Haleigh Cummings Case: Ron, Misty and Hank Busted For Drug Trafficking


Courtesy Channel 9


Putnam County, FL- Late wednesday evening Ron Cummings, father of missing Palatka child Haleigh Cummings,  her stepmother,  Uncle  and two others were arrested on drug trafficking charges.

Misty Croslin Cummings, Ron Cummings , Hank Croslin, Hope Sykes and Donna Broch were all the subject of a month long drug sting.

All 5 were arrested on 6 counts of prescription drug trafficking and have been booked into St. John’s county jail, where Misty Cummings will appear this morning to hear the charges against her.

Misty Cummings was the last person to see Haleigh Cummings alive, and has been unccoperative in the investigative efforts to find her since failing a recent polygraph test.

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  1. MsEnscene says:

    Ron Cummings has an ungovernable temper, is given to “dramatic” outbursts, keeps guns around his children, and is a drug trafficker.

    “Oh, no, Miz Nancy…yada, yada! ”

    What makes people fall for Ron? (I wanted to say “women”, obviously.)I’ve always wondered. He is not some latter-day Ronald Coleman, but hearts on the Net do sway for him.

  2. BB12 says:

    My money is on Ron cutting a deal. Hank breaks second. Misty goes down for it all at age 18. Thats’ my guess. SAD. Prayers for Haleigh N JR.

  3. BB12 says:

    LindaNewYork- my guess is she is on NG tonight. lol

  4. suz says:

    Hooo boy. What a mess. Their poor kids never had a chance. Wonder where poor Haleigh is.

    And where do they get all those RX drugs??? Amazing to me.

    I’m guessing that the high $$$ of Misty’s bond is to apply the same kind of (failed) pressure as they did with her mom and bro when they went to jail with high bond. Dunno if she’s going to talk. I kind of doubt it.

  5. artgal says:

    Why is junior going to live with his great grandmother instead of his
    grandmother? His great=grandmother looks a little old to be taking care of him= where is Crystal in all of this?

  6. suz says:

    I know they’re not sympathetic characters, but those charges and potential sentences seem ridiculous. 339 pills? Street value of less than $4 grand? (how could that be—surely they cost more than $10 apiece? or are they so prevalent there).

    Didn’t Rush have his maid buy more than that at a time for his consumption? They ought to get HIS lawyer.

  7. Fred McNeil says:

    misty is very creepy. She makes Wensday Addams look charming. Ron looks mighty old for his age. Drugs make people do stupid, crazy stuff. Maybe dry them out and see if one of them will dish for a fix? Drugs are an addictls whole life. Use them to advance justice.

  8. Fred McNeil says:

    On comment 56 by Suz: 339 pills? WOW! That’s a lot of pills. You say the value was under 4 grand? That’s about 10 or 11 dollars a pill.

  9. MsEnscene says:

    Oh, gee. Miz Nancy is coming down on “this whole kit and caboodle…they make me sick!”

    Ron, quick, get your lawyer, your shackles and your Rhett Butler charm and rush over to Miz Nancy and dissuade her from her obvious discomfort.

    Gma TNeves stated last night that Misty lured Ron into all of this. That devilish vamp who has such control over her wittle boy!

    But wait, he only stayed in contact with this controlling vixen because he hoped to get her to tell what happened to Haleigh. Er… according to master enabler Momma TN..

    I get it. He was playing detective!

    Let’s introduce her to Cindy Anthony. Those two ladies have a lot in common.

  10. kortni says:

    Comment #30 Boz.

    That’s so funny. I’ll bet their lack of ciggies get them talking faster than their fear. Remember in the movies and even true life TV, the LE always offer the accused ciggies when they’re playing good cop? If I was playing good cop, I’d have Misty in that little room and I’d tell her she could have a smoke after she told me what really happened that night. Then I’d take her for a car ride to show me where Haliegh is. When we arrived back at jail I’d give her a ciggie, but no lighter.

  11. linda says:

    I hope they can now break open this case. I do not believe Ron was involved but I do believe Misty and especially her brother know something. We are dealing with generation after generation that never make it out of the trailer park. I feel bad for Ron jr., he doesn’t stand a chance with either side of the family. Thank god misty has not had any children. I wish social services would provide a monetary incentive for unmarried women to use birth control. I even feel sorry for Misty and her brother. They have horrible parents who are addicts. They didn’t stand a chance to have a normal life outside the trailer park.

  12. chica says:

    emergency meeting! haleighs real mom went before the judge to get custody of jr.

  13. chica says:

    hhaa the judge asks misty what she does what a living
    she says nothing? he asks how do you support your self to which she replies my momma and daddy. sounds like casey?

  14. chica says:

    what shedoes for a living ooops

  15. Mimi777 says:

    I am not surprised by this at all! I believe Ron would have been in jail a long time ago if Momma did not work for the Sheriff’s department! I do not know what her job is there but i do not believe for a minute she is a deputy! The sheriff probably took pity on her and dropped the charges on Ron. She sure can talk a good pity talk with it comes to her baby son! Now if only Padilla and other bondsmen can stay away and not post their bonds, like Casey Anthony, maybe Misty or Ron will break and speak the truth! It is way over due!
    of the Paternal side. Ron’s youngest child, Jr. should be in foster care or maybe better yet, with Chrystal. She has struck me as being a better parent than those of the paternal side.

  16. mother earth says:

    I’m assuming that Ron bonded out? I just checked the St. John’s Sherrif’s website and he’s not listing as being in “jail”.

  17. Kleat says:

    I hope that somehow Ron is part of the orchestration in the sting, not a part of the problem. Strange, the Brock person makes it even stranger.

    How did she get involved to begin with? (how did she meet Tim Miller and how was she the one chosen to become involved?). Was Brock on the TES search or involved at all, in the Caylee search? Maybe this is something of the sort, that could be a find in those TES records.

  18. Janice says:

    Misty Croslin is not a minor anymore? Will be charged as an adult. Wonder if she will sing like a song bird in a few weeks?

  19. Dierdra says:

    I feel R.C. used Misty to sell his drugs AND watch his children. Then when this happened and the child O.D. in her care it was ALL her fault! He is a RAT with a bad drug past and the reason he always got a pass was because his mom worked the phones in the sherrif’s O. He got too many free passes and Chrystal was screwed by them, and now Misty is in deep. Why did Ron always get a pass on his former convictions? Who runs things in that town. I even believe his mom is involved! Here is this young stupid uneducated girl, given drugs for babysitting and covering Ron’s scummy back. Why not! She is living good for a girl of 16 and getting free drugs to boot! Then he has her do the nasty and deliver the stuff too. Saves his ass as you see how many more charges she has than he does. Now she turned 18 and is a felon convict all for that a$$ wipe!!!!!

  20. Karen Lee says:

    When they talk about HOW STUPID criminals are – this gang will go down in history. From DAY ONE, we all KNEW Haleigh’s disappearance was DIRECTLY RELATED to those families’ DRUG use (alcohol, RX drugs, illegal substances, etc). Is there anybody in the known world WHO WOULDN’T have expected “that group” to be UNDER a microscope for ANY wrong step? And still, they continued their drug lifestyle?
    Child Services should be HORSE-WHIPPED for not removing the Cummings kids LONG AGO. WHO EVER was influencing LE to drop charges for Ronald enumerable offenses SHOULD ALSO BE HORSE-whipped! HAD ANY child services worker DONE THEIR JOB — or ANY law enforcement personnel NOT surrendered to “family forces” or Ron’s presumed “STATUS” as an informant — HALEIGH WOULD STILL BE AMONG THE LIVING TODAY.
    EVERYBODY failed Haleigh Cummings! This entire FLORIDA LE system and child services SHOULD BE SHAKEN UP and forever altered. INNOCENT CHILDREN DESERVE FAR BETTER THAN WHAT THEY’VE BEEN GETTING (protection wise).
    SHAME on anybody who didn’t ACT (OR REPORT the drugs, violence, abuse, criminal activity) around innocent kids. IF YOU KNEW ABOUT IT, AND DID NOTHING — you are as GUILTY as Ron and Misty. And anybody else who LOOKED THE OTHER WAY at reprehensible conduct endangering children. They cannot ACT for themselves — so every human being (adult) should stand up for these kids in harm’s way.
    SATSUMA, the county – AND THE STATE OF FLORIDA failed little Haleigh and the countless others murdered and disappeared.

  21. azrenee says:

    I think there will be much more to this story, and Rons involvement. I still stand behind Ron loving his children, and while unscrupulous activities may be credited to him, I believe he is smarter than to get involved in selling prescription drugs when he is still under a microscope by LE.I will be interested to see exactly what his involvement is, and whether he might have been “put up to” his involvement with Misty and this whole mess. Eternal optimist…maybe.

  22. azrenee says:

    I would also like to see any documentation on the link between chain smoking and drug use mentioned earlier??? I would think the link between stress and anxiety and chain smoking may be more viable. Some people eat under stress, some drink alcohol, some smoke cigarettes…Just a thought.

  23. lisah says:

    if they are buying and selling drugs they are taking them too
    and like others have said here, why would they chance doing this when they know LE is surveilling them?
    i have to think that the drugs have a large part in this, hard to think that someone would take a child for debt, although I’m sure it does happen, it think it’s more likley Haileigh overdosed or was murdered in a drug fueled rage/attack

  24. kyrasmommy says:

    Now Im remembering the letter saying the baby was drugged at a party …and now they are caught selling the drug Oxycontin. What I cant understand is how she is still walking around, buying drugs, selling drugs, and be the last person to have seen this angel and still nothing can stick! I m afraid to run a red light! The fact that she is “not cooperating” with authorities re the disappearance pisses me off even more.
    25 years is a long time to face, maybe this arrest is a blessing after all

  25. Thinker says:

    What gripes me is that Misty, who told the Judge she does “NOTHING” for a living (has no money), and answered the Judge’s question of how she supports herself with “my Mom and Dad” (who have no money either), then when asked if she needed a Public Defender, Misty says she “has a lawyer” and names him. HOW in the world does a young girl with no means to make money, already “HAVE” an attorney????? Who is paying for Misty’s attorney? If Misty had to use a Public Defender, maybe she would “talk” sooner? I hope it is not going to be another KC Anthony situation where she gets a load of high priced attorneys without PAYING for them herself! Disgusting!

  26. chitown Lady says:

    Its sad to see that Child Protective Services always give the kds back to these scumbag parents. They do it all the time here in Chicago. We just had a 28yr old chick 28 mind you try to leave her INFANT at a DMV….she apparently got the baby back and WALA she left her at a police station a few weeks ago. Its quite clear she wasn;t wanted. I don’t know Blink…..Ron might be innoncent in some ways, but guilty as all hell in others. Is there a chance he was actually working with the cops to catch Misty? Why Child Protective Services had some insane notion that kids belong with the NATURAL parents, I’ll NEVER understand. Seems these poor kids never stood a chance….Humans never cease to amaze me. Something else is strange….This Donna Broch chick….isn’t she a tad old to be hanging around with this Misty? It all kinda makes sense. Maybe Donna was the one using Misty to sale, Misty somehow got Ron involved.Maybe to get info on Haleigh? I hope they grill this Donna. Maybe her hands are dirty with Haleigh’s missing………

  27. Boz says:

    Kortni #60. “If I was playing good cop, I’d have Misty in that little room and I’d tell her she could have a smoke after she told me what really happened that night. Then I’d take her for a car ride to show me where Haliegh is. When we arrived back at jail I’d give her a ciggie, but no lighter.”

    Yeah, I was thinking along those lines too. She’s gotta be Jonesing pretty badly.

  28. melissa says:

    Suz, you ask are the Rx drugs that prevalent here in FL…yesiree! FL as of this past summer just passed the bill to start the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program where there is a data base connecting pharmacies and hospitals to track prescribed narcotics. We actually have billboards advertising “pain management” docs up and down the interstates and most roads. Right below Tallahassee, all the way down south there are pill mills every couple of miles. They are really pushing their “specialty” right now cause the recently passed bill also has new laws in it that says docs can only own pain clinics (anyone can own one now) and it also sponsors surprise visits to these pill mills. They have already stopped, or are in the process of, stopping out of state pill seekers from coming to FL. You gotta remember that Ron supposedly has a back problem according to his lawyer as to why he was on Rx pain pills. To see the doc here all you need is a recent MRI showing some kind of injury and the cash. I’ll give you a hypothetical as to how they might make their money seeing as none of them ever work. Take your MRI and cash and go to the same day appointment doc, complain, get Roxicodone, Xanax and muscle relaxers, most of these people have FL Medicaid and will be able to fill these for free on the state. Now if a 30mg pill is selling for $15 to $20 per pill and the doc has given 180 to 240 pills per script…go figure why the never worked. It’s a big scam here in FL and I can’t wait until all these nuts are caught doctor shopping and the pill mills are shut down. FL used to be known for it’s beautiful beaches, historical sights, etc., but now we are just known as being the easist state to score pills in. Sad, huh? No fear, it’s finally about to change.

  29. martha says:

    LindafromNewYork, oh brother, the Cummings clan talking to Mizz Nancy again. I think ole Ronnie boy is in it deep with the help of his Mommy in the Sheriff’s department. They show him at work but he could have taken several “good ole boy” breaks to check on his “woman” when she didnt answer the phone.

    I totally agree with you Dierdra #69 comment. Complete description of little Ronnie–the one that likes to date underage girls and get them pregnant, etc. that is such a loving and heartbrokend Daddy to his daughter. #59 MsEnscene—right on that let’s get together with Cindy on that detective thing. Teresa Nieves could contact her for tips on making excuses for son.

  30. melissa says:

    I forgot to add to my long winded post above that since LE is still investigating where the drugs came from would it suprise anyone if GGSykes and Neves and other family members had their name on a few Rx bottles? They have all admitted to having some kind of injury or illness and having to take narcotics for these problems. I hope this is finally the straw that breaks Misty’s back! Gotta go to work so ya’ll have a wonderful day.

  31. dee says:

    my God Blink, a girl goes AWAY for a few day and BAM!

    haven’t even begun to read the postings but I hope we all get some answers to this case soon, I have kept this case close to my heart and truly hope NOW we can get some answers on this one….

    brb…after my readings….whew

  32. chery says:

    Rememer how Shania Davis was a payoff for a debt- well now Im thinking Haleigh was a pawn for drug money? An addicts mind is not functioning with any reasoning at all. I feel sorry for this whole family actually. Its starting to make some sense why she cant recall the same story the night that girl went missing….this is so tragic! now that poor little boy has lost another family member! at least he has his mom. His real mom was right- she believed there was drugs involved with her daughter missing if I am remembering correctly.

    Blink thanks for postings – very informative INDEED!

  33. beebee says:

    This whole case has been one of the saddest things. I believe that Misty definitely knows what happened to Haleigh. It is just so sad that drugs can destroy lives and families like they do. In this day and time illegal drugs are behind the majority of crimes that take place in this country. I feel that they have definitely destroyed little Haleigh’s life. I want to comment on the term “trailer trash.”
    There are many people who live in trailers and trailer parks that work on a job every day. They pay their bills and take excellent care of their children. Living in a trailer does not make one trash.
    Michael Jackson lived in a huge mansion and his kids had anything that money could buy. Yet those kids were forced to watch their father become more hideous as time passed because of drugs. These kids were abused just as much due to watching their parent on drugs in a mansion as poor little Haleigh and her brother were living in a trailer. Don’t think that the evil and dirt comes from the ghetto and from trailer parks. That is part of the problem. We had a local doctor here that was just sentenced to prison for giving out prescriptions to everyone on his staff and even in his dog’s name. Many of the people that were getting these drugs lived in very nice homes and good neighborhoods. That term is very offensive and is thrown around a lot by people who want to say this couldn’t happen to me or to my family, because I have a better standard of living. GET REAL! This happens to families in all kinds of economic situations.

  34. chery says:

    I heard they can get up to 130 yrs prison- I sure wish child molesters were also treated this harsh- It would have saved so many little lives!! So many little ones have died these past few yrs from repeat sex offenders that were waling around free ( but registered)- why wont they treat that as a serious crime – like drug trafficking- its beyond my comprehension-

  35. Lo says:

    On Nancy Grace last night they showed a clip where Misty talks about Haleigh getting leg cramps and crying. Was it ever proven that Misty had just come home from a drug bender when Haleigh disappeared? Someone said she was exhaused from that if I recall correctly. It makes me wonder if Haleigh wasn’t up with her leg cramps or something and Misty didn’t want to deal with her so she gave her some kind of pain pill like they were caught selling and then she overdosed. I could imagine something like that happening but I don’t buy the story in the letter about Misty taking the kids to a party. Someone would have talked by now and Haleigh’s brother could have mentioned that too.

  36. ChicagoJudy says:

    I do not believe Ron Cummings is one of the good guys in any of this. His “Miz Nancy” act never worked with me. They all look like they’ve done their fair share of drugs over the years. Seriously, they’re not the brightest bulbs in the pack. Does anybody know how old Misty’s mother is? The first time I saw her, my initial reaction was “there’s a crack grandma if I ever saw one!”. But then I realized it’s her mother. The woman is toothless and looks really old! She’s either had a really rough life or her whole life has been one big party!

  37. stpetesmj says:

    Blink, do you think Ron could have been part of the sting? Wasn’t there some speculation that maybe he had worked for the Police before. It was an admitted sting operation so obviously they got who they wanted by Misty’s high bail. If it’s true, sure hope Misty doesn’t find out because she is gonna be madder than a wet hen and may not even talk then.

  38. Pothole says:

    Once upon a time, not very long ago, Misty Croslin was a precious little girl too, with deadbeat parents who were either in jail or drunk/drugged out of their minds. They let her quit school at age 12, and obviously she drifted into orbit with the people around Ronald Cummings, shen she was only 15. That’s probably when he started using her sexually, since we know he likes ‘em young. Here’s an adult male with numerous drug charges against him, on all of which he skates out free. He fathers three children on two different women, neither of them married to him, and then takes up with Misty, a kid in her mid-teens who should be in the first years of high school. He installs her in his trailer as a live-in maid/babysitter/love slave. She’s now fully immersed in his drug culture, and hanging around with the lowlife he associates with. So by the time she’s only 17, when she should be a senior in high school, she’s on non-stop drug binges with “White Boy” Greg and others of Ronald’s associates, sexing it up day and night, and at the same time, the full-time child caregiver for Haleigh and “Butterbean,” aka Ronald Jr. Somehow, Haleigh disappears. Was she abducted? Was she drugged and died of an overdose? We don’t know. But the onus falls on Misty, instead of Ronald, and all this time Misty is not even a legal adult. She’s still legally a child herself. Instead of coming down like a ton of bricks on Ronald, people like Nancy Grace verbally slap Misty around– when in my opinion, and I’ve said this from the beginning, Misty is as much a victim as Haleigh. Misty just turned 18 years old this month. She’s now legally an adult, unfortunately for her. She’s had no guidance, her mother has been in jail on theft charges in Tennessee and has been extradited back to Florida, I have no idea where her father is, and her brother Tommy and she are now felons just as they enter their adult lives, thanks to the tender loving care of their idiot parents and vicious, abusive adult males like Ronald Cummings, who saw nothing wrong in leaving his children in the care of another, obviously neglected, totally unfit child. Now: who’s really to blame here? DCS was at the Cummings trailer on suspicion of parental cruelty and neglect. The police let Ronald walk time and again. The school let a 12 year old quit and never said boo. Ronald was never arrested for illegal sex with a minor child. He introduced this child to his filthy drug and sex life, and was bringing up his own small children in the same environment. Haleigh’s bio mother is of the same pattern as Misty’s bio mother– an addict who can’t take care of herself, let alone two illegitimate children. Ronald’s children by Crystal have an illegitimate half-sibling by another woman– heaven only knows what environment that kid is being raised in. And the world comes down on Misty Croslin, barely out of childhood herself. This whole thing is so disgusting I can barely see straight. I’d fire the whole Putnam County DCS, the Sheriff’s Dept, the school system, and everybody else who draws a paycheck there for sitting on their backsides and doing nothing whatsoever to protect the innocent and the vulnerable.

  39. Pothole says:

    Mimi: Ronald’s youngest child is not Ronald “Butterbean” junior. His youngest child is by somebody named Amber, whom he never married, and is now about two years old.

  40. Lori says:

    Hi Blink and All: Sorry if this has already been mentioned but…do you believe there is more credence to the ‘letter’ dropped off at the police department way back that mentioned that Haleigh had died at a party Misty was attending because she had swallowed pills? I believe they were oxycotin (sp?). Not much was made of this at the time but now it seems more plausible. What was mentioned in the letter is the same type of drug, I believe, that they were arrested for selling. I wonder your thoughts on that.

    Also, if there is anything good that can be said about this recent arrest is that hopefully Ronald’s young son, Junior, will never have to be subjected to Ron or any more of his girlfriends and all that comes with it, again. At this point, any place but where little Junior is would be better than this bunch. What a shame! I also believe they all know – Ronald, Misty, friends…all of them know what happened to her and everyone is quiet because they are all guilty of something, IMO.

  41. Karen C. says:

    I just keep hoping that someone else thought just as we do, that these useless, pathetic chain-smoking, drug-addled fools didn’t deserve that sweet little girl with her respiratory and other health problems and found a way to get her out of that nasty little ashtray of a “home”. Likely she’s in the landfill, though, when what passes for LE there in Satsuma let that dumpster get emptied.

  42. Word Girl says:

    Maybe Misty was making all those sales while she was looking for Haleigh?

    Naw. There’s something off here. Ron and Donna are smiling in their mug shots. Donna is more
    smirk than smile, but Ron definitely thinks something is funny.

    And he’s being held in a different facility, according to Art Harris.

  43. AnnetteInMn says:

    I know my opinion is certainly not the popular one but I truly believe that Ronald was in no way involved with Haleigh’s disappearance. I saw and heard his raw emotions the initial days following Haleigh’s disappearance. He was angry and then grief struck. Anger is part of the grieving process for many. I’m not saying he has no culpability since he did leave his children with Misty but I don’t believe he ever imagined to arrive home from work and find his daughter missing.

    My theory only but is it possible that Ronald is working with the police and helped set up the others in hopes to obtain information about Haleigh. There are a couple things that make me wonder if that is not the case. He divorced Misty and as a result there is no spousal privledge now with the drug thing. There never would have been for Haleigh but for drugs there would be. Secondly, they moved him to a different correctional facility than the others. Did Misty develop a friendship with Hope being they’re close in age and perhaps Misty has spilled something to Hope? Or maybe Hope just got caught up in it and has to “go down” with the rest of them to uncover the truth? Donna’s involvement is the “odd” part. Was she the supplier? Did Ronald find out about Donna’s ability to get these drugs following Donna & Misty’s little escapade? If so, maybe Ronald confided in his attorney or the police and helped get this all set up. This may also explain the grin on his face for his mugshot, he accomplished what he set out to do.

    If it were my daughter missing I would do ANYTHING, including setting up my own cousin, ex, and ex in-laws to find the truth about her whereabouts, dead or alive. There is absolutely no question in my mind that Ronald loves his daughter. I’ve seen so many pictures of the two of them together and it’s clear. I personally just can’t see Ronald being this utterly stupid otherwise. He knows he is under the microscope. Children’s Services was at his door in record time due to the gun conversation with Tim Miller. Ronald has to know his every move is being watched.

    If Ronald is this stupid then he deserves whatever punishment is dished out. I am going to reserve judgement for now until I hear the whole story (if we ever do).

  44. mjh says:

    I find the latter part of comment #92 extremely offensive. I believe it should be removed.

  45. Ragdoll says:


    Yeah, I don’t get the ‘Hitler’ reference…….AT ALL!!! It makes no sense. Tasteless. Irrelevant. Your point?

  46. terri says:

    ron was transferred to Flagler County Jail they say due to his high profile status.

  47. OhioSheryl says:

    For some reason I can not quit laughing at the stupidity of these people. I think we all saw something like this coming. It stands to reason that if you and your family are under a nationwide investigation you do not participate in criminal activity because you are going to get caught. It is going to be interesting to see how all this plays out.

  48. melissa says:

    I agree mjh!!!! Really now Sunshine, “the good Hitler did” you might have to do some splanin to the good people here. I’m sure you were being snarky and tongue in cheek, but it doesn’t look good to even post that. I’m all for your opinion and free speech but that might hurt feelings that didn’t need to. Just be careful…words sometimes cut like a knife and the painful history relived by just mentioning that name.

  49. angela_nw says:

    I agree with comment #95. Blink please remove #92. It is offensive and out of place here.

  50. Dierdra says:

    Thanks Martha! You don’t have to be death, dumb , or blind to see what has taken place in this household. I cannot even reply nicely other than Justice for Haleigh! I could say a lot more but, I need to try and keep my cool. I H%%%% Ron and his stupid life. He USES women(girls) for his opportunity?!!! Have seen this too many times in my life! If his mother enables then she is in it too! JMO but it is soo right on.

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