Missing Utah Woman Susan Powell: What Does Husband Josh Know?

Susan Powell

Salt Lake City, UT– The last person to see mother of two and stockbroker Susan Powell, 28, is her husband Josh.

MichaelPowellThat may be the extent of the information Mr. Powell is willing to provide the West Valley Police Department to asisst in their efforts to locate his wife; missing since the evening of December 6, 2009. Josh Powell is a relative of Michael C Powell, who ran for the State Legislature in Washington. Josh is listed as his technical advisor and creator of his website. Calls to Mr. Powell’s office to determine if Josh is his brother have not been returned.

After skipping out on a planned Interview with police on December 16, 2009 and hiring Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney Scott Williams: Josh Powell refuses to speak to LE about anything having to do with the disappearance of his wife outside of his already vague statements.

If your thinking everything you need to know is in the above interview, I agree.

Powell told police he took an impromptu camping trip with the couple’s 2 children at approximately 12:30am December 6th, leaving his wife home asleep.

When Josh returned to the family home at 6245 Sarah Circle on Monday evening December 7th, he learned that family members, coworkers, and the childrens daycare providers surmised the entire family was missing and called police.

Josh was reached approximately 2 hours prior to his return by a neighbor and friend of Susan’s, Tim Peterson. Peterson described Josh’s behavior as odd and unconcerned about Susan’s whereabouts.

Tim Peterson also noted that Josh Powell had the worst case of wind burn he had ever seen and severely red hands that he applied lotion to incessantly. Powell told him he took the boys to a remote part of Tooele County to test a new generator.

Police were called by Josh’s Mother amidst concern about the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Deputies broke a window in the Powell home to gain access and check on the families well being.

What they found, was a very large, wet area of a downstairs rug with 2 fans blowing on high, Susan’s purse, cell phone and keys.

Mr. Powell asserted he had no idea what happened to his wife, and the nightmare for both the Cox and Powell families, began.

According to to Police Captain Tom Mclachlan, Investigators took a sample of Josh Powell’s DNA via a sealed warrant on Tuesday December 16th, as well as other un-named individuals.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a source inside the investigation has confirmed to blinkoncrime.com that there has been blood evidence located inside the home, and DNA profile anaysis is currently underway to determine it’s source.

Post Pancakes Pup Tent

Seemingly unaffected by the fact that he had to work in a few short hours, the children had preschool and it WAS 25 DEGREES BELOW ZERO, Josh Powell, according to him, felt this was a perfect male bonding opportunity with his boys. Per his statement, he traveled to a campsite in the Pony Express Trail Area, where the three of them slept in the family van.

Mr. Powell is a person of inerest in this case. From what I have seen, he is also, among other things, a dumbass.

With that in mind, I present the following working theory in the hopes it might progress this case and locate Susan Powell. Sadly, I am of the opinion that Susan Powell has met her end at the hands of her husband.

I do not think it will take as long, but I believe he will join the mothermurderers gang with recent inductees Jason Young, Brad Cooper and Christopher Coleman.


Initial Crime Scene

An Unknown Event, Resulting in Susan’s death, occurs at the marital residence. It appears to be spontaneous and unplanned due to the evidence found inside the home and the post offense behavior by the subject. A very large and wet area of carpet is located inside the home with drying devices intentionally focused on the area. It is implied there was an attempt to clean up the initial crime scene.

Secondary Crime Scene

The following are presumptive profile factors based on the limited amount of information in this case:

The subject is a non-organized offendor with limited crime scene and overall forensic investigative techniques.

The subject is operating a mini-van with 2 small children inside, presumably sleeping, containing either on, or inside, a concealment item of some kind.

While it was bitterly cold the early morning hours of December 7th, it was not snowing.  The ground was frozen and snow covered, however.

According to Tim Peterson, Powell told him he went to the remote Tooele County area. Following the fact that I can be sure, the one area that is nowhere close to water in that region is the one place he says he was; I can safely say I do not buy for a second he was anywhere near there.

Saratoga1In fact, I do not think he went very far at all. The critical piece here, is the generator he alleges he went to try out.

Two small children in a van, at that temperature basically means the vehicle needs to be running at all times or have an alternative heat source. Either way, they are running out of gas in hours or less, if it is to be believed he traveled as far as he did. That said, I am of the opinion the subject needed an immediate option.


With 2 children in a running vehicle, he would need to retain visualSaratoga2 contact.

He would need to have access to or know where he could gain access to, a boat. Potentially, he would seek a launch or marina where there were hotsprings feeding into the lake. He would know it was not frozen, and he would prefer it over the altervative in that weather.

Saratoga3Utah Lake water depth is an average of 9’. It ranges from 8’-14’, but it is notoriously murky, with a limited number of launches that have extremely easy access.


< ?xml:namespace prefix =”" o />

AmCampgroundSelfStorageThis campsite, apparently also has a storage facility nearby. Amercian Storage comes up on a search of American Campground.         





As you can see, easy access to launch as well.



 LindonMarinaPavedTrailLinden Marina , which has a new trail, is also very close.





ProvoMarinaDoc1Provo Marina, at night at the live cam.

Today, Susan Powell’s family and friends began a social networking blitz in an attempt to generate leads in her case.

Hopefully, someone can confirm whether or not the “generator” is a marina version, or other.

Seriously, does anyone think this guy capable of excavating a grave in frozen ground?


Friends and Family of Susan Powell on Facebook

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Images by klaasend.

(editors note: names of children in this report have been ommitted for their privacy.)

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  1. dee says:


    more info, why did Josh loose his job? just like I have said he is Scott Peterson in the making

  2. dee says:

    nice to see that his family is not the 100% supporters we have seen in the recent past, i feel for them truly…

  3. Susan says:

    It seems so contrary to nature to leave home when someone from home is missing. I would think the more natural instinct would be to NOT want to ever leave home in case they call or come home. It seems pretty clear that he knows she isn’t coming back. And he totally lacks a strategy gene if he thinks this move helps him appear innocent. Maybe he has given up on any appearance of innocence. Maybe he is just relying on the state’s inability to prove he killed Susan. On the other hand, everyone in his home town seems to think he is guilty. How could he possibly remain there and raise the boys without the boys being harmed? The neighbor was trying to take back the swingset he gave to the Powells and now faces trespassing charges. My guess is that things are a little crazy in the neighborhood when activity stirs at the Powell household.

  4. dee says:

    Comment by dee — January 8, 2010 @ 3:23 pm

    what a sad story

    very, but I commend his sister for being honest.

    me too! isn’t it about time my dear Blink!

    I hope this ends soon IMO spring time will bring answers, kinda how it happens in these parts, snow melts, flowers bloom and all is revealed, that is how i see it…

  5. Susan says:

    I did it! I shut off the blinking ads! Phew! Those are really awful. :O)

    Not any more :)

  6. dee says:

    Susan…remember how Scott Peterson tried to sale his house…. same story different day…we all know how that turned out…it takes time long and painful time but it will happen.

  7. Ragdoll says:

    #103 Susan

    You said is perfectly! I think of Jacob Wetterling’s family. They have intentionally stayed at the same address and kept the same phone # in case Jacob comes home or calls. It seems natural that ‘staying put’ would preserve hope. Josh is abandoning Susan. How can a person not think the worst even if he is a nice guy?

  8. Sinéad says:

    Is there any specific reason why under american law that this guy has not been subjected to heavy interviewing by police? Given the circumstances, with his blatantly odd behaviour both that night and subsequently, it seems bizarre that he hasn’t been given suspect status, assuming of course that the police believe what everyone else does: Susan has died at his hands.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    AT some time we are going to have to start monitoring all trash containers and dump sites. Sorry to say but these criminal types seem to find them the best way to dispose of somebody. I am thinking of Natalie, Haleigh, Susan and right now little Gabriel that is missing, dead.
    I don’t know how they will be able to do this but maybe it needs to be done.
    What a shame to even have to think of something like this.

  10. Shortcake says:

    This is so similar to the Hope Danielle Meeks disappearance 8 years ago. Abusive husband, wife missing, husband went camping and when he came back, she was gone. Cell phone, money clothes all still there. She was never found and he never got convicted.

  11. Sinéad says:

    What beggars belief is that undoubtedly those two children of theirs were very likely to have travelled with their mothers body and been present when he dumped it. Truly sickening. The guy seems very confident that she won’t be found, judging by videoed interviews and his actions since Susan’s disappearance. However he CAN and should be prosecuted without a body as was this case with this english case


  12. Tracey says:

    Erased, by Marilee Strong. Death to Josh Powell. Execution, immediately upon conviction. Enough said. Prayers for Susan, her kids & family.

  13. Tracey says:

    To Psychic in Post #52, Josh Powell is not “suffering” & cannot possibly “love his wife”. Narcissists love no one but themselves. Susan was expendable, so he “Erased” her from his life, much like Scott Peterson, Drew Peterson, Mark Hacking, etc. Justice will reign down on his ass one way or another!

  14. Enquirer says:

    I give you – steve powell… father of Josh… not sure why he goes by a different stag name.

    Anyway, the back story explains a lot – read about his father kidnapping him and hiding him from his mother at a young age.


    (polished marketing is josh’s side venture)

  15. Enquirer says:

    Just to confirm that Chantrey is infact powel, here is his work bio


    Disturbingly, stevie works for correctional industries and has access to:


    Symptoms of Skin Contact: May cause dermatitis “inflammation of the skin” or irritation in some individuals upon prolonged contact. Localized skin defatting can be

  16. Susan says:

    Enquirer, very interesting. I am guessing Chantrey must be Steve’s middle name. Do you have any idea where Josh Powell’s mother is?

  17. Looking for Susan says:

    She is in West Valley City, UT – Name is Teri Powell. (Near the sister who lives in UT too.)

    Would like to learn more about the siblings who are all living with Steve & Why?

  18. Jay Larson says:

    I think this whole thing is an elaborate hoax. I like how you pointed out basic facts but there are more things to add.

    1 – Susan’s best friend Kiirsi who runs the facebook page and urges everyone to blog, use susans flyer as their profile pic, etc won’t allow another facebook page dedicated to susan’s disappearance. The creators of the Susan Powell Pgae on facebook want 100% control over everything you say on their site, everything! You can’t speculate, bring about scenarios, etc., nothing. You pretty much are limited to saying that you are praying for her return. I am a religious man and firmly believe faith witout works is dead. It’s good to pray but if Kiirsi wants us to do something then she needs to give up what she claims to know.

    2- Kiirsi claims to have information that leads her to believe Susan is alive and she has shared it with the Police yet expects us to just accept that fact. She won’t share what it that information is but claims that a media blitz will be what it takes for someone to recognize Susan to bring her home to her family. If Susan is alive and can be “recognized” because of a media blitz then did she merely run away? If she is being held captive (as Kiirsi alleges in so many ways) and eventually taken in a public setting where she could be recognized, would she be able to do something on her own?

    As I see it there are two possible things that happened. Josh killed her and dumped her body somewhere or she ran away from an abusive marriage and Kiirsi knows where she is and thinks that her “love” will bring her home.

  19. gifter3 says:

    Please help me find the Morgan Harrington thread.

  20. Mayhem says:

    Jay, it is my understanding that the Susan Powell site that was taken down was because of a troll or two putting explicit adult material on the facebook, and complaints (rightfully) were made. It was not due to the Coxes or Kiirsi demanding the site be taken down.

    I personally feel that the Coxes are clinging to hope that Susan’s alive somewhere because they cannot fathom any other alternative right now. As far as Kiirsi’s revelations that Susan may have been taken out of state b/c of some “things” that she knows, well, I can only speculate that she does not want to crush the family’s only hopes by commenting openly that Susan’s probably dead and dumped somewhere.

    I agree with your two possible scenarios of what may have happened to Susan; the first one being the more plausible one. After all, if she just ran off to escape an abusive marriage, that’s one hellofa slap in the face to those boys…and I’m hoping that no mother would choose that route.

  21. linda says:

    Again, great theory! I saw Josh on NG but a theory was never proposed. Yours makes perfect sense. IMO, I think they are hoping to find a body before arresting Josh…. we all know he did it and without a body it would be much harder to convict.

  22. gail richardson says:

    The only scenario I see is Josh killed her and dumped her somewhere. The sad thing is, is he going to get away with it?

  23. Evelyn says:

    Anyone think that the his father and/or brother helped him out? If it was really unplanned, afterwards he panics, calls his dad/brother and met them half way-handed off the body. A couple days later he rented a car a drove 900 miles to bury wherever the father/brother may have put her. Sure seems like the Powell family is all pretty mum.

  24. praying for answers says:

    My guess on what might have happened, would be a unplanned fight turned deadly with an object delivering the blow, in the living room perhaps near a bookcase something with a bookcase. Into the van covered hidden, packed the family sleepy kids fell back asleep, quietly stopped, quickly hid, then went on to camping, then returned home. When he rented the van he went back to recheck. The windburn is most likely from carrying over shoulder with the hands up high holding the weight on the shoulder for quite a distance. I think the lack of planning did not included gloves. I feel like it was a hole but not straight down, more like a slide hole with a slope. I don’t think anything was really planned I feel the thought was there, but not planned like poisoning. I feel if it was planned the story would have been better, with more realistic reactions, as if practiced. Water just doesn’t feel like the right reason for windburn hands.

  25. Visions4justice says:

    If I meditate on a case my intuitive energy becomes
    flooded…. Last night I decided to delve into this case and
    see where it brings me. I have had no sleep as these
    intersections of time and space can be daunting. This is
    how it played out. He killed her with poison she didn’t die
    while he was in the house he left as he couldn’t
    watch her endure she stumbled into the living room where
    she eventually collapsed foaming from the mouth and losing
    urine etc. ( wet stain on floor) after his timely drive he came back
    quickly placed her in a concealed bag cleaned floors
    placed blowers then headed off with her in the
    vehicle as well as children…. I envision a storage room he rented
    earlier possibly that week perhaps in Washington state…. Utilizing the move
    as a good cover for the storage. he will confess as soon as he
    has his Childrens life situation planned atleast that
    is what I feel him thinking/contemplating. I also feel he will lie about
    the death being premeditated and make it out to be accidental in hence explains
    waiting for full decomp on her body to avoid the forensics on poison findings.
    This relationship was full of power struggles and he was beyond miserable.
    I hope my vision helps Susans family.

  26. Susan says:

    Blink, this might be worth an update on Susan’s story. A grave-size cement plot in the middle of the area where Josh supposedly went camping has been discovered by friends of Susan Powell who have taken it upon themselves to continue the search that LE has given up. They reported the damn thing to LE back in February and LE still has not gotten to it! I am ready to go out there with a pick axe myself and start chipping away.
    It seems Susan Powell’s friends are not going to stop searching, thank goodness. LE appears to have little interest.
    Post if you think it is appropriate.

  27. Susan says:


    Sounds like Josh may have been planning this for some time. But if he really did dispose of her in a mineshaft, what would the kids have been doing at that time? Sleeping in the van?

  28. mary p says:

    Is it possible he used the generator to start a fire to burn this dear girl? The wind burn might be from standing near a fire.

  29. Edward says:

    A murderer still runs free because good people stood still in a time period when they should have stood up.

  30. Ragdoll says:

    So Josh is now saying that Susan ran away for financial and sexual reasons. She doesn’t want to come home to face her demons? To steal a line from SNL’s Weekly Update….’REALLY?!?’ An awfully confident cocky comment to make when you know that she’s dead! Of course she’s not coming home d*ck wad.

    Can someone explain to me how he can refuse to speak to invesigators regarding his wife’s disappearance? Is it b/c they have nothing on him? Please God, reveal this mo ron’s soul to the world! This arrogant b*st*rd makes me wanna pound the sh*t out of him. I rank him right up with with Van der Sloot.

    Sounding off.

  31. lapis says:

    I still say someone needs to look into R. Powell who is/was the head of Forensics for the State Police in Meridian, ID. Though Jennifer says she does not know this person, he, imo, could be Steven’s brother….a few years younger and a bit larger build, but it is UNCANNY how much they look alike. RP was also raised in the same area as SP, Spokane,WA and eastern ID. Meridian/Boise would be the approximate half way point to SP’s residence too. Just my 2 cents.

  32. Ragdoll says:

    Why haven’t there been any advancements in this case? They took DNA from the husband. The rug must have provided clues. For the life of me, I can’t understand what the glitch would be, other than not having a body.

    Another mug I’m dying to see behind bars. I feel for Susan’s boys.

  33. Edward says:

    If they do not have her by now, he should be in jail awaiting trial.
    Let a jury of his peers decide. There is no way in this world that this susan left her children and no communication with her own blood family.

  34. Edward says:

    This is One of the most frustrating cases I have ever witnessed.
    LE has Pie all over there faces by this obvious perpetrator.

  35. Ragdoll says:

    Edward, agreed!

    What’s even more frustrating is that he comes across as a stupid schmuck with a low IQ. He stands there with this deer in the headlights expression. DOY. How is he getting away with this? Drew Peterson is behind bars. What’s the hold up?

    If it isn’t the wife that pays for these monsters anger issues, it’s their children! I swear, bad things happen to good people…but murderers and pedophiles seem to get all the breaks.

    Lord, please give us something ….a shred to hang on to. Justice is becoming extinct!!!!!

  36. Tarheel says:

    Blink, did you see this?


  37. Spam says:

    Ely is approx 230 miles from West Valley….flat desert area. This is important…WVC police do not call press conferences for air time.

  38. amychika says:

    Josh Powel (relocated to WA state)

    “Rally for Susan Powell triggers shouting match, accusations”

    “…The verbal uproar broke out as some family members of Susan Cox Powell were passing out flyers along the side of the street reminding the public of her disappearance more than 1 1/2 years ago from her home in West Valley, Utah. Later, Susan Powell’s husband Josh arrived and tearfully accused his father-in-law of trying to tear apart the family. The emotional drama began as Susan Powell’s father, Chuck Cox, was passing out flyers with other family members at 176th and Meridian in Puyallup. Susan’s father-in-law, Steve Powell, showed up and accused Cox of spreading misinformation about his son in their own neighborhood…this is happening just a day after police from West Valley, Utah, ended a three-day search in the rugged mountains outside Ely, Nev. … Authorities have recently concentrated on a network of mine shafts near the isolated Nevada town, about 235 miles southwest of West Valley City. Officers based the search of the Ely area on new information gleaned from evidence obtained through search warrants.”

  39. amychika says:

    “Families clash over planned release of Susan Powell diaries”

    PUYALLUP, Wash. — The parents of a woman missing since 2009 say her husband has no right to make public her personal diaries.

    The fight over the diaries is the latest in a series of public disputes between the parents of Susan Cox Powell, who disappeared more than 1 1/2 years ago, and her husband, Josh Powell.


  40. Ragdoll says:


    Do the walls feel like their closing in? :D :D :D

  41. amychika says:

    “A family feud over missing Puyallup native Susan Cox Powell landed in court on Tuesday afternoon. And the clash has now led to an order that requires her father and her husband to stay 500 feet apart from each other. ” +

    “Meantime, searchers in Ely, Nevada said they’ve found what they were looking for, but would not elaborate on what exactly they were looking for in the first place. The best indication is that the evidence may have been listed in an old search warrant, and investigators may have been looking for dirt in the area to see whether it matched dirt found on tires or shoes linked to the case. ”

    from http://www.komonews.com/news/local/128287588.html

  42. amychika says:

    new developments, hopefully PD is closer to solve this case and make an arrest!

    “PUYALLUP, Wash. – A small army of detectives arrived Thursday fternoon to search the Puyallup home of Josh Powell, the husband of missing mom Susan Powell, officials said.
    Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer said about 20 detectives were involved in the search. Half of them are with the Pierce County sheriff and the others are with the West Valley City Police Department in Utah.” http://www.komonews.com/news/local/128419138.html


    “Susan Powell Case: Father-In-Law Claims Sexual Relationship With Missing Mom: The search came the same day the Powells separately went on national television to discuss the case, taking the saga to tawdry new levels. The father-in-law says he and the missing woman had a flirtatious relationship and that he believed they were in love.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/25/susan-powell-missing-poli_n_937325.html?icid=maing-grid7|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk2|89528

  43. [...] alleges Susan disappeared on December 9, 2009 when he took the couples children on an impromptu camping trip, 2 hours away, in a blizzard, [...]

  44. [...] and his two young sons in a February fire at a home in Graham. Josh Powell was the prime suspect in Susan Powell’s disappearance. Share [...]

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