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Updated: The body of Sarah Foxwell has been recovered at approxiately 4PM EST today

 Our hearts and prayers are with her family.

Wicomico County, MD– Abducted from her home at approximately 9:30PM the evening of December 22, Sarah Haley Foxwell was taken by a registered sex offender who is now in custody.

More than 3000 volunteers swelled the grounds of the Arthur W Perdue Stadium this morning, on Christmas Day, to help man the search that has been underway since she was reported missing.


Thomas J Leggs, 30, a former boyfriend of Sarah’s Aunt who has legal custody of the child, has been charged with burglary and kidnapping in connection with her abduction. Leggs is a previously convicted sex offender.

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis said Legg has been of “no asisstance to his investigators:

“She wasn’t in her room,” Lewis said. He said there was no evidence of forced entry to the home where the girls live with their aunt, who is their legal guardian. Leggs is a former boyfriend of the aunt, officials said.

A “juvenile witness” awoke during the night Tuesday and saw Sarah leave the bedroom with “Tommy,” and said he was wearing blue jeans, an orange jacket and white sneakers

Deputies found Sarah’s green toothbrush and a lollipop in the 2003 Dodge Ram truck Leggs admitted driving.

Leggs, unemployed, is listed as a high risk offender on Maryland and Delaware Sex Offender registries.


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  1. kyrasmommy says:

    Blink, what about the sicko Dr. in Delaware (I think) did u read about that?

  2. FairWitness says:

    Very well, Blink. I wanted to make sure you were aware of the unfair accusations being made. I did my best to express my opinion of your blog and your character. It amazes me how many folks spend so much time criticizing grammar and typos, misconstruing their own opinions as fact, and totally losing sight of a pitiful murder victim. Ironic how the accusers are blatantly guilty of the very things they’re taking umbrage of in you. I believe psychologists call that transference or projection.

    The attorney in question plans to blog about using funds from the sale of murder victims’ likenesses to pay for the defense of their accused killers. It may go beyond that, though. He seems to have a poor opinion of crime bloggers who have advertising on their websites. How does he expect your expenses to be paid? There’s nothing wrong with making a living while doing important, worthwhile work.

    I fail to see what is unethical about filing a complaint against an attorney who uses the sale of the victim’s likeness to pay himself. The blogger/attorney seemed to be particularly offended that the complaint was a sworn affadavit. What’s the problem with that? Why would any investigation even take place if the complainant didn’t think enough of his information to swear to the truth of that information?

    Furthermore, blogging about it, under a pseudonym? Here again, I fail to see the problem. The Internet can be a rather dangerous place to not protect yourself and family from folks who have a screw or two loose.

    I maintain the utmost respect for you and your work, Blink. I am sorry you are being dealt with in a lesser manner than you deserve, imho. I hope this doesn’t discourage you from continuing your work.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Thank you Kind Lady.

    Let me be sure I understand this. He plans to use the impetice for a bar complaint to write a piece on; the subject of which he felt was unethical in the first place.

    That is rich. How does a criminal defense attorney and member of the Florida Bar in good standing, not know that it is a requirement to have a sworn affidavit to file a complaint in the first place.

    He is on record saying the same things about Baez in the complaint in the first place, what is the disjoint?

    As you can imagine, when this case is over, I will have much more to say in this matter.

    Until then, I stand by my filing 1000%.

    I sincerely appreciate your support, Fair Witness.


  3. pinky says:

    Thank you all for your kind words. My sister is doing very well, in college to become a respiratory therapist and is as sweet as can be.

    I apologize, the pedophile is set to be released 4/01/2031. I hope the bastard doesn’t live that long. I initially got the his name and his family memer, who’s also a pedophile, mixed up. They’re both at the same prison. My mother wouldn’t allow me in the courtroom during the trial because I was so messed up. I’m only 4 years her senior. I think it’s a good thing she didn’t because I strongly believe I would have spent time in jail had I seen him. I’m still trying to get to the place where he isn’t worth it….

    I’m not sure if this is allowed, but this is the scum that hurt my sister:

    And this is his scum younger family member:

  4. pinkyAKArabbit19 says:

    Can someone help me out with these questions, please?
    1. Are violent and non-violent sex offenders limited to where they can live relative to children?
    2. Does the above question only pertain to the state in which they’re convicted?


  5. susanm says:

    i am just so touched and cant stop crying looking at the picture of some of the 3000 people who volunteered to search on the holidays. Seems family and community are making a big comeback.

  6. LindaNewYork says:

    My G-d. How many more children do we have to read about? I agree, stricter punishment for pedophiles. Life in prison, no parole whatsoever. “Previously convicted sex offender” It seems it does not matter whether a pedophile is “registered” or not. It does not make a hell of a difference, does it? If you are a single Mom and have children, you need to do a backround check on ANY man you date.

    My heart goes out to the family.

  7. Sister says:

    Sarah’s precious body was burned.
    I can’t even find words to express my outrage.

    O sister. Sadly, I have been in contact with people that know this guy personally. He has a lifelong history pointing in this direction, and multiple victims in the wake. I do not get it. I will never get how this guy flys under anyone’s radar.

  8. Muse says:

    Blink, you brought me to tears. Leave the rest to us, indeed. I join your chorus here and in the heavens. God Bless.


    Sweet Sarah.
    I choose to believe that by the time we learned this, the heinous experience that resulted in your passing, was behind you. I hope my friend Suzie Salmon greets you.
    Leave the rest to us.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Sarah Foxwell today.

  9. FairWitness says:

    Thank you, Blink. There seems to be a contingent of envious, bitter posters out there in cyberspace whose lives are empty and rendering them embittered and lonely.

    The vitriol spewed at this attorney’s website is absolutely scandalous and had it been posted here, you would not have allowed it. One in particular is terribly vicious. Of course, I’ve now called this poster on it, twice. Probably a waste of my time.

    I don’t know that the attorney is writing a blog post about the complaint filing, but rather about the money-making/marketing surrounding the Caylee Anthony murder case. Reading between the lines of his last blog post, I gather he finds is odious that the Internet has crime blog websites that sell advertisements. As if making a living (even a meager one that simply pays for website upkeep) while blogging somehow discredits the content of the blog.

    But he’s an attorney with a successful law practice to support his lifestyle. Blogging is an extracurricular activity for him, or so he thinks. But his name is being marketed just the same and will, no doubt, raise his profile and bring him more legal business. He doesn’t sell ads on his site, he sells himself, whether he realizes it or not. Which means he’s also enriching himself off this case.

    I don’t object to ads on your blog, BTW. What I don’t like are the flashing ones, they’re irritating to the eyes. Also, the tracking cookies embedded in some of the ads placed on your site cause computer snafus every time one logs on, but I have learned to deal with it. I do so because I find your blog to be compelling and interesting.

    You aren’t the only blogger being trashed. Commenters are also spewing their claptrap at Red and Klaas. Bizarre how the Internet, such an impersonal venue, can be the source of such strong emotions.

    There’s plenty of room for everyone’s blog on the Internet. What is this destructiveness all about? I don’t understand it.

    I have a feeling if he is investigating ads, he will scrap the idea that there is any money in a personal blog. Not that he would say that publicly after the meritless and false accusations made.

    I would never let such acid, knowingly false, btw, embarass the name of this work. In his defense, Jerry Springer has made it big for years. We are talking about a dude who has an entire page about how to beat a sex offense charge who is posting on a site decrying criminals. Can someone unravel this for me in a way I can understand?
    Is it just a storefront?

  10. chitown lady says:

    Happy New year to all! Blink……laws in the country are and have been proven useless. These scumbags who commit the crimes have more rights then the victims. Sad reality but all too true. Now, if we the parent take the law into our own hands…VIA killing these animals who commit heinous things to children we are infact JAILED, TRIED and in most cases convicted….and sent to jail to rot. Its sad. Making it Federal? alot of good that does. Once again animals have more rights then victims. Until our wonderful lawmakers WAKE the hell up and realize that these animals can not live in a NORMAL SOCIETY…they cannot be cured. PERIOD! Time and time again its has been proven……yeah know the sad reality, it seems in order for anything to get done at a FEDERAL level…. A important person’s kid has to be killed. Hey, Im not kidding here. Then and only then will these pedofiles be treated as the animals they are. They all should be given the DEATH PENALTY….NO APPEALS…..just DEATH! they should do it in open court…ready aim fire…..You will always have your bleeding heart judges and lawyers who think they can be saved…..Saved from what? In reality we need to save our children from them……

    Any single mom out there who is stupid enough NOT TO CHECK the internet for these types of predators is only inviting the worse. you will never cure them…..Their taste for young kids over powers all. Checking information on the internet is FREEto check. ITS COST nothing to check regidtered sex offenders in your area…LOCAL and STATE…..I do regulary. and my NOT a single mom and myu kids are grown, but nonethe less I want to know where they are. They gather in Chicago in halfway houses in scumbag areas of this city. I was florredf to find 3 living within

  11. chitown lady says:

    DEATH PENALTY….NO APPEALS ALLOWED……one good needle in the arm…no tax payer money needed to pay for their life in jail….INSTANT DEATH PENALTY…..right there in the court room. let the parents of these murdered kids have the HONOR! Too many bleeding heart judges and lawyers. Got to vote them out. We need to protect our own kids. Seems the LAW cannot. You will NEVER cure these freaks of nature. That has been proven at a dead childs expense over and over again. how many more need to killed by these animals? This didn;t need to happen. it should NOT have happened. I blame they system. The same system who is suppose to protect us. THEY DONT….

    Any MOTHER single or married who does not check their local internet for these predators are insane. You can go to the local library fro free to use the internet. Parents, especially mothers need to know whats living in their area. I still check today and my kids are 21 and 19. but, still want to know…..its our duty to know. Since this wonderful sysytem we have does not warn us we need to warn each other. I actually found 3 kiddie sex offenders living within 2 blocks of my home. I had great joy in posting their pictures around my area…..keep in mind also, these sex predators were also living within a 1 block area from 2 dfferent elementary schools. Which is SUPPOSE to be illegal….Who inforces the law? NO ONE! This never should have happened to this sweet child. Nor any child. LAWS need to change…WOMEN WAKE UP! these are your kids. Please know who you are letting in your front door before its way way too late. protect those who expect us too. Do your homework ladies. No man alive is worth your childs life. NO MAN!

    My prayers go to this family. I just shake my head over and over. We ask God why? Even he cannot answer. PROTECT YOUR KIDS! Our laws do not! Sweet Jesus Blink, this is really getting pretty goddamn sad….and yet our judges just go on with their day…..

  12. artgal16 says:

    Blink or Sister has this been confirmed her body was burned?
    I agree there are no words to express the outrage Im feeling right now.
    I hope it isnt true – I know he killed her, but the final assault of burning a child’s body is beyond my comprehension. We have to find a way to change the law and make it a federal law. Kidnapping is only a federal crime when they cross a state line. We need to make all kidnapping a federal crime and if its a child under 18 then we need
    the penalty to result in a death sentence if the child is murdered.

  13. Rob Stanfield says:

    Blink you are a wonderful forum & everyone’s opinions are much in the same vein. Unfortunately where this is going to go is back to vigilante justice unless we get some legal system in place. I question your readers & ask honestly, if you caught a predator like this that you knew beyond a doubt was guilty, would you have any problem pulling the switch? Especially it was my relative or friend? Forgive? I for one would not…I would blast him off the face of this planet as fast as I could get it done. Go ahead & prosecute me for murder, let’s see how the jury feels about that.Our children are our most precious resource & they deserve to live full lives untouched by these monsters than run amongst us. 300 years ago we’d have rounded them all up & burnt ‘em at the stake. Hell the Catholic Church did it with much lessor offenses as small as political dissention. Time to put a purge of real undesireables to good use! HA, boy am I gonna get feedback from this one.

  14. Josie says:

    This is so sad and heartbreaking. God bless the child and protect all the little ones that these monsters prey on. No punishment is severe enough. They have given up their right to live. They will never change and do not deserve a second chance.

  15. chitown lady says:

    Rob Stanfield…….If there was NO doubt of their guilt…I would have NO PROBLEM pulling anything to end their worthless life……What good is a so called LEGAL system when it onlt seems to work for the PREDATORS…..What real justice does the victim get? lawyers seems to always have a way to muddy up the real issues….Going on and on what the PREDATOR lacked. Yeah so…….There are plenty people in this world that lack…not all turn out to be sexual predators or murders. Lawyers just use this as an excuse. I know full well that they have the right to due process….And yet what about the innoncent victims. Take the one here in Illinois. Jeanne Dicarrico….That animal was allowed to use the system for years…..Finally he got the death penalty. How many years later….How many appeals will this clown be allowed. Still using the system. This child is long gone what 25 yrs already….And one of our crooked Governors did away with the DEATH PENALTY here. He now sits in a prision himself. I will be more then happy to pull a switch, trigger or what ever else they care me too pull….these worthless animlas need to be stopped one way or another. And buring them at the stake is not a half bad idea. Just like the witches of Salem…….This thing about turning the other cheek…..Not when it comes to CHILDREN…….For those goof balls who do not believe in the death penalty, I ask you what if it was your child raped and murdered? whould you be oh so forgiving? You would rather they sit in jail….only to be freed because some bleeding heart lawyer and judge thinks he paid for his crime? Hell to the NO! ……The east side of Chicago is full of halfway houses for these sexual predators. They think people do not know they are there, but I do my homework when it comes to PEDOFILES…….parents have too…….How about going after these so called landlords who house these animals? They are just happy to get a government rent check for these animals…..

    Josie is right…….they do not deserve a second chance…..PERIOD!

  16. Shawna says:

    As a child I was abused by a trusted family member. He was my uncle. My parents had no reason to suspect he would ever harm me. If a man’s brother can’t be trusted, what are people thinking? I was married for many years and have two young daughters myself. As soon as I became involved with a new man I checked the sex offender registry and the court website to get as much information as possible. I didn’t have any reason to suspect anything and he is a wonderful, loving man who has become a welcome addition to our family. However, a good mother trusts NO ONE.

  17. Sister says:

    artgal16, yes, sadly, it is confirmed her precious body was burned.
    Let me give you some assurance, Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis has the look in his eyes and restraint apparent in his voice, that he will personally see to it this man never, never sees the light of day. This is one man who is on a mission, and he has thousands, and I do mean thousands who are behind him 100%. Mr. Lewis, the Maryland State Police, the Salisbury Police, the Delaware Police, are behind this 10000%. I pity the public defender assigned to this pervert.

  18. artgal16 says:

    OK, Sister, I take your word for it, it sounds like Mike Lewis
    is one of the good guys.

  19. FairWitness says:

    My dear Blink, just keep taking the high road. Cream always rises to the top. The nastiest poster over there has to be a troll banned from yout forum. I advised him (or her) to seek professional help.

    The jerk said talked all kinds of trash and dared anyone to google it. Well I called his bluff and guess what? As I knew, not a frigging word came up to corroborate his allegations. These types of trolls don’t think anyone will actually research their false allegations and follow their instructions. They don’t realize they set their own traps to get busted. They think we’re all as stupid and gullible as they are. Huh!

    I don’t begrudge the attorney his livelihood, even defending those accused of sexual crimes. False accusations happen more often than you might think in that regard, and those who are innocent need legal help to defend themselves. Even the guilty are entitled to a defense.

    I just don’t get what set this guy off. I haven’t read one word from your blog where you accused him of stealing your work. Where in the world did he get that? You (or someone here) praised this man’s blog and recommended it, which is how I went there in the first place.

    You don’t have to tell me these are scurrilous lies, Blink. I have been here for months now and read enough of your posts to get a feel for who you are. I didn’t believe any of it. That’s not to say you haven’t gotten things wrong on occasion, but YOU are the one who tells us when that happens. You own up to it, like the honorable woman you are.

    It must exhausting spending so much time hating and trying to bring valuable folks down to the gutter where these “cyber-citizens” hang. Blech!

    You cant corroborate lies, except with other lies, your correct.
    This is not a Mr. though, and as I said previously, there is a legit mental health/stability concern.
    The bottom line is, this behavior should not be assumed to be harmless, a criminal defense attorney should know that better than anyone.

  20. Deeindvl says:

    Red is right, these candy azz judges turning these monsters loose is part of the problem a huge part…
    I wonder….has a victim’s family ever attempted a civil suit, wrongful death suit, damages etc against a judge in a case such as this??? Are judges immune from civil suits?? If so maybe they shouldn’t be.

    And I still believe the “winkie” should go on the chopping block

  21. chery says:

    Yet another REPEAT sex offender who strikes again…when will our judicial system see that “registering” your crime in a data base- doesnt cure or stop them!- I am so for public executions & or my idea of private remote island that we dump all at to fend for themselves. I wonder how long will this go on before some law makers say ENOUGH! lets put them to sleep like a maimed horse. They are not fit to live free in our society.Prison doesnt cure them, nor does therapy. why cant they all just come down with some horrible crippling disease?

  22. chery says:

    castrations have proved a huge failure in European countries where in years of trials, repeat offenders still repeated the crime- but used objects! -why? its a sickness, not just some sexual urge – its a sickness beyond what most could comprehend.
    I still think if my taxes pay to house them, feed them & educate them, I should be able to write it off as a dependent! Im not for housing them for life- Im ALL for remote island-drop off by plane- left to fend for themselves punishment- that cures it for sure- let them all just violate each other- that solves the prison cost problem, the repeat offender part, & the sex registry problem & destroying innocent lives part- I cant think of a better idea as of yet.

  23. Fred McNeil says:

    The first thing I’d like to say is that pigs like this justify the death penalty a thousand times over. JUCTICE for SARAH!!!

    The second thing I’d like to say is I would NOT blame her guardian. This asswipe was an EX boyfreind. I can see why she may have been attracted to him, but she must have dumped him for him to be an ex.

    Look at this clown … I’m not a woman, but he looks reasonably handsome and he seems somewhat of a charmer. I do not find her at fault.

    Respectfully, we disagree-

    I hope you dont mean to say that a guardian’s appearance should be the visual background check a guardian is responsible for assuring before allowing a love interest in the proximity of children.

    This just gave me a roaring headache.

  24. MJ says:

    Your post # 72 is brilliant! Not being funny, really it is a great idea.
    Any folks that feel it is inhumane should be forced to listen to the endless stream of victims/families that can provide explicit details of what these animals have done. If that’s not enough, I’d be ok with my tax money providing an on sight therapist to help them deal with their issues but once they’re sentenced, no return. One way ticket.

  25. Sister says:

    Mr. McNeil, you are joking right? Hey, Ted Bundy wasn’t a bad looking guy — so a visual is ok? And Teddy was quite the charmer. Do you know any children you care about? I suggest you re-think this. Checking the SO registry weekly is a must, but even then, what about the ones that haven’t registered? Leggs is the one who quit calling her.
    Sir, it is called responsibility. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s not somebody’s else’s job. If you are the parent or the guardian, you have an absolute responsibility.
    Oh never mind. I’m getting a headache too.

  26. mjh says:

    In defense of Mr. McNeil, I think what he is trying to say is that the guardian may not have known that he was a pedophile, and how dangerous he could be — as opposed to some other women who actually KNOW the guy has a past history and STILL let them into their home with their children (ie: Nevaeh Buchanan).

    I believe there is a difference.

    I understand the importance of checking the SO registry if you are single with children and dating. But, I also know that there are many women out there who don’t. They meet a guy, start a conversation, go out a few times, get to know him. If the guy seems like a really nice guy, they are probably not thinking “I better check the SO registry”. Unless there were some red flags, or they were hearing rumors or something that would prompt them to do so.

    If this woman KNEW that this guy had a past history, and she still willingly let him into her life and the lives of these children, then, she should be charged. But, if she did not know, then she is a victim, too, and is probably going through a great deal of suffering and guilt, which is more punishment than anyone would want.

    The bottom line is, these Scum of the Earth child predator/sex offenders should not be out on the street in the first place. This guy is listed as a “high risk” offender. To me, High Risk means, “he’s going to do it again, and we know it”. So, maybe whoever let him out of jail in the first place should be charged.

    They put these animals back out on the street KNOWING they will re-offend. This is where the problem lies. This is what needs to change…and it needs to change NOW. One strike = LWOP.

    Rob Stanfield — I would pull the switch in a second.

    I agree with you there is a difference. One behavior is negligence, the other possible ignorance.
    That said, the responsibility of parents/guardians, maybe even moreso for guardians who become same due to the parents rights being relieved for some reason, have an obligation to know the backgrounds of those they expose the children entrusted to their care.

    I am going to take up this issue more seriously in the New Year and I am going to be enlisting the help of some heavy hitters, enough is enough.

  27. mjh says:

    Hi Blink,

    I definitely DO agree that parents/guardians need to be more responsible and keep their children as their top priority. In many cases, this does not happen. Sometimes people just don’t think, or they are just too selfish, and their own needs come first.

    You are, of course, so right. If someone else’s children were put into my care for whatever reason, I would make damn sure that they were protected. And, I agree that NO children should be exposed to ANYONE that you do not know the background of.

    Believe me, people don’t have to be on the SO registry to be harmful to our children, either. There are many among us who have never been caught, and some who are just searching for their first victim. My motto is “Trust No One” when it comes to our children.

    I am SO relieved to know that you will be addressing this issue more in the New Year — we could definitely use some heavy hitters. You are so right — Enough IS Enough.

    Thank you Blink, for all you do.

  28. hk says:

    Quote B: I am going to take up this issue more seriously in the New Year and I am going to be enlisting the help of some heavy hitters, enough is enough.

    Please and thank you. As someone who is sick and tired of hearing about these innocent children but feels as if my voice makes no difference, I thank you and welcome your efforts.

  29. FairWitness says:

    Hi Blink, your posts at the attorney’s place are great. It’s strange how these commenters slander and lie about you. Then you bring them the proof and they criticize you for that, too. You just can’t win with some people. There’s no reaching a closed mind and you can’t fight abject ignorance. I would have thought the attorney might have conceded he was wrong about you by now, however. Must be an ego problem. Glad to see you staying strong and maintaining your dignity. Somebody sure needs to over there. Happy New Year, my friend!

  30. chery says:

    Thank you MJ. I wish I could implement those rules ASAP.

    You know, I dont even have kids & I check the registry around where I live. I want to know what I am around, & I want to remember their faces in case I see them out with or near a kid. I even check backgrounds when I date someone new. I dont care what they think of me doing so. I have to take responsibility & be careful of who I include in my circle. I dont want to drag crap into my life. Its so hard to get rid of!

  31. FairWitness says:

    Blink, the attorney blasted a reply to your post and I responded. Please email if me he deletes it, as he has some of my other posts. None were offensive, per se, just brutally honest. I wish Mr. *** (attorney) would rise to a higher elevation. He needs to stop listening to trolls posting on his website and start reading what you actually write. He could be such a cause for good in this fight for Caylee justice.

    Someone brought it over upthread FairWitness. I appreciate your support and promise to never piss you off.

    I think it is becoming clearer what is going on, no?

  32. SadieBlue says:

    I am just so outraged today over this scumbag. In this article that I just read ( people who know this Mr. Leggs person say they are just shocked that he kidnapped and murdered this child – a quote from the article “Despite his previous criminal history, coupled with being a registered sex offender in Maryland and Delaware, Leggs did not exhibit any behavior that would lead them to believe he is capable of kidnapping and murdering a child, neighbors said” (OMG I want to puke at the stupidity of people). How blind can people possibly be? And I’ve read several articles, including this one, which state the Aunt says she stopped seeing him because he stopped calling her. And she is the one who told police he was a sex offender, although it says it is unknown if she was aware of that while they were dating. What is clear to me is that he broke it off, not her, and I would bet money that she knew all along, just like little Navaeh’s nasty mother did with her sex offender friends. I truly just do not understand these ignorant people who think sex offenders are okay to be around and have as friends or boyfriends, and who think that just because they hurt other children, that they won’t do it again. Are those people incapable of understanding what the rape of a young child actually consists of, because I can (unfortunately) imagine just what that entails and it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach and I would be disgusted to know that one of those persons was even in the same vicinity as me, nevermind near my children or posing as one of my friends. Blink, I was happy to read that you are going to do some things in 2010 which will help get these monsters off of the streets. I don’t know what that will entail, but please keep us informed and let us know any way that we can help. I will do what you need me to. I have children who I cherish beyond words. The thought of anyone harming them is what keeps me up at night and keeps me on high alert. I don’t understand mothers and fathers out there (or whoever is the guardian of a child) who does not feel the same. We are living in a sad world these days. I just look at my children and love and cherish them and make their lives as happy as I can since I can’t do anything for the poor children I have to read about on the internet like Sarah.

  33. FairWitness says:

    “Someone brought it over upthread FairWitness. I appreciate your support and promise to never piss you off.

    I think it is becoming clearer what is going on, no?

    Piss me off???? I’d say there are some pissed off folks over there at you, Blink. Although I have yet to understand what exactly their problems are. And yes it is becoming clearer what’s going on.

    I love that reply from V….. about typing fast and not being a blogger blah, blah, blah…. Yet she expects perfection in everyone else, especially you. Man, oh man, there are some bitter, angry folks out there in cyberland.

    The attorney did accept my view that he was acting like a bully and superior. He sorta wimped out in the end with that innuendo comment, though.

    Weird that the rules they wish to impose on of all of us don’t apply to them. I’m just glad you don’t allow that rubbish at your blog.

    Thanks friend. I actually know exactly who they are. It would serve Mr. Hornsby well to check that out himself, member of the bar and sworn officer O’ the court and all.


    Innuendo is putting out a false rumor after pumping your chest as to how you see all, know all, “I KNOW THE LAW”.

    I’m thinkin’ if you know the law so well, and you have been a PAID analyst in this very case, you may want to review the discovery on occasion. I presume he lacks that filter thingie that would serve him well.

    Your correct, it will never be here. Again, I appreciate your fair, objective support.

  34. gotoutofpcity says:

    Sadie #82… although I can understand where you’re coming from, its not so cut and dry. “(OMG I want to puke at the stupidity of people)”. Well, I am one of those people. I know the guy personally and worked with him in the past. I trusted him in my place of business. I knew he had a past record, but I would have never in a million years thought he would be capable of this kind of crime. I don’t want to go into detail, but his convictions in the past were not for crimes as heinous as this.

    Please don’t pass judgement on the people of the Salisbury community or those who knew him. This only shows that sometimes you never truly know what a person is really all about, no matter how much you think you do. People that knew him or associated with him do not deserve to be criticized or ridiculed.

    I agree with you with the exception of what I have already stated. This child’s aunt had an obligation to KNOW who she was exposing to children, period. He was a repeat registered sex offender.

    Also, I am aware of at least one person, whom I will not identify, who ran into this guy at their job, was told about his background, and he was fired from that establishment for its non-disclosure.

    I do not disagree this guy is a sophisticated predator and not very easy to detect on sight. I am suggesting people in a position of trust need to be worthy of that for our kids.

  35. SadieBlue says:

    In reply to gotoutofpcity: I’m sorry for the offense, but I consider registered sex offenders to be extremely dangerous and to me, murder is an expected next step in their behavior, especially when a previous victim was a child. I would never allow a sex offender in my work place if it were my place of business as I would not trust him around the customers. Often when we read of children who are murdered, the person who committed the crime had several previous sex related offenses, usually along with other offenses, and their behavior just escalates and eventually someone pays with their life and everyone is upset and wonders what they were doing on the street. To me, this person is a prime example of that and he ended up killing someone. I’m sorry to judge those he is around, but if you truly know his background, and know he has a history of sex offenses, then how can you be shocked when the behavior escalates, especially since I know you follow this website? I’m sorry, I would never mean to upset a poster to this site, but I just don’t understand. I’ve read so many of your comments and have a great deal of respect for you and I apologize for offending you.

  36. gotoutofpcity says:

    If he is truly guilty I don’t meant to defend him in any way. It just comes across that everyone is talking about him like he was a convicted serial rapist and murderer who was just freely walking the streets. The term “sex offender” can be misleading. I knew a guy who once got drunk in a bar and exposed himself and was put on the sex offender registry for 2 years. All I ever knew about Leggs were his 2 convictions (1 in MD, another in DE) that were both for age of consent issues. He had sexual contact with young girls when he was in his low 20′s. If he ever had other charges or convictions I never knew about them, or heard anyone else talk about them, only these 2 instances. Although I find those 2 offenses creepy, weird, disgusting (etc. etc.), there was never any signs of him being violent or dangerous or having committed any kind of violent crimes in the past. For those who ask how people that knew him could not foresee his behavior escalating to this current level, I can only say its a far jump from a 20 year old having sex with a 16 year old and being convicted for it, to nearly 10 years later abducting and murdering an 11 year old girl. No one could ever see that coming, but its extremely easy to judge after the fact.

  37. mjh says:

    Hey Blink,

    The above discussion is starting to remind me of another case where a SO in question seems to be “only of the statutory” type. Hmmmmm…

  38. Jessi says:

    Thomas Leggs Jr. indicted on Murder charges today. Prosecuters are seeking the death penalty as they should be. Considering he is a repeat, repeat offender. I am very happy to get this guy off our streets. I went to middle and high school with him and he has always been very strange. My best friend also had some run ins with this strange fellow and all I can say is that I wanted to kill him myself long before he did what he did to this precious little child. Fortunately, it seems the state will be doing that for us. Hopefully. Actually, LWOP would be okay as well, cheaper for taxpayers and I’m sure the results would be the same, if you get my drift… Thanks for all that you do for these victims who cannot speak for themselves. You are much appreciated!

    Resource:, its the main story on the front page.

  39. Sister says:

    Blink, don’t know if you had heard, the wonderful man who was going to handle this trial has passed away. It is a sad time for LE and the citizens of this area.

    Written by Brie Jackson
    Funeral Services Held for Deputy State’s Attorney
    Posted: Jul 03, 2010 8:43 PM EDT
    Featured Videos
    Salisbury Bids Farewell to Sam Vincent

    Members of Wicomico Masonic Lodge #91 file across Route 50 in Salisbury to Trinity United Methodist Church for the funeral of Wicomico County Deputy State’s Attorney Sam Vincent. (PHOTO: WBOC)
    SALISBURY, Md. – Hundreds of people said goodbye to a friendly and familiar face in Salisbury, as funeral services for Wicomico County Deputy State’s Attorney Sam Vincent were held at the Trinity United Methodist Church.

    Many people knew Sam Vincent as a skillful prosecutor. He served the State’s Attorneys office for more than two decades.

    A motorcade rode through Salisbury in honor of the life and legacy of Sam Vincent.

    “Sam was one of those people that exemplifies honesty and integrity,” said Craig Scott, Wicomico Masonic Lodge No. 91. “Sam always put himself last and put other people first. He was kind there just aren’t enough accolades that I can say to adequately describe Sam.”

    Sam Vincent was a past master of the Freemasons in Salisbury. Colleagues say Sam often served as a mentor to others in the community.

    Outside the funeral, Joel Todd, Worcester County State’s Attorney, played the bagpipes in honor of his departed colleague. The two lawyers served separate communities but always remained close friends.

    People who knew Sam Vincent say he was dedicated and well loved.

    “Sam was one of those people who works in the background; he wasn’t always up front,” Scott said. “But he was always there supporting anytime anyone needed him. He will be sorely missed.”

    Sam Vincent was killed in a car crash on Route 50 last week. He was 52 years old.

  40. Sister says:

    Judge refuses to exclude evidence in Leggs slaying trial
    DNA, cell phone records allowed in man’s trial for murder of 11-year-old Md. girl
    1:09 AM, Feb. 10, 2011 | Written by

    Thomas James Leggs Jr. is accused of killing 11-year-old Sarah Foxwell of Wicomico County, Md., in 2009. ELKTON — A Circuit Court judge’s ruling on Wednesday will allow cell phone records of the man charged with the murder of 11-year-old Sarah Foxwell to be included as evidence in his trial.

    Public defense attorneys Katy C. O’Donnell, division chief of the Aggravated Homicide Division of the public defender’s office, and Kay Beehler, an assistant public defender, argued that cell phone tower data and information related to the location of the suspect, Thomas James Leggs Jr., 31, around the time of the child’s disappearance should be excluded.

    A report compiled by a Verizon employee for a cell phone that was allegedly in Leggs’ possession includes data for specific times and appeared incomplete, O’Donnell said in court.

    “We’re talking about cherry-picked times,” she said.

    Judge J. Frederick Price ruled that cell phone information could be used because the Verizon employee listed as a state witness is a qualified expert and he can rely on information from police.

    Leggs was present for the hearing on Wednesday. He shuffled into the courtroom in handcuffs, wearing a county-issued navy blue shirt and pants. The handcuffs were removed minutes before proceedings started when the judge granted the request by his attorneys. A Cecil County deputy stood nearby.

    The judge also ruled against a request by the defense to exclude DNA evidence. Public defense attorney Stephen Mercer, a third member of Leggs’ defense team, asked the court to exclude the evidence because the state did not send the defense records and reports related to the evidence by the court-imposed deadline.

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