch.)


One of the topics discussed on such a site, is “breathe play” which is a form of autoerotic asphyxiation in which the use of Chloroform during such an event, or other forced gases or “poppers” like ethyl, butyl and ketamin is common. Yes, before you open another window and check the trunk sniffer report from Dr. Voss, you already know these were found in the air from the trunk.

To date, the FBI quantitative results from the sweepings from the liner, as well as the vacuums seized from the Anthony home have not been released. I suspect they will complete the findings here.

I could never figure out why George would seem “Ok” and almost resigned to Casey’s involvement in his beloved granddaughters death and then give us all whiplash with his support of the rotting pizza farce.


I believe Casey was on to him. She was well aware he was being “escorted” all over Orlando behind her Mother’s back. She told Amy Huizenga her Dad was cheating, her parents were divorcing, she was getting the house; because it was TRUE. She would see to it personally now that George was working 3–11 and making it nearly impossible to feign employment with a toddler on the verge of intelligible conversation, in tow. He began checking Caylee’s piggy bank, her account, asking Caylee about names Casey was using as associates in her *cough* work.

An obstacle indeed for a damsel in a blossoming romance with live baggage. Emphasis on the root word Damn.

It was divide and conquer time for Casey when Cindy finally seeks counseling advice on her situation. The only reason Casey did not pull the trigger on her faux patricide is because she met TonE Lazzaro. She waffled upon the uncertainty of his permanence. For a while, anyway.  

In a scenario that allowed me to momentarily feel sorry for Cindy, I knew I needed to kevlar myself for any outcome. Given the circumstances of her own issues, it was not difficult.

So we find ourselves in the conundrum– How does the potential for George owning the chloroform shape up?

Let’s face it. If the sweepings and the cleaning gadgetry seized from the Anthony’s contain similar chemical/Bio to the trunk liner this is all over.

If it does not, the chloroform, ownership and acquisition of same, is paramount to this case. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, I have interviewed a FEMA Hazmat Biotech specialist and a Chemist PhD Fellow on staff at Johnson & Johnson. Both told me the amount of chloroform found in that trunk in conjunction with the etymology live cycle does not jive.

In other words, if we believe the chloroform was in the trunk as the murder weapon, or even dumped in it as a frame job prior to it’s abandonment on June 27, 2008, by their calculations, the degrading chloroform would act as an insecticide of sorts. At the very least, would not register so high in the air sample but very high in the composition found in the liner. Once chloroform is vaporized,  In their opinion, a better explanation would be that chloroform was dumped in the trunk closer to when the car was picked up, or July 15. On July 16th it was impounded and placed in a climatic controlled environment. A stabilizer, if you will. Chloroform is also known to burn at very high temperatures.  Given the levels, it is possible in the Flordia heat the amount of chloroform in that trunk might have combusted during the June 27th-July 15th timeframe.

George was emphatic about smelling decomposition in that car. He took the battery out and placed the deathmobile in the garage. Was he concerned it was a fire hazard now as well?

From a defense perspective, George is the perfect patsy. He Leaves gates open, irresponsible with the pool ladder, will lie about the last time he saw his daughter and granddaughter– twice.

Let me be clear. I do not think George Anthony would ever harm a hair on Caylee Marie’s blessed head. I also think he put himself in a position to defend Casey to save his own secrets, brought to his attention ex post facto. 

Escorting by its latin name, P-R-O-S-T-I-T-U-T-I-O-N, is illegal in Florida.

There is no doubt in my mind Mr. Anthony was schooled on what might be coming his way if he did not join the formation, pronto.

If there still is in yours, I have provided thumbnails for your perusal and nausea. Be sure and review the pattern of site stat checking, escort site, individual “prospects”, financial account transaction, and yes, in some cases, calendar booking and hotel reservations *trends*. 

GeorgeEscorts GeorgeEscorts2 GeorgeEscorts3 GeorgeEscorts4    GeorgeEscorts8 GeorgeEscorts10

There’s more. I just did not have the stomach for it. 

No wonder the Nigerian Pyramid or deposit scam sounded good to him. Consider the alternative conversation.

Images courtesy of Klaasend

Raw Excell reports courtesy of JWG

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  1. justice23 says:


    Could THIS possibly be the big secret Baez and company keep spewing all over TV? The one they refuse to release into the public domain until trial? The alleged good reason for the 31 days, blah blah blah?

    I’m still reading all the comments here so please excuse me if I’m being redundant with any of my questions/comments here, but OMG if this is the big lightbulb going on that Baez keeps bumbling on about in the media. After reading your article here, the first thought that came to my mind was the scene with Bill Murray in the movie “Tootsie” where Dustin Hoffman’s character goes all Butch Cassidy on the set and finally reveals she’s a he! What a shocker for his character having been completely blindsided all that time … and from his roommate no less! For some reason, I just can’t shake the feeling that there just might be some of those “Tootsie” moments in the Anthony courtroom to come as well, am I wrong?

    As Bill Murray so eloquently put it, “That is ONE nutty hospital!” or in the Anthony’s case, “That is one nutty family!”

  2. Valhall says:


    I’m not sure where the confusion started, but chloroform is NOT flammable.

  3. Heidi says:

    #593 – lily… you funny! I like your sense of humor. Makes me smile when I least expect it. Keep it up!

  4. lily says:

    Had to go read what I wrote Heidi – thanks!

  5. Chamilia says:

    all i can say is chloroform is NOT flammable.

  6. Curly says:

    I am aware, and I agree.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Blink, If George was the one doing the chloroform searches then how was he the one who searched for “how to make chloroform” when the records show he was at work?

    I explained this. Casey was looking at his cache, they do not match.

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