The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio – Monday, December 28, 2009: Special 2009 Year End Show – Special Guests: Robin Sax, Blink from Blink on Crime and RED Discuss the Year in Review




Tonight Dana Welcomes Special Guests: Author, Pundit and former LA County ADA Robin Sax, Crime Blogger Blink from Blink on Crime and Red from Scared Monkeys discussing the the stories that made the news during 2009.

Some of the stories that will be covered tonight:

1. Caylee Anthony

2. Drew Peterson

3. Haleigh Cummings

4. Michael Jackson

5. Barrack Hussein Obama

6. Anna Nicole Smith

7. Terror Suspects Being Tried IN NYC

8. Roman Polanski

9. Natalee Holloway

10. Jaycee Dugard

Blink on Crime will discuss the  Caylee/Casey Anthony case,  developments in Christine Sheddy case and the Morgan Harrington missing persons case.

Other stories to be discussed and referenced, Tea Party Movement (We the People), ACORN and Child Prostitution and Human Trafficking. Think ACORN is just about politics? Hardly. Take the case of little Shaniya Davis sold for sex by her own mother and ended up dead.

icon for podpress The Dana Pretzer Show On Scared Monkeys Radio – Monday, December 28, 2009: Special 2009 Year End Show – Special Guests: Robin Sax, Blink from Blink on Crime and RED Discuss the Year in Review [69:15m]:  | Download

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  1. awa says:

    good luck blink!

  2. Word Girl says:

    Ah, so good! I heard such compassion, passion, intelligence….First time listener. Good to *listen* and hear the voice of the writers. Much respect and gratitude.

    Thanks WG-
    I hope everyone was clear about the fact that it all starts with the compassion and intelligence of our readers.

  3. Chad says:

    I listened to the entire show. Very interesting. I respect you and your site even more now Blink after listening to this show. ( Red was also kinda cool too.) You speak as well as you write, but your message far surpassed both by your motivation to help the families of missing persons, and victims that cannot speak for themselves. . Your commitment to the victims and their family was heartfelt.
    Awesome job.

    TY Chad-

    I feel fortunate to be working with Dana, Red, Klaasend, and the Blink on Crime Editors. I meant what I said.
    By myself, I am only the sum of our parts. Together with our readers/contributors, as Red pointed out, we are a “Force”. Thank YOU for being part of that.


  4. susanm says:

    blink, i caught the radio show, when you said morgans case is domestic, you were sayin not international,right?

    Yes, in contrast to Natalee Holloway, which was international.

  5. susanm says:

    i was so glad to hear about christine’s case,it was way too over my head ,glad its still progressing.

    It is progressing. It is difficult to address when there is so much going on that one really can’t get into detail.

    That said, there was no way I was not updating her on a year end show.

  6. Debi says:

    Have I missed it…have tried to listen but can’t access it…PST is 8:00 PM

    Debi- the podcast will be uploaded following production so you can replay it, on this thread.

  7. Josie says:

    Here’s to you, Blink…You go girl!


  8. Ragdoll says:

    I missed it! :(

    Is there a way to hear the program? I went to the site but can’t find a ‘link’.

    Following production, the podcast will be posted here and on sm.

  9. Sister says:

    Dear Blink, I listened for the first time. What a wonderful voice you have and it means so much to now have a voice to place with your words. It is an awesome broadcast and I am its newest fan.

    You are kind friend, thanks to you.
    And I count you as one of those “unsungs” that work tirelessly. Blessings to you

  10. Ragdoll says:

    Sorry Blink. After I posed my inquiry and refreshed my page, I noticed you had already mentioned the podcast would be uploaded.

    Can’t wait to listen in! Very proud of you Blink.

    Knock it n lock it girl! :D

    TY friend-
    Happy New Year.

  11. Momof3 says:

    Very professional Blink. You said a great deal without having to say too much. So good to hear that Christine’s case is not forgotten. Also very interesting to hear that 2 of your team are still sticking to their guns on Morgan’s not being at the concert. Can not wait for the wheels of justice to get to smoothly running in Caylee’s case. Good Work Blink. Thanks for letting us hear it here.

    TY friend

  12. Joni says:

    I’d love to have a link to the show’s repeat. Great work all year Blink.

    I promise to post it when tech returns it to us-

  13. Joni says:

    Oops, I guess that’s what the related links posts are above, will go there now.

  14. Karen C. says:

    I’m not aware of any connection between Shaniya Davis and ACORN. Please cite one, if it exists.

    You will need to take that up at SM, I did not speak on the issue.

  15. Kleat says:

    Looking forward to the link when tech return, Blink! I swung by and noticed the new article too late by an hour. The download pretended to, but it was over already.

  16. dee says:

    blink can you please post a link that will actually take me to the interview i cant find it alll been trying all day…thanks

    Yikes, not up yet. I think tech guy may be on Holiday, lol.
    Promise to post as soon as is available, friend.

  17. Lily(not the original one) says:

    Dee: sometimes it takes a couple of days. Normally I check in once a day to see if they have added the podcast. I love Dana’s show and never miss them. If you haven’t listened to them before you can go back through the history and listen to the very early ones, Cindy is even on some of them. Makes for interesting listening with the benefit of hindsight.

    GGRR. will post when available. Sorry.

  18. dee says:

    thanks guys excited to hear the interviews, this one will be a good one! Happy New years to you and yours and to all you fantastic posters…….. much luv!

  19. Debi says:

    Hello…is the podcast up yet? still can not find…dang, I really wanted to listen to this…have been waiting since Monday….sad face!

    sorry, yes, here is the link, scroll down, I will add to post shortly.

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