Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: George Anthony Is Under The Microscope

George Anthony can stands all he can stands and he cain’t stands no More!

George Letter

Yesterday, in an exclusive interview with Fox’s Holly Bristow, George Anthony read aloud a letter he wrote over Thanksgiving regarding his and his families plight of living “under the microscope.”

This is the same Holly Bristow that Cindy parked her SUV in rush hour traffic, ran to her news van, banged on the window and shaking her finger screamed to the driver that Holly would NOT be getting any more exclusives. 

You can find Dr. Lillian Glass’s assessment of George’s appearance here.

Apparently George feels there is plenty of blame for his strife including bloggers looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Huh?

It would seem to me that in George, Lee and Cindy Anthony’s initial 15 minutes of LAME, they begged the media, the public and Law Enforcement to look for Caylee Marie Anthony THEIR WAY and without any scrutiny of the possibilities of how she got THAT WAY.

The Blinkoncrime contributing editors would like to remind Mr. Anthony that to our knowledge, the only thing that landed under a microscope in the search for his murdered granddaughter was her hair with a deathband at the proximal end; removed from his daughter’s trunk. 

The rest of the scrutiny, sir, is of your OWN DOING.

You S O L I C I T E D help from OCSO.

You S O L I C I T E D help from the media.

You S O L I C I T E D help from the public.

You S O L I C I T E D help from the Padillas.

You S O L I C I T E D help from TES.

You S O L I C I T E D help from Private Investigators.

What utterly jams me about you people is your unmitigated gall that you think you can control events.

You have treated anyone in any capacity as if they should open their mouths, take the Anthony spoonful and ignore your hand in our wallets in the process.

You solicited public funds without a license to do so and misled thousands as to where your GRANDDOLLARS were going.

I would ask you how many granddollars your dignity cost you but as I have noted in an earlier “Microscope View” you were devoid of it before Caylee was murdered. 

You have openly admitted to following witnesses in this case.

You directed Dominick Casey to spend the bulk of his time trying to dig up dirt on the very people your daughter duped for years; not to find Caylee mind you, but to take the heat off Casey.

How many decent people have YOUR efforts put under the microscope?

Mr. Anthony, I began work on Caylee’s case LONG before I had ever written about it because she was M I S S I N G. I put together a research team and we busted our humps daily to help find her, and to stop you and yours from using her as your personal ATM.

The fact is, these “bloggers” for the most part, all did more to find your granddaughter than you or any member of your family ever has. 

When she was found and OCSO and the FBI spent 72 hours straight at the site to make sure they had all this baby’s bones what did you do?

You called the very people whose hands extracted almost every teensy bone of this cherub “effing flunkies” and ordered them out of your house.

What you, your family and cronies have never understood, is that THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. I don’t give a whip if you pierce your pinky toe. I don’t care about any of your proclivities whatsoever.

What I VERY MUCH care about, is justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.

My team and I will work as diligently as we always have to ensure she gets it and that her legacy is restored.

As long as you continue to publicly lie, omit, evade and demonstrate your overall inability to accept what has happened to your only grandchild at the hands of your daughter, you can expect a slot on my slide at every opportunity.

You knew on July 15. I could throw a rock from your roof to where Caylee laid in festering garbage. Shame on You.

You want out of the spotlight? Tell the truth. You might even try it before Dominick Casey cuts a deal and tells it for you.

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  1. Thinker says:

    …..also regarding Leonard P’s theory about Kronk’s jail employee girlfriend overhearing KC tell Baez where Caylee’s remains were ….. HOW would that ever be PROVEN????

    Kronk’s jail employee girlfriend is deceased, so she ain’t talkin …… Kronk is not going to ever admit any such thing ….. Baez is never going to admit that KC ever told him where Caylee’s remains were (that would be an outright admission of GUILT) ….

    Leonard’s daisy chain theory can never be proven … so, what good is it???? What does it accomplish?

  2. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    How could RK girlfriend ever over hear anything. Isn’t KC and Baez in a sound proof room because of just that over hearing client/attorney talk?

  3. jane says:

    I might just be dumb Please can someone please explain what is going on Please

  4. martha says:

    I liked what was written above about when they question Roy Kronk’s ex. that was soooooooooooo funny!!!!! And it goes to show how ridiculous all their “scenarios” are. I guess that is one reason people are interested in this case aside from Caylee’s justice, is the totally absurd things the defense and Anthony family does and says. It’s like watching some kind of Outer Limits episode.

  5. MsEnscene says:

    I want to ask, “Lenny, hey listen, Since you appear to be aiding the defense in pointing the ‘J’accuse’ digit at Roy Kronk, WTH is Kronk’s MOTIVE for killing Caylee?

    Oh, I forgot, Kronk doesn’t have to have a motive. And Baez Inc. doesn’t have to name a motive. They get their kicks by just targeting their skullduggery at whomever is around at the moment.

    It’s all just good clean fun to get that one juror hoodwinked. Jesse, his dad, Ricardo, Amy, and now Kronk. Why would Kronk call attention to himself by trying to ge LE interested in the body and then finally discover the body, HIMSELF?”

    Maybe Kronk wanted fame and notoriety, even if he winds up on Death Row? Can you address that ‘wanna-be-famous’ qustion, Leonard, from your vast experience?”

    Just my take that LP wants to stay attached to this case in any capacity. Perhaps LE pushed him to take a long hike away from them so he fell back on the dream team. Wonder if he and Cindy have made up.

    I think he was playing both sides of the fence the entire time. Now he IS the fence. I feel bad for Tony; he is a genuinely good guy.

  6. Chamilia says:

    yes sadly im pretty lost as well..

  7. Lisa says:

    The leeway the anthonys have been given is what I take offense to. They lie under oath, they want everyone to do and say what ever they want them to and they act as if the are the perfect family. Which is the farthest thing from perfect they are on the moon to it!
    The got money, used money, did and said whatbever they feel like then… They say leave us alone.
    They should have to pay back every dime and should be punished for lying. No one these days take anything of value to the table. They do what they want, with whom they want, how they want and no one does a thing about it.
    Good article loved it.

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