Morgan Harrington Case: An Appeal To * You Know Who*

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Charlottesville, VA–The disappearance of Morgan Harrington, missing since October 17, 2009 is exhibiting the potential to reach a temperature that is currenlty encompassing the Northeast: VERY COLD.


Through the thousands of posts at and numerous articles covering Morgan, it is clear that frustration in the lack of lead generation and ambiguous statements from the Virginia State Police are causing some to lack conviction Morgan will be found.

 In a recent press conference by VSP, LE provided NO NEW information or progress regarding Morgan’s case. In a shift of posture by the Harrington family, Dr. Harrington has begun participating in online chat and sponsored an additional facebook site to help the efforts to find his daughter.

In fact, for the first time in 2.5 months, we know what kind of camera Morgan had with her the evening of the Metallica concert from his research. 

AmymaggieIn contrast, we have viewed footage and photos of her dear friends that have clearly moved on without the knowledge of their friends plight.

Girls will  be girls you say? Before one person comes on here to tell me I am being too critical of these young women you should know that due to a fortunate Facebook update, describing these girls as Morgan’s friends is entirely generous. 

Furthermore, if you happen to be one of the parents that has provided booze for underage minors captured on digital for all to see you may wish to take a peek at what is on your daughter’s social sites.

Have you thought about what it would be like to be Gil or Dan while your linin’ it up and throwin’ em back WITH your kids?

Fortunately, this is not the focus today. I do not feel Morgan’s friends did anything to directly cause her fate.  They are more “ME” than frienemy, that is evident.


Gil Harrington, posting on the families site, wrote one of the most eloquent and courageous posts from the Mother of a missing child I have ever read.

The snowfall is beautiful but still disturbing – melancholy.  Wonder if Morgan is cold – is snow falling on her face – or is her face covered by leaves in a shallow grave being hidden by the snow.  I glance out the window and see the crimson blaze of a cardinal at the bird feeder – my heart leaps for a second at the beauty – then I think its feathers look like blood in the snow.  Is that what Morgan’s blood looks like in the snow?  See how the pitfalls are everywhere – even at the bird feeder.

In a somewhat angst-ridden moment, a poster on suggested any and all witnesses in this case should be subject to repeated Barry Manilow songs until they confess.


It jogged a memory for me that reminded me that I am proudly my Father’s daughter. Morgan is Dan Harrington’s daughter.

Maybe someone, somewhere, has just not approached that perspective.

In response to the MAN-i-low dis-

Blink prefacing below to say: yes, off topic, and yes, I am on cold meds, but y’all went after the “MAN ilow”.  < ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />

Barry holds a special place in the heart of my family. When I was a kid I used to play dress up with my Mom’s clothes. If a pair of her way-too-big-for-me heels was “done”, she would let me cut off the ankle straps and dance around in them as slides.

One afternoon, when I should have been doing my homework, I was blaring Copa Cabana in my Parents study dressed like a thriftshop showgirl and  when ” Who could ask for more…at the Copa” part came on, I kicked like a 12 year old Rockette and launched my “slide/RPG” into the ceiling.

There it stayed.

I threw everything I could find at that shoe to dislodge it. Nothing.

Except for the new marks on the scalloped ceiling.

Later, when unbeknownst to me, my Dad was reading his 12 daily newspapers in the study, I thought I might try another idea.

I jumped as hard as I could at the spot upstairs above where the slutslipper was lodged.

It worked on the 3rd try.

How do I know?

I heard a “S o n o f  a …..”  , then something that sounded like a combination of my first and middle names with a swear word interjected that was rising in tone and volume, and now coming my way.

As I hit the hallway to head to the other direction or squeeze myself unnaturally under something, there He was

My Dad, evidence in hand, smiling wryly form ear to ear.

“Yours I presume, young lady,”  his forearm outstretched gently with the nail to my coffin in his palm. 

I responded .. “What makes you say that?

Could be ketchup or mustards..”

(Lame editors note: do NOT ask, my sisters and I had bathing suits that matched when we were little that were red, yellow and white, respectively, it stuck to this day, I was Mayo)

He replied .. ” Because I know, this weekend, when you fish out your overalls and help me fix the ceiling before your Mother notices, you would rather do that than whatever she comes up with  so we can be all done here. The End. ( Blink dad making the wipe hands clean gesture)

She has been talking about repainting the Family room for months, I would LOVE some help with that…”

“Yes Sir.”  I muttered with a matching grimace.

“Can I have it back?” I asked.

“I would say your dancing days are on hold, dear daughter, for the foreseeable future, as are your TV privliges.”

“Anything else? ” I asked.

“Why yes, there is. If you choose to dance through the house with wreckless abandon, next time, do it when your homework is finished and in your tennis shoes. And can you please try to be more like your Mother and less like me?”

“Doubtfull Deets, doubtful.” 

With that carefully measured tween rhetort I skipped down the hall, crisis averted and I am still Dad’s fave.

I can live with the painting. Wonder if I can pick the color??


I chose to share this very personal exchange with my Daddy because it dawned on me that maybe someone that reads this does not understand what Morgan’ s Father (and family, but this reference is strictly male) needs from them.

He was her protector.   He is her ceiling fixer.

You have to give him back what you took so he can fix it for her and their family.

He does not care who you are or what you may have done. 

You can do this for them now. Have faith that anything can be fixed. Anything.

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  1. lee says:

    Wanttohelp: … post 2052…if I was being complacent I wouldn’t be asking questions. None of us are bulletproof anywhere or at anytime. I cannot stand guard at UVA therefore I ask questions when I want answers and judge for myself. Nothing can protect like the gift of fear…nothing. I never let my daughter forget that. I was simply discussing Dr. Harrington’s Nov comment with them to get their response. I feel comfortable they were telling me the truth…..and I continue to love Charlottesville and the University.

  2. skyler says:

    Dadbumit (my grandma’s worse cuss word), Blink — just when I thought you could not get any better — you post this — and I completely agree — My son’s father walked out on me when I told him I was pregnant — it was back in the day that you had to have maternity insurance the month before you got pregnant or BC/BS, my ins. co., would not cover it — My child cost me $12,000 thru pregnancy and hospital bill — all had to be pre-paid in cashier’s ck — I was pregnant and working 80/90 hrs, too — I went back to work the day I brought him home from the hospital — i was alone, and put him in his little crib and I started doing paperwork (I went into labor while I was at work) — and then I had to go back back to work when he was only 14 days old — I eventually cut back on my hours because he was growing so fast and his life was slipping away — but I back you a thousand percent — no one is “just a mom” — it’s the hardest job in the whole world —

    bless you, Blink, Momof3, Localgirl, Chad,Bob-dog, J2K, and everyone else on the board w/ children — and it is almosot 12:30 and I have to be at work soon —

    these are Blink’s words in case anyone missed them — she’s responding to Momof3 saying she is “just a mom” —

    I started singing and he said, ..”no no mommy, ssh. ssh for aye aye.” We got to his room and he scrambles out of my arms and presses the button on the player on his nightstand whereby I begin to hear my own voice.

    He said .. You no haf to momma, I like this one..”

    I made it halfway down the steps before I started bawling. I resigned before my next scheduled trip.

    There is not a time I recall that memory and probably 100 others that don’t leave me wishing I could have that time back. I honor you. I envy you. No more “but a” anything please

    TY, lol, what an amazing lady you are.

  3. lizzy says:

    If it is true that “Her card/cards were used post her disappearance or they would unequivically announce otherwise,” then she didn’t just drop her purse, did she? Accidentally dropped while happening to have the cell phone battery, her camera, and her credit cards out, but her ID and phone in the purse or scattered nearby.

    More conflicting information.

    (Thanks, Word Girl, defining a process usually helps me with it.)

  4. skyler says:

    alexandra asks: Skyler, thanks for talking about the no picture in the RV lot, I still think it’s strange, what time was it?

    Between 4:30 and 4:45-ish — I pulled over into a little parking area in front of apts. to ensure I had correctly put the other kid’s phone number in my phone — I don’t use my cell phone often and am just not cell phone savvy at all — I just happened to look up the hill and saw the haulers — so I got adventureous — Mom will have to do that ting she does w/ the videos — he’s the dude who has his legs all tatoo’ed — I mean, he had on cargo short type pants – they were camos – and his legs were completely tatooed w/ colored tattoos

  5. Chad says:

    “M” Can you expand on this? You have my curiosity up with your post.
    Both Dar and Mom.3 are curious as to this post M.

    RE: #1963 Comment by Momof3*AKA*Mom3.0 — January 24, 2010 @ 2:50 am

    *** Comment by M. — January 21, 2010 @ 9:20 am
    This case is very interesting for a number of reasons. I have intimate knowledge of the Harrington family. I used to work in pharmaceuticals and psychiatry in the Radford, VA area.

    I do not trust Dan Harrington or his wife at all. There is something extremely fishy with that whole family. Mrs Harrington is the worst type of person imaginable. She is vindictive and bitter. I equate her entire attitude to a Jezebel type of woman — extremely manipulative. Dan has always been shady, and has had several financial dealings that really raise an eyebrow.

    That said, I remember Morgan as a little girl; but in a terrible family situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just ran away. I really think she is alive. The friends know something, and the family knows a lot more than they are letting on. It is their Modus Operandi.***

    This sounds to me like a disgruntled worker maybe?

    I have always firmly believed that not everyone in this world is going to like you, no matter what you do or who you are, someone somewhere is not going to like you. I have always told my kids this same thing. Possibly this is someone who just didn’t like them…has a vendetta against them for some reason…..BUT in this case, maybe this should be turned over to LE??? Could be a possible motive………..

  6. susanm says:

    clementine those pics are amazing ,i dont have the tech ability or even more i dont have easy access to what they look like but someone should be able to find :amy ss dan cass dave garner his 3or friends dee and her boyfriend their 2 or 3 guyfriends in black shirts ,wayne josh marv and one more ?thats at least 14 people.morgans seats.

  7. KYcat says:

    Blink, can I post something to you without everyone else reading it?

    Yes, only you and I will be able to see it.

  8. Momof3 says:

    Dear Blink,

    I appreciate your kindness. Thank you for sharing that memory of your beautiful children. What an extraordinary person you are. It means alot to me, my friend, that you can understand my world.
    Your children are blessed to have a mother such as you, that they can look up to and emulate. Good night to you and yours.
    Ty friend, I really just try to do right by them, considering my Mommy-guilt and all.

  9. Momof3 says:

    P.s Blink just wanted to say whenever I sing my own wee-man to sleep with twinkle twinkle little star,I will think of you and your little one. From one mother to another, thank you for always doing your best to raise loving, caring, well rounded children, while having enough compassion to care for so many outside of your own beloved family.

    That would make my day. As my wee-man is only my wee-man to me anymore, lol.

  10. belika says:

    About the comment Dan Harrington made: “I can not answer that” to weather her debit card was ever used after her reported missing:

    In few of the earliest reports on Morgan missing it was clearly said that the morning after the concert they found her purse with her ID and debit card inside of it.


    PS: momof3- Thank you for the answer regarding the pictures of Morgan on the footage of surveillance cameras.

  11. Dar says:


    I really hope you don’t leave us. I am speaking for myself but I am sure most everyone feels the same way, we all look forward to your posts and wonder about you when we have not heard from you.

    You are very educated with “inside” info that you can not share with us and that’s okay, you keep us focused on whats at hand and whether we are wasting our time on theories that just are not true or possible. I value your input. For me, sometimes I have to go look up words you have used…LOL but for the most part I love reading what you have to say and how you can put us all back in line to remain focused on what little known facts we do have.

    Please don’t leave us….You are a very big asset to this huge puzzle and we need you.

    Blink you truly amaze me with how you handle things when they seem to get out of control. I also have to look up some of your words too to get the jest of what you are saying…lol. I just want to say thank you for keeping everyone in line and for allowing us into your house and your thoughts.

    To all posters here at Blinks house:

    We all have different ideas and thoughts. We all come here to share what those thoughts or ideas are. No ones thoughts or ideas are wrong, or bad or just not worth the time to read. Everyone here has the same goal in mind and that is to bring Morgan home to her family. No idea or thought should be taken lightly….we have very few facts to go on in this case so everyone’s input is valuable.

    I think Observer is right in all of us getting frustrated and taking it out on each other. Its been apparent this last week when Blink was not here to swat us with the fly swatters…lol We need to all get back in focus on what we are all here for: MORGAN!!!!

    All of the posters here, you just wow me with your insights and your knowledge and how you search and research everything. I am so amazed all the time by all of your brilliant minds. I really don’t have a lot to contribute to this besides reading and seeing some posts that were missed. I just have a lot of questions that usually get answered sooner or later.

    Observer please don’t leave us, we need you.

  12. belika says:

    As I dont see some of my comments posted, I just wish to say i am sorry if I posted previously anything I was not allowed to post according to your blog’s policies… I am trying to be kind, but also to stick to your policies and to my opinion too… Sorry again…

  13. katesro says:

    Over the past couple of months many of us have continuously awaited your “next post”. Personally I would never expect insider information from anyone. Instead enjoy the educational opportunity you offer. Your presence will be missed. Thank you for everything.

  14. katesro says:

    Thank you cvillenative for clarification. My mistake and apologies.

  15. katesro says:

    I could not agree more. I absolutely believe he was there, and probably got off on thinking “I know where she is and you’ll never find her !!”

    *You are right. When I read this it made my stomach very upset. The thought some sicko is out truly believes they are going to get away with this by joining search efforts and befriending anyone close to the Harrington’s.

  16. RnMom says:

    I am trying to find the interview with the Harrington’s, that the reporter asked about the credit/debit cards. Gil’s response that “Morgan has some splaining to do” has always made me think they had been used. Does anyone know where this interview is?

  17. rvrb says:

    My quick scan didn’t pick up any “new” news:

    But at least someone is keeping the story alive. At least someone is asking questions of the police.

  18. starbucks says:

    “There are about 600 leads at this time, but unfortunately nothing has been able to get us beyond knowing that her last sighting was at 9:30 p.m. at Copeley Road Bridge,” Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller said. “We have to find other sources before we can put [information from other leads] on the timeline and be confident that it is her.”

    Though investigators have confirmed that Harrington was last seen hitchhiking at 9:30 that night, they do not have sufficient evidence to prove or disprove that she fell victim to foul play, Geller said. In addition, police were able to retrieve Harrington’s purse and necklace but have not yet located a red digital camera that they believe was in her possession at the time of her disappearance.

    While anyone who picked up Harrington after her last known sighting may be scared of the possible implications, those with information are urged to contact the investigators, Geller said.

    “We’d hate to have anyone who just picked her up and dropped her at a gas station [to be reluctant to talk to us] because that person holds a very vital key to finding more information,” Geller said. “Investigators are willing to work with that person because right now the focus is on finding Morgan and bringing her back to her family.”

  19. localcvillegirl says:

    Morning everyone. I’m trying to go back and catch up on all the posts that mysteriously appear way up thread overnight. This may be part of our collective disjoint…we’ve lately lost the continuity that has kept us together, and kept us unique from the other Morgan websites. I’ve missed lots of posts, and only this morning read the one by Observer which was as skyler said, about 100 posts back. So Observer, please don’t leave us forever…we all do value what you have to say, and I feel you and I have backed eachother up in the past, especially when it comes to UVa and our local LE. I apologize if I have offended you in any way.

    I don’t feel like I have much to offer, either. I’m afraid our next real step will come after LE has either announced that they’ve found Morgan, or they’ve arrested someone connected to her disappearance. There’s not much we can do to help them at this point, or the Harrington’s either, if we don’t know any more about Morgan now than we did before.

    I’ll try to stay caught up (we have a really horrible wireless broadband connection out here in the boonies, so I sometimes have to rely on the RSS feed to my blackberry…only get the most recent 5 or 6 posts at a time), but will only add if someone has a question about the area.

    So yes, Judi, I do know about at least one part of the steam tunnels near UHall. I grew up near Rugby and we used UVa as a playground…we used to get into one near the Lambeth dorms (used to be Lambeth Field) right next to the chinese restaurant on Emmett, where skyler was parked on the 17th. I can’t remember where we ended up, I was usually scared and in there only on a dare. We didn’t know they were for steam…we expected water to come gushing through and sweep us away. I don’t think Morgan would have gotten into one of these on purpose, and it still seems far-fetched for someone to have used them to make a getaway. I’ve never heard of others getting into them, but maybe they are cool with this generation of students who have background in gaming. I guess it would be worth looking at the maps of the tunnels, as I believe they do run underground at least there by UHall.

  20. acho says:

    *to my post 2057, I forgot to add: 29S is the usual way to NC from C’ville.

    I would also like to add, FWIW: The Amtrak Crescent route stops in Charlottesville (and Lynchburg, but I am thinking about the *rumor* of MH’s scent being found at Wild Wings Cafe, behind which is the Amtrak station). It goes on through Charlotte, NC, and then to Atlanta, not stopping until New Orleans.

    Jolly, please post a reply to my previous question, asking why you suggest Atlanta, New Orleans, and LA need publicity about Morgan. Is it simply due to the route of the Crescent train for those first 2 cities, or is there more to it?

    Also, Enquirer, unless I missed it, I don’t believe you answered my questions about Smith Mtn Lake.

    Thanks in advance for helping us (or just me) out!

  21. Judi says:

    A new post from Mrs Harrington. I think she is trying to tell us something….

    January 23, 2010

    I am concerned about the complacency in Charlottesville. I am feeling a tendency to downplay Morgan’s abduction, to protect the idyllic reputation of the city. I bought into that idyllic image until my daughter was stolen there. I understand the reluctance to be associated with this crime. I myself would prefer not to be known as the Mom of a missing girl. Charlottesville would prefer not to be recognized as the location of abduction. But there is no going back. These roles have been thrust upon us. I don’t think it is correct to downplay Morgan’s abduction to the community. To explain that this abduction occurred because Morgan made herself vulnerable – so not to worry – Vulnerable to what? To the PREDATOR who was there on October 17, 2009 and was still there in November. A bad event happened in Charlottesville – be known as the place where this act was NOT tolerated, not dismissed, be relentless, be clever, be resourceful, and find Morgan. Protect people rather than reputations, they are infinitely more precious.

    “note the still there” vs. returned. Am I correct that is a different slant than Dr. Harrington’s? It implies to me maybe some were under the impression this individual was not?

    I am going to stop there. I do not wish to put words in her mouth, but in a general way, that statement speaks volumes to me.

  22. Judi says:


    Today, 10:11 AM
    Junior Member Join Date: Nov 2009
    Posts: 23

    necklace was found???

    I just read this today.. Was the necklace found or maybe that was a misprint??

    January 25, 2010 0
    Months have passed since Virginia Tech student Morgan Dana Harrington’s disappearance Oct. 17, but state police continue to stress that the investigation is still active and that anyone with relevant information should not hesitate to contact them.

    “There are about 600 leads at this time, but unfortunately nothing has been able to get us beyond knowing that her last sighting was at 9:30 p.m. at Copeley Road Bridge,” Virginia State Police spokesperson Corinne Geller said. “We have to find other sources before we can put [information from other leads] on the timeline and be confident that it is her.”

    Though investigators have confirmed that Harrington was last seen hitchhiking at 9:30 that night, they do not have sufficient evidence to prove or disprove that she fell victim to foul play, Geller said. In addition, police were able to retrieve Harrington’s purse and necklace but have not yet located a red digital camera that they believe was in her possession at the time of her disappearance.

    While anyone who picked up Harrington after her last known sighting may be scared of the possible implications, those with information are urged to contact the investigators, Geller said.

    “We’d hate to have anyone who just picked her up and dropped her at a gas station [to be reluctant to talk to us] because that person holds a very vital key to finding more information,” Geller said. “Investigators are willing to work with that person because right now the focus is on finding Morgan and bringing her back to her family.”

    Even persons who have not seen Harrington since her disappearance can still be of assistance to the investigation, Geller said. For example, if anyone has noticed someone else acting strangely since around the time of the disappearance, he or she is encouraged to report the information.

    The passage of time, though, may have lessened students’ and their families’ concerns about their safety, first-year College student Veronica Elkins said. Nevertheless, Winter Break has not necessarily made the University community apathetic about Harrington’s disappearance, many students said.

    “There aren’t as many signs,” first-year College student Maggie Wood said. “I haven’t heard a lot of people talking about it. But I think it’s scarier the longer she’s gone.”

  23. clementine says:

    Search For Harrington Continues January 25, 2010


    [Though investigators have confirmed that Harrington was last seen hitchhiking at 9:30 that night, they do not have sufficient evidence to prove or disprove that she fell victim to foul play, Geller said. In addition, police were able to retrieve Harrington’s purse and necklace but have not yet located a red digital camera that they believe was in her possession at the time of her disappearance.]

    [While anyone who picked up Harrington after her last known sighting may be scared of the possible implications, those with information are urged to contact the investigators, Geller said.

    “We’d hate to have anyone who just picked her up and dropped her at a gas station [to be reluctant to talk to us] because that person holds a very vital key to finding more information,” Geller said. “Investigators are willing to work with that person because right now the focus is on finding Morgan and bringing her back to her family.”]

  24. clementine says:

    “In addition, police were able to retrieve Harrington’s purse and necklace but have not yet located a red digital camera that they believe was in her possession at the time of her disappearance.”

    Perhaps the author of this piece wrote “necklace” instead of cell phone?

    Or could this be a new development that was not supposed to be released?

    Leaning toward the first.

  25. alexandra says:

    Mrs. Parson believes she saw Morgan.
    and this is in line with the sighting of her walking with 4 guys dressed in black, walking towards “the Lawn”. (?) or in opposite direction of arena. (?)

    Norma Parson, a Daily Progress newspaper carrier who believes she saw Ms. Harrington on the Lawn at the University of Virginia the morning after she walked out of the concert.

    “I was doing my papers at 3:45 in the morning [Oct. 18] and I was making a decision as to how I wanted to put the papers out,” Mrs. Parson recalled. “I noticed all of this noise going on to the right of me and I see this young lady, all in black with long blonde hair, and she was leaning against the wall with this tall boy with curly hair and two shorter boys nearby.”

    It wasn’t the first time Mrs. Parson has seen a bunch of kids somewhat intoxicated and hanging out at too-dang-early on the Lawn. In fact, it’s a common occurrence, so she thought little about it.

    “I turned to go up the steps to Pavilion V and I noticed as I put the papers in the mailbox that they were coming toward me,” Mrs. Parson recalled. “She was near me, not on the other side or in the middle, but she was next to me. I saw her face and I’m a painter and I draw faces when I can’t even see them, so I remember faces. It was hers.”

    As Mrs. Parson took care of newspaper business, the woman walked up the steps right next to her.

    “She put her foot on the steps where I was and she looked up at me and I noticed her legs: They were long and white and she had no fat on them. Then I thought, ‘What in the world is she wearing!’”

    A mini-skirt with no stockings and high boots, Mrs. Parson recalled.

    Still, she thought nothing of it. Remember, kids out too late — or early — aren’t rare on the Lawn and neither are Gothic vestments. But when she saw a picture of Morgan Harrington in the paper a few days later, she thought about it, a lot.

    Standard procedure

    Mrs. Parson has told her story to police and local media and Ms. Harrington’s parents, but said she has heard nothing back from detectives. She said she has not been asked to pick out the boys she saw in a lineup, although she said she remembers their faces well.

    Detectives said they checked out her story and are continuing to do so, but have not contacted her for further follow-up. That, they said, is standard procedure.

  26. clementine says:

    While anyone who picked up Harrington after her last known sighting may be scared of the possible implications, those with information are urged to contact the investigators, Geller said.

    “We’d hate to have anyone who just picked her up and dropped her at a gas station [to be reluctant to talk to us] because that person holds a very vital key to finding more information,” Geller said. “Investigators are willing to work with that person because right now the focus is on finding Morgan and bringing her back to her family.”

    If this person were wise, they would step forward now, while they are still being asked to nicely. Investigators are on to something and they are not going to just drop this or chalk it up to a dead end. The clock is ticking…

    I am awaiting confirmation from Ms. Geller on the necklace. If that is correct, I am going to go out on a limb and say they are close.

  27. alexandra says:

    This was on
    Nov 9, 2009 Hdson wrote:
    Karen55-that is so great that you have searched and shared your info. Thank you for doing that!
    Was she alone? Did you see the car she was in?
    The girl I saw at Sheetz’s in Orange,Va that Sunday morning appeared to be alone as I did not see her talking to anyone. I remember her coming out as I was going in. Her head was down. When I left the store, I distinctly remember seeing her as she was dressed in all black. She was standing next to the trashcan. I saw the letters Pent which made me do a double take to see if it was going to say Pentech, but it was Pentera. She was just standing there not talking to anyone. I reported all I remembered to the State Police. They looked at the video from the store but said they didn’t see her, but also said they didn’t see me. The cashiers confirmed I was there. So I’m wondering if maybe they would go back and go over the video again. It haunts me when I close my eyes and can see the word Pantera on her shirt and know from the description, it could have very well been Morgan. When I read the description of what she was wearing I got so excited that I immediately put it on Facebook and notified the State Police. I have wracked my brain trying to think of any more details. I got more fliers yesterday at the search and will distribute them in Orange and Gordonsville. I just hope the information might give her parents some hope. I continue to search and pray for her safe return.
    Thank you for your comments, because the one that commented he wouldn’t put any weight in this wasn’t very nice. I am very sure of what I saw and I truly believe I did see Morgan. I would swear on my mothers grave, that’s how sure I am.

  28. clementine says:

    Blink, thanks for your quick reply.

    Interesting note, I posted that article on the HFMDH facebook page about an hour ago and it was deleted. I wonder why?

  29. bob-dog says:

    Hi all and welcome back Blink,

    I’ve been trying to keep up and haven’t posted in a while — too busy watching football. Blink, is it bad that I cheered for the Jets but bet on the Colts? Congrats on making it that far — and with a rookie QB and head coach. Impressive. My team is the Deadskins, so you probably understand my tendency to cheer for underdogs. :( I’d like to see some new blood (not literally) in the Super Bowl, so I’m picking the Saints to win (and cheering for them too!).

    Re: # 2105 Comment by belika — January 25, 2010 @ 3:30 am
    “About the comment Dan Harrington made: “I can not answer that” to weather her debit card was ever used after her reported missing:

    “In few of the earliest reports on Morgan missing it was clearly said that the morning after the concert they found her purse with her ID and debit card inside of it.”

    I believe Belika is right about the debit card being in/near Morgan’s purse, along with her ID. (Thanks for that reminder.) The debit card wouldn’t be useful to her if her account was overdrawn; although — as someone else said earlier — sometimes banks approve the purchase anyway, then charge an outlandish fee for it. Been there, done that.

    However, wouldn’t she probably also have a credit card? She may have stuffed that in a pocket (or her bra) so she could buy a t-shirt or whatever. Is that what could have been used after she disappeared? Much easier to use someone’s credit card than debit card, isn’t it (no need for PIN)?

    I’m still unclear about JPJ Arena’s policy regarding bringing in purses/backpacks. Do they allow them but check them first? Or would Morgan have been turned away initially — told she couldn’t bring her purse in? I guess it depends on the size of the bag?

    sky: Thanks for including me in your list of moms, but I should probably clarify that all my kids have four legs — which is not to say I don’t sing “twinkle twinkle little star” to them at bedtime. *wink*

    Oh, and sky, if your kid decides to visit the Star City, I (and probably others on this board) could be a contact person in case he gets lost (is that hereditary?) or needs something.


    TY Bob-dog

    Can we clarify if the response was re: debit card verbiage vs. credit card?

  30. belika says:

    Obviously, by now, Mr. Wayne, the founder of Help Find Morgan Facebook group is out of suspicion for you all. However, I wish to share a story.
    One year ago, I was just coming home, in Bulgaria from the NYC. A criminal case, reported only by some very cheap tabloids, and not at all in any big meaningful national media attracted my attention. I asked some prosecutors and lawyers to tell me something about it, and at first it seemed that none of them knew anything.
    The case, I am telling you about is a brutal murder.
    “A Penal case, that half a year ago terrified magistrates in Veliko Tarnovo Court of Appeal.
    On January the 21 2009 the press shyly spread a message, that looked quite every-day regarding the hundreds of unresolved murder cases: „The Veliko Tarnovo Court of Appeal confirmed the acquittal of the accused for the Case Borilski – the brutal murder of the Bulgarian law student Martin Borilski in Paris in 2000. Accused on this case are two “friends” and classmates of the victim. They were shown as authors of the crime by the French investigation, and later their guilt were proved by the Bulgarian National Investigation Agency.
    The body of the Bulgarian student was found in 2000 at his apartment on Rue le Courb in Paris. The dead body was tied with sweater, and the skull – broken up by dumbbells. There were over 90
    puncture wounds all over the corpse.”
    For a charity cultural foundation in NYC we had just achieved a project to help support our causes by some internet activities like social networks.
    Right after hopefully having received more information about the case, I started a facebook cause to find some support for a better development of that 10 years old legal epic. Of course it wasn’t the facebook cause I started alone, I also spoke about the case with many people here, in Bulgaria, and in Paris, where I graduated, as did the victim, who is btw same age as mine.
    I communicated the story of the case to some journalists, from bigger medias, deputy members, judges, prosecutors that are amongst my friends circle, and the minister of justice, as well as to the members of the family, and the best friends of the victim, and also the EU commission and Mr. Sarcozy in France.
    I am a total stranger to them all. Just like Mr. Wayne says – he never knew in person none of the HARRINGTONS. And I have no personal interest in doing anything of it.
    The outcome of the criminal case I am telling you about is still uncertain. But still, we, together initiated not very big, but still meaningful in some way, discussion about the problems surrounding the investigation, in Paris and in Sofia, as well as the court development.
    We all ready have a case filed at the court in Paris which is properly advancing.
    What I wanted to say is that what I believe in is the power of the civil society. Especially for the good outcome of this kind of special cases. And we all together benefit of it in some way. And that’s what I believe we are doing here all together.

  31. rvrb says:

    So much for my quick scan! (I’ll blame it not being properly caffeinated yet when I first posted.)

    Also, the steam tunnels are a dead-end, in my opinion, both with the investigation and literally. They’ve installed lots of gates and locks and cameras since some of us were down there as kids and students. In the past two years the school as done a lot to secure them against trespassers. The tunnels are dangerous and the school is wisely attuned to liability.

  32. Highlander says:

    “We’d hate to have anyone who just picked her up and dropped her at a gas station [to be reluctant to talk to us] because that person holds a very vital key to finding more information,” Geller said. “Investigators are willing to work with that person because right now the focus is on finding Morgan and bringing her back to her family.”

    Is this an indirect confirmation of Karen55′s sighting at the Sheetz in Orange county? Of all the places LE could theorize MH being dropped off, it seems odd they picked a gas station.

  33. edward says:

    “We’d hate to have anyone who just picked her up and dropped her at a gas station [to be reluctant to talk to us] because that person holds a very vital key to finding more information,” Geller said.

    They do have something.. Or at least they appear to seek a certain person.
    But that person may have taken advantage of Morgan in the vehicle and has more to fear by talking to police.

  34. rabbit19 says:

    I read your response to mom3.0′s “but a housewife” and had to sleep on it before responding. You never know how what you say may affect a person. I’m a stay at home mom to 2 boys. Our twinkle twinkle little star is, you are my sunshine. I honestly love my boys more than sunshine itself. I was a single mother to my oldest, now 4, the first six months of his life because my husband was deployed, and made sure to sing that song to him a couple of times a day, partially because of fear that he wouldn’t feel wanted because his dad who talked to him everyday in my womb, was no longer there.

    I recently resigned from a job I’ve wanted all my life due to my “mommy-guilt”. When I started at the pd, I was still nursing my youngest who was 6 months and was away from my oldest who has never been to daycare or with anyone other than family. Choosing to resign and turning in my gear was came second to only saying having to deliver my son without my husband, as the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. To this day, I still miss my job and where I would be, and I think about it everyday. However, I’m just glad I was able to prioritize now, than later when it may have been too late. They need me now; my dream job has been put on hold. My babies make my heart melt and makes everyday that much brighter. I would make the same decision in a second.
    Anyway, your response for mom3.0 touched me as well. Even though it wasn’t meant for me, you spoke TO me and for that I thank you.

    Ty, and please thank your hubby for his service to our country.

  35. skyler says:

    Bob-dog>>sky: Thanks for including me in your list of moms, but I should probably clarify that all my kids have four legs — which is not to say I don’t sing “twinkle twinkle little star” to them at bedtime. *wink*

    Oh, and sky, if your kid decides to visit the Star City, I (and probably others on this board) could be a contact person in case he gets lost (is that hereditary?) or needs something.

    Unfortunately, it is a hereditary genetic defect — he’s worse than me !
    Having four-leggers qualifies you definitely for “Mr. Mom” status –

    Did you know twinkle twinle was written by Mozart ? We used to go outside and sing it to the stars every night — even in the cold — he refused to do it last weekend when he was here : )

    I pray and hope and all that that the necklace has been recovered — and at a pawn shop w/ a video camera rolling —

    We ARE close — : )

  36. Swiss Miss says:

    Observer, my heart sank reading your farewell post. As others have mentioned, you are the grounding force among us all. Your eloquence and redirection to the facts at hand, and your ever-present loyalty to maintaining the integrity of an ongoing investigation, is needed more than ever.

    A nasty bug has gotten into the thinking goblet and is spreading its germ warfare with a vengeance. Normally level-headed posters are jumping full throttle on comments written without animosity or hidden agenda rather than politely asking for clarification. A “need to know” mentality seems to have developed where some individuals believe the time has come for LE and others close to the investigation to spill all known information without realizing this way of thinking could very well lead to Morgan never being found and/or the person(s) who may be responsible for her disappearance to be convicted and justly sentenced.

    While I truly believe these actions and this mentality are due to our ever-growing frustration and our concern for the Harrington family in not being able to bring closure to this horrible situation, Observer your are able to provide unbiased (i.e., no hidden agenda), clear redirection to all of us when the nasty bugs invade this forum and quietly spread their irrational germs.

    Observer, Blink’s back at the wheel with her sanitized thinking goblet ready to pass among us, so will you please reconsider staying a member of this forum not because so many of us have asked but because of your desire to find Morgan and your unwavering ethical commitment to keeping this investigation honest and grounded in reality.

  37. Chad says:


    Hi Omahamom. I do not believe that I have seen you post here before? Do you live in Omaha? I had already done a bit more searching previously, and perhaps you should to. I am posting a link/source which gives a little more detail into the Hunters medical profession, and their involvement with hospital. Both are involved on the faculty and both are on staff at the medical school. Both would have, and do have input to ANY student’s success and or failure in the program that was under their fellowship (cardiology) , and or residency (pathology) program in which both of them lead and re head of.

    Other articles point to many other speculative theories such as the housekeepers son was involved in drugs, housekeeper had an abusive boyfriend, etc……So the hit man theory was just one of those theories thrown in the mix. It has been almost 2 years now and leads, suspects or arrests.
    Agreed, I do believe that it is a stretch in comparison to Morgans case, and very much off topic from the current theories discussions here on this thread, however, although probably unlikely, it could be possible.
    Also, another slight comparison is how a case can grow cold, with very little clues, or evidence. I certainly do not want to see Morgans case grow cold. That case makes me so sad for the family. I hope Morgan is found and her abductor is brought to justice.

  38. alexandra says:

    Belika, you’re right. The only way we can combat evil is to join together. We have the internet. May there be more people willing to join in helping victims of crime find justice. Now, where is Morgan?

  39. J2K says:

    Observer – re: Mission-Critical

    While it pains me to fathom this forum without your clear, cogent and, above-all, useful Observations, I understand the sentiments behind your decision to refrain from posting here henceforth. (Though, I sincerely hope that you reconsider your decision.)

    As *you* are wont to do, I’ll spotlight (in your own words) what I feel to be the crux of your contributions here, for those readers perhaps otherwise unaware:

    “… My intent is and has always been to ground readers in reality. …
    I appreciate that the time is not saved in reading my voluminous posts, but instead in honing-in on reality v. tangential conjecture that may unwittingly lead readers far astray of the facts and truth. It is these same facts and the truth they ultimately reveal that we all actively seek. …

    “While I claim only to try to help readers maintain focus on these realities and facts – meager as they may be – I claim not to enjoy consistent success. Perhaps therein lies my failure. …

    “Focus is, and has always been, my touchstone. Without it, we are lost in the mist and fog that envelopes many investigations. Without it, we find ourselves moving only in circuitous routes leading us back to where we once began. Without it, we remain mired in hapless rumor, innuendo, and conjecture and we lose precious time. Without it, there is no direction and abject confusion rules the day.

    “What follows closely on the heels of confusion is frustration…and posters begin to turn on one another. … [Just as in face-to-face, real-time discussions, the value of decorum can never be over-estimated.] …

    “… A young woman has been cruelly separated from her loving family. Everyone – myself included – wants nothing more than for her to be found so that everyone’s heart may at last come to peace. At least on that one, last point we might all find ourselves of one accord. …”

    Observer, I know that I join other posters here at BOC in the certainty that you did *not* fail readers in your aim to clarify the crucial realities of this case, and offer a guiding light through the fog that shrouds our understanding of it. That you did so with graciousness, class, decorum and, of course, your trademark enviable prose only served to make your carefully constructed posts even more compelling.

    Your sporadic isight has proved to be a strong force in keeping us grounded, and, in that way, your mission-critical task here often prevented many of us from futilly expending valuable mental resources in traipsing too far from the truth.

    As the great thinker Tweedledee (aka Lewis Carroll) explained:

    “If it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be;
    but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”

    Thank you, Observer, for gifting us with yours – and I do hope you’ll overcome your understandable trepidation at inadvertantly igniting controversy here. (I do it all the time!) We need your voice in this conversation.

    Optmistically moving forward, I think Blink said it best:
    “I will keep my reading glasses next to my thinking goblet.” ~B

    Respectfully submitted,

  40. cvillenative says:

    Comment by acho — January 24, 2010 @ 7:45 pm
    Any ideas why DH suggests searching 29S and the reservoir? (I assume he means the main one at Woodland and Earlysville Rds., but I could be wrong.) Neither is on the way to Blacksburg or H’burg.


    The reservoir is the largest body of water in Charlottesville. It extends primarily from the west to the north of Charlottesville/Albemarle County, acting as a river in some areas. It is generally surrounded by woodlands, and has areas to launch boats, etc. into the water. As someone else mentioned, bodies are often found in water.

    Anyone traveling home to the north of Charlottesville to areas including northern Albemarle, Greene (including Ruckersville/Stanardsville), Culpeper, etc., all the way up to Northern Virginia and beyond, would drive over a bridge crossing the reservoir. Perhaps a BG we are not yet aware of lives in this direction?

    Everyone in the Charlottesville area is familiar with the reservoir, and would be aware that you can drive cars right down to the water’s edge in many places, including wooded areas. Ok, maybe ALL of the students wouldn’t be totally familiar with it, but locals definitely would be, and at least many students.

  41. Mom3.0 says:

    RNmom, I just watched the video last week. I found it on ggogle,it was 1 of the 1st displayed in the list. I am now,however unable to locate it. If you find it,let us know.

    Elizabeth, I am sorry if you felt like you were invisable. I always read your posts.

    belika, thanks for sharing that with us.

    Chad, glad to have you back. Rabbit19 really helped us out. I wonder now, about Dec, and the party…

    Skyler,thanks for asking, Everyone can call me Momof3 Mom3.0 or MOMO I’ll answer to any… thanks to J2K

    Judi, thanks for bringing Mrs. Harringtons words over. How could she know abductor was still around in NOV….

    I am sorry the necklace was not found. The card being used is very interesting.

    This thread is taking so long to load,,I think I’m going to start posting on the new thread. I will come back to read, maybe to post and hopefully I’ll see everyone on the new thread(hint hint Observer)

    Thoughts and prayers for Morgan and her family.

    Great Idea, can we all move there with appropriate posts, I will let Observer know where to find us “:)

  42. Chad says:

    Omahamom: I do not want to spend too much time on this case, as this thread is soley dedicated to finding Morgan and her abductor, but I have posted the article in case the link doesn’t work. If you read further down in the article, both are involved in evaluating and accredidating the students/residents as well as fellowships at Creighton Medical School. If you live in Omaha and have an opinion, I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.

    Police: Motive, Suspect Still Unclear In Slayings

    Two People Found Stabbed In Home Near 54th, Davenport

    POSTED: 6:28 pm CDT March 13, 2008
    UPDATED: 5:47 pm CDT March 14, 2008

    Thomas C. Hunter
    Police are still trying to find an attacker and a motive after two people were found stabbed to death inside a home in the Dundee-Memorial Park area late Thursday afternoon.

    Complete 5 P.M. Update | Housekeeper’s Neighbor Speaks

    They were identified as Thomas C. Hunter, 11, and Shirlee K. Sherman, 57. Police said Sherman was employed by the Hunter family as a housekeeper. (Learn more about Sherman)
    The boy is a student at King Science Magnet School. He was in sixth grade.
    “He was an excellent student,” said science teacher Liz Smith. “We will miss him.”
    Math teacher Gretchen Brown said students had a lot of questions about what happened to “Tommy.”
    “He was active in extracurricular activities and he loved learning,” Brown said.
    Police were called to a home at 303 North 54th St. shortly before 6 p.m. Investigators said the deaths likely happened between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Reports have said it was a stabbing, though police have not confirmed the manner of death.
    Police cordoned off a large area surrounding the home immediately upon arriving at the scene. On Friday, officers were back talking to neighbors about what they saw. One said she saw a vehicle making stops and starts on the block at about 3:20 p.m.
    The home is located north of 54th and Davenport streets, just over one block east of Happy Hollow Boulevard and Memorial Park.
    Police on Thursday night called the incident isolated, but on Friday, Officer Bill Dropinski said officers meant that the incident was isolated to that house at that point in time. Dropinski said whoever killed Hunter and Sherman is still at large. Dropinski said there’s no evidence of a relationship between the perpetrator and the victims, it is not a domestic case, and investigators are still trying to figure out the motive.
    Dropinski said the early investigation does not show that Sherman was targeted for retaliation. Police don’t know whether it was a random act. There is no way to say yet that the attacker won’t strike again, police said.
    With that in mind, Dropinski warned residents to take normal precautions such as locking doors and reporting anything suspicious.
    The home is owned by Dr. William Hunter, a pathologist at Creighton University Medical Center. Police it was he who found the victims inside his residence. He called 911 at about 5:48 p.m. Police said William Hunter is not a suspect in this case.
    Police said the victims were killed inside the Hunter home.
    William Hunter is married to Dr. Claire Hunter, a cardiologist at Creighton University Medical Center, who was out of town at the time of he deaths.
    In a statement released on Friday, CUMC extended its condolences to the Hunter family.

    “Drs. William and Claire Hunter are esteemed colleagues, faculty members and friends. We are mourning their loss and ask to you to extend your thoughts and prayers to them during this difficult time.”
    William Hunter is the director of the Electron Microscopy Laboratory at CUMC and the director of the Pathology Residency Program where he is also a professor, the university said. He holds a bachelor of science degree from Gonzaga University and got his M.D. at Creighton. His pathology residency was done at the University of Kansas Medical Center.
    Claire Hunter is an assistant professor of medicine and the associate program director for evaluation and credentialing in the Department of Medicine, the university said. She is also director of the Cardiovascular Fellowship Training Program and medical director of the Heart Improvement Therapy Clinic.
    Claire Hunter also was a KU Jayhawk and she graduated from Creighton University’s School of Medicine and completed her cardiovascular fellowship training at Creighton.

  43. gifter3 says:

    Dear Blink,
    I have re-written this several times, hoping that my words will come across in the sincere way that I truly mean them to.
    If this is not acceptable, just let me know, and I will try again.

    It was never, ever my intention to cause dissention in “Your House”. It truly wasn’t. In fact, it was actually quite the opposite.
    I was upset about the very unfair “smackdown” of WPGMouse. Later, when we were asked to re-read and pay close attention to specific posts/various others that included words like “bizarre theories”, “superfluous info”, “ridiculous ideas”, “cryptic messages”, “makings of a good novel”, and “this is quite a stretch in a direction that is beyond my rational comprehension or level of comfortability”, it just really hit me the wrong way.
    I took it to mean that a stamp of approval was being put on “derogatory descriptions” of other posters theories, and I thought that was unfair.

    was wrong though. It is not my place to judge or defend other people’s comments. That is your job Blink, and I apologize for being out of line.

    To Redly and Fletch, once you explained where you were coming from, it was understandable, and I think we all appreciated that. Thank you.
    Fletch, I actually had to chuckle when you said you had been called an “assclown”. I must have missed that one.

    To Sue, and j2k, I can only surmise that you too reacted like I did- defensively. I’m sorry that I pushed your buttons.

    And to you Observer, I am so very sorry that I took my frustration out on you. Just because we don’t have any of the answers we are so desperately seeking about Morgan, doesn’t mean it’s your fault. I shouldn’t have expected more from you than you are able to give. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me, and that you will
    re-consider your departure. We need you, and Morgan needs you.

    Blink, I want to make amends. I am willing to step forward, and take those “swats”- if you will allow me to continue to be a part of this great group of people.
    My deepest apologies to all.

    Apology accepted Gifter. I am huge on accountability, that goes a long way with me. I get more wrong than I do right, but I will never be afraid to own it. Good on you.

  44. Dar says:

    Blink are we still posting here or over on the new post?

  45. cvillenative says:

    Awww Observer, you can’t go yet. I’m still trying to figure out who you are! :)

  46. Mom of a college student says:

    Chad, I’ve been following this site since I first heard about it in November. I am a lifelong Omaha resident, grew up in the area of the murder scene and still have family living within a mile of there. Despite your assertions, I have followed this particular case closely from day one. University-based decisions to admit or release someone from an academic program at that level are rarely the province of one individual. And I would certainly hope Omaha’s finest would have investigated anyone from the workplace the Hunters had cause to believe would have posed a threat. Personally, I’ve never felt the Hunters or their son were the target. I believe the boy was an unfortunate bystander/witness, and the Hunters were a monied source from which to collect on a debt owed by persons related to the housekeeper. As this forum is about Morgan Harrington’s disappearance and not this case, let’s just move on.

  47. fish says:

    “”"Comment by OPENYOUREYES — January 9, 2010 @ 1:33 pm
    Most everyone survives. MOST everyone.”"”

    MOSTly, this post has always disturbed me beyond belief!!!

    “”"Comment by fish — January 20, 2010 @ 9:39 pm
    1. Also E & Moon: good points on wt comment about “diamond in rough”. who knows on this one…”"”

    Elizabeth: just to let you know that i knew you were there and have many times referred back to your posts. a big thank you from me!

    Rabbit19: i thought your name reminded me of golf! maybe a rabbit hole then hole 19!?!? didn’t your name used to be pinky. i don’t know, like i said i am tired. i do not want to give up yet but this is getting very hard. can someone give us a direction? i said i have started back at the beginning but somehow i lost steam in U-hall Lot and i am confused on the bridge and the concert pictures and videos have given me a headache.

    Blink: could it be that Morgan was walking back from trying to use her debit/credit card at one of the banks or 7-11? maybe she was trying to get cash for a cab ride. i am confused on which direction she was going? over to the banks and church on corner or coming to JPJA and then coming in contact with bbplayers? i am tired and am really trying to look at old posts. can you please help me out?


    Good point, my friend!

    Comment by J2K — January 25, 2010 @ 1:06 am
    “On the topic of her debit card, it could be possible that someone came across her wallet/purse in the lot, grabbed the card and any cash, and attempted to use the card at the 7-11, prompting the review of its tapes several days into the investigation – and maybe even the “no comment” from the nearby Wachovia (if that was, coincidentally, her bank) regarding LE’s look at the branch’s tapes.”

    And now to…

    Observer, many a time I have been on this site and have been mad, sad, up and down.I have been serious and knew what it was I wanted to say and then I have been a wet fish and waffled on what I should have said. I have laughed and cried and often at the same time! I thought I was offended then heralded but just ended up confused. Please know that your widsom and wit and where-with-all does mean something. Like I said to Dr. Harrington, in my post, “I BELIEVE IN THEM”, I BELIEVE IN THEM, I BELIEVE IN THEM”! I do not know why but I do believe in all of us. Really no experience in LE for me but if given the facts and we all were sent into a room…we and I truly BELIEVE that we all would come out and with Morgan!

    I pray everyday, although I am not a deeply religious person. I hold those moments of clarity from Blink, herself and her posters, close to my heart. I rely on them. You see there is something that runs through all of us that is kind and good and just.
    Whether we are moms, dads, sisters or brothers. Or even just friends…cyber or otherwise. I do hope that you reconsider and just realize that we all have been there. The state of “what to do” and I just know that apologies go a long way with me. So if I offended or did not seem to understand (a good chance but Chad has helped with my frontal lobe development even though late in my life!) then I apologize. We all are running the ideas, thoughts and theories at a rapid rate and would absolutely hate to lose someone so important. Please know that you are in my thoughts.

    sincerly, fish

    p.s. blink, my weeman is now 34″ 30″! yikes, he is eating us outta house and home!!

    also, i could only hope that someone has had a moment of clarity if indeed the necklace was recovered!!!

  48. Chad says:

    Yes, definitely, let’s keep focused and keep moving forward with Morgan! I probably know you (small world), as I have been a lifetime resident here as well. My family has been Physicians here for 3 generations. Again, it has been only speculation with a mix of other theories, none of which has brought any closure to that case. This is the last of my posting on that case. Thanks for knocking me into reality with this case, as nothing has even been proven, only speculation. God bless the Hunters.

    I know it was a disturbing case, and I so hope that they continue to keep investigating.
    Good for you to follow this case and speak your opinions on this case. I hope you will continue to post.
    Have a great day!

    Observer: I hope that you will continue to post. Your intelligence, insight and passion for justice has always been apparent, and your dedication to the integrety of the investigation is very apparent.
    We have all become a little frustrated at times, and unfortunately, with some, including myself, comes across in our posts.
    I hope you will stay, otherwise I will too, keep reading glasses by my computer. I’ll even start drinking brandy if that will keep you here with us!

    I’m going to go back to my corner, and lurk for a bit, and catch up on posts. Just had to ring in on Observer.

  49. sue says:

    Observer, I will miss your contributions, of course, but fully understand and respect your decision to refrain.

    Hope you are back soon.

  50. duannahincville says:

    Mr. Harrington was talking about searching the Charlottesville Reservoir area. That is the reservoir off Fontaine Ave. Someone on suggested searching the trails there.

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