Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Your Resolution to NOT HATE The Anthonys

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Orlando, FL– On the Eve of the New Year, it struck me that I have yet to form my New Years’ Resolution, and hopefully, impart one to the dedicated readers of



After reading this comment from a longtime reader and poster, I realized it would be the basis of what I will ask of you in the coming year.

I guess I’m still alone in not begrudging the Ants any of the media money they collect. I know everyone’s mad at them for not publicly turning against their daughter, and for not helping the state firm up a death penalty case against her, and I get that, but I still have trouble mustering up hatred for them. I don’t think they’re particularly likable or even sympathetic characters—I think that’s why I can’t seem to hate them correctly. I see them as foibled and broken and just so regularly human that I kind of feel compassion for their situation.

I think it’s probably a misconception that they’re rolling in the dough. They’re not working right now. Cindy had to clean out her retirement fund thanks to the two losers she more or less supports, and who more or less have robbed her blind over the past many years. They have lawyers and godnoze who else sucking money out of them prolly as quickly as it comes in. Their grandchild is dead, their daughter is facing death—it sucks. I’m pretty positive that none of us would want to trade places with them. Not that you guys wouldn’t conduct yourselves differently than the Ants. You’re probably less screwed up than they are.

I wouldn’t want to walk a mile in their shoes, and I’m grateful that I won’t have to. But I am also quite sure that I can’t fully imagine what it feels like to be them. Everyone hates them. People surely still heckle them, threaten them, shun them, spit on them, attack them—day after day, relentlessly!—viciously on blog after blog, calling them names, making just horrible assumptions and speculations about them and wild claims against them. Mobs are not warm and fuzzy, whether they are storming your gates with pitchforks and torches, or lobbing negativity and vitriol at you over the ‘net.

(Oh, dear, I must be feeling the full weight of 2009 upon me. Reflection is a dangerous thing, lol.) At any rate, here’s wishing all the Blinksters a safe and happy and fulfilling 2010, hopefully with many fewer human tragedies for us to chime in on.

I think this perspective is a very fair one, and I share it. My response:


I do not hate these people. I hate their behavior.

I hate that they enabled this girl for so long she never got the help, I feel, she desperately needed.

I hate that a 34 month old baby paid the price for it.

I hate that they have lied to protect the woman responsible for it.

I hate that they do not get that their job now, is to restore the dignity of that baby, and to warn others what can happen when one enables their child to the extent of actual lying and covering up for her, her entire life.

I stole a pack of Kool Aid when I was a kid ( that must be where it all started..) and my Mom drove me back to Food Lane and made me hand it to the manager and apologize.

The rest of my feelings are probably peppered throughout this site.

I do not want people to blindly hate the Anthony’s. I want them to learn the lessons they are supposed to, in the hopes this tragedy can be prevented where it might not have been previously, for someone else.

Imo, hate gets people nowhere. It prevents us from self-asessing and making the crooked places straight.

Happy New Year to You as well Suz.


To add to the above, I will share with you that my biggest fear in the conclusion of this case, is that hate, for anyone involved, wins out.

The easiest thing in the world to do is to cast dispersions and  launch the atomic hate grenade. I am asking all of you to instead of sitting in the smokescreen that ensues, to open your heart to the real issue here.

Caylee Marie Anthony, in her short time on Earth, loved these people, unconditionally.

Maybe the way to break through to them is to just respect that part of their relationship. Momentarily, can I ask us to have a collective recall of a photo we have seen of Caylee with them? Full of life, love, and happiness. 

I know they read here, so let me be the first to say that while I will continue to work to affect a successful prosecution in this case; I want you to know:

I know you loved her more than anything.

I know you would do everything differently if you could.

I know what happened to Caylee was not your fault, but you know who is responsible.

I know that you are struggling for a way to make this right.

I know that your ability to do so on your own may be shortly out of your control.

I know that people will understand your motivations for how this all started if you are simply, honest. I know people have a great capacity for forgiveness.


For me, the thought of Caylee’s death turning into nothing more than a bank account for some, and platform to spread hate, turns my stomach.

If hate wins, that is all it will ever be to those that we need to affect changes that will help someone else. The cycle continues.

I think Caylee deserves for her death to matter in a way for her legacy to be the focus of our energy. Please join me.


(editors note: For anyone who reads this and thinks Blink has gone soft, you know me better than that. I am just sick of the viral toxin shower that some seem to have taken before they comment on this case. It needs to end)

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  1. Muse says:

    Mama doll has had my attention from the beginning. I remember having a visceral response to seeing the pics of Mama doll stuffed in the plastic car bin the day the depos were released. It’s a very telling photo, and I believe Mama doll holds a story. Somehow I don’t think she was ever sitting without her clothing in the car seat where Cindy’s one version claims she found her. A three year old girl and her babies are never separated. It’s difficult for me to imagine that Casey was driving that car around with her own baby in the trunk with Mama doll sitting naked in the car seat. It makes me sick just to think about it.

  2. dee says:

    maybe Casey put mama in the trunk with Caylee to keep her company while she was movie boinking with TL, I still think she had no baby sitter and put her in the trunk as a baby sitter remeber Cindy was angry at her) and taped her mouth so know one would her her cries and found her later dead….i think Casey did this all the time i think the trunk was Zanny the Nanny……my opinion only

  3. Marci says:

    I am going through the Cindy depo and I am struggling… I can’t get over Cindy going on and on about them being best friends and how much she trusted Casey blah blah… Really??? I have a best friend and not once did she steal any of my credit cards or cash checks against my bank account… R U kidding me Cindy???

  4. ChicagoJudy says:

    Kleat, thanks to the link of that picture of Casey at Rick P’s wedding. I have never seen that before. It is unbelievable to me that her mother denied a pregnancy. Look at that girl’s stomach!

  5. No Way says:

    Comment by No Way — January 7, 2010 @ 12:56 pm
    Here’s the deal…

    I am amazed that some people who start blogs somehow think they are in a better position than others when it comes to opinion.

    …You don’t get to tell me how I should or should not feel about the Anthony’s or anyone else. Your opinion is your opinion and mine is mine. No more…no less

    …I don’t hate anyone. But I tell you what. I despise the Anthony’s for what they have done. You wax poetic about your opinion, but fail to mention one little thing. If the Anthony’s were successful in their attempt to coddle thier murdering daughter someone else would be sitting in jail right now. An INNOCENT person would be in jail. I can forgive alot, but I cannot abide serious attempts to place the blame on others. I guess you think that everyone should just overlook that little fact. You can overlook it, but I never will.

    …I’m all about lessons learned and I think the Anthony’s are teaching a subsect of our society to dodge, weave, lie and make a buck off of a personal tragedy. I shudder to think of what we may see in the future from those that have taken notes from the Anthony’s and choose to follow that playbook. But hey, when that happens I guess we should give them a pass too.

    Post my thoughts or not. But I think your “New Years Request” is ridiculous.

    Somebody needs a New Year Hug, here you go: ((()))

    You are kidding right? You have clearly not read a lick of work on this site to say such nonsense-

    If your all about learning lessons, here’s one: For an editor to consider your opinion on their work, you may wish to actually read more than one article before forming your opinion.


    You may wish to rethink starting said opinion with “Here’s the Deal..”


    Thanks for proving my point. I have read your site and your articles and actually agree with many of them. But MY opinion of this article simply does coincide with yours. But god forbid I actually ariticulate that. I find it interesting that you chose not to address two pertinet thoughts in my post. A. The Anthony’s campaign to actively blame others which would result in the DP or Life should they be successful, and, B. The example they are setting for others who may be unstable.

    So no…….I am not kidding. It’s my opinion and I have a right to it.

    No Way- You asked my opinion on things I have written on extensively, if you read here as you say, you would already know the answers. You came on here to condemn my approach, and I am ok with that. You are entitled to your opinion, thus why I posted it like I would any other.

    But your argument for same is simply unfounded and unresearched as to my work/opinions regarding it.

    That entire article was written for the very objections your raising, I don’t understand why you can’t see that. Nor do I intend to squabble about what is here in hundreds of pages and thousands of posts.

    We dont agree, which is ok-


  6. Marci says:

    In reading Cindy’s depo she says they parked the car in the garage with all the windows open and such but they didn’t park it outside in case it rained and also because they were worried about someone taking it. But didn’t George in his depo say it was raining while he was driving home from the impound but he still kept all the windows open because of the smell??

  7. Mariann says:

    AL says…..”I’m scared for my client”…

  8. Marci says:

    To No Way.

    There is no possible way you have read through Blink’s previous threads on this subject because you would see the big picture and what she was trying to convey in this paticular thread…. She has never ever said their actions have been OK in fact she has stated over and over her feelings about the A’s..
    You are right that you have a RIGHT to your OWN opinion but to make an opinion against another I would think you would want to go through all of the facts surrounding the subject you are forming your opinion on.. Then you would be able to form a sound opinion on the BIG PICTURE… And of course this is only MY H O .. ;-)

  9. Nauseated says:

    According to GA – Cayle spoke only a few words. If asked a question she would either nod or give a one word answer.

    According to CA – Caylee spoke in complete sentences – paragraphs actually. She could converse with the rest of them.

    Odd that she never mentioned Zanny in all that chit chat!

  10. Heidi says:

    “Expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed”…is what my mom use to say. And you know what, it’s true. The actions and behavior of the A’s will always be a disappointment if I let them.

  11. Barb says:

    George visited Fox Orlando today (WOFL) He wrote a letter called “under the microscope…”To me it seemed heartfelt, I actually felt sorry for him. I often want to scream out whenever they give an interview especially when they blame all the media scrutiny-they don’t get it…it’s because of their actions after Caylee was gone…but today reading this piece I actually feel sorry for him. His words weren’t combative it seemed to be real and he wasn’t lashing out. I of course still don’t condone either his or Cindy’s behavior all along, it is upsetting, but after reading that piece I feel bad for him. I just wish that both he and Cindy would talk more about Caylee still.

  12. Heidi says:

    GA… Thank you for taking the time to share what your existence (of the problem) has been to date. As you have said, no one asked for this. Neither did the State of Florida (tax payers) expect this much drama to play out for this long. Which is worse? having the freedom of speech to educate and inform via the internet, or having been judged via your television coverage(s)? There is no turning back the hands of time. We can only learn from our experiences and not repeat what is un-healthy. A manager once said…”if I’m not doing my job, then no one would have anything to complain about me”. The State of Florida, and those appointed… are doing their job in seeking justice for Caylee in solving this murder. They are taking accountability and so must you for every action you have taken to date, and forever more. I don’t feel pity… I lost respect a long time ago.

  13. Barb says:

    Heidi, very good post (462)it changed some of my perspective re: what George Anthony wrote yesterday to how he feels being under a microscope.

  14. martha says:

    Do any of you have a link to Georges statement yesterday? Is there a written one because I have an old computer at work and most of the time the video info doesnt work. Thank you so much for your time in advance. I would like to see what he has to say, if they would just keep their mouths shut and not go on cruises, and get earrings and tattoos maybe they wouldnt be under a microscope, my opinion.

  15. claudia says:

    458 Marci. Yes you are right it was according to George, I have
    read that same statment. Here is another for you. Melich asking
    Cindy to call her mother on the phone. Cindy says it’s busy and
    she is usually on the internet with her sister in the evening.
    Cindy did not I M her because she (mom) would not know how to
    do that. Question. If she is in fact on the net, how would
    she know how to I M or chat with her sister?

  16. Heidi says:

    George has a conscience (I think), he worries about what others feel. But why does he care? His family has had a year and a half to be good and stay off the national air waves. He/they are accountable for this media bliss. He/they don’t sleep at night because of their inconsistent lack of control over what they have said and acted upon. The media is not responsible for their actions, they are. The Z depo really hurt them. They showed no respect for the victim or the legal system. All they had to do is say yes or no. Their anger spoke volumes!!!!!!! Z had a right to be removed from this media bliss. Z did not ask for this. If not for the fact that she did fill out a form at Sawgrass and Casey used it, the depo would not have been necessary. Sorry George. You did not say anything on Fox that surprised me. Anyone who is on national tv is liable for public opinion(s), no matter the subject or art. I see you hate politics.

    When those say he has no spine… it’s because continues to pretend he & his family can change the publics opinion of the facts regarding this

  17. claudia says:

    #450 KP,

    What I was refering to is in Cindy’s State Dep. Page 420/421
    This would be July 16, 2008. Not June. I think I have the dates
    right but it was the same day they arrested her. Det Melich told
    Cindy to let her talk on the phone, and Cindy over heard her speaking
    to Tony. I have a hard time thinking out of the box.

    So #443 ADA, brought up “offered plenty of ploicies” Life
    insurance. Thanks ADA, don’t know why I would not have thought
    of that. Again I have a hard time tinking out of the box.

    I was just thinking that Casey needs Tony’s number so bad
    that maybe she was going to have Tony hire Jose for her. I still
    wonder how she found and hired him. I think maybe one on her friends
    might have used him for a DUI/Speeding Ticket, and she remember
    his name. Thinking I will look up all the friends on court records
    and see if any used him before she found him.

  18. Joan (Canada) says:

    sorry, but George’s interview to me was same ole, same old. Look at me, just regular George, I didn’t ask for this. Hello, who was on National TV all the time. He says that it was not the place for Jeff Ashton to bring up what he did at the last motion hearing. Where would be the correct place?

    He brought up the tatto, that was for Caylee, so she would always be close to him and had his ear pierced to support Casey. WTF.

    He had two sheets, one handwritten and the other typed. Why, so that the vile media would print one. And I’m sorry, but please notice that it was not Cindy out there because she would never be able to contain her rage.

    To me, this was just anothe ploy from the defense to garner sympathy.
    He talks about all the people he’s helped and that this is his mission in life. Does he not realize they do not want his kind of help. I know that if something like that ever happened to my family (God Forbid)the last person on earth I would want around would be the A’s.

    And poor Holly Gagne, now she will be under the microscope. If you lay with the dogs, the fleas are bound to get you.

  19. Marine Mama says:

    Why O Why would George put his pathetic self on TV again? Especially with a letter?
    They have indeed been ridiculed and it will continue because of these embarrasing appearances and I’m not even going to go into the other reasons. Geez.
    For the love of God! They read the blogs and know that nobody wants to see their pitiful lips moving. They know that the only thing we will accept from them is for George to grow, borrow or heck…even steal some “jewels”! I can’t even go into what Cindy needs to do..makes me sick. She def needs to at least have the decency to stay clear of her bed buddy! Sick. Just sick.

  20. Steadychick says:

    I think the continuing drama and the “us against them” mentality is all that holds Cindy and George together. And I mean both as a couple and each one separately holding themselves together. They just couldn’t help themselves from creating more media attention that they can complain about and fight against.

    IMO George’s appearance and reading of his essay has many angles. First, to garner more attention to themselves. Second, to leak an excerpt from an upcoming book, and third, maybe to send a “coded” message to Casey.

  21. Nauseated says:

    Well – they sure know how to take the focus off Casey.

    Me me me – look at me!

  22. martha says:

    I just read the prisoner letter. Hahaha,lol lol—this scenario is even better than what Lyon and Baez are putting out. How funny. Hope you Duhfense guys read this, might give you some ideas just in case your spin falls through!!!

  23. martha says:

    Is there a link to George’s lastest essay? I cant get anything to pull up to “google”–puter’s broke when it comes to that. Does anyone have that link then I could pull it up from there. thanks,

    New post Martha, there’s a link.

  24. justice23 says:

    You have GOT to be kidding me! WTH??? Bozo and his duhfense are surely at it again in the 11th hour. Reading this at first, I laughed so hard I almost cried … then I actually did it was so sad. Patheticness at it’s worst. Gotta love all the repetitive little details this “inmate” mentions though to make sure they pound their point across about “O-Town Finest” and “Kronk” (or “Krunk” in some parts as he’s described as) being the actual killers and not Casey in this little manifesto to the judge. Pretty sure they never passed 1st grade spelling either, but I digress there. One thing seems certain here however … whoever this person really is, they went through an awful lotta trouble to make sure they stressed the point of Casey’s innocence along with some pretty out there details about “what really happened”. So far-fetched in my mind of course that believing in the tooth fairy is more likely than any of this even remotely being true …

  25. Ragdoll says:

    417 & 418 Chica

    I must be confused. I ‘thought’ RM had sold pics of Caylee. If this isn’t the case, where would I have gotten the idea? I’m confuzzled now.

    Chica, you are right! Amazing how the people Casey duped haven’t cashed in (RM???), but her parents are willing to sell their souls and deny Caylee for the greens.

    Ricardo did some sell some pics to the Globe early on. He admitted it. The pics of Caylee in the pink shirt that was found with her remains, imo, could only have been sold by someone with the right to- her Mother.

  26. Ronda says:

    Where’s George’s wedding ring? Whoever was working the camera zoomed in on George’s face & hands a lot. He talks about their strong family and all, why no more wedding ring? Not even for the media attention? Wonder how purposeful that was?

  27. Ronda says:

    Sorry Blink, that comment was meant to go into the George’s “letter” forum.

  28. Heidi says:

    I honestly believe they are afraid to see Casey for two reasons. 1) their lost for words for their actions to date. 2) Casey must be furious because of all “that” money their spending on themselves. I bet my bottom dollar, Casey will not be able to keep herself in check if she saw them face to face. When was the last time Casey actually tried to make eye contact with her parents when entering or exiting the court? Prior to Caylee’s Memorial Service and or prior to little Caylee’s body found lost in the woods. My guess is she and her parents were crossing their fingers and toes that the body would not be found. Cindy was mad at Lenard P while divers were searching in the pond. Why?

    Maybe Lillian Glass can answer this… but is anger a sign of guilt?

    George – take 5 and go say hi. Tell Casey in advance your coming and that you’ll make it quick… just to say “I love You”. That’s it. You go… Be gone… Quit feeling sorry for yourself.

  29. just want to say my heart just go out to caylee that sweet baby just so sad to even thing what happen to her it make me cry and I didnot know her I wish I did I just hope she didnot know what was happen to her.and she happy in heaven now I know she is. and know one will every forget that very pretty and sweet little girls foreven in our heart.

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